Sunday, August 16, 2020

Is the Rainy Season Ideal for Container Gardening?

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Since it's raining, hold na lang muna sa container gardening of fruits and veggies. The rainy season is perfect for some plants, but not for others that could drown or root rot from overwatering due to the frequent rains. I think tomatoes do not want overwatering...and my hydroponics setup will just get rainwater mixed with the nutrient solution. Also, it's still a pandemic so tipid mode. All I've bought from my gardening hobby are a few sacks of soil, vermicasts, vermicomposts, and the single big pot I used for the money tree.

Ang napabunga ko pa lang ay ampalaya, okra at munggo, the rest puro pakinabang sa leaves o talbos like kangkong, kamote, malunggay, yung ampalaya uli syempre, sili na puro dahon pa lang din mga bean plants na namunga na rin pala, gumagapang sobra-sobra kasi kaya pinutulan ko na dahil masyadong invasive...umabot na hanggang kisame...and of course I won't forget my pechay harvest a few weeks ago...May mustasa rin pero kaunti lang grew successfully.

Yung mga kamatis at talong ay mga lumaki but they did not give me fruits. I have new seedling batches growing so hopefully maka harvest na ng fruits.

Onion leaks from kitchen scrap regrows for only twice max only, then they die.

There are about five turmeric seedlings growing fast. I also planted two gingers a few days ago and they've rooted and growing already, and onions  (red and white) just earlier today.

Then mga fruit seedlings like mango (5 na yata sila), avocado (mga 4 na ang may sprout with leaves, the others are still seeds), papaya (ang dami ko nito, akala ko kasi hindi tumubo kaya ginamit ko yung soil na pinagtamnan ko kaya kung saan-saan tuloy may papaya seedlings), sampaloc (namatay yung albino), and camachile (nag-iisa..coz I didn't plant this, ligaw na seeds from birds siguro). Out of 6 mulberry cuttings I planted, only two survived but I think only one will live. Both dragonfruit cuttings lived and growing. We all know it takes years for them to grow and see the output of these fruit trees.

May mga tumutubo na rin na seedlings ng calamansi sharing the space in some pots, I transfer o i-replant ko to a separate pot when they grow bigger.

The alugbati are just a few days old but mahaba na yung vines...I trimmed some so they will sprout new branches.

Yung oregano at aloe vera sobrang healthy na..I would need to propagate them soon...need pots and soil, and space to put them.

Not successful with upo. Their growth will be stunted, leaves would eventually wither, and then die after around a month. I still have one still alive but it's not healthy. Maybe they need more soil and bigger pot size.

May other plants pa ko that are still unidentified since they are still young.

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