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Celebrate the Spooky Season With the UPM JMA’s Awaited Halloween Party, “AGRIOS: Night of Monsters

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The UP Manila Junior Marketing Association (UPM JMA) presents their premiere Halloween costume party entitled “AGRIOS: Night of Monsters” on October 29 2019, at Patio de Manila

To celebrate the spooky season, The UP Manila Junior Marketing Association (UPM JMA) proudly presents their Halloween party entitled “AGRIOS: Night of Monsters”; happening on Tuesday, October 28 2019 from 8:00 pm to 2:00 am at Patio de Manila.

This event aims to: serve as an avenue for college students within the Manila area for networking and developing new connections; provide an opportunity for students to unwind from their academics and other stressors; and to raise funds for a chosen beneficiary.

The event program will include games, raffle prizes care of our sponsors, awarding to attendees with the best Halloween costumes, and music by DJ HIDDEN REIGN and DJ MANILAJUNKIE. Free-flowing drinks will also be served.

AGRIOS: Night of Monsters is sponsored by the following: Our official media partners: BusinessWorld | SparkUp, Fotomasino- Thomasian Photographers’ Guild, Wazzup Pilipinas; In cooperation with: HQ Barbershop, IAM Worldwide, Katapult Digital, Tanduay, Tanduay Select; Also brought to you by: Trampoline Park; In partnership with: Katribu UPM, CAMP Synergy, Daebak UPM; Brought to you by: UP Organization for Shiftees and Transferees, Alpha Phi Omega Sorority UP Manila, Embassy Whiskey, Tanduay Select; Special thanks to: UP Alpha Sigma Fraternity Manila, UP Biological Sciences Society, and UPM Cerulean.

Visit to register online or visit for more updates.

UST CBASC Proudly Presents Leg Day For Legboard

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The UST College of Commerce and Business Administration Student Council (CBASC) will be having the Leg Day for Leg Board on October 26, 2019 at University of Santo Tomas Central Laboratory Auditorium and on October 27, 2019 at Philip's Sanctuary Antipolo, Rizal.

The Leg Day for Leg Board aims to widen the knowledge of Legislative Board members about policy-making, authorship of resolutions and laws, and other skills relevant to their duty in the UST CBASC Legislative Board through a seminar-workshop to be conducted by invited speakers.

Thursday, October 24, 2019

iLoveMyCountry.Ph Run 2019 for Fraud-Free Philippines

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iLoveMyCountry.Ph Run 2019 for Fraud-Free Philippines brings you the biggest and much-awaited Extraordinary and Heroic running event of the year.

iLMCP ( a non-stock, non-profit organization, and non-political organization which aims to create a community of Extraordinary and Heroic Filipinos for Fraud-Free Philippines.

iLoveMyCountry.Ph has different programs that is dedicated to uplift the lives of the Filipino people and the Philippines as a nation. Some of these includes feeding program and livelihood training in
communities that will help and enable them to achieve self-sufficiency. In this way, iLoveMyCountry.Ph team believes that through this endeavor, we can help decrease the poverty in the Philippines and become a Fraud-Free and progressive nation. 

Our mission and vision: 1 million Extraordinary and Heroic Filipinos for Fraud-Free Philippines. 

We also conduct iLoveMyCountry Run which is a yearly gathering of Extraordinary and Heroic Filipinos who supports in the advocacy of making the Philippines a great nation. Last year’s kickoff of iLoveMyCountry.Ph Run was a monumental success. This year, iLoveMyCountry.Ph Run will be in 4 major cities nationwide targeting 5,000 runners:

Cebu November 9 Cebu Business Park
Leyte November 16 Candahug Government 
Center Circle
Davao November 23 Davao Peoples Park
Manila November 30 Marikina Sports Complex

The proceeds of ILoveMyCountry.Ph Run 2019 will fund the advocacy and programs of iLoveMyCountry.Ph specifically the feeding program and the livelihood training.

In line with this, we would like to invite you to take part in making the Philippines a Fraud-Free nation by running with us on November 30, 2019 at the Marikina Sports Complex. 

Your participation in this extraordinary and heroic event will make a big difference in making the country great again.

For inquiries you may reach us at 9100946/ 6486649 loc 109/ 0943-5054641 or you may visit our website at for more details. 
Together we can achieve a Fraud-Free Philippines. Thank you and God bless you abundantly.


MANILA- November 30, 2019
Location: Marikina Sports Center

Category: 3k, 5k, 10k

Payment inclusions: race shirt, race bib, race bag, raffle stub, finisher medal (First 100 finisher per category).

To Register:

Like and share our Facebook Page: ilovemycountryph

Wazzup Pilipinas is a proud media partner of this event.

Sponsors and Donations are welcome.

Contact us at: 0945-505-4641
Tel: 910-0946
Email: amestoce@ilovemycountry.Ph

Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Dream Big Golf 2019 - 1 golf coaches in Manila - US College Qualifier

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See the Interview below of Askay Maliwal - Founder of Dream Big Events. Inviting Parents, High Schools and College Students to join dream big programs.  They have Golf tournaments, tennis and future basketball and then football programs.

Askay Also cited successful Pinoy golfers in the US. Doing good in both  college as a Varsity. He also greeted our Editor in Chief Ross del Rosario who is not available and busy travelling in and out of the country. And like the name of our blog.

He promoted the Training Camp of Dream Big Event on the  journey of becoming a Pro Golfer. Need to do a training qualifier camp first to Top Colleges and Universities in the US. 

He also told me that you are free to choose the college or universities that you like aside from UCLA, Columbian, Berkeley which they are currently endorsing with. And you can save a lot of money and gain great connections in these kind of training camp.

They also have program for Tennis and Basketball in Preparation for the biggest sporting world main event. It needs to start in College first with the Best trainers of the world. He also cited about his relationship with this coach and on how he founded Dream Big to help students. 

Just like what happened him before as a foreign US college Alumni Athlete. He also told me that they are based on Singapore and doing this king of program in different countries like Singapore and India. The goal is to compete with best tournament in the US and best Student Athlete in the world.

Golf Challenger Series - Dec 16-17, 2019 The Orchard Golf & Country Club - Manila. 2019 Gold Series Golf Camp - Dec 17-18, 2019 same venue in Orchard see

See the official PR of the Tournament Qualifier: 

For the first time, Top-Ranked NCAA Division 1 golf coaches in Manila to scout junior golfing talent 

Junior golfers in the Philippines will get a chance this December to showcase their game and talent and possibly get recruited to some of the best universities in the world! 

DreamBig Events, a sports events company dedicated to providing a positive, motivating and challenging platform for young athletes living in Asia to improve their sporting skills is bringing world-class golf coaches for the first time in Asia. 

Its Gold Series Golf Camp, headlined as The Road To U.S. College Golf, is open to junior golfers aged 12 to 18 years old and will be held at the Orchard Golf & Country Club on December 17 and 18, 2019. 

Golf Coaches from topmost schools in the US NCAA Division 1 – UCLA (University of California – Los Angeles), Columbia University and UC Berkeley – will run the two-day golf clinic while actively watching the young golfers participate in the 2-day FCG Golf Tournament. 

At the camp, campers will experience guided range and short game sessions that will allow them to sharpen their practice and pre-tournament routines. They will be given instruction that will help them expand their course management skills and prepare them for competition, as well as expose them to US coaching styles and competition at a higher level. 

The camp is limited to 30 participants only to enable personalized and customized instruction for each athlete.

.                                                                                                         .
“This is an exceptional opportunity for young golfers to interact with world-class coaches and glimpse the future of how their game can evolve and take them to places they’ve never been before. 

Learning under these top-calibre coaches is a privilege that only a few can experience, and to have them right here in Manila to train and teach them is a big advantage in terms of savings on time and travel expenses,” said Akshay Maliwal, Founder and CEO of DreamBig Events. 

Maliwal explained that the camp opens up the pathway to college golf in the U.S., which in turn will help athletes develop their athleticism and prepare them to compete on the world stage while they become a legitimate part of the US College athletics ecosystem. 

“These camps do not just hone young athletes’ skills, they introduce and familiarize athletes with the college recruiting process and lets them experience, even for two days, a day in the life of a college athlete at a top academic and athletic university,” Maliwal added. 

DreamBig Events has been working with coaches from top NCAA Division 1 and Division 3 universities such as Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Columbia, UC Berkeley, UCLA, University of Pennsylvania, Brown, New York University, Tufts and Carnegie Mellon University, Claremont-Mckenna, Johns Hopkins University, among others, for the last three years. 

“Asia, the Philippines in particular, is rich in golfing talent that only needs to be discovered and honed. All young talents need is one big break to change their lives and put this region on the world map of golf. 

It all begins in camps like these. And because our camps offer a wide array of activities, campers have fun as they learn all the good stuff,” Maliwal said. Interested participants may register now at 


Check Reviews Before Your Purchase Your Mattress

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Similar to buying a car, house, or another long-standing item, buying a new mattress requires a lot of attention. However, not many people realize how complicated the process of buying a mattress is. They speak the seller, use the feeling of a mattress in the showroom to make their purchase decision, or worse; they assume that all the mattresses are pretty much the same and that only their paperbacks are taken into account during the purchase process.

Unfortunately, those who do not recognize the importance of buying the right mattress end up wasting a lot of money and are very unhappy. Just like buying a car that only works for a few months, it's an investment that's more nightmarish than anything else. This nightmare results in hours of sleep loss, pain, and restless nights. It affects your concentration, and your health.

How do you avoid unfortunate victims?

To begin, you take a moment to understand how important the purchase of the right mattress is. You then give up all your thoughts that more money means better quality. Although this line of thinking can apply to many things in life, this is certainly not the case when it comes to buying the right mattress. Finally, you take the time to use a very useful online tool and get mattress reviews.

Mattress magazines are designed to help consumers in their decision to purchase mattresses. You should know, however, that not all mattress sites are really useful. For this reason, you will need to be able to tell the difference between a mattress sales page (which is actually the worst mattress review sites) and a quality mattress site.

Once you have reduced the field to two mattresses, go to the mattress store. Check everyone again. Do you still have the same feeling as at the beginning? Is one of the mattresses on sale? Could you live reasonably with the cheaper mattress? Once you feel that you have made a decision, go home and sleep on it. At that point, you should have enough time to weigh all your options and make a final decision.

Nowadays, things are really exciting in the world of bedding. As sleep technology progresses, bed manufacturers are able to produce better products. Today, mattress manufacturers are spending millions of dollars to gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace. Here we will explore some of the exciting advances in the mattress industry.

All-natural beds

As consumers become more aware of the materials used in their sleep patterns, manufacturers offer ranges of mattresses for all-natural mattress.

Most people consider a queen size bed as sufficient space for two people. There is enough room for both to have their own "space" and not be cluttered. Queen size beds are generally of sufficient size and are probably the reason for their popularity. One of the biggest mistakes of all time is when a couple buys a bed without considering the dimensions. Many hurry into a normal-sized bed and end up miserable after a short period of time.

Focusing on a queen-size bed at the moment, the bed dimensions of the queen-size bed are six inches wider and five inches longer than those of a normal bed, making them about 60x80. Queen size beds are generally good for some rooms and small to medium-sized master bedrooms. While the queen bed is big enough for two, it is exceptional for a person who loves a lot of sprawling rooms. Consider if the queen size bed in 60 inches wide, this gives each person 30 inches of sleeping space. A standard twin bed is 38 inches wide, so consider when choosing a queen size bed because a person will have about 8 inches less sleep space than they would on a twin bed.

There are advantages and disadvantages to buying a queen-size bed. A pro is that if two people go to sleep on it, it gives them more room than a double bed plus 5 inches of extra length are involved. And queen size sheets and blankets are easy to find and very affordable compared to king size sheets. Disadvantage: There are only 30 inches of personal space per person in a queen-size bed. Over time, it may not be spacious enough for two people. In addition, do not be fooled by so-called "full / queen" beds, because you will have a hard time buying sheets for a bed of this size.

Investing on a Mattress Protector

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When you invest in a mattress, you often spend a small amount of money if you choose a good one. To protect your investment, a mattress protector can be a wise choice. You can use them to prevent damaging your mattress, such as stains, and to help prevent soiling. Most mattresses have a warranty that is supposed to cover a multitude of problems, but most often, they do not cover the normal wear of your mattress or its splashing. To get the most out of your sleep investment, a mattress protector can help you extend the life of the mattress by several years.

Most people may think that they do not need any type of protection for their mattress because less than one percent of mattresses are returned to the seller due to manufacturing defects. However, it can be very easy to spill a drink on your mattress or to infest the bed with dust and other bacteria. Many warranties on a mattress can be canceled by a spill or stain on your mattress. For this reason alone, a mattress protector is a wise choice. The protector comes in different forms. Some may only cover the top of your mattress; others look a lot like a fitted sheet. If you are looking for something to cover the mattress, there are protectors that surround the entire mattress.

Waterproof mattresses

Some people may have to deal with stains or leaks from incontinence. Waterproof mattresses can help you avoid this type of problem. The waterproof protector will provide a barrier to prevent any liquid from entering your mattress. This type of protection is flexible and should adapt to any mattress that you may need to protect. The best way to think about any of them is to add personal protection to your bed that will protect your mattress from dirt and other problems that may void any warranty.

A mattress protector can offer not only protection but also extra comfort. Some protectors can be heated before going to bed, allowing you to sleep in a warm bed. This can be great if you live in a part of the country where snow and ice can make management very difficult. With an extra type of memory foam, your comfort can be greatly improved. As you can see, a mattress protector is needed to help protect your sleep investment and to honor your mattress guarantee.


People love spooning of gold and love. Spoons love is a traditional symbol of love and have been a custom since the 17th century. They were carved in a piece of wood by men and embellished with intricate knots and delicate designs. The spoons of love were then presented to the women they loved. It was the ideal form of the proposal before diamond rings played a role. Now you can have the two most beloved properties of Wales as a symbol of your heritage.

Each pattern engraved in a wooden spoon of love has a special meaning. For example, a spoon with a cross represents the faith of a lover in the Lord and how he would remain faithful to his beloved.

Bed frame

For many people, watching TV in bed is a relaxing way to end the day. However, being comfortable was not easy. With an adjustable bed frame, it is always possible to watch television in bed and stays comfortable at the same time. They are also perfect for reading in bed. To use it, simply use the convenient remote control.

The adjustable bed frame has several different settings, including raising the head and raising the foot. The controller has a memory function that memorizes your settings. Some include a heated massage to help you relax and feel comfortable. These beds are strong, flexible, and durable. These were introduced for the first time in hospitals. So, by the time they reach the general consumer, you can be sure that they have been thoroughly tested and improved.

The benefits of an adjustable bed frame are very important to the health of many people. The even distribution of bodyweight allows no additional stress or poor circulation. Some features of the adjustable bed frame include a whisper-quiet motor, a wireless remote control, a programmable remote that stores your favorite bed settings, a back-up power system that allows the bed to return to a position flat in the light of a power failure and an integrated massage system.

6 Ways to Make Money Travelling

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Nowadays, people are tired of waiting for their retirement to start traveling all over the world.

The reason you are reading this is probably because you want in too – you want to make money traveling.

I know you have seen so many adverts on social media on the same, and although people say the tactics are working, they practically don’t add up.

In this article, I will discuss several ways you can make income traveling, and you can choose the one that suits you best.

Even better, you can choose a few that you can juggle and have multiple streams of income. Exciting, right?

1. A Travel Blog.

“But everyone is doing it!”

I know.

However, I still recommend it because most travel bloggers out there are just not doing it right. They haven’t researched enough to provide the right content.

There is still space and room for a professional travel blogger. If you start with a great strategy, get the right help, and stick to your plan, you will be ahead of the competition within no time.

2. Professional Photography

Thanks to platforms like Instagram, photography has become a huge part of digital advertisiment. There are, therefore, multiple ways through which you can earn from photography.

For starters, you can work with brands to provide them with clear photos for their social media pages.

Secondly, you can start an online course for upcoming photographers who want to venture into the industry.

The other way to earn money is by getting photography gigs around the world.

3. A Youtube Channel or Travel Vlog

Video marketing is another sector that is rapidly growing. Initially, venturing into vlogging was a bit expensive because of the camera.

Thankfully, the cost of the cameras has significantly reduced, and you can get a great affordable one.

If you still find the gadgets costly, you can use your smartphone!

Vlogging gives you a chance to share your adventures with other people as you earn.

You can earn by monetizing youtube.

Once you get your loyal audience, you can advertise other products on your channel at a fee.

You can also help others plan their vacations at a fee.

To maintain a good relationship with your audience, only recommend products you have used that you are confident are great.

4. Become a Travel Writer

If you love to research, talking to people, and discovering their way of life – then this is probably the best way of earning money traveling.

There are very many ways through which you can make money as a travel writer.

One, you can sell your stories to newspapers and magazines. The latter is always in need of new fresh content.

You can also provide new content for people who write guide books.

Lastly, you can decide to write your travel books.

With the correct skills, you can earn a substantial amount of income as a travel writer.

5. Become a Digital Nomad

If you work using a computer, chances are you can work as a nomad. There are very many opportunities that you can work on from all over the world.

They include accounting, coding, designing, social media marketing, just to mention a few.

If you hold any of the mentioned positions, you can talk to your boss and request for a trial period to see if it’s something you want to pursue.

If your position in your current company is not in the list, there are still opportunities out there for you as long as you are committed to learning.

Fortunately, many companies are embracing virtual employees as it saves on the company’s cost as well.

6. Online Casinos

You can earn a lot of money from playing online casino games. However, before you choose a casino 888, check their policies to ensure they are conducive.

All casinos have different offers and rules. If you are just getting started, you want a casino with big beginner bonuses.

As you hone your skill, you can upgrade your account. Gamblers with VIP accounts earn handsomely.

Note that you can use trial accounts to learn before you begin playing for money.

If you have no idea on what casino to try out, you can find several gaming guides online, for example MobileBet, and get the whole idea behind online casinos and how they work.

Final Verdict

There are very many paths that you can take to make money traveling. The six methods I discussed are the ones that I have seen work first hand.

Every individual is different, and therefore, I recommend trying out the method you choose while you are still at your job to avoid frustrations.

Good luck and happy traveling!

Get Enchanted this Halloween in Araneta City

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Araneta City celebrates an Enchanted Halloween this October as Enchantimals and other Magical creatures invade the City.

Enchantimal Paradise pops up at the Gateway and Ali Mall Activity Areas from October 25 to 31 with Enchantimal Webisodes played during mall hours in Araneta City.

On October 26, kids are called to transform into their best Enchantimal form and join the costume competition in Gateway and Ali Mall activity areas.

Enchantimal Kids are entitled to win as much as PhP 5,000 as well as to participate in enchanted Halloween activities like Trick or Treat, Hatchimals meet-and-greet, potion classes, and many more!

Kids can also play thrilling and creative games at the Farmers Plaza.

Jose Amado Araneta Foundation (JAAF) transports Children from Gawad Kalinga Munting Pamayanan Foundation to a world of wonders with a day in an adventure-filled tour at the Art in Island Museum.

Araneta City brings in an enchanted Halloween as Enchantimals and magical creatures invade the City from October 25 to 31, 2019.

Enchantimal invasion will open portals to Everwilde Realm popping up in Gateway and Ali Mall Activity Areas. Everwilde is a place where kids can do exciting activities like Adventure Hunt, magical cupcake decoration, and friendship bracelets making. Just present a single receipt worth PHP800.00 from any Araneta City merchants.

Warning though, sneaky Enchantimal companions hi-jacked Television cables in Araneta City wherein Enchantimal episodes will be played during mall hours.

On October 26, a magical fog calls on children, 0-12 years old, to be at their best Enchantimal outfit to parade in the Costume competition either in Gateway or Ali Mall. Choose one location only as no two Everwilde Realm will accept the same Enchantimal!

Philippines Gambling Environment

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How do gambling activities work in the Philippines?

PAGCOR or Philippines Amusement and Gaming Corporation is a government organization that governs the casino industry in the Philippines. It is 100% owned by the government and founded in the year 1976. This gaming commission is controlled under the Office of President of Republic of the Philippines. The funds generated by PAGCOR are used on several socio-civic and other infrastructure projects within the country.

Under the charter, PAGCOR has three important mandates and the same are listed below:

Regulation, operation, authorisation and licensing of games (particularly casino related) in the country.

Generation of revenue for the government-related program like socio-civic and infrastructural projects.

Help and promotion of Philippines Tourism Industry.

The gaming commission, PAGCOR, regulates and monitors 13 land-based casinos within the country. All these casinos are situated in popular destinations like:

VISAYAS and MINDANAO: Filipino Mactan, Filipino Iloilo, Filipino Davao, Filipino Cebu, Filipino Bacolod

LUZON: Filipino Tagaytay, Filipino Olongapo, Filipino Mimosa, Filipino Ilocos Norte, Filipino Angeles

METRO MANILA: Filipino Pavilion, Filipino Malate, Filipino Midas

It is important to note that in the year 2008, the government decided to open the gambling market for international bidders.

This essentially deprived PAGCOR of a monopoly situation in the running of land-based casinos. As a result, Philippines began competing head on head with the best gambling companies across countries like Singapore, Malaysia, Macau, Australia and Las Vegas.

At this moment, there are 18 privately owned casinos operating in the country and most of them are located in Metropolitan Manila. Clark Airport, which is a part of Angeles City, it hosts famous casinos such as the Midori, Widus Resort, Royce and Fontana Resort and many others. Casinos operating outside Manila account for 327 gaming tables. PAGCOR operated casinos offer 565 gaming tables.

Benefits of Online Gambling License in the Philippines

There are several reasons to obtain a gaming license from the Philippines Gambling Commission and some of the important ones are enumerated below:

A gaming license would allow the casino operator to operate their business in the permitted countries.

Licenses can go a long way in protecting the business to which it is attributed.

The reputation of the casino will be drastically improved as a casino without any license is often looked upon as a rogue and illegal one.

Online casinos will have the opportunity to grow and develop.

The money generated from the tax levied at online casinos can be utilised for the economic growth of the Philippines.

Different Types of License Offered by Philippines Gambling Commission

PAGCOR offers a fewer number of licenses to the operators and the same are listed below:

Offshore Gaming License

Offshore Gaming Agent Accreditation

Gaming Software/Platform Provider Registration

Gaming Support Provider Registration

Data Streaming/Content Provider


PAGCOR is a reputable gambling commission that is trying their best to help grow the country’s economy. Online casino businesses looking forward to expanding their activity in this country should be licensed and regulated by PAGCOR. The Gambling commission plays a significant role in the regulation of any online casino in the Philippines. With a proper license, the casino is able to gain a better reputation and demonstrates that it complies with strict industry standards. The license also helps in making the casino games fair and random without the involvement of foul play.

POGO or Philippines Offshore Gaming Operators is an independent organization that provides different online gaming services to players outside this country. POGO should be licensed and registered by PAGCOR. It is important to note that online casino gaming is restricted for players residing in the Philippines. Hence, websites belonging to Offshore gaming operators is completely forbidden to operate in the country. In recent times, registered POGOs have grown rapidly through the targeting of Chinese players. POGOs were first licensed in 2016 and as of June 2019, there are 56 licensed POGOs with approximately 100,000+ Chinese staff members in Manila.

POGO caters for the needs of registered players outside Philippines which have grown rapidly over the years. Some of the most popular online gaming sites include Winner Casino and Betway Casino. Both of them are extremely popular amongst players and are known for their huge selection of slot titles and live dealer action. The Philippines are slowly rising as one of the places to be in the iGaming industry and are trying to establish as one of the top gaming hubs of South East Asia.

Are EU Ready for a Journey to Excellence?

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Take the cue from successful Filipino alumni

If you’re looking to pursue higher education that is better than the usual, then the EU is the best place for you!

Beyond countless picturesque spots and the diverse cultures of its Member States, the European Union is widely recognized as a center of excellence when it comes to higher education.

The EU has long established its educational preminence with superior academic courses, mobility and scholarship opportunities, and cutting-edge technology. Its academic and cultural environment is proven to be conducive to higher learning, research, and a well-rounded educational experience.

One such example is Kent Tangcalagan, who earned summa cum laude honors for his Master’s Degree in Comparative Local Development.

Kent credits the EU’s innovative facilities and cutting-edge technologies in providing him the perfect tools to excel in his chosen programme.

He said, “The expertise made available during our classes came from professors who were in different fields (i.e. academia, corporate, third sector), different sciences (i.e. economics, sociology, natural sciences, etc.), different genders, cultures, and countries of origin. That diversity provided us different perspectives that challenged our way of thinking, our ideologies, and our concept structures that have been based from how we were brought up and educated in our own countries.”

Another proud EU summa cum laude alumna is Katy Macaso, who earned her Master’s degree in Food Science, Technology, and Business said “Studying (in Europe) was eye-opening especially the practical courses and site visits which let you engage with high tech instruments and machineries not currently available or just off-limits in the Philippines. Overall, it was just enriching.”

For dance guru and entrepreneur Georcelle Dapat-Sy, studying in the EU provided her with new perspectives with regard to her passion and craft.

“In 2016, I realized I could not run my dance company for the next twelve years based on gut feelings,” Georcelle said. “I needed a new formula. I learned more about myself as a leader when I went to THNK School of Creative Leadership in Amsterdam. You can unlearn things, become a blank canvas again, be a sponge and absorb new knowledge. EU’s diversity unlocked innovation within me.”

EU’s high standard of excellence in higher education also enabled Danie Laurelto be a multi-hyphenate woman. Aside from being a news anchor, a business journalist, and a business events host, she’s also a finance professor, thanks to her MBA and PhD degrees—all earned in the Europe. Because of what she has achieved, Danie is very passionate in telling Filipino students—especially women—to pursue higher education abroad. “Studying in the EU has made me who I am today: a strong, independent, confident, and highly educated woman who above all things believes in the power of learning in changing peoples’ lives and in education as the cornerstone of our country’s future.”

And for Ella Laxa-Pangilinan, who took an Interior Design course in Florence, Italy. Her EU education led her to a profound realization about what she wants to do in her budding career. “You get to learn a new way of living and thinking. Art and culture is everywhere, and so you’re constantly surrounded by different sources of inspiration to the point it actually made me appreciate my culture so much more. It also gives one the chance to bring home these learnings to be able to add a different value to society.”

For Kent, Katy, Georcelle, Danie, and Ella, an EU education is definitely the right path towards excellence.

Do you want to study in the EU?

Start you own journey to excellence in higher education and come to this year’s European Higher Education Fair on October 26 at the Grand Atrium of Shangri-La Plaza, and on October 28 at the Lyceum of the Philippines University in General Trias, Cavite.

This highly anticipated showcase event gathers some of the EU’s topnotch universities and higher education institutions and connects them directly with Filipino students.

The event will also feature country presentations and discussions about scholarship and mobility opportunities.

The EHEF 2019 is organized by the Delegation of the European Union to the Philippines, together with EU Member States’ Embassies and Cultural Groups, and in partnership with the Commission on Higher Education (CHED), and supported by venue partners Shangri-La Plaza, Lyceum of the Philippines University-Cavite,

Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Top 5 Applications to Calculate Your GPA

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Students with a semester system, as well as an annual system should consider calculating their GPA. This calculation is necessary for ensuring good marks in the exams. Getting the desired marks or percentage means that you succeeded in your plan! Calculate your IU GPA calculator quite quickly by using the most brilliant applications online.

Four Point:

Four Point GPA calculators let you calculate GPA for your semester so that you can keep an eye on your educational career. This fabulous GPS calculator lets you easily calculate the cumulative GPA. It provides you accurate and rapid outcomes. Using it is quite easy as you can add a semester by clicking the “+” tab. This pleasant looking app lets you add courses quite easily. Get the estimated grades that you need to achieve the desired GPA.

The GradePoint App:

Are you looking for a calculator that provides you an efficient calculation of GPA in the wink of an eye? If yes, then enjoy downloading "GradePoint" on your gadget. It offers you the flexibility to add the class instantly. This app is improvement frequently and fixes bugs quickly. Students of the school, college and university students can enjoy calculating their grades marvelously on this app.

Get your unweighted or weighted GPA rapidly. In addition to this, you get the grading system of A+ and A style so you can enjoy using any of your desired one. Amazing features of the GradePoint app includes that it supports point-based as well as percentage (weighted) class system.

Grades – Grade Calculator, GPA:

Track your record easily by adding details in it. It would let you know about the required efforts that have to input in midterms, homework, attendance, and quizzes. Fulfilling such requirements would let you achieve the GPA of your desire. Get the estimate at the beginning of your semester so that you can fulfill your target. You can see the areas where improvement is required. Hence, working hard in a peculiar area becomes massively easier.

Get the facility of adding your class and relish your grades as you plan. You could get to know what you require to hit the target grades. Amazing features of this app include light and dark modes, supporting a myriad GPA scales, percentage, and points grading, custom icon, custom colors, and grade calculator. UF GPA calculator is one of the most explored and desired ones by students.

Student Desk:

Are you looking for the GPA application which offers the student portal as well? If yes, then take the aid of the Student Desk app as it is a fully optimized app that provides the accurate CGPA as well as GPA as per your university formula. Using it is quite easy, and it gets synchronized with the online portal.

You can keep yourself updated about the upcoming college events so that you do not miss any of these. This app perfectly supports your mobiles, so relish its amazing features on your trendy gadget.


This app is a multifunctional one that offers various benefits to the user. Managing the semester is not easy at all. It takes various sagacious steps to be followed in order to gain success. This ultimate homework planner lets you decide how to spend your semester efficiently to positive outcomes. The interface of this app is fabulous enough to attract and engage the user. With its free version, you have to encounter a few limitations as well.

These include 5 grades and 1 semester per class. Unlock multiple semesters with the paid version of it. Amazing features of this application include calculation of GPA, a reminder of homework, the addition of exams, assignments, and many more.

Heritage in Town: Valuing Philippine Tourism through Heritage Architecture

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In line with the celebration of the Museum and Galleries Month 2019, we present to you Heritage in Town: Valuing Philippine Tourism through Heritage Architecture! Gain knowledge and share views in a symposium to be led by some of the country's architectural conservation experts; while rediscover the richness of Philippine Culture and History in a tour to few of the finest heritage structures in the Metro!

Join us on October 28, 2019 as we promote the protection and conservation of our country's historical buildings!

Registration is open for 150 slots for all. Deadline of payment is until October 21 2019, 10:00pm.

(Inclusive of seminar+tour, lunch and participation certificate):
UAPSA Member - PHP120.00
Non Member / Non Architecture Students - PHP150.00

Merchandise Link:

For more updates, please visit the UAPSA Facebook Page:
And follow UAPSA IG and Twitter Account: @uapsanational
You may leave your question to the UAPSA Facebook page.

Rediscover. Promote. Protect.

Co-Presented by:
FC Tile Depot
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Major Sponsor:
Boysen Paints Philippines
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DOTr Orders Intensified Activation of Malasakit Help Desks for 'Undas'

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To keep the public safe in their annual journey to the provinces for All Saints’ Day and All Souls’ Day, the Department of Transportation (DOTr) has directed for the intensified activation of Malasakit Help Desks (MHDs) at all transport hubs throughout the country.

The directive is in line with the conduct of "Oplan Biyaheng Ayos: Undas 2019," which will be ready to provide the public with assistance on their annual trek to the provinces from 25 October 2019 to 04 November 2019.

Expecting the heavy influx of passengers, commuters and motorists to various destinations across the country during ‘Undas,’ MHDs shall serve as a one-stop shop for passenger assistance in airports, seaports, train stations, and land terminals.

Assistance ranges from handling transport-related inquiries, complaints, and requests for assistance such as TNVS/taxi booking; facilitating refund of terminal fees; providing attestation of cause of trip cancellation or delays; delivering emergency medical assistance; to accepting reports of possible security threats, among others.

MHDs will also be distributing Malasakit Help Kits especially to pregnant women, women with children, the elderly, and persons with disabilities (PWDs). These kits contain drinks and light snacks, battery-operated fans, face towels, foldable fans, wet wipes, hand sanitizer of permitted volume, and ballpens, among others, that are meant to make travel more comfortable.

Department of Transportation (DOTr) Secretary Arthur P. Tugade stressed the importance of heightened activation of MHDs throughout the country.

“It is imperative that all our MHDs are properly manned and equipped to address the varied concerns and requests for assistance by the public. Napakaraming Pilipinong bumibiyahe tuwing Undas, at ayokong nagkukulang tayo sa pag-aasiste sa kanila. Gawin nating maginhawa at maayos ang kanilang paglalakbay,” Tugade emphasized.

Meanwhile, the DOTr reminded that students from elementary until college levels, including those enrolled in technical and vocational schools, are exempt from paying terminal fees in airports operated by the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines (CAAP), as well as seaports managed by the Philippine Ports Authority (PPA).

PPA also exempts senior citizens, PWDs, and active uniformed personnel of the Armed Forces of the Philippines, Philippine National Police, and Philippine Coast Guard from paying terminal fees at seaports under its purview. Medal of Valor awardees and their dependents will also have their terminal fees waived at all PPA-operated seaports and at all four terminals of the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA).

Ahead of the Oplan, Secretary Tugade thanked DOTr attached agencies that are in the front lines of ‘malasakit’ service.

“Pauna ‘ho akong nagpapaabot ng pasasalamat sa ating mga ahensya para sa inaasahang pagpapaigting ng serbisyo-publiko sa darating na Undas. Ipakita ‘ho natin ang ating malasakit sa ating mga kababayan,” Tugade said.

Participating agencies for "Oplan Biyaheng Ayos: Undas 2019" include the Manila International Airport Authority (MIAA), CAAP, Civil Aeronautics Board (CAB), MRT-3, Light Rail Transit Authority (LRTA), Philippine National Railways (PNR), Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB), Land Transportation Office (LTO), Toll Regulatory Board (TRB), PPA, Cebu Ports Authority (CPA), Maritime Industry Authority (MARINA), Philippine Coast Guard (PCG), and Office for Transportation Security (OTS).

Dubai's Biggest Sporting Event‎s

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Let's start this article with a well-known fact: Dubai is a great city to live in. As one of the best and largest cities in the UAE, it provides its residents with an awesome standard of living, which is why so many people move here. But, let's follow up on this statement with a lesser-known one. And that is that Dubai is one of the most important cities in the UAE, if not the entire Middle East, when it comes to sports. Many important sporting events are held in Dubai that, unfortunately, don't get a lot of media coverage in the rest of the world. So, to battle this fact, let us take a closer look at some of Dubai's biggest sporting event‎s.

Notable Dubai's sporting events in history

To get a better understanding of the importance and development of sport in Dubai and the UAE, we'll start off by checking out some of the more important Dubai's sporting events in history. Their legacy should give you a better idea of how different sports influenced Dubai. And how, in certain periods, Dubai played a major role in the international sports scene.

2014 Under-19 Cricket World Cup

People are often surprised to hear that cricket is a big sport in the UAE. Well, it is true. Even though people from Western countries don't play a lot of cricket, people from Asia seem to love it. One of the biggest events held in cricket was the 2014 Under-19 Cricket World Cup. This event hosted sixteen international teams that played terrific games throughout the cup. In the end, South Africa beat Pakistan and the Man of the Series was awarded to captain Aiden Markram. The event sparked a larger interest for cricket in the UAE, which still holds strong to this day.

Some of the world's best cricket is played in Dubai.

Alt: Cricket players during a game.

2013 DP World Tour Championship

When thinking about golfing, Dubai usually isn't the first city that comes to mind. Well, that is if you are unaware of the 2013 DP World Tour Championship. Every golfing fan is aware of the European Tour that ends with a championship at Jumeriah Golf Estates in Dubai. Although the tournament originally began in 2009, it didn't take its true form for a couple of years. This is why 2013 is so important for golf in the UAE. It is the year in which DP World Tour Championship was truly set in motion.

2014 ONE Fighting Championship 19: Reign of Champions

Even though ONE FC is experiencing exponential growth in the MMA world, this was not always so. Not so long ago, ONE FC was still a developing organization, struggling to compete with giants like the UFC and Bellator. Luckily, they decided to focus their attention on Asia, and they soon found fans in almost every Asian country. So, the 2014 ONE Fighting Championship 19 was a big event. Both established fans and newcomers to MMA welcomed the first ONE FC fighting championship in Dubai and enjoyed some thrilling fights. Our favorite is the debut of Bellator Champion Ben Asker vs Nobutatsu Suzuki.

MMA is becoming bigger and bigger, especially in the UAE.

Alt: MMA fighters grappling in Dubai showing that the next ONE FC will be one of Dubai's biggest sporting event‎s.

1981 Dubai Grand Prix

It is hard to describe the true importance of the 1981 Dubai Grad Prix. By today's standards, this pioneering event may look small and irrelevant. After all, almost all of the drivers were British and with a token Belgian driver that was brought in. So you can hardly call this an international event. But, it was precisely so. The coverage that the British televisions brought to the Grand Prix helped Dubai become a known phenomenon in the western world. Mind you, this was 1981. Even a brief study of Dubai history will show you that a lot has changed since then. And, by our estimate, this change was in no small part due to the 1981 Dubai Grand Prix. Which is why we mark it as one of Dubai's biggest sporting event‎s.

Upcoming Dubai's biggest sporting event‎s

Now that we are aware of some of Dubai's biggest sporting event‎s, let us take a look at what is coming in the near future. Keep in mind that the sports scene and venues are constantly growing in Dubai, which is why this list should soon become bigger and bigger.

Dubai International Pro Jiu-Jitsu Championship 2019

There is hardly a Brazilian jiu-jitsu fan that is unaware of the following that BJJ has in Dubai. It is truly a phenomenon of how this Brazilian sport became such a big deal in Dubai. So much so that there are thousands of both kids and adults that practice it regularly. This is why the Dubai International Pro Jiu-Jitsu Championship in December 2019 is going to be a big deal. Hundreds, if not thousands of competitors come every year. Due to this, there are usually some excellent matches, as the average skill level of competitors ends up being pretty high. And, who knows, we may even witness a future ONE FC champion trying their BJJ skills. The only thing we know is that the bigger ONE FC becomes, the more great athletes we are going to have in Dubai.

The Dubai International Pro Jiu-Jitsu Championship in December 2019 is bound to be one of Dubai's biggest sporting event‎s.

Alt: Two BJJ fighters grappling on the ground.

Desert Warrior Challenge in Dubai 2020

Desert Warrior Challenge in Dubai is an event like no other. Dubai Warriors test their physical strengths, teamwork, and mental strength on various obstacle courses. And, as the organizers see it, Warriors can range from enthusiastic kids to hardcore athletes. So, if you are a fan of difficult obstacle courses, teamwork, and overall badassery, this is definitely an event you should check out.

Dubai World Cup 2020 (Horse racing)

The Dubai World Cup holds the record as having the biggest prize pool in the world with $35 million. This gorgeous event first has a carnival that has 10 meetings between January and March. Then, on March 28, the running of the Dubai World Cup starts. If you are a fan of horse racing or would like to see the true beauty of this ancient sport, you should book a ticket as soon as possible. This is truly one of Dubai's biggest sporting event‎s to this day.

Author bio:

Robert Hooker is a BJJ and fitness trainer, helping people grow both their martial arts skills and overall fitness. After working as one of the Dubai Personal Trainers for many years, he is more than capable of providing helpful input in all things regarding martial arts and sports.

Solo Travel Tips For Egypt

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Egypt is one of those countries that most people wish to visit at least once. It's a classic 'bucket list' vacation choice. There aren't many places left on the planet where you can see one of the seven wonders of the ancient world with your own eyes, but the Great Pyramid of Giza is still standing tall and attracts millions of visitors every year. The land of Egypt has played a vital role in the history of our whole civilization, and you owe it to yourself to find out what it has to offer.

Some solo travelers are put off the idea of visiting Egypt because of the misconception that it isn’t safe. This isn’t particularly fair. As with many countries in the region it occupies, Egypt has seen some trouble and strife in recent years, but it’s currently considered to be safe to visit. Not only that, but it relies on tourism as a major contributor to the well-being of its economy. Egypt doesn’t just want tourists - it needs them.

With flights to Egypt available once again, and a tourism industry waiting to welcome you with open arms, it's time to think about planning your trip. Egypt is a beautiful country, and one with a character and history so significant that it's seeped into every area of our mainstream culture. It was the lore of Egyptian mythology that persuaded movie-goers to head out to see 'The Mummy' in their thousands. It's the lore of Egypt today that has people flocking to play Egyptian-themed games on mobile slots websites like Late Casino. From the traditionalism of 'Ancient Egypt' to the more modern style of 'Cleo's Wish,' the iconography of Egypt has proven to be a great draw for mobile slots designers. Why let mobile slots players have all the fun, though? Why not go and see what all the fuss is about for yourself?

We appreciate that if you're a solo traveler, you'll still have a few concerns about safety and practicality even if your tour operator reassures you that everything is safe, so here's a few basic tips that we've been able to compile based on experience.

Always Use Uber

Uber might sometimes get bad press in other parts of the world, but in Egypt, they're a lifesaver. Without wanting to be disrespectful, the standards of driving in Egypt can be a little erratic, and that goes for the local taxi operators as much as the everyday civilians. Uber has been expanding its operations within the country to try and make things a little easier for travelers. There are several benefits to using Uber while you're there - not least that you'll get an estimate of your fare before you set off, which means less haggling while you're on the road. It also means it's less likely you'll be taken 'the long way round' in order to maximize your fare. On top of that, from a security point of view, both you and Uber know who your driver is, and where you're supposed to be headed. That can be particularly comforting for single female travelers.

Wear Sunglasses Outdoors

This isn’t just because of the weather, and nor is it because we want you to look like a celebrity while you’re there. If you’re headed to a tourist-heavy part of Egypt, you’ll encounter dozens of traders, market-stall owners, and other people trying to part you from your money. They keep a particularly keen eye out for people on their own, because they make for an easier target. Making eye contact with you is the first stage of trying to lure you into a conversation. If you’re wearing a pair of reflective sunglasses, they can’t make eye contact with you. It won’t be one hundred percent effective, but it will reduce the amount of hassle you’ll encounter.

Book Tours Through Your Hotel

For reasons we've never been able to explain adequately, it's more expensive to book tours before you arrive in Egypt than it is once you've reached your hotel. You'll save money by doing it all once you're in the country. Don't believe your package operator when they tell you everything will sell out - it never does! If you're staying with a reputable hotel, part of their service to you will include arranging tours to popular locations - and they'll undertake vetting of the people and companies they work with. That means you'll get a better quality of tour and guide, and you'll have the security of knowing you can take it up with the hotel if something isn't to your liking.

Research Each Area Before You Visit It

Some parts of Egypt are deeply conservative. Other areas are accustomed to seeing high numbers of western tourists, and are therefore more relaxed about what they expect from you. That means in some places you'll be free to drink alcohol, and in others, it will be strictly off-limits. Expectations of dress code will vary from location to location, too. You don't want to offend your hosts by doing the wrong thing in the wrong place. If you're in doubt, ask your hotel or your tour operator. In general, consider dressing more conservatively than you do at home. Your hosts will appreciate your politeness and consideration.

Learn A Few Basic Words

Unless you already have a good grasp of it, learning Arabic before your trip isn't going to be possible! Here's a handy phrase which will help you immeasurably:- "Shoukran." It's pronounced "shock-ran," and it means "thank you." Whenever you receive a service of any kind from any person, make sure to thank them. On the other hand, if you're being hassled or pestered about something you're not interested in, say "la shoukran." As you've probably guessed, that means "no thank you," and it will have the desired effect. "Salam-Alaikum" is also a helpful phrase to have in your vocabulary; it means "peace be with you," and is a standard greeting within the country.

Aside from all of the above, just relax and have fun. The Egyptian people are broadly friendly, and happy to see you. If they can speak a little English, they'll probably try to engage you in polite conversation. If they do, don't be nervous of them - they probably just want to thank you for visiting their country!

Monday, October 21, 2019

For the First Time, Top-Ranked NCAA Division 1 Golf Coaches in Manila to Scout Junior Golfing Talent

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Junior golfers in the Philippines will get a chance this December to showcase their game and talent and possibly get recruited to some of the best universities in the world!

DreamBig Events, a sports events company dedicated to providing a positive, motivating and challenging platform for young athletes living in Asia to improve their sporting skills is bringing world-class golf coaches for the first time in Asia. Its Gold Series Golf Camp, headlined as The Road To U.S. College Golf, is open to junior golfers aged 12 to 18 years old and will be held at the Orchard Golf & Country Club on December 17 and 18, 2019.

Golf Coaches from topmost schools in the US NCAA Division 1 – UCLA (University of California – Los Angeles), Columbia University and UC Berkeley – will run the two-day golf clinic while actively watching the young golfers participate in the 2-day FCG Golf Tournament.

At the camp, campers will experience guided range and short game sessions that will allow them to sharpen their practice and pre-tournament routines. They will be given instruction that will help them expand their course management skills and prepare them for competition, as well as expose them to US coaching styles and competition at a higher level. The camp is limited to 30 participants only to enable personalized and customized instruction for each athlete.

“This is an exceptional opportunity for young golfers to interact with world-class coaches and glimpse the future of how their game can evolve and take them to places they’ve never been before. Learning under these top-calibre coaches is a privilege that only a few can experience, and to have them right here in Manila to train and teach them is a big advantage in terms of savings on time and travel expenses,” said Akshay Maliwal, Founder and CEO of DreamBig Events.

Maliwal explained that the camp opens up the pathway to college golf in the U.S., which in turn will help athletes develop their athleticism and prepare them to compete on the world stage while they become a legitimate part of the US College athletics ecosystem.

“These camps do not just hone young athletes’ skills, they introduce and familiarize athletes with the college recruiting process and lets them experience, even for two days, a day in the life of a college athlete at a top academic and athletic university,” Maliwal added.

DreamBig Events has been working with coaches from top NCAA Division 1 and Division 3 universities such as Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Columbia, UC Berkeley, UCLA, University of Pennsylvania, Brown, New York University, Tufts and Carnegie Mellon University, Claremont-Mckenna, Johns Hopkins University, among others, for the last three years.

“Asia, the Philippines in particular, is rich in golfing talent that only needs to be discovered and honed. All young talents need is one big break to change their lives and put this region on the world map of golf. It all begins in camps like these. And because our camps offer a wide array of activities, campers have fun as they learn all the good stuff,” Maliwal said.

Interested participants may register now at


5 Reasons How Ketogenic Diet Affects Your Oral Health?

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Ketogenic is the current trend in dieting. Are you wondering what impact it posses on your dental health? This post has collected the information you need to know regarding the keto diet. With the information, you will learn how to care for your dental hygiene while training your metabolic processes with ketosis.

For those who are not aware, a ketogenic diet is a form of diet where you take food higher in fats and low in carbs. In this diet, you are not supposed to increase or decrease protein intake. The goal is to enhance metabolism on the fats instead of carbs. The diet is crucial in treating epilepsy in children. Some people also use keto as a means of weight loss - and Havard research supports the idea.

When it comes to dental care, you know that the type of food you eat can affect your health. Certain foods can help to maintain your teeth while others have adverse effects. What does the ketogenic diet pose on your dental health?

Here are five ways how ketogenic diet affects your oral health.

1. It Curbs Cavities

Cavities are dental infections that arise as a result of the accumulation of sugar in the mouth. When bacteria act on the sugar, it produces acids that dissolve the teeth enamel. Then bacteria and other micro-organisms burrow into the teeth and start eating up the pulp, causing tooth decay. In such conditions, the tooth becomes too painfull that I have to look for sedation dentistry near me for tooth extraction.

When you are on the ketogenic diet, you reduce the carbs in your food. We know that the breakdown of carbohydrates takes place in the mouth. Since the keto diet contains little amount of carbohydrates, there is going to be only a little amount of sugar produced during the digestion.

Reduction in the amount of sugar in the mouth means that the bacteria cannot make too much acid that can dissolve the teeth enamel. The saliva in the mouth is also busy washing away the sugar from the teeth and the other parts of the mouth. Because of the little amounts of carbohydrates, it will be easier for keeping the mouth sugar-free.

2. It Reduces Plaque Buildup

Another disadvantage of sugar content in the mouth is that it causes plaque. The plaque is, therefore, a result of the breaking down of carbohydrates in the mouth by enzymes in the saliva to produce sugar. The sugars, together with bacteria in the mouth, form a hard deposit on the teeth and the gums.

When you cut down on the carbs that you take, there is little sugar to accumulate in the mouth. We have already seen how saliva works to clean the excess sugar from the mouth. Knowing that ketogenic diets reduce the amount of sugar in the mouth gives you the assurance that bacteria will not find substances to cling to and form the plaque in your mouth.

3. Keto Reduces Gum Infections

Gum diseases arise as a result of plaque and bacteria in the mouth. Gingivitis, for example, is an inflammatory gum disease that affects the gums because of the bacteria. We already know that the mouth has a lot of beneficial bacteria, but it is the sugar that makes them “harmful” as they break them down.

When you have a plaque on the gums, they start to irritate and cause the gums to swell. The infection can lead to complications that can even lead to tooth loss.

Among other benefits, the keto diet is an easier way to deal with gum diseases. When you eat more fats and low carbs, you reduce the digestion processes that take place in the mouth. In return, you reduce sugar accumulation. Without sugar, there will be no plaques in the mouth. This translates to clean gums free from infections.

4. Keto Promotes Bad Breath

When starting with the keto diet, you may experience a change in your mouth odor and taste. Many people report that their mouths start to smell a few days after they change their diet. Others also say that their mouths develop a metallic taste.

The explanation for this is simple. When you eat more fats than carbohydrates, the body realizes that there is little sugar or glucose in the blood. To produce the energy you need for daily tasks, your body will start to metabolize the fats you eat and those your body has stored.

During the breakdown of fats to produce energy, the number of ketones in your body goes up. It is a natural and beneficial process, and the ketones are harmless. However, their increase in the body causes a slight difference in how your mouth smells and how you taste substances.

Although the effect of ketones is harmless, it can affect your self-esteem and personality. Focusing on general dental care and chewing mint can help to make your mouth and breath fresh. Another remedy is to reduce the amount of protein intake because when breaking down protein, the body produces ammonia that leads to bad mouth odor.

5. It Leads to Acidic Saliva and Dry Mouth

The sudden change in the diet affects the elements and nutrients your body needs. Since you are cutting down the carbohydrates and sugar, the sweet taste in the mouth goes down. For this reason, you start feeling that the saliva is bitter.

Lack of sugar in your diet also means that you will produce less saliva. It also means that when the sugar levels in the mouth go down, the saliva will reduce. The adverse effect of this is that there will be less lubrication on your teeth, gums, and lips. You will, therefore, experience a dry mouth. This might also cause other dental problems.

In Summary

There are various health benefits of the ketogenic diet. Apart from helping doctors and diet therapists to improve the well-being of their clients, keto can also help to improve your dental health. Checking your dental hygiene will help you to curb the negative effects of keto on your dental health.

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