Wednesday, September 9, 2020

The 9.9 Lazada and Shopee Sale happened, check out our hoard

Wazzup Pilipinas!

In the Philippines, the Christmas season starts on the 1st day of September. I think 9.9 sale is one way to shop gifts for your loved ones.

It's the Lazada and Shopee 9.9 Sale Stop "tempting me" challenge. Crazy eyes thinking of what else I can add to cart that moment.

The 9.9 Lazada and Shoppe Sale happened! Up to 90% off and they boasted of FREE SHIPPING ..well, if you were able to get the vouchers!

"Just because earlier today is 9.9 sale, doesn't mean you need to buy something" - that is me talking trying to convince or discourage myself while checking out my purchases in my cart.

The vouchers even add to the temptation. Lalo lang akong naging marupok at walang aasahang tibay ng paninindigan.

Whatever we bought at the 9.9 sale, we don't really need them. We all don't really need them, because we shouldn't be spending on non-essentials, not even to reward ourselves for all the shizz that has been going on with the seemingly unending pandemic and incompetence of the government that media had successfully hyped. Kaya regrets will come afterwards. Deserve natin iyan dahil we couldn't control ourselves.

Just a reminder to everyone that buying things that we don't need but are cheaper than usual will always still be a loss and a waste of money. Instead of getting involved with the hype of these sales, please learn to prioritize. ONLY BUY WHAT YOU REALLY NEED.

Sales are alright if we do really need what we bought, but just as how critics have called out the Manila Bay synthetic sand or crushed dolomite project as insensitive, spending on unnecessary items are also along that line of thought.

We are still in a pandemic guys, and sad for  those who didn't have to worry about spending on the 9.9 sale because they have nothing to spend. They have little moolah to splurge on luxuries and pampering.

Buy all you want if you have the money, but show a little consideration by not flaunting them all over social media.

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