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Bating Filipino Law introduces a new way of greeting

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“Authored by Marikina City Rep. Bayani F. Fernando, HB 7333 or the proposed Bating Filipino Law introduces a new way of greeting by “the simple act of gracefully laying the palm of the right hand over the center of the chest with simultaneous slight head nod, closed eyes or looking down, and a happy Filipino smile.”

I really thought Bayani Fernando was already dead (like I thought he has been dead for a long time now)... but still ano ba naman ineexpect from a guy who made Marikina (during his time) look like natapunan ng pepto bismal... plus lets never forget the elevated U-turn in C5, mas nag cause ng traffic kesa naka tulong. Remember when he painted EDSA pink when it is not even an accepted International Safety Standards. Worst, the more it is not visible when it got dirty.

Would you welcome a legislation that promotes a sense of nationhood? If we can legislate a national tree, fish, etc. Why not a national greeting?

But do we still really need a law for this? So pag hindi ganoon ang gesture kulong or fine agad?

It's superficial and inorganic. It's like legislating robotic respect, respect should be earned, and gestures should evolve naturally.

I'm sure every one is aware that shaking hands is already cancelledt. One of the most convenient ways for virus to proliferate is via transmission thru dirty hands and that link in the chain of infection must be broken.

If this is really in need...does it follow that there is a sanction? what do you think? and does it follow that it will need funds for its IRR?

If it indeed becomes a law, then it becomes mandatory? And in case of non-compliance then there would be penalty?

Next they'll create one for proper goodbye as well? And then one for 'thank you', for 'please,' and so forth?. I'd say a law that would prohibit farting in public spaces would be more useful! Lol!

Why not create a law about Filipinos daily routine? Pati pagtulog dapat alinsunod sa batas.. ganern!

Sooner or later they will come up with a law about how to wipe your butt.

The big question we keep asking nowadays, "Is it timely during this pandemic?"

And to think they have a lot more urgent things to do like allocating funds for mass covid19 vaccines and providing stimulus funds for collapsing industries!

Tingin ko mas bagay ito para lang may standard na susundin ang mga nagtatrabaho sa tourism industry. We should be allowed to have our own unique ways of greeting.

Something similar was proposed back in 1990, where children bows down with their hands in prayer pose to the chest to their teachers.

It didn't gain traction. I didn't want to do it either.

I believe culture should not be legislated... but legislation can be made to observe an already existing culture.

That we do not have such a "gesture of respect" (except when rendered to someone older than us, or to a godparent; i.e. "mano po") speaks volumes.

We do have a greeting which makes more sense than this BS. A reverse nod was a popular greeting among peers in youth/street culture during the 80s and 90s. I actually like that greeting, I feel like it sets us Gen Xers apart from millennials and boomers. It signifies respect among equals, but never deference.

You know what foreigners like with Filipinos? We greet them with a smile. Thats the only greeting they need to know that they are welcome in our country.

When I was in grade school we greet our teachers and guests by putting hour right hand on our chest and saying “good morning, mabuhay!”. And we lived that culture.

So when i went to Japan, bowing when greeting or appreciating a person is not as difficult.

Sometimes it is nice to have an identity like that. Apart from Filipinos being known for hospitality.

Something like this. To remind everyone of the 3-6 months promise.

Here's the only greeting our government knows.

There are a lot of laws that needs amendment and out dated laws that needs repeal. Why do these people keep on making laws that does not even have any significance?

Information dissemination is and will be enough. Please use your time in more productive and beneficial to the pressing needs of your constituents, citizens and the country as a whole.

If the GMRC and proper etiquette is reinforced in education, infomercials and other information campaigns will not be needed them anymore. Kaso it's the othet way around.

We're spending hundreds of thousands-- if not millions-- for a law-making process that doesn't need to be done in the first place. Yes, that's where our taxes go.

When we need to revise it a decade or so from now, we will need another law to amend it. Gastos uli!

Such a waste of time, effort and budget on hearing sessions until such time it will be passed as a law ... I hope they will come up with something relevant on how to deal with the existing struggles we are facing right now ... may virus pa den po ... divert the budget on Pandemic related please!

Sense of nationhood? Really? How about the government help curb the spread of this virus by supporting our frontliners? Or give reprieved to those fellow citizens retrenched from their jobs? How about we start with that?

Maybe we should author a law to protect  the country from senseless lawmakers.

Tipong pag naka 3 senseless law or bill ka, strike out ka na sa pwesto mo. Sinasayang ng mga tao buwis ng bayan. Yan na ba best na kaya nila pagkaabalahan?

Can we have a law that everytime a law is submitted it should be voted by taxpayers first?

We don't need political shenanigans wasting taxpayers' money on theatrics. We already have too many laws that are hardly enforceable.

In the Philippines, it seems that the prevailing conventional wisdom is that if it isn't in the constitution, there's no validity, doesn't matter how practical or wise it actually is.

I think what we need is a law that will not allow any Filipino citizens with pending cases and those already guilty to run in any public office.

If an ordinary Filipino convict were stripped of their right to vote,  why are we allowing convicted officials to still run and elected for office?

How about a law that will prohibit anyone from holding any office if they have a low IQ?

Mas bilib sana ako kung gawing batas ung death penalty sa mga corrupt government officials.

Philippines need the death sentence for corrupt officials and public servants. Philippino citizens had been deprived of good life and quality living by poor governance and rampant corruption since the 1980’s.

Seriously, the whole world is laughing at us with all this non-sense law on barriers, IATF rulings and this motorcycle stuff!

Can the government like make laws solving how we could pay off the current debt we have right now.

9 Trillion is an amount my future grand children would be paying even after most of the deaths of some millennials.

Can we like cut the budget from these unnecessary allowances like Travel Allowances for politicians who can actually travel using their untapped salary? I mean all normal Filipino have been doing the same at least they can cut us some slack as their good gesture to the taxpayers.

I know there are a lot of brilliant minds out there so I guess it would be a good time to use your mathemathical and problem solving skills to work.

If we're gonna have a law to greet/salute better make it cool. Sabay sigaw SHINZOU WO SASAGEYO!

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