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Adult Chats- Becoming the Boon and Reaching Every Corner

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When a child grown and enter into the teenage, he or she gets a desire to make love and find the soul partner to share feelings and thoughts.

There are few states and countries, which have given access to many sites that avail you adult chat and let you find a person with whom you want to spend time and

These sites work with a view that people all around connect and according to the need and desire, they can find their loved ones and then continue to chat and send videos to make a deep connection.

These sites have become the most used and are on the boon for people. They have become new excitement for people to join and meet their loved ones.

The things and search become exciting
when you start searching and chat with people whom you like.

The main idea behind these sites is to keep things simple for people who struggle to find the soul mates and it just asks you to download.

A program an application in your computer or phone, which will allow you to get access to connect people who are engaged in this network of messaging.

If you try to search for people directly you will not find them but using these websites you can search online, the people who at part of these sites, and who can have a webchat with you using the webcam.

People who willingly go for an adult chat can easily fulfill their desire through the web chats and the best part is that the cameras, which these web people use, are of good quality to give real feelings.

The members of these sites work the whole day to look for people who are searching for the services of webcam chats.

Be it a man or a woman, anyone can be a part of these web members, and people can enjoy sex chats via webcams and can also enjoy naughty dating.

This is the most affordable method to search for the people and utilize the weekends and life for the right person.

It has been noticed that people using these sites have helped themselves by getting involved with people and make a social network to fulfill the desire.

Some people due to stress and loneliness opt for suicide or go through many problems like depression and get into drug addiction.

So these sites help people get busy and enjoy the need of a person by having pleasure and dating.

People can also opt for weekend dating or dating for vacations according to their availability, which helps them to meet someone with whom they can spend time and share thoughts and enjoy life.

But there is one thing which you should be aware of is that these sex messengers are not available all the time, hence you
should take advantage whenever there is a beta test and you will feel good.

Looking Back Before the Year of COVID

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I started blogging 2013, got my first award or recognition in 2014, then the following years were very fruitful - got invited to guest on many radio and TV shows, got featured on newspapers and magazines, had my own radio/online show, got invited outside of the country for blog opportunities, and now a part of a mainstream media.

But this covid-19 pandemic, just like everything else, put almost every other opportunities at a halt. When everyone claimed 2020 as their year, it never occured to us we will be struck by a powerful foe that will forever be the most stressful period of our lives.

Now bored at home, with limited resources compared to our previous routines, we are bewildered on what to do.

Surf the internet, binge on Netflix movies and TV series, play video games, splurge on food delivery, or any other tempting tasks that actually waste our time. Entertained and never a dull moment, yet being unproductive.

So some of us tried cooking up culinary treats, others experimented on their green thumbs and did some urban gardening, others found joy in painting sceneries and nature, and plenty of us adopted pets at our homes.

Whatever we experienced during this quarantine, or lockdown, period will surely never leave our memories since we've shared it for months already.

Lucky are the ones who spent this predicame t more comfortably because of affluent status in life, but many would detest this months of being seemingly tied up and restricted.

Until now we are not sure when we will be back to normal, or are we transcending to what they are calling the "new normal"?

For sure, nothing will be the same as it was before. Many cannot easily erase the thoughts of this troubled time when we couldn't see our enemy, made worst by a clueless government.

Three years after Marawi siege, children face new battle against COVID-19

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Bailiya was only nine years old when her hometown was destroyed by the five-month gun battle between the government forces and ISIS-inspired Maute groups which started on May 23, 2017. The Marawi siege has flattened homes, schools, infrastructures, and displaced 200,000 children and their families.
“Our lives back then were difficult,” said Bailiya, 12, one of the beneficiaries of Save the Children Philippines’ education program and an internally displaced learner at Angoyao Elementary School. “However, it is twice difficult this time because our house was destroyed and we have no school to go back to.” Bailiya’s family, along with her seven siblings, live in a transitory shelter in barangay Boganga in Marawi.

To make matters worse for Bailiya and to children like her, there are already nine confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Marawi City and Lanao del Sur, as of May 17, 2020, with four deaths and 40 cases of patient under investigation (PUI) based on the regional health office in BARMM.

Atty. Alberto Muyot, Chief Executive Officer of Save the Children Philippines said the impact of conflict to children has lasting implications and goes beyond even if it has end.

He said children and their families in Marawi are more at risk to diseases including COVID-19 as clean water, toilets and hygiene facilities remain a problem in the transitory shelters.

“Children bear the brunt of armed conflict as they suffer from severe malnutrition, diseases including COVID-19 as healthcare and food supplies are disrupted,” said Muyot. Children’s right to education must be fulfilled even in times of emergencies, he added.

In this regard, Save the Children Philippines continues to help children and their families to rebuild lives in Marawi amid uncertainties and risks of the COVID-19 pandemic.

For the past three years, Save the Children Philippines has been providing emergency and recovery assistance to children and their families affected by the Marawi siege, reaching 48,475 children and 9,492 adults. These include learning materials, psychosocial first aid and temporary learning spaces to ensure children will continue learning during the crisis.

Recently, Save the Children has distributed handwashing facilities in checkpoints and quarantine facilities in Marawi City. The team also distributed hygiene kits to children and their families and food packs to medical frontliners and provided assistance to families to access water supply, hygiene promotion and access to safe drinking water. The team supported the rehabilitation of latrines and construction of toilets in the areas where temporary learning spaces were installed.

Edwin Horca, Head of Save the Children Philippines-Bangsamoro Autonomous Region for Muslim Mindanao (BARMM) offices said “education is a life-saving response as it provides children a safe space to learn, provides normality, routine and ensures their protection.”

As such, Save the Children Philippines provided temporary learning spaces, back to school kits, and hygiene kits to motivate children to go back to school.

“Learning spaces also provide protection to children from threats of sexual violence, harmful work and recruitment into armed groups,” said Horca.

The humanitarian support also includes training of teachers on child protection and the minimum standards on education in emergencies, as well as art workshops themed on peace for children and youth.

Children’s access to education, water, sanitation and hygiene and child protection were supported by the Department of Foreign and Trade of the Government of Australia, Radiojhalpen/ Swedish Music Aid, and European Union Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid Operations.

Save the Children Philippines will continue to provide emergency assistance for the reconstruction and recovery of Marawi with new partnerships with the Asian Development Bank and the private sector. These efforts will be aligned with the national government’s recovery and rehabilitation plan under Task Force ‘Bangon Marawi.’

Horca said the new programs will complement the recovery and rehabilitation programs of the national government and SCP-BARMM to ensure access to income and livelihood of conflict- affected families, and those in host communities.

“We are harnessing resources, local and foreign, to ensure that the affected people of Marawi are never forgotten,” said Horca.

Save the Children Philippines is one with the people in the commemoration of the survivors and heroes of the Marawi Siege and encourages everyone to help and support its programs for the continued protection and the rebuilding of lives of those affected, most especially the children.

Different Kind of Health and Dating Lifestyle after Covid 19

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If you've been lockdown for more than 2mos and counting during this Covid19 pandemic. The best way to do is to educate and have fun by yourself while you stay safe lock at home.

Lately, I've been singing duet online with several Karaoke Pop divas  from the US via smule mobile application.

And its really cool, I found it very entertaining. Imagine its better than you're KTV, you have recording that you can edit and customize in just a minute. Then you have instant recording you can upload it in your social media.

Just much more advance than your regular KTV bar or regular dating site. Because you can do tutorials even practice before or after recordings. Just like a celebrity taping - ready, set action - cut!

Much more exciting things to do suited for an adventurous Bachelor guy like me. According to medical experts they say that this pandemic will stay for a year or two.

I don't know, but for sure - this will change our lifestyle the way we see things. As far as travelling and dating lifestyle is concern. With the technology nowadays. You can do background check before meeting someone online.

Wether its educational, financial, criminal  or medical records. You can always ask the other person, do it yourself or hire a 3rd party provider to do that background check.

Because of what happened this year, people are really curious about social distancing and Physical health. You can even ask your mate to do STD checks before dating or meet up when this pandemic is over.

So both of you are not wasting time, before meeting up or do travel together. Making sure that your health is being monitored and tested by a medical professionals. If you're US based you can get $15 off on men and women health test here.

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Lacson Accusses DOH of Overpricing

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Senator Panfilo Lacson has revealed several instances of overpricing with regards to the items and equipment used by the Department of Health's purchases of COVID-19 Pandemic testing.

One word: Commissions, the bigger the expense, the bigger the commission. During the time of Marcos they used to call it " Blessing". During other presidents term they called it " For the Boys". Today they call it " Pastillas" ay leche nadulas...

I think the good senator should clarify this matter. Is this the same brand?

Because if it is, then I think its overpricing.
If its not, then the specs, track record, and reliability should be taken into consideration.

Really needs to be investigated to get to the bottom of things. But this also happens in private institutions, even without any foul play. Sometimes it's all a matter of timing, specifications, source and supply & demand dynamics. Prices can vary widely based on these factors. These aren't commodities and are not subject to standardized pricing. One has to delve into these details and not just toss it in the public arena with scarce details and lots of opportunity to spin any which way to influence the wary and poorly informed public.

Example: for RT PCR, European brands are much more expensive than its asian counterparts.

Also I think, overpricing means jacking up the original price by a large percentage and hindi yung maspinili mo yung mahal compared sa mura. There are parameters to adhere to, so Senator Ping should clarify this.

For the PPE, reliability and track record again comes into place. If may budget to buy better and more reliable equipment then buy the better one than the cheap one.

A tabular presentation would explain better if there are discrepancies in the purchasing process. We will see the specs and most especially the brand. For it to be clear.

With regards to the swab, there are differences in what we call "experience" after the procedure. For example, in phlebotomy, I prefer using Terumo(TM) than any other brand. It is known that terumo syringes are more expensive than other brands, but it may provide a more comfortable experience to the client. But then again, without the specs, we cannot say for sure.

The product that DOH/RITM bought is thermo fisher. Please search the reliability and track record of the brand. You will know bakit mahal siya. Even ang common centrifuge ng thermo fisher is expensive. Do side by side comparison ng specs.

They should have compared what brand are bought and which is more reliable. I myself is involved in medical devices trading and know the huge disparity between chinese vs US / European brands. Even do us biomedical techs / engineers prefer the US made.

I'm not a lawyer but i understand that in government procurement bidding is paramount...but, as i understand it too (and ready to be corrected), the new Bayanihan law gives the executive some leeway in procurement...this is going to be Duque, he should resign immediately and not give PRRD a black mark...

Indeed, there are certain issues that needs to be addressed. However, in relation to the visual presentation of senator lacson which is quite lacking in details, it might provide the wrong impression and cause unnecessary public outroar. Like everyone else, I am an advocate of fact based criticism than half-baked hate.

I think the point here is that, if the private sector who uses their own money chooses to buy the other brand which is cheaper (but definitely of high quality) then how come the Gov't whose funds are bleeding dry opt to buy an expensive one? and btw to allay fears of corruption why don't they itemized their purchases and show the summary of expenses for the people to see just like what the OVP is doing.

Ang mas importante po sana CURE.

Sana po kayo mag push din ng multiple INDEPENDENT testing of FABUNAN anti-viral - without government control.

Then do an inquiry if it is true that this option has been ignored since before the DENGVAXIA debacle that might have been averted by a "sariling-atin" Filipino product (reportedly with a U.S. patent).
Imbis na itest ay ipinasara daw sila - suspicious!

Let us not speculate anything before it was investigated and proven that those who procured these items had done it for the sake of corruption. We might me letting the devil sneak into our lives thereby making our lives vulnerable to his attacks. The truth will be shed to light. And even if they have erroneous actions, we are not suppose to throw any unpleasant words to them. Our duty is to pray for them and let the ax of God be on them if He wills it. But remember that anything that came out from our mouth is our responsibility before Him.

You know Senator Lacson? With all of your queries above that even we, a normal citizen of this government cannot even understand why. If you can't answer those many whys, how can we? We are just here listening and watching all of you lawmakers from the media. We do not know what to believe anymore. But with those accusations of yours, you need to prove and provide us the real and transparent reasons why. Politicking in times of pandemic is brutal as well as not giving a genuine service to the Filipino people. May you be guided accordingly Senator Lacson!

I agree that this is not the right time.

But if this is really true and government funds are being bled dry, then as a senator, we give you free reign to check as we have also the right to know why.

I understand their are also factors like quality, serviceability and others that need to be considered...

People might say that this is a blame game. But for me this is accountability. Whatever actions they do it is their responsibility and responsibility breeds accountability. So DOH please be accountable on all of these. This pandemic does not give you the license to take advantage of the situation to overpriced.

Tiis Pilipit – Mangyan Tribesmen, Tamaraw, Threatened by Hunger and Disease

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The old chief exhaled and the hut was enveloped in blue smoke. “I remember,” whispered Fausto Novelozo, chief of the Taw’buid tribe. “That a sickness drove us from the mountains. Measles we got from siganon or lowland visitors. Half our village of 200 died.”

We’re in the village of Tamisan Dos, one of two newly-established Mangyan communities at the foothills of the Iglit-Baco Natural Park in the province of Mindoro Occidental. Measles drove Fausto’s people closer to town, where they can have better access to western medicine.

Most people don’t consider disease a major threat to biodiversity. But diseases ranging from Coronavirus to African Swine Fever and Ebola have spread worldwide, taking thousands of lives and causing billions in economic damage.

For the reclusive Taw’buid, death and disease are part of life, hindering them from protecting an animal they revere – the critically-endangered tamaraw (Bubalus mindorensis), only 600 of which remain today.

Living deep in forests, tribal communities are plagued not just by blood-sucking leeches, malarial mosquitoes and venomous snakes – but a lack of clean water, poor sanitation, poor nutrition and inadequate medical knowledge. With hospitals often several days’ journey away, many ailing tribesfolk die on their way to treatment.

Malaria, tuberculosis, measles and other diseases have always taken a steady toll on Mindoro’s Mangyan population, estimated at 200,000. About 60% of Mangyan children are malnourished and almost all go hungry during the rainy season which lasts from June to October. With torrential rains turning Mindoro’s streams into raging rivers, many cannot visit their upland ricefields and must hunt or gather whatever food they can.

“We call this period tiis-pilipit (to twist in hunger) and we must make do,” says Taw’buid gatherer Robar, tiredly raising the day’s catch. “We are lucky. We caught some rats and frogs today.”

With limited healthcare access, tribesfolk have traditionally relied on medicinal plants to deal with cough, colds, fever, skin diseases, intestinal parasites, diarrhea and other common ailments. The Taw’buid for instance use bungarngar to treat stomachaches, pito-pito to relieve pain and salimbayong for healing open wounds. A 1984 study by Garan and Quintana identified 128 medicinal plant species used by various Mangyan tribes.

“Isolated communities are especially vulnerable to diseases from the outside world because immune responses have yet to be developed,” says medical anthropologist Gideon Lasco. “Limited access to healthcare and fear of hospitals also keeps them from seeking treatment.”

People From Above

Taw’buid means ‘people from above’ and is among two names the tribe calls itself – the other being Batangan or ‘felled forest.’ Close to 20,000 inhabit Mindoro’s central highlands, making them the largest of the eight tribes collectively called Mangyans by lowlanders – the others being the Alangan, Bangon, Buhid, Hanunuo, Iraya, Ratagnon and Tadyawan.

Many still sport loincloths called amakan, hunt game with spears called tulag, bows called gadun and spike traps called silo. Unlike other Mangyan who chew betel-nut, nearly all Taw'buid men smoke a combination of papaya and tobacco – children included.

Once occupying Mindoro’s lowlands, they were pushed into the mountains by both Spanish colonizers and Filipino immigrants. Their home forests too have retreated – with thousands of hectares converted into grazing land or rice paddies. As a people, the Taw’buid are peaceful, secretive and deeply animistic – careful not to rouse the anger of their gods including Alulaba, lord of rivers and waterways, or Mangyan Muyod, lord of the mountains.

Contact with the Taw’buid has been established through missionary groups and the Tamaraw Conservation Programme (TCP), which employs tribesmen as trackers and rangers.

For the Taw’buid, serving as a ranger is an honor and a stepping-stone to become a fufu-ama or tribal elder – making them natural allies to conserve the world’s most endangered buffalo. Fufu-amas Henry Timuyog, Fuldo Gonzales, Oskar Bongray and Pedro Salonga are some of the many Taw’buid who have served as TCP rangers. “We welcome them for their bushcraft and field skills,” shares TCP head Neil Anthony Del Mundo as we trudge closer to the grassy peaks inhabited by herds of tamaraw.

Disease Outbreaks

A century ago, disease nearly wiped out the tamaraw – it’s also disease which threatens its protectors.

The island of Mindoro has a long history of disease. The island was largely bereft of human settlement in the 1800s because of malaria but was home to an estimated 10,000 tamaraw, a small dwarf buffalo with distinctive V-shaped horns that roamed its dense forests and wide rolling fields. But a century later, the island became a prime pastureland and the forests and open fields turned into a hunting ground for poachers armed with high-caliber weapons like M14 and M16 rifles.

By 1969, the outbreak of rinderpest and avid sport hunting drove the tamaraw population below 100, prompting the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) to declare the species as critically endangered.

Decades of conservation led by the Tamaraw Conservation Programme (TCP), Biodiversity Management Bureau, Mounts Iglit-Baco Natural Park (MIBNP) and a host of allies including the Biodiversity Finance Initiative (BIOFIN) of the United Nations Development Programme and Department of Environment and Natural Resources, Mindoro Biodiversity Conservation Foundation Incorporated, D’Aboville Foundation, Global Wildlife Conservation, World Wide Fund for Nature, Far Eastern University, Eco Explorations and the Taw’buid people led by chief Fausto Novelozo, prevented the bovine’s extinction, helping tamaraw numbers recover to around 600.

Today the animals are confined to four isolated areas in Mindoro, all vulnerable to disease. “Bovine tuberculosis, hemosep and anthrax can enter Mindoro if we’re not careful,” explains Dr. Mikko Angelo Reyes, a Mindoro-based veterinarian. “The key is biosecurity, the prevention of disease through quarantine, inoculation and immunization. We should ensure that at the very least, animals entering the island are checked for sickness. We should also establish and respect buffer zones around protected areas, which are often rung by farms and livestock.”

Like the siganon visitors to chief Fausto’s village, imported cattle can spread diseases which tamaraw have not developed immunities to. The Mounts Iglit-Baco Natural Park (MIBNP) spans 106,655 hectares. It is currently surrounded by 3000 cattle belonging to 30 ranchers.

Preventing Outbreaks

Together, TCP and MIBNP rangers work to ward off poachers, dismantle spring-loaded balatik and deadly silo snare traps while keeping disease outbreaks to a minimum – preventing cattle from intruding into the park and giving the park’s indigenous people medicine and employment so they can buy supplies.

To gather much-needed resources for this, BIOFIN is helping raise funds via donations. “A little help goes a long way. We ask fellow Pinoys to donate just a bit to save the Taw’buid, tamaraw and the rangers keeping everything working,” says BIOFIN Philippines project manager Anabelle Plantilla.

The nationwide lockdowns spurred by COVID-19 is also taking a toll on communities and institutions dependent on ecotourism revenues. UNDP is preparing crowdfunding campaigns in the Philippines and other nations to keep these communities afloat – especially as government funds are being redirected to fight the growing pandemic.

Since its inception in 2012, BIOFIN has worked with both the public and private sectors to enhance protection for the country’s biodiversity hotspots by helping secure funds to implement sound biodiversity programs. BIOFIN’s second phase in the Philippines runs from 2018 to 2022 and includes the implementation of finance solutions to raise resources for the tamaraw and other endangered species through creative crowdfunding from corporations, government units, schools and individuals.

* * *

Back in the Iglit-Baco Park, a weathered man in a loincloth emerged from a field of upland corn. “Help us. We need medicine,” coughed Ben Mitra, a Taw’buid fufu-ama. Our column, already returning to the lowlands, stops to dig out whatever medicine we have left.

“Fadi-fadi,” he says in Taw’buid, accepting our goods. Thank you. As we trek back down, I pray they’ll be spared from disease and the fate of chief Fausto’s now-abandoned forest village. Like many of the country’s protected areas, the Iglit-Baco Natural Park exists in a fragile balance. One outbreak is all it takes – but we can all pitch in to prevent it. Contact to know more.

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How to Order Pizza Safely During the Pandemic

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The COVID-19 pandemic has increased America’s need for comfort food. Everyone has their own favorite meal, depending on culture and nostalgia.

Pizza almost always makes the list of comfort foods, because there is something about the simplicity and complexity of a slice of pizza. It’s just bread, tomato
sauce and cheese, but the combination of those three elements can transport you to your childhood when life was easier.

Fortunately, with contactless food delivery, you can get your pizza fix during the
pandemic and feel safe while you’re doing it.

What Pizza Promotions Papa John's Is Having During the Pandemic Papa John’s is committed to keeping its stores open during the pandemic. You can get pizza promotions by email or through the app, simply by entering your location to get deals for delivery or carry-out.

By taking advantage of special offers, you can feed your family at an affordable price and give yourself a night off from dishes and clean-up. You’ll find specials on your favorite pizzas and menu items to enjoy
pizza in the comfort and safety of your own home.

Why Contactless Food Delivery Is a Better OptionThe CDC has made numerous recommendations for the restaurant industry to protect consumers during
the COVID-19 pandemic. Limiting contact between people is key to preventing the spread of the virus.

Whether you’re ordering a BBQ Chicken Bacon Papadia or a pepperoni pizza with a gluten-free crust, Papa John’s wants to keep your family safe. Contactless food delivery is the default when you order delivery.

If you pre-pay and add a tip for the driver through your online or app order, your driver will leave your order on your doorstep for you to pick up when you come to the door. You never have to
make contact or come within six feet of another person.

Order Pizza and Make It a Family Night
Many families are feeling the monotony of sheltering-in-place. If you’re staying home to keep your family protected, you can still change up the routine to feel like you’re doing something different.

Have a picnic in your backyard. Get out your favorite blanket and throw it on the ground for an al fresco impromptu meal.

Turn on your favorite music streaming channel or try a new style.Need more than a new location? Order something different than the normal. Let your kids choose the
menu but be sure to double-check it before you pay.

Instead of the regular Super Hawaiian pizza, go for a handcrafted Garden Fresh pizza with lots of fresh veggies and a different flavor. You could really switch
it up by ordering wings and breadsticks and skipping the pizza.

If you’re missing pizza night with your buddies, send your BFF a special order and have dinner by video-chat. No, it’s not quite the same as being at the same table, but under the current state of things, it’s an
option to connect with another person.

If you know of a family that’s struggling without a job, they’d probably appreciate a night off from cooking when a pizza delivery shows up at their home. We’re in this together, so order pizza and enjoy a meal.

PHLPost: Post Offices to remain open, announces new schedule

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The Philippine Postal Corporation (PHLPost) announces that it will remain open to deliver and accept mails and packages nationwide.

PHLPost has assured that postal services will remain operational inspite of the Modified Enhance Community Quarantine (MECQ) in NCR and the General Community Quarantine (GCQ) which are being implemented in select provinces in the country.

PHLPost has been allowed to continue with its services at a capacity necessary to maintain the prompt delivery of services to its clients through its #PusongPHLPost.

Post Offices will be open three (3) times a week (Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday) from 10:00 in the morning up to 3:00 in the afternoon for cities and provinces under MECQ while maintaining skeletal operations.

Acceptance of mails and parcels intended to other countries are suspended temporarily due to local and international flights cancellation. However, domestic mail dispatches shall continue to be transported by land and sea routes until further notice.

Meanwhile, those provinces under GCQ will operate in full capacity from Monday to Friday from 8:00 in the morning until 5:00 in the afternoon.

Processing and acceptance of Regular and Rush Postal ID will start on June 01 to comply with the government’s strict guidelines in the implementation of health and safety protocols.

PHLPost shall prioritize the delivery of express mails, medicines, items containing goods/perishable items, items from SSS, GSIS, and other public and private institutions containing pensions, checks/loans and leftover mails (vital communications/checks) during the community lockdown.

The postal agency apologizes for the delay and hopes for the public’s understanding and support in finding ways and means to better serve its customers.

Area post offices are also coordinating with barangay officials for mail delivery, cargo/shipping lines for transport of mails in accordance with local community quarantine protocols as well as the use of its facebook page for coordination and information to its clients via

Balakayodyan: Sagot Ng Gobyerno sa Daing ng Pilipino

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Needless to say, that without any available vaccine at this time, the next best option to really curb the infection rate is mass testing and effective contact tracing. But looks like the government has other things in mind?

Kawawa tayo, ang sagot lagi ng gobyerno sa madaming tanong - balakayodyan!

Huwag daw iasa sa gobyerno ang mass testing at pag-provide ng mga safety and health measures against Covid-19. Bahala na daw ang private companies and businesses sa kanilang mga empleyado.

Kaya isa lang sagot diyan... work at home nal muna mga empleyado... dahil dagdag lang sa pagkalugi ang gastos na kailangan.

The COVID-19 pandemic is not only a global health crisis, it is also an economic crisis - affecting millions of businesses worldwide!

Mass testing or "expanded targeted testing" is the answer while waiting for the vaccine which will be out by 2021! Segregate the positive, let the negative people restart the economy!

With Roque's 'expanded targeted testing' term causing anger and confusion online, does it actually differ from 'mass testing?'

What difference does it make when the government cannot really do any of them?

Just like his fellow lawyer Panelo, Roque is guilty of playing with  semantics.  The problem is, neither of them were any good at it.

"Mass testing, isolation, and contact tracing – this is where we should invest," says Professor Jomar Rabajante of the UP COVID-19 Pandemic Response Team.

And yet the national government hasn't implemented mass testing and contact tracing almost two months after the lockdown began. How will we know ECQ and GCQ are actually working and when it's more safe to gradually reopen the economy? The fact is that without mass testing and contact tracing, the cases of infection and illness are underreported and we all remain at greater risk.

It will take time for vaccines and potential cures to be fully tested for safety and efficacy, so until they're ready we need to implement mass testing and contact tracing just like what other countries have done in flattening the curve. This will help government decide how to restart the economy without risking an explosive rise in coronavirus infections.

Lahat kabaliktaran gingawa ng gobyerno. Mapapanood mo sa TV yung mga tao na pumipila para makakuha ng SAP. Napakabulok at incompetent ang gobyerno na ito.

DOH, sino po ang dapat managot? Yung mga pasaway na lumabag sa ECQ? Di po ba pinahihirapan nyo ang taong bayan sa kapabayaan nyo.? Madaming nawalan ng trabaho, nagtiyagang wag lumabas kahit napakainit sa loob ng bahay, madaming negosyo rin ang nagsara at saka yun mga taong pilit sinusunod ng patakaran ng IATF kahit labag sa kalooban nila... . Kelan pa nyo maaabot ang target testing nyo?  Sino ang may sala? Ano ang problema? Sana po kundi nyo kaya, umalis kayo at ibigay sa karapatdapat... Hangang kelan kami magtitiis?

The only cover up about Covid-19 is how China sought to keep it under wraps. Had the world know and undertaken measures, then only China would have been devastated and their economy will be the only one to shrink.

As it is China sought to level the field.
The whole world would suffer with China.

Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Duque Declares 2nd Wave of Covid-19 Pandemic in PH

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Ayon kay Health Secretary Francisco Duque III, kasalukuyan nang nangyayari sa Pilipinas ang "second wave" ng COVID-19 transmission.

Second wave??? We aren't even done with the first wave yet!

Hala...di pa nga nag flatten ang curve, nag plateau lang.

The first wave wasn’t even cleared? Was there a covid free period that the Filipinos weren’t aware of?

Is there a scientific basis for this statement?

Dahil hindi maflatten ang curve, inadvance na nila ang second wave. Charot!

To say there's a second wave of infection means that there are new infections coming in after we have dealt and flatten the first one!

To be a "yes man" is an excellent qualification to the poon. That is what "Duque on Heels" or DOH sounds like, probably following orders from Malacanang to justify their need for a second tranche of budget of which the first sum have remained an enigma regarding how the funds and donations were spent.

This person in-charge doesn’t know what he’s talking about. We’re doomed!!! He should have been fired a long time ago!

May point si Sen. Pangilinan, paano masasabing tumaas or hindi kung may backlog na 7k plus na inaantay pa din test results. Feel ko gigil nya, very challenging na mga tanong nya and may point naman. Paano nasabing flattening ang curve kung malaki backlog na waiting for test results.

Kaiyak tong Covid na ito!

Scary thought:

“Duque said a third wave of COVID-19 transmission would be the worst case scenario for Metro Manila if it will be placed under general community quarantine without enough testing.”

Trilogy pala ‘to!

Top 5 Mobile AppsTo Simplify the Mortgage for Loan Officers

Wazzup Pilipinas!

As a Loan Officer, you often have your work cut out for you. From evaluating and recommending approval of credit loans to advising borrowers on their financial status and the different loan payment methods available to them.

Thankfully with the rise of more e-Commerce platforms, there are Mobile applications that can help make the mortgage process more straightforward for the loan officer and borrower. These mobile apps also make communication and engagement with borrowers much more accessible and automatically documented.

In this article, I have listed out the top 5 mobile apps that can help simplify the mortgage process for loan officers on the go:
  1. Floify
This app is designed for loan originators and mortgage loan officers in mind. Floify is one of the top mobile apps in the industry because of its streamlined and secure process in communication and secure web-based document portal for all mortgage stakeholders. The portal also allows your customers to complete their loan application and sign their consent or agreement electronically. They can also track their application status and receive regular updates in their mail.
Loan officers can use Floify to collect and verify any borrower documentation, including translated documents from top writing service review websites such as Best Writers Online. Stakeholders in each transaction can also track loan progress, communicate with ease so they can close more loans faster. Floify also can be used to keep everyone in the office in the loop, so there is transparency and a smoother turning over of tasks within the organization.
Floify comes with third-party integration such as Slack, Dropbox, Google Drive, DocMagic, DocuSign, Hippo Insurance, Alliance2020, etc. Though there isn't much room for you to customize the app, it has most of the features you would need, so that isn't such a big problem.
        Business Plan: $59 per month
        Team Plan: $225 per month
        Enterprise Plan: Contact the vendor

Available on both Android and iOS

  1. Loanzify
Loanzify is an excellent mortgage app that deals only with home mortgages. This app allows you to customize it to suit your mortgage needs, and provides other features to explore loan options, calculate your future mortgage as it takes you through the whole mortgage process. 
This app is particularly great for calculating monthly mortgage payments accurately. Loanzify walks you through the entire number process using different mortgage calculators, gives you mortgage content that is both educational and interactive, and also gives you instant access to your loan officer. Other features on Loanzify include; Private Mortgage Insurance, HomeOwners Association taxes, Hazard Insurance, and Property Tax components.  
You can also get professional advice and updates from your loan officer via direct messages and quick notifications. There is an interactive Checklist that helps stay on track with the loan, keeps you informed on Mortgage News and trends. You can also scan and upload your loan documents securely to your loan officer.
Loanzify comes with a seven days free trial period.
        Basic: $19.99 per month
        Deluxe: $29.99 per month (Billed Annually or $39.95 monthly)
        Enterprise: $29.99 per month (Inquire for Pricing)
Available on both Android and iOS
  1. My Mortgage: Mobile
 Academy Mortgage designed this mobile app as a tool to simplify the home buying and lending process. Whether you are a potential home buyer, a loan officer or a current homeowner hoping to speed up the process for your clients, this app comes with a ton of features that will make
 your mortgage processing is secure.
This app comes with a loan comparison feature that uses multiple lending scenarios and loan programs to help determine which product is the best for you. It also calculates the possible savings (or cost) of refinancing your mortgage and determines if homeownership is an affordable option for you based on your current income and monthly expenses.
My Mortgage: Mobile gives you the option to scan all your mortgage documents to your mobile device and upload them with ease for a quick loan approval process. You can access your contact information of your Loan Officer and real estate agent and share this information with your family and friends with ease. You can also ask your loan Officer any questions concerning your loan and the approval process.
Pricing: free
Available on iOS
  1.  Key Mortgage Loan Tracker
Key Mortgage Loan Tracker app is designed by Key Mortgage, and it offers mortgage customers an easy way of interfacing with their realtor and loan officer. The app can provide loan information and status, send notification reminders for important dates, set up a chat, provide all the essential details of the loan process. It has a Mobile Capture Technology that enables you to securely upload documents, view, and download them with ease.
Using the app, loan officers and realtors will stay connected to their clients, starting from the initial loan application through closing. The app will also be able to provide immediate loan process updates through their mobile device. Every important detail of the transaction will be available on the go to all parties involved.
Another great benefit of the app is that it alerts the entire team when the closing disclosure is made to the homebuyer. The app also alerts you when you reach crucial benchmarks on a mortgage procedure.
When a potential homebuyer applies for a loan with Key Mortgage, a personalized and secure link to the app is sent to them. The link has all the contact information and communication channels for their entire real estate team. From the transaction of the loan to the closing stage, all parties involved will receive notifications for due dates and benchmark events. These benchmark events include:  
        when the application starts;
        when the order for an appraisal given;
        when it is assigned for underwriting;
        when it has been approved with conditions;
        when it has been given final approval;
        the date for commitment;
        estimated closing date;
        closing disclosure, and;
        the loan funded.
Pricing: free
Available on both Android and iOS
  1. Karl's Mortgage Calculator
This app is a great mortgage app for calculating mortgage payments, principal, interest, and term. You can key in a down payment amount or percentage, and then the calculator works up how much mortgage you require.
It has a simple interface that is user-friendly and shows you the progression for your monthly payment. The progress is based on factors such as the additional monthly or annual loan costs of your Private Mortgage Insurance, HomeOwners Association taxes, and insurance. The calculator gives you a Fixed and Adjustable Rate Mortgages (ARM) loan with multiple interest rates.
You can pay off your mortgage early with extra payments, with the customized option of a one-off, monthly, or extra annual fees. You also enter multiple additional payment amounts and payment periods, and then the calculator will give you an estimate that you can save on the loan.
The calculator also allows you key in multiple currencies and displays results in the keyed in currency.
Pricing: free
Available on both Android and iOS
Aside from these mobile apps listed, there are a ton of other great mobile apps you can find on Google Play Store or the App store, to help make your job as a mortgage loan officer a lot easier.

Pasig Vice Mayor spearheads special Covid-19 auction

Wazzup Pilipinas

Vice Mayor Iyo Caruncho-Bernardo spearheads special auction to help fund COVID-19 fight

With the COVID-19 pandemic changing the lives of many Filipinos, those in Pasig City have found solace in the ability of their top public officials to find innovative ways to meet the challenges of caring for and protecting their constituents.

Vice Mayor Bernardo started the “Sneakers Auction for a Cause” last March to help meet the need for personal protective equipment, hygiene kits, food packs, and other essential items for Pasig City’s frontliners and less-fortunate families.

Two months since its inception, the auction was able to raise P340,000 to help the COVID-19 prevention efforts of the city. Encouraged by the public’s support, Bernardo decided to expand the auction’s selection to include sports memorabilia and other valuable items to attract people with different interests and passions.

“Marami po ang nagtulong-tulong para mas maraming matulungan ang “Sneakers Atbp. Auction for a Cause.” Nandiyan po ang mga kilalang legends and players mula sa PBA at UAAP, ang Sneaker Aficionados of the Philippines, mga vloggers, broadcasters and celebrities, si Senator Manny Pacquiao, mga private individuals, companies and organizations mula sa iba’t-ibang lugar ng bansa, at mga kapwa Pasigueño na nagpamahagi ng kanilang blessings,” the vice mayor said.

(Many pitched in to help the auction. Among them were famous legends and players from the Philippine Basketball Association and University Athletic Association of the Philippines, Sneaker Aficionados of the Philippines, vloggers, broadcasters and celebrities, Senator Manny Pacquiao, private individuals, companies and organizations from different parts of the country, and fellow Pasigueños who shared their blessings.)

“We want to invite more people to share their blessings so we can buy more food and essential items to meet the needs of our constituents during the course of the COVID-19 pandemic. The donors and the people who have purchased the items have made a big difference in the lives of many Pasigueños,” he added.

In the coming days, Vice Mayor Bernardo will be auctioning off his Kawasaki Vulcan S-650 and Giant Talon Mountain Bike through his Facebook account for the benefit of cancer and dialysis patients and “Heart Warrior” children.

“Bukas po para sa lahat ng gustong sumali ang ating auction. Umaasa po ako na mas marami pa sa ating mga kababayan, nasa Pilipinas man o nasa ibang bansa, ang makikilahok at tutulong sa ating mga programa para maibsan at malagpasan ang pahirap na dulot ng COVID-19,” he said.

(The auction is open to everyone who wants to join. I hope that more of our countrymen, whether in the Philippines or in other countries, will participate and help our programs to ease and get past the hardships brought by COVID-19.)

To get updates on the auction, follow Vice Mayor Bernardo’s Facebook and Instagram accounts, or get in touch with him through cell numbers 0917-796-3813 or 0916-731-3924.

Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Exquisite Works and Objects of Art to be Auctioned Online at Leon Exchange XV

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Leòn XV is the online auction of León Gallery. This is the 15th edition under the Leonexchange platform and will be held on May 30 and 31, 2020 (Saturday and Sunday) starting at 11AM.  All bidding will be purely online at
Highlights of the auction include several beautiful furniture pieces and objects of art. For French designer Philippe Starck, brilliant design should improve people’s lives in a way that it should not compromise an object’s usefulness. He gained an international reputation for this populist vision for design and his masterful addition of elements of humor and surprise in his interior and product designs. An innovative visionary, he aims to push the limits of contemporary design by making it certain that inventiveness must not overshadow the essential qualities of a product. Through the years, he has made more than 10,000 designs in which one can see his preference for not just the inclusion of subtle, playful details, but also for fluid, organic forms. He also opts for sustainable, eco-friendly designs.

A part of the Golden Age of modern Danish design, Hans J. Wegner is one of the most prolific and innovative Danish furniture designers. Also called the “Master of the Chair,” Wegner produced almost five hundred chairs in his lifetime. He is behind the iconic Wishbone Chair that is still being produced since 1950. He began his apprenticeship when he was just fourteen with another renowned Danish cabinetmaker H.F. Stahlberg. He then moved to Copenhagen to study in the School of Arts and Crafts from 1936 to 1938. A modern cabinet from his design studio is included in the upcoming auction.

This elegant and timeless Ah Tay boasts all the attributes of a truly unique and enduring classic. The name Ah Tay is one that holds almost universal acclaim amongst antiquarians, social historians, and ardent antique hobbyists. While the name can be confidently attributed to a workshop in Binondo, Manila that churned out quality and masterful works between 1860 to 1920, certain information, especially those surrounding Ah Tay’s full name and background were lost to the vagaries of history. The elder Ah Tay’s son, Eduardo Ah Tay, attempted to continue his father’s legacy throughout the American colonial period, but failed to adopt the inherent spontaneity of his father’s oeuvres. Ah Tay furniture is known for their impeccable craftsmanship and meticulous design, elevating them to symbols of status and regalia for the rich, powerful and popular. Collectors queue up with a checkbook in hand, ready to cough-up a considerable amount in order to gain the privilege of viewing the exquisite piece at their own pleasure. This particular piece has all the hallmarks of a genuine Ah Tay aparador, from its seamless Chinese-style joinery, to its faultless proportions, and its extremely fine yet palpable details. This aparador also boasts an early art nouveau style, a school of art that heavily draws from our natural surroundings.

Another highlight is the mesa altar or the Christian altar table, an important Roman Catholic image and was also one of the earliest pieces of Spanish-Filipino furniture. In Bulacan, a furniture-making tradition flourished from around 1800 until after World War II. The furniture designs were European neoclassical, the woods used were golden narra and kamagong, and the decorations were carabao bone, kamagong or mother-of-pearl inlays. Bulacan, produced this type of neoclassical, bone-and kamagong–inlaid mesa altar with a bow front, three drawers, and four square. The general look is reminiscent of an English / American Sheraton-type sideboard and that was why local antique dealers and agents termed such pieces as “Sheraton.”

Some of the most sought after works of art by these prolific artists will go under the hammer. Betsy Westendorp, known for works that have atmospheric, dream-like sceneries with a tone of tranquility and seascapes with elements such as flora and fauna; Jigger Cruz, whose shocking use of color and defacement create powerful abstractions; Juvenal Sanso, the Filipino-Spanish master acclaimed for his highly evocative impressionistic landscapes; Nemesio Miranda, Considered the creator and forerunner of the Imaginative Figurism school of art and a pioneer  to the philosophy of expression rather a strict and regimented technique; and Augusto Albor’s use of space, the sparseness of presences, and an apparent attitude towards art as objecthood for a visually purifying and minimalist experience

These visual masterpieces complete the array of collectibles on the block alongside alluring jewelry, crystal and silver pieces, chinoiserie, fine China, coffee table books, and rare photographs for a truly complete and exciting sale. 

“One can indulge his or her taste for the beautiful items at various price points at the upcoming online auction and all that from one’s armchair or boudoir. The online auction gives clients the convenience of bidding through their mobiles, tablets or laptops, without having to trek all the way to where physical auctions happen,” Leòn Gallery Director Jaime Ponce de Leon. This convenience makes online auctions at lower starting bids—but no less fabulous pieces—trending.

It’s as simple as going to to view the lots and register as a buyer. Visit or contact or call 8856-2781 for more information.

Mass Testing Remains a Wishful Thinking

Wazzup Pilipinas

They promised before mass testing will happen starting April 12, anyare?

After all the extensions ng Community Quarantine wala rin palang sense kasi the promised "mass testing" won't be implemented by the government. Phew!

Basically an abdication of responsibility, they've stopped trying to implement sound policy or at least removed patina of it.

Hindi ba pwede na we check the hotspots first? If we don't have enough resources for testing then maybe we need to be strategic with how we test.

Pwedeng singilin ang may kasalanan ng pandemyang ito..  yung tunay na amo ninyo!  At kakapal ng mukha ninyong magpasalamat!! Hinayupak!

Cancel all forthcoming BBB projects and divert the Train Law taxes for mass testing!!  Pwede naman siguro yun!!  Buhay muna bago kapritso ninyo!

Impossible na wala nang funds for mass testing! Ang laki ng loan at government funds, marami pang donations from different sources, na naka-allot sa pagsugpo ng COVID-19!

Tagal na alam na ng mga Pilipino nakakalunggkot ayaw lang aminin at panay ang pagtatakip ng mga opisyales ng gobyerno natin.

Dapat papanagutin ang punong dahilan kung bakit nasadlak ang  Pilipinas sa pandemia ng China Virus covid-19 at bumagsak ang ekonomiya pinalubo pa ang utang para sa covid daw pero wala naman malinaw na plano at wala maayos na resulta para maprotektahan ang sambayanan Taxpayers!

So disappointed with latest statement from the Palace if it is true stating that the govt have no plans for the mass testing and they are urging the private sector to be the one responsible. How can the private sector implement mass testing when they are also in the loosing end....what will happen longest lockdown and quarantine...the best solution our country have to fight covid 19...

Kim Chiu Turns Lemons into Lemonade with the Law of Classroom Bawal Lumabas Song Full Version

Wazzup Pilipinas!

"Kim Chiu is the best example of monetizing Cyberbullying. Allow bashers to create content to promote your latest single. Then use same content for the music video compilation.

Best thing is you have some sort of creative rights of their content. If this was done intentionally, it is genius and must be included on a playbook on how to get rich and famous in social media."

Kim Chiu proved to be a good sport and hurdled online criticisms, flak and adversity by turning her viral “Bawal Lumabas” gaffe into a new single.

Awesome! Pretty good to see Kim adulting and maturing as a celebrity and as a person.. there is indeed a lot of kindness out there, keep doing what you are good at and don’t mind the naysayers and bashers!

Regardless of our reactions positive or negative.. Always remember that there is someone here in social media that making money out of it.

This can be a source of motivation especially to those who is experiencing the lowest in their life in this pandemic where many people were afraid of the word "positive".

Actually, may sense yung sinabi ni Kim. Hindi nya lang nasabi ng maayos. Sa totoo lang, nangyari na nga in reality na pwede pala ang ipinagbabawal. Example na lang yung birthday party a.k.a.  mañanita kuno ni NCRPO Regional Chief Debold "Porky Pig" Sinas.

"Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass, it's about learning how to dance in the rain"...

Isang gobyernong inutil, makakabangon ba tayo muli?

Wazzup Pilipinas!

When Thomas Edison’s factory burned to the ground with all his prototypes and work amounting to  millions. His response when he was interviewed was “Thank goodness all our mistakes were burned up. Now we can start fresh again.”

Our greatest weakness will be giving up. The most certain way to succeed is to try again and again everytime we fail.

So maybe next time we vote, we will be enlightened that people like our current officials are now off our list.

This Covid-19 pandemic has proven their incompetence. They have shown their true colors, and have made us realize that they only care about themselves.

How many brilliant people, with fancy degrees and titles after their names, have we met with no heart, no conscience,  and no moral values?

Nakailang Presidente na ba kayo? Sino ba pinakamalalang namuno kung saan malaki ang naging pagkakawatak-watak ng mga taong bayan?

Divided by a despicable tyrant who rules using fear and dark humor, and hides behind his army.

Everything that came out from his mouth are nothing but lengthy and senseless babblings about his detractors, imaginary enemies, his PA Bong Go, and his BFF China....and how he will go against anybody who refuses to follow his commands. A dictator.

The president without any concrete and sensible plan, so he waste our time with fillers.

He seems like a puppet, only there to.amuse us, but maybe controlled by someone else, or some groups, who took advantage of his popularity as a mayor known to even boast of killing criminals in Davao.

Who wants Duterte to stay in Davao forever and ever to return as Mayor? Never to return again as President!

Hindi pa rin ako pinag re report sa work starting May 16. Wala ring pampalubag na portion o advance man lang ng sweldo o kaunting tulong from the company kahit isang kusing. Wala ring ayuda from the national or local government. Hindi naman makapag blogging or vlogging event.

Buti pa yung mga tambay meron ng relief, may ayuda pa.

Malas talaga itong Covid-19 pandemic na Ito oh!

Seryoso ito at hindi biro! Lalo na at naghihintay mga utility bills, housing at car loans, pati mga gagastusin sa kakainin dahil paubis na ang ipon.

Pag di kaya ng maliliit na negosyo ang tests sa workers nya at lalong kumalat ang COVID, ok lang sa inyo? Ang gobyerno ang may pondo at responsibilidad sa public health. Privatized na ang kuryente, tubig etc. tapos pati mass testing gusto privatized din. Mass testing now!

Buhay ka nga at walang sakit pero malapit ka ng masiraan ng ulo.

Keeping Busy with Hydroponics During the Covid-19 Pandemic Quarantine

Wazzup Pilipinas!

If for cases where there is very minimal access to soil and space, you may consider planting veggies using the hydroponics method.

If wala kang lupa dahil you are living in a condo or apartment floor, bibili ka ng loam soil at paso. Madaming dapat i-consider sa hydrophonics. Kelangan mong bantayan ang ph level, kelangan mo ng series of tester gaya ng ph, tds at ec meter. Pero pag nakompleto mo yun at natuto, sagana ang aanihin.

Nakakalibang at sigurado ka pang malinis sng harvest mong gulay if you plant them on your own at the comfort of your rooftop or veranda, it even possible ain your garage or any space where you either have sunlight or a lighting system alternative to the sun.

Yung pipes with running water tawag dun NFT- Nutrient film technique (NFT) is a hydroponic technique where in a very shallow stream of water containing all the dissolved nutrients required for plant growth is re-circulated past the bare roots of plants in a watertight gully, also known as channels (medyu magastos to kasi needed mo ng power to operate the system, or setup a solar panel system as investment)

Where as ang sa styro box you can consider it as Kratky method. The Kratky method is a passive hydroponic technique for growing plants suspended above a reservoir of nutrient-rich water. The Kratky method has applications both for commercial food production and as a small-scale and low-maintenance technique for home growers. mas simple at madali gawin ito passive type lang ito. Tanim and forget ang style pero syempre balik balik ka rin baka na peste na yung halaman mo "

During this Covid-19 pandemic quarantine period, the setup lessens stress and anxiety by keeping you occupied. There is also Joy in seeing your plants sprouts, and grow up, eventually being part of your veggie harvest.

Reasons Why Buy hydroponically Grown Crops

Great taste and good for you.
Specialty varieties of crops provide the best flavors but require extra TLC. Through hydroponics, these crops thrive by providing their ideal growing environment with optimized lighting, climate control, and regular irrigation. These nutritious crops are packed with vitamins and minerals essential for our health.

Farm-to-fork freshness, year round
Every season is the perfect season to grow hydroponic produce. The use of controlled environment agriculture (CEA) allows the highest quality crops to be harvested and delivered same-day, dirt-free, and at the peak of freshness to your dinner table any day of the year. Crops like lettuces can be delivered as a living plant, remaining fresh for weeks after harvest and especially no preservatives added

No soils needed
In a sense, you can grow crops in places where the land is limited, doesn't exist, or is heavily contaminated. Hydroponics has been considered as the farming of the future to grow foods for astronauts in the space (where there is no soil) by NASA.

Hydroponics is water-saving
Plants grown hydroponically can use only 10-20% of water compared to field-grown ones. In this method, water is recirculated. Plants will take up the necessary water, while run-off ones will be captured and return to the system. Water loss only occurs in two forms - evaporation and leaks from the system (but an efficient hydroponic setup will minimize or don't have any leaks).

Fewer pests & diseases
And like weeds, getting rids of soils helps make your plants less vulnerable to soil-borne pests like birds, gophers, groundhogs; and diseases like Fusarium, Pythium, and Rhizoctonia species.Also when growing indoors in a closed system, the gardeners can easily take controls of most surrounding variables.

Less use of insecticide,pesticide and herbicides
Since you are using no soils and while the weeds, pests, and plant diseases are heavily reduced, there are fewer chemicals used. This helps you grow cleaner and healthier foods. The cut of insecticide,pesticide and herbicides is a strong point of Hydroponics when the criteria for modern life and food safety are more and more placed on top.

Photo credit Rafael Pagaling

These Furry Cats Are Veggie Lovers Too?

Wazzup Pilipinas!

"It appears to be a domestic shorthair variety with what looks like heterochromia. Can be trained to not mess with nearby foliage and is an excellent deterrent for avian invaders that target seedlings."

Describing a cat as a threat to our seedlings is a struggle between being both pets and plant lovers. When I caught my cats eating my seedlings, I was torn between screaming at the furries or repositioning my plants at places where they can't reach them. But we all know our cats are so agile that they can reach every corner of everything around us.

Last time they were pooping on the pots, now the plants are part of their diet?

When I was already successful in keeping them from pooping, they now consume the plants as food?

"I just talk to my cat. If it’s not your cat, barriers and a distraction (sandy area where they can go) works. Nothing sharp. When you see them approach, hiss at them."

Well, talking to them dies not work. I even tried to scare them with a broom but they still continued to poop.

Sticks poking out of the ground, coffee grounds, soap and water, grounded egg shells, spraying vinegar, etc. I tried them all just to discourage them to poop. I don't think cat poop is fertilizer so I always clean up after them.

When they finally left my seedlings alone, they are now eating the plants!!!

"Cats are highly intelligent beings. You can train them by providing other place to poop like a cat litter. Then train them. Kami kasi, we have a specific place sa garden na dun lang sila nagpopoop as I trained their parents (then sila na nagtrain sa mga anak nila. Then we sprinkling it with vigormin para hindi mangamoy."

Unfortunately, our cats are not that malambing. They only approach is during meal time when they smell food we cooked, and that is the only time they become sweet.

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