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Gorilla Glass : Finding Out The Dangerous Way

“Ainol Novo: Ainol Novo 7 Flame use Chimei Innolux IPS screen gorilla glass with 1280*800 resolution, better than LG IPS Screen.”

I don’t know how we would find out if our Fire has gorilla glass. But, I just experienced dropping my Fire about 2 feet high into a tiled and cemented floor. It dropped face down. I had to say a little prayer before finally picking it up.

But alas! the screen is still intact, no damage at all, and the device is still functioning normally.

Sorry, but I don’t have enough courage to poke the screen with some keys or pound it with a hammer. hehe :P

I guess that’s confirmation enough that our Ainol Fire and Flame uses gorilla glass!!!

Raspberry Pi Customized Case

Check out this cool customized case for the Raspberry Pi. It’s available on a per order basis from TipidPC senior member Cham E Lyon, TipidPC’s senior master modder.

When it comes to craftmanship, you can always rely on the superior quality that our master modder gives to his work. Every creation guarantees satisfaction, or your money back!

This was created for member k_dash and he proudly says ” Just received the item! My crappy cellphone cam does not give justice to the awesome craftsmanship, but nonetheless, here’s a couple of pics:

The case is made up of thick acrylic and has enough vents for maximum ventilation for your RasPi. It even has the Raspi logo on top. Simply marvelous case design by a master modder with years of mastery and experience. That’s Cham E Lyon!

” I can’t wait to get home tonight, hehe” says k_dash

This is also available in clear type version for those who really want to see the beauty of the RasPi even from inside the case. TPC member maxhedrum writes  ” My new raspi casing courtesy of Sir Cham. Thanks!”
 Amazing craftsmanship, clear-cut design with no rough edges. Very neat and accurate positioning of holes and vents.

User reviews:

Users were comparing this Php 400 peso case with the Element14 case cold online and they have positive things to say about the Cham R Lyon case. TipidPC member pornraider shares:
“Mas ok tong case ni sir cham. mas makapal arcylic at mas madami vents. bulky nga lang. yung tinda ni element 14, matibay sya actually. di sya stackable pero meron rubber feet kaya di gumagalaw galaw sa ibabaw ng router ko. sa palagay ko sufficient na yung vents nya for my needs (torrent box with minimal video playback/streaming).

Siguro sa mga mas heavy users ideal tong case ni sir cham. Pricewise? p400 against p700… no brainer, get sir Cham’s case.

Money’s not an object? get element 14′s case (less prone to dust accumulation), laser cut as many holes,vents as you want…”

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Final Fantasy Gangnam Style

Now I have seen it all! My life is now complete! Cloud and Sephiroth are feeling fabulous!


Optimizing Your Eken T01A Android Tablet

Rooting, firmware updates, and other fixes

Eken T01A Firmware Update + Rooting (*note: flashing new firmware will reset data so backup your files and apps)

Advantages of new firmware:
- more stable and better responsiveness
- support for more apps/greater compatibility
- improvement on battery life (a little bit) & battery stats (accuracy of battery %)
- etc....

Firmware Update
Steps in flashing can be found here:
I uploaded the files required on certain steps below:
1.) LiveSuitPack ver 1.09 -
2.) Latest T01A firmware from Eken 12/06/06 (Disregard the fw mentioned in the guide, it's outdated) -
*Can't upload in mediafire because of the 200mb limit but jumbofiles is as fast as mediafire with no countdown timers as well :)*
3.) Note for step 14 - You must hold "both" volume buttons.

Download the Eken Rootscript here:
1.) Enable USB Debugging of Eken T01A (in Settings>Developer options>check "USB Debugging")
2.) Extract the Rootscript anywhere on your PC. Connect the tablet through USB
3.) Run !RUN-ME-BalTac-RootScript.bat
You will be given the following prompt:
- Check Tablet Connection
- Verify Tablet is ROOT Capable (with this script)
- Run ROOT Script
- Quit
Choose Option (1 thru 4). Option 3 Performs the actual ROOT process.

*Optional: If the drivers fail to install/tablet connection not detected *

ADB Drivers for USB Debugging mode -

- Extract the drivers (choose between 32 and 64bit, depending on OS) > Run Device Manager in your PC (In Win7 just click start and do a quick search) > Look for "Android" with a yellow exclamation point > Right click > Update driver > Browse the directory where you extracted the files

After Rooting: Busybox update
- Required by certain apps that needs root access *In my case, it was needed by lucky patcher to "patch" certain apps ;)*
1.) Busybox app should be right there on your tablet after rooting.. run it.
2.) Install Busybox (1.18.something is installed after rooting, choose 1.19.3)
3.) Important! Choose /system/bin as install directory and not /system/xbin/. Wrong installation might cause mount failures resulting in "memory full/0.00b bug" internal memory and factory reset every reboot.

To those who experience blue LED only when charging + Battery icon with exclamation point, here is what you do.

If you don't have anymore warranty or when there's simply no way to bring it to the seller for repairs, what you can do is to open the tablet yourself. You will need the following:

1. Smallest precision flat screw driver
2. Small precision Philips screw driver
3. Soldering gun
4. Soldering Iron
5. Patience and presence of mind

Remove the two screws at the back then use a small flat precision screw driver to remove the clip locks of the case. Start from the side where you removed the screws. Just be careful because the internal speaker is glued on the back case. You might accidentally pull the wires connecting to the motherboard. Afterwards, locate the battery wires connected to the motherboard. Take note of the connection. Red is positive and Black is Negative. Use your soldering gun to remove the wires from its connection. Let it sit for 10-15 minutes (like a hard reset similar to what we do in laptops and PCs). Then resolder the wires back to the mainboard. Let it cool for a minute or two.

Before putting back the back panel, try to power it up and check if it solved the problem.

It seems the tablet has some defense mechanism chip that prevents overcharging and further damaging the device. If the battery was easily removable, it would have been better.

This work for my T01A. It was a hassle to bring it to the retailer so I decided to sacrifice the warranty. I hope this knowledge would help others too.

*credits to dysena, TPC

The Sign of a Real "Tekkie"

Nowadays, real "Tekkies" first go through a geeky process before trying out for the first time a recently bought or newly acquired gadget that's still virginal in its box or packaging - or any similar scenario where we get to try out a cool device for the first time. 

There's this initial process called "unboxing" where we take step-by-step pictures or videos of the opening of the box, the discovering of the manuals and accessories, sometimes the freebies, and the first look of the gadget itself.Then take pictures/videos of the gadget from all sides highlighting its various parts and features.

Finally the turning on, and actual demonstration of its capabilities, strengths and weaknesses, if any. Did I mentioned there's the commentaries that goes along at every part of the entire process. If its pictures were taking, we may even have text, captions or notes below them.

It's truly a fun way to devirginize our new gadget and proudly introduce "her" to the social media world, and quite historical and memorable indeed. The recorded "unboxing" process would now forever be immortalized as part of our geeky lives. Plus we get to flaunt to our friends that we're totally "in" and "tekkie."

The PhysX Card

Generally, a dedicated PhysX card is not required, but it is a great option. A dedicated PhysX card is a great option if:

1. You have an extra Nvidia card lying around
2. You are playing games with hardware-accelerated PhysX
3. Of course, if you have an extra budget to purchase a dedicated PhysX card
4. Your PSU can support the main card and the PhysX card
Here is a good reference of using GTX 650 and GTX 460 as dedicated PhysX cards:

Epson Products Now Available In Group-Buying Sites

“Customers looking for great deals can now find high precision, energy efficient Epson products available in group-buying sites. “

Talk about added convenience to consumers too busy to buy them personally from stores. Epson products can now be bought online at the Ensogo online shopping site. But that’s just for starters. Eventually, they will soon be available in other group buying sites. Great news for us consumers!

I really believe selling online is one the smartest thing to do in this day and age where the Internet and social media takes an overwhelming upper-hand in communicating and connecting with the people.

It’s obvious that these people online are pretty much knowledgeable and know their way around technology, and would surely understand the significant advantages of choosing Epson printers as the ideal choice for quality yet affordable printing.

Further details below:

Epson Philippines Corporation (EPC) Head of Sales & Marketing Support Jino N. Alvarez explains that the move is designed to give greater benefits to customers. “Epson products are well known for high-quality, precision engineering. However, we are also highlighting the amazing affordability of our products by making them available in non-traditional channels such as online shopping sites.”

Currently, customers can enjoy a 50% discount on selected Epson color laser printers at In the future, Epson products may also be available in other group buying sites.

“Aside from people who frequent group buying sites, customers on the lookout for amazing deals should always visit the Epson website ( or like the Epson Philippines Facebook page ( to be informed of these promos,” added Alvarez.

Printers Are No Longer Bulky Thanks to Epson!

Epson Philippines  Corporation (EPC) shared with us some great news a few days ago regarding the availability of their “World’s smallest Printers”.
Boasted to be 15% smaller than their predecessors, these next generation of affordable entry-level inkjet printers would definitely be a best-seller for the consumers who look for bang-for-the-buck and quality-wise purchases.
These printers are also ideal for volume printing demands as the dye-based cartridges are highly-affordable yet produces high-quality print-outs ideal for your home, school and office printing requirements.
As always,  Epson printers never fail to impress us.
Please see below for further details:
Epson Philippines Corporation (EPC) has launched the next generation of its most affordable entry-level inkjet printers, which are also the world’s smallest models that are designed to save users running costs with their affordable supplies. 
The new printers are:

• The Epson Expression ME-10 single function printer
• The Epson Expression ME-101 All-in-One (AiO)
• The Epson Expression ME-301 All-in-One (AiO) that has Wi-Fi and uses Epson DURABrite Ultra ink
These new printers replace Epson’s best-selling Stylus T13 single function printer and Stylus TX121 all-in-one models. They are also the first models to bear Epson’s new “Expression” branding that will be used for future Epson printers designed for home use.
The world’s smallest printers: Engineered to save consumers desk space, the new printers are 15% smaller than their predecessors and are respectively, the smallest single function and all-in-one desktop printers in the world*.
High quality prints: Using Epson’s proprietary Micro Piezo print head technology, the new printers have a class-leading maximum print resolution of 5760 X 1440 for extremely smooth gradations for both grayscale and color documents and photos and a high print speed of 24 pages per minute (ppm) in mono printing and 13 ppm in color printing under their ink saving draft mode.**
Individual Ink Cartridges: Like their predecessors, the new printers also have a small environmental footprint by their use of individual ink cartridges that allow users to maximize cost savings by changing only the ones that have depleted.
Low cost ink: The Epson Expression ME-10 and ME-101 use a new set of highly affordable dye-based cartridges that produce excellent glossy photos on Epson Glossy Photo Paper. Priced at only PhP185 per black cartridge and PhP355 for each color cartridge, they help lower the cost of printing for users.
Epson DURABrite Ultra ink: For users demanding superior print durability and permanence, the Epson Expression ME-301 uses Epson DURABrite Ultra pigment inks that produce smudge and waterproof prints that also have industry-leading light fastness on plain, matte, and glossy papers of up to 120 years***.
“Epson’s entry-level inkjet printers have always been very popular for the incredible value they give our customers,” says Donna V. Ferro, General Manager of Epson Philippines. “We are therefore very confident that the new Epson Expression models, with their low supplies cost, will reinforce the success of this range.”

Campus Tech Road Show 2012

ADX Campus Tech Edition is a first university wide, interactive event that brings in world-class talents and leading brands in the world of IT technology. By enthusiasts for enthusiasts,our goal is to share, empower and offer support to our communities by maximizing these computing tools to their advantage.

Designed to make IT learning more fun and interactive, Campus Tech includes the following programs / seminars:

PC 101
Want to know what computer works best for your needs? Experiencing system crashes or data loss? Attend our 101 to know the basics of computer (desktop / laptop) assembly, maintenance, upgrades and simple troubleshooting to avoid costly repairs.

OC Nation
Squeeze that extra performance juice from your computer by Overclocking-An extreme IT hobby / E-sport only to a select few.Know the importance of computer cooling viaaircooling, watercooling and the coolest of them all, liquid nitrogen cooling.

CaseModz Collegiate Showdown
Building PCs, building camaraderie. Our flagship event, CMCS is an inter-collegiate team modding competition designed to bring in the best of the best of what our Universities can offer. Each participating organization will represent their school in designing and building the best rig setup of the school year. Its our E-sport version of UAAP and NCAA.

PC Clinic
Bring in your troubled computerson scheduled dates and we’ll diagnose or repair it for free!

Product exhibits / demo
Know what’s in and hot. A showcase of the latest gadgets and brands for you to feel and test, plus you may consult our RBA team before buying them.

Q & A recap
Recitation with instant gratification- Answer our questions correctly during seminars and demos and win some premium items from our partner brands.

*programs may vary depending on universities or target market.

and a whole lot of activities and interactive games!

Event details (1st Leg)

September - November 2012

National University – Sept 17 to 19
University of the East - Sept 24 to 25
Lyceum of the Philippines University – Sept 26 to 28
De Lasalle University - Oct 4 to 5
Polytechnic University of the Philippines – Oct 10 to 11
University of Sto. Tomas- Nov 7 to 9

*The organizers are planning to have our 2nd leg around the first quarter next year, so contact Tipid PC for inquiries, they are looking for additional schools.

Is That Claptrap?

Claptrap of Borderlands 2 is in Torchlight 2? Hahaha

Devs promoting other a way

Torchlight 2 Trivia

Here are some random trivia about Torchlight 2

1. You can change the difficulty and re-roll the world (randomize the level) on LAN and Internet.
2. When you finish Act 4 you can do the Mapworks or newgame+ (up to newgame++, newgame+++, newgame++++).
3. There's no difference in loots regardless of difficulty (Casual, Normal, Veteran, Elite). newgame+ has better drops and crazy stuff/monsters
4. Once you're in newgame+, you can't party with characters not in newgame+.
5. Legendary items (red/orange) can be dropped somewhere at lvl 50+ or 55+.
6. Newgame monster starts at lvl 50+
7. Max level 100 = 100 skill points, fame (killing champions) rank 50 = 50 skill points.
8. Roaming NPC enchanters, some have rare enchanting capabilities.
9. Same dual weapons can Execute.
10. Hammer, axes... has splash damage, claw at range weapons has none.
11. You have 4 skill scroll slots on character + 4 skill scroll slots on pet.
12. Your pet can sell your stuff and buy supplies in town and return.
13. You can permanently transform your pet, forgot the item something like primastic...
14. Rare random room = ex. Notch room (minecraft creeps, drop cobblestone sword)
15. Leveling tier skill from 5, 10, 15 gives bonus passive effect(s)
16. Mod kit/tools (after 2 or 3 weeks from released date)
17. There's sniffer guard for cheats, if you got detected you will have a cheater flag on your name.

*credits to obzz, TPC
18. You can kick and ban cheaters (they cannot join your game anymore unless unbanned).
19. Mods on multiplayer must be installed on all player computers.

Alternative Download of Torchlight 2

For those with slow Internet connection, here's an alternative way to download and install Torchlight 2.

1. Find some computer with fast Internet. Install and login to steam client then activate your Torchlight 2 from there and install Torchlight 2 on that computer.
2. On your steam client navigate to top menu "Steam" > "Backup and Restore Game" then choose "Backup currently installed program'" then select Torchlight 2 to backup.
3. Then transfer your save backup to your flash drive. And uninstall your Torchlight 2 and steam client from that computer afterwards. .
4. Back at your home computer, use the same method from 1 and 2 but this time choose "Restore a previous backup" then locate your Torchlight 2 backup folder.
5. Then wait while it restores and then install it on your PC. So that's it.

Note: Torchlight 2 is only ~1.5gb/1500mb. If you know someone with Steam Torchlight 2, you can get a backup install files from there.

*credits to slashpen, TPC

Guardian Cross for iOS

Guys, try guardian cross for IOS. Its a free trading card game. It's similar to Pokemon wherein you capture monsters and do battle (without the cuteness). Its developed by square so production quality is high.

Hiroyuki Ito revolutionized Final Fantasy with the Active Time Battle system. Now, Ito is taking a stab at changing card battling games with Guardian Cross. Akira Oguro, character designer on Final Fantasy IV: The After Years and Final Fantasy: Dimensions, designed characters for Guardian Cross too. Final Fantasy XI composer Naoshi Mizuta made music for the game.

In Guardian Cross, players tame Guardians using a magic rifle. Then you can train Guardians and put them in a deck to battle other players. Guardian Cross has over 180 different Guardians in the game and some of them look a lot like their Final Fantasy equivalent.

Guardian Cross is available as a free download for iOS devices.


Download for free!

Some guide for beginners. (from Guardian Cross forum)

~Card Basics
~Leveling Guardians
~Experience Points Chart
~Guardian Points
~Friend Points

Some quick bullet point tips that I'd like to share to be efficient in Guardian Cross... ***= need more information, uncertain

Card Basics:
-HP = Hit Points
-Attack = Measures Physical Damage Damage = attack x (1 + ability ± Buff / De-buff) x affinity/attribute(±15%) - Defence / 2
(Ability = +1:0.065 +2:0.12 +3:0.25 +4:0.5)
-Agility = Determines which Guardian attacks first (very important when it comes to one-hitting battles)
-Defense = Reduces Physical Damage (formula ***)
-Wisdom = Measures Non-Physical Damage and Reduces Non-Physical(Magic) Damage

Ace............ 110% on all stats
Cool........... 100% on all stats
Powerful..... 110% on Attack, but 90% on Agility
Intelligent.... 110% on Wisdom, but 90% on Defense
Chaotic....... 110% on HP, but 90% on Wisdom
Brave..........110% on Defense, but 90% on MP
Sexy........... 110% on MP, but 90% on HP
Fast............ 110% on Agility, but 90% on Attack

TYPE         HP             MP          ATTACK      DEFENSE    AGILITY     WISDOM

Ace            110            110            110            110            110            110

Cool           100            100            100            100            100            100

Powerful     100            100            110            100            90              100

Intelligent   100            100            100            90             100             110

Chaotic       110            100           100            100            100             90

Brave          100             90            100            110            100            100

Sexy             90            110           100            100            100             100

Fast            100            100            90             100            110            100   

Leveling Guardians:
- learn hunting efficiently, my average is 13 Guardians per hunt, my highest is 16... do not miss your shots, when you are reloading, search for other monsters and scroll quickly and control your excitement because you got +10 second extra lol
- focus on one guardian at a time
- be mindful of its attribute and combine with the corresponding type
-1 star gives less exp than 2 and 2 than 3, using two 1 star exp is the same as giving one 2 star card, it goes the same for 2, for 3 and 4 stars
- if you are a thrifty Guardian Points spender, better for you to use 2 stars and sell all your 1 stars
- combine the same card with the same card ex: Slime 1* (Base card) + Slime 1* (Sacrificial card) = +1 level *** (haven't tested on a high level card)
- use magic stones

Experience Points Per Stars Attributes Same Kind and Silver Slimes:

Guardian Points:
-continue with the quests, and do sub-missions for Recovery Potions
-if you do not have to use the Recovery Potions, try to save them for later uses, i like to use one or two when I am in a sub-mission and close to leveling

Friend Points:
-level up your character to gain more friend slots
-more friend slots means more friends, more friends = +50 FP
-add people who seem active and make business with them
-mock-battle to gain 3-5 FP daily

-be aware of the party position of the general populace in the Coliseum. If you are just beginning and middle, most players have their most powerful guardian in the first slot, but towards the top 100~ the party position starts to vary
-a tactical retreat is a good idea if you happen to doubt your party's strength against an average attack of 1100, determine how much chain time left and strengthen your guardians!
-time your coliseum tickets so you can continue to chain and chain
-be aware of your Guardian's abilities and position them accordingly (thanks the info from other players in this forum, naga and hydra has revive abilities that you could take advantage of to wear off your opponent's mp or position your weaker monsters on the first 2-3 slots then strike with your attacker)

Fire, Water, Earth, Lightning, Wind, Poison, Death, Mecha, Light, Darkness

                    Strong Against                Weak Against
Fire.............. Wind/Death .................. Water/Light
Water............ Fire/Mecha .................. Lightning/Poison
Earth............. Lightning/Poison ........... Wind/Darkness
Lightning........ Water/Mecha ............... Earth/Lightning
Wind.............. Earth/Darkness ............. Fire/Death
Light.............. Fire/Lightning ............. Mecha/Darkness
Darkness......... Earth/Light ................. Wind/Poison
Death............. Wind/Poison ................ Fire/Mecha
Mecha............. Death/Light ................ Water/Lightning
Poison............. Water/Darkness ........... Earth/Death

Just want to emphasize that hunting efficiently, party positioning, and trading with other players is important in Guardian Cross. Little bit more difficult to play on the iPhone than on the iPad.

Guardian Skills - General

Guardians’ skills, or abilities, are casted using MP. There are a total of 5 skill categories: Buffs, Debuffs, Regenerations, Physical Attacks, and Elemental Attacks.

Buffs are skills that boost a single attribute of your Guardian (ATK, DEF, AGI, or WIS) by 10% or 20%. Effects of buffs do NOT carry over to the next Guardian in your party. Also, buffs will not be casted again after revival if the Guardian has Revival skill.

Buff skills can be stacked. For example, Might (ATK+10%) + Greater Might (ATK+20%) = ATK+30%

Debuffs are skills that lower a single attribute of your opponent’s Guardian (ATK, DEF, AGI, or WIS) by 20%. Effects of debuffs do NOT carry over to the opponent’s next Guardian. Same as buffs, debuffs will not be casted again after revival if the Guardian has Revival skill.

There are 5 Regen skills: Life Drain (HP absorption), Energy Drain (MP absorption), Heal (HP recovery), Greater Heal (HP great recovery), and Revival (reappear once after death). The strength of Life Drain depends on ATK, and the strength of Energy Drain depends on WIS. Revival only has a certain chance of happening in battles.

Physical Attacks
Physical Attacks do NOT equal to normal attacks. They consume MP too, but their strength depends on ATK. There are 8 Physical Attack skills ranging from +1 to +4, called “Strong Physical +?”. The larger the number is, the stronger it is.

Note: Cross Slash (Strong Physical +2) has additional effect of AGI debuff to opponent. Heavy Blow (Strong Physical +2) has additional effect of DEF debuff to opponent.

Elemental Attacks
Like Physical Attack skills, Elemental Attack skills have strength ranging from +1 to +4. With a total of 8 Element types, there are 32 skills (There’s no Death, Mecha, and None element attacks). Elemental Attack skills are dependent upon WIS. 


Monday, September 24, 2012

Outbreak Enchanted Kingdom

October 31, 2012
Enchanted Kingdom
Registration Fee: 1000PhP
Registration starts Sept 21, 2012

Marketing in the Digital Age

Jason Cruz's first academic talk on Marketing in the Digital Age.

Mostly about the impact, importance, and implications of social media.

The UPRISING: Empowering The Youth Through Social Media

Jogging For A Cause

ULTRA (PHIL SPORTS ARENA), ULtra/ Phil Sports arena is located at Meralco cor. Capt Javier Street, Ortigas.

You are cordially invited for a fund raising project "Jogging for a cause" this coming September 30, 2012, Sunday afternoon.

Thrill The World 2012

Social Media and the Internet is the FUTURE!

If you're taking part in the world of Social Media, well congratulations because you are among the leaders of the future!

Special mention to all those online groups that made social media not just the new medium of connectivity, but also the new medium of sensitivity!

We are really "connected" now!

Enjoying Borderlands 2

I'm sure a lot of gamers right now are enjoying playing Borderlands 2.  It's definitely better than the first one, and still fun to play and explore its fascinating world!

I have just tested Borderlands 2 on my overclocked Llano APU

A8-3870K (CPU @ 3.2 GHz / HD 6550D @ 847 MHz)
NB @ 900 MHz
8GB DDR3 1866 CL9
Windows 7 64-bit
Catalyst 12.8

Here are the settings I used:

Resolution: 1280 x 720
V-sync: off
Texture detail: High
Game detail: High
Foliage distance: Near
Draw distance: Medium
Depth of field: On
Anisotropic filtering: 4x
Ambient Occlusion: Off

I think I have played for 3 hours, the frame rate ranges from 35 to 40 fps. CPU usage across all 4 CPU cores were above 90% as reported by Open Hardware Monitor v0.5.1 beta

For those using an HD 6670 or 9800 GT or faster GPU, you need not worry.

Borderlands 2 GPU & CPU Performance Test

"For those gaming at 1680x1050 or similar resolutions, we found that very modest GPUs like the Radeon HD 6770 (aka the 5770) were able to deliver decent results, but again, Nvidia's performance advantage allowed budget GeForce cards such as the GTX 460 to produce 58fps, besting the HD 6850 and HD 7770.

At 1920x1200, the GTX 660 Ti could be considered overkill as the GTX 660 was only 1% slower while being 30% cheaper. That said, the GTX 660 Ti helps fill that gap by shipping with a free copy of Borderlands 2, so you'll have to determine what works out to be the best overall value in your situation.

Radeon cards seem to handle PhysX slightly better than their GeForce counterparts. When running Borderlands 2 at 1920x1200, the HD 7970 only took a 15% performance hit after enabling PhysX (dropping from 72fps to 61fps), whereas the GTX 680 fell 19% from 74fps to 60fps.

We were a bit worried about AMD's GPUs going into this because Borderlands 2 is a "TWIMTBP" title, but it seems we should've placed our concerns on the company's CPUs. Dual-core chips like the Phenom II X2 couldn't provide playable results, the Phenom II X4 and X6 were on par with Intel's old Core i7-920, while the FX series was roughly 20fps behind newer Core i7 parts. Additionally, Borderlands 2 responded far better when overclocking the i7-3770K than the FX-8150.

It seems your CPU choice may be more crucial to Borderlands 2's performance than your GPU choice and you'll definitely want to play with a quad-core chip."

CPU's tested

Intel Core i7 3000 series
Intel Core i7 2000 series
Intel Core i7 920
AMD FX series
AMD Phenom II series
AMD Athlon II series
AMD A6-3500

GPU's tested

AMD Radeon HD 7970 (3072MB)
Gigabyte Radeon HD 7950 (3072MB)
AMD Radeon HD 7870 (2048MB)
AMD Radeon HD 7850 (2048MB)
HIS Radeon HD 7770 (1024MB)
HIS Radeon HD 7750 (1024MB)
HIS Radeon HD 6970 (2048MB)
HIS Radeon HD 6950 (2048MB)
HIS Radeon HD 6870 (1024MB)
HIS Radeon HD 6850 (1024MB)
HIS Radeon HD 6790 (1024MB)
HIS Radeon HD 6770 (1024MB)
HIS Radeon HD 6750 (1024MB)
HIS Radeon HD 6670 (1024MB)
AMD Radeon HD 5870 (2048MB)
AMD Radeon HD 5830 (1024MB)
Gigabyte GeForce GTX 680 (2048MB)
Gigabyte GeForce GTX 670 (2048MB)
Gigabyte GeForce GTX 660 Ti (2048MB)
Gigabyte GeForce GTX 660 (2048MB)
Gigabyte GeForce GTX 580 (1536MB)
Gigabyte GeForce GTX 570 (1280MB)
Gigabyte GeForce GTX 560 Ti (1024MB)
Gigabyte GeForce GTX 560 (1024MB)
Nvidia GeForce GTX 480 (1536MB)
Gigabyte GeForce GTX 460 (1024MB)
Gigabyte GeForce GTX 550 Ti (1024MB)

source: Techspot

Borderlands 2 : Dark Souls Easter Egg

The exploration was rewarding , several funny moments, even the Double Rainbow meme

Borderlands 2 Double Rainbow Meme

Original Video:

Borderlands 2 version:

Borderlands 2’s Killer PC Version Gives Us A Taste Of The Future

*credits to kyrencross and benchmarks_of_truth, TPC

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