Sunday, October 11, 2020

Different Kinds of Plantito/Plantita Visualized

Wazzup Pilipinas!

My own version of a Certified Plantito/Plantita as inspired from a fellow gardening enthusiasts.

Katuwaan lang po, huwag seryosohin.. Nagising lang ng maganda mula sa mahimbing na pagkatulog. Isang magandang araw na naman para sa ating lahat!

Grateful for another life, but syempre bisita muna sa mga alagang halaman para sa photo ops with them.

The Water Bender

He used to be a member of the water tribe who learned how to plant yet still believes water is life. He loves his plants so much so he waters them every morning and afternoon. He doesn't want to see the soil dry but avoids the always using the chlorinated water from Manila Water. That's why he also has a big bucket to catch rainfall  so he'll have plenty of more nutrient-filled water for his plants.

The Plant Guru

He has learned a lot from joining all urban gardening groups on social media, has watched all YouTube videos about gardening and has Googled all terminologies, tips and everything essential to TLC gardening. Thus he can now share his knowledge to recent gardening enthusiasts.

The Innovator

He's Uber creative in using everything possible as pots. He can make everyday household items like softdrink it mineral water bottles, ice cream tubs, egg shells, banana peels, "hugas bigas",  etc. as useful gardening supply for either making pots, fertilizers, and other resourceful innovations.

The Chemist

He can concoct organic or synthetic pesticides from kitchen scrap to treat his plants against pests and insects. So you'll see him.mixing garlic, chili, and a little bit of dishwashing soap with water. He would often advise newbie gardeners "Just mix 25 ml to 1 liter of water"

The Sorcerer

He believes in the power of MSG or Monosodium Glutamate, trying out seemingly magical potions to ensure optimum growth for his plants. He'll try mixing everything his fellow Plantitos have tried on their plants... Rumored or testified accounts, anything for propagating his prized mother plants.

The Taxonomist

He can identify every plant you've seen on the road while walking or driving. He knows both common and scientific name of the plants which makes him more accurate than plant mobile apps.

The Miner

He is always updated on online plant and gardening supplies sales. He will troll all comments section and post "How much", "Mine, bro!",  "Please reserve two for me", "How much is the delivery fee?"

The Plant Whisperer

He talks to his plants believing they listen and talk back. He will always say "Good morning!" every early waking hours of the morning, even before brushing his teeth, and would say "I miss you, guys!" after coming back from work. It's his way of relieving his stress as the plants are good listeners.

The Oathbreaker

He would often say, "No more room for plants in my mini garden" or "I don't have the budget to buy more plants" but he will always come home with bought or bartered plants. He will take a peek at plant sales saying "Just curious"  but then after a few minutes you'll see him haggling with a vendor to lower the price of a plant.

The Boy Scout

Everytime he visits a friend, colleague or neighbors home, he comes prepared with a loot bag so he'll have something to easily take out and put the plants he targeted from their gardens or backyards. He would always ask for them as souvenirs. This is why a lot of Plantitos have tried their pet dogs near their precious plants to guard them from fellow Plantitos.

The Environmentalist/Recyclist

He is not ashamed to ask around for his neighbors unused plastic mineral water or softdrink bottles. Sometimes you'll see him waiting near the garbage dump for unsuspecting neighbors who'll be throwing their container waste. He does reduce the heaping trash because he brings them home to be recycled as pots.

The Chef

Growing your own food means cooking your own food too with ingredients harvested fresh from his vegetable garden. He'll have several recipes tried throughout the generous fruit-bearing seasons of his veggies, so he then had the opportunity doing cooking vlogs.

The Storyteller

He'll most of the times become creative and invent stories eluding to the reality. Deliveries will be received discreetly telling the delivery man to meet him at the gate, or to not be too noisy in calling out to him when his new seeds from Shopee or Lazada arrive.

The Master Barter
He productively exchanges his excess plants for food and other useful stuff. During this pandemic, being generous in giving away plants is a good trait, but getting something in exchange saves him a visit to the grocery store, and to keep his money to buy plant fertilizers instead. His favorite lines are " What can you offer in exchange?" and ""Location please"

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