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Blog Reviews : Blatant Honest-to-Goodness Versus Sugar-Coated Half-Truths

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SURVEY, SURVEY lang pag may time:

The article above was solicited out from discussions among netizens. I'm sure even the celebrities and artists will agree with the article...They most probably just keep silent because they are earning well from the opportunity.

I felt everything in the article was an honest reflection of the many TV shows sprouting like mushrooms and sort of dumbing the masses with low-budget silliness. Are we making our blog a threat to those concerned or involved in low-quality productions? Are we afraid we are going to lose patronage of our readership, or even sponsorship (no more invites?),  if we write a hate article for something we truly hate? or should people commend us for being frank and vulgar in our reviews?

We would like to issue an informal statement for those who are questioning why we are posting  negativity in our blog.

Crowd Favorite 'Ikaw' Interpreted by Jonalyn Viray was 2013 ASOP TV Grand Final's “Song of the Year”

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'Ikaw', a crowd favorite song of praise composed by Boy Christopher Ramos Jr., bested 12 finalists to win “Song of the Year” award in this year's ASOP TV Music Festival Grand Finals Night while Jonalyn Viray received the “Best Interpreter Award” for the same song.

Ramos is a professional composer whose awards-worthy “Ito ang Buhay Ko” won in the Best Theme Song category of the 2011 Asian Television Awards. Viray, on the other hand, is a 2006 WCOPA gold medalist known for her power vocals.

Meanwhile, RJ Jimenez's “I Am Grateful”, earned the first-runner up prize while Christian Obar 's “Lagi Kang Nariyan” received second-runner up prize, and Paul Hildawa's “You'll See Miracles” was third-runner up. Stonefree's Miro Valera, pop prince Gerald Santos and Carl Trazo were interpreters for Jimenez's, Obar's, and Hildawa's song entries, respectively.

The grand prize-winning song comes with P500,000 cash prize. The other runners-up receive P250,000, P150,000, and P100,000 for first, second and third runner up placers, respectively.

34th Manila International Book Fair : It's Raining Book Authors!

Wazzup Pilipinas!

When you see a guy who forms the letter C with his hand, you'll know immediately that he is motivational speaker and book author Chinkee Tan. Well.... aside from the huge name on his jacket that says Chink+, but only if you were observant enough,  his face is just too familiar not to be recognized by real book lovers.

Chinkee Tan was just one of the famous Filipino writers that were present at the 34th Manila International Book Fair now being held at the SMX Convention Center until the 15th of September.

Congratulations to Primetrade Asia and all the rest of the organizers and other groups responsible for organizing another successful book fair which was able to bring to the book-loving public several amazing books at discounted and sale prices, plus a meet and greet photo ops with our favorite book authors.

What I appreciate the most is the opportunity to meet a lot of popular and well-respected authors all in one roof, most of them guesting a booth all at the same day (Whew!). Some booths even have an hourly schedule of book authors visiting and signing books for their fans (OMG!). I wanted to personally see the other authors for myself  as well so I was going back and forth from one boot to another (starstruck and greedy....hehehe).

Being part of media, I get to have an excuse to ogle and lurk at the popular personalities and impressive showcase of books and booths without people thinking I'm some kind of pervert or obsessed fan.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

34th Manila International Book Fair : Awesome Second Day

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Apparently, you'll find more than just books at the 34th Manila International Book Fair. There were also an awesome selection of other educational stuff that could help in keeping up with the educational requirements and expectations of the digital (or more advanced in technology) generation.

Even the cute little youngsters are so challenging to teach and train so it requires more creative efforts on the part of adults to deliver our ideas successfully so that they could absorb what has been taught. We are not expecting a hundred percent but a good figure above the passing grade would be nice.

The good old-fashioned and traditional story-telling could still work for the little ones - especially if coming from energetic story-tellers with fancy assorted voices and exaggerated body gestures. Add to that the facial expressions that could easily make you smile, shed a tear, get you furious, scare you to death or make you wanna laugh out loud.

But everyone has probably realized by now that as soon as these young kids learn how to use a TV remote control or operate a computer, (or maybe an iPad or an Android tablet), then you'll be in for a mighty difficult challenge of convincing them to let go.

34th Manila International Book Fair : Impressive First Day

Wazzup Pilipinas!

A crowd already gathered at the entrance of the SMX Convention Center at the Mall of Asia awaiting the opening of the 34th Manila International Book Fair (MIBF)...and all I can say was "Wow!"

It was an amazing sight as I really am surprised that book lovers are so intense in catching up with huge discounts and sales on great books, meeting up with their favorite authors for some photo ops and book signing, attending seminars led by top-notch speakers, eyeball opportunities with fellow bookworms and new acquaintances, plus a lot more fun and exciting things to do at the 34th year of the MIBF.

At the opening, I rubbed shoulders with the likes of Senator Sonny Angara, Congresswoman Lenny Robredo, DOH ASec Enrique Tayag, Wattpad CEO Allen Lau, author Francis Kong, plus a lot more high-profile personalities who were all supportive of the significance and importance of books.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Battlemob Gives Away Prepaid Load and Gadgets this Holiday Season

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Be your own online mafia boss and earn “street reps” to win an LG Plasma TV, iPhone5, iPad mini, P50,000 cash, prepaid load, and more!

As the “Ber” months roll in and Pinoys get into a festive mood, prepares advance Christmas gifts for their players, including P50,000 cash, an LG Plasma TV, iPhone5, iPad mini, and prepaid mobile load.

A Filipino gaming site that launched earlier this year, plays up the mafia theme where players battle one another to earn their reputation. The site features well-loved games from childhood such as Bato Bato Pick and Maalis Taya. Games in the site range from the simple: toss coin, dice toss, to the challenging: drag race, ball bounce, and battle slam. Players can play by themselves, with friends, or with strangers.

Every time players win a game or a battle they earn their reputation or “street reps.” To win the gadgets, cash prizes, or prepaid mobile load, they must get enough street reps and be a mafia boss.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Marriott's Spirit to Serve Feeds 1,000 People Affected by Typhoon Maring

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Man is basically good. We all want the best for our  fellow men. Our hearts are so compassionate that we would always lend a helping hand in times of trouble or disaster especially when we know we can do something about it.

Last September 9, 2013, I was one of the bloggers who were given a chance to cover and participate in Marriott’s contribution to the victims of the recent typhoon Maring that hit Luzon including their neighboring towns here in Pasay City NCR.

This is one of the finest and excellent help one organization can give and do because its not just a simple food but one of their specialties, the Paella,  which is more expensive than other known dishes in this country that they have provided to the typhoon victims.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Sakae Sushi: A Different Kind of Sushi Experience!

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Are you sick and tired of just sitting and waiting around for your order to come to your table? Sick of the dull and boring atmosphere of the restaurant? Do you at least want something to do or to interact with while you wait?

Sakae Sushi has got something for you!

For only Php 1, 549, you and five of your friends can enjoy an all-out sushi buffet with miso soup and an optional bottomless cold or hot green tea! But wait. Isn't that really common in sushi restaurants here in the Philippines?

Let me tell you, my fellow sushi lover, that's where you're wrong.

A Revelation of the Patron Saint : A Review of Paul Dumol’s Lorenzo by Mark Daniel Chan

Wazzup Pilipinas!

“He is no fool who gives up that which he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose.” –Jim Elliot

Paul Dumol’s Lorenzo is many things – it is smart, funny, not what one initially expects and sometimes borderline sacrilegious. It is also a national treasure and a play that should be seen by every Filipino.

Lorenzo centers around a Filipino OFW named Laurence Ruiz who is incarcerated for murdering his employer in the Middle East who raped him. While in jail, Laurence obsesses about his name sake, Lorenzo Ruiz, who was martyred in 1637 in Japan. Being a student of theater and a former production hand, Laurence composes a play in his head in 3 Acts and dictates it to a female visitor who is allowed to visit him on occasion. Laurence does this because he is forbidden to have any writing instruments in prison.

The play is an exploration of the metaphysical, and just as Shakespeare resorts to in a classic like A Midsummer Night’s Dream, much of the action happens in the play within a play. Laurence’s play is brought to life as the action of 1636 and 1637 is brought to life around the jailed OFW’s presence and consciousness on stage.

Kadayawan Festival 2013 : A Harvestful Davao Fest

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Kadayawan has been successful withstanding the local rumors of bombing during the event. It was celebrated the whole week of August 13th until the 18th. The weekend was the highlight of the festival where they celebrated ‘Indak Indak’ on a Saturday and the harvest parade on a Sunday.

Indak Indak is where several different tribe representatives dance on the street. The dancing is composed of several kids and young adults dressed in colorful outfits. They have been practicing the dance in preparation for this festival. It is a much anticipated event for the Davaoñeos and its viewers.

The term “Kadayawan” is from the word Mandaya or “madayaw”. This is a warm and friendly greeting used to explain a thing that is valuable, superior, beautiful, good, or profitable. Thus, its colorful and fruitful celebration.

World Supermodel Philippines 2013

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A "supermodel" is considered a level higher than the standard beauty queens. They should walk with style and strike a pose with more confidence (more often than not - exaggerated to be seen prominently). Their facial and body features should be more expressive (cheekbones and height is a necessity while a rounded face and plump body is a no-no). They should look good in photo shoots - photogenic so they say.

Binibining Pilipinas and Mutya ng Pilipinas candidates are already transcending the boundaries of  being a beauty contestant and a supermodel. There is now a thin line separating the two types of beauty queens since everyone wants to become better than the average. Almost everyone is smart and talented enough to multi-task and dwell into many fields.

You'll see both winners of these two different competitions moving into fields like modelling, product endorsements, hosting and even acting.

Sunday, September 8, 2013

A Wonderful Experience Like No Other

IV-Berzelius ('13-'14)
Wazzup Pilipinas!

We used to celebrate Pistang Pinoy every year in our school, Pasig City Science School. Filipinos are considering the month of August as the Filipino Month. Pistang Pinoy is a traditional event that shows the culture of Filipino people here in the Philippines. Each section exert and effort in decorating their classrooms. The banquet or the so called “handaan” is the main highlight of the event. Each section prepared the traditional foods of the Filipinos and some of these foods can only be taste here in the Philippines. In my four years of celebrating this event in our school, this might be the best.

This celebration of the Filipino Month is not only about the banquet. The Filipino Department also prepared contests for the students like Maunawang Pagbasa, Malikhaing Awit, Masining na Pagkukuwento, Talumpatian, Balagtasan, and Basag/Pick-up Lines. Each section has its own representatives for each contest except for the Malikhaing Awit because this contest is for the whole section. Unfortunately, our section wasn’t able to win this contest, IV-Lewis won this contest and I’m really happy for them. On the other hand, our representatives in Balagtasan which are Julius Santos, Leira Tolentino, and Cherry Paramio got the first place and I’m really proud of them. They did a really good job. Our section also got the first place in the contest of Pamilyang Pinoy.

Article Spinning : Hey! I Just Spun Your Article So Sue Me! I Also Copy-Pasted So Let Me Burn in Hell!

Wazzup Pilipinas!

"What do you do if a famous blogger "spins" your blog post and passes it off as his/her own at his/her blog site? Do you call his/ her attention, do you let it pass, or do you call an all-out war?"

I was intrigued by a discussion seen at a thread looming at a certain Facebook bloggers group. The members were having quite a long discussion about a blogger that has allegedly spun an article of another blogger, and how the PR firm, after being notified, belittled the situation.

They go on talking about how article spinning is under the crime of plagiarism since the content or idea is the same as the original article.

But the real problem is on how to confront the blogger being accused of article spinning.

The discussion continues to become a very long thread. I actually stopped reading and it must have died down since I no longer see updates or new post form the thread. Here below are selected portions of the discussion with very minor revisions just to correct or improve the flow of the discussion.

PLDT HOME’s Fibr Sponsors Volleyball Team to the Asian Volleyball Championship in Thailand

Wazzup Pilipinas!

It is admirable to hear news about private corporations, as well as individuals and organizations, taking an active role in social responsibility in the form of partnerships, sponsorships, donations and other means.

With the government not able to provide for all the necessary funding to elevate the standards of sports in the country, private entities take over to subsidize or pay in full for the needs of noble efforts. Competing in international events will bring pride to our country especially if we win a considerable spot in the finals.

Taking part in an international event is great enough to promote our country globally. To have Filipino representatives taking part in such grand events inspires our countrymen to excel in their endeavors so that someday they to will be representing the Philippines.

Lorenzo the Musical : A Spectacular Show of Sights, Sounds, Lights and Acting!

Wazzup Pilipinas!

We are proud to be one of the online media partners of Lorenzo the musical which is currently running scheduled shows at the SDA Theater of St. Benilde.

The musical is an extremely extravagant offering of spectacular lighting, music and sound effects, costume, and acting.  Add to that several surprises you will never expect in a show as grand as this operatic performance. Plus you'll definitely be at awe when you see the humungous robot ala Voltes V coming out from the back stage.

I was having goosebumps seeing scenes after scenes of sensational acting and fancy outfits. The press preview attended by members of the media was a huge success of which I'm sure Christopher De Leon will be very proud seeing a lot of satisfied attendees.

The new original Filipino musical drew a standing ovation and its one of those rare moments when you will feel that you are truly proud to be a Filipino.

Pistang Pinoy 2013-2014: The Greatest I've Ever Experienced


Wazzup Pilipinas!

This 2013-2014 Pistang Pinoy is the greatest of all Pistang Pinoy that I ever experienced. Students were tremendously happy with the events that happened in school. Furthermore, "Pistang Pinoy" is not considered as fiesta if there are no food to eat. Below are some dishes of Filipinos that I consumed a lot.

We also had a program at the gymnasium. The program was wonderful, our principal had his speech, the teachers performed and the students that won in the competitions showed their master pieces to the crowd.

Also, the senior scouts had their own presentation in which the people laughed hard and enjoyed the show. These people are my best friends and we are called "Dabarkads".

Jessy Mendiola Is on the Cover of Esquire Magazine September 2013 Issue

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Jessy Mendiola takes the cover of Esquire magazine's annual fiction issue where Luis Katigbak writes 22 truths about the lovely young star of ABS-CBN’s Maria Mercedes.
The magazine also features several short stories from the most acclaimed writers in the country.

Jessy Mendiola is in the news lately not just because of her
taking on a role of Maria Mercedez made popular by Mexican actress Thalia in the early '90s but also because of the news that Sam Milby is courting the Kapamilya star.

Mendiola is the fourth Filipina actress to reprise the role of the international star. Marian Rivera played Marimar, Carla Abellana portrayed Rosalinda, and Erich Gonzales did a remake of Maria la del Barrio in the GMA 7 and ABS-CBN adaptations.

Rogue Magazine Stars Five Fab Cover Models in their September 2013 Issue

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Rogue Magazine presents five "iconic" cover models for their September 2013 issue!

Anne Curtis, Judy Ann Santos, Charlene Gonzalez, Marian Rivera, and Angel Locsin graces the cover of Rogue Magazine's "The Style Issue"  this September.

All of them except for Marian Rivera are from the ABS-CBN Kapamilya network. It seems Marian is the only GMA 7 Kapuso network star that was chosen to be among the five cover models with a solo set each on the digital version, but in my point of view, Marian turned out to be the most stunning. Just look at those eyes, the hair, the leg and the cleavage. She really has the most alluring pose and most charming face among the five.

I am also wondering why Charlene Gonzalez was included among the five. She's not that iconic unlike the four whom you'll see very often in print ads, posters, billboards and TVCs as product endorsers. Charlene's  age bracket may be a little off from the other four, maybe except for Judy Ann Santos who is also a wife and a mother. But compared to Judy An Santos, Charlene stands out more in the cover and seems to look like of the same age as the others.

Garage Magazine Celebrates 5th Year Anniversary at Republiq

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Garage magazine celebrated its 5th anniversary by holding a fab fashion ball at Republiq in Resorts World Manila. The men's magazine's best-dressed list for the past years and now were all reunited into one classy party.

August issue cover star and best-dressed awardee, Enchong Dee kicked off the night’s festivities and was then capped with a fashion show directed by Robbie Carmona and sponsored by clothing brand, RRJ.

Several stylish denizens, including my friends and I, were all invited to attend the event in support of Garage magazine.

We rubbed shoulders with a lot of popular celebrities including recently awarded Miss World Philippines 2013, Megan Young.

Please see below for some photos with celebrities, friends and other guests of the event.

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