Tuesday, August 18, 2020

DOH Slams Atty. Larry Gadon Over Face Mask Claim

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“If mask is really effective, how come there are more than 100,000 people afflicted with COVID? And more than 2,000 dead victims?"
- Larry Gadon

“Stupid is as stupid does.”
- Forrest Gump

Lawyer Larry Gadon, who became famous for his "bobo" remark, said face masks are ineffective as he reacted to viral photos where he was spotted wearing his face shield with a face mask taped behind it.

In October 2019, Gadon has reportedly been suspended from the practice of law for his "use of foul or intemperate language."

At that time, he was also facing at least four other disbarment complaints.

Vice President Leni Robredo also remarked “May nakita tayong model, mali po iyon. Huwag natin susundin.”

We have to thank her for the concern but I think it is a little hurtful to suggest that anyone will believe Gadon let alone follow his example. I don't think the good public deserves so low an estimation of its capacity for discernment.

Leni must be speaking to her followers....and not to those who took gasoline as mask disinfectant seriously. Some people need guidance at every turn.

Gadon’s personal choice of wearing his mask is his call. He does not impose it to anyone.

DOH issued a guidance on how to properly use masks.

The Department of Health slammed controversial lawyer Larry Gadon who recently claimed that wearing face masks outdoors can't prevent the spread of COVID-19. They are not laughing at Larry Gadon’s apparent disdain of wearing face masks, the cornerstone of the government’s fight against coronavirus.

Health Undersecretary Maria Rosario Vergeire reacted to lawyer Larry Gadon's statement that he doesn't believe in wearing masks and that it is "only for a show".

“This is not a joking matter. People know there are those who dying, getting sick, and that the economy is suffering."

"Sino ba ‘yung huling sasalo sa magkakasakit? Hospitals are having hard time already."

However, everytime I think that maybe law school isn't for me because I'm not good, smart and skilled enough, I look at Atty. Larry Gadon and tell myself anything is possible in this world.

If Larry Gadon can pass the bar exam, then you can do whatever you put your mind to.

If Larry Gadon can’t even detect his own fallacies and ad hominems and he’s a lawyer, y’all woke bitches in law school might have a chance and be a damn better lawyer and servant than this crook.

Can everyone just please stop giving Gadon the time of day. He’s irrelevant, stupid, and ugly and I’m so tired of seeing his face on my feed.

At the risk of implicating myself I just wanna say na lahat kayong nagpakalat ng Larry Gadon memes nung sumikat siya, I blame you for giving this man some semblance of clout and bringing the average IQ of the country down several notches.

Gadon violated the health and safety protocols as set up by DOH. There are still bobos and blind citizens who mght follow the cool fashion set by Gadon, to the detriment of the health conscious public.

Regardless of Gadon's personal beliefs, the IATF requires people to wear face masks.

In July, President Rodrigo Duterte ordered the police to arrest people found not wearing them

So are we seeing any arrest soon?

Atty. Larry Gadon may be pro-admin but I must disagree with him on the mask issue. Masks are crucial. It is also important that we wear them PROPERLY and CONSISTENTLY.

No paranoia or fear. Just science.

I was just to read up on the process of disbarment because of the recent embarrassment brought upon by human disaster, Larry Gadon, but it looks like many will be beating me to it.

Another proof that titles, honorifics, or being seasoned in whatever do not guarantee human decency.

What Larry Gadon does not understand is that his decision not to wear a face mask impacts not just his OWN health but that of countless people around him.

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