Friday, August 21, 2020

#NinoyIsNotAHero Trends on Twitter the Night Before August 21

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"Growing up, we're always taught that Ninoy is the hero & Marcos is the villain. History books should be unbiased & must be rewritten. Teachers should be neutral, present only the facts & not influence the students whom to stand for. "

A staunch critic of the Marcos dictatorship, former Sen. Benigno “Ninoy” Aquino Jr. was assassinated on Aug. 21, 1983.

Today, we remember Ninoy Aquino.

But more than this, today, we remember that Ferdinand Marcos was a tyrant, plunderer and murderer—and no amount of revisionism can change this.

Yes, Ninoy was imperfect, but his death  galvanized people into toppling Marcos’ kleptocratic rule.

#NinoyIsNotAHero is an inorganic trend activated by a few accounts yesterday and is now a top trend right in the middle of the night.

The first accounts that started posting it -- see anything in common?

You are free to evaluate the man's legacy however you choose of course; my point is to be critical of trends, these are the same mechanisms that will be used to determine the next elections.

#NinoyIsNotAHero is trending because the poon of the DDS is a Marcos fan. Mahilig sa EJK, magtago ng yaman, at  DIKTADOR.

Kahit anong pa-trend niyo diyan sa #NinoyIsNotAHero, MARCOS WILL NEVER BE A HERO, not TODAY, not TOMORROW, not FOREVER! He will be remembered as the Dictator who was thrown out of Power!

Accept the facts, idiots! You've been enjoying freedom of speech today NOT because of Marcos but because of PEOPLE POWER triggered by Ninoy's death.

"Just wanna remind everyone that despite all the syndicated propaganda, the basic element of extracting the truth out of something is to claw it down to its grassroots."

Tigilan ninyo yung ganito, please! Imagine younger generations na nabrabrain wash dahil sa pag iisip ninyo.

The IRONY with Ninoy Holiday is that the opposition⁠—reds, yellows, church groups, their "disente" allies⁠—have bastardized the said day by DIVIDING, instead of UNITING, Filipinos to revive the obsolete political sentiment they once enjoyed because of EDSA86.

Bakit ba kasi ginagawang hero mga politicians. Everyone should know politicians aren't that great nor trustworthy.

I actually agree with this #NinoyIsNotAHero but it's amusing that most accounts tweeting about it are Marcos apologists/Duterte supporters.

As Marcos LOYALists would say, but the love for power and money can make people evil and evil people are dictated by SATAN who's evil and the father of LIES. It's Marcos who held on to his power for many years. Everything that they say against Ninoy is a lie.

Hay nako, when you support a madman like Marcos/Duterte, you lose all credibility. Please stop.

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