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Run For Wellness 10: Cobbles Fest

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The most anticipated and one of the biggest wellness event in Bicol is again set to toe the line this year! This event is concertedly celebrated with the Penafrancia Festival. Southstar Drug’s Run For Wellness is set on September 15, 2019 at Plaza Quezon in Naga City.

The Run for Wellness is now running on its 10th year and is participated by around 2,000 runners with two categories that you will surely enjoy, 3K and 5K Color and Bubble Run. Register in select Southstar Drug branches in Bicol and get exclusive discounts.


Php 300 FOR 3K / 5K

Inclusive of Racebib, Singlet, Sunglasses and Finisher's Medal


Select Southstar Drug branches:


- Crown Hotel Bldg., Cor E. Angeles St. & P. Burgos St., San Francisco, Naga City, -Camarines Sur

- #77 Concepcion Pequeña, Naga City, Camarines Sur


- Elevated Plaza, Vinzons Ave., Daet, Camarines Norte


- Alfelor St., Cor. Rotary Road, Iriga City, Camarines Sur


-Rizal St., Legazpi City, Albay

Compare and Contrast Essay Topics For Students

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Students in America who have trouble choosing compare and contrast essay topics should discover the solution from the experts in professional essay writing.

Compare and contrast assignments are an entirely different beast because they require knowledge of two subjects. It's not enough to have extensive knowledge of one subject, you must conduct research on two topics, which in some cases are polar opposites. Your job is to simply describe their similarities and differences. The difficulty isn't coming up with points to make, it's connecting them in a coherent and logical manner. Simply scattering them across the page isn't going to get you anything but an average grade.

These are the things you should always consider when choosing compare and contrast essay topics:

1. Do you know anything about the subject? Ensure you have at least some rudimentary knowledge of the topic before embarking on any research.

2. Students in America must always consider how much independent research the assignment requires. If there's a minimal amount of research don't waste your time with the topic. Examiners are looking for well-researched essays.

3. Make it interesting. Nobody wants to read something which lacks passion and excitement. Add some relevant yet intriguing facts to grab the reader from the beginning. You will garner a much better reaction.

Here are some compare and contrast essay topics for students in America to take advantage of. Also, you can use paper writing services to get help with your assignment.

  1. Snow and hail
  2. Urban music and Techno
  3. Reality TV stars and true celebrities
  4. Doctors and therapists
  5. Shakespeare and Walt Disney
  6. Las Vegas and Dubai
  7. Polar bear and Giant Panda
  8. Tuscany and Provence
  9. Cricket and Baseball
  10. A mosque and a cathedral
  11. A tattoo and a piercing
  12. Star Wars and Star Trek
  13. President Obama and President George W Bush
  14. America and New Zealand
  15. The American Bush and The Argentine Pampas
  16. Scuba diving and snorkeling
  17. Potty training a baby and toilet training a puppy
  18. Abortion and euthanasia
  19. Divorce and separation
  20. Renting a house and buying a house
  21. Apprenticeship and internship
  22. Laptop and tablet
  23. Low energy light bulb and fluorescent tube light
  24. The comma and the semi colon
  25. 3D printer and CGI
  26. Mining and reforestation
  27. Hot air balloon and hovercraft
  28. Discipline and laissez-faire
  29. Politics and religion
  30. Greek Salad and Nicoise Salad
  31. Tent and campervan
  32. Curiosity and nosiness
  33. Muteness and deafness
  34. Aussies and Kiwis
  35. Muscles and ligaments
  36. Camel and llama
  37. Greek Cyprus and Turkish Cyprus
  38. Halva and Houmous
  39. Catholic Christmas and Orthodox Christmas
  40. Casanova and Marquis de Sade
  41. Kylie Minogue and Danni Minogue
  42. American wines and Chilean wines
  43. Microwave cooking and barbequing
  44. Uluru and Macchu Pichu
  45. Literacy and Dyslexia
  46. Achilles and Hercules
  47. The movie The Kings Speech and the movie The Madness of King George
  48. The TV series Neighbours and the TV series, Home and Away
  49. The EU and G8
  50. Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin

The Best Negotiation Advice for Salespeople

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Businesses’ sales and negotiation cycles should dovetail into each other. Negotiation is intrinsic to buying and selling. The conversations you conduct as a salesperson are chances to close sales.

Negotiations are the crucial stage when a business either adds or loses value. Employers can consider arranging sales negotiation skills training for their employees.

Apply Consultative Sales Skills

Consider using consultative sales skills to analyze the needs of your customers. Being consultative doesn’t mean giving up your sales principles. Negotiator training prepares you to engage in talks and stay in control until you reach an agreement. You can gain the edge by:

Strengthening relationships

Conducting research to see how customers make buying decisions

Affirming values

Shifting talks toward working together, and away from being competitive

Enhancing trust and developing the potential for new business

Leading talks toward a mutually beneficial outcome

Applying these goals can be difficult when you consider rising competition and prices. Sellers need dependable procedures to close a sale. You can apply consultative sales skills in different customer situations.

Essential Sales Negotiation Concepts

Consultative negotiating helps you cut down on discounting and increase the deal size. This means you can achieve more value. How can salespeople achieve their aims? By using these concepts:

Leverage Using Priming

Priming is the concept of preparing someone to adopt a certain viewpoint. Skilled priming can change your customer’s perception of you from a seller to someone offering the best solution. You can also use priming to develop trust with your customers.

Transform Demands Into Needs

After making an offer, the seller should uphold the principle of protecting or regulating the stand. If a customer suggests a lower price, sellers often try to safeguard their pricing with a cheaper solution. This requires you to maintain the scope of pricing and work.

Remember, many people enter talks without fully knowing the customer’s needs. Negotiation training can equip you with the skills you need to put in place a concrete trading plan.

Strengthen Your Relationship

After you’ve closed a deal, contact your customer regularly. Establish if your services or products are suitable. Customer service skills help you develop stronger bonds. In turn, these bonds can help your business grow. Remember, your customers play an important role in your success. Customers can help you increase sales, make profits, and boost your reputation.

Explore the Willingness to Close

A seller should focus on value to move toward closing a sale. You should highlight what your customer is gaining. You should also make sure that the terms are clear. Paying attention here increases your chances of closing the deal.

Gain From Your Interaction

A good customer-salesperson relationship results from trust and mutual respect. You can accept many of your customers’ demands. Yet, it’s important to ensure you make exchanges that meet your business needs. Win-win deals enable you and your customers to maintain common ground.


Training in sales negotiation skills can teach you how best to exchange information. You’ll also learn how to develop and strengthen relationships. Working together enables you to meet the customer’s needs without weakening the deal.

Effective negotiating is critical in closing deals. Focus on relationships, the results of the deal, and building trust. You can then develop a strong foundation for future business.

The Best Way to Increase Your Instagram Reputation

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Individuals can look through changed urban communities, nations and landmasses directly from their telephones and watch and do live recordings for their group of spectators. You can add somebody straightforwardly to the video, talk with mode. What's more, the potential outcomes are huge, frequently with new highlights included. Instagram gives you a chance to remain on your Telecom Company fundamentally with the Broadcasting company cost. You can easily buy ig followers as much you can from here.

Far superior, you get immediate input from your group of spectators with direct editorial and commitment since you're conversing with them; it's more dominant than television. It resembles an angler, who doesn't have an angling rod shaft or net to catch fish, doesn't have a hairdresser's hair to trim, we're certain you'll get the point. Begin fabricating your group of spectators today so you can set you up with strong establishments for the future, to accelerate and quicken deceivability.

Fun using Instagram

Instagram is fun and simple to utilize. For those of you on Instagram, you definitely know how fun and simple it is to utilize. Regardless of whether you as of now have an individual or business account, you may as of now have acknowledged how ground-breaking Instagram can be.

Individuals love photographs so much now and consistently will. For the individuals who have never utilized Instagram, this is a stunning method to associate with individuals and assemble a focused on group of spectators.

Hashtags, though simple and effective, can still be tricky. When done right, it can help you build a solid Instagram presence. But if you don’t do your research and decide to just put a bunch of random words, then it can create more harm than good.

This is where Task Ant comes in by helping you find the best hashtags with one click. You can get more followers, more reach, and be able to grow your account with followers that truly engage.

Follow Instagram records

The more records you make, the simpler it will be for you to make a benefit. At the point when all is said and done, all things considered, you'll need to make five Instagram records in any program. , And this is your opportunity to benefit as much as possible from it. Rather, you'll have to run some Instagram accounts. There are individuals around who need to get a current Instagram account so they can display a record to their supporters.

If you have to exploit Instagram yet need assistance connecting, look at my course Trick Incredible! Making a bit of nature gainful, and battling is an indication that you are not brimming with nature, is the manner by which things work. Everybody needs to exploit Instagram in the light of the way this is a magnificently well known common association.

Organizing through Instagram

If you have to make a genuine benefit, at that point you should make the ideal stride that shows you everything for benefit. You can profit by the correspondence organizes through Instagram and someone else.

The best way to deal with certification that your devotees will see the correct substance for your substance is to ensure that your material improvement plans are considered. Instagram customers never depend on cell phones by picture. There are such a large number of clients on Instagram that they have no products to sell. You simply need to concentrate and follow on the most master approach to create income by means of Instagram and I am certain you will track.

Thursday, August 1, 2019

MARINA Conducts Workshop on Modernization of Domestic Shipping Industry

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The Maritime Industry Authority (MARINA) conducts an institutional support mechanism workshop to promote the modernization of the domestic shipping industry, specifically the replacement of wooden-hulled ships with technologically-improved hull materials, as envisioned in the 10-year maritime industry development plan (MIDP) on 01-02 August 2019.

At the two-day event, the MARINA updates stakeholders on the policies concerning the phasing-out of wooden-hulled ships and the acquisition of authority to operate, including reduced processes and procedures. The results of the feasibility study conducted by the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) on technologically-improved hull materials for domestic ships are also presented.

Meanwhile, participating boat builders are given opportunities to present their respective water taxi and water bus designs, passenger ferry fast craft design and construction, as well as their packages for the replacement of wooden-hulled ships with technologically-improved hull materials.

The use of abaca fiber for the construction of modernized boats is also discussed by the Department of Science and Technology (DOST) to stakeholders.

Moreover, the MARINA, together with its partner agencies including the Development Bank of the Philippines (DBP), Office of Transport Cooperatives (OTC), and the Board of Investments (BOI), tackles the financing packages that the stakeholders may avail of for their boat replacements, the establishment of shipping operators and boat builders cooperative, and the available modernization incentives for said stakeholders.

After series of discussion, government agencies, private partners, and stakeholders may also do individual consultations to address specific concerns and challenges relating to the replacement of wooden-hulled ships with technologically-advanced hull materials for the modernization of the domestic shipping industry.

At the last day of the event, the participants will undergo a technical visit and immersion by travelling from Batangas to Puerto Galera via water taxi.

The MARINA continues to conduct awareness raising campaigns as one of the lines of effort under the maritime safety plan of the MARINA and as part of the modernization of the domestic shipping industry. It is done to encourage stakeholders to partner with the efforts of the government for the safe operations of all seagoing ships in the Philippines.

Philippine Team Hauls Silver, Bronze at Prestigious International Math Olympiad

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The Philippine contingent to the 60th International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO) claimed an impressive win as all six members of the team won a medal in the oldest and most prestigious of the international scientific olympiads.

The national team held strong by bringing home one silver and five bronzes against more than 600 other contestants in the competition held in Bath, United Kingdom from July 11-22, 2019.

This is only the second time, after the 58th IMO in 2017, that all six representatives won a medal. The Philippines also ranked 31st out of 112 countries, up from last year’s 38th out of 107 countries.

Leading the medal haul is Sean Anderson Ty of Zamboanga Chong Hua High School who nabbed a Silver Medal. This is his second medal in the IMO, following a Bronze in 2017 and an Honorable Mention in 2018.

Math whiz Andres Rico Gonzales III of De La Salle University Integrated School secured a Bronze Medal on his second IMO. He received an Honorable Mention in 2018.

The rest of the team, all first-timers, also won Bronze Medals: Immanuel Josiah Balete of St Stephen’s High School, Vincent Dela Cruz of Valenzuela City School of Mathematics and Science, Dion Stephan Ong of Ateneo de Manila Senior High School, and 2019 Philippine Mathematical Olympiad Champion Bryce Ainsley Sanchez of Grace Christian College.

The competition at the University of Bath saw contestants attempt to solve individually six challenging and original problems for a total of 9 hours spread over the two official days of competition. Each country can send at most only 6 contestants. Medals are then awarded to students based on the individual scores they earned from their written solutions. A non-medalist who completely solves one problem is awarded an Honorable Mention. This year, only six students were able to get the perfect score of 42.

The team arrived from Bath, United Kingdom on Wednesday, July 24, 2019 with Team Leader Dr. Richard Eden and Deputy Leader Dr. Christian Paul Chan Shio, both of Ateneo de Manila University, and Trainer Mr. Russelle Guadalupe of the University of the Philippines – Diliman who guided the students in the competition.

Department of Science and Technology – Science Education Institute (DOST-SEI) Director, Dr. Josette Biyo, congratulated the team for maintaining Team Philippines’ winning streak in the IMO. “This is a huge victory for the country, knowing how difficult it is to get a medal in the IMO. But we are more awed by the fact that most of the participants are first-timers and still managed to seize this incredible achievement,” she said.

Dr. Biyo also thanked the families of the participants and the Mathematical Society of the Philippines (MSP) for tirelessly pursuing a stronger presence for the country in international mathematics competitions. “We are excited to see the extent of our students’ mathematical prowess given more training, experience and support,” she added.

DOST-SEI, along with MSP, jointly organized the country’s participation to the IMO, as well as the Math Olympiad Summer Camp held mostly in April and May that served as the training ground for the team. There, 22 national finalists from the 2019 Philippine Mathematical Olympiad were screened for slots in the Philippine Team. The major sponsors of the team are Hyundai Asia Resources, Inc. (HARI) Foundation and Manulife Business Processing Services.

LTFRB Reshuffles Cashiers, Relieves Security Guards, Directs RDs to Undergo Lifestyle Check

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Pending completion of a thorough investigation on corruption-related concerns, Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB) Chairman Martin B. Delgra III today ordered the reshuffling of all cashiers assigned at the LTFRB Central Office, as well as the relieving of all security complement in the same office.

This was directed following an entrapment operation conducted by the composite team from the Anti-Red Tape Act (ARTA), the Presidential Anti-Corruption Commission (PACC) and the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) on 26 July 2019 wherein an alleged “fixer” was apprehended within the premises of the agency.

Further, Chairman Delgra issued yesterday, 29 July 2019, a memorandum directing all its Regional Directors to subject themselves to a lifestyle check, wherein they are obliged to surrender a copy of their SALNs and other documents that may be required for reference.

“We will undertake all necessary measures to reassure the public of LTFRB’s commitment to transparent, accountable and corruption-free service to our stakeholders. ‘Yan ang nais ni Pangulong Duterte. ‘Yan din ang mahigpit na utos ni Secretary Tugade. Wala po tayong palalampasin dito,” Chairman Delgra said.

The LTFRB will continue to aggressively push its anti-corruption campaign, and shall remain unrelenting in investigating and conducting audits on its employees and officials. It will not spare anyone from administrative sanctions if found guilty of graft and corruption.

DOTr Inspects Major Transport Hubs in Batanes After Deadly Quakes

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The Department of Transportation (DOTr) has ordered to fast-track transport infrastructure development in Batanes, following the deadly earthquakes that struck the province on Saturday, 27 July 2019.

This directive came on the heels of a series of inspections conducted yesterday, 29 July 2019, by the DOTr Composite Team, headed by Secretary Arthur P. Tugade.

The inspections proceeded from the instruction of President Rodrigo Duterte to departments and agencies to attend to the needs of the people of Batanes and to ensure the immediate restoration of transport mobility and connectivity in quake-stricken areas. 

The DOTr Composite Team also coordinated with local officials to ascertain that major transportation hubs can help effectively facilitate the distribution of relief goods to affected residents.

Secretary Tugade noted that the inspections of the DOTr Team is only the start of targeted assistance for the recovery and rehabilitation of Batanes.

“The inspections are concrete proof that the government cares for the people of Batanes. In this trying time for the province, we want to know that they are not alone. We immediately conducted steps to secure ease of movement of goods and people so that the recovery of the province will also come in swiftly,” Secretary Tugade expressed.

Officials comprising the Composite Team include DOTr Undersecretary for Maritime Fernando Juan Perez, Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines (CAAP) Director General Jim Sydiongco, Philippine Ports Authority (PPA) General Manager Jay Santiago, and Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) Commandant Admiral Elson Hermogino.


Upon arrival, transport officials inspected the Itbayat Airport, which has an ongoing runway extension project. Based on the assessment, CAAP DG Sydiongco proposed to improve the gateway’s viability for commercial, security and disaster relief purposes by having its runway extended from the current 942 meters to 1,200 up to 1,500 meters, if the terrain is conducive.

The Composite Team also inspected the Basco Airport. The DOTr and CAAP are jointly finalizing plans and designs to further extend the runway of this gateway by 120 meters, subject to the verification by a survey that will examine terrain and slope grade constraints.

At Basco Airport, as well, Secretary Tugade met with Batanes Governor Marilou Cayco and committed to extend the runways at both the Basco and Itbayat Airports. To expedite plans, CAAP engineers and personnel will be deployed to Batanes to conduct situation assessment in the province’s gateways.


The DOTr Team also proceeded to the Mauyen Port. Officials witnessed firsthand that access to the said port is made difficult due to landslides brought about by the quakes. As a result, PPA GM Santiago recommended looking for another location for the Port of Mauyen.

Officials also inspected Valanga Port, which is primarily used to transport people and goods to Itbayat Island. Additionally, Valanga Port is the only seaport that links Basco and Itbayat. Based on the assessment of the PPA chief, Valanga Port needs further improvements, such as expansion of backup area, berthing facility, and the provision of a passenger shed.

The third and final port visited was Basco Port. While it was not affected by the recent earthquakes, its backup area sustained damages from the recent Typhoon Falcon that hit the province midway this month. Additional structural engineers will be sent by the PPA to evaluate the damage. They will also look into prospective locations for the proposed breakwater of the said seaport.

During the inspection, Secretary Tugade assured that port repairs will commence shortly. He also tasked the PCG to deploy rubber boats to Itbayat, Basco, and Sabang Islands.

Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Construction of Bulacan Airport set to begin before end of 2019

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Construction works for Bulacan Airport are set to commence before the end of the year.

This comes as the Department of Transportation (DOTr) concluded the Swiss Challenge for the unsolicited proposal of San Miguel Holdings Corporation (SMHC) today, 31 July 2019.

In the opening of bids conducted by the DOTr’s Bids and Awards Committee (BAC), there were no rivals to challenge the original proponent for the construction, operation and maintenance of the international airport.

DOTr Assistant Secretary for Procurement and Project Implementation Giovanni Lopez, who also leads the Bids and Awards Committee (BAC), said that the Notice of Award to SMHC will be issued immediately after a recommendation from the Technical Working Group (TWG) is made within three days. It will then be submitted by BAC to the DOTr Aviation and Airports Sector within five days. 

“On the notice of award, there are some conditions that should be complied with. These include post performance security, proof of commitment, among others as stated in the law. They (SMHC) have 20 days to do so,” explained Asec. Lopez.

Once the Notice to Proceed is issued between August and the first week of September, the SMHC shall then be in charge of the financing, design, construction, operation and maintenance of Bulacan Airport.

DOTr Secretary Arthur P. Tugade expressed enthusiasm with the progress on the airport project.

“This new international airport is important in helping ease the congestion of the Ninoy Aquino International Airport. Together with the expansion of Clark Airport and the construction of additional facilities at Sangley Airport, Bulacan Airport is part of ‘baskets of solutions’ to bring further connectivity to the Filipino people,” Secretary Tugade said.

For his part, DOTr Usec. for Planning and Project Development Ruben Reinoso Jr. noted that the Bulacan Airport is part of a larger regional development plan for Central Luzon.

“Along with other big-ticket infrastructure projects such as the Clark Airport expansion, North-South Commuter Railway, MRT-7 and the Subic-Clark Cargo Railway, the Bulacan Airport will help boost economic development in Region III,” Usec. Reinoso said.

The Bulacan Airport will have a design capacity of 100 million passengers per year but can be expanded to 200 million. With four parallel runways planned, it targets 240 aircraft movements per hour. The project will also include the construction of an 8.4-kilometer tollway that will connect the airport to the North Luzon Expressway (NLEX) in Marilao, Bulacan.

The new international gateway is expected to be operational within four to six years from the start of construction. SMHC is expected to break ground and start actual construction of the project before the end of this year.

Also present in today’s Opening of Bids were other BAC members, namely, DOTr Asec. for Legal Affairs Mark Steven Pastor; Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines (CAAP) Director General for Administration Ricardo Banayat; Procurement, Planning and Management Division Chief Zenaida Biteng, and Budget Division OIC Marco Antonio Javier.

7 Web Design Mistakes You Need to Avoid Doing on Your Website

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Looking for ways to improve your website? Avoiding these 7 common mistakes can greatly improve your website. Find out how you can make your website more engaging today.

One of the most common trends in websites today is large media integrations on their home pages. Most businesses make long introductory videos for their companies and products. These videos are sometimes more than 20 minutes long and are published on their homepages. Some of them are so heavy that it drastically affects the loading time of the webpage.

What web designers forget about is that not everyone has Optimum 400 internet speeds. Web design is not an exact science. 

Sometimes you can think what you are doing will be appealing to your audience. But it turns out to be a flop. Even still there are some common mistakes that you should avoid making.

7 Web Design Mistakes You Should Avoid

Websites are the face of your business. Most consumers make up their mind about a business based on their website experience alone. Studies show that most users decide in 5 seconds or less if your website is appealing. So your website needs to be immediately appealing. That leaves very little margin for error in the design and development of the website.

Here are some of the common mistakes that you should avoid in your website design:

Over-Cluttered Home Page

Slow Loading Times

Small Fonts and Non-Contrasting Colors

Poor Navigation

Poor Content and Structure

Not Optimizing for Mobile Devices

No Clear Call to Action

#1. Over-Cluttered Home Page


Believe it or not, this is an actual design of a live website homepage. Do you see what is wrong with it? Only a good UX agency will tell you that one of the biggest mistakes you can make is immediately bombarding the viewer like this. So much of information is never good. 

Your home page should be clutter-free. And it should be well organized. If you have a lot of listings, like the website page above, then they should follow a structure. The images should all be of the same size and have some space between them. That will make your page look cleaner. And not overwhelm your viewer to the point that they decide to use another website. 

#2. Slow Loading Times


Slow loading times are a tremendous concern. Studies suggest that loading times of more than 5 seconds can be really bad for your user retention. It has become a common trend for business websites to have heavy images integrated on their homepages. That makes the pages slower to load.

Most users tend to simply move onto the next website suggestion in the search results. So if you are integrating heavy media on your website, it shouldn’t be on the home page. If you absolutely must, you can include a thumbnail or link on your home page. That keeps your homepage cleaner and improves loading times. 

#3. Small Fonts and Non-Contrasting Colors

Another common mistake that web developers make is not paying attention to fonts and colors. A font might look good in the development stage, but turn out to be too small after publishing. The font that you select should be clear simple. You should also consider the fact that most of your website views will be over mobile devices. That means the screens are likely to be smaller so your already small font becomes even smaller.

Additionally, you should also pay attention to your font and background color scheme. These should always be in contrast, rather than complementary. Complementary colors schemes might look good at first, but make it difficult to read the words. Especially if the font is also small.

#4. Poor Navigation

A good website experience allows the viewer to navigate easily and effectively. That means the navigation bar should be easily accessible. And visible from all the pages on your website. It is also important to name the links to different pages clearly. You can certainly be creative in naming pages. Instead of the standard ‘About US’ page, you can change it to ‘Get to Know Us’.

But whatever you do, make sure that the term clearly defines what the page is about. Otherwise, it can cause a lot of confusion and lower your website experience. Another thing to keep in mind is to never leave a dead link on your navigation bar. You might have removed a page from your website but forgotten about the link in the navigation bar. Dead links make the user feel like you don’t care about your website experience. 

#5. Poor Content and Structure

Remember this rule for any website, content is always king. If you have good content then it will increase your website experience. And structure goes hand in hand with your content. You need to carefully plan out your pages. The size and placement of images and the structure of your written content should all complement each other. 

#6. Not Optimizing for Mobile


Not optimizing your website for mobile views is one of the most common mistakes. Today’s audience is a lot more likely to visit your website over a mobile device. So you need to focus on making your website mobile-friendly. That means optimizing your images, fonts, colors, and your content. 

#7. No Clear Call to Action

There has to be a reason you invest your time and money in creating and promoting your website. If your website does not have a clear call to action then it negates the purpose. If users can’t fulfil their purpose of visiting your website then they will simply leave.


If you haven’t realized, websites are now more important than ever for any business. The internet is more than just a medium for entertainment. Think about how you use the internet. I can speak for myself. I use my Optimum service for more than just Netflix and YouTube. I use the internet to do all my research, as well as most of my shopping. So most of my day involves using different websites. The one thing I have noticed is that if a website is not well designed, I am not likely to spend a lot of time on it.

Pista ng Pelikulang Pilipino 2019 to Kickstart Tour in Cebu

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Good news, Cebuanos! This August, you can meet your favorite Pista ng Pelikulang Pilipino (PPP) 2019 artists to show them your full support as the Film Development Council of the Philippines (FDCP) kicks off its mall shows and campus tours in Cebu.

Don’t miss your chance to jam with “LSS (Last Song Syndrome)” artists Gabbi Garcia and Khalil Ramos and take selfies with “G!” stars McCoy de Leon, Mark Oblea, and Paulo Angeles on August 2, 2019 at University of San Jose-Recoletos at 10:00 AM and Robinsons Galleria Cebu at 4:00 PM.

Fans can meet their PPP 2019 idols up close at SM City Cebu on August 3, 2019 at 4:00 PM, including Gabbi Garcia and Khalil Ramos from “LSS (Last Song Syndrome),” “The Panti Sisters” actor Christian Bables, and Mark Oblea from “G!”

The team of Sine Kabataan 2019 finalist “Pinggu, Pwede Na?” directed by Cebu-based filmmakers Elle Ubas and Johanna Valdez will also join the PPP 2019 mall shows and campus tours in Cebu.

Meanwhile, those from Davao and Pampanga will have the chance to interact with their PPP 2019 idols. There will be mall shows and campus tours in Davao from August 9 to 10, 2019 and in Pampanga on August 17, 2019.

Now on its third year, PPP 2019 with the theme “Pamilya, Pagkakaibigan, Pag-ibig” will be a week-long celebration of exclusive quality and diverse films from September 13 to 19, 2019. PPP 2019 will be the grand kickoff for Sandaan: the Celebration of One Hundred Years of Philippine Cinema.

PPP 2019 is presented by FDCP in partnership with the Cinema Exhibitors Association of the Philippines (CEAP) and sponsored by CMB Film Services. Other sponsors include Fire and Ice Productions, ThinkBIT Solutions and with media partners, InqPOP!, and Solar Entertainment.

STARPRENEUR 2019 Presents the Biggest and Brightest Stars That Will Light Up Your Night

Wazzup Pilipinas!

STARPRENEUR 2019 brings together celebrity speakers including Chinkee Tan of My Ipon Diary, Nikki Valdez, Jules Guiang, Ana Fileo, Dianne Medina, and Clarisse Tabao to share the secret to their entrepreneurial success

The DLSU - Young Entrepreneurs’ Society (YES) will be holding STARPRENEUR 2019 once again to bring in celebrity speakers to engage with Lasallian business leaders and entice the hearts of aspiring student entrepreneurs on August 10, 2019 (Saturday) from 9:00am to 4:30pm in De La Salle University, Manila. STARPRENEUR 2018 brought in Maricar Reyes, Richard Poon, Bianca King, and Ricky Reyes to share the tips and tricks of a startup.

This year, roughly 800 students of the De La Salle University, Manila including students from other school organizations will witness Starpreneur 2019. It will be a whole day event that will feature celebrity speakers to engage with Lasallian business leaders and entice the hearts of aspiring student entrepreneurs.  This event itself aims to provide an avenue for students wherein they can express and witness their creativity through innovation.

External participants and organization partners are welcome to send a message to the STARPRENEUR Facebook page to join the event. Tickets cost Php 350 for the whole day inclusive of food and drinks.

Twitter: YEStarpreneur
Instagram: YEStarpreneur

Monday, July 29, 2019

Boost Up Engagements on Instagram for Business

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You are on your way to gaining followers on Instagram and have developed a considerable audience but you are not growing or getting any results? Maybe you are missing one key thing? Instagram engagement rate is probably the most important stat that many top-level Instagrammers and social media experts put the most emphasis on. Likes and comments on Instagram posts and stories are very important and are an indication of how much your Instagram followers are responding to you.

Instagram engagements are most difficult to get and maintain, especially with the ever-evolving algorithm. This platform has become a hub for marketing and everyday new brands are joining Instagram, so the competition is increasing. This showcases the fact it is one of the best places to build a following and grow your business. If you are getting overwhelmed by this then don’t worry, here are some ways you can get more Instagram engagements and build a loyal community around your business.

H1. Post Instagram Stories Regularly

Stories are the flagship feature for marketing in the present era of social media. Instagram stories are the best way to engage with people, get their opinions and promote your brand. With the latest IGTV feature, you can give exclusive sneak peeks and much more to your audience. There are few things that are a must when it comes to Instagram stories. The hashtag! Since you have the liberty of choosing only one hashtag in your stories, you need to make it count. Your hashtag should be innovative and fully present what you are offering. You need to include it in your every story and once it catches it fire, you will have tons of people looking at your stories.

The same goes for location tag and mention tag. They will add more detail to your stories and with mention tag you can give a shout out or feature a fan and them in turn will feature your story. Also use poll and vote stickers, as they are the best way to get opinions from your followers or have them participate in a small competition. By doing this, people will engage with you more and you will become more visible to the audience.

Use Hashtags in your Posts and Stories

As stated earlier, hashtags are must and they are the critical piece to the puzzle of marketing. Unlike stories, you have the option of using up to 30 hashtags with your regular Instagram posts. Use this option to the fullest extent. Use the search bar in Instagram to view which tags are popular related to your business and use them regularly. Utilize the limited provided to you. The magnitude of the people coming to you by searching your relevant tags will be tremendous if you manage to use this feature effectively. As a result, you are bound to get more comments on Instagram.

Engage with Accounts like yours

Another way to get yourself noticed is by interacting with accounts similar to your niche. For example, if you are an upcoming food brand, then interact with other famous food brands of your region. This can be very useful especially when you are looking to build an audience and get engagements on Instagram. As comment on the posts or stories made by these accounts, people will notice you and your number of visitors will increase drastically. An easy way to find these accounts is by checking Instagram’s recommendations for you in the search tab. Or you can type names or hashtags in the search bar and reach these accounts.

Write Engaging Captions

In addition to using hashtags in your feed or stories, you need to write interesting and innovative captions. For example, instead of writing that your experience with something will be amazing, write a more detailed caption that explains that something and puts emphasis on the experience. Captions on stories can be short, concise and attractive but with feed you have the option of prolonging it. Everyone loves funny so try to incorporate that as well.

Reply to Comments on Instagram

This is very important. You need to regularly reply to your followers and on as soon as possible basis. Your audience will know that you know they are there and that you value them. You need to make your followers feel special and answer any queries that they may have. Stop anything you’re doing and reply to comments on your posts and stories. You can also mention others like you partners or joint ventures to even more engagements on Instagram.

Find the Right time to Post

By checking out Instagram Analytics, you will get to know the stats about the age, gender and location of your followers. By analyzing these stats, you can get the idea about the right time to update your Instagram so that you can schedule your posts and stories accordingly. By doing this you will appear on top of the feed list of your follower as most of your followers will be online during the time. As a result, you are bound to get to get more engagements and comments on Instagram.

Use Paid Promotions

Instagram provides you the option of using paid promotions to promote your account. Although the payment will vary depending upon the reach, the location and the age group you are targeting. However, it is a great way to get yourself noticed among the masses and get more followers in a relatively short time. Coupled with other non-paid methods this can prove to bolster your comment section and engagements on Instagram.

Sunday, July 28, 2019

How to beautify your rental unit?

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Are you looking for a place to stay? If you are looking for a place to rent, you can have a look at Pavilion Residence. Renting a place might not be as scary as it looks, as you can always beautify the place to make it look nice and homey. This article will guide you through some tips to beautify your rental unit.

1. Permission

First thing first, make sure you read the lease agreement before you start doing any major renovations or changes to your rental unit to avoid getting penalty. Some landlords can be flexible and allow minor renovation such as painting of the walls with minimal nail on the wall. 

They might even be thrilled to get a free makeover of their unit that could possibly boost the value of their property. However, there are some landlords who are more inflexible to suggestion and changes. If that is the case, you will then have to restore the place back to its original condition after the lease ends. After all, it does not harm to ask.

2. Scent

Scent plays an important role in making your unit more presentable and homier. Imagine coming back to a home that smells good, it will definitely make you feel more at ease and reduce your stress level. Eliminate unpleasant odor by cleaning the house at least once a week and disposing your garbage daily. 

If there is any funky unpleasant scent or smoke, try masking them with placing charcoals around the house. You could also experiment with air diffuser with essential oils, or any fragrance that suits your taste. Your olfactory receptor will thank you for that.

3. Set a theme

Have a style of your own or set a theme according to your preference. Be it minimalistic, European, traditional, contemporary, country or cottage. Explore some website such as Pinterest to find a style or theme that best suits you. 

Paint them according to your preferred theme. If painting is not allowed, you can always opt for wallpaper instead, which can be really aesthetically beautiful too. You can mix and match as well, for example, you can have modern furniture in your house and at the same time, pair them with some vintage accessories. After all, it is all about balancing and making the place your home.

4. Make temporary changes

(a) If you are not allowed to make major changes to the unit, make temporary changes then. Use wallpaper instead of painting. You can also add arts or drawing to the wall without needing to drill a hole on the wall by sticking them on the wall instead.

(b) Change the design of the curtain. Replace dusty, old-fashioned curtains with something fresh and bright for an instant makeover. Sheer white would be good for a minimalistic theme or patterned curtains could be used for a theme that you have decided on earlier.

(c) Invest in a rug that brings out the uniqueness of your house. It does not have to be an expensive rug that costs you an arm and a leg, just a cotton rug with unique shapes and patterns would be enough to stand out on their own. In addition, it could also cover something on the floor that brings an eyesore to you.

(d)    Additional cushions to your sofa could be one of the easiest and quickest ways to make a space yours. Cover your chair with a sheepskin to add some fluffiness to it for a homey feel.

5. Appreciate your storage

Get creative with storage. Most rentals often lack storage, which can lead to messy house in the future. Therefore, make full use of unused space. You can improve this situation by addition furniture that can help with storage, and at the same time, making a statement to your place. 

For example, use suitcases as a side table in the living room, while treating it as storage where you keep your magazines or remote controls in it. Experiment with lighting that helps to brighten up the space. Add an eye catching floor standing lamp next to your suitcase that further enhance the feature of your home. 

Adding mirrors could do wonders in making your unit appears more spacious.  However, some Feng Shui master might go against the idea of adding a mirror, so do check out with your Feng Shui master if you are a believer of Feng Shui.

6. A garden

Plants and flowers are a way to liven up a space. However, most condominiums for rent do not come with a personal garden. Fret not if you do not have a garden in your condominium unit. You can create a garden that will move with you. You can try having small plants in a pot sitting on a table or on a bookshelf that will not occupy much of the space.

Be adventurous. Let your creativity runs free and do not restrict yourself. Treat your renter as your home instead of a 12 months contract. With so many home decorating ideas on the website, it can be easy to liven up your space even when you are on a budget.

Important Rental Terms

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Renting a home in Singapore such as renting Woodlands HDB does not have to be so difficult. But if you are dealing with a certain kind of landlord, it will be. 

It happens that some rental terms frequently confuse tenants who are looking for a unit or room to rent in Singapore, especially when it is first time renting. Therefore, before you sign anything make sure you understand these rental terms. There are six important rental terms.

1. Good faith deposit

The most unluckily named deposit in the rental process. Because some landlords have no confidence in your seriousness or ability to rent, they might demand a good faith deposit for booking purpose. 
But in all seriousness, the other reason is that the payment of the good faith deposit stops the landlord from searching for new tenants. The deposit is valid between the time that you sign, and the signing of the actual tenancy agreement. 
The good faith deposit is usually needed upon signing the Letter of Intent (LOI). The standard amount is one month’s rent for each year of the lease.
2. Letter of Intent (LOI)
The Letter of Intent, or LOI in short, states the tenant’s interest in renting the unit. Once signed, the good faith deposit or booking deposit is paid along with it. The LOI is effectively a promise to rent the unit to that tenant. 
The LOI is usually prepared by the tenant’s agent, and sometimes by the landlord’s agent. One of the advantages is that if there is no LOI, there is no good faith deposit. 
There are tenants who never sign an LOI, as they do not want to risk losing the good faith deposit if they do not like the TA.
Also, many tenants who do not engage an agent may not bother drafting the LOI. It is up to you whether you want to go through this step.
3. Tenancy Agreement (TA)
The TA is a legally binding contract that sets out the terms and conditions of the lease. The landlord, or landlord’s agent, will prepare the TA. The TA is supposed to carry the agreed-upon terms and conditions that were in the LOI, but it is your responsibility to check. Be cautious of landlords who sneak in new terms and conditions. 
Some key things that are covered under the TA include: the consequences of paying rent after the due date; acceptable modes of payment and diplomatic clause, which allows you to break the lease if you lose your employment in Singapore.
4. Security deposit
The security deposit is given to the landlord, after the TA is signed. It is generally one month for each year of the lease. The landlord can withhold the security deposit, to pay for any damages you cause when you move out. 
Furthermore, the security deposit can be taken if you break the terms of the lease. If you unlawfully sublet the unit, the landlord can kick you out while keeping your deposit. Moreover, any unpaid rent, or late fees for unpaid rent, can be taken from the security deposit.
5. Tenant’s agent
This is the person who is supposed to be on your side if you are a tenant. In Singapore, it is illegal for property agents to represent both the landlord and the tenant in the same deal. 
Your agent is supposed to help you guarantee the LOI and TA are fair, and to help negotiate the price. For example, your agent should be checking the rental rates of surrounding properties, to let you know if you are getting a good price.
6. Landlord’s agent
On the other side of the fence is the landlord’s agent. The landlord’s agent will vet you, and decide if you are eligible to rent to. They will also try and keep you from negotiating the price down. Note that some landlords never meet their tenants at all, and will request that you direct all issues such as a burst kitchen pipe to his/her agent. 
Make sure you do not have a problem with your landlord’s agent as you may be dealing with this person more than the actual landlord. If you are not happy with this agent’s guts, then look somewhere else.

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