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5 Best Instagram Schedulers

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If you need to get your content scheduled on Instagram to save time and minimize effort, you came to the right page – we will discuss what the best Instagram schedulers are and how to properly manage them. But before that, let me remind you why your online business needs a scheduler.

First, your customers expect you to be present on social media; that means, they expect to see your content daily, if not hourly. They are following your brand because you’ve committed to being trustworthy; if you don’t offer them the incentive to continue following your company, they simply won’t. Your product/service has serious competition, most likely, so your clients could easily switch to another provider, if your content volatilizes. In a nutshell, you must keep an online presence at all times if you want customer investments and positive cash flows. Social media schedulers do just that – they keep your profile updated and your customers engaged, whether you are online or not. They’re an automated tool to make use of when time is tight and money important.

Here are the best Instagram schedulers we found and why to use them.

Sked Social

Sked Social is a great tool to analyze, plan, and schedule your posts and stories. This will help you engage your followers but also convert a higher number of customers. Sked Social offers a seven-day free trial that allows you to check out their features and see if this tool is the one you are looking for. FYI:

Sked will work for Instagram as well as Facebook and Twitter – so if you want a schedular that incorporates access to most of your social media platforms, choose this one. However, there are others on the market that might stand out for you, depending on your needs and preferences. Sked offers:

A visual planner – this helps you visualize your future posts and help you sync them together just right. This is cool for many reasons but one of the best ones is that it lets you create an awesome Insta grid of your pictures.

Unlimited users, same price – Sked offers all its benefits for every Instagramer, not considering their number of followers. That means that once you will reach the desired numbers, your costs will remain the same.

Insights on when and how to post and audience demographics (we all know how important this is).

Other features such as a content calendar or an automatic tool for hashtags.

Recommended mostly if: you want to use the scheduler for more than one social media platform.

Buffer Publish

Buffer is another great platform to use if you want to increase your profits long term. This online platform allows you to plan posts for LinkedIn and Pinterest too! Unfortunately, there is a high cost attached to using Buffer *well, high is relative depending on your profits* starting at $15 per month. You could opt for a free plan but that will only cover up to three social media accounts, so it’s not really worth it if your business is expanding. The downside is that Buffer won’t allow for multiple users. However, it offers lots of hashtags, videos, and images that will help your page get more attention.

Mostly recommended if: your business is on LinkedIn.


Hootsuite is another tool you’ll want to check out; however, I must advise you – their plan starts at $39 per month, making it a wee bit more expansive than every platform we’ve touched on until now. They offer a free plan too, but it, unfortunately, comes with limited features. This is how Hootsuite will help your online business:

You can post on all of your accounts at once (schedule your posts).

It’s optimized for mobile so it’s easy to use when you are on the go.

It helps you find relevant content for your niche and helps search by hashtag. location, or even keyword, which is pretty neat.

Mostly recommended if: you run a small business with fewer needs.


If you want to use another social media scheduler that uses visuals to boost your business profits, Later offers similar features to Sked. Here is the way in which Later could help you:

It offers a visual planner that helps your map out your Insta grid needs – cool, cool, cool!

It helps you find the right content generated by users and save it to your online library.

Offers a comprehensive Insta analytics system.

Good storage limits and quick accessibility.

Mostly recommended if: you want a cheap but high-quality tool for your business.


Tailwind is another one of your best bets – its price starts at $9.99 per month. This app focuses more on visual content (which is always good) yet only supports Pinterest and Instagram. For now, no other social media platforms can be connected to Tailwind. Tailwind will efficiently inform you of the best time to post content and help you find out popular and effective hashtags. In fact, Tailwind is one of the most popular tools if hashtags are your main thing.

Mostly recommended if: hashtags are your main focus to drag business.

Here is a recap of why you need an Instagram scheduler:

It will easily and efficiently upload photos and content to keep your brand intact and poppin.

It will schedule your desired content whenever you need it and will send it to your chosen audience.

Like any popular term paper help writing service, it will keep you from repeating the mistakes of posting and reposting, updating you on when and how to post for the best results.

Here is a recap of how you can choose the Instagram schedule that meets your business’s needs most accurately:

Ask yourself: what do I want out of this? What is my company’s long-time goal? What are my options? What is my budget? What are the features that I am mostly interested in? What is the best fit for me?

Compare Instagram schedulers (their features) to reach the desired outcome. Check out the aforementioned options first! If you’re not completely satisfied, look for more.

Check stats on how well Instagram schedulers worked for other businesses to measure results. Check the feature that you are interested in the most. See what the top choice is in your field of interest and why. Track results, compare stats, and check all the available data before making a decision – in the end, you are investing money into something valuable, so make sure you get the best value out of it.


Finding the best Instagram scheduler can be challenging, but it is definitely worth it. Not only will you be able to work on more productive projects (other than Instagram content creation), but you will also be boosting up your profits by bringing more traffic to your webpage while keeping the existing traffic going. Make sure you understand the exact reasons why an Instagram scheduler is such a great tool before purchasing one; and don’t forget to research well before making a decision. In the end, it’s about the quality, not the quantity. Good luck!

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