Tuesday, August 18, 2020

And We're Back to GCQ, Good Luck Philippines!

Wazzup Pilipinas!

IATF recommends placing Metro Manila, Bulacan, Cavite, Laguna, and Rizal back to GCQ.

We’re back to GCQ, despite the fact that cases are rising. Anyhow, doesn’t matter what classification we’re in. Nothing has changed and nothing has been done. Might as well continue with our lives. Pray and be careful.

Dear Leader Rodrigo Duterte said his piece.

1. Back to GCQ
2. Droga
3. Fuck you
4. Always and forever, Bong Go

Now the real question is, did they formulate a new plan during the MECQ that will help us fight this virus or did we just waste another 2 weeks?

Call me selfish, but I rather go back to GCQ coz:

1. There are no concrete plans.
2. People will still go out no matter the quarantine status is.
3. People (especially those who lose their jobs) are suffering.

Because w/ the corruption & inefficient people in govt we can't expect people to be on lockdown for too long. best to just take extra precaution. Continue observing health and safety protocols - wearing masks, disinfecting, distancing even as economy reopens.

Agree. Virus is there. Prolonged lockdowns won’t do good. Would just make worst in every aspect.

I'm not sure of the actual pattern but on observation on cases here and abroad thru friends, it seems the strain of virus while becoming more infectious seems less lethal compared to Feb to early June. Or maybe I'm just diverting away from death announcements. Hope they study it.

The 2 weeks MGCQ was a complete waste! You know the drill. It’s not yet safe outside. Please be careful. Always follow protocols, wear your masks with your faceshields, drink your vitamins, and if it’s not necessary, avoid going out and please pray.

As usual, the IATF wants NCR to go back to GCQ to open the economy again, with mention on enhanced testing, but no mention on how they plan to help our overworked medical frontliners & the rising poverty among poor communities.

Hayyy bakit laging kakarampot ang usad?

NCR with rising cases averaging 3, 500 to 4,000 per day. It’s premature to revert back to GCQ and lose the gains of MECQ which ideally ECQ was requested by medical community. MECQ extension is ideal till August 31. One time big time and build up health capabilities.

Kaso, wala talagang mangyayari pa rin if the government has no specific plan on how to lessen the cases. We're just gonna kill our economy, and in the process kill ourselves too.

So I hope our immune systems are up to it. Good luck, Philippines!

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