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A Page of the Precious Days

A picture of the whole class with our adviser. Credits to the owner.
Wazzup Pilipinas!

Everyone has one or two special memory that they will never forget. A memory of a day they feel enjoyed, relaxed or just simply happy. Anything can be a precious memory, may it be bad or good. Life is full of mysteries and adventures especially for students like us.

For us, life is about school.. but not all of it. School is a place where most of the precious and memorable things happen. There are a lot of things you will experience once you become a student. A lot of events to celebrate and a lot of things to learn and enjoy.

I know every student like me, among all of school's activities, anticipate for this day. Yes, it's the school's Field Trip! Hooray! Let me share to you how I spent one of the precious days of a student.

C: Mary Rose Genilla

Last February 20, 2014 we had one of the most awaited day, the school's field trip. We went mostly on historical places and museums.

If we talk about museums or historical places, you would probably think that it is boring, right? Well, yes it is, if you're not imaginative and adventurous like us. Actually, we really had fun even at the museum. Through the museum, it felt like we were flying from different countries. Of course, we've done funny things like mimicking the drawing in Egypt. Well, this is a trip, we should treasure every moment. :)

C: Mary Rose Genilla
The most interesting part of the trip was our last destination, the Enchanted Kingdom! Yeah, I know, we've been there several time already. But you know what they say, it's not the place, but the people you are with. Fortunately, I was with my crazy friends during the trip so it was a blast!

Honestly, when we went to the amusement park, there were a lot of students who were also having their field trip. The whole place was crowded and the lines on the rides were extremely long!

It was so hot and we felt like dying so we searched for a cold place. Then, we discovered Laser mission.

It is air conditioned and it's pretty interesting as well. So, role played for a while. We played laser mission and were like spies in a secret mission. The goal is to locate three buttons and push them, but the thrill is, there are lasers and lots of them! You have to be careful not to touch those lasers, otherwise, you will add 30 seconds to your time record. The faster you finish, the better. It was so refreshing. You should try it as well!

The first long line that we've endured under the extremely hot weather without a roof, was the line for Anchors Away. We've waited for one hour and thirty minutes to finally have our first ride! It was a lot of heat we had to endure, but it was so worth it. :)

After riding the Anchors away, we went for drinks. It is important to look out for dehydration in a hot weather. We rest for a bit and head to our next fun stop.

After we took that rest, we went for a change of mood. So, there we went to Pag Pag, a horror house.

It was so memorable. In that horror house, I was the bravest among us so I was at the front. The funny thing is that my shoelace kept on being untied so we had to stop walking a lot of times. That stubborn shoelace was probably the reason that I made friends with the ghosts inside. Hahaha!

After that experience in the horror house, we searched for rides but unfortunately, all of it had lines that were too long! And we've got like one hour left before we head home. At that moment, we discovered a place without lines. It was the Paint Ball.

It was our first time playing it. It was so much fun! We looked like military people ready for action. We were so cool! :)

That was the last thing we tried inside the amusement park. The time was so short and the lines were too long so we had limited rides. After that, we changed our clothes and went to the bus. But, never mind, 'cause in a trip, the fun never stops until you reach home. Do you agree?

That day, was a very precious day for me as a student and as a teen.

I have a lot of special memories and I know, you have those too.
                       Just like the trip today, Life is a crazy ride and nothing is guaranteed.
                   So enjoy it to it's fullest and enjoy making your book of special memories. :)

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  1. Yes, the field trip was fun and you're lucky because you had a chance to play paint ball I want to try that too!!

  2. We all looked so cute on those pictures haha. I can't believe we took a lot of pictures together as a whole class, we even had one with Aguinaldo.

  3. I also had fun in this wonderful trip especially when we're in EK :) I also want to thank you for the pictures in the WOF haha :) P.S. you're not the bravest XD we just want you in front because of your shoelaces haha kidding! :)

  4. I agree with you! I really had fun in our field trip. I guess this year's field trip was the best field trip I've ever had!

  5. Nice pictures! Great article :)


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