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Roque: Manila Bay White Sand Will Do Wonders for our Mental Health

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"Manila Bay beach, why not?" Oh I don't know!!! Maybe because we're in the middle of a national health crisis and there are far more important things to spend 300+ million pesos on!!!

Setting up a “white beach” in Manila Bay would bring peace of mind to the people, according to Palace spokesman Harry Roque Jr.

Per Harry Roque, the dolomite "beach" is good for poor Filipinos' mental health.  Roque defended the controversial “white sand” makeover in Manila Bay, saying he was “happy” with the project which will beautify the area. Also adding that he sees it as a new attraction to the area as a prime tourist spot with beautiful sunsets.

According to some credible references, it could be dangerous to their physical/biological health.  I am sure Harry Roque will be blissfully happy inhaling toxic dolomite dust. Just what Manila needs. Between the cars and politicians, more toxic fumes and particulates in the air.

Health Usec. Vergeire says that medical literature shows that crushed dolomite can cause adverse respiratory reactions. Dolomite dust can cause respiratory issues. 'Pag napunta sa mata, puwedeng ma-irritate. 'Pag na-ingest, it can cause gastrointestinal discomfort.

Sand with dolomite mineral element is toxic when ingested. Their color is tan or light brown (not white).The Manila Bay sand is basalt from lava and when inhaled may also induce fibrotic lung disease. Sand with basalt is colored black or gray. Both are toxic mineral elements.

People living in the city of manila should have a free x-ray every month to see how the dolomite affects their lungs. For all we know, the dolomite will enhance the COVID-19 symptoms. But no worries actually, as experts also say that the synthetic sand will be washed away in the next big tidal or storm surge.

Roque defended the budget allotted to rehabilitate Manila Bay after Vice President Leni Robredo said the allotment for the "white sand" could have been used to feed 80,000 hungry families amid the pandemic.

 The government's initiative to overlay "white sand" in Manila Bay is a move criticized by several environment groups and the Vice President alike. Meanwhile, the hard-headed Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) are sticking with their beliefs no matter how many health and environment hazards have been cited.

First, they said the white sand was to protect Manila Bay, then they claimed it's an actually awareness and beautification campaign. Now, Harry Roque is saying it's to boost people's mental health.

More absurd excuses for another waste of taxpayers' money.

Every single day Roque wakes up to spew up the most idiotic bullshit he can fathom just to try and justify the actions of the administration he works for. I can't tell if he's extremely honorable or extremely pathetic.

In a way, it's quite admirable to willingly be that stupid just to save your superior's face.... and to do that in front of thousands of your countrymen everyday too.

To know what is wrong but to defend it nontheless is foolishness. I’m sick of everything there is to know, hear, read and understand about Roque! I’m so done.

Roque is another kind of delusional idiot talaga. Dear Mr. Roque, please mold the white sand into something then shove it up your arse.

Two advocacy groups say the white sand on the shores of Manila Bay focused too much on aesthetics and did little to contribute to the rehabilitation and restoration of the area.

U. P. Geologist Arcilla says "Mas maganda pa ginamit nila yan sa agricultural lands kasi it helps absorb fertilizers. Kung gusto nilang puti ang sand dapat limestone na lang ang ginamit dahil mas mura, mas common kaya di ko naiintindihan bakit dolomite."

What can you do with the DENR's P389M Manila Bay "white sand" filling project?

At least 13, 000 hectares of mangrove forests that are vital to the historic bay's marine ecosystem and biodiversity!

The practice of using rare materials for something so useless and unnecessary is precisely to ensure that kickbacks are huge. Rare items cannot be easily audited and are not readily priced, hence, can easily be padded and overpriced. Government today is exceptionally greedy. Judases!

Pinag-aralan nila talagang.......... mailusot.

It would be interesting to know the contractors behind this project so we can better understand their rationalization. 10% of any inflated project price is such a temptation for both the agency and the business it brings to the contractors.

Honest guess: some big investor placed money somewhere in the money flow to fund this, thus government officials are pursuing it despite the people's apprehension.

Sino kaya kumita rito. Sa trucking and sea freight most probably pinakamalaking kita rito. Si Dennis Uy ay may fleet of ships di ba?

Follow the money trail because ultimately, just like Philhealth, it’s been all about money to the greedy Duterte regime. Corruption with impunity at its finest.

Siyempre for sure walang accountability yan. What's important is meron silang kick back na malaki. How many more years are we still to suffer? After Marcos was a huge debt which generations were bound to pay, with this Duterte administration, how many generations are obliged to pay for their loot.

They likely didn’t think things through. The pollution in Manila Bay will likely stain the “white sand” in no time at all. They could have just rerouted that money to financial aid for COVID patients or for the unemployed.

Dumping white sand on top of natural grey sands is weird. See ‘Caylabne Resort’ at Ternate, Cavite. The waves will continuously mix white sands with grey sands. In order to maintain that artificial white sands look. You’ll need to reorder to refill more white sands regularly.

Unless the crushed boulders are cemented to the shores of Manika Bay, they will be just washed away by the waves. In which case, it’s money thrown away. So many other better uses for the money. Like funding livelihood seminars for the poor and unemployed. Or feeding the hungry.

If part of the problem are the informal settlers that keep on throwing their trash at Manila Bay, then why not just allocate the funds for relocating those illegal dwellers that keep polluting the bay? No amount of beautification will sustain if the root cause is still there.  Eradicate the squatting community is a permanent solution.... BUT! FOCUS FIRST TO OVERCOME COVID!

Sayang pera. Pinambayad na lang sana ng mas efficient na sistema ng contact tracing.

Wala ring katama-tama sa Mission/Vision ng DENR...and yet they continue to defend it. Whatever the excuses are, patok pa rin sa DDS. The mad dash for kickbacks before the old man croaks. It's literally a whitewash.

Mines and Geosciences Bureau Region 7 says they issued an Ore Transport Permit to transport dolomite from Alcoy, Cebu to Manila for Manila Bay's white sand. Cebu Provincial Board Member John Ismael Borgonia says they were kept in the dark, no coordination was made with them.

Duterte’s budget for putting white sand at Manila Bay could have

• given 6,483+ jeepney drivers (including #PISTON6) P10,000 emergency aid monthly from March-Aug

• bought laptops for 20,000 public school teachers

• provided 3,890 SMEs emergency grants of P100,000 each

I thought incompetence and/or plain stupidity is a bug in this administration’s officials.  Now, I realise it’s a feature. It’s actually a pre-existing condition. It’s scary and I’m not easily scared.

Halatang based on someone's kapritso! Sa kahuli-hulihan, it's done to please the Chinese tourists who can't witness Boracay for real.

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