Saturday, July 4, 2020

Tour of Container Gardening at our "Condo"

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Almost three times the size of my index finger. This ampalaya fruit is going to be big!

But before I give you a tour of the veggies I've grown in containers, let us thank every drizzle or rain that has come to bless us.

Somewhere out there's probably a plant that is on the verge of dying because of thirst .... and thus revived by the rain, no matter how little and few its droplets!!

My prayers got answered so fast.

Somebody donated a bunch of used mineral water containers. He told me to come back if ever I need more...

Wow! Somebody up there likes me. :)

Hhhmmm.....I saw some using their empty milk cartons as pots too. Should I follow their lead?

Everything happens for a reason, but if it did not rain, I know there's a good Samaritan out there that will water the plants to keep it's species in existence..

With so many species of life for both plants and animals, as well as humans having different color, nationalities, culture and beliefs, there must be a masterbuilder that designed all of these wonders of nature, otherwise we are a miracle constantly evolving.

But with some using Science and Technology to reshape, not only to fix but to distort, God's creations, are we still highly favorable in His eyes?

Many of us believe we are on top of the food chain and that we are the most highly developed beings on this world. Yet there are still so many mysteries waiting to be solved.

Grown from just a pot, I already have 7 fruits from the ampalaya vine. I am not expecting every single one to be harvested as some do get aborted due mostly to insects like fruit flies boring its way inside the fruit to inseminate eggs before I even had the chance to protect them by inserting them in plastic bags.

"Focus on the journey, not the destination. Joy is found not in finishing an activity but in doing it."

Grown from a dried-up turmeric that we would normally throw away in the past. Never expected it to survive after I put it in soil.

You can see that the plastic container is not even full of soil coz I try my best to maximize what is left of my few resources....and like I said, didn't expect it to grow.

There has always been a warm feeling as I go through this gardening hobby of mine. Every life coming out of the soil, and sustaining their existence until their fruit-bearing or harvesting stage, always gives me joy inside.

Yung kamatis seedlings kong doing yoga stretching everyday.. :)

How come I said that?

Wala kasing direct sunlight sa amin so they will lean left towards the direction of the sun, then I will turn the plastic container pot so they will lean right, then turn them again tomorrow so they will lean left again....and the cycle will continue everyday.

Ngayon makulimlim dahil umaanbon so they are standing straight this time.

My Aloe Vera has given birth to a baby AV

Dragon fruit cuttings!!!

Eto next kong target na harvest  so I can drink blue tea from clitoria ternatea or butterfly pea flowers.

I once grew this plant to a vine and had lots of flowers for tea.. but I had to let it go when the cats kept pooping on its pot.

Also missing my tarragons, basils, the collection of cactus and succulents...all had to go coz it's either them or the cats

Only lately I've discovered there are ways for both to coexist. Cats can be trained like dogs too.

So I guess it doesn't have to be a question of "who gets to live" but "how can we coexist" :)

So if anybody knows where I could buy this plant, whether seedlings or seeds, please do let me know.

We all need to go through some sort of challenges to grow a lot more stronger and survive.

just as you let a buterrfly break out of its cocoon on her own.

or a baby bird making an effort in coming out of its egg.

Growing our own food should be the goal of everyone. Even just a few of our faves or regularly consumed crops. Anything we can grow in pots or used containers, not necessarily bought but even just from kitchen scrap. Instead of throwing out our waste, let's put them into good use.

Make a compost bin to throw in peels that will eventually turn into useful source of nutrients for our plants, or setup a worm bin where we can harvest worm poop that can be used as fertilizers.

Reuse biscuit containers, softdrink bottles, old pots and pans, flour or rice sacks, etc., as pots.

Will it be possible to plant everything included in the Bahay Kubo song? Alternating perhaps.

Me? I'm happy just harvesting a few talbos ng kangkong or kamote. But nothing is stopping me from wanting to plant more.

Hoping to Grow Mulberries in Containers

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Rooted Mulberries,  anyone?

Mulberries are colorful berries that are eaten both fresh and dried. They're a good source of iron, vitamin C, and several plant compounds and have been linked to lower cholesterol, blood sugar, and cancer risk.

Malapit na kong mamitas sa aming balcony!

Readying what I need for later afternoon's mulberry cutting planting. It is advisable to replant only at early in the morning or late afternoon when the sun is not at its peak so that the plant won't be stressed too much and have more chances to survive.

20 liters of potting mix, 1 kilo of Epsom salt (aka magnesium sulfate) and of course the biggest but cheapest (and lightest) pot I can find since I don't have any big recyclable containers right now....hhhmmm...come to think of it... there's the old giant styrobox I used to bring home lots of prawns from Davao...maybe I will use that instead...if it is durable enough..will have to make a hole in the bottom though. But for those who have the luxury of land to plant this baby, that would be best.

The 1 kilo of Epsom salt will not be used exclusive to this plant alone as it will be used for along time on all other plants I am and will be growing. Most plants can be misted with a solution of 2 tablespoons (30 mL) of Epsom salt per gallon of water at least once a month to allow plants to better take in valuable nutrients, like nitrogen and phosphorus. It also helps in the creation of chlorophyll, which is vital for photosynthesis. In addition, magnesium greatly improves a plant’s ability to produce flowers and fruit.

Will add soil to the potting mix composed of vermicasts, carbonized rice hulls, and coco peat - a good mix to our composts and other organic fertilizers, including fermented plant, fruit and fish amino acids....not to mention the eggshells and banana peel teas.

Am I over-pampering this baby? Lol!

Backyard Gardening at our Montalban Home

Wazzup Pilipinas!

"Sabi ng iba "bibili na lng ako kesa magtanim tagal mo pa aalagaan!"

Gardens and gardening are more than an interest or hobby – they are a way of life, which affects not only our physical health but also our emotional, psychological and spiritual well-being.

As we journey through the seasons in gardens of all kinds, the pattern of birth, flourishing, maturation and decay sheds light on the mystery of being human.

Lets plant, plant, plant!"

On my way to our Montalban, Rizal home later to plant these papayas, mangoes, mulberries, and some other seedlings.

Checking out the veggies after more than a month away from our Montalban, Rizal home

The tomatoes survived and another smaller one is now visible, the spinach and upland kangkongs are alive but infected with the "white spots" - the fungal disease powdery mildew is a common problem in gardens, infecting a wide variety of plants and reducing the quality and quantity of flowers and fruit, 4 out of the 9 malunggay cuttings I planted on the ground survived, well I think all actually were alive and had leaves but the 5 died out of drought for the month long they were uncared for, a turmeric plant is alive and well, 3 mangoes were alive from the seeds I planted, 3 types of beans were thriving but 1 was sick from the same white spots but 1 type has fruits already (apparently they need trellis as they are vines), and the money tree was still going strong!

Good news is there is not much weeds now compared to the more than two months we left the place.

The only infected with the fungal are the upland kangkong, spinach and a bean type plant (I actually planted 4 types of bean plants just to see if they will grow and live without any care)

I believe these plants will be better if we were living here but grateful already for their survival.

Why am I happy with a few mango seedlings?

Will be letting them grow a little bit bigger until their trunks are brown, then experiment on grafting or air layering. Since I can't grow trees at our home in Maybunga, Pasig, I will do it here at our vacation home in Montalban (Rodriguez), Rizal.

I really do not know which bean plant this is, and the rest of the vine plants. I planted 4 types of beans from seeds - snap beans, cowpea, bush beans and Chinese pea...and then left them to grow on their own.

This was spinach from kitchen scrap. I planted it here and it grew and flowered after more than two months. What you see now is another month after.. It is obviously infected with fungus plant disease which it probably got from the Chinese upland kangkong (mga Chinese talaga source ng sakit)

Anyway, will get rid of these along with the other infected plants.

I still have some of the 4 types of vine beans - snap beans, cowpea, bush beans and Chinese pea.

Wednesday, July 1, 2020

A Beginner's Guide to CBD and THC

Wazzup Pilipinas!

They're the acronyms on every marijuana advocate's lips right now, but what exactly are CBD and THC? This quick beginner's guide will cover the history, structure, and properties of these powerful compounds.

THC is the substance that's been synonymous with marijuana for decades, having been discovered in Raphael Mechoulam's Israeli lab back in 1964. The laid back 1960s hippie Beatles era was when cannabis made its cultural mark, and people started paying attention to the banned plant. When the THC was identified, the simplistic link was made that THC was responsible for all of marijuana's effects – it wasn't until much later that we began to understand the plant's complexity.

However, prior to 1964, scientists studying marijuana couldn't even isolate its compounds, or learn about and manipulate its chemical structure. They were aware of other compounds, known as cannabinoids, but none was as interesting or game-changing as psychoactive THC.

Nowadays, we are aware that cannabis is made up of many important cannabinoids, not just THC. The other effective compound found in marijuana is called CBD and is often used for medical marijuana purposes. The composition of CBD is similar to THC, with just a slight variation in how the atoms in the structure are arranged. The key difference between THC and CBD is in its effects, though – unlike THC, CBD isn't psychoactive, and therefore users of Koi CBD Vape Juice and other CBDistillery products don't get high when medicating.

Scientists have known about CBD for much longer than THC but have only recently realized the compound's extraordinary power and potential medical uses. The cannabinoid's anti-inflammatory and anxiolytic properties help manage several ailments, including chronic pain, muscle pain, sleeping difficulties, and anxiety. In many US states, CBD has been prescribed as a medical marijuana treatment for rare seizures in children.

Furthermore, CBD negates much of THC's psychoactive effects. When the two are intertwined, such as in full-spectrum medication or old-fashioned cannabis joint, you don't feel as high as you would if you were, say, smoking a pure THC strain. This is awesome for medical users, although recreational users may not be so pleased about the THC! CBDfx has also been prescribed to chemotherapy patients to help deal with symptoms like nausea.

The cannabis plant does consist of other cannabinoids, around one hundred, but none are as important or well understood as CBD and THC. They don't give weed its smell though – that's the job of the terpenes. Hash products typically used by recreational users are much higher in THC than regular strains of marijuana.

Surging interest in the medical industry has led to growers breeding special strains of marijuana that are very potent in CBD, yet contain negligible THC levels. It's the consumer who benefits from legalization, which has allowed the market to progress and for companies to develop marijuana and marijuana-derived products that better suit their customers' needs.

Up to 50% Off During 7-Eleven’s Birthday Week!

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Get up to 50% off on your favorite grocery items and essentials during 7-Eleven’s birthday week!

Save BIG this coming July 1 to 14 with exclusive discounts on over 150 items.

Another #711Day is coming up, and this time it’s all about YOU—their loyal customers!

Living in unprecedented times is tough, but 7-Eleven hopes to celebrate by giving back to the community and offering exclusive promos and discounts up to 50% off on over 150 grocery items.

“We prepared our big 7-Eleven birthday week with our customers in mind,” says Jose Victor Paterno, President and CEO of Philippine Seven Corporation. “It’s their celebration as much as it is ours. Giving promos and discounts on basic essentials — it’s our own little way to help them save during this time.”

From July 1 to July 14, soaps, deodorant, detergents, batteries, and other select essentials will be 30% off! While you’re at it, make sure to grab your favorite chocolates, biscuits, cookies, juices, and other snacks—they’ll be at 30% off too.

Just when you thought it couldn't get any better, enjoy an even bigger discount at 50% off from July 7 to 11!

Complete your meal with a FREE 12oz. Gulp for every purchase of 1pc. Crunch Time Fried Chicken from July 9 to 11—or better yet, celebrate with the whole family at home and get a FREE 1 pc. Fried Chicken for every purchase of 1 Crunch Time Crunch Carrier of 6pcs chicken from July 6 to 11 via CLiQQ app!

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7-Eleven values your health and safety above anything else. They would like to remind everyone to follow the safety protocols implemented in-store, such as proper wearing of masks and physical distancing, at all times. For a safer experience, hand sanitizers are placed around the store for customers to use.

Customers can safely opt for a cashless payment method via CLiQQ app or GCash, available in all 7-Eleven stores.

No matter the situation, 7-Eleven is always ready to serve in your time of need. Drop by any 7-Eleven store nationwide this 7-Eleven Day!

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Bench Knows How to Exploit Their Employees in a Subtle Way

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Bench is in trouble for these series of resilience stories featuring their own employees.

The company tried to honor them but something is more wrong with taking advantage of people's plight without helping them get some form of making their situation better.

How about providing them with transportation service, or bikes, or allowance for Grab rides.

There’s a special place in hell for businesses that glorify their underpaid employees’ plight for “content”. Sana naman bigyan ng TF sila Francis, Richelle, at Benlyn dahil sa backlash.

Ano kaya target nung ads na yan? HAHAHA to salute the harworking employees or to expose the employer?

Super major cringe sa caption grabe.
PR gone wrong! Yung akala nila beh makaka inspire sila. Wrong move.

The least BENCH Management can do is to give motorbike for employees who have loyally served them. They deserve it. Recognize but Incentivize! Thats true compassion for your people being the greatest asset in your organization.

Baka ending ng serye, i-save sila ni Capt. Ri, their latest endorser.

What they showed the public is that working for Bench is not safe. They even might bring  with them the virus and they will not be effective and efficient in work cause physically they are exhausted and mentally tired.

They think employee recognition will boost other's morale and do the same.... nakakatipid sila "using people" to work hard. Tawag dyan...exploitation in a subtle manner.

THEY CLEARLY DON'T SEE THE MISTAKE THEY JUST MADE. Haaays how many years of service yet they can't provide better benefits like a service car to their backbone employees??? Lol
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