Thursday, August 20, 2020

Did Baninay Post a Clickbait Vlog that Caused Panic to Pokwang?

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Comedian Pokwang, aka Marietta Subong, calls out former PBB housemate and Youtube Vlogger Baninay Bautista on her alleged "click-bait" vlog declaring that she is positive on COVID.

"Hoy @BaninayBautista wag mong pagkaperahan yang clickbait mo para lang dumami views mo!" - Pokwang / Marietta Subong

YouTube vloggers are indeed getting a lot of earnings out from their monetized videos, thus many are becoming creative not just on their content but also with their titles and thumbnail images.

Naturally, you'd want to attract as much viewers as possible so making your video look more interesting would help a lot. Though others go overboard to the point of using "click-baits which could be making the title or image a bit controversial, alarming or sensational. Only while watching, you'll suddenly realize you were lured there for the wrong reasons. You've been duped.

Baninay naman, bakit naman "I AM POSITIVE" title ng vlog mo? You filmed your vlog last July 21 and you uploaded it yesterday (August 18). The late "uploadation" caused a panic to Pokwang's family kasi nga pumunta ka sa kanila at nagmukha pang clickbait iyang vlog mo.

However, when you watch Baninay's vlog, you'll already know na July pa siya nagkacovid kasi may date na agad na nag-appear sa vlog niya umpisa pa lang nung video. Let's say clickbait! Pero hindi siya nakakataranta kung tinapos mo yung mismong vlog niya.

May date stamps naman yung vlog ni Baninay pero misleading lang yung title talaga kaya nasasabi ng iba na clickbait. She even mentioned the date, habang kausap nya kuya nya at 2:45.

News outlets said she IS positive. People who didn't watch the vlog but saw the news will think she IS positive. Thus it is understandable why Pokwang panicked and called out to Baninay.

You will never understand Pokwang unless you become a mother.

May point rin si Pokwang. If she really wants others to know the experience of being COVID-19 positive, dapat inupload na ni Baninay noon pa. And dapat hindi clickbait yung title. Using the pandemic to gain views / for money is a big NO NO.

At isa pa, social media talaga syempre kapag nag dm lang si Pokwang baka naisip niya na hindi matututo at mas lalong mamimihasa si Baninay. Gusto lang siguro ni Pokwang na ma-aware yung ibang tao kung ano yung dulot ng hindi properly titled video.

The way Baninay titled her vlog is panicking for those people she socialized with lately. You'll miss the details dahil you are concerned you and your loved ones may have gotten infected too.

Dapat yata "I Was Positive" at hindi "I Am Positive" kung late upload.

I think we missed the part rin na late lang nalaman ni Pokwang yung recovery ni Baninay. Also, clickbait nga and hindi sinabi ni Baninay na okay na pala siya. Pokwang tried to reach her pero hindi sila nasagot that's why she got mad and nagpanic na nga.

These people are content creators and their channel is their source of income and part of their marketing is to catch the attention of people with their title and thumbnail. Baninay doesn’t deserve all the hate. Go blame the majority of the content creator community doing the same.

Sana maging aral sa ating lahat yung issue about Baninay and Pokwang. If misleading, clickbait or fake news ang isang material, report na agad. Huwag na i-tolerate. Pinagkakakitaan ng marami ang ganyang strategy.

We are all getting too emotionally sensitive brought about by this Corona virus scare. Yun lang, thanks , ingat at bye!

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