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Germany Says Mabuhay to Celebrate 60 Years of Friendship with the Philippines

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It was a weekend of celebration that allowed attendees to experience Germany up close and personal in the heart of Metro Manila. Several booths from both sponsors and exhibitors lined up along the stretch of Bonifacio High Street, Bonifacio Global City (BGC) to celebrate two days of exciting festivities dubbed as "Mabuhay Germany".

German food like grilled sausages with potato salad, cabbage and schnitzel with Bavarian beers, home-made desserts, cakes and cookies plus other highlights of Germany were showcased last February 22 and 23 to celebrate the 60th year of friendship between the Philippines and Germany.

Each booth had fabulous giveaways and contests that will allow you to win prizes easily. There was a game in one of the booths where you have to spot the differences between two almost identical photos, another booth has a game that will make you guess the word based from a photo and an incomplete word, one booth will require you to hit all the cans using just two balls to win a prize, another one will ask you to shoot golf balls in a miniature golf course, there was even a card game that will make you guess if the next card in the series is higher or lower in number, plus lots of other fun games available in all the booths. I went home with an eco-friendly bag full of souvenirs.

Things To Do This Summer!

(credits to zerochan)

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With the days quickly passing by, summer is approaching quite fast. Well,... that only means one thing: Vacation is near and we would be able to sleep all day as long as we want without worrying about requirements we need to finish, things we need to review, and other school/work related stuff that really stress us out.

Though often we found ourselves being bored with nothing to do hence wasting our days watching TV or sleeping all day long until the time comes and we need to go back to our stressful lives. Well, fear not! This article might help you this upcoming vacation to spend your time rather than being at home all day long.


Japanese Culture: White Day

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Who says that February was the only month that celebrates something romantic on its fourteenth day?

Well, maybe here on the Philippines it’s only in February, but in other countries particularly Japan, they have this thing called White Day which apparently falls on the fourteenth day of March, just a month after the celebration of Valentine’s Day.

A Page of the Precious Days

A picture of the whole class with our adviser. Credits to the owner.
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Everyone has one or two special memory that they will never forget. A memory of a day they feel enjoyed, relaxed or just simply happy. Anything can be a precious memory, may it be bad or good. Life is full of mysteries and adventures especially for students like us.

For us, life is about school.. but not all of it. School is a place where most of the precious and memorable things happen. There are a lot of things you will experience once you become a student. A lot of events to celebrate and a lot of things to learn and enjoy.

I know every student like me, among all of school's activities, anticipate for this day. Yes, it's the school's Field Trip! Hooray! Let me share to you how I spent one of the precious days of a student.

A Field Trip to Remember

Museum Manila

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Last February 20, 2014, we had our field trip. It may not be the most memorable one for me but I totally had fun. We were asked to go to school before 5:30 am for us not to be caught on a heavy traffic. We were with IV-Lewis, Ms. Hazel (our adviser) and Ms. Perez (IV-Lewis' adviser) in the bus. Some people say that during fieldtrips, it is in the bus where you will enjoy the most. Well, I guess they're right.

Our first destination was the Museum Manila. From there we learned some facts about ancient China, Greece, and Egypt. I thought it would be boring but I guess it wasn't that bad. I learned many things in there. I could even connect our lessons in History with some facts that were mentioned there.

After the Museum Manila, next was the Aguinaldo Shrine. Our tour guide asked us to fall in line because we need to wait for our turn to go inside Aguinaldo's house. It was amazing to know how they preserved the things in there. After we went to Aguinaldo's house, we had a stop over for us to eat our lunch. After eating our lunch, we went to Enchanted Kingdom.

PCSHS Field Trip 2014

Credits to Ms. Hazel Castro for the class pictures
Wazzup Pilipinas!

Last February 20, 2014, students of Pasig City Science High School including me had our field trip in Museum Manila, Aguinaldo Shrine, and Enchanted Kingdom. We needed to arrive there on or before 5:30-6:00 am in the morning so that we could live there earlier as possible and to avoid being stuck in heavy traffic.

III-Kelvin with our adviser Ms.Hazel together with !V-Lewis with their adviser, Ms.Perez, were at the bus 17.

Our first destination was in the Museum Manila. We learned a lot of things like facts about the things in other countries. The place is really a must visit because of the pleasing appearance of the Museum and you will learn many things. We should be careful to avoid damages in the museum. A lot of students and teachers were taking pictures at the museum. We were happy to visit the place because it is really nice.

A Memorable Field Trip for 2014

(c) Bianca Gomez

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Last February 20, 2014 we had our field trip. I was so excited that I woke up 3:45 AM. My mom helped me in fixing my things that I’ll bring. I arrived at PCSHS 5:00 AM. I was happy and excited when I saw my classmates waiting for my other classmates and for our bus.

Everyone’s excited for the field trip! When we were on the bus, there’s a little misunderstanding about the seats but we managed to solve it. My seatmates in the bus were Kiara and Mitszi. While we were on the way to our first destination, our tour guide, Kuya Monty, held some games for us and it was fun!

Our first destination was The Museum Manila located at Pasay City. I learned many things at this museum. We saw many artifacts from the different ancient civilizations. My favorite artifacts were the Jackal and the replica of the Great Wall of China. The artifacts were really good! You should visit this museum!

Best Movies Coming This 2014!

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All of us love movies right? So I'm planning to update you with the best movies coming this 2014! Movies, for some, are just entertainment or some things to pass their time. But for me, movies always have a lesson for us to learn. There is always a message from the author no matter how full of cinematic special effects.

Also, without a great director, the movie will not be as good as how the author envisioned it. You will know that the director was great if he was able to put us in awe for the entire length of the movie, and made us think and wonder at the end.

Our interests are captured by the astonishing display of stunning computer-generated eye-candy but we should also look into the lessons that they share for they may benefit us as well.

So I'm planning to lecture you that movies are important to our lives so we can learn different aspects in life.

Friday, February 28, 2014

Summer Is On its Way! Get Ready for Some Getaways!

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The tropical islands of the Philippines is the ideal summer getaway where you can enjoy lots of beaches, wildlife and nature that will be appreciated by city dwellers from all over the world. The best way to relieve them of almost all their stress accumulated over a year of hectic and busy school or work activities.

Whether you travel alone or with your friends and family, the best places to beat the heat this summer is anywhere among the fascinating 7,107 islands of the Philippines. The perfect place to strut your hot swimsuits in any of the many pristine beaches, and wear your cool summer outfit while exploring the wonders of heritage sites, is in the Philippines. Like they say, It's More Fun in the Philippines.

I my case, school is almost over in just a month and summer is making its way soon. So, I think that now is the good time to mark your calendars because I’ll be presenting my top 6 best places to go this summer.

Going Back From Where I Started: K-Popping with the Infinite

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K-Pop is one of the booming type of music today. K-Pop or Hallyu Wave pertains to people who are into Korean music, dramas, food - in other words, Korean culture.

Usually K-Pop is a genre of music which deals with popular music in South Korea.  This type of music and dance is usually performed by different idol groups.

Infinite, EXO, SHINee, Girl's Generation, Super Junior, TVXQ, U-Kiss, and 2ne1 are the usually groups that are well-known in Korea.

K-Pop isn't new to me, but in the later part of my sophomore year, the spirit of being a K-pop burst and popped out naturally unto me. Yes, I admit! I don't like K-pop before and it really pisses me off. However, there's something that I can't resist. I guess the upbeat music, dance steps, and specially the good-looking idols (K-pop group members are called idols.)

DOTC Wins Court Case On Adding More MRT Coaches

Wazzup Pilipinas!

The Department of Transportation and Communications (DOTC) is proceeding with the addition of forty eight (48) new Light Rail Vehicles (LRVs) to the Metro Rail Transit III (MRT-3) line, after the Makati Regional Trial Court (RTC) dismissed the injunction case filed by MRT Holdings II, Inc. last Friday, 21 February 2013.

“The DOTC successfully fought for public interest and defended its position in court, but the true winners are the riders of MRT-3. The supplier can now start manufacturing the 48 brand new LRVs, which will be delivered in tranches starting in the second half of 2015,” said DOTC Secretary Jun Abaya.

Upon the dismissal of the case, the DOTC issued the Notice to Proceed to Dalian Locomotive and Rolling Stock Company of China, which won the public bidding conducted last year.

Under the terms of the contract, Dalian will have 18 months to deliver the prototype LRV for testing on the MRT-3 system. It should then deliver the remaining LRVs in tranches over the next 18 months.

My Top 5 Indie Games of 2013

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First things first, as per Wikipedia, "independent video games (commonly referred to as indie games) are video games created by individuals or a small team (of developers) generally without the (huge) video game publishers' financial support. Indie games often focus on innovation and rely on digital distribution."

The indie gaming industry has a constantly growing interest and popularity. More and more people are taking indie games seriously as an alternative source of entertainment that was previously provided by the mainstream gaming industry.

There were so many indie games released last year that 2013 was really the year where the independent game developer truly arrived. The best part is that they were truly delivering - meaning most of the indie games that came out were top-notch at their level. You'll definitely enjoy a majority of them and be surprised at how great they are compared to the ones backed up by a huge brand.

That said, with a drum roll,here are the 5 most compelling indie games of the past year.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Beyond 2015: A Post-2015 Development Agenda for the Philippines

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Our country still has a long way to go in achieving its targets for the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). Thus the effort to develop a post-2015 framework that will be widely supported by many to sustain the development towards a more comprehensive and holistic approach.

But what is beyond 2015 that we need to plan ahead? We are still in 2014 yet there is still so much to do aside from the devastation brought upon by typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan).

For most politicians, it means the 2016 election. I am more than positive that many will be looking into that direction and will be focused in making their presence felt to gain votes from the masses. ...and since majority of the people are not reached by the news and social media, many are still clueless of whom to properly vote to run their respective cities. Incommunicado! Disconnected! Out of touch form the real world!

When I suggested to Lord Jack McConnell, Scotland's youngest First Minister, appointed to the House of Lords as Lord McConnell of Glenscorrodale and Beyond 2015's post-2015 volunteer advocate, that the UN and the government can use bloggers to share information among our readers to help disseminate the efforts undertaken towards MDG-related issues, he said it was a great idea and he will gladly echo it to the rightful authorities.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Nuvali Night Sky Cinema: Love Is In the Air the Second Time Around

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Nuvali, together with Sky Cable,  once again welcomes couples, families, and friends to its annual Nuvali Night Sky Cinema. It's sort of a post-valentine film showing event happening for the second time to showcase three love stories.

The night February 22 was made more special as people flocked the Nuvali open grounds to watch movies for free. Under the starry skies, the people were treated to three foreign movies namely You've Got Mail, Pray.Eat.Love and About Time. These are three movies all related to romance with their own remarkable twist that were loved by many.  The newest among the three movies was About Time starring Rachel McAdams and Domhnall Glesson, which deals with time travel.  It's a story about a man who desperately tries to change his past to make his future a lot better.

The other two movies were shown several years ago but set the mood for nostalgia among the crowd and reminiscent of the good-old-sweet moments of yesteryears. You've Got Mail which stars Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks featured the old style e-mail when SMS and social media were not yet invented. Pray. Eat. Love was a Julia Roberts film based on the memoir of American author Elizabeth Gilbert. The movie was about one woman's search for everything across Italy, India and Indonesia.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Power Sale Bazaar Summer Fiesta Edition

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Summer is the most anticipated season; it’s when we get to relax and unwind under the glorious sun. And who wouldn’t want to feel the sand between their toes as they soak up the rays wearing the hottest outfit and accessory?

This coming March, FTMS Events came up with the Power Sale Bazaar Summer Fiesta Edition --- a place where you can find the hottest and trendiest summer must-haves!

Get the chance to meet and interact with bloggers as well as the up and coming bazaaristas that are sure to make a splash this season! So get your beach totes ready and head to the Metrotent at Metrowalk Ortigas as we welcome the start of the best season with a fabulous fiesta!

Come and Join us! As we celebrate the start of the best season! Power Sale Bazaar Summer Fiesta Edition at Metrotent, Metrowalk Ortigas Pasig City March 14-16 2014.

For Inquires: Email/pm or text 09179626002. Follow on IG @powersalebazaar

VSO Bahaginan Honors Volunteerism Through Film Showings

Wazzup Pilipinas!

It was several years ago when I was offered to become a volunteer for Volunteer Service Organization (VSO) Bahaginan. After my stint with the United Nations, I felt so inspired to continue my advocacy of helping people. That time, I was determined to try an out-of-the-country assignment. My short assignments at other parts of the country including a few areas in Mindanao, and even outside the Philippines like Bangkok, Thailand,  made me thirst for more adventure.

But it was also the same time that my wife just gave birth to our third child. I was invited so many times to join but I was hesitant to leave my newly-born child. Realizing I was not ready to leave my family for a shot at being a VSO Bahaginan volunteer, I gave up the opportunity.

It was only a few nights ago when I got invited to an event organized by VSO Bahaginan that made me recall those days when I almost jumped in to a new adventure. They held a special screening of six short-films shot across Africa documenting the life and journey of Filipinos serving as volunteers in some of the poorest places in the world.

LINE Continues Its Surge In Users, Cites Its Secure Platform

Wazzup Pilipinas!

LINE, the world’s leading mobile platform with 350 users worldwide, has seen a record-breaking inflow of daily new users, as many as 10 times in some regions, since the weekend of February 23, 2014. The recent surge is attributed to LINE’s unparalleled communication services that are the most safe and reliable, in the midst of recent system trouble experienced by other service providers.

“We are pleased to provide our many users in the Philippines with a complete, exciting, and secure mobile messaging experience,” remarked Mr. Greg Kim, Head of the Philippines at LINE Business Development Division, LINE Plus Corporation.

Many users have already chosen LINE as the ideal solution that offers an advanced system support and wide range of features that offer free messaging, voice and video calling, as well as interactive elements such as Stickers, Timeline and Official Accounts, under the ongoing industrial changes in the mobile messaging market.

Salt and Light Ventures Forges Partnership with Breakthrough Leadership Management Consultancy, Inc.

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At the start of 2014, Breakthrough Leadership Management Consultancy, an affiliate of the United Neon Group of Companies, assumed leadership of Salt and Light Ventures, Inc. The partnership, which was finalized towards the end of the 2013, was done to reinvigorate Salt and Light Ventures and ensure its sustainability as the pioneer and premier learning events organizer in the country.

Apart from retaining its service offerings, which includes branded learning events; the Asian Center for Trainers and Speakers (ACTS); and trainings and seminars, Salt and Light Ventures will also be embracing the Breakthrough Leadership framework and programs.  

Breakthrough Leadership is an integrated, holistic framework for leaders and managers to approach their roles and relationships, prioritize their actions, and deliver stronger and more effective results. The program will allow organizations to reach dispersed leaders across the organization, connecting them throughout a learning journey.

AIESEC Philippines: Hosting the Asia Pacific Youth to Business Forum 2014

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Pioneered in the country by international student-run organization AIESEC in the summer of 2013, the Youth to Business Forum (Y2B) poses with a bigger and more global comeback this March 24, 2014 at the SMX Convention Center, SM Aura, Taguig City.

Still presenting a unique avenue for the youth and business sector to discuss and collaborate on ideas for prevailing social issues, Y2B aims to create concrete solutions that will build a more sustainable future for the Asia Pacific region.

This time around, the youth forum will tackle matters of Value-based Leadership and its capacity to engineer social change through collective action with the help of the business sector.

The youth is encouraged to take on a proactive disposition on the development and alignment of personal values that would create opportunities for both individual and region productivity.

Where is My EDSA: Remembering the Revolution that was F*cked Up

Wazzup Pilipinas!
"The anniversary of EDSA 1 will be marked with such great irony this year; the President supporting online libel and threatening press freedom, at the same time defending his appointment of a police general to the martial law compensation board. Both instances are betrayals of what the people stood for in EDSA 1 - freedom and justice. 
Both instances show the disconnect between EDSA and Aquino, how the latter has become the anti-thesis to people power. The President has only succeeded in highlighting the unfulfilled promises of EDSA 1, reminding us that many things have remained the same or have worsened under the second Aquino regime. EDSA however also reminds us that true power lies with the people, and that they must use this power in the face of oppression." - Inday Varona

After the revolution, the "players" divided the spoils among themselves and the Filipino people up to this day were left out. A lot of its ideals have long been betrayed.

Cyber libel cases will only favor the powerful, rich and the privileged. The threat to our civil liberties is real. This was prioritized rather than Freedom of Information (FOI)? Anyare?

Exploring Museums in Makati City

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Museums showcase our country’s history. It exhibits our culture, tradition and customs. It is a source of our pride as it highlights our Filipino heritage.

What museums can be found in Makati?

If you’ll look at the Makati map, you’ll find three in the city. They are as follows:

1. Ayala Museum. Established in 1967 under the auspices of Ayala Foundation, Inc, this art and history museum presents permanent exhibitions like The Diorama Experience which is composed of 60 handcrafted dioramas highlighting major events and themes from prehistoric times up to the EDSA People Power Revolution; Maritime Vessels that shows several models of different watercrafts that plied in the Phil seas; Gold of Ancestors that shows more than one thousand hold object from the Philippine culture that existed before the colonization in the 16th century like golden sashes, necklaces, earrings and finger rings, bracelets and anklets; Embroidered Multiples which includes rare silk trousers or sayasaya worn by elite men; work of arts by Luna, Amorsolo and Zobel from the late 19th to the 20th century; and a display of more than 500 Chinese and Southeast Asian ceramics.

Located at Makati Avenue cor. Dela Rosa Street, it is open from Tuesdays to Sundays, from nine in the morning until six in the evening.

Philips Airfryer Now Available In Over 100 Countries

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Launched just over three years ago, Philips recently announced that the Philips Airfryer, an innovative kitchen appliance that enables consumers to prepare a variety of meals in a healthier way, is now available in more than 100 countries. With almost fifty percent share of the global market for ‘light’ fryers, Euromonitor has confirmed that Philips is the world’s No.1 low fat fryer brand.

First launched in France, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands at the end of 2010, and most recently in North America and Japan, the Philips Airfryer is now a truly global proposition.

“The Philips Airfryer is a great example of how we are driving profitable growth, by taking global innovations and bringing them to market in a way that is highly relevant for local consumers,” said Philips Consumer Lifestyle CEO Netherlands, Pieter Nota. “Eating healthier is an important lifestyle trend that transcends markets and with our Airfryer, we are empowering millions of consumers to make healthier choices every day.”

Singapore Airlines Showcases Next Generation Cabins

Wazzup Pilipinas!

"Singapore Airlines has been flying in the Philippines for 48 years now. We started with our Manila operations with only three flights per week and now we are flying  four times daily. This growth is a testament of the support that we have received from Filipino travelers and we are very thankful for this." - Philip Goh, Regional Vice President for SouthEast Asia of Singapore Airlines.
Singapore Airlines is all about the over-all experience. From the very first moment when you book a ticket, to your trip from departure to arrival, until you step out of the plane to retrieve your luggage. The airline is committed to make air travel more comfortable and hassle-free. They have been investing heavily in their aircraft, products and services and giving customers more value for their money.

This is why they have even collaborated with world renowned design companies like BMW Group DesignWorks and James Park Associates, to make significant improvements in their cabin designs to give you the most comfy seats that will make you feel at home.

Last February 21, we got to experience trying out their three cabin designs, namely the Economy Class, the Business Class and the First Class, at their showcase which was held at Glorietta 2 Activity Center. The new cabin models were open to the public view until February 23, 2014.

Miley Cyrus Warning: Explicit Content, Refunds Not Allowed

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Angry parents are demanding refunds from Miley Cyrus' Bangerz tour due to explicitly sexual scenes. parents allowed their kids to go to a concert that was called 'Bangerz' and then get upset when the show is not a wholesome Taylor Swift experience?!? Everyone knows Miley likes licking hammers and wearing undies as 'outfits' what did they expect was going to happen at this concert?!?

If parents can't be bothered to do a little research into what her show is about, that's their problem. Also, if children who see her as a 'role model' nowadays think it's okay to act like that in everyday life, being underage, and not a performer, then the parents are doing something wrong. NOT Miley.

It would be like taking a kid to a Marilyn Manson concert expecting him to sing children's song. It makes no sense! The parent's need to be kicking themselves for not exercising enough discretion in their decision process!

Parents should be encouraging their children to seek out appropriate role models and if the child likes Miley's music, parents could even discuss the sexual nature of the singer's performances and why for example, it is not deemed appropriate for younger audiences to copy her actions if they are concerned. Miley Cyrus is not a children's entertainer, she is a grown woman who can make her own choices.

Ellen Adarna Exercise Video Parody: Here's Allan Adarna Sweating Like Crazy!

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Finally last year's breakout viral success 'Ellen Adarna Exercise video' gets the parody it deserves!

In this shot-for-shot remake, Manila-based viral video producers Green Mango imagines a scenario in which a hopelessly out of shape guy gets inspired to work out after watching Ellen Adarna's infamous exercise video.

Ellen Adarna's got nothing on Allan Adarna. Go Kuya go!!!

Let's cheer for Allan Adarna - the newest exercise guru to hit YouTube! Tell me of your reaction after watching the video - that is ....after you're done laughing and rolling on the floor.

This is a parody video. Ellen Adarna has not endorsed it but I'm sure she would approved of it once she sees it. Lol!

Link to the Video below. Click na agad, please!

Monday, February 24, 2014

Mystery Shopping Interview of a Proactiv Skin Care Advisor

Wazzup Pilipinas!

I got some freebies from Proactiv recently. I went to interview one of their Skin Care Advisors at the Proactiv kiosk located at Glorietta 2 near the Activity Center. The kiosk was in front of Bershka but I missed it on first pass maybe because there was nobody around yet. I was probably early. I was actually at Glorietta 2 attending an event of Singapore Airlines featuring their new cabin seats. Since the event has not started yet, I decided to drop by first at the Proactiv kiosk to check out their Skin Care Advisor on duty.

My goal was to determine the over-all customer experience one gets from the Proactiv Skin Care Advisor.  Skin Care Advisors are technically Proactiv sales representative, deployed at selected Watsons stores and Proactiv mall kiosks. Unlike ordinary sales personnel or promodisers, Skin Care Advisors are trained to offer free acne care advice and after-sales support for Proactiv customers. Having undergone the same training module created by Doctors Rodan and Fields, these are well-informed advisors and knowledgeable to answer queries about acne and Proactiv. Skin Care Advisors provide customers one-on-one guidance on how to achieve a lifetime of clear skin.

The Skin Care Advisor program was launched last January 2014 with the objective to provide the best information on acne care and Proactiv to our customers.

After a few minutes, I came back and saw a guy manning the kiosk. I was expecting a lady as per schedule given to us it was supposed to be Gladys Flores, but I met Efren Jaranilla instead.

New LTO Plates To Promote Safety, Help Rid Roads Of Colorum Vehicles By Late April

Wazzup Pilipinas!

With road safety concerns being highlighted during the recent spate of accidents involving public utility vehicles (PUVs), the Department of Transportation and Communications (DOTC) sees the issuance of new motor vehicle (MV) and motorcycle (MC) license plates in late April as a measure which will not only promote road safety, but help ease traffic congestion as well.

“The security features of the new plates will help weed out colorum vehicles from the roads, which will better assure the safety of the riding public. They will also help in reducing the anticipated traffic in Metro Manila. Of course, these features will also enable authorities to enforce criminal and traffic laws more effectively,” said DOTC Secretary Jun Abaya.

The DOTC issued yesterday a notice to proceed to PPI-JKG Philippines, Inc., which won the public bidding conducted by the transport agency last year for the 5-year contract to supply 5,236,439 pairs of MV plates, and 9,968,017 pairs of MC plates, to the Land Transportation Office (LTO).

Olivia, Will You Marry Me Proposal Turns Out to be just a Condo Ad

Wazzup Pilipinas!

So, those “Olivia, Will You Marry Me?” ads turn out to be for Pioneer Woodlands condos in Mandaluyong. Well, that totally killed my faith in modern-day romantics. Just brilliant! Un-romantic but brilliant!

My daughter said it was such a cheesy way to propose to someone. For me, it was rather obvious that it was part of some company's marketing plan (why- they were all over EDSA - too expensive for just a proposal), and so sorry to say this, but it was a mixed FAIL and SUCCESS for many.

Punuin mo ba naman ang EDSA ng araw-araw na traffic, magandang istratehiya nga. Naging viral and people were really curious about it. Only to find out in the end that it was an ad for a condo. It does not even co-relate with the product they are selling. "Punta ka sa condo ko, dala ka ng foods."

It was thinking out of the box or at least a great marketing strategy since it generated a buzz. Disappointed lang ang mga peg ng madlang people kasi masyadong dinibdib kung da who nga ba si mystery OLIVIA.

Sana ma-translate to sales itong marketing strategy para mas successful. Dapat Olivia na rin lang yung name ng condo para mas "sticky" sa recall factor.

Most people are "mababaw". They won't appreciate intellectual ads. Kailangan lang nila ang mga tipo nina Kris Aquino para bumenta sa kanila ang isang produkto. Popular personalities can really sell a brand even if its very obvious that these personalities do not really use these products.

That's why even great ad agencies are forced to tone down their ads because no one will get the brilliance of their ideas.

Michael Christian Martinez: A Heroes Welcome to the Lone Filipino Figure Skater at the Sochi Winter Olympics

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Michael Christian Martinez, the Philippines' lone figure skater at the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics, arrived in Manila Sunday afternoon, February 23, 2014.

Welcome home Michael Christian Martinez, Filipino Figure Skater-Road to Olympics 2014. You made Filipinos raise up to the level of competitiveness in figure skating although we don't have winter here in the Philippines. Nung umalis wala man lang suportang naghatid.. Nung bumalik, dami nang sumalubong at mga nagtiyaga pang maghintay....That is life here in the Philippines! You get noticed and eventual support only when you have gained International recognition.

Ang galing ng SM. Libre nilang ipinagamit ang ice rinks nila kay Michael nung nasa Pilipinas pa siya, nagbigay ng budget para sa practice niya sa america at hanggang ngayon inawardan pa siya ng pera nung makauwi yung bata. SM na lang ang government natin kaya.. Republic of SM!!!My heart goes out to his mom who unconditionally supported his son to reach his dream of becoming the first figure skater Olympian of our country the Philippines. The FIRST! His son made history and he will be in the record books forever. Our country should welcome him with honor and respect. This is what we need as role models for our countrymen!

Sunday, February 23, 2014

CIM Technologies at the Forefront of 3D Printing Technologies

Wazzup Pilipinas!

3D printing has been here for years already but it has not yet penetrated deeply into your friendly neighborhood everyday lifestyle. Why? Because it's still too expensive and quite a bit inconvenient for non-techies who cannot produce 3d designs of objects created from high-end computer-aided design software like AutoCAD.

However, there's this company that has bravely tapped into the market making them somewhat like a pioneer to address the demands for 3D printing. They have an equipment as low as P 90,000 for consumers to try their hand on an emerging technology now slowly making its presence known to many aside from just the industrial sector who can buy those more expensive high-end models.

At a mini-bloggers event, CIM Technologies and their partner establishments, introduced us to 3D Printing while one of their 3D Printers was amazingly reproducing a neon green rook chess piece right infront of us.

Instant Doodles: The 4th Bowlful at Cevio Art Haus

Wazzup Pilipinas!

The Instant Doodles: The 4th Bowlful exhibit is an an All Drawing Exhibition showcasing the drawings of around 88 artists, some of whom are from the Saturday Sketchings Session Artists. It opened last February 15, 2014 at Cevio Art Haus located in Pasig.

This art exhibition which pays tribute to pencil and ink - including beauty that comes from monochrome, creative spontaneity from accidents, and impulsive strokes -  was organized by Piaget Martelino.

At the same time, there was also a display of 20 early works and other personal memorabilia of the father of Philippine comics and pioneer of the local komiks industry, Tony Velasquez - the creator of Kenkoy and Ponyang Halobaybay. The exhibit was dubbed as Tony Velasquez: A Retrospective Exhibit.

Aside from the exhibit, there was also a Live Art session by the Saturday Sketchings Session Artists, as well as live performances by Aldous Castro, The Rudy Manlapat Project, Guy Sacerdoti of SNAFU!, Flippin' Soul Stompers, and Esther.

A Day To Remember: Field Trip


Wazzup Pilipinas!

On February 20, 2014 our school scheduled an educational tour on the following itineraries: Animation Journey, Aguinaldo Shrine and Enchanted Kingdom which is located at Sta Rosa Laguna. I wrote this blog to tell and share my experiences and opinions on this day to those who are interested.

The day before the trip which is on February 19, 2014, our class decided to make a deal. It was agreed upon that whoever comes the last on school will sit on the jump seat. There are still six jump seats available so that means that there will be six people who will suffer to sit in the jump seats which are very uncomfortable unlike the other types of seats that provide both arm and headrests. That's why I woke up on three o'clock on the morning to get ready for the trip.

I arrived on school at exactly four forty-five. Before we left the school, we had a misunderstanding with the class of IV-Lewis which led to a very thick tension inside the bus. Thankfully after some time and jokes from our tourist guide, Kuya Monty, the misunderstanding was forgotten..............

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