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Why is Macoy Dubs Cancelling Aunt Julie?

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"The recent upload might be the last aunt Julie (series). So thank you for having aunt julie in your lives. :) makes me sad bcos i just want to create videos for entertainment, but just like the dubs I did before, ppl will still hate you. aunt julie can't please everyone.

Macoy Dubs will stay..

those who are cancelling julie are the same ppl who cancelled macoy dubs way back april 2019. how dare you guys.

You’re the reason of my depression and I came back earlier this year but still ganyan.

grabe kayong lahat. grabe kayong lahat :(

As I've said in the Quarantine University, cancel the cancel culture, not the "good vibes" culture. Auntie Julie will be back.

She still loves you and will be the tita who gives you wantawsan"

Anyare ba? Why is Macoy Dubs stopping Aunt Julie?

Who is canceling Aunt Julie? She’s the progressive Catholic tita we all want and need in our lives right now.

Ano ba ang pinagmulan ng issue? Sobrang curious talaga ako. I know there were strongly worded comments pero what were the comments exactly?

Aunt Julie is satire. We're meant to laugh at the character (or characters since may duets na), not laugh with them. The skits are commentaries on how certain people lead their lives, while the audience laughs and reflects. Trying to remember all videos, alin ang offensive doon?

Sino sino ba yung mga haters na yun? Pakigawan nga ng list ng ma-DM namin. Ang sarap pagkukurutin. Mga kulang sa aruga. Ayaw ng positive vibes.

What kind of soulless, heartless, overused buttplug hates Aunt Julie?

Admit it, you’re not gonna be as productive and creative and as successful as Aunt Julie so you try your hardest to tear her down. Ang lungkot lungkot siguro ng buhay mo.

Aunt Julie is one of the best things to come out in these dark times. Don’t stop people from enjoying things just because you are unhappy. Our words have power and it doesn’t cost anything to be kind. Let’s try to be better people towards each other.

Why are we cancelling Aunt Julie for giving us good vibes when we can cancel the DOH and the IATF for their gross incompetence and blatant corruption in the midst of a pandemic?

Cancel cancel culture. I don’t get why some people are attacking Aunt Julie.

People can do what ever they want to do as long as it makes them happy and they’re not stepping on anyone naman. Let people enjoy things!

Don’t be sad, hugs, mamsh. Lahat na lang , kapag walang issue or may issue yung mga katulad mo cancelled na agad. Yan ang hirap dito eh. You want to show your own self with a creativity pero kapag hindi nila gusto cancelled na agad. Di na alam kung saan lulugar eh.

Omg Auntie Julie, are you having hot flashes? Too young pa auntie haaaa!!! Hihihi. Palamig ka muna po, at mag atomiser ng lavender, orange and patchouli to calm your nerves. Mommy is saying she will see you later po sa Zoom.

Hey, people would always hate. That's what we do. Don't focus on that, focus on you. Focus on those na napapasaya mo. Kahit isa lang, though I'm sure in your case there are thousands because you're a lucky auntie. You do you and on things that makes you happy. Dakila ka.

How about another Aunt? This time sobrang pobre naman, Tita Jocelyn o Tita Rosa. Mas gusto nila pobre na ayaw mag-pills o condoms?

Yakap Macoy! Love ka namin! Sayang prepared pa naman sana si Auntie Rose to reunite with her hermana.

Piliin mo ang mga taong pinipili ka. Huwag mo sila bigyan ng rason manalo para pabagsakin ka. Ang punong hitik lagi talagang may pipitik. Ang taong walang utak parang lata. Puro ingay pero walang laman. Doon ka sa mga taong masaya dahil sa ginagawa mo. Tuloy ka lang sana, Aunt Julie!

Macoy, you make this quarantine more bearable with your entertaining videos. Please know that we appreciate all your efforts. You are not doing this for yourself, para sa mga tao ito na lugmok sa nangyayari ngayon. Thank you so much for that!

I’m so sorry it’s come to this, but do know madami kang pinatawa at pinasaya, whether it was your dubs or Auntie Julie series.

But do you really think we can stop all the irrepressible Aunt Julies here from speaking their minds? I don't think so. She's all of us and I'm not even from Poveda. We eat haters for breakfast. After telling our Roberts and Cassandras to finish their food.

Something to think about for all of us having a bit or a lot of Aunt Julies inside of us.

Image credits to @theArtOfPatpat & @janjancomics & @bagongpinay

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