Saturday, August 22, 2020

Buknoy Glamurr: Influencer or Clout Chaser, Awra Reacts

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Walking the streets at night with a black shiny dress violating health and safety quarantine protocols - not wearing a mask, and shouting, cursing and everything! Scripted or not, it is unbecoming of a so called influencer.

Is it a trend to be ignorant on social media then make an apology video afterwards?

Kailan pa naging tama yung hindi paggamit ng facemask sa labas at paggala ng may curfew at paglabas ng minor ?

I’m against sa mga hate tweets about Buknoy pero sana magreflect rin siya for his or her own growth. It's not defamation. It's pointing out what she or he did wrong.

Isn't he or she ashamed of herself or himself  for being so irresponsible social media influencer? He or she doesn't even deserve to be one.

Palagi niyang scapegoat yung “di ako perfect” at “God bless”.

Kelan siya magbabago? Kelan siya magiging mabait?  Kelan niya aayusin buhay niya?

*Adding fuel to the fire po. Ayan tinulungan na kita ah. Synonyms daw po kasi ang flame and fire. Ayan naloka na sya pati grammar namali na.

And what's this about his or her quarrel with another bayot?

Instead of public apology for the video, you're now saying that Awra is dragging you down? and BTW what's with the "kala mo ang ganda"? Isn't that a real "dragging down" thing? Before uttering/posting such words, make sure it ain't reflecting to you, dear.

Real success begins when you start acknowledging your mistakes and learn from them. And more than that, you should start DOING actions. Hindi 'yung kino-contradict mo 'yung sarili mong mantra. Nakakasuka na, sis.

I’m not a fan of Awra, but I’ll choose her overy Buknoy. Wala pang mga pills yan ha.

Awra is  a natural public figure, he or she has the proper behavior should an influencer possess.

I think Awra shouldn't mind this freaking feeling privilege Buknoy. I mean, girl DON'T STOOP DOWN TO HIS LEVEL!! Remember, you have some class and elegance while him or her, he'll or she'll going to be that stupid TRASH!!

@buknoyglamurrrr  is not an influencer.

This personality is NOT a public figure he is just a pa famous and wanna be that people love to hate. Stop supporting this person if we really want to get rid of him.

People be hating on Macoy Dubs for the wholesome Auntie Julie content, pero tangina si Buknoy Glamurrr na unabashedly problematic yung value system sa content nya, at si Wil Dasovich na takot manindigan as an influencer, me mga enablers pa.

Social media, you can be so problematic sometimes.

The only content we should cancel are content that are exploitative, unapologetically politically or socially incorrect, fake news, state-sponsored propaganda, or content that go against the very core our humanity.

Someone take Buknoy's phone away from him or her and take away his or her access from social media, please. Someone do it. I can not take this problematic content anymore.

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