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Sony Philippines brings ‘Total Vlogging Solutions’ to Manila’s Content Creators

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Inspired by the mission to empower content creators to produce high-quality, interesting, and visually engaging online content, Sony Philippines unveils “Total Vlogging Solutions”— an array of the newest and most innovative vlogging line-up covering cameras and accessories with the RX0 II as its flagship product.

As the world of content creation continues to evolve, the vlogging industry has become more competitive and tastefully experimental. Hence, Sony Philippines aims to be the top-of-mind vlogging partner for professional and aspiring creators through more versatile shooting grips.

Sony introduces grip style shooting

Sony Philippines Managing Director Nobuyoshi Otake shares that with the passion to move together with the fast-evolving digital landscape, Sony Philippines continues to go beyond what is expected of them. Thus, the tech brand supports the new way of vlogging called the “grip-style shooting.”

“We are very grateful for the support from our loyal customers, and lots of them are into digital content creation and entertainment. We always do our best to listen to them – what they need to live their passion. Our latest collection dedicated to “grip-style shooting” aims to help them improve their creative business,” Otake recalls.

“Grip-style shooting” requires a camera that is compatible to a unique hand-held grip. It makes it handier and more flexible to shoot anything in sight since the camera is intact and portable enough, perfect for any given situation.

Last April, Sony introduced one of the brands featured in the newly launched “Total Vlogging Solutions.” The latest mirrorless vlogging camera, Sony A6400, is compatible and is recommended to use on Sony’s unique hand-held grip—perfect for vloggers who are looking for an easy-to-use vlogging set up.

The flagship RX0 II is the tiny tough camera

For vloggers who are after power and portability, the RX0 II is the ultimate choice. This brand-new addition to the premium compact segment captures high quality images and videos. This is powerful enough to shoot internal 4K recording, with upgraded LCD screen that can tilt up to 180-degreesEye AF and image stabilization feature for videos. At the core of the RX0 II sits a 1-inch image sensor, which is more advanced compared to any compact camera we have today.

Apart from the RX0 II and the A6400, Sony completes this powerhouse vlogging solutions with the A6500, RX100M5A, RX100M6, AXP55, X3000R. These products perfectly fit different genres of vlogging whether lifestyle, travel, or beauty.

#VlogWithSony Manila launch

Last May 30, the leading camera brand held the first-ever #VlogWithSony event at the Blue Leaf Pavilion in Taguig. It gathered about 100 of the country’s most sought-after content creators and rising YouTuber stars to welcome the kick-off of the “Total Vlogging Solutions”.

One of the highlights of the event was the talk of Actor-slash-lifestyle YouTuber Vince Vandorpe on how to deliver the best videos that inspire, empower, and appeal to specific audiences with Sony being its vlogging partner.

“In producing creative and unique content, I look for a camera that is powerful and at the same time portable in order for me to move freely as I shoot good content – this is why I love that Sony supports the idea of shooting on a hand-held grip without compromising the footage quality,” Vandorpe shares.

The rise of Sony Philippines’ “Total Vlogging Solutions” only proves that the brand brings its technology to the forefront of vlogging solutions made accessible to all types of content creators in support of their creative pursuits.

Sony Philippines Marketing Manager Hideyuki Wada is hopeful that as they continue to come up with products that are powerful and flexible, they get to capture what the market truly deserves.

“What we offer today is a Sony camera for every type of vlogger. For those who have already made a name in the industry, we give you a wide variety of cameras and accessories to choose from in ways that will elevate your content creation. For the next rising stars, you’re very much welcome to choose from our innovative products that help grow your creativity exponentially. This is what we have in store for our dynamic content creators - the Sony “Total Vlogging solutions”, Wada said. solutions”, Wada said.

Delightful Rakhi Gifts Ideas Which Speak Your Heart Out in Front of Sister With Ease!!

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Raksha Bandhan is dedicated to celebrate the everlasting love of brothers and sisters. It is the festival which is celebrated with gusto in all over India or across the world by Indians across the world. Sisters from India Send Rakhi to USA, UK, Australia, and South Africa or all over the world wherever their brothers are through online Rakhi portals to celebrate the occasion. Brothers also send Rakhi gifts to sisters from there to India to convey their deep love towards them.

We all know that it’s very rare when brothers express their love towards sisters because they always tease their sisters and do not show their hidden love to them. But this Raksha Bandhan speaks out your heartfelt love towards sisters just by giving them wonderful and thoughtful gifts. Yes, it’s true that brothers can easily convey their inner feelings towards sisters without saying much through his gift.

Let’s have the look at delightful and beautiful return Rakhi gifts a brother can bestow to sister to make her feel special and his love towards her.

1. Handmade Rakhi card

Write down your feelings into a beautiful decorative card and gift it to your sister as a Rakhi gift. In the card, tell your sisters how much you feel blessed to have her in your life. Say thanks to sister for all the caring and love she had showered or still showers on you. Write your feeling of care into the card that you also have the same feeling of care, love and respect as she has for you. Let’s tell her that you would always be there whenever she would need you in her life.

This Rakhi gifts would be the best one for sisters because sisters are considered the emotional person, so would be yours. Your sister would definitely love your handmade card and to know about your loveable feelings towards her.

2. Take her for lunch

On the special occasion of Raksha Bandhan, you can take your sister out for lunch. Choose her favorite restaurant to make her happier. Order her favorite food and have a long chit chat session while enjoying the delicious food with her. This is something which would make your sister feel overwhelmed with love and she would understand how much her brother care for her.

This is a good way to celebrate Raksha Bandhan.

3. Give her a sweet treat with delicious cake

Whether you are with your sister or far away in another country, it is something which you can gift to your sister on the occasion of Rakhi. If you are far away from sister, then you can order a cake for her as a Raksha gift to make her feel loved and special. A delicious cake from you would definitely sweeten your relationship than ever.

4. Gift her jewelry set

Girls love for jewelry is obvious as like many other girls, if your sister too loves the jewelery, you can get a set of jewelry to her. This would make your sister feel top of the world. And, she would surely feel your love towards her. One of the advantages of this gift is that whether you are far away from her or with her on the occasion of Raksha Bandhan, you can easily give it to her.

You can place an order of gorgeous jewelery set to her to wish her the best Raksha Bandhan in a case when you are far from her. This gesture of you would surely touch her heart.

5. Flowers the best Rakhi gift for sister

Flowers from the ancient time are considered the best way to express the inner feeling of the giver to the receiver. Flowers are blessed with the ability to put a smile on anyone face. On this upcoming Raksha, let’s express your love towards your sister by gifting her fancy bunch of flowers. Your flowers would surely confess your deep and immense love for her without uttering a single word.

Let’s make your sister feels like princes by bestowing a thoughtful and beautiful gift to her. Convey and shower your love on the most innocent soul i.e. your sister. Make her happy and also make the occasion memorable for years to come with your warm gesture. If you are searching for more Rakhi gifts or Rakhi gifts ideas, then you can opt an online portal i.e.

On this portal, you would get a beautiful range of Rakhi and Rakhi gifts for siblings. Also, you can easily opt online Rakhi delivery to San Francisco or other places across the world along with Rakhi gifts. Here, you would find a thoughtful Rakhi gift for sister. Also, sisters can easily Send Rakhi to Brother anywhere in the world in a smooth manner.

Experience A Gastronomic Fusion At MAFBEX 2019.

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For over a decade, the Manila Food and Beverage Expo (MAFBEX) has elevated the industry with high-grade F&B expositions that cater to varied tastes and agendas of consumers and industry players alike. Now on its 13th year, MAFBEX returns with an irresistible offer to “Experience the Fusion” of both gastronomic innovations and business opportunities.

In honor of this iconic and versatile drink, the 13th Manila Food and Beverage Expo (MAFBEX), which is set to return this June, is thrilled to present a new addition to its roster of event highlights. Aptly named the Brew District Pavilion, this newest area inside MAFBEX 2019 will gather various coffee brands, providers, manufacturers, and everyone else in between in an effort to empower the country’s burgeoning coffee industry.

But more than just about the products and services, distinct to MAFBEX are other show components that focus on nurturing development and knowledge-building among its community of professionals, enthusiasts, and aspiring players alike. As such, visitors of this year’s MAFBEX can expect the return of the show’s signature event highlights such as live cook-offs and products demonstrations that all aim to provide attendees with an immersive food show experience.

Very much in line with the show’s theme of fueling innovation, visitors are also encouraged to watch out for MAFBEX Seminars. Free of charge and open to all, among the topics to be presented at this year’s seminars include “Kitchen Innovation through Diversity and Inclusion’’ by Chef Jester Arellano, “Evolution of Fusion Cuisine: A Breakthrough In Nutrition Trends for Millennials,” and “How to Open a Coffee Shop” by Ros Juan.

More than just a food show, MAFBEX is truly at the center of cultivating the potential of the Philippine F&B industry. The 13th Manila Food and Beverage Expo or MAFBEX 2019 is happening on June 12-16, from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. at the World Trade Center Manila. Tickets are priced at P100.

Statement of DOE SAGC on the Revised Guidelines for the Monitoring of Prices in the sale of Petroleum Products by the Downstream Oil Industry

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Consistent with the mandate of the Department of Energy on effective data-driven policymaking, as well as ensuring greater market transparency, we have amended our guidelines for the reporting of price adjustments by oil companies in the downstream oil industry in the Philippines.

In accordance with existing guidelines, oil companies will continue to report to the DOE any adjustments in the retail prices of gasoline, automotive and industrial diesel, kerosene, jet fuel and aviation gas, and household and automotive liquefied petroleum gas (LPG).

Under the new guidelines, oil companies will also be required to report their “unbundled price adjustments” to include import costs, tax burdens, biofuel costs and other essential cost components that contribute to the changes in retail prices.

These enhancements will provide the DOE and other relevant government agencies with the necessary data to formulate proactive and appropriate policy initiatives for the benefit of consumers and the downstream oil industry. Furthermore, the data provided will support the Department of Energy-Department of Justice (DOE-DOJ) Task Force investigations on reported incidents of anti-competitive behavior.

Rest assured that the utilization of the data collected will be subjected to the strict confidentiality requirements under the Downstream Oil Industry Deregulation Act, the Freedom of Information Act, and the Philippine Competition Commission laws.

Experts Share Tips on Finding the Right Condo Investment

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Investing in real property is a major decision that entails a lot of planning and careful consideration.

Whether it is meant as a home or an investment, buying a property should always be based on analytical research and never on emotions.

Take the case of property investors Morten and Leli Wichstrøm who have embraced property investing after their retirement from the airline industry. Despite already having multiple units in various condominium properties, the couple still make sure to do their "homework" before spending their money on a new venture.

Practice Due Diligence

From scrutinizing a prospective property's location to anticipating upcoming developments in the area, Morten leaves no stone unturned to get their money's worth.

"If we see a new project coming up, he (Morten) really does his homework. He uses a lot of time to study the location. Where does the sun rise and set? Where is there least noise from traffic? What is the view?" shared Leli.

"Yes, I love to do that," chuckled Morten.

"I even sometimes go up to the neighbor building to see how high we should get our unit to be overlooking the next buildings (to be constructed) because air, view, and open space mean a lot to us," he added.

Invest in a sustainable market

After almost a decade of experience as property investors, the couple has come to know the pros and cons of the different housing markets and has found a niche in the middle income sector.

Living in a high-end condo, in fact, made them realize that one need not pay much to have a quality condo investment.

"We have also seen other high-end developments, but I don't know, Morten is more sold on what he calls ‘sustainable living.’ We have friends who have invested in high-end projects, and they have very nice amenities. There´s nothing you can say about the amenities, but there is much to be desired in the unit itself”, Leli said.

Morten likewise pointed out that “DMCI Homes developments have very good features, with some projects even having better amenities than their very expensive competitors.”

"They are paying very much for the name. They pay very much per square meter. They paid twice as much for only a small studio that we paid in Flair Towers for a two-bedroom unit," Morten said, referring to DMCI Homes' two-tower resort-inspired condo community in Mandaluyong City which was one of their first condo investments in the Philippines.

Find a reputable developer

Satisfied with their Flair Towers investment, the entrepreneur couple have become smitten with DMCI Homes since then, leading to more condo purchases with the country's first Quadruple A developer.

"Many of our friends both here and abroad and mostly living in Norway are asking us to give them advice about investments in the Philippines because they say we have been successful. I say it's very good but you have to be very selective from who you buy from," Morten said.

"We say you have to buy from the right company. And of course they ask who is the right company? I say DMCI (Homes). We have very good experience with them. They are very solid. They are building roads, bridges and hospitals for the government. You can buy from them," the Norwegian national added.

Just recently, the Wichstrøm couple accepted one of the three units they bought in DMCI Homes' Brio Tower project in Makati City, and liked what they saw with the latest addition to their growing investment portfolio.

"Brio Tower has been great. So far the best we have. It's better than what we expected. And it was delivered one year ahead of schedule. Fantastic!" Morten exclaimed.

"We see improvements compared to previous projects. We see that they’re listening to feedbacks," Leli enthused.

Put premium on quality property management

And since they are into the condo leasing business, they have to ensure that their investments are well taken care of through quality property management.

Thankfully, they like what they are seeing in DMCI Homes properties which are managed by a team of Property Management and Leasing professionals.

"Most of our investments have been with DMCI (Homes) because we've had good experience with them. Both in the delivery and also quality. If we have issues, they are addressed right away. We're very impressed with that," Leli related.

"People in DMCI (Homes) are very nice. Our overall experience is that everybody working in DMCI is very professional, dedicated and sincere in what they do - whether in administration, maintenance, security, or engineering. During the last property turn-over at Brio Towers, the move-in process went very smoothly. The people in the PMO took their time, and were meticulous in going over the necessary documents. They answered all our questions and doubts; and were very helpful,” Morten pointed out.

More importantly, the couple noted the importance of having the property for keeps with DMCI Homes' guarantee of perpetual ownership.

"Real estate in the Philippines is very good. The prices here are attractive especially with DMCI (Homes). We have been looking at other developers but we buy from DMCI. We are happy. We have also bought from three other developers but we are most happy with DMCI," Morten beamed.

From managing sailboats in the Caribbean and in Greece, Leli and Morten Wichstrøm have successfully transitioned into becoming real estate investors in the Philippines.

Morten shows off the balcony of their one-bedroom unit in Brio Tower. “We like to be able to sit outside, and most of DMCI Homes’ units have a balcony. Other developers don’t have balcony or if they have, it’s a small little thing, more like a smoking area.”

Leli and Morten Wichstrøm at the roof-deck of DMCI Homes’ Brio Tower project in Makati City.

Morten shows off the balcony of their one-bedroom unit in Brio Tower. “We like to be able to sit outside, and most of DMCI Homes’ units have a balcony. Other developers don’t have balcony or if they have, it’s a small little thing, more like a smoking area.”

Leli and Morten Wichstrøm at the roof-deck of DMCI Homes’ Brio Tower project in Makati City.

PH Film Project Picked for Switzerland Film Co-Production Program

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Film director Petersen Vargas’ second feature project “Some Nights I Feel Like Walking” has been selected for this year's Locarno Film Festival’s Open Doors Hub program in Switzerland.

Established 17 years ago, the Open Doors Hub Program is Locarno Film Festival’s industry sidebar. Directors and producers with projects chosen for the program will be mentored and will have the opportunity to network with potential international distributors and partners. This year, the co-production platform will present eight (8) promising projects from Southeast Asia for international collaborations.

The Film Development Council of the Philippines (FDCP), the country's film agency, takes pride in the honor brought to the country by Vargas and his team.

“We are focused on encouraging our Philippine filmmakers and talents to go international now more than ever, and Locarno’s Open Doors Hub gives our filmmakers and their projects the platform to make this goal happen. We are very proud of Petersen, and we wish them all the best in looking for potential international collaborators during the program to realize his project into film,” said FDCP Chairperson and CEO Mary Liza Diño.

Vargas’ coming-of-age debut feature “2 Cool 2 Be 4gotten” won best picture at Cinema One Originals Film Festival 2016. “Some Nights I Feel Like Walking” is part of the five (5) projects that are selected for the third edition of the Southeast Asia Fiction (SEAFIC) Film Lab, an intensive script development lab for Southeast Asian filmmakers, making him the Lab’s first Filipino participant.

“Some Nights I Feel Like Walking” is co-produced by Jade Castro and Alemberg Ang. At present, the film project is in the pre-production stage.

In the Director‘s Note, Vargas said, “My second film aims at being a portrait of a nation (and of a city, homeland, people) as seen through its outskirts and shadows. To walk Manila by night is a revelatory peek into Filipino youth on the fringes of society.”

The Locarno Film Festival’s Open Doors Hub runs from August 7 to 13, 2019, while the 72nd Locarno Film Festival takes place from August 7 to 17, 2019. It is one of the longest running and most prestigious film festivals in the world that showcases arthouse films.

ELSA’ Facilitates Movement of Empties at Manila South Harbor

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Yard utilization at the Manila South Harbor was trimmed down to a better-than-ideal level with the implementation of the Empty Loadout Shipping Agreement (ELSA) at the port.

The initiative, put forward by South Harbor cargo handling operator Asian Terminals, Inc. (ATI), boosted the Manifesto of Support on efficient port utilization signed in mid-March, as well as PPA Administrative Orders clearing the Manila ports of empty and overstaying containers.

The ELSA process provides that at every cargo discharge, vessels docked at the Manila South Harbor would load empty containers already available at the port regardless which shipping line owned such container. The participating shipping lines to the ELSA process include the CMA-CGM Group, T.S. Lines, Evergreen, Yang Ming Lines, Wan Hai and Hyundai Merchant Marine.

“We laud this initiative of ATI in their desire to free up container yard space at the Manila South Harbor and facilitate the movement of laden boxes to and from the port,” PPA General Manager Jay Daniel R. Santiago said.

“Two weeks from the implementation of the Manifesto, the Manila South Harbor is already loading out at least 10,000 twenty-foot equivalent units (TEUs) and relocated the same to other Asian destinations,” GM Santiago explained.

“But with ELSA, the container loadout at the port per week has reached 14,000 TEUs, the highest figure posted in the 60-day implementation span of the agreement,” he added.

The Manifesto of Support aims to prevent the imbalance of inbound and outbound containers borne by the unscrupulous practice of using the ports for prolonged storage of their containers until the withdrawal of goods will yield to maximum profit.

Prior to the Manifesto, the previous practice was that the shipping lines would only pull out its own containers, resulting in higher inventory of empties inside the ports’ container yards.

“The consistent loadout of empty and overstaying containers from the ports the past two months have resulted in a yard utilization of about 54% as of end May compared to the 75% yard utilization when the Manifesto was signed in mid-March,” Santiago said.

5 Great Reasons to Buy a Sailing Catamaran

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If you’ve always wanted to have your own leisure boat, you might want to consider acquiring a sailing catamaran. This type of boat, also known as a “cat,” is a multihull vessel that possesses two parallel, bilaterally symmetrical hulls—a characteristic that allows it to have a beam wide enough to be supremely stable on water. Thanks to this and the other advantages that they offer, catamarans are fast becoming a popular choice for sailing enthusiasts in the Philippines.

In fact, catamarans from world-renowned boat builder Lagoon—part of the French yachting conglomerate Groupe Bénéteau—headlined the recently concluded Lagoon Escapade Philippines 2019. Organized by Europa Yachts Philippines, the country’s premier yachting authority, the escapade’s highlight was a sailing rally that saw 11 majestic Lagoon catamarans set sail from Club Punta Fuego in Batangas to Puerto Galera in Mindoro.

If you dream about joining such events in the future, or you simply want a boat that is both luxuriously appointed and highly reliable under sail, then you should really look into getting a catamaran—particularly one made by Lagoon. Here are five reasons why you may want to consider acquiring one for your sailing adventures across the Philippines.

Sailing catamarans tend to be very stable on water

The stability of catamarans make them very forgiving vessels for experienced sailors and their passengers alike. Their multihull design allows them to resist heeling, which—more often than not—translates to a more satisfying cruising experience for those on board.

This stability also makes catamarans pleasant at anchor. Since a lot of boat owners in the Philippines are also keen about hosting gatherings and soirées on board, it makes perfect sense for them to get a boat that won’t easily tilt due to the pressure of wind and water movements, or because of weight distribution issues on board.

Catamarans provide generous deck and saloon spaces

Multihull boats like catamarans tend to have generous deck spaces and expansive main saloons, thanks in no small part to the wide breadth afforded by their unique deck plans that straddle their port hull and their starboard hull.

This means that catamarans—compared to other boats—usually have more room for entertaining guests, lounging around, and experiencing the other unique thrills and joys of sailing. If you’re the type who’s looking for a boat that your family and friends can roam around in more freely and enjoy more fully, then a catamaran may just be your best option.

Catamarans typically afford more options for cabin layouts

One nice perk of many contemporary catamaran designs, such as those produced by Lagoon, is that a boat owner can have more than one option when it comes to the cabin layout. The double hull configuration of the boat typically means there is a lot of space below deck to move the rooms around. Depending on the overall size and design of the boat, you can have anywhere from 3 to 6 cabins within.

Do you want a boat with a huge cabin that can serve as a grand master bedroom just for yourself? You can choose a cat with provisions for a cabin that runs the length of an entire hull. Do you need a kitchen and dining space near your bedroom for those late-night raids to the fridge or those intimate informal dinners with your significant other? You can choose a catamaran that has provisions for a below-deck lateral galley. The sky’s the limit when you choose a catamaran.

Catamarans can be very fuel efficient under the right conditions

There are a lot of factors that come into play when we talk about the fuel economy of boats. For example, sailboats tend to be more fuel-efficient than powerboats because they can use their sails for propulsion and their engines tend to be smaller and less powerful than those of true motorboats.

When it comes to sailing catamarans, fuel efficiency can be achieved thanks to the design of their hulls. Missing the large ballasted keels of other boats, a typical sailing catamaran will have much less wetted surface area, which means that less of its hull is immersed in water. Under serene weather conditions, this can make the catamaran a very fuel efficient vessel because it can move at great speeds without much resistance from the water.

However, you can probably imagine how other sailboats—with hulls designed to cut through the water instead of gliding on it—can be more fuel efficient under rougher weather conditions. A single-hull sailboat with a displacement hull, for example, may present less resistance on bumpy waters, which means it can be more fuel-efficient than the catamaran above, assuming their engines generate an equal amount of horsepower.

In the end, fuel efficiency can be considered on a case by case basis, but the benefits of a sailing catamaran in terms of fuel economy should never be disregarded.

Catamarans are ideal for use both in the high seas and close to shore

Catamarans are excellent cruising vessels that let sailors experience optimum freedom in the high seas, but should you ever desire staying closer to shore, this type of boat will not disappoint. Because they lack the heavy and large keels of other sailboats, sailing catamarans tend to have shallower drafts, which means there is less distance between the waterline and the bottom of their hulls. Since they can avoid grazing the ocean floor, catamarans are able to access more areas closer to shore compared to other boats of similar length.

The advantage for the boat owner and their guests, of course, is that they get to stop on spots that can be considered great locations for near-shore activities such as swimming, snorkeling, kiteboarding, and windsurfing. Given the Philippine coastlines’ extreme combined length and the diversity of marine features and environments that can be surveyed, catamarans are an excellent choice for sailing enthusiasts who also desire to explore the country closer to its shores.

In the end, catamarans and other boats each have their own qualities that make them appeal to different types of boating aficionados. It’s hard, if not impossible, to recommend a boat based solely on its hull design, so each model should be evaluated on its own merits.

Get in touch with Europa Yachts Philippines to find out whether a catamaran might be a great fit for your requirements. Europa Yachts Philippines offers a curated selection of boats from Lagoon and other celebrated boat makers from Europe. Contact them today at, or call (+632) 553-2027.

6 Breathtaking Batangas Locations You Shouldn’t Miss

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As is the case with most popular tourist destinations, one may think that there’s a limit to Batangas’s charms. But the fact is, no matter how many times one may travel to the province—only a few short hours away from Metro Manila—there are many chances to see it in a different light.

The appeal of visiting Batangas goes beyond stepping foot on one beach, offering prayers in one church, or snapping photos in one heritage site. Here, there’s a little bit of everything for everyone. First-time visitors and returning tourists alike can enjoy the province’s wealth of biodiversity, natural resources, and culture if they add more stops to their Batangas itinerary.

If you’re planning a trip soon and need recommendations, here’s a roundup of six sites that are guaranteed to take your breath away. Head to these locations to experience the singular beauty of Batangas province!

Anilao, Mabini

Anilao is considered one of the “scuba diving capitals” of the Philippines, and it is also home to many a famed Batangas beach resort. Clear ocean waters and stunning reefs aside, what drives Anilao’s tourism sector is its diving courses. There are classes and expeditions tailored to different levels of diving experience, which makes Anilao the ideal vacation spot for both beginning and intermediate divers.

How to Get There: From Metro Manila, you can take a public bus bound for Batangas City, go down at the bus terminal, and take a jeep to Mabini to Anilao Port. Alternately, you can travel to Anilao by car, or ask your chosen resort if they offer a shuttle service.

The View: Both above sea level and below it, your view in Anilao will be a feast for the eyes. While diving, you’ll encounter schools of colorful fish, vibrant coral reefs, and perhaps even a shipwreck site or two.

Laiya, San Juan

For a more laid-back group, there’s the Laiya strip of beaches in San Juan. If you mean to go to Batangas with a loved one on a romantic getaway, you can splurge on premium accommodation. If your goal is to swim, work fresh seafood on the grill, and knock off a few cold ones with friends, there are budget options there as well.

How to Get There: You can simply drive to San Juan, or you can take the bus and get down in front of San Juan’s municipal hall. There, you will be able to find jeeps and tricycles to Laiya.

The View: Beach revelers will enjoy soft sand, verdant coconut trees, and sparkling green-blue waters. It is the perfect scene for watching sunsets, partaking in romantic dinners, or stargazing.

Taal Volcano, Talisay

The mighty Taal Volcano has been named among the International Association of Volcanology and Chemistry of the Earth’s Interior’s (IAVCEI) list of “Decade Volcanoes.” But even if you aren’t an earth scientist, you’ll be wowed by the natural scenery in Taal. The sand is marked a vibrant red in the Red Lava Trail, and the greenery seems endless all the way to the summit.

How to Get There: You will need to take a boat ride to get to Taal Volcano Island. Once there, you will need to register at Taal’s Tourism Office. From then on, you can hike up the trail or you can pay a guide to take you up on horseback.

The View: The weather may be hot, and the trail may be exhausting for some to complete. But once you reach the Taal Volcano’s viewing deck, the optics will be worth it. Take a picture or two as a keepsake of the moment.

Taal Basilica, Taal

Also known as the Minor Basilica of St. Martin of Tours, the Taal Basilica is a landmark site in the heritage town of Taal, which many people have campaigned for inclusion into the UNESCO World Heritage List. It is the largest Catholic church in all of Asia with such an ornate façade, it is likely also one of the most beautiful as well.

How to Get There: To get to the Taal Basilica, you can either drive or take the public bus to Lemery, Batangas. Get off at the Flying V station, where it will be easy to catch a jeep to Taal town.

The View: Batangueños are very much rooted in their Catholic faith, and the legacy of that faith is on show in the Taal Basilica. One need only to glance at the soaring arches, sculpted columns, and detailed visages of the saints in the Basilica to know that the Holy Spirit has been at work here for five centuries.

Fortune Island, Nasugbu

Fortune Island in Nasugbu never fails to fascinate visitors. Once the locus of development work for a luxury clientele, Fortune Island is now a curious mix of rolling cliffs, historic sites, and abandoned structures like the crumbling Parthenon-style ruins. Tourists who want to do something out of the ordinary can go cliff-diving, visit the museum built for the Spanish warship the San Diego, or stage a photo-op by the ruins.

How to Get There: The most efficient way to get to Fortune Island is to ride a bus to Nasugbu, take a tricycle to Fortune Island Resort in Barangay Wawa, and rent a boat from the mainland to the island proper. Be forewarned, however, that the waves here can get very strong.

The View: Every photo that you take here will tell a unique story. If you’re up for it, you can experience thrilling vertical drops, haunting scenery, and powerful currents at Fortune Island.

Malabrigo Lighthouse, Lobo

The Malabrigo Lighthouse is one of 24 lighthouses built by the Spanish to guide their maritime journeys. As luck would have it, however, the portmanteau of malabrigo means “bad shelter” in Spanish. That’s because Malabrigo Point was no safe haven for ships and small boats, and many had met their deaths there. Nevertheless, the striking Malabrigo Lighthouse is a well-preserved structure, and it was declared a National Historic Landmark in 2006. Visitors should go here early in the day in order to beat the heat.

How to Get There: Ride a bus to Balagtas Junction in Batangas, switch to the jeep that goes to Lobo Jeepney Terminal, ride another jeep to the Lobo town proper, and take a tricycle to the Malabrigo Lighthouse.

The View: Outside the Malabrigo Lighthouse is a picturesque view of the blue waters; inside, you can appreciate the old woodwork refurbished with a cheerful paint job. The lighthouse lives up to its landmark reputation.

This is just a taste of the views you’ll be able to achieve; come upon these wonderful sights, and many more, on your next trip to Batangas province!

Benefits of Essay Writing Services

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Essay writing is not the easiest task for many students. It requires a lot of research, and there’s hardly time for such arduous work after school. What’s more, you have to collate all ideas into a structured paper and you might not have these skills. Essays are thus a major cause of stress among college students but there’s a way to avoid this. The best essay writing services such as WriteMyPaper123 now offer professional, affordable, and reliable writing assistance.

This article highlights the benefits of essay writing services for all students. Read on to learn more.


In college, time is a scarce resource. You have a lot of academic tasks to complete in class and afterward. It is tough to find the perfect balance between social life and academics and this stresses most students.

When you have an essay to write, it means foregoing your favorite hobbies and missing out on social activities. Luckily, an essay writer can save you a lot of time by augmenting your research materials. They can also work on the entire paper or help with any section that you cannot complete.

Easing Stress

Assignment overload is one of the main causes of stress in school. Many students say they fear to work on assignments and can’t focus on other things in life. Homework stress can affect your performance in class and also your social life. Working with an essay writing service can save you such problems.

College stress is now a big problem with assignment overload being the major cause

If you have problems dealing with your essay, you might experience stress psychological effects of stress such as depression, anxiety, cognitive functioning issues, lack of appetite, among other problems. When you use an essay writing service, you avoid such psychological problems and it is easy to enjoy your time in college.

Top Quality Essays

The best thing about working with an essay writing company is that you only get the best quality essays. These professionals have academic training in different fields and they deliver the best quality work for clients. Whatever your essay topic, you will find a qualified writer to work with online. If you have always struggled with poor grades in your writing work, it is time to find the best essay writing service.

24/7 Support

When working on an essay, it is easy to get stuck along the way. When this happens, you need immediate assistance to meet the deadline. This is where the best writing services come in handy. These companies offer 24/7 writing assistance and there’s always a writer ready to help you.

Multiple writing resources

In addition to the best essay writers, there are other invaluable writing resources you can find online. These include free sample papers, topic suggestions, writing tools among other things. You can talk to your writer on live chat any time of day or night any time you need assistance.

Working with an essay writing service gives you peace of mind and helps you achieve a balance between life and studies. You can deliver a high quality work essay within the tightest deadlines without suffering any stress.

Food Start-up Leogano Carves World-class Breads to Suit Filipino Taste

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I could never end the week without eating bread. Whether it's in the morning for breakfast, or during snacktime in the morning or afternoon. Sometimes, I find myself eating a whole pack even after dinner, or even in replacement of dinner. With sandwich spread or not, bread remains another staple food, aside from rice, for our family, yesteryears and present days.

This is why I was thrilled to be a part of a media coverage opportunity as a brand recently held their grand opening in conjunction with a baking seminar/workshop featuring a Japanese Master Baker. You could see the expertise clearly showcased as he swiftly creates different kinds of bread offerings during the day. The only setback was he needed to have an interpreter to translate his Japanese instructions to English and/or Tagalog. There was surely a lost in translation somewhere during the presentation.

What was uplifting was the chance to taste and bring home some bread creations that were available for our scrutiny. They all looked so good it was like we feel it woukd be a waste to eat the artistry away. So I only consumed two kinds of breads, and just brought home most of every kind so I coukd share it with my loved ones. It is always more pleasant and heartwarming to share the blessings especially when they are fine food from Leogano.

Below is the official press release from the event:

Leogano Food Corporation is building in the Philippines communities of healthy and picky eaters through breads. From ovens, flour and bakers, the company crafts no less than quality breads: crispy to the touch, fluffy-soft upon bite and hearty and guilt-free meal.

“We define what a delicious bread is by our customized process. Our flour is made in France, our ovens are hand-built and designed from Germany, our bakers are trained by a Taiwan-based master baker. That’s how we ensure quality control on our dough and baked goods,” Leogano CEO Nelson Ong says.

Taiwan-based Japanese Chef Tomohiro Nogami, who has also served breads fresh off the ovens of culinary haven of France in his 34 years of baking, personally demonstrates the art of basic bread making to Filipinos.

“I carefully observe their hands and feel, toss their dough to tell if it was properly knead and rolled. One can also tell if the dough is ready for baking by simply feeling the temperature of the dough. After the basics, I prepare a development plan to gauge and upgrade their skills,” Nogami says with the help of an interpreter.

With only a few customers on the list for now, Leogano in every step strives to offer world-class quality in its three product lines: French flour, bread and equipment.

Staying true to the company’s conscious production, cardiologist and Leogano President Susana Ong certifies its flour as organic or chemical free for all its breads, including loaf, dinner rolls, Kaiser rolls, croissant, baguette, ciabatta and ensaymada.

“As a doctor, I’ve seen many patients getting ill from cancer, stroke and diabetes because of lifestyle habits like eating pesticide-laden foods. With my visit to France and the popularity of bread in Taiwan, I realized Filipinos can also eat handy, palatable and healthy breads. We are now consuming more Western foods, but that shouldn’t mean we must stop being healthy,” Dr. Susana says.

Leogano makes this easier for their customers in households, hotels and restaurants with their frozen dough and par-baked bread which is 90-percent cooked.

“We created these products because we want to make quality breads available to all Filipinos. This is the reason why we also focus on delivering goods instead of putting up shops where only people nearby will be reached,” Nelson says.

To promote Leogano breads, the company is also distributing freezers and ovens that its electrical engineer CEO helped build. Unlike commercial ovens, Chef Nogami says Leogano ovens- the artisans’ modern stone ovens keep its temperature even when opened.

Despite proven tools and recipes for delectable breads, Leogano under the guidance of Chef Nogami finds more ways to stand out. The company believes the Filipino market, as in Taiwan, may soon crave bread in place of rice.

“We continue to innovate according to the taste of the Filipino market. In Europe, they prefer tougher bread, but Filipinos like it soft. We are investing in research with France and Taiwan to develop more palatable, but less chemicals and affordable breads---from ingredients to processes,” Dr. Susana says.

Leogano plans to share these discoveries through e-commerce so they can have their products delivered directly to Filipino homes. The company says it is eyeing delivery services from mobile-based applications.

The company is also keen on partnering with the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority to train more students in baking as a foundation to whip up breads out of the ordinary.

“To ensure freshness and distinct taste, we incorporate the dough recipe from Chef Nogami, teach techniques to Filipino bakers, allow customers to share in our baking experience with our frozen dough and par-baked bread. These are the combinations that put the soul into our food,” Nelson says.

Leogano Foods Corporation (LFC) is a Philippine-based company that specializes in the production, distribution of quality bread and pastry products.

For more details, visit

Know The Process And The Risks Of Debt Settlement Beforehand

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Debt collectors and attorneys for debt collections may still continue to hound you for asking to make your payments that you have stopped.

If you want to make your debt settlement process a success, you will need to know the risks that you may face apart from the working process of it. In simple terms, debt settlement is one of the most popular strategies of finance industry wherein a negotiation is initiated between the creditor and the borrower finding it difficult to pay off the debt to that particular creditor.

As a result of this negotiation, an agreement is arrived in which the creditor accepts a lower amount than the actual debt balance as full payment and the debt is cancelled. Simple! Well, it is not that simple at all.

Why? Because:

A debt settlement negotiation may or may not be initiated by the creditor especially when there is a third party negotiator involved

The amount that you or your debt settlement company offer to the creditor may not be accepted

When you stop making payments to your creditor in this process it will damage your credit score which is why most people having a good credit avoids this process

Debt collectors may still continue to hound you for asking to make your payments that you have stopped

The creditors may still sue you for not paying and if they win they may even garnish your wage to recover their money for unsecured loans and confiscate the collateral for secured loans

The escrow account created by the debt settlement company needs to be managed well and the company will charge you a monthly fee for that matter along with their original service fees making the debt settlement process costly

There is a fair enough chance of being duped by scam debt settlement companies if you are not careful with your selection and do not compare the debt settlement ratings for that matter

It can take a long time, anything between two to four years to reach to a settlement and accomplish it and

It can take years after a successful debt settlement just to discover that you owe some tax on your forgiven debt as per the Internal Revenue Service clause.

Therefore, with all such risks involved, debt settlement should be your last resort, in spite of its benefits.

Limits of debt settlement

There is no way in which you can opt for debt settlement right away. There are a few limitations for this process to come into play.

Typically, debt settlement process is not possible unless there are not any skipped or late payments and unless it is a potential collection account. However, deliberate failures will not facilitate debt settlement.

The creditor has to believe that you really are in a state of financial crisis and it is better to accept what you can afford and offer rather than lose the entire sum if you file for bankruptcy down the road. If they believe that you can pay the full amount that you agreed to originally, they will not settle your account.

Debt settlement is the most suitable option for unsecured debt such as credit cards. You will not be able to settle a few specific types of debts such as federal student loans or a secured loan on a house that can be foreclosed on or even a car loan as it can be repossessed.

Add to that, debt settlement offers will only work when you open a separate savings account and stop making payments to your creditor and instead pay a monthly sum in to this specific savings account to build a substantial amount of money which the debt settlement company can offer to your creditor as a lump sum offer for a reduced debt amount.

This means, when debt settlement does not work you will need to look for other available options to repay your debt. These options includes taking on a debt management plan as an income based repayment plan or taking on a debt consolidation loan.

No guarantees for success

When you opt for debt settlement you take on a lot of risks because there is no guarantee for the success of this process. Moreover, even if the creditor allows settling your debt for a lower amount, there is no clear cut process for its success. Often scam companies will advertise that they will reduce your debts by as much as 50% and make you debt free within three years but the fact can be far from it.

Considering the facts and statements of two of the largest debt settlement companies namely, National Debt Relief and Freedom Debt Relief it is found that no more than $8 billion in debt has been settled by the for about 450,000 clients since 2002. This figure may be substantial but they still do not guarantee success for debt settlement considering the fact that a few of the creditors do not even negotiate with them.

Another research conducted by a nonprofit research and policy group The Center for Responsible Lending it is found that at least four of the loan accounts of most the consumers needed to be settled to gain the net benefit. In addition to that there is always the risk of the debt total rising due to fees accrued and therefore aggressive collection attempts still continued in most of the cases even after the loans were under consideration for settlement.

If you are already a delinquent customer you will be badly hit if you opt for debt settlement. This is because the reports of delinquent accounts stay on the credit reports for several years when the lenders report that the debt has been charged off.

Therefore, you must consult a reputed credit counselor before you take on debt settlement as your option to prevent the risks. However, every debt relief option may come with its significant amount of risk. It is for this reason you are advised to take on as much debt as you can afford to repay back on time and not fall behind. Following a proper household budget is the most prudent way to manage your finance, debt and your mental peace.

DOST-SEI Urges Sci, Math Teachers to Join Innovation Contest

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A student from the Philippine Science High School-Central Visayas Campus flies drone to collect data on different environmental parameters such as temperature, humidity, atmospheric pressure and gas concentration.

To catch up with a rapidly changing educational landscape, teachers are embracing new roles as innovators and designers of learning environment.

This is the idea behind “InnoBox” or Innovation in a Box, a nationwide search for the most innovative teaching and learning resources (TLR) which can be used in teaching both science and mathematics.

The competition, organized by the Department of Science and Technology – Science Education Institute (DOST-SEI), is open to all public and private elementary and secondary school teachers who are currently teaching science and/or mathematics. It aims to encourage teachers to be innovative, creative, and practical in teaching science and math concepts to improve students’ performance in the subjects.

“We’re always on the lookout for teachers who are keen on improving science and math education in the country,” says DOST-SEI Director Dr. Josette Biyo. DOST-SEI, known for implementing various DOST scholarship programs, recognizes the crucial role of educators in strengthening science and technology in the country. 

DOST Undersecretary for S&T Services, Dr. Carol Yorobe (rightmost), and DOST-SEI Director, Dr. Josette Biyo (leftmost) with one of the winners of the 1st InnoBox competition, Marc Vener Del Carmen of Congressional Integrated High School, Dasmariñas, Cavite.

Now on its second run, InnoBox continues to challenge science and math teachers to come up with ideas for more engaging learning experience in the classroom. Nine teachers/group of teachers (three per category) will be given P50,000 each to develop their project prototype, while top three winners (one per category) will receive a plaque of recognition and P100,000 each.

DOST-SEI invites all qualified teachers to submit proposals in any of the following search categories: Grades 3-6; Grades 7-10; and Grades 11-12. The deadline for submission of proposals is on July 12, 2019. For details, interested parties may go to or email the InnoBox Secretariat at

Friday, May 31, 2019

How a Filipino Scientist is Making Headlines in Culturing Marine Herbivores

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While the private sector is focusing on the culture of highly-prized carnivorous species, Filipino scientist Doctor Westly Rivera Rosario and his team have been busy developing new culture methods for herbivorous marine finfish. After perfecting the culture of Milkfish (Chanos chanos) and creating marine-tolerant strains of Tilapia (Oreochromis spp.), he and his team have now succeeded in developing a hybrid Rabbitfish (Siganus spp.) with a higher growth rate and improved disease resistance.

Globally, the culture of carnivorous marine finfish and crustaceans receives the most interest from constitutional investors, with species groups like sea bass, salmon and shrimp showing double-digit growth rates. These species are enjoying high demand from western and Chinese customers and fetch relatively high prices. Their culture however comes with high environmental impacts. Large amounts of fishmeal are typically required as feeds, and it is estimated that at present, a quarter of all fish landed globally – a whopping 21 million tons annually – are caught for the fishmeal industry.

With the planet facing a global environmental crisis, improving the sustainability of our farming methods is critical. Together with more efficient ways of farming fish, a serious part of the solution is to critically consider just which species we should be farming.

Though it is definitely an option to develop vegetarian and lower-impact diets for farmed carnivorous species, shifting away from top predators like salmon and sea bass to herbivorous fish and shellfish would maybe constitute a far more logical solution? Bivalves for example, require no external inputs to be farmed. Due to their massive filtration capacities, their culture actually has a positive effect on the water quality around farms. Similarly, the culture of marine herbivores has a significantly lower impact on the environment surrounding fish farms. When stocked at low densities, there is also the potential to culture herbivore finfish without external inputs. This has been common practice for the culture of carp in freshwater habitats and Milkfish in backwater fishponds for centuries across Southeast Asia.

Aside from lower environmental footprints, culturing marine herbivores is crucial for ensuring food security in developing countries surrounded by vast amounts of seawater like Indonesia, Bangladesh and the Philippines.

In the Philippines, an island-nation of over 7000 islands, finfish play an important role in the daily diet of people living in rural communities. With a population exceeding 100 million people, large amounts of fish must be produced. Since the Philippines has limited freshwater resources but nigh-endless coastal marine areas, the country’s Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (BFAR) has for years been wisely focusing on promoting the culture of marine herbivores. Their main focal point has been the culture of Milkfish, with the Philippines now producing around 400.000 tons annually, making it the country’s top aquaculture species in terms of volume.

Dr. Westly Rosario, lead scientist for BFAR’s aquaculture research station in the province of Dagupan (read more about their facility here) is one of the scientists behind the successful culture of Milkfish. In recent years however, he and his team also saw the need to diversify the country’s aquaculture sector. For the past years, they have been putting a lot of effort in the culture of Rabbitfish. Actually, as he explains, it was his father who first experimented with and saw the potential of these fish.

Rabbitfish (Siganus spp.) are medium-sized herbivorous fish native to the Indo-Pacific region, thriving in coastal areas. Some species prefer brackish-water mangrove habitats while others live in and around coral reefs. Locally known as Danggit and Samaral, these fish are very popular and sought-after food fish. As Dr. Westly explains, “the Philippines is the top producer of wild-caught and cultured Rabbitfish with annual landings of around 30.000 metric tons (MT).The demand for export within Southeast Asia and other markets like Hawaii is very high.  However, few Filipinos are raising Rabbitfish due to the low supply of fingerlings and un-disseminated technology. Their popularity as food fish is leading to the decline of their numbers in the wild.”

About 10 years ago Dr. Westly and his team started working to close the lifecycle of these fish in captivity. Eight years ago, they successfully cultured two of the most commercially-interesting candidates, the Golden Rabbitfish (Siganus guttatus) and the Maze Rabbitfish (Siganus vermiculatus), for the first time. Both species are popular food fish, growing to about 50 centimeters with a maximum weight of one kilogram for the first and two kilograms for the latter. Fresh, they fetch around PHP 325 per kilogram farm gate (USD 6.20), and PHP 380 per kilogram retail (USD 7.20), which in comparison is almost double the price of Milkfish.

Pictures 1 and 2 the Golden Rabbitfish (Siganus guttatus) and the Maze Rabbitfish (Siganus vermiculatus)

Their experimental hatchery is now achieving very reasonable survival rates of 5% from larvae to fry sizes in 45 days. The fry are stocked in nursery ponds and reach fingerling size in about 90 days. Fingerlings can then be further cultured in brackish-water ponds, pens or floating sea cages. In lower densities, the fish can be fed with filamentous algae, seaweed and sea grass which grow luxuriously in brackish-water ponds. However for large culture volumes, a local plant-based pellet feed that ensures good growth and survival rates, has already released by local feed producer Tateh Feeds. Fish can be harvested at 250 grams within five or six months of culture from fingerling size.

Rabbitfish are also ideal candidates for polyculture systems as they are non-aggressive and feed mostly on filamentous algae and other vegetation. In the Philippines they are already co-cultured with both Milkfish and shrimp. They have also been experimentally co-cultured with grouper, with small numbers of Rabbitfish added to grouper cages to keep the floating nets relatively free of algae and seaweeds.

To further improve growth and survival rates, Dr. Westly explains how he came up with the idea of developing a hybrid between the Golden Rabbitfish and the Maze Rabbitfish. This took some trial and error as S. guttatus spawns during the first quarter of the lunar calendar, while S. vermiculatus spawns during the last quarter (as the team later found out, the hybrids will only spawn during a new moon). These findings on lunar cycles will enable Rabbitfish hatcheries to maximize production year-round. These hybrids should grow better than the parent species because of hybrid vigor and show stronger disease resistance while fetching the same price in fresh fish markets. However, some questions remain on the potential of these hybrids escaping and reproducing in the wild. It is important to never let this happen.

Pictures 3 and 4: 2 different crossbreeds of the Golden Rabbitfish (Siganus guttatus) and the Maze Rabbitfish (Siganus vermiculatus)

Despite the strong foundations laid down by Dr. Westly and his team, the Philippines was still producing a paltry 303 tons of Rabbitfish through aquaculture in 2018, however this is almost 90% of global production, plus the figure is up 56%  compared to the 194 tons produced in the country in 2017.

It cannot be denied that the culture of lower-trophic marine herbivores like Rabbitfish has enormous potential to feed the world’s steadily-ballooning population, while simultaneously reducing the environmental footprint of the food we produce. This is a path more aquaculturists and investors should explore. This article was first published on The Fish Site.

By Jonah van Beijnen (VB Consultancy Head) and Gregg Yan (Best Alternatives Head)

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