Saturday, April 18, 2015

PNoy Says to the Youth: Books First Before Facebook and Clash of Clans

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Political matters muna bago celebrity weddings and TV guestings. Inuna muna sana ang mga SAF44 Fallen Heroes instead of going to a car plant visit.

Tama naman po ang payo mo Mr. President pero sana din may mga books na mabubuklat ang mga estudyante para basahin..pero sad to say. ...kulang-kulang po ang mga books sa public schools kasi yung budget ay nasa bulsa ng tiwaling pulitiko.

Excuse Me! Hindi na po uso ang pagbabasa ng libro dahil may Google na po. It knows (has) almost everything! Madali at mas maraming makukuhang information from different sources at less time consuming and work dahil we don't need to spend hours in the library or to photocopy certain portions of the book just to do research.

We also use Facebook to keep in touch and for group efforts. Since everyone has a Facebook account, it is easier to organize and keep ourselves updated and informed instead of SMS, email, call or actual meet-ups.

Ang library din ngayon ay parang museum na. It now exist just to preserve our culture. Once in a while we get to visit and open some new books.

You Will Never Become Better If You Are Always Bitter

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There's been some photos circulating on social media regarding two uncanny lovers of the same gender. Though many are remarking it was unfair since the guy was surprisingly good-looking and his partner was shockingly a member of the LGBT community.

Many are asking where is the justice in this world? The so-called Asian-European gay couple was so lovey-dovey sweetly holding hands and some photos even portray them kissing each other. The too much display of affection didn't made others jealous but the mere fact that a couple like this could exist.

It is very rare that you see such a tandem. People judge, people become bitter, people keep on questioning how was it possible.

Some would not accept the reality that a guy or gay can be lucky. Who knows? Maybe the tall guy is also a fag! Not to undermine the LGBT community but people who fall in love with the same sex usually have questionable sexualities as well.

Digital Technology World 2015 Gathers the Biggest Names in the Industry

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On its second year, Digital Technology World (DTW) 2015 is set at the SMX Convention Center Manila, MOA Complex, Pasay City from April 23-25.

The expo is living up to its title as the “Biggest Digital Platform in the Philippines” with over 150 participating companies and a total of 300 booths with over 5,500 sq.m of exhibition space occupied.

The expo gathers the leading manufacturers, distributors and service providers in DIGI PRINT (Printing, Labeling & Graphic Arts), DIGI PROAVL (Audio, Video and Lighting), DIGI SIGNS (Outdoor, Out-of-Home Advertising, Interactive Displays and Event Staging), DIGI ELECTRONICS (Gadgets & Accessories, Lifestyle IT & Personal Electronics), and DIGI SOLUTIONS (Hardware-Software, Programs, Consumables and Devices).

Pre-register to access your free entrance at

For more info., contact the event organizers, Global-Link MP Events International Inc. at (T) 893-7973 (F) 550-1148, email: or website  

Gramatically Incorrect, Passionately Imperfect

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There are unintentional typos that ruin a good article but many have been using word plays, beki lingos, Jejemon style of writing and a lot more purposely designed to bring out humor for the amusement of the readers, but what is really annoying is reading an article that was meant to be serious but you just couldn't stop laughing because of the horrible English grammar.

But no one could probably say they don't make mistakes and they are always grammatically correct. However, repeated occurrences were supposed to humiliate people that are not literate enough to share and error-free writing piece. 

Some people should be able to discern they lack the skill to write fluent English so they should instead "Tagalized" or mix the language to come up with exhaustingly kolehiyala "Taglish" as an alternative. It's forgiven if they still make a mistake at least there are several reasons to explain why.

You might want to suggest they just write in the vernacular, or Tagalog for Metro Manilenos and the likes of Bisaya or Pangalatoc for those belonging to their appropriate region. Not that I am fully aware of the differences, but it beats trying hard to express using a language you are obviously finding difficulty in writing.

Friday, April 17, 2015

Eh Di Wow! Wazzup Pilipinas at Tech Island 2.0

Wazzup Pilipinas!

I should have said Eh Di Wow! when the event hosts asked me for three words that best describes my expectations of the event. Instead I uttered, with the last word delayed for several minutes, "Online Business ..... Master."

It was the Tech Island 2.0 event of PLDT SME Nation held at Ocean Adventure in Subic, and said to be the biggest compared to the first, and boasted as the biggest tech event ever. The event was for two days, but the organizers arranged the presscon on the second day where "Mastering the Digital Wave was the focus tech talks and activities. Day 1 was all about Transformational Leadership in the Digital Era where a different set of speakers the likes of Rappler's Maria Ressa, PLDT's Napoleon Nazareno, Archbishop Tagle, and others shared their thoughts and inspirational stories. The second day was more for the tech gurus like Ideaspace's Earl Valencia, foodpanda's Mauro Cochieri, AGSX's Winston Damarillo and IDCs Roger Ling.

The bragging rights was probably based on the number of business owner participants who joined the event. A lot are now interested in implementing online and technology-based strategies in their business. A lot are starting to embrace the power of the Internet - blogs, social media, mobile apps, and just about everything else you can find online.

Yup, stage fright got the best of me when I was asked beyond introducing my name and organization. However, the opportunity to mention infront of more than a thousand spectators was already worth the bother to try to win a smartphone - the tempting prize to participate in the game.

I still believe I gave the best answer but it seems the female specie always has the advantage of winning, or in this case, being chosen, among male competitors, by a majority of men that compose the audience.

Get Discount on Wen Cleansing Conditioner for Every Purchase of Proactiv Kit

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Proactiv currently has a new exclusive product bundle available online at A discount on Wen Cleansing Conditioner is being offered if purchased with a Proactiv kit.

Proactiv is a treatment product system that prevents acne and leaves you with clear skin. Its exceptional products are developed to promote quality skin care benefits -  moisture, even tone, radiant complexion - and ensure the best when it comes to your skin.
Buy a Proactiv Kit and get a discount on Wen Cleansing Conditioner 350ml. This discount is available only until May 15, 2015 so better get it while it is ongoing.

From the Proactive Philippines Online shopping site,, customers can purchase either a 30-day or 60-day Proactive kit. They have the option to upgrade it and receive an additional product, Wen Cleansing Conditioner, at Php250 or Php400 discount respectively.

Wen Cleansing Conditioner is a brilliant and innovative product available in two scents: Pomegranate or Sweet Almond Mint. It is a new concept in hair care delivered by the manufacturer as Proactiv - Guthy Renker USA. It is a complete formula, since in one use this product acts as your shampoo, conditioner, de-tangler, deep conditioner, as well as a leave-in conditioner.

Free Comic Book Day at Bonifacio High Street on May 2

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It's that time of the year again where we get free comic books where else but at Free Comic Book Day!

On Saturday, MAY 2, 2015, everyone will surely fall in line again as early as the night before for FREE COMIC BOOK DAY 2105!

FCBD 2015 will be held at FULLY BOOKED in their FORT, ALABANG TOWN CENTER, and GREENHILLS branches. And FCBD will also be celebrated at Comic Odyssey GALLERIA branch.

FCBD has been getting bigger & better each year and this year is no exception.

 - At the FORT branch, people who will patiently line up will receive (3) FCBD sponsored comics of their choice and a copy of the locally published FCBD KOMIKS #5, while supplies last. No purchase necessary.

- At the ATC, GREENHILLS, and GALLERIA branches, get to receive (1) FCBD sponsored comic and FCBD KOMIKS #5 while supplies last. No purchase necessary too.

The Life Imprisonment Sentence of Janet Lim - Napoles

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Sayang wala ng death penalty like lethal injection, electrocution or hanging in the Philippines. Janet Lim - Napoles deserves a more severe penalty than staying in prison comfortably because of her influence and affluence.

We all know the stories of rich convicts serving their sentences in luxury and comfort, others have surprisingly been going in and out of prison with permission from corrupt prison authorities, and some have even run for offices and won.

Well, we all know not all who are in prison may be guilty. Many are said to be innocent because they lack the financing to continue fighting for justice and their innocence. But we hear more stories of the guilty able to continue with their criminal operations even in prison. With access to entertainment, communication, and technology, and more.

Napoles seems unfazed when the verdict was read. It is so obvious that she was already aware of the end result. I'm betting they would only allow some years to pass, to let the people forget, and a pardon or early release will take place, after all have been paid and bribed.

Ang Buhay ng Blogger ay Para Daw Milk Tea Poisoning

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The life of a blogger is similar to the recent milk tea scare due to a rumored cyanide inclusion in a certain milk tea brand which left two dead (a customer and the milk tea shop owner) and another customer taken to the hospital. Thank goodness the third one survived but unfortunately lost the love of his life being the other customer was his girlfriend.

They say when there's a blogger rumored to be committing ill-natured activities, everyone else in the blogging community is affected. The same with what happened with the milk tea business. Everyone else got too afraid of drinking milk teas regardless of the brand and origin. May it be a local or a respected foreign brand. The milk tea business obviously suffered just because of an isolated incident.

When a certain blogger rants against a company for their foul products or services, the other bloggers are looked upon negatively as well by other companies fearing they may get the same treatment from other bloggers who find their company in error. Other bloggers who support the company may retaliate as well, especially the ones under the company's regular invites during product promotions and events.

Many are talking about blogging etiquettes, but very few tells you exactly how to do it. What is hilarious is, when these supposed to be sentinels of justice's sponsor companies commit similar irregularities that are equally unappealing for the masses. You don't hear them complaining because they are practically under their "payroll."

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Artistang Artlets Presents Munti: An Adaptation of Antoine de Saint-Exupery’s Le Petit Prince

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 “What is essential is invisible to the eye”

Artistang Artlets, the Official Theater Guild of the Faculty of Arts and Letters of the University of Santo Tomas, on its 34th Season, proudly presents:“Munti: An Adaptation of Antoine de Saint-Exupery’s Le Petit Prince” by Alyanna Paula C. Veloso, a modern day theatrical adaptation of an inspiring novel based on a young boy’s adventure in discovering the absolute truth within the inner self and looking beneath the surface in order to find beauty.

Everything is not what it seems. Sometimes it is not enough to just look at the surface. You need to exceed boundaries and understand things from different perspectives. 

The story will feature a child's journey where he met different individuals and learned to find the meaning of life through simple things. It will show what someone can sacrifice for his happiness at the same time, for the greater good.

Munti will be directed by Klea Dale S. Lloren and produced by Jennie Ver M. Gabon. This will be staged from May 4 and 5, 2015, with the time slots 1pm, 3pm, 5pm and 7pm at the Tan Yan Kee Auditorium, Tan Yan Kee Building, University of Santo Tomas.

An Interview With One Championship's Ben Askren

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ONE Championship continues on its rapid expansion next Friday, as Manila plays host to one of the biggest sporting events this year. ONE: VALOR OF CHAMPIONS will feature ONE Welterweight Ben Askren defending his title for the first time against Luis Santos.

We sat down with Ben Askren ahead of his upcoming title defense to ask him some questions running through our heads before the big fight night on April 24.

We asked him what he thinks the people have to look forward to in his match with Santos, and he said his match will be the same as Suzuki’s. Santos' ground game will be a little bit better but not that much. He is confident he will take Santos down, pound him out, and have his hands raised and the belt wrapped around his waist.

When asked if he thinks Santos has anything new or more difficult to bring to the table, Asken believes there won't be anything new he can't handle. Even though he has 70 fights, Asken believes he is the one who brings something new to the table because he has a skillset that is unique that no one can really give him the feel of in practice. "So even with 70 fights, Santos is gonna have a tough time dealing with me" says Askren.

The Ultimate Nokia Sale Part 2

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Due to overwhelming public demand, Techbox Philippines will hold a second ‘Ultimate Nokia Sale’ on April 16-18 at 2299 Pasong Tamo Extension, Makati city.

About a month ago, Techbox Philippines offered a Nokia Sale where up to 80% discounts were offered to the public. Smartphones ranging from entry level to the sophisticated Lumias and Android handsets from Nokia were made available at an incredible low price, much to the public’s delight. Over 3000 Nokia handsets were sold on the last Nokia Sale, with thousands of people lining up to get their hands on the offerings. 

“We thought it was the last hurrah – the final chance for Nokia enthusiasts to get smartphones with the Nokia brand on them, before Microsoft floods the market with their own handsets” said Angela Gutierrez, Business Unit Head for Techbox Philippines. “But after the sale, we were totally blown away by the compelling number of people who said they wished they didn’t miss their chance to get their Nokia phones. There were also a lot who knew of others who also wanted Nokias but for some reason weren’t able to come to our sale on those dates. The requests were just overwhelming,” added Angela.

MTV Announces Two of The Hottest West Coast Artists as New Additions to MTV Music Evolution


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MTV, a unit of Viacom Inc., today announced the addition of two of the hottest West Coast hip hop acts to its performers’ line-up for MTV Music Evolution 2015 – Billboard Hot 100 hip hop artist, YG and award-winning DJ and producer, DJ Mustard, which currently includes Naughty by Nature, Gloc-9 and Abra

Both YG and DJ Mustard are touted to bring some of the hottest new sounds to the hip hop scene with their West Coast flavour. They are no stranger to each other, as DJ Mustard is also YG’s main producer and has executive produced YG’s album, “My Krazy Life”. The first edition of MTV Music Evolution will be YG’s and DJ Mustard’s first performance in Asia.

Additionally, MTV announced it will be inviting Manila-based graffiti artists, Chichi Monster, Nick Automatic, Egg Fiasco and Chill to share their interpretation of music and street culture on four giant 3D MTV logo structures on Friday, 24 April 2015 at Eastwood Mall, Quezon City.

Thereafter, the completed 3D MTV logo art installations will pop up across different city hotspots in Manila, such as The Collective, Glorietta 4 and Quezon City Circle as part of the build up to the MTV Music Evolution 2015, before making its final display at the MTV Music Evolution event. 

WD Scales Up Surveillance-Class Hard Drive Line

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New WD Purple NV 3.5-inch drives equipped for NVR Surveillance-system Environments

WD, a Western Digital company and storage industry leader, today introduced WD Purple NV, a purpose-built line of 3.5-inch, high-capacity 4 TB and 6 TB hard drives for the greater demands of scalable network video recorder (NVR) surveillance systems. 

Compared with standard WD Purple drives, the new member of the WD’s surveillance video recording family of drives, WD Purple NV, is designed for larger-scale network surveillance systems utilizing higher hard drive bay counts and greater numbers of attached cameras, which demand increased storage capacity and durability. The new drives’ high capacities also enable long video retention periods for analysis and reference. WD Purple NV is also designed to withstand the demands of always-on digital NVR recording environments. It offers low power consumption and many advanced performance features typically reserved for higher end surveillance storage.

“The global video surveillance market is expanding with the increased accessibility to easy-to-use systems for small businesses and municipalities,” said Matt Rutledge, senior vice president of HDD marketing at WD. “WD optimized the WD Purple NV line of hard drives for NVR digital surveillance systems to improve high-definition video playback for high-camera-count applications. NVR surveillance systems can produce incredible amounts of data which makes the WD Purple NV hard drives a perfect solution for NVR systems needing high quality recording and playback and high capacity storage.”  

Asia’s Got Talent Semi-Finals Start Tonight

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Vote for Your Favorite Act via SMS, Facebook and the Asia’s Got Talent App

Asia’s Got Talent, the biggest contest in the world, is heating up with the first of three semi-final episodes kicking off on AXN tonight at 8:05pm.

The first eight semi-finalists, who were painstakingly selected by celebrity judges, David Foster, Anggun, Van Ness Wu and Melanie C last week, will give it their all in the hope of winning the AXN audience’s vote to advance to the Grand Finals on May 7 at Marina Bay Sands in Singapore.

Viewers can vote for their favorite act in one of three ways: SMS, Facebook and the “Asia’s Got Talent” mobile app. Voting opens after the broadcast of each semi-final episode and will remain open for four days. Full details on how to vote can be found on the Asia’s Got Talent website:

Tonight’s semi-final episode of Asia’s Got Talent promises a diverse and dazzling evening of entertainment as contestants include the crowd-pleasing, tambourine playing entertainer “Gonzo” from Japan; the breathtaking acrobatic duo Gao Lin and Liu Xin from China; Three singing brothers from Indonesia; and 10 year-old guitar-playing pop star, Gwen, from the Philippines.

Check out all of the semi-finalists performing tonight here:

Tech Island 2.0 Boosts SMEs’ Digital Opportunities

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With its aim to provide small and medium enterprises (SMEs) a venue to explore their options for growth, PLDT SME Nation hosted Tech Island 2.0 in Ocean Adventure, Subic. Industry leaders, business owners, and IT professionals gathered for the two-day event held from April 15 to 16 for discussions, workshops, and knowledge sharing on how to communicate in the digital sphere. 

Tech Island 2.0 opened its first day to key business owners in a high-level forum that established the changing digital landscape in the Philippines. With the theme “Transformational Leadership in the Digital Era”, PLDT Executive Vice President and Head of Enterprise and International and Carrier Business Eric Alberto shared his insights on what it means to ride the waves of the increasingly digital world for SMEs to remain competitive in the market. Key speakers included Rappler’s Chief Executive Maria Ressa on her experience in taking Rappler to uncharted digital territories, and the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines’ Cardinal Luis Tagle on the responsibility that users and businesses need to take in maximizing the potential of the digital world. Alberto, Tagle, and Golden ABC’s President and CEO Bernie Liu also engaged on a panel discussion about what it means to be a transformational leader in the digital era.

A larger gathering of around 1,000 members of IT professionals, business owners, and developers took place on the second day for a plenary and workshops with some of the country’s top technology brands. Kicking off with the theme “Mastering the Digital Wave”, the talks aimed to bring businesses from the traditional to the digital scene with the use of the latest products and services that can empower SMEs.

Man V Expert Premieres This April on Discovery Channel

Wazzup Pilipinas!

This month, Discovery Channel is finding out if it is ever possible to shortcut your way to the top. Each week, professional hustler Alexis Conran takes on three intense challenges against world class prodigies and experts to see if he can find a way to beat them at their own game – without going through years of hard work and training. MAN V EXPERT airs on Wednesdays at 9:00 p.m., beginning April 22 on Discovery Channel.

In MAN V EXPERT, Alexis endeavors to best a world champion angler, race a Slovakian rowing powerhouse, out-remember a memory champion, and win against England’s best-ever penalty taker. Alexis is also competing in a cook-off with a Michelin-starred chef, and attempts escaping an expert tracker, amongst others.

In any normal head-to-head contest, Alexis would not stand a chance—but he travels the world to look into science and technology, and will occasionally call on his con know-how in an attempt to come out on top. Driven by his ultra-competitive nature and desire to win at all costs, Alexis does not give up until he thinks he has a way to be victorious. He then shares the techniques and tricks used in his attempt to beat the expert.

MAN V EXPERT’s first episode encores on Thursday, April 23 at 2:00 p.m., and on Monday, April 27 at 7:00 a.m.

Ocean Park Hong Kong - Adventures in Australia Grand Opening

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Ocean Park Hong Kong has unveiled yet another exciting attraction, this time putting the spotlight on the best of South Australian wildlife in “Adventures in Australia”. The first-ever South-Australian theme park in Hong Kong, Adventures in Australia provides an immersive walk-through of the land down under featuring distinctive animals including koalas, red-necked wallabies and laughing kookaburras!
Mr. Leo Kung, Chairman of Ocean Park, today was joined by the Honourable John Tsang Chun-wah, GBM, JP, Financial Secretary, HKSAR; His Excellency the Honourable Hieu Van Le AO, Governor of South Australia; the Honourable Jay Weatherill, Premier of South Australia; Mr. Farhan Faruqui, Chief Executive Officer International Banking, Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Limited (ANZ) and other guests to officiate the opening of Hong Kong’s first-ever attraction themed on South Australia – Adventures in Australia presented by Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Limited (ANZ).

Starting tomorrow, guests can visit the new exhibit to encounter animals unique to South Australia, including southern koalas, red-necked wallabies and laughing kookaburras in a setting reminiscent of the South Australia outback. Through the immersive walk-through experience, guests will be inspired to contribute to the sustainable future of the planet by practising LOHAS (Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability). Ocean Park today also announced that a female koala was given the name of “Yani” in accordance with the result of the extremely popular Koala Naming Campaign.

Other guests of honour at today’s ceremony included Miss Cathy Chu, Commissioner for Tourism of HKSAR; Dr. Peter Lam, Chairman of Hong Kong Tourism Board; Ms. Ivy Au Yeung, Chief Executive Officer, Hong Kong, Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Limited; and representatives from the South Australia government and Cleland Wildlife Park.

Madrid Fusión Manila Trade Exhibit to Showcase Best Food Products

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Madrid Fusión, one of the largest culinary events in the world, will make its debut in the Philippines as part of Visit the Philippines Year (VPY) 2015 through the efforts of the Department of Tourism (DOT) and the Tourism Promotions Board (TPB). Madrid Fusión Manila is set to take place on 24 – 26 April 2015 at the SMX Convention Center in Pasay City.

Madrid Fusion Manila will have three simultaneous events: the International Gastronomy Congress, Trade Exhibit, and Flavors of the Philippines. A notable roster of Michelin-starred Spanish chefs and distinguished Asian and Filipino chefs will demonstrate modern and avant-garde techniques at the Congress.

At the Trade Exhibit, which will happen alongside the Congress, the Department of Agriculture (DA) will be promoting native products listed under the Slow Food Foundation’s Ark of Taste, a collection of rare productions that belong to the cultures, history, and traditions of the world. “These food products were included in the list precisely because they are produced in the Philippines. The manner by which these products are prepared reflects the traditional knowledge of Filipinos, passed down through generations,” said DA Undersecretary Bernadette Romulo-Puyat.

Ekotek's EkoSummer Sizzling Summer Deals


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Your summer is about to get even hotter with Ekotek's EkoSummer Sizzling Summer Deals!

We have the perfect bundles for your summer adventures! Need extra storage on your phone to capture all the summer adventures, memories and #selfies? Check. Music with back up power to keep the party going? Gotcha! We've even got awesome Ekopacks so you can travel in style without worrying about your gadget's battery dying. Stylish and functional, what more can you ask for?

The EkoSummer Sizzling Deals are available at all Ekotek kiosks: SM Mega, SM North, SM City Fairview​, SM Las Piñas and Victory Mall Pasay.

No time to go malling? No problem, you can head over to to get your EkoSummer Sizzling Deals from April 15-30, 2015!

Click here to learn more about your favorite Ekoproducts:

Rogue 2 + 4GB MicroSD: Php 2,199
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Ekopack 13000mAh + Atlas: Php 2,099

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

AMD Showcases 2015 Cutting Edge Hardware and Software Digital Content Collaborations

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AMD joins forces with the industry’s most notable hardware and software leaders at the 2015 NAB Show to equip broadcast and digital content creation customers for enhanced 4K workflows powered by AMD FirePro W-series professional graphics. Additionally, AMD announced the new FireRender plug-in, based on contributions from Render Legion s.r.o., developers of Corona Renderer, for rendering functionality in major software applications using AMD FirePro W-series professional graphics.

“AMD is very proud to collaborate with hardware and software application leaders to provide broadcast and digital content creation customers with amazing tools and support for creative 4K workflows,” said Karl Freund, general manager, Professional Graphics at AMD. “AMD professional graphics benefit customers with robust GPU memory sizes, outstanding multi-display 4K capabilities, plus driver quality and certified ISV application support, enabling users to simply do more, faster.” 

"Adobe Creative Cloud – with powerful tools such as Adobe Premiere Pro CC and Adobe After Effects CC - includes tight integration between apps and a deeply connected mobile-to-desktop workflow that creative professionals need,” said Simon Williams, senior director of business development at Adobe. "Working together, AMD and Adobe continue to create innovative advances that push the boundaries of app performance that video professionals rely on every day."

JCI Manila Kicks Off 6th RVR Award for Nation Building

Wazzup Pilipinas!

I'm proud to be a Del Rosario. Knowing that there are remarkable people having the same surname as mine, though not directly related with our immediate family or relatives, still somewhat gives me honor and appreciation learning that there is a Del Rosario noted with great achievements, and thus an award is named after him.

Now there is a search for similarly great men who could equal or surpass his excellence. I wonder if they could award another Del Rosario as among the choices for the award. Not exactly me but anyone among my relatives bearing the same surname as mine.

The Del Rosario family is composed of great individuals with their own respective accomplishments, and dreams that are not elusive as we are always positive and aggressive enough to chase after our dreams and make them a reality.

The Junior Chamber International (JCI) Manila, in partnership with the Center for Corporate Social Responsibility of the Asian Institute of Management (AIM) launches the sixth consecutive year of the Ramon V. Del Rosario (RVR) Award for Nation Building.

The launch was held at the 14th floor of Intercontinental Manila at the Bahia Restaurant.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Go Places Anytime, Anywhere, with Butterfly Twists’ S/S15 Collection

Wazzup Pilipinas!

A good pair of shoes will bring anyone to great places. For the stylish modern woman, this requires a perfect mix of style, class, and comfort to accommodate her constantly busy lifestyle. With its high quality, comfortable fit, and cleverly designed shoes, British shoe brand Butterfly Twists is quickly becoming the modern Filipina’s footwear of choice. 

This season, stylish urban ladies can enjoy summer in the city with Butterfly Twists’ Spring/Summer ’15 Collection. Whether it’s for work, partying, commuting, or traveling, you can surely find a pair perfect for every occasion. Perfect for the woman on the go, these shoes fold up and can be easily tucked away in suitcases or handbags. Boasting an interesting mix of ballet pumps, brogues, elegant slippers, peep-toes, and sandals, this is definitely a big step forward for the UK-based shoe brand.

Cool and effortless designs like Reese with its snakeskin-printed toe cap; Jacqui with its Union Jack print; and Julia with its laser-cut pattern, are perfect for the carefree trendsetters. More adventurous girls will love Chloe, Natalie, and Gabriella with their interesting prints. Classic options are also available including the premium Sienna line, suede shoes Mischa, updated Emily brogues, and more styles for the peep-toed Heather.

Junior Communication Arts of UST Presents Ang CACAI-bang Kwento Ni Cacai


Wazzup Pilipinas!

The junior students of the Communication Arts Students’ Association from the University of Santo Tomas, in celebration of the 40th anniversary of the Communication Arts program, proudly present “Ang CACAI-bang Kwento Ni Cacai” written by Christine Bernasol together with co-writers Nikka Talabis, Carla Quizon, Pauline Ramo and Jose Miguel Valera and is directed by CJ Espino, Merryll Palenge, Marielle Valmores, Christine Bernasol and Virgene Credo. The show is produced by the Junior Communication Arts students themselves, to be staged this Wednesday, 15th of April 2015 with shows at 9am, 1pm and 4pm at the Albertus Magnus Auditorium, Education Building, University of Santo Tomas. 

“Ang CACAI-bang Kwento Ni Cacai” is a musical variety show that aims to dispel the existing stereotypes regarding the program Communication Arts and the students taking it. The show’s main character, Cassandra Kaye “CACAI” Magsanoc, is being supported by her aunt, together with her cousins. Her aunt disapproves of the college major she has chosen because she considers it as useless and impractical. Adding to the unfortunate happenings in her life, both her cousins also make her life miserable. The story will revolve around Cacai’s struggle in proving that Communication Arts offers more than what others think. Cacai will prove that the Communication Arts major offers a wide array of opportunities that will bring its graduates to greater heights."

This event is open to all, especially to alumni and students of the Faculty of Arts and Letters, as well as media students from different colleges and universities. Admission is free.

For inquiries, contact Reena Medina at 09154852779 or visit our Facebook page at

Monday, April 13, 2015

Global Experts Praise Rich Philippine Biodiversity, Call for Protection


Wazzup Pilipinas!

International scientists at the 24th Philippine Biodiversity Symposium in UEP, Catarman discuss what makes the Philippines “the Galapagos times twenty” and why it could all disappear in the face of climate change and human threat.

Many see the Galapagos as a mecca of nature, a group of islands teeming with endemic wildlife made famous by Darwin’s theory of evolution. But contrary to this belief, the Philippines has a far richer landscape and a more diverse seascape.

It is with this reason that international and local scientists and conservationists are gathering in the University of Eastern Philippines (UEP) in Catarman, Northern Samar for the 24th Philippine Biodiversity Symposium on April 14 to 17. An annual conference organized by the Biodiversity Conservation Society of the Philippines (BCSP), the symposium this year focuses on the theme “Island Biodiversity Conservation: Successes, Challenges and Future Direction”. 

These experts and researchers will discuss the state of flora and fauna in the country, celebrating its abundance while also examining its vulnerability due to extreme weather events and climate change and human-induced threats such as rapid development resulting to habitat loss and illegal trade.

Uproar Camsur 2015: Extreme Music, Sports & Life in Camsur

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Remember, It’s all about the music and always will be.

Imagine this…………….. You take the finest and of course independent non-commercial music festivals in the world such as Glastonbury, Burning Man, Tomorrowland, Creamfields and mix it with the pioneers of the ‘Balearic Beat’ Ibiza sound/The founding fathers of the London Rave scene that shaped a generation and blend it with 2turntables/mixer, sunshine, paradise, screaming guitars and the hottest chilies… Then you have all the ingredients for the perfect recipe that is UPROAR-CAMSUR 2015. It’s all about the music.

An international style festival uniquely featuring some of the biggest names in dance music history combined with The Philippines’ own most iconic bands and up and coming performers. Over 40 confirmed acts so far…………
For added entertainment there will be the world’s greatest wakeboarders performing mad stunts and getting ‘AIR’ to the beat of the music.

On Friday May 29th to Sunday May 31st 2015 the ravers, rockers, reggae, roots and party people will be at one place, CamSur Watersports Complex (#CWC). Come Camping or Glamping whether you’re underground or mainstream, you are about to be taught how to party like the best. The only soundtrack to your summer that you will remember.

Be part of something special this May. Welcome to the renaissance of pure partying and no commercial breaks to ruin the buzz.

Brought to by DISRUPTIV and in co-operation with The Provincial Government of CamSur with the venue provided by CamSur Watersports Complex (#CWC).

For more information see the website and please Like the official Facebook fan page of Uproar Camsur and CamSur Watersports Complex 

Also check out the Facebook calendar page:

You can buy tickets of the event at Ticketworld: or
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