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SM City Santa Rosa's Whimsical Christmas Garden

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What better way to celebrate the holidays than right here at SM City Santa Rosa! Feel like royalty in their Whimsical Christmas Garden located at the Activity Grounds.

At the heart of this year’s Christmas Centerpiece, SM City Santa Rosa brought to life a fairytale like-castle together with a majestic crystal horse that will surely take you to your own Christmas wonderland. Take snaps and capture the glittering lights all around the centerpiece! Dine with friends and family in our carriage-inspired dining pods designed to make you feel like royalty!


More holiday activities awaits you!

There’s a lot install for all shoppers at SM City Santa Rosa for this month of December that will surely  knock your Christmas stockings off your feet. Here is this month’s line-up of holiday activities:

Christmas Market. Come and visit this year’s Christmas Market. Buy gifts or go on a food trip  with your family and friends!

Santa’s Here! Christmas is not the same without Santa! But here’s the twist! Starting Nov. 15, you can buy gifts for your kids or special someone, and have Santa personally give it on Dec. 25 right by our curbside! Tune in to our facebook page for more details soon!

3 Day Sale is also something to look forward to on November 19 – 21 with extra 1 Day on November 18. Up to 70% off on great finds! Time to do your early Christmas shopping!

Spread the love and gift giving this Christmas by purchasing a pair of Bears of Joy. Customers get to keep one bear and the other one will be donated to the CSWD of Santa Rosa. Just drop by at the Bears of Joy booth located at the Ground Level near Uniqlo and purchase a pair for only P250 from Nov. 12 until December 25.

The way we celebrate this festive season may change with the times, but many beautiful things is still the same. To catch more fun-filled activities this Christmas season, visit @smcitysantarosa on Facebook and Instagram to stay updated. #GoOutGoSouth

SM Supermalls hits 5 million COVID-19 jabs, opens more vax sites for mino

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SM Supermalls has yet again marked a back-to-back milestone in its pursuit to help end COVID-19 in the Philippines: surpassing the five-millionth mark of COVID-19 jabs and the opening of more SM malls as pediatric vaccination sites outside Metro Manila

“Breaching the five-millionth mark is a testament to our commitment to providing our communities with accessible and convenient vaccination sites. We thank our partner LGUs for this partnership are happy to provide our malls as pediatric vaccination centers for minors belonging to the 12-17 age group.” said Steven Tan, president of SM Supermalls.

During the opening ceremony of Paranaque City LGU’s “Bida Rin ang Bata” vaccination center in SM City Sucat on November 3, a total of 588 youngsters were given their first dose of vaccines. To date, SM Supermalls has vaccinated over 6,000 pedriatric constituents in 15 pediatric mall vaccination sites.

Present during the launch were Sec. Carlito Galvez Jr., National Task Force (NTF) against Covid-19 Chief Implementer and Vaccine czar; Assistant Secretary Elmer Punzalan and Assistant Regional Director Aleli Sudiacial, Department of Health; Paranaque Mayor Edwin Olivarez; Paranaque 1st District Rep. Eric Olivarez; IATF Assistant Regional Director Paz Corrales; Dra. Evangeline Labines, CESO V, School Division Superintendent; and, Dra. Olga Virtusio, Head of Paranaque CHO.

Mayor Olivarez shared that they target to inoculate 70% of their pediatric constituents this November. “To win the war against COVID-19, we will be working hand-in-hand with our partners, including SM Supermalls, in getting to a pandemic free Paranaque.” he furthered.

The phased approach to vaccinating the A3 category began last October 15, prioritizing minors with comorbidities. DOH emphasized that the rollout of inoculation among children and minors was needed to help the country achieve herd immunity.

“We heal as one,” said Dr. Aleli Sudiacal, Assistant Regional Director DOH-MMCHD. “With the intensive rollout of the pediatric immunization in the country, we shall continue working together with the private sector and LGUs since we are now in the post-recovery stage.”

SM Supermalls is the only mall venue partner as the DOH rolled out the second phase of the A3 immunization, starting at SM Megamall last October 21 and at SM Sucat on November 3. Several other SM Malls are expected to become safe and convenient Pediatric Vaccination Centers in the next weeks.

With its long-standing commitment to ensuring the health and safety of the public, SM continues to provide not just a #SafeMalling experience to shoppers, but also a convenient and accessible venue where their communities can get vaccinated.

For more information and up-to-date news on vaccination schedules at the SM malls in your LGU, visit or follow @smsupermalls on all social media accounts.

Enchanting Holidays at SM City North EDSA

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Sparkly lights of silver and gold, surrounded by the most bewitching greens… Christmas has never been this enchanting for one to see... Celebrate your most magical Christmas yet, only at SM City North Edsa’s Enchanted Holidays!

Here are some of the enchanting surprises that await our beloved shoppers:

1. ENCHANTED CHRISTMAS TREE Featuring a grand 45-feet Christmas tree, embellished by elegant botanical species, The Block Atrium has transformed into an Enchanted Garden, towered by a large Victorian greenhouse, offering a freshly instagrammable walk-through experience for families to enjoy. Capture the experience with FREE Instax prints & 4R prints from FUJIFILM.

2. SM MALLS ONLINE EXCLUSIVES Shop from anywhere and enjoy a 15% OFF in-app exclusive at SM Malls Online. Choose from trusted brands and grab this deal when you order exclusively from SM City North Edsa.

3. GIFT MARKET Start ticking off your gift list with SM City North Edsa’s Gift Market, featuring gift bundles, family feast favorites and Christmas holideals that will surely bring home the season’s cheer.

4. SM BEARS OF JOY SM City North Edsa brings back its annual tradition of SM Bears of Joy. Shoppers may choose from 4 bear characters: Cookie (Baker), Cammy (Vlogger), Speedy (Cyclist) & Sunny (Plant Lover). You’ll get a pair for P250, one bear for you to keep and the other for this year’s partner charity: CHILDHAUS QC.

Rediscover the magic of Christmas with your family here at SM City North Edsa!

For more information, visit, follow SM City North EDSA @smnedsa on Facebook and @smnorthedsa on Instagram and Twitter!

#EnchantedHolidaysAtSM #ChristmaSayaAtSM

Thursday, November 4, 2021

5 Essentials of Muscle Building

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Everyone wants to look well in the gym and on the beach, and a massive part of that is muscle building. Many people associate hard, defined muscles with lifting weights, but there’s a lot more to it than that.

Sure, bench pressing, squatting, and deadlifting are going to be a big part of what allows you to reach your fitness goals. However, it would help if you also thought about what to eat, when to eat it, sleep, rest days, recovery, supplementation, stress management, the list goes on. Getting shredded isn’t as simple as you might think.

So, we’ve broken down the five most important things anyone chasing the perfect physique needs to keep in mind.

OK, we did say that training wasn’t everything, but it’s the most important thing along with nutrition and recovery. Unless you place stress on your muscles by partaking in resistance training, they’re not going to grow.

You should come up with a training program and stick to it. Most advanced lifters go to the gym between 3-6 times a week. It would help if you tried to use compound movements (lifts that engage more than one muscle group) in each workout, which will boost efficiency.

Many so-called “gym gurus” insist that their training program is the best and that no other exercise schedule will allow you to build muscle quite as quickly or reliably. However, this usually isn’t the case.

For instance, some people naturally have well-developed arms but lack strong legs, while the reverse will be valid for others. You should make sure your program targets your weakest points.


Training breaks down your muscles, and muscle tissue can’t grow if it’s always broken down. Therefore, you need to make sure you’re giving your body a chance to regenerate itself after a heavy session.

The first thing to keep in mind here is sleep. You need to be getting between 7-9 hours of high-quality sleep a night; if you’re training a lot, you should probably be nearer the high end of that range.

You also need to train sensibly. If you’re taking on too much work in the gym, your body will stop progressing linearly.

Of course, if you want to give your body a helping hand in its battle to respond to training, some supplements can be of massive benefit.


If you don’t give your body fuel in the form of high-quality, calorie-appropriate food, you’re not going to see gains. The food you eat is ultimately what defines the make-up of your body, so you need to think carefully about your diet.

Firstly, are you bulking or cutting? To put on weight, you need to eat more calories than you burn; if you’re trying to shed pounds, on the other hand, you need to eat fewer calories than you burn. Make sure you’re keeping an eye on the nutritional labels of your foods or getting anavar products, as well as counting the calories you expend in the gym (as well as in your everyday life).

You need to keep your protein intake specifically in mind. Protein is the macronutrient containing the amino acids your body needs to build tissues like muscle and bone. Unless your body has an appropriate supply of these amino acids, it won’t be able to add muscle.


Avoiding Injury

This might sound obvious, but it’s something many people forget about. With all the talk of “going hard” in the gym, it can be easy to disregard the possibility you might hurt yourself.

So, make sure your form is right on all exercises, especially compound movements. If you’re feeling the pain that seems more severe than your usual delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS), you should consider giving that muscle group a rest or visiting a physiotherapist.

Maintaining a Balance

This is another thing many gym enthusiasts end up neglecting. It can feel great to be laser-focused on the gym, and it can also be productive in the short run, but you need to keep balance in mind if you want to see consistent progress over the years.

Make sure to manage your stress levels, make time for your friends and family, and stay calm if things don’t go to plan in the gym on a given day. You should also enjoy a tasty cheat meal when you get the chance!
Staying Ripped in 2021 & Beyond

There’s a lot to remember for anyone trying to make progress in the gym. If building legendary muscles were accessible, everyone would have them! However, if you stay focused on the basics as we’ve outlined here, you won’t need to worry about forgetting anything important. Just work hard, be patient, and results will follow.

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Stronger Wildlife Law should be 18th Congress’ legacy – environmental group

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Environmental group Tanggol Kalikasan has called for the immediate passage of the amendments to Republic Act 9147 or the Wildlife Resources Conservation and Protection Act of 2001, saying the 18th Congress must make it their legacy.


Tanggol Kalikasan executive director Ma. Ronely Bisquera-Sheen said that it is high-time to strengthen the 20-year-old law to address the increasingly sophisticated and organized illegal wildlife trade operations.


Leading the country during the pandemic, lawmakers of the 18th Congress must ensure the passage of the strengthened law to effectively combat illegal wildlife trade, widely believed to have contributed to the global health crisis.


“We call on the 18th Congress to use their power to pass this much-needed law. It will be a worthwhile legacy that will not only protect our wildlife resources, but also the lives and livelihoods of generations of Filipinos,” Bisquera-Sheen said.


“Crime syndicates are exploiting legal loopholes, low fines and penalties, digital technology, and limited enforcement capacity. RA 9147 must be urgently amended. Our law must keep up with the changing landscape of wildlife crimes and enforcement,” she said.


Penalties in the current law do not correspond to the gravity of offenses, failing to serve as a deterrent. Most of the sentences under the law are below six years imprisonment, with first-time offenders usually applying for probation to skip detention and paying fines.


In 2019, foreign nationals were caught with P1.7 million worth of dried seahorses, considered endangered species, but the offenders ended up paying a measly fine of P15,000.


Under the bills, penalties for trading, possession, and transport of wildlife can be as high as 8 years of imprisonment and/or fines of up to P1 million; while penalties for killing or destroying wildlife can reach up to 12 years imprisonment and/or fines of up to P2 million. Wildlife trafficking shall also be treated as a distinct and separate offense if the violation involves more than one species.


If the bills are passed into law, the offender shall also pay the wildlife economic value, or the amount proven to have been lost as a result of the crime. Citing the Department of Environment and Natural Resources, the group said the estimated value of illegal wildlife trade in the country is P50 billion or $1 billion yearly, including the market value of wildlife and its resources, their ecological role and value, damage to habitats, and loss in potential ecotourism revenues.


The group, citing Dr Glenn Maguad of DENR-Wildlife Rescue Center, said there is also a need for additional financial and technical assistance to the more than 20 Wildlife Rescue Centers nationwide.


“Rescue centers provide a sanctuary for confiscated wildlife, most of which are in critical condition, and play a crucial role in the law enforcement chain nationwide,” Maguad said.


With implementation challenges in the regions, Tanggol Kalikasan emphasized the critical role of local government units in wildlife law enforcement,.


Under the bills, LGUs shall require businesses and wildlife-related activities to present permits from the DENR and the Department of Agriculture before they can obtain or renew business licenses and clearances.


“The LGUs’ knowledge, expertise and law enforcement efforts in the areas will help enforcers at the national level in combating illegal wildlife trade, especially in light of the Supreme Court’s Mandanas ruling, which transfers higher national tax revenue to local governments,” Bisquera-Sheen said.


“Furthermore, imposing rules that complement local ordinances will make it difficult for violators to commit crimes,” she added.


“The said ruling increases the national government tax revenue transferred to local governments. Furthermore, imposing rules that complement local ordinances will make it difficult for violators to commit crimes,” she added.


Senate Bill Nos. 2078 and 2079, filed by Senator Cynthia Villar and Senate Majority Leader Juan Miguel Zubiri, respectively, seek the imposition of stronger and more specific penalties, the strengthening of enforcement capacity, and the removal of legal loopholes exploited by illegal wildlife traders. The counterpart measure, House Bill 9833, was approved in August on third and final reading.


The Philippines, among the world’s most mega-diverse countries, has become an important source, transit, and destination point for illegal wildlife trade, which is now the fourth largest illicit trade worldwide behind illegal drugs, arms, and human trafficking.

Nominations for the IABC APAC 2022 Communicator of the Year Awards are Open!

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The search is on for the outstanding communicators in the Asia Pacific Region. The International Association of Business Communicators Asia Pacific (IABC APAC) has launched the 2022 Communicator of the Year Awards that recognize and honor exceptional communication excellence and leadership.

IABC APAC is opening the nominations for the prestigious awards in two categories: the Executive Leader and the Senior Communication Professionals.

Executives, who could be president, CEO, a C-suite leader, managing director, vice president, or head of private firms, organizations, or government agencies based in Asia Pacific countries, may be nominated in the Executive Leader category for demonstrating leadership in strategic communication excellence.

Communicators in the Asia Pacific region with at least ten years of work experience in the profession are eligible for nomination in the Senior Communication Professional Category for developing and implementing effective communication programs to support their company’s or organization’s goals.

Sia Papageorgiou of Australia was awarded the 2021 IABC Asia Pacific Communicator of the Year Award under the Senior Communication Professional category. She has published numerous articles about the role of technology and artificial intelligence in communications and donated her time as a leader in IABC at the local, regional, and international levels, among other accolades and accomplishments.

In 2020, Kate Carnell, ombudsman of the Australian Small Business and Family Enterprise, and Gabrielle Dolan, founder of Jargon Free Fridays, were named the 2020 IABC Asia Pacific Communicators of the Year under the Senior Communication Professional and Executive Leader categories, respectively. Both Australian women displayed expertise in business storytelling and authentic communication, applying their skills on a local and global scale.

Nominees can either be self-nominated or nominated by an IABC member or non-member. People outside their organization can also nominate them. Nominations must be emailed to with the subject “Communicator of the Year Nomination.”

The nomination period for both categories will be from 3 November 2021 to 4 February 2022. Visit the official website of IABC Asia Pacific Region ( for more information on the nomination process, eligibility, and criteria for evaluation.

IABC Asia Pacific is a regional board with 12 chapters in 8 countries throughout the Asia Pacific region, along with members-at-large in Singapore, Pakistan, China, Fiji, and Thailand.

Phl sci, math medalists flourish amid pandemic

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Not even COVID-19 can stop young Filipinos math and science geniuses from hauling medals from international competitions in 2020. 


This, as the Department of Science and Technology – Science Education Institute (DOST-SEI) recognized 1,395 students in its Youth Excellence in Science (YES) Awards held virtually last Oct. 29. 


The number of awardees is down 14 percent from the 1,631 tallied in 2019. But for DOST-SEI Director, Dr. Josette Biyo, the number remains impressive given the challenges faced by the organizers of the international competitions themselves. 


“This year’s number of 1,395 medalists—with a total of 3,672 awards amassed from 67 competitions—is proof that despite the pandemic, many of us continue to push for excellence. Many of our teachers and parents continue to believe in our youth’s innate talents. Many of us in the science community hold on to your fire as this country’s hope and strength going forward,” said Biyo. 


As with last year’s awarding, DOST-SEI recognized this year’s honorees through a virtual ceremony featuring messages from DOST Secretary Fortunato de la Peña, Biyo, and testimonials from a medalist and a school representative. 


“Indeed, the past year has been an unexpected challenge for everyone. Which is exactly why your triumphs are all the more laudable and worthy of celebration, for each of you is here against great odds. You are all truly exemplars of the best young minds in the Philippines,” stressed de la Peña. 


Triumph amid losses 


Andres Rico Gonzales III of De La Salle University Integrated School spoke of his experiences in winning gold in the 2020 International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO) 


“During international competitions, we fight not only for our own merit but also for our country. That is why, every year, we are all excited for the YES Awarding because it is the culmination of our hard work being recognized by our government. God has given us the talent and passion for reasons bigger than ourselves—that is, to help and share these gifts for the betterment of many,” he said. 


Gonzales began competing in the IMO in 2018 when he settled for an honourable mention. In 2019, he finally nabbed a bronze medal. He said he wants to get the goal in his last year of eligibility. 


“As for me, my biggest dream is to win in IMO,” he said. 


Gonzales revealed that 2020 was especially challenging because of how the pandemic changed his life permanently. 


“Last year was the most trying time in the lives of my family because we’re still grieving for the demise of my father who just died two weeks after he was diagnosed of cancer. Our business closed, and a lot of drastic changes came after this,” he narrated.  


He furthered, “Preparing for the IMO is rigid because we all know it is the hardest international math competition for high school students. Then came the pandemic, which delayed the competition, and subsequently coincided with the academic year. It was hard to focus. I had to juggle between studying for school and reviewing for the IMO.” 


“I grieved. I prayed. I fought,” Gonzales said, adding he wished to inculcate in the minds of fellow awardees that perseverance and determination truly spell success.  


“We don’t know what the future will be. But one thing’s for sure: whatever the challenge maybe, science and technology will serve as the backbone and the frontline of the fight” he disclosed. 


Gold Ribbon School Award 


The YES Awards also recognized institutions that consistently led the medal hauls in international science and math contests in the past three years. DOST-SEI labeled them as Gold Ribbon School Awardees. 


Among the finalists include St. Jude Catholic School, Philippine Science High School (PSHS) Main Campus, and De La Salle Santiago Zobel School, which had the most number of medals from 2018 to 2020. 


In a testimony, PSHS Main Campus Director, Dr. Lawrence Madriaga thanked DOST-SEI for the award, highlighting that the school joins international competitions not just for performance metrics but to measure their students’ competency against the best of the world. 


“We believe that if we want to continually improve as a school, we have to constantly challenge ourselves and aim to be at par with our international counterparts. We always look for opportunities to improve the way we nurture our students to become STEM professionals and be part of nation-building in the future,” Madriaga said. 


The YES Award is a DOST institutional award for exemplary achievement of the youth in the fields of science and mathematics and shall come in the form of a medal of distinction to be awarded by the Secretary of Science and Technology or the DOST Regional Director.

Almost 8 in 10 Filipinos believe that vaping devices and e-cigarettes are a ‘serious health hazard’

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66% of those who use such devices support a ban on flavors that appeal to children, according to Pulse Asia
Almost 8 in 10 Filipinos (or 77%) believe that vaping devices and e-cigarettes are a ‘serious health hazard’. This was according to a recent Pulse Asia survey conducted to gain insight on vaping and e-cigarette habits among Filipinos.

The survey also reported that 74% of the respondents support a ‘100% e-cigarette or vapes-free policy’ in public places while 70% support a policy that restricts age accessibility to vapes and e-cigarettes at 21 years old and above. The fieldwork for the survey was conducted among 1,200 respondents and from September 6 to 11.

The survey results were released as Senators are set to resume their deliberations next week on Senate Bill No. 2239 (SBN 2239) or the Vaporized Nicotine Products Regulation Act, more commonly referred to as the ‘Vape Bill’. Advocacy groups have criticized the measure as a ‘betrayal of public health’, citing provisions that roll back the minimum age of access to these products from the current 21 years old to 18 years old, among others.

Dr. Maricar Limpin of the Philippine College of Physicians urged Senators to ‘junk the measure’ echoing the position of the medical community against vapes and e-cigarettes’ adverse health effects, citing studies that have shown that the products contain cancer-causing agents.

At least 7 former health secretaries and 60 medical groups previously opposed the bill’s provisions that will ease restrictions on the use of flavorings, shift the mandate to regulate such devices from from the Food and Drug Administration to the Department of Trade and Industry, and allow vaping in public places, schools, and hospitals.

“Medical opinion and public opinion are in agreement: vapes and e-cigarettes are harmful to Filipinos’ health,” said Dr. Limpin. “Senators should heed the call of Filipinos and their doctors and reject the Vape Bill,” she added.

“Proponents of the Vape Bill are claiming that vapes and e-cigarettes are a healthier alternative to smoking and help smokers quit. This is not true. There are real health harms in these devices and there is not enough evidence to claim that they help smokers quit,” said the physician.

“In fact, it has been shown in other countries that a higher percentage of people who use e-cigarettes still continue to use traditional cigarettes which presents even greater harm,” Dr. Limpin also said.

Ban on flavors that appeal to children

Public interest law group ImagineLaw also pointed out that stricter regulation of vape and e-cigarette devices are sought out even among those who use such devices. In the same survey, 62% of respondents (and 66% of respondents who use such devices) said that they will support a ban on the availability and accessibility of e-cigarette and vape flavors that appeal to children and youth (e.g. cotton candy, fruity).

“Even vapers and e-cigarette smokers agree with the proposal to ban flavorings that attract young people and children,” said the law group’s Executive Director Atty. Sophia San Luis.

“The Vape Bill will introduce more young people and even children to the dangers of vapes and e-cigarettes,” she said. “The people have spoken against vapes and e-cigarettes. Our legislators’ duty is to listen and junk the Vape Bill,” San Luis added.

The Pulse Asia survey has a plus or minus 2% error margin at 95% confidence level.

It’s More Fun to Film in the Philippines: FDCP Goes to the American Film Market 2021

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The Film Development Council of the Philippines (FDCP) is currently at the American Film Market (AFM) 2021, which started November 1 and will culminate on November 5, 2021. As part of the AFM’s official events and activities for this year, the FDCP, through UniPhilippines and the FilmPhilippines Office, hosted a panel discussion about the opportunities available for international partnerships with the Philippines.

A virtual panel discussion titled "It's More Fun to Film in the Philippines" was held last Monday, November 1, and was moderated by journalist and film festival consultant Wendy Mitchell. The panel was made up of American and Filipino producers and filmmakers who have had experience in working with the Philippine film industry on international productions, including Philippine Film Studios, Inc. Executive Producer Jun Juban, Director Pedring Lopez of Counterplay, writer and producer Scott Rosenfelt, Electric Entertainment's producer Francis Dela Torre and FDCP Chairperson and CEO Liza Diño, who joined the panel as a resource person to discuss the country's filming incentives which intend to boost international coproductions and make the Philippines more enticing as a film location option for international production outfits.

FDCP Chairperson Diño shared her excitement about the Agency’s ongoing projects and incentive programs. Through its banner program FilmPhilippines, the country offers location incentive programs to attract a range of international film and audiovisual projects for production and post-production, as well as foreign producers looking to do international coproductions with Filipino producers. One such incentive is the Film Location Incentive Program (FLIP), which grants an eligible international project a 20% cash rebate on their qualified spend in the Philippines. It also provides logistics support via the Film Location Engagement Desk (FLEX), one-stop-shop assistance for government permits, and interagency endorsements to those coming to shoot in the country.

UniPhilippines, on the other hand, has several support programs aiming to help Filipino films and filmmakers, as well as their international coproducers, intending to reach a global audience by exposure to international festivals and film markets.

But more than the incentives and support, it is in fact the people that makes the Philippines an excellent choice for collaboration and film location. Executive Producer Jun Juban relates, “the best ‘infrastructure’ is the people themselves, the enthusiasm to work… the qualified and well-trained technical staff.” He also shares that film technical personnel were even invited to overseas filming projects for their expertise, and then they go back to the Philippines with even better experience to share with the industry.

Chairperson Diño said that the film industry was one of the hardest-hit sectors in the Philippines during the pandemic. She adds, “Participation in festivals and film markets open new avenues to our films and our filmmakers to have a wider reach. Not only does choosing the Philippines as a film destination make the country more visible to the world, but it also helps our economy by creating jobs for our homegrown pool of film workers and generating revenue for service providers in the country.”

A film market is not only where films are showcased but is the place where networks are forged, titles acquired, and production and distribution deals sealed. The AFM has the reputation of being the most efficient, with more than a billion in US dollars worth of deals closed, both for completed films and those under production and development. It brings together a diverse audience of more than 7,000 film industry professionals from more than 70 countries every November. It is also a venue to discover a global catalog of available films and projects, attend world-class conferences, panels, and workshops, and connect with the independent film community’s decision-makers.

Throughout the five-day networking event, FDCP hosts two virtual booths at the LocationEXPO and Industry Offices for FilmPhilippines and UniPhilippines, respectively. Four Filipino films are on market screening as well, namely: “Hello Stranger” directed by Dwein Baltazar, “Whether the Weather is Fine” by Carlo Francisco Manatad, “A Hard Day” by Law Fajardo, and “Real Life Fiction” by Paul Soriano.

Since its first participation at the AFM in 2016, FDCP has closed numerous deals, acquired remarkable films, and made notable partnerships in this annual event. AFM will run until November 5, 2021. “It's More Fun to Film in the Philippines” panel session will be available for replay to participants of the American Film Market 2021. It can be accessed by logging in to

To know more about FDCP’s international collaborations and opportunities, you may check out -

3SF Festival bares 20 finalists

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Organizers of the Three Shots Film Festival revealed the finalists to its new and unique competition.

Media Underground or MUD Studios challenged students 16 to 25 years old to make a short film – fiction, documentary, or animation – using only three shots and three cuts for a story composed of a beginning, middle and end, with a minimum running time of one minute and a maximum of 15 minutes.

Making it to the Top 20 are Cedric Dalangin (“Sa Tanan Nga Adlaw”), Calvin Ponteblanca (“Feelingerong Feline”) and John Thomas Trinidad (“Boom Tiyaya”) from University of the Philippines-Diliman; Mark Wilson S. Catindig (“Ip-”) and Christine Anne C. Crisostomo (“Kabtang”), Lyceum of the Philippines University-Manila; Lyka Calingasan (“Lamang Lupa”) and Janina Cortez (“4:00 p.m.”), De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde; Angelo P. Gillo (“Ninong, Enge Arep”) and Mark Jhon Villanueva (“Living”), University of the East-Caloocan; and Rainner S. Cion (“Sakaling Makalipad”), Far Eastern University-Manila.

Completing the list are Jhody Alessandra Sacramento (“Laruan”), St. Dominic College of Asia; Jermaine Tulbo (“Bulawan”), Meridian International College; Ma. Aizil Blues Turen (“Alpas”), San Sebastian College-Recoletos, Manila; Peter Solano (“Do or Die”), Universidad de Manila; Alyssa Maxine B. Balayo (“Nilaga”), University of Santo Tomas; Faith Carisa Lacanlale (“Bagito”), UP Baguio; Francis Lester S. Lacambra (“Per Kilo”), Gordon College, Olongapo City; Francis Ryan Basa Pabiania (“Paghibi sang Langit”), Silliman University, Dumaguete; Preanne Nicole Parojinog (“Kalat”), Malayan Colleges Mindanao, A Mapúa School, Davao; and Dominic Howell Dumogho (“Sumalangit Nawa”), Father Saturnino Urios University, Butuan City.

MUD Studios founder and director August Lyle Espino was inspired by a workshop he attended a few years ago, “where they were challenged to think outside of the box and create an even shorter version compared to what was usually required for a short film.”  

“Lumalabas ang pagka-artist mo pag nali-limit ka. Doon ka mag-iisip,” Espino shared, talking about his experience from the said workshop. “Now is the best time to create art,” he added.

The 3SF festival finalists will be available for viewing on MUD’s website ( from November 5 to 11. The site is “an alternative content platform that offers a catalog of independent films, festival entries, and original content dealing with a wide variety of real-life themes.”

Awarding ceremonies will be held on November 12, 8 p.m. The Best Film, Best Direction, and Best Cinematography winners will receive cash prizes and plaques of recognition. The festival will also hand out a People’s Choice award.

Kase Lens PH will award a four-lens kit worth 12,000 pesos, including a travel case bag, 7.5mm fisheye lens, 16mm wide-angle lens, 25mm macro lens, 65mm telephoto lens, two clip mounts, and cleaning cloth, as a special prize. Three pieces Selens Redhead lights with light stand kit also await the winners.

Prior to the competition, 3SF organizers conducted a Creative Visioning Workshop last September 30, with Espino and fellow filmmakers Arvin BelarminoTristan Cua, and Mina Cruz as speakers.

The 3SF festival jury is made up of Belarmino, Cua, Emmanuel Dela Cruz, and Peter Mackie.

Wednesday, November 3, 2021

WorldHotels Collection Welcomes Layan Green Park in Phuket, Thailand to Distinctive collection

Wazzup Pilipinas!?

The leading pioneer in Eco-Friendly property in Phuket opens next year

WorldHotels announces that Layan Green Park has joined the brand’s Distinctive collection. Layan Green Park is the first new construction in Thailand that will receive EDGE (Excellence in Design for Greater Efficiencies) certification. The property is located at Bangtao Beach in Phuket. Layan Green Park is expected to open and welcoming guests in December 2022.

“It is an honor to enter this partnership with Layan Green Park Co., Ltd. to present this exceptional new hotel to the world” Olivier Berrivin, Managing Director, Asia Pacific, WorldHotels, said following the signing. “WorldHotels is always seeking strong and professional partners to work with, and the Layan Green Park Group has shown its skill and vision by developing its first property in Phuket. I have no doubt that this remarkable new resort will delight our guests and enhance the entire destination”

Mr. Andrey Gusev, Representative of the Owning Company states: “We are very pleased to be partnering with WorldHotels and to become a part of their curated collection, WorldHotels™ Distinctive. We believe that Layan Green Park would be the perfect addition to their portfolio and a fantastic new destination option for their loyal members”

Layan Green Park will be a four-star property with a total of 403 rooms in five different categories. It’s located only 700 meters from Bangtao Beach which is one of the most beautiful spots on the island. Phuket International Airport is only 20 minutes away.

This is a significant addition to WorldHotels portfolio in our region as it is the first WorldHotels™ Distinctive property to open in the south of Thailand. It fulfils an important segment for the brand as Phuket has been named one of the world’s top destinations for all types of travellers.

Scheduled to open its doors late 2022, Layan Green Park will be a new landmark property that provides eco-life with upscale facilities, high quality of infrastructure, a wide range of entertainment options for children and dedicated to family leisure in a modern environment with its specific “Lifestyle” flavor.

In addition, Layan Green Park will offer various F&B options with 2 restaurants focusing on locally sourced products with seasonal ingredients, a lounge bar and a pool bar. Guests will have the opportunity to enjoy a “Wellbeing Spa”, a gym and landscaped grounds with jogging paths, yoga terrace and three freshwater swimming pools.

Oakwood Premier Kuala Lumpur to Open at Merdeka 118 in the Malaysian Capital

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Merdeka 118 is set to become the world’s second tallest and Southeast Asia’s tallest building

Oakwood announced the signing of a management agreement with PNB Merdeka Ventures Sdn. Berhad (PMVSB), a wholly owned subsidiary of Permodalan Nasional Berhad (PNB), to debut the Oakwood Premier brand of luxury serviced residences at the Malaysian capital’s iconic Merdeka 118 precinct. The new landmark is set to redefine Kuala Lumpur’s skyline, crowned as the world’s second tallest and Southeast Asia's tallest building soaring 118 storeys at the height of 644 metres upon completion.

Oakwood Premier Kuala Lumpur will occupy one of the residential towers within the Merdeka 118 development featuring 348 serviced residences with one-, two- and three-bedroom categories. With spacious living spaces of up to 120 square metres in size, Oakwood Premier Kuala Lumpur will cater to both business and leisure guests.

“In Kuala Lumpur’s most prestigious new development, Oakwood Premier will deliver our distinctive brand of residential lifestyle for discerning guests who seek indulgence and style without compromising on hospitality excellence,” said Dean Schreiber, chief executive officer of Oakwood. “Our inaugural partnership with PNB sets a new benchmark at the pinnacle of luxurious living for guests in Malaysia’s capital.”

In line with Oakwood’s renowned concept combining thoughtful amenities and guest services, Oakwood Premier Kuala Lumpur will offer peace of mind in a personal sanctuary. Proposed facilities include an all-day dining restaurant/bar, executive club lounge, residents’ lounge, meeting facilities, fitness centre, swimming pool and children’s playroom.

Scheduled to open in December 2024, Oakwood Premier Kuala Lumpur will be the group’s second property in the city, following Oakwood Hotel & Residence Kuala Lumpur. It joins a rapidly expanding portfolio of Oakwood Premier properties in Bangalore, Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Incheon, Jakarta, Melbourne, Phnom Penh, Singapore, Seoul and Tokyo with more in the pipeline.

“Oakwood Premier is a leader in premium residential services and with this comes its signature hallmark of comfort and convenience. PNB is confident that the Oakwood Premier brand will enhance the appeal of the Merdeka 118 development,” said Ahmad Zulqarnain Onn, President & Group Chief Executive of PNB group. “Oakwood Premier Kuala Lumpur complements Merdeka 118’s mix of components, creating a desirable place to work, live and socialise in with fully activated, well thought out spaces for our visiting guests and resident community. We are delighted to welcome this celebrated brand of premium serviced residences to the Merdeka 118 precinct family.”

Oakwood Premier Kuala Lumpur will complement Merdeka 118’s vision for work, retail, living and public spaces. This unique precinct is integrated to offer a thriving core of commerce, culture and heritage. With the highest observation deck in Southeast Asia, the giant mixed-use commercial and residential development, that is surrounded by four acres of greenery and open spaces, is anticipated to attract business and leisure travellers from around the world. Overlooking Stadium Merdeka, Malaysia’s national treasure and a UNESCO heritage site where the country’s independence was declared in 1957, the precinct occupies the former Merdeka Park (Taman Tunku) and is directly linked to Kuala Lumpur’s MRT, with the Merdeka Mass Rapid Transit station already in operation.

The Merdeka 118 tower will be the first tower in Malaysia to achieve both local and international triple green platinum accreditations, namely the Green Building Index (GBI), Green Real Estate (GreenRE) and Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED).

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