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Wednesday, January 20, 2021

La Vita E Bella: Life Made More Beautiful with Koibito’s Gelato

Wazzup Pilipinas!

In Lipa City lies the first and only authentic premium Italian gelato in the country

こいびと koibito - (n) lover; sweetheart

There is a Bible verse that says: “Let all that you do be done in love” (1 Corinthians 16:14). 

And if we have to pick one brand that epitomizes this from end to end — from the time the business was born to where it is now — we pick Koibito’s World of Gelato.

In a world where most of us are hardened by hardships, pains, and heartaches, Koibito’s World of Gelato reminds us that love is, indeed, a powerful force. It helps create a successful business out of a hobby, and a world-class brand out of passion.

Romeo and Juliet with a happy ending

Since the Koibito’s World of Gelato story emanates with so much love, it is only right to compare Shakespeare’s star-crossed lovers with Roger and Angelina Lantin-Monsale, owners of Koibito’s World of Gelato.

In 2012, Roger was on the road to fulfilling his childhood dream of becoming a pilot. He was already in flight school in the US when he and Angeli decided to get married. Angeli then asked Roger to stay in the Philippines instead of returning to flight school in the US — a request Roger happily obliged. 

Roger chose his wife over his passion for flying, and the newlyweds settled in Angeli’s hometown of Lipa, Batangas. Roger then decided to make his sacrifice worthwhile by pursuing another passion: gelato. 

This quickly became a good obsession.

Gelato training in Bologna

Roger and Angeli’s love and passion spilled over into their passion to make a successful business out of their love for Europe and gelato. Roger then traveled to Bologna, Italy (said to be the rightful origin of the gelato), where he took his formal training in gelato making.

He was in search of a perfect and original recipe, something that would help him fulfill his new dream of creating the best gelato in the world. This search led Roger to Venice, where he found the gelato flavor that would become his favorite, the Cremino. The store where he found it was nondescript, yet it paved the way to what would become Koibito’s World of Gelato.

Cremino not only became the inspiration for Koibito’s but also its benchmark. Imagine this: layers of hazelnut and salted caramel gelato with chocolate hazelnut ganache. Now close your eyes and imagine this gelato embracing your tongue and kissing every corner of your mouth.

Want this multi-sensory experience? Get it only at Koibito’s World of Gelato.

Authentic Italian, proud Filipino

Nationalists might frown at the thought that a Filipino brand is claiming to be the “home of rare and authentic gelato.” Why not create the Filipino sorbetes and promote Filipino ice cream instead? Here is the simple answer:

Koibito’s World of Gelato features Filipino ingredients, sourced from their origins around the Philippines (like cashews sourced all the way from Antipolo). Roger, the Koibito’s gelato artisan, has masterfully applied the techniques he learned in Italy with the ingredients he can get from his home country.

This then results in another spillover of his love and passion: Koibito’s World of Gelato is able to help Filipino farmers by buying straight from them, making this a farm-to-gelato￾machine initiative and advocacy. 

Other Philippine ingredients they use are the tablea (“Chocolate tablet” in English; small traditionally home-made tablets of pure ground roasted cacao beans) and the Philippine coffee, hailed as “the next best thing” in coffee around the world by Coffeerama. When one supports Philippine coffee, they also support fair trade, environmental health, and —in war-torn areas where coffee is grown — peace. (People trade their guns so their community can buy coffee processing machines. But that’s another story.)

Roger’s heart may be for gelato, but it beats for his country and its farmers. 

Now that is truly Filipino.   

Italy in a cup

Koibito’s mission is to educate the world to know and only prefer the best gelato. Their tagline is “A little piece of Italy” because, with every small batch of gelato they make in the exact Italian way, they want their customers to feel like they are right there in Italy, enjoying the best that it has to offer. 

Koibito’s is not an imitation of Italian gelato, nor is it Roger’s take on the Italian gelato. 

Koibito’s is Italian gelato — and in a country pervaded by ice cream and other iced desserts left and right, Koibito’s is the only way one can experience authentic gelato.

A rare opportunity? Definitely. But is it accessible to everyone? Most definitely.

One also has a world of Koibito’s gelato flavors to choose from:

● ChocoHazelnut Bon Bons

● Wild Berries

● Strawberry Cheesecake

● Mango Cheesecake (seasonal)

● Kapeng Barako

● White Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake

● Batangas Tablea

● ChocoPeanut Bar

● Cashew Butter

● Nocciola (hazelnut)

● Caramel Panna Cotta

● Salted Caramel

● Nutty Strawberry

● Cookie Butter

● Bubble Gum

● Cookie Monster

● Sweet Cream and Cherries

● Oreos and Milk

● Salted Sweet Corn

● Mexican Vanilla 

● Mango Sorbet (seasonal)

No sugar added:

● Pistachio 

● Giandujia 

In Manila, Koibito’s World of Gelato is available in Lipa Grill Makati in Chino Roces Avenue. Avid and loyal fans also travel all the way to their only branch in The Outlets at Lipa, Batangas, which is also popular for its authentic Italian vibe and the beautiful Insta￾friendly design. 

Koibito's in your home

Like any business in all industries, Koibito’s World of Gelato felt the impact of the COVID￾19 pandemic, which is why they procured a new mission: to get families to celebrate over gelato in the safety of their own home.

And as a gift to all families, shipping is FREE.

How does one order? Simply visit their website and click on “Order Now.” They even share recipes to help their customers make the most of the 101% gelato experience — perfect to share with friends and loved ones (or even alone!).

Order the gelato flavors of your choice in pints, delivered in a special Koibito’s thermal bag to ensure quality control. Add a pack or two of waffle crisps and you’ll be exclaiming “DELIZIOSO!” in no time. 

Koibito — a Japanese term of affection that owners Roger and Angeli call each other. It is the same kind of fondness that led them to Italy to train in the art of making gelato. It is the same passion that took Koibito’s from being a hobby into a thriving business. 

It is the same love that helps Filipino farmers with every batch of gelato they make. It is the same devotion that allows Filipinos to enjoy only the best authentic gelato.

Get on the love train and order the best gelato in the country — try Koibito’s today.

Tuesday, December 15, 2020

7-Eleven keeps the holiday spirit alive with its #711Bayanihan campaign

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Your Noche Buena and Media Noche preparations are made easier with more product selections at more affordable prices at your local 7-Eleven store!

The pandemic and recent calamities have led Filipinos to become more cautious about celebrating the holidays. But knowing us and our love for Christmas, we will always find a way to keep the holiday spirit alive for our loved ones. To make things easier, the ever reliable 7-Eleven is here to bring its community even more convenience with its Bayanihan Savings and Selections (#711Bayanihan) initiative!

Starting December 14, you can run to your neighborhood’s nearest 7-Eleven store to shop for your day-to-day needs and holiday essentials at budget-friendly prices! And yes, that includes all the basic ingredients you will need to prepare your Noche Buena and Media Noche gatherings.

With an expanded assortment of new items, you can now buy baking and cooking products, canned meat & fish, canned fruit cocktail, and a variety of spreads & preserved desserts, apart from the additional household items, and personal hygiene products.

“With the #711Bayanihan campaign, people can easily run to their local 7-Eleven store to get affordable essentials that they would usually buy in supermarkets,” shares Philippine Seven Corporation President and CEO Jose Victor Paterno. “It’s just much more convenient, just as affordable, and safer because they don’t need to wait in long lines with a lot of people. This is our way of reinforcing our commitment to being an accessible source of essentials that are easy on the budget and quick to reach, especially during this pandemic, when customers are looking for better value and a safer shopping experience” 

The new product selections will be rolled out in Metro Manila stores starting December 14 just in time for the holiday season, and will soon be going nationwide.

Visit 7-Eleven for a closer and more affordable grocery shopping experience. Don’t forget to wear your face mask and face shield, observe physical distancing, and follow safety protocols inside the store. Contactless payment methods like CLiQQ app and GCash are also available to further ensure your safety.

Like us on 7-Eleven Philippines Facebook, follow @711ph on Instagram, and @711philippines on Twitter for more information. 

Starting December 14, you can run to your neighborhood’s nearest 7-Eleven store to shop for your day-to-day needs and holiday essentials at budget-friendly prices!

With #711Bayanihan, 7-Eleven now has more product selections—from everyday essentials to Noche Buena preparations—in even more affordable prices!

To make things easier, the ever reliable 7-Eleven is here to bring its community Bayanihan Savings and Selections initiative, their effort to be even more helpful to Filipino communities in this time of great need.

Tuesday, December 8, 2020

The Benefits of Wheat Protein

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Health-conscious consumers have been encouraging the development of healthier eating options across the globe for a number of years and this has been accelerated by growing environmental and ethical concerns. In Asia, there has been a surge in the demand for plant-based proteins. More and more consumers choose to follow a meat-reduced or meat-free diet, which they believe is a way to improve their health. As a result, new meat substitute launches are predicted to have a Compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 12% over the next five years.

With savoury dishes among the top five product categories for vegan and vegetarian claims, it presents an opportunity for food manufacturers to make the most of this trend by offering improved taste and texture profiles in vegetarian recipes with textured wheat protein – one of BENEO’s most recent ingredient developments.

What is driving plant protein popularity?

The uptake of meat alternatives is being driven by a range of factors, including consumer concerns about health, animal welfare, the environment and cost. The result has been a shift in allegiance from meat-based protein to plant-based protein, with meat substitutes beginning to show up in menus of food chains across Asia. Globally, vegetarian claims on total food and drink products have also been increasing and the prepared meals segment is now also joining the trend. Many consumers perceive plant proteins as natural, healthy ingredients, with the specific benefits of being rich in vitamins and low in cholesterol and saturated fats. Due to this, the market for meat substitutes continues to grow in all regions.

One in three respondents to a recent consumer survey by FMCG Gurus on behalf of BENEO say that they now see themselves as flexitarian (flexible vegetarian) and are trying to reduce their meat intake. The survey also confirms earlier trends data that has shown that the consumption of meat appears to decrease with age; with 37% of over 55’s globally saying that they are now flexitarian and with younger consumers increasingly favouring vegetarian or vegan diets. Importantly, a quarter of consumers are also willing to pay a premium for plant-based products. As a result, plant proteins are well placed to make the most of this growing consumer demand for meat-free alternatives.

The rise of wheat protein

Although plant proteins such as pea, rice and canola are making their presence felt, in 2019, wheat protein has grown to become the most used plant-based protein in new meat alternative product launches. The popularity of wheat proteins is, in part, due to the fact that it is particularly well suited to creating new nutritious and tasty plant-based food concepts.

Wheat proteins not only help meet protein needs but are also low in fat. It is also recognised to be lower in taste than other well-known plant-based protein sources. As such, wheat-based protein is one of the most promising meat substitutes for meat-free burgers, nuggets, and vegetarian sausages. Following consumer research, BENEO found that wheat protein is also very positively received in terms of its perception, with 53% of survey respondents saying that ‘wheat protein’ ‘sounds (very) natural’ and another 50% saying ‘it sounds (very) healthy’.

The taste test

Despite the various benefits of plant-based proteins, such as health and sustainability, there are still certain barriers to the mass take-up of meat substitutes. These include consumer perceptions surrounding taste and the growing cost of meat alternatives. Texture and, in particular, flavour remain a major issue for consumers. In fact, many consumers believe that vegetarian meals taste bland, while 42% do not like the taste of meat substitutes. Until recently, the taste of plant proteins has had a limiting effect on their appeal. However, thanks to increasing efforts in new product development, companies such as BENEO have now developed high quality plant protein ingredients with a neutral taste and other technical benefits that challenge animal proteins in terms of both taste and texture.

BeneoPro W-Tex textured wheat protein

The unique neutral taste of BeneoPro W-Tex (textured wheat protein), in combination with its other technical benefits, enables the creation of meat-free products with a stable texture and fibrous structure. It can be easily flavoured with a variety of tastes, herbs and spices, making it a flexible meat substitute.

BENEO’s textured wheat protein is made from wheat gluten and flour. Its protein content amounts to a minimum of 65% on a dry matter basis. An outstanding source of protein, BeneoPro W-Tex has a unique alveolar structure that allows the development of meat-like juicy texture. It also takes only 15 minutes to obtain maximum hydration capacity, eradicating the need for long soaking and making it convenient for production. In combination with its good compaction ability, BeneoPro W-Tex can achieve excellent shaping in products, without the need for additional gums or artificial binders, key for the formulation of clean label recipes.

With consumer demand continuing to drive new plant-based product development in Asia, the opportunities for manufacturers prepared to embrace this trend are vast. Long gone are the days of sawdust tasting, bland meat-alternatives and thanks to the work of functional ingredients manufacturers such as BENEO, textured wheat protein offers today’s food producers a wide range of exciting, meat-alternative recipe development opportunities.

Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Holiday Bundles and All Things Good to Eat at Sheraton Manila Bay

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Sheraton Manila Bay offers wide array of delectable offers this Christmas season.

Christmas will definitely be celebrated differently this year but we are sure that preparations for the holiday season remains frantic as family and friends venture to make homes parties as fun as usual. To keep you on top of your holiday checklist, Sheraton Manila Bay assembled an array of delectable feasts and all things good to eat for the holiday table or for your gifting pleasures available for the whole month of December.


Keep the gift giving tradition alive with a basketful of holiday goodies available for sale at The Gingerbread House, pick-up, or delivery. A spruced up Classic Sheraton Hamper priced at Php 2,499 net includes Salted Egg Ensaymada, Pandan Fruit Cake, Peanut Sesame Brittle, Assorted Macarons, Red Wine, and Stuffed Toy. For a more luxurious treat, our Premium Sheraton Hamper at Php 3,488 net features Gluten Free Ube Christmas Cake, Farmer's Baguette, Homemade Pâté, Assorted Crinkle Cookies, Assorted Macarons, Coconut Cashew Brittle, Local Chocolate Bonbons, Jams in Bottle, Bottle of Wine, and Stuffed Toy. Make it personal with a special “Cards of Care”, a 12pcs Christmas Card with scannable Spotify playlist FREE on all Sheraton Hampers. Proceeds from the Cards of Care will be donated for the educational needs of the underprivileged students of Aurora A. Quezon Elementary School and children of Barangay 699.


For your gifting pleasures, our artisanal charcuterie graze boxes are filled with specialty cheeses, tapas delights and indulgent festive treats. Good for sharing of 2 persons, our Classic Grazing Box priced at only Php 599 net includes Beef Pastrami, Smoked Sausage, Brie Cheese, Cheddar, Nuts, Crudités, Red Grapes, Olives, Dried Fruits, Salted Pretzels, Crackers, and Sesame Grissini while the upgraded Premium Grazing Box priced at only Php 888 net includes Chicken Terrine with Roasted Capsicum & Spinach Homemade Liver Pâté, Chorizo Pamplona, Beef Salami, Smoked Sausage, Mortadella Herbed Cream Cheese, Cheddar, Nuts, Crudités, Red Grapes, Olives, Dried Fruits, Salted Pretzels, Crackers, and Sesame Grissini. For the ultimate grazing experience, our Luxury Grazing Box good for sharing of 6-10 persons includes Chicken Terrine with Roasted Capsicum & Spinach, Homemade Liver Pâté, Prosciutto di Parma, Chorizo Pamplona, Smoked Sausage, Beef Salami, Mortadella Herbed Cream Cheese, Brie Cheese, Swiss Cheese, Marinated Anchovies, Red Grapes, Olives, Dried Fruits, Nuts, Crudités, Salted Pretzels, Crackers, Sesame Grissini with complimentary super country baguette and assorted macarons priced at Php 2,499 net.


Get-togethers, virtual or not, are best done over servings of tasty and generous Christmas Holiday Bundles created especially by our seasoned chef. Good for sharing of 5-6 persons, choose among 4 selection of curated spreads.

Priced at Php 3,899 net are Home at Christmas Bundle which includes Glazed Leg of Ham, Ricotta, Spinach, & Mushroom Pizza, Seafood Lasagna Supreme, Garlic Parmesan Chicken Wings, Fruit Cake and Leche Flan, pinoy favorite Salu-Salo includes "Buchon" Pork Belly Roulade, Beef “Morcon”, Mango Kani Salad, Pancit Palabok, and Bilao Espesyal, and Sobremesa which includes Holiday Turkey Roulade, Mango Kani Salad, Red Wine Beef Stew, Seafood Paella, Fruit Cake and Crèma Catalan. Elevate your home parties further with Gourmet Feast priced at Php 5,500 net featuring our bestsellers and signature cuisine such as Pot Roast Beef, Glazed Leg of Ham, Festive Citrus and Chicken Salad, Linguini Shrimp Scampi, Garlic Mashed Potato, Fruity Revel Bars, and Crème Caramel. All Christmas Gourmet Bundles comes complimentary steamed rice and freshly homemade country baguette.

Sheraton Manila Bay is accepting order for pick-up and home deliveries. Advance order required. Please allow 48 hours before pick-up. Check our holiday E-brochure at

Sheraton Manila Bay is located at M. Adriatico cor. Gen. Malvar Streets, Malate, Manila. For reservation please call +632 5318 0788, 0917 583 7294, 0917 583 7326, or email Like us on Facebook and Instagram @sheratonmanilabay and Twitter at @sheratonmnlbay.

Thursday, July 9, 2020

5 Comfort Food for Rainy Days

Wazzup Pilipinas!

June marks the start of the rainy season in the Philippines. It’s also a strange time that makes us feel like cozying up at home and grabbing a bite of our comfort food. Luckily, Filipino food culture is booming with delicious meals that will surely satisfy you during the La Nina season.

Craving for comfort food? Check out these foods below!


Nothing warms up the belly like a hot bowl of Lomi. Lomi is a kind of Filipino soup that shares its origins in Batangas. It is best known for its thick and rich broth that goes hand in hand with egg-based noodles and other savory toppings such as chicharon or liver pieces. Other provinces have made their own versions, but either way, it’s a must-have for the cold weather!

Arroz Caldo

You can never go wrong with ordering Arroz Caldo any day. It means warm rice in Spanish and is a bright yellow congee flavored by ginger and chicken stock. Arroz Caldo has shredded chicken meat that will surely fill up your tummy with delight compared to plain porridge. Garnish it with toasted garlic for an extra crunch or pair it with fried tokwa for a complete meal!


Sopas is one of those meals that you can get whether you’re sick, craving, or just hungry. Originating from the Spanish term sopa, our rendition of chicken noodle soup uses elbow macaroni swamped in a creamy, broth-infused soup. Its main ingredients are usually choice vegetables and shredded chicken breast. Some would also use hotdog slices or corned beef as their choice of meat.

Ginataang Bilo-Bilo

Sweet and creamy bilo-bilo is the perfect dessert, especially on sweater weather. Inspired by the Chinese treat Tang Yuan, this snack is mainly composed of glutinous rice balls and sago pearls swimming in warm, coconut-flavored soup. You can also add taro, sweet potatoes, jackfruit slices, and saba to spruce up your bowl!


You can’t mention comfort food without Nilaga in mind! Probably the best companion for the rainy days ahead, this is a simple beef stew that uses choice cuts of beef and crisp veggies with some spices thrown in for a hearty meal. It is also commonly paired with fish sauce for dipping to balance out the flavor.

There’s still more meals that we can cover, but these dishes are by far some of the people’s top choices for the rainy weather.

Is your comfort food on the list? Share us what your top rainy-day meals are down in the comments!

Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Plan Your Father’s Day Feast with Sheraton Manila Bay

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Bring home the flavors of Sheraton Manila Bay to your tables this Father’s Day.
Good food, as the saying goes, is the key to a man’s heart. With that in mind, our team of culinary experts have come up with a set of gourmet offerings to go and interesting dining treats for the family in celebration of Father’s Day.

Gather your loved ones and share a sumptuous five-star feast with our home-cooked goodness selection which includes Pot Roast Beef, Lengua Estofado, Pepper Roasted Pork Loin, Whole Spanish Roasted Chicken, and “Buchon” Pork Belly Roulade. All order comes with steamed rice good for 4 persons.

For a truly leisurely and sentimental celebration, gift dad with a one-of-a-kind Customized Grand Marnier Chocolate Cake with a personalized edible greeting for only Php 1,500 net. Another delightful treat is our 6pcs Alcoholic French Macarons laced with liqueur and available in a myriad of flavors such as Kahlua Chocolate, Grand Marnier Orange, Amaretto Almond, Baileys Ube, and Chambord Raspberry for only Php 400 per box. For a sure-fire hit, our extra cheesy Papa's Ube Cheese Ensaymada available for only Php 250 per piece is a must try for those looking for local indulgence.

Gourmet takeaways is available for pick-up daily from 9am to 6pm and features more delectable cuisine including salads, pastas, sandwiches, breads, pastries and cakes. Advance order is required. Please allow 1-day lead for all orders. For a full listing of gourmet takeaways menu and other terms and conditions, please visit

#DiscoverDeliciousDelivery and bring home the familiar Sheraton taste and flavors, from our kitchen to your tables. For orders, please call +632 5318 0788 or email

Sheraton Manila Bay is located at M. Adriatico cor. Gen. Malvar Streets, Malate, Manila. Like us on Facebook and Instagram @sheratonmanilabay and Twitter at @sheratonmnlbay.

Thursday, June 11, 2020

The Culinary Courier: Sheraton Manila Bay launch gourmet takeaways

Wazzup Pilipinas!

I'm sure many are missing dining out at their favorite restaurants and hotels. But since this Covid-19 pandemic is still posing a danger for everyone, many are settling for take-outs and deliveries. It's great news that many are already incorporating these options in offering their food so that we could still avail of their culinary delights, even if it means just eating them in the comfort of our own homes.

Sheraton Manila Bay is one of the hotels in the metro that now offers signature menus and local cuisine to go. Imagine ordering specialties to be conveniently delivered to our homes just in time for lunch or dinner. We get to taste their lip-smacking dishes while safe at home from the deadly virus.

I've had the opportunity to try some of their dishes, and I must say that we couldn't get enough of them. Though nothing beats eating at the lavish ambiance of the hotel, it is already satisfying to be able to fulfill some of our cravings for a good meal - from salad like their Mango Kani, to main meal like Pepper Roasted Pork Loin, and to dessert, or even a taste of their Ube Cheese Pandesal that is good not only for breakfast but anytime of the day.

Sheraton Manila Bay continues to be the world's gathering place as its seasoned culinary team assemble a delectable array of signature recipes, refreshing healthy options, and the comforting taste of authentic local cuisine to satiate diners and families at home.

Gourmet takeaways is available for pick-up daily from 9am to 6pm and will feature home-cooked goodness good for sharing, rice specialties, salads, pastas, sandwiches, breads, pastries and cakes. The home-cooked goodness selection includes Pot Roast Beef, Lengua Estofado, Pepper Roasted Pork Loin, Whole Spanish Roasted Chicken, and “Buchon” Pork Belly Roulade.

Power up with the tastiest and freshest sandwiches such as Beef Shawarma, Chicken Shawarma and our bestseller Pulled Pork A la Cubano. For healthy options, delight in a selection of four which include Mango Kani Salad, Vegan Aubergine Salad, Caesar Salad, and our new Caesar By The Bay.

Epicurean diners are in for a treat with Sheraton Gourmet Rice Box or Seafood Paella perfect to pair with side order of choice such as garlic mashed potato, ranch fries, rustic herb sautéed potatoes, Asian fried rice, and steamed rice. Foodies on the look-out for lighter variety may indulge in pasta specialties of Spaghetti Shrimp Scampi, Fettucine Carbonara, and Penne Puttanesca with Blackened Chicken.

Perfect for breakfast cravings are freshly baked Dark Chocolate Brownies, Homemade Banana Bread, Farmer’s Bread Loaf, Hand Crafted Doughnuts, Assorted Muffins, Chocolate Chip Cookies, Soft Rolls, Hard Rolls, and our newest creation Ube Cheese Pandesal. Make celebrations at home sweeter with pastries and cakes-to go including the hotel’s Signature Mango Tart, Dalgona Tiramisu, Dark Chocolate Supreme, and Mango Cheesecake.
Advance order is required. Please allow 45-minutes lead time for salad, sandwiches, pastas and rice dishes and 1-day lead time for breads, pastries, cakes, and home cooked goodness. Diners shall arrange pick-up with their courier of choice. Cash and credit card payments are accepted. The hotel will strictly implement a No Mask, No Pick-up Policy and has designated a pick-up point at the hotel main entrance canopy area to ensure social distancing measure are followed and health and safety precautions are met.

For a full listing of gourmet takeaways menu, please visit
#DiscoverDeliciousDelivery and bring home the familiar Sheraton taste and flavors, from our kitchen to your tables. For orders, please call +632 5318 0788 or email

Sheraton Manila Bay is located at M. Adriatico cor. Gen. Malvar Streets, Malate, Manila. Like us on Facebook and Instagram @sheratonmanilabay and Twitter at @sheratonmnlbay.
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