Thursday, March 11, 2021

Unleashing Women Power in Entrepreneurship by Smart Asset Managers (SAM)

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It's but right to celebrate women empowerment not only locally within our country but also globally as all women across countries deserve to be praised. The ever changing world paves way to empowered women around the globe and it's about time they get the recognition they deserve. 

Smart Asset Managers (SAM) is among those that recognizes the importance of women as an equal and significant contributor of society as it held a discussion on Women Empowerment a few days ago featuring notable female personalities.

I will support women empowerment to enhance their role in decision making for ourselves and for our planet. Who knows, maybe they'll lead us to a better future.

We do need to hear from our women as their thoughts and beliefs are worthy to be heard not just by their fellow women but by every gender.

I feel so overwhelmed and humbled listening to the female speakers. They are  outstandingly formidable and remarkably accomplished women in their respective chosen field of expertise. 

They may not yet be prominently huge and established names in their chosen field, but I am actually so far off from what they have done in their chosen careers. Our choices for career or way of living greatly depends on our priorities and perceptions, and we should not degrade whatever choices they made for themselves. Each one should be respected for their decisions in life.

And it is with great humility that I thank SAM for giving us the opportunity to be listen to these talks about women empowerment.

It is quite an honor and I am truly privileged to be able to participate.

This virtual event was launched this year, during the Women’s Month of March, to promote women empowerment.

It could have been a more celebrated event if not because of the pandemic. Thus this was held online within the safety of everyone's home or offices, but we still found significant relevance to appreciate. Life does need to continue inspite of the lockdown....may it be for the men or women who are both making extra effort amid what we call the new normal.

Grateful that this event was launched even during the pandemic, and we feel that there was no better time, because the health crisis should never stop us from celebrating the importance of women in our society as valuable contributors also in entrepreneurship. Everyone continues with its quest or search to incubate startups or  micropreneurs to help all industries bounce back during these trying times.  

Being an Enabler, by way of the opportunity being given by SAM, in this particular industry is relevant now, more than ever. Online is after all a very convenient way to transact and do business or earn rewards or profits from our hard-earned money especially now when even jobs and businesses are struggling.

We also believe that the pandemic is the best time for women to shine in every aspect, even while at home…because now, women are made to wear additional hats due to this pandemic… from home chef to a homeschooling teacher, house cleaner, home nurse, etc… while juggling work from home to leading our own industries.

We are urging all Filipinos to participate in advocacies promoting women empowerment. They are not competing against men but but combining efforts towards a more fruitful and thriving tomorrow.

Sunday, March 7, 2021

Work and Quality of a Penis Extender

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What Does a Penis Extender Do?

A penile extender device is a non-invasive device that uses traction to stretch your penis. It is recommended by the doctors for the correction of Peyronie’s disease which after use, helps in preventing curvature in your penis.

A study was done, which found that after three months of using a penile extender device the average length of participants' flaccid penises increased by more than 1.5 centimetres. Many companies are making these devices, but an example of one of the top companies is Male Edge

How Does a Penile Extender Device Works?

The principle of the penile extender device is to trigger the cell division process that leads to cell multiplication. It provides a steady and safe stretch to a penis, which increases the tissue cell division and stimulates their multiplication. The comfortable design makes it easy to wear it longer and without any harm. The average increase of the penis length is 28-30% and the penis girth is 19% or more. 

When a Penile Extender Device Should be Used?

The popular and main reason for the usage of a penis extender is when your woman is complaining and not satisfied in bed. These circumstances increase anxiety and increased breakups.

So, some descriptions of a short penis are that when the size of a person’s erect penis is shorter than 3 inches and of the flaccid one is shorter than 1.6 inches, this person has a small penis and needs male enhancement. A penis extender is considered to be the most effective alternative to surgery, so whether your penis is small or normal-sized, you can enhance its size with the help of a penis extender. 

What is The Top Quality Penis Extender?

Sometimes, it is difficult to find a top-quality penis traction device online. You should be extra careful and visit only the official websites of the manufacturers, which produce some of the best quality penis extenders well-known for their quality and effectiveness. Penis extenders compared to male enhancement surgery are more suitable for your budget and are inexpensive.

The top 5 companies producing the penile extender devices are Quick Extender Pro, Jes-Extender, Male Edge, Size Genetics and Phallosan Forte. 

What Factors You Should Consider before Buying?

Before purchasing a penis extender, various factors such as your lifestyle, the actual penis size, incurvated penis, Peyronie’s disease, erectile dysfunction, or postoperative erectile tissue training are to be taken into consideration. If you use a traction device without consulting a medical expert – preferably, a urologist, it can be dangerous for you and your health. If you’re healthy but you’re living with the fear that you might have an undersized penis, you can always purchase an extender to improve your erections and make your penis longer.

You must purchase your penis extender on official websites to avoid scams. And remember that not all penis traction devices are the same, some act differently. So, it is also necessary to first read about these traction devices produced by different manufacturers. After having all the information, the last thing you should check is your budget.

What is the difference between pre-tensioning and post-tensioning?

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In the method of prestressed the tensile are generally stressed with the help of steel in which the compressive stresses are taken by concrete. The method of prestressed is included with two methods - internal prestressing and external prestressing. There are two types of internal prestressing and they are pre-tensioning and post-tensioning. Pre-tensioning is a process in which the steel tendon is usually tensioned before casting the concrete whereas, in Post-tensioning, the steel tendon is usually tensioned after casting the concrete.

What is tensioning concrete?

Tensioning concrete is a process of concrete in which the internal stress is introduced for putting the element into compression. In this process, the tensile bending gets stressed because of self and applied loading which is offset with the help of inbuilt compression. It is introduced by tensioning steel and is done either before casting the concrete which is called pre-tensioning and also after casting the concrete which is referred to as post-tensioning. In the process of tensioning concrete reinforcement of steel bars and fabric are placed in the areas in which the tensile stresses can occur under the load. Hence the reinforcement of the steel is very strong in tension since it is able to absorb the stress that is developed in the concrete. Apart from that, this type of tensioning concrete has high tensile strength but does not exceed pre-compression stresses and cracking. 

How pre-tensioning is done?

Pre-tensioning is the process in which the steel tendons are tensioned before casting the concrete. In this process, the tendon is tied down against a particular projection. Once the concrete is set and solidified the tendon are cut or discharged. For pre-tensioning concrete, it is highly required to tensioned the steel in between the anchorages that remain external to the member. After that, the concrete is cast around it and it has developed a sufficient amount of strength the tension. Once the concrete is casted force can be transmitted to the concrete over a particular distance from each end of the member.        

How post-tensioning is done?

Post-tensioning is the process that is made by casting concrete and it contains the ducts through which the tendon is threaded. Another way to do post-tensioning is to cast the concrete which is greased as well as encased in a plastic sleeve. The tendons are tensioned at the time when the concrete gets enough strength with the help of a portable jack. Then the load will be transmitted and the steel is stressed. That means in this process of post-tensioning concrete is poured before the tension is applied and is stressed before the load is applied.  

What are the advantages of prestressed concrete?

Prestressed concrete comes up with several benefits as compared to conventional concrete. Some of the common advantages of prestressed concrete are given as follows:

The whole concrete cross-section of prestressed concrete has the capacity to resist the applied force. That is the reason why in this process the whole concrete does not suffer in case of cracking. 
The duration and longevity of prestressed concrete are comparatively longer than that of the reinforced concrete.
The length of the longer span enhances the untroubled floor space as well as parking facilities.
A longer span will require fewer joints and this needs less maintenance.
Since the concrete is crack free the probability of steel corrosion as well as the subsequent concrete deterioration is declined.
Prestressed concrete has longer durability.
Prestressed concrete can bear a reversal of stress, impact, vibration as well as a shock since in this process there is no risk of cracking.
In prestressed concrete the dead loads are neutral and the weight of the dead load of the structure is decreased because of which the consumptions of materials is reduced.
Large liquid such as the Hollow hydraulic cylinder that is constructed from the prestressed concrete is less costly. Apart from that, such types of cylinders are also safe against cracking and there is no risk of having leakage. 
Prestressed concrete also comes up with low deflection. 
What is the difference between pre-tensioning and post-tensioning?
There are many differences between pre-tensioning and post-tensioning and some of the major differences are listed as follows:
Pre-tensioning is usually done in factories whereas post-tensioning is done in both factories and sites.
In the case of pre-tensioning, the strands are tensioned prior to the casting of the concrete but in the process of post-tensioning, the strands are mainly carried out once the concrete attains enough strength.
With pre-tensioning, you can create small sections whereas there is no restriction of size and you can create long sections as per your requirement.  
In Pre-tensioning the loss of prestressing
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