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Helpful Tips To Win In Online Baccarat

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With the surge in popularity of online gaming, today’s top online casinos have been stocking up their game libraries with famous games. One of the commonly found card games online and in real casinos is baccarat. Avid and even casual players love this game because of its simple mechanics and entertainment value.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with baccarat, the idea of the game is to get as close to a total value of nine based on two cards drawn to both the player and dealer. Aces, tens, and face cards have a value of zero, and cards two to nine are taken at face value. If the value of the first two drawn cards exceed nine, then ten is deducted from the total.

Now that you have the basics, you can try and play the game. If you aim to consistently win, then you’re going to need to practice to get the hang of it and some effective tips that can guide you. Here are some helpful tips to win in online baccarat.

Check out the competition

The standard commission in betting when playing baccarat is 5%, which cannot be negotiated. However, in some cases, it is possible that you’ll find tables online that are willing to take a smaller percentage of wins on dealer bets.

It’s possible to actually find tables that only get a 1% commission from your winnings. It may not be much of a difference, it will help to keep your funds in the positive. Just keep in mind that the commission is the law and this doesn’t mean that you can barter with dealers.

Pay attention to each table

When playing baccarat online, you have to keep an eye on what’s happening at the online casino that you’re playing in. Though most casinos only collect 5% commission on baccarat tables, do not assume that this is the standard for all of them.

Be mindful of the rules and minimums listed on the online casino site of your choice. Should you decide to do the tie bet, pay attention to the payout for this specific bet because some online casinos can be sneaky with the payout for tie bets. Tie bet is a type of bet in baccarat where the payout for players is higher, but the odds of winning are lower.

Make the smart bet

There are three types of bet in baccarat: the banker bet where you’ll only pay 5% commission, the player bet which has essentially the same odds as the banker bet, and the tie bet that was discussed earlier.

Placing your wager on the smart bet is always the safest choice particularly if you’re on a play budget. Statistically, the banker bet is the safer bet to make because it has a lower house edge (1.06%) despite the fractional cut that you take each time you win.

Don’t look for patterns

New players playing online baccarat will often look for a strategy. There are those who claim that in order to win, you need to be on the lookout for patterns. Despite supposed hot or cold streaks, the odds in baccarat are similar with the odds of a coin toss.

Each result is a separate event and no matter how hard you try to determine what the outcome will be, you will not see a sure-fire strategy for winning. Just have fun and avoid stressing yourself out.


If you want to win big in online baccarat you have to pay attention to your surroundings, make smart decisions, and don’t look for a winning method. In addition, you should also know how to go with your gut and stop when you’re in a good place. Remember, you gamble for fun and not to be rich.

Author’s Bio:

Luther Abrams is an online game and sports enthusiast who spent his younger years playing and watching basketball, baseball, soccer, tennis, and badminton games, among the many others. Today, as an early retiree, he continues to write about his love and passion for sports. On most days, he also loves to play ball with his two kids.

PM is the key no more for online selling

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Department of Trade Undersecretary Ruth Castelo said Republic Act No. 7581 or the Price Act stipulates that products being sold without a price tag can be an evidence of profiteering.

As online buying and selling thrived amid the quarantine, the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) reminded online sellers to disclose the prices of their products.

To all online sellers - DTI will be monitoring all your post.

Pinapansin na nila ang online sellers. Malamang nagmumuni-muni na yang mga yan at nag iisip ng paraan pano makakasingil ng tax sa mga nagbenta online.

Dapat lang...imagine sa local store magtatanong ka ng price tapos sasagot sayo ng sales lady, "pm is the key". Lol.

Apart from the Price Act, Republic Act No. 7394 or the Consumer Act states that “it shall be unlawful to offer any consumer product for retail sale to the public without an appropriate price tag, label or marking publicly displayed to indicate the price of each article and said products shall not be sold at a price higher than that stated therein and without discrimination to all buyers.”

Uplifting Yourself Through The Pandemic

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I've always preferred to create rather than just appreciate.

It's more rewarding to be a competitive player than an avid spectator, a charismatic leader than a fanatic follower, an innovative chef than a hungry customer, ...well, you get my point.

I'm the kind of person who won't conform to the norm or follow the acceptable standards or get hindered by culture, faith, superstition, nationality, class, etc., which society has elegantly categorized but is actually limiting our every move. This is because I always believe we would never run out of bright ideas, and we always deserve to get the very best.

It is OK to reinvent the wheel if the process will let you discover alternative yet faster or more affordable and convenient ways.

Our brand should either be competitive or a lot better, not by just a press release, ads, commercials, promos, or only during the product launching, but based from personal feedback of our customers.

I know we can't completely satisfy everyone, but that should keep challenging us and become well motivated towards greater excellence, rather than manipulate, deceive, cheat or step on somebody else's foot. This is not survival of the fittest but of the most worthy of our customers' praise.

Every little accomplishment and disappointment should inspire us to continue working on our goals and aspirations. Get up a lot more eager every time you fall hard.

This pandemic has tested each one of us, maybe to our limits, or still hanging in there. Some of us may still be living comfortably, or others could be suffering alone. But one thing is so sure, that we cannot assure our future no matter how we've planned or prepared for the worst. No amount of optimism could prevent us from experiencing sudden and unexpected circumstances. Like a thief in the night, it doesn't announce its arrival by knocking ahead.

Real winners will never see themselves as defeated but only waiting for their time to shine. Life goes on, and we should always embrace it's uncertainties and look forward to its possibilities.

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The dual citizenship of Lopez makes him unfit to run a media outfit

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Being both American and Filipino already makes Gabby Lopez unfit to own a media outfit.

Dual citizenship is like having two homes. You'll need to take care of both thus dividing your attention, budget, preferences, etc.

A media outfit, being a political tool as well since their services can be bought in the form of ads or commercials, or biased guesting and other promotional advantages, is too powerful to be controlled by somebody who can readily switch sides whenever one is unfavorable or favorable.

Lopez needs to choose only one citizenship and allegiance since loyalty to two flags is conflicting.

 #ShutdownABSCBNPermanently is my stand. Btw, this is also because most of ABS-CBN's shows are dumbing down the masses and making their viewers too stupid to realize they are being brainwashed.

Only pure Filipinos should be allowed to own media entities. If you have more than one citizenship, it's similar to being a foreign owner (even when you are considered half-Filipino or half-American. We know how media is being used to manipulate our thinking, thus could be more dangerous if connected with foreign entities similar to Rappler. Look at how Maria Ressa stinks. Just as how Filipino - Chinese businessmen have an edge when dealing with the Chinese, we cannot be comfortable with Lopez being a US citizen too. Any other business is acceptable except media outfits and national security positions.

Please check the original provisions of the Anti- Dummy Law. It is a commonweath act, sir. Made in the 1930's. The part which has not been amended, specifically prohibits a person who is MARRIED or HAS A CONCUBINE who is a foreigner to sit in the Board of a corporation when the constitution or the law requires such position to be occupied by a Filipino. If the spouse is prohibited from being a foreigner- how much more to be a dual citizen?

"But even if he was granted Filipino citizenship in 2002 and dual citizenship in 2003, Immigration records tend to show that from 1986, when he first joined ABS-CBN, to 2002, Lopez was in fact an American citizen.

Article XVI, Section 11 (1) of the Constitution limits the ownership and management of mass media to Philippine citizens.

Lopez had been an American citizen for about 50 years until his application for Filipino citizenship was approved in 2002."

Lopez is also a US Citizen because he was born in USA. He has a dual citizenship. The Philippines recognized  dual citizenship pursuant to RA 9225 enacted during the time of Pnoy.   A person with dual citizenship is bound by laws of both countries, hence, he has a divided allegiance: to  RP and USA.  Considering that mass media is impressed with public interest as pointed out in the Constitution, it is debatable if a person with divided allegiance is within the context of a “Filipino Citizen” to own  and manage a  commercial mass media under Section 11,  Article XVI, of the Constitution!

Lack of Public Transportation Sacrifices Quarantine Protocols

Wazzup Pilipinas!

What a well planned back to normal. Thank you government!

They had months to think about this problem. Did they? Is there really a plan or they are still working on it? Was there a push from businessmen to save their businesses?

That's all very well thought through again. Not. Great planning and coordination. Not. Another failure looming.

No distancing sa military vehicle, sa mga jeep may separation, di ko makita kung alin tama dito. Is it because kapag government or pulis exempted sa social distancing and other quarantine protocols... ano pagkakaiba ng magkamag-anak na magkaangkas sa motor at yun grupo ng mga taong nagsisiksikan sa military truck?

Kapag gobyerno may gawa kahit labag sa guidelines okay lang.

Jeepneys are needed now and part of necessity and essential for work.

Who would have thought that opening up the economy wouldn't work without public transport? People who made these decisions supposedly have post grad degrees and come from elite Philippine schools..what a waste.

Because "elite" Philippine schools are the equivalent of community colleges anywhere else.

But look at their CVs and most likely you'll find post grad degrees from Western probably its not necessary..we just need people who actually can think properly.

Ang husay talaga ng mga namumuno sa gobyernong ito. Palibhasa nakakulong sa palasyo, laging tulog ... sa gabi gumigising, wala ng taong gising. Hahaha. Ngayon umuwi na yata sa probinsiya niya. Lalo na magkakaloko-loko, bahala na daw tayo sa buhay natin. Abandon ship na yata siya.

The good senator from makati is right. This government lacks foresight. Dada lang ng dada at bira ng bira. Pag tumama, thank you. Pag sumablay, ewan, di naman marunong tumanggap ng pagkakamali eh.

Nawala po kaya sa kanila yung pag-iisip using common sense? Dahil most of them ay hindi usually na-commute using public transport?

Unless our experts are obligated to commute daily, policy making re transport issues should not be designated to them.

The lack of common sense should not punish our commuters.

Sinisisi ang mga commuters? Eh bakit pa nagdeklara ng GCQ sa Metro Manila kung hindi naman pala handa sa pagdagsa ng mga manggagawa sa lansangan para sumakay? Passing the blame on the commuters im dumbfounded. Lagi na lang sinisisi ung common people as kapalpakan nila gumawa ng tama at strategic programs. Number 1 sign ng incompetencies. Blame game.

Toxic ng gobyerno natin. Di dapat kayo ng declare ng GQC na hindi handa sa pag balik ng mga tao sa trabaho nila.

At least pag lumobo ulit ang bilang ng cases, pwede isisi sa DOTr...just a thought...  naku, tayo na naman sisisihin.

Anti-Terrorism Bill: Weapon Against Critics of the Government

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President Rodrigo Duterte has certified a measure seen to toughen up the government’s anti-terrorism policies. Galawang gobyernong naninigurong walang kokontra at magrereklamo sa mga kapalpakan nila.

Did I miss something? Why did they come up talking about anti-terrorism in the height of pandemic?

The new bill also proposes 12 years of imprisonment for any person who "joins" designated "terrorist organisations or group(s)".

Further, the measure exempts law enforcers from liability for illegal detention or failing to present an arrested person to a court with the prescribed period.

In this world you have to understand that people in authority have a tendency to use authority for selfish  benefits. Happens all the time.

Fact check : Sa isang bansa kung saan mismong opisyal ng gobyerno ang numero unong pasaway at una pang lumalabag sa batas.. opisyal na silang may mga sinumpaang tungkulin magtaguyod, bansang kung saan ang mga anomalya ay hindi mabilis na sinisiyasat, kung saan ang mga tao ay basta basta nalang ikukulong at malala pinapatay.. yung bang hindi kana idinaan sa paglilitis.. binigti kana kaagad. MAHIRAP MAGTIWALA SA ISANG PATAS AT MAKATARUNGAN NA PAGPAPATUPAD NG BATAS.

It's not about the bill, but about trust.  If people trust that the bill will not be selectively used against them, they will probably be more agreeable.

This bill is in effect contradicting the 1987 Philippine Constitution Article lll Bill of Rights Section 4.

Section 4. No law shall be passed abridging the freedom of speech, of expression, or of the press, or the right of the people peaceably to assemble and petition the government for redress of grievances.

The anti-terror bill is being asked urgent because the government now has realized how badly they are and had been managing everything and sooner or later, people will become too restless and frustrated about how the Philippines has been for the last 4 years.

They are all protecting themselves not to be criticized for their wrongdoing. Ang mga Pinoy kawawa puwedeng sabihin nila na terrorista ka sa ano man oras.

Pag di natin pinigilan ang gobyernong to lahat tayo apektado nito, ako, ikaw, kapamilya mo, kaibigan mo, kamaganak mo, lahat tayo pwedeng maging biktima ng injustice sa ugali ng namumuno na power tripping na lahat gagawin masunod lang ang kanyang layaw dahil alipin din sya ng dayuhan lahat tayo paglalaruan lang nito - sisirain ang buhay nating lahat. Hindi ito anti or pro it's about us, TAYO mga PILIPINO - karapatang mamuhay ng mapayapa at ng maayos ng bawat isa. Buksan ang mga mata, tignan ang paligid, pinatunayan na to ng panahon - apat (4) na taon mas lumalala ang buhay natin ngayon, walang nagbago at walang pagbabago hanggang patuloy tayong mananahimik, matatakot at patuloy na magiging mangmang, nagiging alipin tayo ng sariling bansa, hindi makakakilos, hindi makakagalaw, nakatali, binabastos, ginagatasan, pinaglalaruan at inaalipin.

Again, this government is serving itself and protecting itself.

Ang asta ng gobyerno ay kahalantulad na rin ng china, kung kailan may kaguluhan isisingit nila un mga panukalang  alam nilang sensitibo sa bayan para mapadali ang pag pasa, isang pang sasamantantala sa kalagayan ng bayan.

What a coincidence China just approved the Hongkong anti-terror bill.

Are we going to be like China soon?

Duterte Suspends Abrogation of Visiting Forces Agreement

Wazzup Pilipinas!

PH suspends abrogation of the Visiting Forces Agreement (VFA) upon the instructions of President Duterte.

The US didn't call the bluff. Philippines folds. US wins the pot.

Our foreign policy mirrors pretty much everything this administration exemplies, discombobulation.

Why the change of heart? The govt was fuming mad months ago on this and now it gets suspended. Laban, bawi!

Laban laban bawi bawi, iyak na bato, wala na talagang pag asa us visa mo, di bale sarap naman ng buhay mo. Yan ang resulta ng desisyong hindi pinag-isipan. As usual.

Nakakatawa itong complete indecision from MALALAcaƱan pero still a better news because it supports PH sovereignty versus that politically and ill-motivated anti-terror bill.

Natauhan si PRRD? He should realize that the US cannot be threatened! We need them especially during trying times.

According to SFA Locsin the suspension of the termination of the VFA was brought about by recent development around the world especially in the Asian region. Duterte finally realized that terminating VFA is a bad decision and will not benefit our country. Another thing was, he finally realized that Bato is not worth dying for as he was hybernating during our trying times. light of political developments.. as if this will go away after 6 months, now it becomes obvious who needs who more even after the macho posturing and bravado of our political-defense leaders, urong sulong talaga tayo.

So it's duterte who blinks first, US  calls your bluff, and whose on the loosing end in the bargaining table than the Philippines, please be informed in case your not aware US is 1st in superpower countries and pH is third world country, as such should behave as one. Make no mistake US has only friendly compassion on us and still continue to send covid aid despite VFA cancellation. Trump just shrug off his shoulders and this saved a lot of money. But the suspension is for 6 months only and extendible for another 6 months - looks like though has clipped it's wings but still has ego left and raises head up high, as if awaiting for Trump to open its fold for a prodigal son return. No way, if you want US support you have to earn it. Duterte just playing pure and simple game of diplomatic immaturity. It's a no no to diplomatic protocols not unless abrogation was a result of our unforseen domestic statutory errors like what is now pending in the supreme court the Senate questioning the validity of the abrogation without Senate concurrence. The duterte admin is on a balancing act between his bff and US support which we badly need now but China is not in a situation to extend as it has pretty tight financial future with expected corporate exodus of china-base foreign firms leaving China for other stable and healthy neighboring environs. In terms of foreign policy formulation duterte is worst ever and this suspension is just the tip of the iceberg of his face saving remedy. From here I'll adopt a wait and see attitude for his admin next move.

Haaay. Ang gobyernong walang paninindigan. Nagmumukha tuloy katawa tawa. Kung di pala kaya panindigan, sana di nalang nag termintae ng VFA. Stupid.

Malamang heto script ng mga DDS "Ang tibay talaga ni Tatay Digong, biruin nyo sinuka na nya tas kinain ulit para lang  maisalba ang VFA sa pagitan ng Pilipinas at Amerika, love na love ka namin talaga Tatay Digong!"

It's all because we have the most immature and so sensitive president.. He made our country a big joke! Who's laughing now??

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5 Tips of Managing a Writing Habit while Travelling

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Important tips that you can use to manage your writing habits even as you travel from one place to another for business or leisure.

There are many things to consider when deciding on how best to manage your hobbies and habits. Unless you are really good at managing your time, it can be close to impossible to manage all the demands that you may be subjected to especially when you have two habits to support. A good scenario is where you enjoy both writing and travelling equally. In this case, you need to clearly understand the things that you need to do in order to manage both hobbies and ensure that you attain the best results. For most individuals writing and travelling seem like unmanageable hobbies. The fact of the matter is that you can actually manage to keep both of them provided that you are a very dedicated and disciplined individuals. It is actually very possible to write as you travel despite the many things that will be around to distract you from your goal. In this article, we explore five tips that you can effectively use to manage your writing habit as you travel.

In most cases, it is very difficult to travel and write. Not only do you have to deal with the fact that there is a limited amount of time, you also need to consider the unavailability of good writing conditions. You will probably be travelling to different places all which present their own sets of challenges. If you use a laptop, you need to understand that it may run out of charge and hence establish what to do when this happens. You may also travel to remote locations where there is no internet connection meaning you will need to find substitute alternatives. If you are a keen person, you will explore some of the challenges that are faced by individuals that do this kind of work and prepare yourself in advance. In my opinion, you can never be prepared enough for the many challenges and distractions that are likely to come your way. But this does not mean that it is impossible to manage your writing habit as you ravel. There are actually working ways that have been used by many individuals over the years. Below, are some of the most useable tips that you can use to ensure that you keep creating content even as you travel.

Determine and define your major goal

This has always been a great challenge for many writers who embark on a variety of trips. They fail to establish their overall writing goal prior to setting off on their trips. Goal setting is one of the most important skills that you need to develop as a writer in any niche. You need to establish your writing goals way in advance and then work at breaking it down into actionable tasks. For example, if you need to write a journal article, break it down into smaller tasks like research and drafting. Ensure that you set a good schedule on when you are going to get these done. Determine the amount of time that you will have on your hands and divide it among all your tasks. When you have all the tasks well-laid out before you start your travels, you will be able to come up with a good schedule that you will use to ensure that you meet all your objectives during the trip.

Come up with a good schedule

Since you already know the things that you need to get done and you have divided them up into actionable tasks, it is quite easy for you to create a working timetable. Look at all the things that you need to get done and spread them out based on your available time as well the number of activities that you will be taking part in during your trip. Like in all other cases, it is always important to create a schedule and ensure that you can adhere to it. For example, never go to the swimming pool at the hotel when you are supposed to be writing your paper. Ensure that your schedule is favourable and easy to follow and do your level best to avoid things that may prevent you from meeting your writing goals. Travelling is a fun activity and you may get carried away by the many tempting sceneries and activities that you will find. It is thus important to develop a good amount of discipline that will allow you to stick to your schedule no matter how challenging.

Get tips from professional writing companies

In some circumstances, even the best writers face some challenges getting their work done. This is because writing is a challenging task that may consume a great amount of time and mental energy especially where a poor approach is taken by the writer. As you travel, you may find some difficulties getting your work done on time due to some distractions or challenges along the way that may render you incapable of writing. What would you do in such a situation? For example, you may lose your laptop as you travel or you may be in an area where connection is very poor and yet you need to get your paper submitted. In such impossible situations, it is only reasonable to get help from professional companies such as Peachy Essay. This is a great and internationally recognized company that can help you with all your writing needs. Not only do they offer solutions to the most difficult writing jobs, they can also help you get your work done on time hence allowing you to enjoy your trips without ever having to worry about getting work done. Remember there are also some aspects about writing that you may find challenging and such a company can save you a huge amount of time if you ask for their help. They can also offer you some great guidelines on how to write great content under stringent timelines which would go a long way in helping you write as you travel.

Always be prepared and carry everything that you need

A writer and his tools of trade should always be inseparable. Always make sure that you plan your trips in advance and get everything that you need. In case you are going to areas where you are not sure about the availability of good internet, ensure that you have a backup device or plan prior to travelling. If you are not sure about the charge of the device that you are going to use for your writing, have a backup ready and packed. It is also very important to prepare for the worst and ensure that you have alternatives in case anything goes wrong. As a writer, all this depends on you. For example, in cases where you are not using your laptop to do the writing, you can use pen and paper and later type it out. Although it may mean that you are not able to travel light, it is always important to ensure that you will be able to write when you need to and in case anything goes wrong. Always plan in advance and ensure that your plans are all actionable to avoid any form of inconvenience. For example, you can conduct research on a given topic and download any resources that you will need before embarking on your journey if you want to make sure that lack of internet does not fully disrupt your writing habit as you travel.

Be disciplined and highly present

This is probably the most important tip for anyone who wants to travel and write. As much as you create a schedule, it is important to develop a sense of discipline and do what you are supposed to without failure. If you are supposed to be writing, do not go and explore that hill that you saw on your way to the hotel! Write and do it with a passion. It is hard for most of us but with discipline, not impossible. Ensure that your attention is in the right place at the right time no matter how difficult it becomes. Writing and travelling at the same time is not easy but it is a habit that you need to feed. Strictly adhere to your schedule and do it out of love for writing. Do not treat it as a job, rather treat it as a hobby and you may be surprised by the outcome.

It is not easy to sit down and write when you could be doing other fun activities. As one travels, you come across a wide range of new and beautiful things that you need to explore and understand. It is however possible to manage your writing habit even as you travel. The above mentioned tips offer some great ways through which you can ensure that constantly create new content even as you travel. The most important part is to establish your goals and ensure that you work towards attaining them no matter the challenges that you come across.

The Best Ways to Spend Your Birthday

Wazzup Pilipinas!

There are good and bad moments in our lives. Bad phases are painful whereas good phases are not only beautiful but are celebrated as well. Parents celebrate when a child is born to them. This celebration turns into “Birthday” for a child, that is celebrated on that specific date and month when that child was born. Every one of us fanaticizes our birthday celebrations. During earlier birthdays of our childhood, we have parents, siblings, and relatives around us. As we grow, there is an addition of our friends and further in mature age sometimes our colleagues may also join us. Here in this schismatic narrative blog, we will discuss some best way to celebrate your birthday:

Plan but don’t over plan

Planning your birthday is a good step, but getting too much obsessed with planning is not a good deal. Most of us start planning their birthday before a month. They look for so many online ideas regarding themes, venue, invitation cards, and many more that choosing any of them becomes hard. Nothing in this world is perfect and so are we and are plans. Therefore, stay calm and think of a simple and easy plan for your birthday.

Make a budget

The best way for a successful birthday party is to make a complete budget for all the expenses of your event. It includes your expenses for food, drinks, music, venue, decorations, etc. You must not spend your money on unnecessary things. The priceless fun and gathering of your loved ones are enough to make your day memorable. Thus, you must spend much time in enjoyment during birthday instead of spending a huge amount of money to the organizer or wasting on useless luxuries and items.

Choose a venue

The venue of your birthday could be your home or outside, in a location that is most accessible to all your guests. At home, your noise of music might annoy your neighbors. It also becomes hectic when it comes to cleaning of the birthday mess after the event. However, celebrating it at home is economical and more suitable due to the current situation due to COVID-19. If you still, manage to celebrate outside.

Inviting your friends and relatives

Throwing a birthday for many unnecessary people may sometimes become very annoying. Some people are always looking forward to ruining your happiness. You have to make a list of your closest and loved ones for invitation other than your family (as they are already there). This helps to avoid any kind of embarrassment and mishaps during the function and you can celebrate it to the fullest.


Whether a birthday party or a wedding event, nowadays, selecting a theme for any event has become the topmost priority. You must choose the one that best suits your budget. It shows your taste and adds to the glory of the event. You must decorate your theme ideas one day earlier. Otherwise, you may be short of time the next day and cannot accomplish your other necessary tasks in time.

Buying everything a day earlier

You should buy every item of your grocery and decoration items just a day before your birthday. Buying them on the same day may cause stress, which will not allow you to celebrate your birthday well.
Fun games

Fun games during a birthday party are one of the interesting activities that every guest enjoys. You can check online, very economical ideas for fun games like musical chairs.

Gifts opening Activities

Birthday brings gifts along with it. Your guests might bring according to their financial standards. You may open the gifts of those who want their gifts to be opened before everyone. This is also an interesting activity for your birthday

Time management

This is one of the most important things to be followed to make your event successful. On the beautiful day of your birthday, you must start your day with punctuality. You must remind your guest to be punctual as well. The event should be started on time. All the fun, music, and games should be accomplished in time. Prolonging any item may not only create an atmosphere of boredom but many of the necessary tasks might remain incomplete.
Although we all want our birthday to be the most memorable and successful if for some reason we may not celebrate according to our ways, we must not be disheartened. We must let go of small errors and enjoy fully as that is our special day.

How the Filipino Markets were affected by the Pandemic

Wazzup Pilipinas!

The close links between China and the Philippines meant that the latter was always at a high-risk of experiencing a significant Covid-19 outbreak, and this was borne out when the nation became the first to record a case outside the province of Wuhan.

To date, the Philippines has recorded a total of 17,724 cases and 950 deaths, and this should be considered something of a triumph given the challenges faced in flattening the curve of the outbreak and the exponential rise of the virus witnessed in regions such as Europe and now the US.

However, the Philippines has still seen a recent uptick in cases, while considerable damage has been done to the nation’s economy and lucrative tourism sector. In this post, we’ll explore the Philippines' fight against Covid further while asking how the tourism market is faring a little further down the line.

How Has Covid-19 Impacted on the Philippines?

In many ways, the success of fighting Covid-19 within ASEAN is relatively mixed, with many nations having recently seen a recurrence and sustained rise in new cases.

This grouping includes the Philippines, with these nations struggling to successfully curb the spread of the virus and subsequently ease social distancing measures in a way that can directly benefit the economy.

In the case of the Philippines, it’s also fair to surmise that the nation’s economy has been one of the hardest hit in the ASEAN region, thanks largely to its strong dependence on tourism and an influx of visitors from across the globe.

This sector of the economy also boomed noticeably in 2019, when the Philippines recorded a record number of international arrivals (8.2 million) who contributed a staggering $9.31 billion (or 482.15 billion Philippine pesos) in visitor receipts. This was up by 20.81% on 2018’s figures, and there’s no doubt that Covid-19 has impacted this markedly.

In total, Q1 tourism revenue in the Philippines dipped to 35% as a result of the outbreak, creating a huge socio-economic challenge within the region.

What’s Next for the Market?

Fortunately, the road to recovery has already begun, with the Philippines’ Department of Tourism (DoT) focusing its efforts on boosting the domestic market rather than inviting visitors from overseas.

The reason for this is simple; as it provides a responsible way of generating tourism revenues while easily maintaining social distancing measures, while respecting the fact that some nations (such as the UK) currently have international travel restrictions and quarantine measures in place at the border.

This approach has already helped the Philippine peso to rebound somewhat, with this currency now the best performing emerging market currency and one of only two within this grouping to outdo the US dollar.

According to Tickmill, most investors sought flight in the relative safe-haven of the greenback following the Covid-19 outbreak, but this trend is now beginning to reverse slightly in the form of the peso and the Hong Kong dollar.

Ultimately, we’ll have to see whether a return of domestic tourism delivers the requisite hit to the Philippines economy, but for now there’s no doubt that this marketplace is at least at the beginning of a potential recovery after a devastating first financial quarter.

Monday, June 1, 2020

Achieve Mastery in the Latest Networking Trends by Acing Cisco 200-901 Exam with Practice Tests from ExamSnap

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What's DevNet?

The days when networking fundamentally had a significant hardware component to it are dying away. Pioneers in this industry have come up with platforms that allow networks to be designed and maintained through programming. This fusion of the two fields, developing and networking, is what is known as Cisco DEVASC 200-901 Practice Test . Lots of globally recognized tech companies believe that this technology is going to be revolutionary, and hence the demand for professionals who certify for these skills is snowballing.

If you are a software developer looking to integrate your knowledge into network programmability or a network engineer hoping to learn more about automation, the Cisco DevNet Associate will be an ideal credential to pursue. So, in this article, we'll take you through the ins and outs of this certification and how you can pass its 200-901 exam in your first attempt!

Cisco and Its DevNet Associate Certification — What to Know?

Cisco is a company that has been in the IT arena since the 90s providing innovative networking solutions. Also, it has earned a reputation for delivering professionals skilled in network infrastructure and engineering. Like with its products, DEVASC 200-901 Practice Test constantly monitors changes in the industry and upgrades its certification program to make specialists familiar with IT trends.

One of the latest additions to its line of credentials is the DevNet technology path that covers various expertise levels, such as:

DevNet Associate

DevNet Specialist

DevNet Professional

DevNet Expert

If you have worked for 1-2 years in the field of application development or network infrastructure, then the DevNet Associate badge is a great place to start. Once you acquire this certification, it will be valid for three years. Then, you can earn some credits by completing various educational activities and re-certificate. Also, after gaining more experience in the industry, you can choose to acquire the advanced credentials and reach the CCIE equivalent status with the DevNet Expert, which is still under development and will be available shortly.

Still, if you start your DevNet journey from the associate level, you need to face 200-901 exam and pass it to get certified. Now, it's time to take a more in-depth look into the contents of this test!

Contents of 200-901 DEVASC

The most important thing to find out regarding any exam is what skills you’ll be assessed on. So, being the associate-level exam, 200-901 will test your knowledge in the following core areas:

Usage and interpretation of APIs

Design and development of software

Cisco products, such as Firepower, Amp, ICE, etc.

Deployment and security of applications

Network Automation and infrastructure

Network Fundamentals

Although you don't have to fulfill any pre-requisites when taking 200-901, you may benefit from having 1-2 years of experience in software development, including basic knowledge in Python and Linux.

Exam Details

The duration of 200-901 exam is 120 minutes, and you should be prepared to face questions of various formats such as multiple-choice, fill-in-the-blanks, etc. Upon completion, you will receive a score report that will include a quantitative assessment of your performance in each of the core areas listed above.

Considering quite a wide range of the topics you need to know when taking the test as well as its registration fee of $300 for every attempt, you’ll find it important to pass the exam on the first try. Here, adequate preparation plays the main role and below, you’ll find useful tips to increase your chances to succeed.

Tips and Advice for Adequate Preparation

To help you walk through the preparation process easier, we've compiled a set of tips and resources that get you all set to face 200-901 exam.

Be familiar with Python and Linux. Many courses for network automation do not cover these areas, but you'd thank yourself if you ensured knowledge in those areas is stable before the exam.

Get hands-on experiencethrough as many ways as possible. For instance, Sandbox is your go-to friend in this case. It is a development lab offered by Cisco that allows you to explore the features of all its major networking products such as IoT, cloud, security, and much more.

Join Cisco networking academy.Don't miss this facility from Cisco because it's one more impactful method of building practical skills in networking. You will receive automated performance-based feedback and gain knowledge from qualified instructors.

Use practice testsoffered by ExamSnap. It is a platform where you can find collections of real exam dumps shared with you by previous candidates and you can download them for free. Also, there are paid materials that have been reviewed and verified by IT experts. Thesebraindumpson this website are regularly updated, reflect on the most current status of the exam, and have an affordable price. For example, for $29.99, you can obtain the premium vce file with 103 questions and answers.

What’s So Special about vce Files?

If you are wondering what's the big deal about the vce files from ExamSnap, the reason is that these materials run through the Avanset VCE Player which replicates 200-901 test environment. It's the closest thing to what you will experience on the exam day. The simulation will help you familiarize yourself with the structure of the assessment and question formats within a short period. Most importantly, you’ll obtain reliable feedback on your current knowledge level and which areas you should improve on.


DevNet is a niche technology and an area that accompanies excellent prospects for the future. If you strive for developing as a professional, then the DevNet Associate certification by Cisco is a worthy investment. Remember, that your practical knowledge and confidence level ahead of the exam will contribute a lot to your score. So, don’t hesitate to use Cisco’s training options along with vce files by ExamSnapand this will bring out your A-game.

Sunday, May 31, 2020

DOTr, LTFRB, MMDA conduct dry run and site inspection along EDSA in preparation for reopening of public transport on June 1

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The Department of Transportation (DOTr) and the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB) have partnered with the Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA) in the conduct of an operational dry run and site inspection along EDSA today, 30 May 2020, in preparation for the gradual resumption of mass public transport operations.

The site inspection aims to ensure readiness of the transport sector and other concerned agencies, following the decision of President Rodrigo Roa Duterte to downgrade the modified enhanced community quarantine (MECQ) being enforced in the National Capital Region to a general community quarantine (GCQ).

Transport officials, led by DOTr Secretary Arthur Tugade, and various government agencies laid out their network plan and ironed out measures to be implemented along EDSA, which is expected to again accommodate volumes of motorists and commuters under a GCQ.

DOTr Secretary Arthur Tugade said the new traffic scheme in EDSA, which will be done in two phases, is a historic move that will transform the usual severely-congested highway. The new scheme involves the creation of median bus lanes and rationalization of routes.

"Papasinayaan natin’ yung programa na kung saan babaguhin natin ‘yung disiplina, istraktura, at pamamaraan sa EDSA. Never na ginawa ito. Ngayong araw na ito ‘ho, gagawin natin. Sasabihin ko lang sa inyo, itong proyektong ito ay ang pinagbuklod-buklod na samahan ng MMDA, DPWH, DILG (Department of Interior and Local Government), at Kagawaran ng Transportasyon," Secretary Tugade pointed out.

“Ang pamaraan namin na ito ay gradual, calculated at partial, sa kadahilanang hindi pa kailangang biglaan ito ‘pagkat kailangan naming balansehin ang health at safety ng ating mga mamamayan,” the transportation chief added.

During the briefing, MMDA Chairman Danilo Lim and MMDA General Manager Jojo Garcia expressed their full support on the DOTr and LTFRB initiative and vowed to execute the traffic management plan.

“Ito po ang tinatawag nating "new EDSA." 'Yung atin pong public transportation like buses, sa left side po ‘yan. Bibigyan natin ng dedicated lane ‘yan. Approve-an po ni Chairman Lim at ng DPWH (Department of Public Works and Highways). Para matanggal na po natin na nagi-stop-and-go ang mga bus sa kanan at nakikita naman natin during rush hour ang tao nasa kalsada lang, pumapara sa sasakyan, ginagamit ng tao. So in this scheme, eh imposible na po silang pumara kahit saan, kasi maglalagay po tayo ng dedicated stops – loading and unloading,” GM Garcia said.

The MMDA Chairman said they will also put up bike lanes along EDSA, as proposed by the DOTr, to complement the Department's "new normal" that promotes the use of non-motorized transport (NMT) as a measure to abate the COVID threat by maintaining  physical distancing, deliver substantial environmental and health benefits, and achieve efficient use of road space.

"Yung mga lanes natin sa EDSA, 3.2 meters ‘yan e. Pasok pa rin yan sa national standard. Babawasan natin nang konti ang mga ‘yan and makakapag-generate tayo ng mga 1.5 meters na additional lane. So eventually ‘yan ang gagawin nating bike lane. Right now, makakapagdedicate tayo ng maliit na lane para sa bisikleta," Chairman Lim said.

After inspecting the proposed bus stops at Estrella, Guadalupe, Ortigas, and Quezon Avenue for the new bus network plan, a simulation of MRT-3 operations was done.

During the activity, the inspection team witnessed the swift sanitation process, which will be done regularly in just around 5 minutes between the arrival and departure times of trains at every half-loop. This process of cleaning and disinfection was a proposal of Secretary Tugade that eyes to surpass Japan’s famous 7-minute process of cleaning their high-speed Shinkansen trains.

Other safety measures train passengers can expect on the MRT line are the conduct of social distancing at the train entry/exit points, queues, and seats; provision of foot baths; and body temperature checks.

At the end of the activities, DOTr officials, together with MMDA GM Jojo Garcia and Asec. Celine Pialago, held a virtual press conference led by Secretary Tugade at the LTFRB office in Quezon City.

During the virtual press conference, Secretary Tugade announced that on his order, the operating speed of MRT-3 trains has been increased from 30 to 40 kilometers per hour (kph) in some areas— targetting to achieve 60kph by December.

In addition, the number of MRT-3 trains has also been increased from 15 to 19, to further help accommodate the needs of the riding public, especially since the trains will be operating at a reduced capacity to observe physical distancing measures as part of measures to contain the spread of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19).  
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