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Relax in the Philippines: 7 Most Beautiful Beaches and What To Do There

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Today we are going to tell you about 7 the most attractive beach destinations in the Philippines.

South East Asia is one of the most popular destinations for all the beach enthusiasts from all around the world. Its hotspots like Bali and Thailand are well-known for the mesmerizing views of turquoise waters and white sand so actively sought after by everyone willing to enjoy a beach holiday with plenty of seafood and breathtaking sunsets. However, due to its ever rising popularity it may be getting a tad too crowded as more and more people are looking to go on a holiday there.

If you would like to experience all the cool features of the South East Asia coast yet would rather opt for a less-discovered alternative, Philippines may be exactly what you are looking for. It is a great location for everyone who wants to live to the fullest and visit the beaches ranked top 10 in the world.

The Philippines consists of over 7500 islands, so there is definitely plenty of options to choose from. Maybe even way too many, hence here is out top 7 most beautiful beaches to relax in Philippines:

#1 El Nido, Palawan

El Nido tops this list as it has been called to be the most picturesque destination in the Philippines and number 14 most amazing beach in the world by CNN. Apart from that, El Nido has been repeatedly featured in Conde Nast Traveller as one of the best beaches in the world. And that is most definitely for a reason. Just like many other beaches on the coast it has the amazing crystal clear water and white powder-fine sand, but what really makes this beach stand out among other location is the views that open to visitors who decide to go there. And the best thing is that the beaches on the island are still much less developed than elsewhere around the Philippines, hence you are given an opportunity to enjoy the pure, unadulterated nature.

There are plenty of things to do on the island. It is most well-known for its diverse marine life, beautiful lagoons, karst limestone formations as well as prehistoric caves and waterfalls. El Nido is home to more than five types of forest and three large marine habitats. Therefore, it is great to come to observe various marine species: there are large marine mammals such as dolphins and dugongs (six of which are intrinsic to El Nido exclusively), over a thousand different species of fish and over 100 types of coral in the waters surrounding the island.

Furthermore, El Nido is also where the largest marine reserve and sanctuary of Philippines is located. The total area of 903.21 square kilometers contains one of the most diverse ecosystems worldwide. In fact, it would be particularly appealing to those willing to see swiftlets with their own eyes. These exotic birds build their nests entirely with their own saliva, which is the key ingredient of the famous bird’s nest soup.

It makes El Nido not only perfect for those who would like to catch some sun and lay on the soft sand, but also for those fond of diving and exploring the underwater world as well as hiking and observing the nature.

The best time to visit this beautiful island is in the winter time, from December to March, as the weather is the nicest during this period, and there are fewer tourists. On the other hand, if you are looking to go on a holiday in April or May expect to be faced with a larger number of visitors and therefore increased prices due to the high season.

#2 Boracay, Aklan

Boracay is much smaller than the previous island, yet it still is packed with multiple resorts. In fact, it is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Philippines as the island has a very diverse infrastructure and can accommodate both those guests looking to relax in a high-end luxurious hotel and those travelling on a budget.

And it is not only the level of the room one can get that varies in Boracay. The island has something appealing to offer to all kinds of tourists starting from those looking for full relaxation and a chill holiday on the beach to those trying to embrace active lifestyle to real party animals. Boracay has it all!

In the daytime, Boracay can boast its tranquil environment that would be great for everyone who is looking for a remote paradise-like location to get the perfect tan. One of the world’s finest beaches according to multiple respected sources, the White Beach, it a part of Boracay. It is located on the western side of the island and attracts tourists from around the globe with its gin-like water and perfectly fine white sand. Apart from that, it also has extremely rich sea life that one can observe by snorkeling or helmet diving. On the eastern side of Boracay there is Bulabog Beach that offers similar views but is the complete opposite to the White Beach in terms of the activities one may do there. Since it has strong winds all year round, it is perfect for extreme sports such as windsurfing.

As the night grows Boracay becomes the mecca for partiers from all around the Philippines because of the outstanding nightlife the island offers. All the best pubs, clubs and bars are located there.

#3 Samal, Davao

Samal is among the most developed travel destinations in the Philippines so it is suitable for those travelers who would like to have a vacation with class. It has a large number of various pink and white sand beaches, which are a rare find anywhere outside of the Philippines. Moreover, Samal is the home to several world-class resorts such as Pearl Farm and Kaputian Beach Resort.

Samal is your top choice if you are looking for a relaxing holiday filled with lounging and eating fresh seafood, as it is great for both! As well as that, you could also check out the vanishing island. It is a popular tourist attraction which mesmerizes people with the fact the island disappears completely as the tide rises.

#4 Puerto Galera, Oriental Mindoro

In 1973 Puerto Galera became a UNESCO-protected site because of its incredibly dense population of marine species (according to research conducted by the University of the Philippines, the densest in the world). Therefore, this is the top destination for everyone looking for a place to dive. In fact, Puerto Galera is among one of the most popular Asian diving sites, so you should definitely check it out if you are interested in admiring the numerous underwater creatures indigenous to the island.

Even if snorkeling and diving is not something you are after, you should still definitely add Puerto Galera to your bucket list as it is generally a great beach that would make a perfect background for your holiday pictures for the gram! Moreover, there are plenty of standard beach activities such as water sports, lounging, etc. Unfortunately, however, if you are a foodie, Puerto Galera is not particularly famous for providing delicatessens.

#5 Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte

Pagadpud is not exactly easy to access, but this is especially what makes it so tempting for an experienced traveler. Those down for a little adventure can enjoy visiting this island that zig zags around headlands. Apart from white sand and crystal clear water, it can also offer a not so rare in the area sightings of large mammals such as humpback whales and other cetaceans.

#6 Mactan Island

Mactan Island is one of the most densely islands in the Philippines as its population is over 430 thousand people. This means, the island has a rather developed infrastructure and has a large number of tourist attractions.

It is a coral island, which implies it has outstanding marine diversity. Therefore, one of the key activities people visiting Mactan Island may do is diving and snorkeling. However, Mactan Island is equally as good for those looking to have an active holiday as it offers a lot of water sports such as wakeboarding, jet skiing, and parasailing.

#7 Paradise Beach, Bantayan Island

Paradise Beach truly lives up to its name! It is the honeymooners’ favourite for a number of reasons. The first and the main one being the fact that it is a very desolate beach, hence all the adventurous visitors can have some privacy and hide from the world in their own little paradise on Earth. Most of the times, couples arriving to Paradise beach find themselves being completely alone.

There is no developed infrastructure here, nor any other distractions. Just you and nature, undivided and undisturbed. Do whatever your heart pleases, and enjoy the connection with the divine!

Author’s Bio: Cheryl Hearts is a talented journalist from Boston, Massachusetts. From an early age, she was into writing so she decided to make it her career. Obtaining a Master’s Degree in Journalism has boosted her desire to grow as a journalist and currently she contributors to major media publications. Cheryl also runs her blog where she shares her opinion on topics trending in modern society.

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EKs Princess for a Day Promo Gives Kids a Free Entrance

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Get the chance to channel your inner Princess Victoria or Princess Maphista. Dont miss the opportunity to become one. Kids age 3 to 12 years old who are dressed up like a princess are qualified to Enchanted Kingdoms Princess for a Day promo and enjoy a FREE entrance at the countrys world-class theme park.

Promo is applied on weekends from September 22 to October 13, 2019. Companions can also enjoy a 20% discount on their purchased tickets (maximum of 10).

Tickets are available at the Front Gate ticket booth, Group Sales Office (left side of the parks main entrance), and Makati Sales Office. All purchased tickets are not allowed for rebooking. Promotion cannot be used in conjunction with any other promo, and the Junior, Senior Citizen, and PWD and other special discounts.

For inquiries, you can send an e-mail to or call (02)

830-3535. Like Enchanted Kingdoms facebook page at for announcements and updates.

11th ManilArt Continues to Showcase Global Filipino Artists

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I just came from the 11th ManilArt press conference where I got to interview three personalities. The ManilArt Art Fair Director, Tess Rayos Del Sol, her husband and Ostrich egg sculptor and curator Danny Rayos Del Sol, and the Head of Cultural Heritage Section, Lawrence Charles Salvador.

ManilArt National Art Fair showcases the Global Filipino Artists from the nation's storied past to the present and leading to the future, and is in line with the National Commission for the Culture and the Arts' (NCCA) 2019 theme for Museums and Galleries Month (October), "Building a Nation, One Exhibit at a Time".

Before this event, as per my interview with NCCA Head of Cultural Heritage, Lawrence Charles Salvador, he also mentioned event happening in the Visayas (Iloilo) and Mindanao (Davao) before the ManilArt and another event in Manila. Please watch my interview with him for the details.

ManilArt will initiate with a gala night on the 9th of October and the fair will be on the following days at the SMX Convention Center of SM Aura

In partnership with the Local Government of Taguig, which has been involved in the art fair for 7 years already, but they started the fair at two other venues before settling in at their home at SM Aura.

Our ManilArt National Art Fair Director is from Taguig so she was glad that the LGU of Taguig has the same vibe as her to promote the arts when she first met up with them 7 years ago. Thus this strong partnership, aside from being hailed as the primary art event of NCCA, has been giving everyone to see upclose and personal artworks we should be proud of as Filipinos.

Aside from paying tribute to our Filipino artists, known locally and abroad, the art fair is an opportunity to appreciate the different artworks of newbie to veteran artists, and to inspire all ages - the youth, "adulting", late bloomers, or those on what we call mid-life crisis age, and even senior citizens (why not), to either become artists themselves since we are never too old if we are really passionate about our interests, or purchase works of art as an investment.

I myself is a frustrated artist, but had to pursue a different path because the misconception is that there is no money in the arts. But now I find myself always looking for that creative output to express my love for the arts.

Well why not, as per my interview with Danny Rayos Del Sol, who was challenged in his 40s to produce around 30 Ostrich Egg sculptures for a one-man show, he gave up his corporate career to follow what I might call his "mid-life epiphany" - that moment of realization that there is a better plan for his newfound talent.

Well maybe since the month of October is also my birthday month, that could be a sign that I should try revisiting my inclination for the arts. As per my interview with Art Fair Director Tess Rayos Del Sol, where I did tell her about my yearning for the arts during my younger years before college, just like her husband, the art fair may possibly renew my interest to put out my paintbrushes. But how I wish there was a bevy of art fairs during my youth (so it could have influenced me to change my mind of taking up Engineering) , and how I am glad she has made it convenient for students to visit the event. Indeed, as per her motivation to educate, these students could be our future artists - the next generation of big names that excel in the arts!

The ManilArt event will highlight artists connected with top art galleries in the country, so we may get the chance to meet them in person, and get to also participate in other activities the organizers lined up on those dates. Who knows, maybe it will be your turn to have that epiphany and soon I will be writing about you on my blog.

Wazzup Pilipinas will surely be doing the iconic shout-out at the event so if you're lucky to catch me around my times of visit, don't hesitate to ask me for a selfie!

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From Malta to Manila: Sigma, Clarion Gaming and ICE Asia to Hold Simultaneous Events in June 2020

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And it is officially launched!

All eyes are on Malta this November 2019, and now soon in Manila on June 2020!

Eman Pulis, founder and CEO of Sigma, already announced the big events happening for Manila on June 2020. On stage, infront of an audience of businessmen involved in the related industries, and members of the media, Eman proudly shared the big news.

The recent press conference held on September 19, 2019 at Sage Bar of the Shangri-La Makati Hotel to launch SiGMA Manila 2020, in partnership with Clarion Gaming & ICE Asia, was more like a night of socials and networking since the announcement was short and direct to the point, butbtruly something to watch out for next year.

SiGMA iGaming Summit, together with ICE and AI & Blockchain Summit will be three big shows on June 8 and 9, 2020 at  SMX Convention Center and The Conrad Hotel in Mall of Asia Complex, Pasay city, respectively.

In an exclusive interview with Eman, he was excited to also share how the Philippines has been supportive of their event they started in Malta, and now soon in Manila. Please do watch our video interview on our social media channels.

SiGMA Manila, ICE Asia and Manila AI & Blockchain Summit will take place June 8th-9th 2020 at the SMX Convention Centre, as well as the adjacent Conrad Hotel, Manila. The conference will address all the latest developments in land-based gaming, igaming, esports, digital games as well as Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Internet of Things, Big Data, Quantum Technology and FinTech.

For the very first time in history, the two verticals - new tech and gaming will meet in one city on the same dates, bringing the brightest minds and most successful entrepreneurs under one roof.

I for one is also excited to personally witness this event. But I have to hold my excitement for now as it is a still several months away. Naturally, our mindset for now is the upcoming holiday season which is just less than 100 days away.

Congratulations in advance to Sigma and the other companies involved in these huge events.

Below are more information coming from their official press release:

About iGaming Show in Manila

As a joint venture between SiGMA Group and Clarion Gaming, the gaming part of the event will cater for both the land-based gambling sector as well as the iGaming sector, with online suppliers, operators, affiliates, regulators and blockchain businesses all being housed under one roof at the SMX Convention Centre (situated in the heart of Manila as well as the adjacent Conrad conference venue).

Clarion Gaming are the organisers between the world’s largest gaming show, out of London, ICE Totally Gaming. SiGMA Group is responsible for the world’s second largest gaming show, based out of Malta - SiGMA. With these two forces uniting and heading to Manila together, the organisers are expecting around 10,000 delegates from Europe and USA.

About Blockchain and AI Show in Manila

The organisers behind the world’s largest Blockchain and AI expo in Europe, AIBC Summit, will also be bringing their wealth of experience and contacts to Manila. Past editions have seen world-class speakers Akon (grammy-award winning artist and social impact leader), Winklevoss brothers, John McAfee, Sophia the World’s first robot citizen, Malta’s Prime Minister Joseph Muscat, Tim Draper, Anthony Pompliano and many more.

The AIBC Summit in Manila is supported by CEZA and

Why Show in Manila? Why Asia?

As Asia tempts leading brands from the global gambling sector to expand business opportunities in the region, it’s fast becoming clear that Asia is the new frontier for both land-based and iGaming industries.

Recent figures from Global Gaming Statistics 2019 reveal that jurisdictions all over Asia are looking to capitalise on the global opportunities flourishing in the gaming sector. Given this trend, it’s crucial to foster dialogue between East and West, addressing considerations such as regulatory environments in different territories, payments processing methods, the integration of blockchain emerging technologies, and even bandwidth for mobile gaming.

It’s precisely these issues that next year’s show in Manila will address by bringing the biggest brands and jurisdictions in the sector together in one venue.

Eman Pulis, founder and CEO of SiGMA, commented, “We are impressed by the vibrant entrepreneurial spirit in South-East Asia, specifically in Manila and the Philippines. Which is why we believe that ICE, SiGMA and AIBC - Asia - should be held in Manila. I look forward to the first edition this coming June 2020 with excitement. The feedback from our previous attendees in Europe has been overwhelming.”

Kate Chambers, Managing Director for Clarion Gaming, commented, “The opportunities for growth in Asia are increasing exponentially year on year, and the time is right to cement new and existing relationships between the gambling industries in both East and West. To combine the expertise of Clarion courtesy of the world famous ICE brand and SiGMA ensures both the land-based and iGaming sectors will find synergy in Manila in 2020. This is an exciting time as we extend the reach of the ICE brand following the launch of ICE Africa in 2018 and ICE North America in May 2019.”

On June 8-9th, 2020, all eyes will be on South-East Asia, in Manila for this gathering of top level delegates from all over the world.

The floor plan for Asia is already filling up fast. Detailed information about our Sponsorship and Exhibitor packages can be found on our site. If you have any questions, or wish to speak to someone about opportunities, please contact Eman or Jean at .

Visit or for further details about the Gaming conference in Manila

Visit for further details about the Blockchain & AI conference in Manila.

Watch - SiGMA 2018 in Europe

Watch - AIBC Summit Europe Documentary

#WazzupPilipinas #PambansangBlogger #SigmaManila #ICEAsia #ManilaAIandBlockchainSummit

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SUIT-UP: Integrating Role Diversity to Conquer Business Adversity

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Entrepreneurship, Marketing Management, Human Resource, and Office Administration. These are just a few of the business-related courses that can push a student to their potential. Though sometimes, the courses being different from each other creates a stigma and leads to diversity within the field.

To furthermore enhance student competencies and downscale the effects of field diversity, the College of Business Administration’s Student Council from Polytechnic University of the Philippines, Manila will be conducting a seminar entitled “SUIT-UP: Integrating Role Diversity to Conquer Business Adversity” this September 18, 2019, at the Bulwagang Balagtas PUP Manila. With guest speakers well-known from the business industry and a lot of lessons to learn!

MARINA, DENR Enhance Ballast Water Management in PHL Shipping Sector

Wazzup Pilipinas!

The Maritime Industry Authority (MARINA) and the Department of Environment and Natural Resources - Biodiversity Management Bureau (DENR - BMB) jointly pursued the effective management of ballast water in the Philippine shipping sector through a seminar-workshop on the Ballast Water Management (BWM) Convention on 18 – 20 September 2019.

The three-day event, which was initiated by the DENR – BMB, supported the notion that shipping activities should be in harmony with the environment. It also coincided with the celebration of the Maritime and Archipelagic Nation Awareness Month (MANA Mo) which aimed to raise the awareness and literacy of Filipinos on the country's archipelagic features.

MARINA – Shipyards Regulation Service (MARINA – SRS) Director Ramon C. Hernandez stressed the role of shipping as the most efficient mode of transport in an archipelagic country like the Philippines. However, the shipping sector also bore disadvantages, particularly to the marine environment.

Generally, ships carry water in its ballast tanks to improve stability, structural integrity, and navigational safety.

When water is loaded into the ships, various biological materials such as plants and bacteria are sucked up into their ballast tanks. When the water has to be unloaded back to the sea, these biological materials are introduced in a new environment and become invasive, which causes damage to aquatic ecosystems. This activity is even noted by the International Maritime Organization (IMO) as one of the greatest threats to the world’s oceans.

To prevent further destruction of the marine environment, the BWM Convention was adopted by the IMO in 2004 to prescribe regulations on the proper management and treatment of ballast water and sediments discharge. The said convention entered into force in 2017.

The BWM Convention was ratified by the Philippines in 2018.

To date, the MARINA, together with the DENR – BMB and other concerned government agencies, is in the process of finalizing the rules and regulations on the BWM Convention to control the transfer of invasive aquatic species by ships, as well as to fully and effectively implement the international convention for the control and management of ships’ ballast water and sediments.

The country’s strategic action plan on the BWM, on the other hand, is undergoing further study and consultation.

iLoveMyCountry.Ph Run 2019 for Fraud-Free Philippines

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iLoveMyCountry.Ph Run 2019 for Fraud-Free Philippines brings you the biggest and much-awaited Extraordinary and Heroic running event of the year.


MANILA- November 30, 2019
Location: Marikina Sports Center

Category: 3k, 5k, 10k

Payment inclusions: race shirt, race bib, race bag, raffle stub, finisher medal (First 100 finisher per category) and certificate of participation.

Payment inclusions: race shirt, race bib, loot bag, raffle stub, finisher medal (First 100 finisher per category) and certificate of participation.

To Register:

Like and share our Facebook Page: ilovemycountryph

Sponsors and Donations are welcome.

Contact us at: 0945-505-4641
Tel: 910-0946
Email: amestoce@ilovemycountry.Ph

Nexus: Making Every Connection Matter

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The Industrial Engineering Department of Adamson University and the Philippine Institute of Industrial Engineers - Operations Research Society of the Philippines (PIIE-ORSP) Adamson University Chapter will be having its annual General Assembly on September 21 entitled Nexus: Making Every Connection Matter.

With the goal of enlightening IE students, this year's General Assembly will be having IE Alumni of Adamson University to discuss how connections are made and how can we apply it as future Industrial Engineers as well as the experiences of the speakers from their student life to their present endeavors as an IE. It also aims to develop and build rapport between the students by having activities that will not only pique their interests, but will also ensure that they would have loads of fun.

The event will happen on September 21, 2019, from 12:00NN to 5:00PM at the OZ AVR. All Industrial Engineering students of Adamson University are encouraged to attend this annual gathering.

So what are you waiting for? The registration fee is only PhP 250 and the payment period is from September 11 to September 20, 2019.

Get hooked on the feeling as we go retro for this year’s theme. Put on your retro themed attire and your groovy shoes because it is time to party! Don’t miss this opportunity to be part of this annual gathering and have the time of your life. See you soon Ka-IE!

Click this link and register now!


Upgrade Your Contest Winning Chance with Perfect Ways

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As a regular contest marketer, you should join for many contests every month. Marketing experts join for 5 contests per month. To get more power to any business, we need to drive more organic and paid traffic. You can get paid traffic using advertising platforms like AdWords and Bing. Gaining organic traffic for your business may take 6 months to 1 year. So to win any contests online, you must need right sources. From this post, we look the perfect ways to upgrade your contest winning chance.

1. Hire a Photographer

The first step to impress your audience and contest creator is having great pictures for your photo contest. Quality photos get 59% high volume of votes than the normal photos which take from mobile camera. You can easily find and photographer for this purpose. Just do search on Google for the term “Hire a photographer near me”. It will give you a list with many choices. Read the reviews clearly and pick the right photographer for your contest.

On Facebook platform, photo contests are running daily by many fan pages and groups. You find the relevant contest to your niche and check the quality of the prize offer. When the prize is worthy one, you can hire a photographer to start your process.

2. Why Photo Contests Take First Place?

There are many types of online polls available and why we recommend you to join for photo contests? The reasons are:

You can easily find photo contests on Facebook. When you surf on Facebook, you can see advertisements pop everywhere.

Evaluation process is simple with photo contests. Normally, the average contestant count of photo contests is 15. It obviously tells that the competition level is easy than any other contests.

Every time, new contestants join for photo contests. Their experience level is low so you can easily win contests using right strategies.

Ideal contest duration time of photo contests is 1 week. So there is no need to monitor and keep lead over months.

You just need a professional photographer to take photos that relevant to your admin niche.

The contest is running on Facebook so you can simply share the link with you fans in few seconds.

Photo contest servers are working great since the contest is running on big platform Facebook.

Your competitors can’t send fake votes because your admin easily find the fake votes by manually checking the voting profiles.

If you have idea to become a photo contest creator then look this post to find how to create a photo contest online.

3. Other worthy contests to add list:

IP based polls which support only for particular location. Like if your country is USA and Alabama, you can collect vote only from these locations. This may called as super secured contests. When the contest is IP only based, the contestants can get vote from any country using free proxies.

With country and state restricted contests, the contestants have no clue to get fake votes. If you think, you are strong in your area and you can join for such contests to win the prizes. Some of the most popular IP based contest application is Polldaddy. Many marketers use this platform to run IP based contests.

Signup based contests are another good one to add to white list. This contest allows the users to vote with unique IP, Email and names. After submit the form, it requires the voters to verify the vote using the Email verification link.

Due to the long voting duration, many people skip this type of contests. So your chance of winning percentage is high here. All you need is a good responding targeted traffic. If you have regular customers for your service and product, you can pitch them a super quality email invitation to vote for your contests.

Feel Like a Kid Again with 7-Eleven’s Childhood Classics Promo

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Don’t miss out on a chance to relive your childhood at Hong Kong Disneyland!

We have our Disney Classics reboots, old school playlists, and 90s fashion comebacks

but nothing says ultimate throwback quite like 7-Eleven’s latest Childhood Classics promo!

Starting today through October 22, you can get a chance to bring back your young-and-carefree days with exciting prizes from 7-Eleven. 

Capture Instagrammable moments 90s style with a Polaroid Originals OneStep+ or celebrate the 40th anniversary of Gundam with a Gundam Fix Figuration. You can also enjoy a trip for 2 to Hong Kong Disneyland to meet Mickey Mouse, Goofy, Donald Duck, and more.

Simply buy P100 worth of participating 90s snacks and drinks from 7-Eleven and use your CLiQQ app to earn e-raffle entries to win these amazing prizes.

Hurry and get your hands on your favorite 90s snacks like Chippy, Chiz Curls, Cloud 9, Choco Knots, Milo, and more at 7-Eleven stores near you. #90sClassicsSa711

For more information, visit and like 7-Eleven Philippines on Facebook, follow @711ph on Instagram and @711philippines on Twitter

New Online Casinos with Best Bonuses in 2019

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Every year new casinos spring up and online casinos are no different. There is always another new site for you to visit.

Not all the online casino sites you visit will be worth returning to, in fact some of them may be simply not what you want to see.

New casinos like w88 offer new trends and different bonuses which is why people keep coming back to them. The casino you choose needs to treat you well and not turn out to be a disappointment in what it offers.

New casinos 2019 should offer themed slots, live dealer games, virtual reality games and pay-by-phone depositing, among other things, in order to keep them in the top rankings.

Here we’ve taken a look at some of the new casinos 2019 for you. We’ve also looked at the bonuses they offer and deals that make them attractive to players.

So, why should you play at a new casino?

New and modern online casinos should offer several things that you may not find on an older casino. For a casino to keep its popularity they need to be constantly evaluating the site and improving it.

Sites should:

Include new trends in the casino world
Offer many updated promotions
Offer more competitive bonuses
Have a user-friendly site
Offer a selection of classic and more modern games

To be one of the best online casinos 2019 sites should also:

Include slots and popular table games
Be exciting for players to explore
Make use of industry approved software
Be licensed by a gambling authority which has a good reputation
Accept different payment methods
Offer the best casino bonuses
Offer amazing promotions
Have a pay-out ratio which is competitive

So, what are the top new online casinos?

Jumbabet: offers up to E2000 bonus offers up to E1500 bonus

Genesis Casino: offers up to E1000 bonus offers up to E1000 bonus offers up to E1000 bonus

Omnislots: offers up to E700 bonus

Casimba: offers up to E500 bonus

Playamo Casino: offers up to E300 bonus offers up to E200 bonus

Slotsmillion Casino: offers up to E100 bonus

Other things to look for in an online casino

The best online casinos will have achieved the sought-after Certificate of Trust which shows that the site is trustworthy and safe to enter. To be sure that your money is in safe hands you should always use a site which is certified and reputable.

Online casinos should be available on several platforms. You should be able to enter the site by using not only your laptop, but also your smartphone, tablet and iPad. The site should be easy to navigate on whichever platform you choose to use.

Software platforms should include classic games as well as new ones. They should offer bonuses and special deals as well as free spins.

Clearly stated on the site should be the restricted countries. You should also find this listed in the Terms and Conditions on the site. Some casinos may not be available to you in the country you live in. You should be quickly shown that you can or cannot open an account on the site. If your country is on the restricted list, you should not be permitted to enter the site.

Licenses should be granted to the site by reputable companies. They should be a proof that the site is legal and follows regulations. It should support the fair gaming policy. The license should be an indicator of the transparency of the site and all its operations.

The site you choose to support should be licensed through one of the following:

Malta Gaming Authority
UK Gambling Commission
Gibraltar Gambling Commission
AAMS License
Alderney Gambling Control Commission
Curacao Gaming License
Cyprus Gaming License

You should find information about the license at the bottom of the home page, when you scroll down. There should be a stamp indicating where the license has been issued.

Customer support should be easy to access. Having this type of support will bring players to the site. A poor customer service team will drive players away rapidly.

Contact methods for customer support should include telephone, email and live chat and these should be available 24/7. One of the easiest ways to check if a casino site if reliable is to check how responsive the customer support staff are. If they can answer your questions and offer a solution, you can be sure that the site is a good one.

Payment methods should include Neteller, Skrill, Visa, MasterCard and Paypal – at the very least. It should be easy to set up your account and deposit your money. You should be able to find the deposit and payment methods at first glance on the site.

To sum up

Apart from offering you a selection of new and improved games, the best online casinos 2019 will be reliable and safe to use. The sites should be easy to navigate and have several varieties on games.

Online sites should be accessible from several platforms so you can play on more than one gadget wherever you like, as long as you have internet access.

A casino site that has an excellent customer service base will most likely be a site that you can stay and play longer. With the correct licensing you can be assured that your money will be safe, and you will be paid promptly for your winnings.

Above all, an online casino site needs to be fun – otherwise you will not stay there, and neither will other players.

Wednesday, September 18, 2019

DOTr Inks Deal with San Miguel for Bulacan International Airport Project; Gives Green Light to Start Construction

Wazzup Pilipinas!

The Department of Transportation (DOTr) today gave San Miguel Corporation (SMC) the green light to commence construction of the Bulacan International Airport.

DOTr Secretary Arthur P. Tugade announced the issuance of the Notice to Proceed after he and SMC President and Chief Operating Officer Ramon S. Ang signed the concession agreement.

The agreement formally grants San Miguel Aerocity Inc., a company wholly owned by San Miguel Holdings Corporation (SMHC), the task of handling the financing, design, construction, operations and maintenance of the Bulacan International Airport. The concession period spans 50 years after the completion of construction of the first phase.

Secretary Tugade emphasized that the construction of the new international gateway will boost connectivity and mobility for Filipinos, as this shall give them additional travel options.

"Ang mahalaga po diyan ay 'yung pasahero, 'yung riding public. Alam niyo 'ho kung bakit? ‘Pagkat kung meron nang Bulacan Airport, NAIA at Clark Airport, let it be a battle of commercial competitiveness. And if it becomes a battle of commercial competitiveness, who benefits? It is the riding public, because the riding public will be given a freedom of choice. Pwedeng mamili kung saang gustong paliparan. Pwedeng mamili kung saang comfort and convenience ang tutukuyin niya. Ito 'ho 'yung mahalaga dito,” Secretary Tugade expressed.

“It's all about comfort. It's all about convenience. It's all about putting life to the President's wish and desire for a comfortable life for Filipinos," he added.

During the signing ceremony, the transportation chief also lauded the SMC for ensuring that issues on right-of-way acquisition, “Material Adverse Government Action” (MAGA) or situations where the government deviates from contractual obligation that requires it to compensate a private entity, and subsidy are expeditiously resolved.

“Napadali ang dayalogo. Napadali ang agreement sapagkat kinuha ni Ramon Ang ang responsibilidad. Sa dahilang ito, umusad tayo,” Secretary Tugade said.

For his part, Ang touted the economic boost the new airport will bring especially to Central Luzon.

"This will really benefit our people and it will create a lot of business opportunities for Filipinos. It will bring so many foreign tourists," Ang said.

The SMC top honcho also averred the conducive conditions for business with government under the Duterte administration.

"Marami na akong experience in dealing with government officials for the past 30 years. Alam niyo, importante sa government official, 'yung matapat na tao at masipag. Matapat, masipag, at magaling. Itong administration na ito, ganun po sila,” Ang added.

The DOTr formally issued SMHC the Notice of Award on 14 August 2019, two weeks after the conclusion of the Swiss Challenge where SMHC’s unsolicited proposal went uncontested.

The Bulacan International Airport is envisioned to help decongest the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) and complement the operations of Clark International Airport (CRK), in order to serve the current and anticipated rapid growth in aviation traffic demand in the Greater Capital Region.

The new gateway will have four (4) parallel runways for faster turnover of aircraft, eight (8) taxiways, a Passenger Terminal Building (PTB) with a design capacity of 100 million to 200 million passengers per year, and airfield facilities and equipment.

Additionally, an eight-kilometer toll road connecting the Bulacan Airport to the North Luzon Expressway will be constructed to aid travelers to and from the airport.

Located in the municipality of Bulakan, the massive gateway is targeted for operations within four to six years.

RedDoorz to Provide Insurance for Hotel Employees, Announces Partnership with BIMA

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RedDoorz, Southeast Asia’s largest and fastest-growing hotel management and booking platform has today announced a strategic partnership with Swedish microinsurance company BIMA, to provide all of its hotel partner staff with life and personal accident insurance.

Speaking at the official contract signing ceremony in Makati City, RedDoorz Philippines Country Head, Stefanie Irma said, "We are delighted to be able to offer improved benefits for our valued hotel partners and their employees in the Philippines. We pride ourselves on having exceptional relationships with our hotel partners and have been searching for an insurance partner that matches our core values. BIMA is the right insurance partner to offer our RedDoorz hotel partner employees coverage in the Philippines.

The partnership was made official at a contract signing ceremony earlier this year in Makati City. The event was attended by guests from both companies including the RedDoorz Philippines Country Head and BIMA Country Manager Melvin Juruena.

Working with local insurance leader Pioneer Insurance, BIMA’s coverage of RedDoorz partner staff includes burial assistance, accidental medical expense and daily accident hospital benefit for the beneficiaries. Through its partner engagement program, RedDoorz has taken a holistic approach to the wellness of over 1,500 indirect hotel staff in over 10 cities across the Philippines.

"We are very excited to be in this journey with RedDoorz. Our strategic partnership is a true testament to the strength of BIMA’s products and services - that we can innovate in terms of our product offerings that are relevant for the needs of companies as well as for individuals, bringing us ever closer to our goal of insuring every life and every family," added Country Manager Juruena.

In addition to offering life and personal accident insurance to all hotel partner staff, RedDoorz provides a variety of initiatives including hospitality, etiquette and communication training courses, health and fitness activities and free lunch gatherings. These programs have been designed from the ground up with the purpose of elevating workplace wellness improving career growth and prospects, as well as strengthening the relationship with partners.

Earlier this year, RedDoorz gathered more than 100 staff from across the Philippines to participate in its first ever ‘Quality Training Workshop’ in the country. This was an opportunity for the company to impart key insights, learnings and best-in-class industry expertise in the hospitality industry amongst the participants.

Speaking about the various training initiatives, RedDoorz Front Desk Manager, Andrea Nicole Alvarez said, “It’s clear that RedDoorz cares for its employees in providing us all with life and personal accident insurance. It’s also nice to see that considers proper training a key priority for its employees to ensure that all guests are welcomed and feel at ease when they stay at a RedDoorz hotel. I would like to thank and salute RedDoorz management in helping us grow and for providing these important benefits.”

RedDoorz now has over 200+ hotels in 20-plus different cities in the Philippines. The company prides itself in creating meaningful and long-lasting relationships with its strong network of partner properties.

Customers can access RedDoorz by logging in to to search for desired location, check-in date and type of room. Another option is to download the RedDoorz app from the Google Play Store ( or the App Store (

Filipino Student-Culinarians Train in Premier Italian Institution

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The prestigious Italian Culinary Institute for Foreigners (ICIF) in Asti, Italy, once again hosted nine young Filipino culinarians from the De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde (DLS-CSB) School of Hotel, Restaurant, and Institution Management (SHRIM) as they successfully finished their extensive and immersive three-month practicum training.

Through the nine-year partnership between DLS-CSB SHRIM and ICIF, a premier institution that highlights and promotes the value and excellence of authentic Italian cuisine, the year’s blessed students learned the traditional and modern techniques and applications from the experts.

They mastered the wide variety of Italian dishes from antipasti, soups, salads, pizza, fresh and dried pasta and risotto, to seafood and various meats. Not to mention they likewise honed their craft for pastries. Not only did they cook, they also had lessons through informative lectures, live demonstrations and food tasting sessions, plus an extensive one-on-one program where the protégés explored and executed their own plating styles through hands-on workshops.

The comprehensive learning experience was made possible with the support of ICIF Headquarter Referent and Educational Director Ilaria Scalet and ICIF Executive Chef Massimillano Careri.

To completely familiarize, understand and appreciate the rich heritage of the Italian cuisine, the culinary aspirants observed the process at the Grana Padano Cheese Factory, among several other places. They likewise engrossed themselves in a number of vineyards within the province of Asti, where they tasted the undiscovered old world wines.

The highlight of the trip was the actual internship, where the students were able to apply their new skillsets as they were deployed to top-tier restaurants in and around Italy, such as in Ristorante San Marco, Ristorante Il Grecale, Ristorante Manuelina, Ristorante Dolce Stil Novo, and Trattoria 1960.

The batch of trainees was comprised of Jaubrey Dranreb Bete, Frederick Paul Adrian Briones, Paulina Katrine Diaz, Danica Ingalla, Anne Marie Louise Macaraig, Rencez Clariss Nierva, Irvin Mathieu Pascua, Elijah Moses Uson, and alumnus Grant Mitchel Zuñiga.

“ICIF prepares students for the real world and the industry because through this program, the students learn to work independently, become more efficient, and acquire culinary techniques from Italian chefs,” DLS-CSB SHRIM Culinary Arts Chairperson Chef Margarita Marty noted. “This exposure will boost their careers in two ways: when applying for a job as chefs in the industry and when putting up their own businesses in the future as they can take with them the best practices they have learned.”

DLS-CSB SHRIM ensures that its students are trained to be future industry leaders. Through its several existing partnerships with global institutions, the College provides access to quality education in and outside the four walls of its lecture halls, hatcheries, and culinary laboratories through engagements in key culinary cities around the world.
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