Sunday, August 16, 2020

I Think I Killed Our Money Tree After Replanting Into a Pot

Wazzup Pilipinas!

We spent three days and two nights in Montalban, Rizal...and now we are finally back in Pasig.

But before leaving Montalban, I took.a picture of the pot and the money tree my wife asked me to replant from the backyard to the front...

Now planted in a pot, I hope it survives on its own. The big plastic pot cost P200 and bought at a small neighborhood gardening supplies store in Montalban.

I think it was already too big (estimate 6 or 7 feet) to be replanted but I still took the risk since they say it would bring good fortune if it is placed in front of the house. To be specific, the plant should be kept in the south-east direction of the house or the room. As per Vastu, the southeast direction is owned by Lord Ganesha and is the direction of the planet Venus.

No idea who Lord Ganesha is, and how it has anything to do with the planet Venus. Still, I followed even though I'm not superstitious or a fan of Chinese beliefs.

Hope it is still alive when we return maybe after two weeks or so. I'm counting on my green thumb, if ever there really is something like it and that I possess that thumb.

Though I think I stressed the plant too much since I had to yank her out of the soil due to being rocky and clayish. I had a hard time digging her out.

As advised from gardening groups, I always replant from 5 pm onwards so that the plant has the entire evening to settle in its new medium.

For support, dahil hindi pa nakakapit ang ugat sa lupa, isinandal ko siya doon sa ginamit dating tuntungan when the carpenters worked on our ceiling. But later repositioned her beside the house where the sun is not too bright. Tied it left and right on window grills to keep her from falling down.

Now I realized I should have just cut it in half leaving the bottom part still planted in the soil where it originally grew. At least I have a fall back if the cutting won't survive. Well, I was counting on it being with roots but then it was too huge already to nurse back to health.

You can do it, money tree. You grew at our backyard without anybody planting you so I know you are resilient enough to survive even after all that stressful replanting process.

Parang tayo. We will appreciate and be thankful we managed to stay alive throughout and after this stressful Covid-19 pandemic.

After two days:

As expected, the money tree I replanted into a pot is withering. It was probably too big to survive...and yanking it out from the soil where it grew (eventhough I was successful in keeping the roots intact) was too much for the tree. The stress may have been too much for the plant.

I will try to save it by asking somebody there to cut it into two and planting the upper half back in the soil where it grew....and hope the other half in the pot will somehow live now that it's half of its size.

Yes, I also post about my failed attempts in gardening.

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