Sunday, August 16, 2020

Philam Life Building to Be Demolished to Give away to SMDC Condominium

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This is the Philam Life Buidling and the Philam Life Theater.

"Did you know that the Philam Life Theater has a 780 seating capacity, rectangular in floor area  with curved walls and large concealed cavity above the ceiling with elegant glass light panels hang. Adorned with narra relief carvings  depicting Philippines folklore, traditional musical instruments and mytical character like Maria Makiking and Malakas at Maganda was designed by Filipino sculpture Jose Alcantara in 1961, with the helped  of local artists from Paete, Laguna.

The theater is known for superior acoustics design by BBN TECHNOLOGIES (Bolt, Beranek and Newman) Who also created the acoustics for the UN General Assembly Hall in New York.

Musical Director Okivier Ochanine of Philippine Philharmonic Orchestra launched an online petition way back March 2013 calling SM Development Corp. to spare the theater from demolition."


I worked at this building for a few years during my stint as an IT Trainor for the Corporate Human Resources of Philam Life. We conduct training programs for the Philam Group of Companies - but there were two of us who conduct mostly automation softwares like MS Office, etc. while the rest provide training on best management practices, behavioral and EQ in the workplace, and other similar work-related programs.

What was most interesting was when I had the chance to tutor Jose Cuisia Jr, the current President during that time. That's when you get to know a person better. A face-to-face interaction with the big boss of the company made me appreciate him more. I'm teaching the man holding the highest position in the company, and he opens up to me about his difficulties but genuine desire to learn on his own about computers and not just relying on his secretary.

The building definitely has a lot of memories for me.... especially our computer training room where I spent a lot of time to train myself more about other computer stuff. I would go home late pass the rush hour to become more productive with my time instead of joining the numerous people struggling to go home. I remember one time when the head of the Systems department went to check up on me wondering why I was still there. Well, aside from downloading porn...I mean trial or free softwares (lol), I was learning how to actually use them in a networked environment. Stuff like remote administration, networked training presentations, etc.

The learnings probably made it possible for me to get hired as a Systems Administrator for a bank (Banco De Oro which is another memorable story), and of course with a bigger salary and better benefits - the reason I left Philam Life. I must have impressed the interviewers with my answers during the interview, aside from my degree, trainings, and certifications on certain systems.

The Philam Life building is said to be torn down so a developer (SMDC) can build a condominium. Whether or not I am in favor of this action, and even though there are memorable moments in that place, I have moved on a long time ago. I seldom get attached to inanimate objects and quickly adjust, adapt, evolve and move on to the next reality of my life. Objects deteriorate, they fade, rust, crack, lose its durability, and as much as we want to keep them, we have to let go soon.

The building was somehow old, dark and gloomy for my taste...... what more now that it's years older, unless it was renovated after I left. Still, its whole structure may not be just as it was before. For me, the only bright and cheerful areas were inside our offices. Yes, it has heritage or historical significance, but modernization sometimes would require us to do otherwise.

Though there were fabulous works of art on display as decors. I'm sure they would be taken care of and transferred to other locations for people to appreciate again.

Sorry if it has to say goodbye.

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