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Form & Function - Get Practical with Two Pairs of Sunglasses

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Let's admit something that nobody talks about out in the open: getting the right kind of eyeglasses can be a pain in the a**, and quite appropriately, a pain in your eyes. It’s never as simple as just going to a store and buying a pair that you see on the rack or on the display window. You have to have an eye checkup, find the right frame, the right lenses, and have a fitting session.
And we’re just talking about reading glasses at this point.

Eye health experts are now recommending a simple solution to your eyewear woes. Now, more than ever, it’s actually more practical to have multiple pairs of eyeglasses.

Here’s a guide to some of the basic and essential kinds of eyewear and why you need them:

Sunglasses are your first line of defense against harsh rays from the sun. Some people use sunglasses with side shields to prevent the wind from harming their eyes. These are for activities like cycling or driving with your windows down.

Reading glasses are generally for people approaching old age. But if you’re having difficulty reading at a normal distance even at a young age, you should have your eyes checked immediately.

Computer glasses provide protection against “digital eye strain.” If the nature of your work requires you to be in front of a computer screen for 8-10 hours a day, or if you are used to playing long hours of online games, you need lenses that filter out high-energy blue light that can be harmful to your eyes.

Sports glasses include safety glasses and goggles designed for ultimate impact, resistance, and durability. If you are into into extreme sports or action-packed adventures, sports glasses are considered essential.

Fashion eyewear is a statement and personal branding in one. If you are the type of person who loves to impress, you have to have edgy frames that tell people who’s coming from a mile away. Nowadays, fashion eyewear can also serve as your signature look. But of course, you can mix it up according to your taste and fancy.

When it comes to pairs that cater to your every eye need, you don’t have to spend a ridiculous amount. We recommend owning two eyeglasses with either the same function (to prevent overuse), or two pairs with different functions.

Instead of looking at it as a luxury, consider it a form of practicality. Vision Express’ Buy One, Get One deal allows you to take home 2 pairs of eyewear for the price of one. Vision Express also provides the most advanced and the most comprehensive 7-Step Eye Exam administered by our in-store eye experts. This is to ensure that you’re getting the right eyewear custom-built according to your needs. You may choose from a list of international brands for both prescription eyewear and sunglasses.

Next time you need a pair of glasses, be practical by adding another pair and go to
Vision Express for all your optical needs. For more details, check out, and follow @VisionExpressPH on Facebook and Instagram.

QC Government Approves New Design for MRT-7 QMC Station; Lifts Cease and Desist Order

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The Quezon City government has lifted the cease and desist order it had earlier issued on the construction of the Metro Rail Transit 7 (MRT-7) Quezon Memorial Circle (QMC) station today, 28 February 2020.

This comes after the QC government, and its stakeholders - - environmentalists, representatives from the National Housing Unit (NHA), engineers, residents, and others, have approved the new design of the said station which was presented by the San Miguel Corporation (SMC) and EEI Corporation.

“Ni-lift na po ng city government ang cease and desist order ngayon dahil natuwa naman po kami na binigyang-halaga ang aming concerns," QC Mayor Joy Belmonte expressed.

"Today, we are very happy that we have succeeded not only in preserving our park, but at the same time, we have succeeded in ensuring that our people will have adequate mass transportation," she added.

For Secretary Tugade, this endeavor testifies that when the national government, local government, and private sector collaborate, things will be solved and improved swiftly.

"What this exercise shows is that when the national government, local government, and the private sector work together and cooperate, all with the same obsession— all for transparency and development— things will be solved and improved swiftly."

Meanwhile, DOTr Undersecretary for Railways Timothy John Batan expressed his utmost appreciation to the swift settlement of the issue.

"One week later, na-resolve na, at ‘yan ay dahil sa magandang pakikipagtulungan ng national, lokal, at pribadong sektor na siya namang palaging sinasabi ni Secretary Arthur Tugade. Kapit-bisig tayo dito sa “Build, Build, Build,” gaya nitong MRT-7," Usec. Batan said.

From the initial design of 11,000 square meters above ground, it has been agreed that the latest and final design will just be a 426-square meter (sqm) above ground structure, with a height of only 6-7 meters.

For her part, San Miguel Corporation (SMC) MRT-7 Project Director Carmela Bergado has assured the local government, and the stakeholders that they "will follow the redesigned and final plan."

Usec. Batan likewise assured that the construction works for the MRT-7 project is on track, with partial operability to commence by 2021, and full revenue service by 2022.

"Currently, almost 55% complete na tayo. Lahat ng mga tren, lahat ng mga bagon, tapos na. Na-test at ready na i-ship from [South] Korea. Makikita natin na yung mga viaducts ay halos patapos na rin at ang stations ay tinatapos na. ‘Yung depot natin na tinatawag ay nasolusyunan na rin, kung kaya’t on track tayo dun sa commitment ng DOTr, ni Secretary [Arthur] Tugade, galing sa ating concessionaire na maging partially operable by 2021," Usec. Batan assured.

Once completed by 2022, the MRT-7 will cut travel time from Manila to Bulacan from 2 hours to just 34 minutes.

Friday, February 28, 2020

Michelin, Youth Bat for Road Safety

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Michelin Philippines reiterated its commitment to road safety alongside its counterparts in Cambodia, Indonesia, Korea, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam at the Global Ministerial Conference on Road Safety held in Stockholm from February 19-20.

The conference was organized by Youths For Road Safety (YOURS) and the World Health Organization (WHO). Young delegates shared their successes and lessons learned from actions undertaken in the framework of the 2011-2020 Global Plan for the Decade of Action for Road Safety. It was an opportunity to link safe mobility with other sustainably-related challenges.

In Stockholm, Michelin invited three young employees from India, Thailand and Brazil to attend the Second World Youth Assembly as representatives of the private sector and participate in road safety-related decision-making. Their role was to share their experiences and raise awareness among Michelin teams in their respective regions about the best safer mobility solutions.

Findings showed that the 15-29 age group is the demographic most impacted by road accidents. Thus in 2010, Michelin collaborated with WHO to create YOURS, an NGO focusing on young people that encourages them to address road safety issues in both developed and developing countries. YOURS has set an ambitious road safety target to halve road deaths and injuries globally in five years, with young people leading the charge and providing energy to the revolution. As Founding Member of YOURS, Michelin and YOURS have a long-term partnership and are working together to improve road safety for young people worldwide.

Florent Menegaux, Michelin CEO, said safety is at the heart of everything we do. It is a top priority every day across all our sites. For our customers, Michelin is synonymous with safety, reliability, performance and durability. And for 130 years, we have worked tirelessly to uphold this reputation. We believe it is our responsibility to make mobility safer across the world.

In the Philippines, Michelin does its part for road safety by raising awareness on the importance of correct tire pressure, proper maintenance and fuel efficiency through its Michelin Safe On The Road (MSOR) campaign. Michelin Philippines has partnered with S&R membership shopping club to render service to motorists by giving them free tire check-ups and information on how to maximize tire usage. The importance of awareness in reducing the risk of road accidents to ensure a safer and more liveable community for all is emphasized to motorists in MSOR.

Fear, Resistance, and Readiness Potential: Bungee Jumping Opens New Horizons of Examining Human Brain

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Bungee jumping is a life-altering experience, anticipated or feared. It’s also a vivid illustration of readiness potential, observed right before one jumps. We’ve learned more thanks to two guys who leaped with an electrode cap.

Have you already made up your goal list for 2020? If the highest bungee jump is on it, you probably seek new emotions and a way to release them. Another reason to think of it is visiting the most spectacular locations and feeling yourself on top of the world. Make a no deposit contribution to your emotions box that will charge you new sensations for the whole year. Anyway, every person interested either in extreme sports or neuroscience should know that this activity reveals new opportunities for our brain.

What is Bungee Jumping in the Present?

Before, bungee jumping was a way to assess a person’s bravery. It originated in the South-Pacific land called The Republic of Vanuatu today. This ritualistic jump tested other contestants. Nowadays, it’s a self-made decision most people take to prove something to themselves or get a good dose of adrenaline. If you’re searching for a definition, bungee jumping is an extreme sport common all around the world. It presupposes jumping from high-rise structures, like bridges, with an elastic cord attached to a jumper’s legs or body. Among the main technical characteristics of a flexible cord used in bungee jumping, we can name weight measurements, safety, and tensile strength. When everything is counted correctly, any danger to a jumper gets minimized.

Evaluate Your Attitude to Bungee and Other Extreme Sports

The theory is informative enough, but it’s important to answer one more question. What is bungee jumping for you? For many enthusiasts, bungee jumping is a cool way to spend time. They do it regularly and keep telling exciting stories of what it’s like.

Others get more skeptical. Such activity is associated with a feeling of fear for them. It, in turn, is followed by resistance. They keep asking why people would risk their life like this because it doesn’t make any sense.

What Emotions Lie Behind the Resistance to Start Bungee Jumping

When skeptics are told that simple dancing is proved to be a more dangerous activity, they still hesitate. Subconsciously, they understand it’s true. It reminds taking a flight. The fear of the unknown, if one had never been on a plane, or the sense that there is no way out can be a massive demotivating factor. The same thing is with bungee jumping. When you fall down from a bridge, you can neither forecast the consequences nor change the current situation. So what should one do with this fear? What if you will stand with a bungee rope around your waist and will not jump?

Can You Become Fobic in Different Areas because You Presumably Fear to Jump?

Today, it has stopped you from boarding a plane or taking a bungee jump. Can it stop you from going outside one day? When you stand in front of your door, all ready to go and get this instant peak of fear, can you reconsider? These worries make us evaluate our ‘readiness potential’ first described back in the mid 20th century by Luder Deecke and Hans-Helmut Kornhuber. Luckily, all this is not as bad as it sounds. Our fear doesn’t stop us at the brain level, and it has been proved scientifically.

The essence of the experiment proving it is as follows. Two young male subjects go bungee jumping for 30 times from Europa Bridge (Innsbruck, Austria). On their heads, each subject has an electrode cap recording electroencephalography signals during the whole jump. The bridge is 630-foot-high, which makes this experience seemingly more life-threatening than cliff jumping these men are professional in. The record scientists obtained is that the subject had experienced certain fear and resistance before jumping, but it had nothing to do with their readiness potential. Except for encouraging our belief in ourselves, this study will allow us to advance brain-computer interfaces that use brain electrical signals to command various devices. This will improve the lives of multiple patients whose well-being relies on such technologies.

A highland fling bungee is a dream of the adventurous. It also subjects our body and brain to extreme stress, but it doesn’t prevent us from taking this inspiring step. Today, we have evidence that our fear and stress don’t make us stop. It’s literally inside our heads, and it’s called readiness potential, which is huge and independent.


Thomas Glare
Thomas has a PhD. in neuroscience but doesn’t want to sit in a laboratory. He studies and writes about a variety of human activities and their connection to brain science. He compares uncomparable and combines uncombinable, proving that everything we do can be explained by the power of our brain.

Thursday, February 27, 2020

How to grow your investment via Bitcoin

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Cryptocurrency is now one of the best and well-developed phenomena in the market. But the child of the cryptocurrency named Bitcoin is leading the mainstream for a long period. There are many people who are trying to develop in this Bitcoin business. And research on the past and future they magically accepting this.

But what is the reason behind this? Is this really profitable of suitable to develop your business? The answer is yes. You can run your business depending on Bitcoin. Because it has wide investment possibilities. 

If you do not have proper knowledge about Bitcoin investments then now you can know about this. We will try to present to you different ways of how you can grow your investment with Bitcoin.

You can know the path of how you can get your highest profit by investing Bitcoin. Although Bitcoin is a virtual cryptocurrency you can lose your capital without Bitcoin facts.

“Hodling” Or Long-term Investment

You may be confused with the Word Hodling that it is a misspelled word of Holding! But not like that. Hodling is a process like holding or storing an amount of cryptocurrency from the earning. It can be followed as a present risk, but the future investment of this brings big opportunities.


The reliable averages of Bitcoin storage and transfer outside of the traditional financial world can make new cryptocurrency history. That’s why Bitcoin is called the digital gold of the currency market. It is the advance p2p digital cash base cryptocurrency that can really grow your investment in the near future.

Bitcoin Wallets 
If you want to grow your investment for a long term investment policy, the best method is to store the coins in a wallet. A cold storage hardware wallet can be a safeguard of your currency. 

There are many options for choosing a Bitcoin wallet. Many of the developed companies give this facility. Also, you can develop your own wallet. Cryptocurrency development company like CryptoDevelopers are serving these types of development services. 

Here your Bitcoin is safe and secured with multiple authentications and unlock systems. So you don't have to worry about your Bitcoin storage. You can invest in the bitcoin software without the hassle-free process and returns.

Bitcoin Mining

Bitcoin mining is one of the best investment or money growing processes. In the past days, Bitcoin mining was easy that anyone can do that on desktops or laptops. But day by day the value of Bitcoin is rising and the mining value growing also. It is a profitable investment ever.

Bitcoin mining is related to the large industry where many companies deal only with the mining process. Companies like Bitmain and BTC are growing depending on the mining system.

These companies and also like this will offer legitimate returns on your investments. But before that you have to ensure your investment in this mining process. To start your investment in Bitcoin mining you have to set your own rig first. Also, you can grow your investment with cloud mining. Genesis and Hashflare mining are some of the popular cloud mining services.

Bitcoin Exchanges
Bitcoin exchanges are the most direct and popular system for growing Bitcoin. There are many operational Bitcoin exchangers online and offline. But, steering clear is the most prudent move despite being known for the wash business. And sticking it with major reputable exchanges.

Some of the major exchanges in the present market are (DEXs), crypto-to-crypto exchanges, P2P marketplaces, and fiat-to-crypto on-ramps. You should first search for the best one and select the suitable one that can give you the highest profit. Without the proper knowledge, you can not grow your investment.


Investing with Bitcoin or via Bitcoin is easier and riskier. So you have to research and check properly with knowledge and accuracy. Based on your situation and choice you can invest Bitcoin in many ways. 

The payment gateways, storing even mining, all are present now. Just get the right choice for you and go through the developed mark. Thus you can make a growing community of businesses, users, developers, and investors.

Wednesday, February 26, 2020

FEU Film “Eklipse”Wins Back-to-back at Adamson, UP


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A midterm project for an Introduction to Film class at Far Eastern University recently scored consecutive victories at Adamson University Silip@Lente’s Realifilm 2019 interschool competition and University of the Philippines Cinema’s Piling Obrang Vidyo XVI at the UP Film Institute Cine Adarna/UPFI Film Center.

“Eklipse,” written and directed by FEU sophomore Communication student Jessa Doydora, bested 11 other finalists to win the 2019 Realifilm Golden Award, Special Jury Award and Best Direction at “Realifilm 2019: All Sacrifices for Passion” in Adamson and also brought home the POV XVI Best Narrative Film award in UP Diliman.

Inspired by Dr. Jose Rizal’s “Ang Pagong at ang Matsing” (The Turtle and the Monkey), the film was originally submitted by Doydora and her Pelikulahar Production team for their film class under Prof. David Corpuz last semester, with Francis Tavas as producer, Qi Perez as co-writer and director of photography, Karlo Magboo as sound recordist, Sophie Casasola as camera operator, Migo Morales as production designer and actor, and Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila Psychology student Glenn Villapando as Morales’ co-actor.

Doydora, who is also the director behind the Viddsee Juree Awards 2019 finalist “Press Pause and Play,” said that she is overwhelmed by their film’s recognitions “but above it, we are happy to have that platform to voice out our advocacy.”

De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde film majors Lester Cristal (Shannon Lester Paraico), Andre Joachim “Aki” Red and Vahn Leinard Pascual won the other Realifilm major prizes with Cristal’s “Swelas” (Plan B Production) bagging the Realifilm Silver Award, Best Screenplay for Robin Estargo and Best Production Design for Ged Cruz and Chelo Campos, Red’s “Lilipad na si Birdie” (Anakpula Production) taking the Realifilm Bronze Award, Best Supporting Actress for Deena De Guzman and Best Playbill, and Pascual’s “Linya” (Spontaneous Films) getting the Realifilm Excellence Award and Best Actress for Czkaira Borloza.

“Ingat” by Franz Pascual of Mga Words Production got the Realifilm Virtue Award. “Pangyapak” by Julius Melbourne Custodio of Malaya Production took home Best Cinematography, Best Editing and Best Actor for Brent Martinez. Jeroen Joyel from Aaron Agtay Films’ “Ongpin St.” won Best Supporting Actor. “Ako si Kat, Ako'y Sikat” by Jherald Arizabal of Lente Production bagged the Audience Choice Award.

Meanwhile, at UP Diliman, another FEU entry, “When the Sea Turns Red” by Ian Caacbay, won Best Editing at POV for Jay Francis Guanga Letrillard. In the film, a young girl in the middle of the sea was redirected by a man who will change who she is forever. Inspired by a controversial event that is still happening today, the film features both characters represented by huge names in the world.

The POV Best Performance went to Chin Chin Jongko of “Garing” directed by Dan Pablo of University of Santo Tomas. Jury Prize, Best Experimental Film and Best Direction were awarded to “Window Shopping” by Maryjoy Abrazado of UP Diliman. Best Documentary was given to “Titser Gennie” by Elijah Prades of University of Makati. Best Experimental Film also went to “Routinary” by Miggy Arnonobal of UP Diliman. Best Screenplay, Best Production Design, Best Cinematography, Best Sound and Scoring, Cinemaster's Choice and Viewer's Choice were awarded to “Proj. Imakulada” by Jan Michael Bernardino of Mapua University.

U Henyo Media Summit

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This year's Media Summit gets Bigger, Bolder, and Brighter! It's the U Henyo Media Summit v. 2.0!


What are you waiting for? Register now and send us your entries

Open to all Junior and Senior High School students.

Deadline for the submission of short film entries and digital posters is extended until March 9,2020.

Send your entries and win as much as 10,000 cash.

Here's the link for registration form:

How was last year's summit? Watch this AVP.

Please like our facebook page, U Henyo Media Summit for more details!

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Guide to buying Super king-size bedding

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A super king-sized bed is widest and longest, it is about 76 inches wide and 80-84 inches in length. Big enough for all family members to lay on it, well, all family members does not mean that all of your family members will literally sleep on it… 

There is nothing more luxurious than sleeping on a super king-sized bed. About 6ft bed frames require quite a large space in the room, so the super king-sized beds make a perfect complement to larger rooms.

Now that you have the super king-sized bed in your bedroom, you need a right bedding set that complements your dream bed. Buying beddings for super king-sized beds is not an easy task. And one of the main reasons is the dimensions of the bed. In this article, we will cover the complete buying guide for the super king-size beddings. Let’s begin…

Elements of Super King Size Bedding

Here is the list of main elements of super king-size bedding;
● Sheet: Sheet refers to the top layer or flat sheet laidon the bed. It is not a part of the bedding set, it comes separately. It is not used around the world but in specific parts only. 

● Mattress Sheet: Mattress sheet is the bottom/fitted sheet having elastic on edges to keep the cover in place. It comes with the bedding sets.

● Bedspread: Bedspreads are used to cover the whole bed. It is very long and wider than the bed. It smirks to the floor and is made of cotton, wool, polyester, and other blended fabrics.

Blankets: Blankets are not the part of regular bedding sets but sometimes are available with the bedding sets. They are used for warmth and are made of cotton, wool, polyester and microfibers. They are used alone or in a combination with duvet, comforter or quilt.

Duvet: The function of duvets is the same as that of comforters or blankets. They are mostly not a part of bedding sets. 

 Duvet Covers: Duvet covers are a part of bedding sets, they are used to protect the duvet from dust and provide warmth. These duvets are available in a number of colors and designs.

● Bed Pillows: Bed pillows are also called sleeping pillows. They come in rectangular shape mostly. They are available in different sizes i.e. king, queen, and standard and super king-sized.

● Throws: Throws add extra warmth at the foot side. They are smaller than the blanket. They also used to wrap the shoulders or on chairs and sofa.

Bed Skirts: Bed skirts are called bed covers too, these are decorative covers laid on the bed. They make the bed look beautiful and provide comfort at the same time.

 Pillow Covers: Pillow covers are the cases of pillows, pillows are inserted inside them. They are available in a number of colors, sized and design.

Top tips for buying the super king-size duvet covers
Duvet covers are of the same size as that of the duvets, therefore but the duvets covers of the same size as your duvets are.

The super king-size duvets are bigger than the king-sized duvets, so do not buy the king-sized duvets if you have the super king-sized duvet, buy the right one. Do not put on the wrong covers forcefully.

Top Tips for Measuring the bedding king-size mattress to buy the right bedding;
If you do not know the size of your mattress, you cannot buy the right bedding set for your bed for sure.  Here are a few tips to measure the mattress size of your bed;

 Always use a retractable measuring tape to measure the size because it is easy to use and you can fix it to measure right.

● Remove the bedding covers to measure the mattress size, do not measure it from the top of your bedding covers.

 Start measuring the width from the right side, and extend the measuring tape to the left side, beware of any folds.

 Now, measure the length of the mattress, measure the length from the middle of the mattress, extending the measuring tape from the head side of the bed to the foot side.

There you go… now you have the size of both duvets and mattress, go and buy your super king-size bedding set… good luck!

Chat And Make New Friends Via Webcam

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Do you really like to chat with new people? You can very easily chat with strangers and be friends with them just with the chat. Even there is a much better option available which is a webcam, where you can very easily chat with strangers. 

The chat groups are formed which helps in providing the best experience. The interface of the chat is really nice and you can easily chat on all the devices. It can work on all devices and it becomes easy for any person to chat with the new people. The chat rooms are such which will help you to be in touch with your new friends.

It becomes very easy with a webcam on the naughty Philippines to chat with the new strangers. You can talk the way you want. You will become very comfortable when you use a webcam and you can become really close friends. 

You can get online anytime you want and this works on all the modern devices.  You have the choice to talk on the various topics on webcam or chat. Even you can share your secrets with the new friends you make through these chats. It is a very amazing experience and you will definitely love this.  

The best thing is that text chat is anonymous and the usability becomes easy. The functionality is also very good as you will not have any distractions when you will communicate. With the help of webcam, you can very easily have communication with new friends.

·   Easy to use – The best thing about the chats is that it is very easy as it can be used on any device. You can be in touch with strangers very easily just with the chat option. You can talk to them anytime when you get online. 

   You can get connected with any random interlocutor and this makes it more fun for you. The text messages can be sent by you anytime and you can freely chat with strangers.

     Webcam- A lot of people love to talk on webcam and this can be really is the best experience for them.  You just need to fill the information about you so as to confirm the age and after that, you can very easily start the chat. The webcam helps you to experience the real talk and you can actually have the proper feel of talking to your friend.

You can socialize with your friends very easily and make new friends with the help of chats. Chat has really become an easy option for the people as they find it easy and comfortable. 

After you feel easy and comfortable, you can further have all talks on webcam which you have options on your all modern devices. You just need to have the device with a webcam and you are ready for it.  

You can even check the geographical location of the person and then select accordingly. The chat with strangers can be a really fun experience for you.

Monday, February 24, 2020

Watch House - Automatic Single Watch Winder Racing Green from UK

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We can do a lot things on our watch. As we explore how deep is the sea, how high is the sky and speed that we can made in the land. In partner with our masterpiece to ensure we don't miss every second of time. 

As a watch fanatic, I can compare of owning a watch like owner a pet. You don't treat pet as pet. But as family, same with watch. You make sure it is well taken care of and groomed off. With utmost respect to each repair guy and watchmaker brands.  
.                                                                                                   .

Speaking of that, you can also buy your pets or watch with a special casing or house. The way you take care of your pet and family. Same principle applies to you precious watch collection. So having said that, I'm quite excited to unboxed this watch winder from European soil to Asia!   

I just received an Automatic Single Watch Winder from UK. So I did the Unboxing of my racing green luxury watch winder for Automatic watches from UK. Can be operated anywhere with the use of AC or 2 AA batteries. 
Features an ultra quite Japanese motor, multiple rotation settings - counter or clockwise even alternating. That can produce multiple turns from 650, 750, 850, 1000 or 1950 to suit any kind of watch. Perfect gift for dad, watch enthusiast or partner. 

The sleek minimalist design looks amazing on shelf. Designed in UK for luxury use as you pick your watch and go. So whether you have a Japanese, Tag or a Rolex Swiss watches timepieces. This watch winder is so cool to see as it takes care of my daily watch favorite wear or collections

So see Barrington Watch Winder amazing collection for more images and videos. Visit the website for more information and explore the luxury of watch accessories 

Benilde Short Film Tops MSFF

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A student film from De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde recently ruled the 19-21 years old category (Further/Higher Education) of the third Manila Student Film Festival at International School Manila.

“Lilipad Na Si Birdie” by Aki Red (no relation to the Red family of filmmakers) followed up its recent victory at Adamson University’s “REALIFILM 2019: All Sacrifices for Passion” tilt, where it bagged the Bronze Award, Best Supporting Actress for Deena De Guzman, and Best Playbill, with its MSFF win.

In the short film, Birdie (Sky Cobres) is an aspiring illustrator obsessed with being perfect in his work. His insecurity leads him to loneliness. However, when a pair of magical glasses are sent from the heavens above, his life changes for both the better and the worse.

“Lilipad Na Si Birdie” was originally part of a three-part anthology Red wrote and directed as a requirement for one of his General Education classes last year.

“The film itself was inspired by a personal ‘hugot’ of mine. I was inclined to write stories related to pursuing dreams or being an obsessed artist. I also got inspiration from a number of shorts in YouTube and from random lines of ideas I save in my notes in the most unlikely situations,” Red revealed.

The student filmmaker had always wanted to enter his films in competitions, “but they are all usually unpolished after being screened to an audience once.”

“When I found out about both Realifilm and MSFF, I wanted to take the opportunity to show my work to a larger audience. The theme of the contests coincided with one of my prior shorts, and that’s how ‘Lilipad Na Si Birdie’ came to be. I revisited the film and did some retouches to polish it,” he shared.

“Disconnected,” which is directed by Ven Gabriel Potang and written by Kathleen Orpilla, both from the University of Saint Louis-Senior High School in Tuguegarao City, Cagayan, topped the 15-18 years (Senior/High School) age group and bagged the Audience Choice award. The four-minute film tells the story of students leaving their frustrations over a certain school project after a sudden blackout.

IS Manila’s Luke Ryan, Patrick Hopkins, Clement Lepage, Eisuke Abeta and Mohammad Affan Alam led the 12- 14 category (Middle/High school) with their entry “Kung Fu Adolescent.” In their short film, a young boy wishes to borrow a book to read, but his hopes are quickly abolished by a thief. Discouraged, the boy seeks out to get revenge, until a wise master teaches him a secret martial art.

Grade school student Sophia Relf, also from IS Manila, prevailed in the 8-11 age group (Junior/Elementary) for her stop-motion animation “The Cookie Thief” about a snowman trying to steal cookies at Christmas.

A Best Animated Film prize was also awarded for the first time in MSFF’s three-year history to “MEOWBOT3000 vs. FISHZILLA” by Michael Angelo “Mio” Dagsaan of UP Diliman. In the film, Meowbot3000, a quick and cheap mecha by the government, is tasked to defend the Meow-Meow City when peace is threatened by a mysterious fish monster which emerges from the sea and wreaks havoc.

Veteran theater and film actress Monique Wilson, advertising directors Ricky Villabona and Luis Tabuena, and animator Dani Montano judged the entries in the film festival, which celebrates the creativity of young filmmakers by providing an audience for their talent and inspiring student artists.

Sunday, February 23, 2020

The Difference between Cold and Flu

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Story of Louie- a baby prone to both Cold & Flu

Louie’s parent showed their concern towards their son, who is barely a year oldin December 2014. He got his first Flu vaccine in October 2014 and expected for a second dose but got delayed due to some circumstances. 

For continuous two weeks, he suffered from cold, but in December 2014, he got a fever. On diagnosis, they found that he suffered from croup and tests positive for Flu (influenza A).

Everything you need to know about Cold and Flu

The virus causes both Cold and Flu, but is your nose stuffy, nose scratchy, or your head swirling? If that is the case, consult a nearby doctor because you may be a victim of either cold or Flu.

Both Cold and Flu are upper respiratory infections but are there any other ways to identify the cause when everyone knows that nowadays, manyhospitals areproviding 24 hours medical-assistance.

But maybe Cold or Flu might have taken a toll on your body that you failed to identify the difference associated with both the problems. So, let’s check out their differences simultaneously and find doctors online for any clarifications.

Know what’s bothering you- Cold or Flu

Here are some of the symptoms associated with both Cold and Flu, which might get scary with prolonged effects. It will also clarify the differences between them, which are as follows:

     A. Symptoms for Cold

· Sore Throat
· Runny or Stuffy Nose
· Cough
· Sneezing
· Mild Tiredness
· Headache or Body Aches

     B. Symptoms for Flu

· Dry, hacking cough
· Moderate to High Fever (Not in every case)
· Shaking Chills
· Sore Throat
· Headache
· Body Aches or Severe Muscle Cramps
· Stuffy and Running Nose
· Vomiting and Nausea, as well as diarrhea (most common with children)
· Severe Fatigue (lasting up to two weeks)

While these symptoms are common, there might be chances of having other symptoms. If the symptoms persist for more than the specified period, then one must consult a doctor for its treatment. So, are you ready to know the durational period for both the issues? Let’s find out the

Duration associated with both issues
Colds are milder than the Flu and generally comefor over a few days. Most of themget better in 7-10 days period, although symptoms can last up to 2 weeks.
Flu symptoms catch quickly, which usually last up to 1 to 2 weeks and can cause some severe damage.
Symptoms act as a guide to figure out the actual problem. It’s like you have a weapon through which you can conquer the diseases. So, be your savior and book an appointment with a doctor for a quick review and solutions.

How to Prevent the Cold and Flu
“Prevention is better than cure”- a famous saying can relate to preventing Cold and Flu. So, here are the guidelinesfor its prevention:

     A. For Cold-
·      Avoid contacts: Stay away from the ones having a Cold and do the same if you have it too.
·     Maintain Hygiene: A proper hygiene means that you are nullifying the effects of cold at a much quicker pace.

·         Fluids: Drink plenty of fluids (like water).

     B. For Flu-  
    In addition to the above prevention, Doctors might recommend the flu vaccine in severe cases.

Article by AarifHabeeb: – Content writer and digital partner of Dorays. AarifHabeeb also helps clients with home improvement, hardware tools and restorations articles. Follow him on Twitter and LinkedIn.  

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