Thursday, August 20, 2020

#SetPHNursesFree: Why Keep Nurses in the Philippines Against Their Will?

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"We are all hurting. This ban really breaks our hearts everyday. Please help us get through this. #SetPHNursesFree"

They never thought that they will do this again for the nth time! Still, the nurses are resilient. They will not yield!

The government imposed the deployment ban because they want to keep nurses as reserve for the Philippines. They are not disposable goods! They are humans and have families to feed.

Use the hashtag to voice out your dissent towards the Deployment Ban which our government keeps on imposing!

Around 1k nurses with existing contracts overseas are affected by the deployment ban. But, the impact is even bigger. Each nurse represents a family of at least 4, some even more. Imagine how many lives are at stake just because they are "hostaged".

So why is the government taking away their right for a livelihood? How can they make themselves productive if there are no more job vacancies here? How the hell can they earn money for their families if they cannot be deployed abroad?

The employers will not wait for these nurses. They are starting to hire nurses from somewhere else.

Forcing someone to do what you want will only make them do the other way. Banning nurses and forcing them to work back in the hospital where they are underpaid and maltreated is somehow a weak plan as I see it. Sorry, I just cant accept that our government is being ruthless.

Forced servitude tawag diyan. You think experienced nurses will still opt to apply after you've stolen their dreams for a better future? Common sense....ay wala nga pala ang gobyerno nyan.

They'll never forget how this administration treated them like slaves. Their basic human rights and liberties are being stripped more and more in this country.

Triggered sa mga nagsasabi ng “SERVE  YOUR COUNTRY FIRST”

With all due respect, these people will NOT aspire or dream of going to greener pastures in the expense of being away from their loved ones if they saw something to be proud of in this country.

The government doesn't know the true meaning of "charity begins at home". Just look at the state of nurses in the country.

Does the government find pleasure in seeing their healthcare workers, who have already served their country well for many years, suffer?  Yung totoo? If this pandemic never happened, they will not be in your radar! REAL TALK lang.

The years of service despite the minimal salary that we receive, the discrimination, the countless times we try to negotiate diplomatically about the salary we deserve. And a lot more hurdles in this profession."

"We spent months reviewing for the English exam and exhausted hundred thousands of our savings to retake it and to apply for a registration abroad. These exams have expiration dates and some of us might need to go back to square one, putting all our sacrifices and efforts to waste."

"We patiently waited for months for this ban to be lifted. We try to understand the situation of our country. Aside from having no choice, AGAIN, we put the needs of others first before our own.
Last June, they told us that there are exemptions in the ban."

"They allowed those who already signed their job offer letters and contracts to leave the country. But, yesterday, they revoked their previous statements allowing all the 600+ nurses who are about to be deployed to be in so much agony and pain."

"We are almost at the finish line. We are almost there. Why do they always make it hard for us? We just want a better life for our families. We are doing this for them. Can the government secure us with a better life here? NO!"

To IATF, alamin nyo muna ang sitwasyon bago kayo maglabas ng resolution.

What's the point of the deployment ban? It is clearly shown in this picture that you don't need the nurses anymore.

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