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DOE Statement: Power Supply Situation (30 July)

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The Department of Energy (DOE), together with the entire power industry, remains keen on ensuring the availability of power supply and meeting the demand in support of the country's economic growth following the National Grid Corporation of the Philippines’s (NGCP) earlier declaration of a Yellow Alert Status in the Luzon Grid, which is now downgraded to a Red Alert Status effective 11:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. today (30 July). To maintain the integrity of the grid, the NGCP implemented a manual load dropping at 10:35 a.m. outside the Manila Electric Company (MERALCO) franchise, accounting for 38 MW.

In response, MERALCO activated its interruptible load program. A total of 281.19 megawatts (MW) of capacity has been committed as of 9:15 a.m by the 139 Interruptible Load Program (ILP) participants, which started deloading at 10:01 a.m.

The DOE clarified the huge loss of power supply totaling to 2,946 MW is brought about by the outage of 647 Sual Coal-Fired Power Plant (SCFPP) Unit 2, 300 MW Calaca Coal-Fired Power Plant U2, 280 MW Malaya Thermal Power Plant (MTPP) U2, 302 MW GN Coal-Fired Power Plant U1, 382 Pagbilao Coal-Fired Power Plant U2, 360 MW Kalayaan U3 & U4 due to low water elevation and the maintenance of the 245 MW South Luzon Therma Energy Corporation (SLTEC) U1 & U2; while the 180 MW Kalayaan U2 and the 250 MW Sta. Rita Natural Gas Power Plant U2 are on planned maintenance shutdown. Meanwhile, the MTPP U1 is running on a limited capacity at 135 MW.

As of 6:00 a.m., the available capacity in Luzon Grid stood at 8,672 MW, while peak demand is projected at 8,209 MW.

Based on the NGCP projection, the power supply status will be on Yellow Alert by 2:00 p.m.-11:00 p.m. due to the insufficiency of the contingency reserve. Moreover, SCFPP U2 will commence by 4:00 p.m. once technical procedures are done.

DOE Secretary Alfonso G. Cusi, through a letter dated 29 July 2016, asked the ERC to look into the matter and determine whether or not there is the existence of anti-competitive behavior by the industry players.

The DOE has already initiated the formation of technical audit teams which will validate the figures submitted by the generating companies and the distribution utilities. The technical audit teams aim to contribute in acquiring accurate data accurate data for the delivery of quality, reliable, secure and affordable supply of energy.

Jessy Mendiola: Haters Gonna Hate FHM's Sexiest Woman for 2016

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"It’s sexist to judge women for what they enjoy and police how they behave because it doesn’t fit with your standards of humility. Constructive criticism does not involve taking a poop on someone because you don’t think they’re being humble enough. To quote feminists: a woman does not need to be modest in order to be respected and modesty alone does not equal beauty." - Irish Maureen Manuel

Am I the only one here who sees that there's nothing wrong with Jessy Mendiola's statement? She was treated like sh*t by her bashers and when she finally had the chance to fight back so now she's the mean one? Oh common!

Who says Jessy Mendiola is not sexy enough to openly brag about it. We were never deceived by shots taken at deceptive angles nor filtered and manipulated to look a lot more "fitting." Our Jessy deserves the win as FHM's Sexiest and even though some would want to claim being a lot more sexier, the people who voted have spoken otherwise.

Why would we stop her from being confidently beautiful enough to shout it out loud and proud?

"Please stop calling her arrogant or needing a dose of “humble pie.” There’s nothing arrogant about her comment, you have just been brought up to HATE and condemn proud, confident, and sexually open women." -Sittie Ryza Dy

Marian Rivera may have won 3 times in the number one spot, making her a hall of famer, Angel Locsin, Sam Pinto, and Katrina Halili, all won twice, but still why would we hate Jessy for proudly claiming his win? let humility aside for a moment because this is her big moment to shine as the sexiest of 2016.

Defending herself isn’t bad at all, that’s what we all do. We build something good from the stones being thrown to us, at least women do. She got hurt from the rumors her haters and bashers threw at her, so she stood up and made them hate her even more. 

“I’m not the only one who is being bashed. I’m not the only one who is being hated. But hell, I’m the sexiest woman right now and I’m just really happy.” - Jessy Mendiola

Everyone is hating on her because of this statement. Lol you dont even know what she is going through. She is in a very tough business and you know-it-all people seem to know everything about her to be able to say all these things about her. She was voted. Can she not be proud for winning? Can she not be happy for this?

Sexy doesn't just mean big boobs, flat tummy, and small waist and thighs. You don't have to body shame her or anyone. She is sexy and confident. She worked hard to get that body. Not skinny, she looks very fit actually.

I love how she is promoting a healthier and more beautiful body image. Ang tunay na sexy, may curves on the right places. Her muscles makes her even more beautiful. Congratulations Jessy! You deserve it!

There's that saying you cannot please everybody in this world. Bashers will always find something to say not good to someone they don't like. Telling somebody names like fat, patatim or whatever will not make the situation better. Stop the body shaming.

We love you Jessy. Haters gonna hate. Hypocrytes are just there. Theres nothing wrong with the real you. At least you are confident. You are inspiring!

Choose Peace Not Conflict

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Akbayan Senator Risa Hontiveros today reiterated her call to the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) and it's armed wing, the New People's Army (NPA), to reciprocate the gesture of the Duterte government in declaring a unilateral ceasefire.

The senator issued the statement after President Rodrigo Roa Duterte has given the communist guerrillas until 5 p.m. Saturday to issue their own declaration.

Hontiveros welcomed Duterte's declaration of a unilateral ceasefire with the CPP-NPA. "At a time when it is easier to wage war than seek peace, President Duterte's decision is a bold and unprecedented move. I hope the government's ceasefire will be duly recognized and implemented by all state security forces."

The neophyte senator, who was also part of the government panel for peace talks with the National Democratic Front (NDF) when Jose Maria Sison was the chief consultant of the group, challenged the CPP-NPA to immediately and unconditionally declare a ceasefire. She also condemned the NPA attacks in Davao del Norte, which came in the wake of the government’s declared ceasefire.

"The armed communist left has the opportunity to show to the public that it is capable of peace. If the CPP-NPA is really sincere in ending this armed conflict, it must renounce its anti-people military actions, silence its guns and choose the path of peace. It is the more courageous and revolutionary thing to do," Hontiveros said.

Hontiveros, who hails from the democratic left Akbayan, is the ideological opposite of the CPP-NPA.

In 2005, the CPP released a hit list containing the names of individuals deemed as “counter-revolutionaries” and “class enemies.” The list includes Akbayan leaders such former Commission on Human Rights Chairperson Loretta Ann Rosales, Nathan Quimpo and Sixto Carlos.

The hit list was issued after a series of assassinations by the NPA of personalities branded by the CPP as "enemies of the people."

Student Council Leaders Condemn Extra-Judicial Killings

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Student council leaders from the Student Council Alliance of the Philippines (SCAP) and other organizations link arms and wear placards with their aspirations written on cardboards as their latest act of condemning the deaths of youth and students due to extrajudicial killings, in solidarity with the Commission on Human Rights.

“We again implore President Duterte, keep us alive. Don’t kill off the youth in this war on drugs,” said Nancy Fernandez from SCAP.

“Young people have dreams. It’s sad that all these hopes and dreams can be erased in an instant. We all want peace and order. However, these cannot come at the cost of innocent lives.” she added. She cited the death of Rowena Tiamson, a 22 year-old honor student in Pangasinan, who was gunned down after being mistaken as a drug user.

“We applaud the recent pronouncements of Ateneo and La Salle Presidents condemning extrajudicial killings. We must come together to fight against these acts of inhumanity,” she said.

“We urge Miriam College, the University of the Philippines, and other colleges across the country to issue similar statements,” Fernandez said. “

Growing clamor for vigilantism and police brutality should be countered by a sober and humane narrative.” she added.

Dyson Exposes the Unseen at Its Media Launch

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I did not know that indoor air quality is five times more polluted than the air outside.

It was surprising to find out that we may be experiencing more threats to our health within the comforts of our own homes especially if there are dangerous substances or pollutants present within the air that we breathe. Pollutants that may cause allergies and diseases to our skin, lungs, and other parts of our body both internally and externally. 

Whiteplanet Inc. in partnership with Rustan's recently launched Dyson's latest technology for our homes at the The Unseen Exposed on Friday, July 29, 2016, 7pm at the Grand Atrium of Shangri-la Plaza Mall.

Aside from the bladeless fans that also filters the air, they also have high-tech vacuums that are undoubtedly leaders in technology breakthroughs. You have to see, or hear, for yourself how quiet their vacuums are compared with other brands. They even have a more powerful vacuum that is even quieter than their previous bestseller.

The event was hosted by celebrity Bobby Yan who was also Dyson's Communications Director. He shared almost everything we need to know about the two impressive product categories. I would have brought one home already if budget allowed but the decision may be more appropriate for the wife. Maybe I would bring her there during the weekend.

Beware of the Deceiver Who Claims Ownership of WaZZup

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Sadly, there's this blogger who has been deceiving people.

He is claiming ownership of the domain name WaZZup and tries to prevent us from using it eventhough he very well knows that we were the first to use it for our domain name.

First and foremost, he cannot claim ownership of that domain since it's freely available for anyone who wants to use it as a domain name or any other purpose.

For everyone's information, we are originally before we bought the domain Since it was accepted when we registered, it only means it has no identical domain name existing. During that time, we have no knowledge of him or his blog site. We were the more active blog site and he even joined as member of our Facebook group.

His site was WaZupPhilippines but we did not see him as a threat since our blog is more of an advocacy and it was not meant to compete but just as an outlet where we can share our thoughts and opinions as well as to help in promoting everything about the Philippines. Besides, there were other sites which were using the WaZZup word as part of their domain name...and he was using WaZup and not WaZZup.

waZup is not waZZup

But then he changed his domain from WaZup into WaZZup making it almost identical to our domain name for WaZZup Pilipinas. He did this eventhough he knows we are already using WaZZup. He even informed us that he changed his domain name from WaZupPhilippines to WaZZupPhilippines, but it never got into his mind that he may be even further confusing people about our sites. He was keen on using that domain because he said he was benefiting from the fact that people mistaken his site for mine, since during that time, my blog was already among the leading blogs in the Philippines.

When issues arise against us, he then opted to change his domain name so as not to be mistaken for my site. This was a reverse in his thinking since now there was black propaganda being spread about our site and our members. Many saw the false accusations as mere intent to ruin our reputation so they can reclaim their status in the blogging community.

However, he deceived people by claiming he changed his domain name to a dot PH, but unknown to many, he still retained the almost identical domain name of WaZZupPhilippines.

So some people, especially the foreigners who do not recall the Tagalog word "Pilipinas" would mistake his site for ours. Thus, there still exist confusion.

When the domain name was given to me as a gift, he went berserk online and created a damaging thread saying we were creating confusion. Ironically, as a way to get back on us, he then purchased the domain to create further confusion.

He then tried to bargain with us to exchange the domain with his

We argued that it would be better if he just give us the WaZZupPhilippines domain instead so the confusion will really end. But he would not accept our counter-offer for reasons very vague for us. If he really wants to avoid confusion, he should just let go of WaZZupPhilippines.

But we do not really care if he keeps it or not. We are not competing with anybody so we are not really bothered if somebody uses WaZZup since we have no ownership of that word. But it also means we can freely use it as well for our own purpose if that is the case.

So unless he could legally claim ownership of that word, everyone has the right to use it. We should not let bullies like him to keep us from doing what we believe is right.

These arrogant cyber bullies will soon have their last days on Earth. The good people will fight back against these filthy animals who are only brave when online but act meek offline. These devious bandits of mischief deserves a lot of spanking until their butts turn black and blue.

Friday, July 29, 2016

WSOF Global Championship Official Weigh-Ins Complete

Wazzup Pilipinas!

World Series of Fighting – Global Championship (WSOF-GC) has finished with their weigh ins and all fights are a go. All main card fighters made weight without incident, including the Heavyweight Title Main Event, Russia’s Evgeny Erokhin (230) vs United States’ Richard Odoms (262).

Official Weights Below:

Evgeny Erokhin (230) vs Richard Odoms (262)
Mario Sismundo (145) vs Maimaitituoheti (140)
Yusaku Nakamura (125) vs Tim Moore (125)
Jujeath Nagaowa (106) vs Yuko Kiryu (105)
Lawrence DiGiulio (125) vs Marcel Adur (126)
Ahmed Mujtaba (143) vs Neil Larano (143)
Jenelyn Olsim (115) vs Nayara Hemily (113)
*Jessdan Dela Pena (162) vs Kelvin Ong (156)
**Yadwinder Singh (125) vs Uloomi Karim (125)
May Ooi (116) vs Katherine Roy (115)

World Series of Fighting – Global Championship will air LIVE and FREE in its entirety this weekend, starting at 6am EST this Saturday, July 30 in United States at Fans can access the entire 10-fight event at, as well as,, and

Another unique element that WSOF-GC is bringing to their fans is a 360-degree perspective of the fights courtesy of their new partner, Livit. Fans can access this through the LivitNow app to watch the event from a perspective like no other. Fans will have the capability to control how they see the action and the crowd that night.

In addition to the live, free event, is hosting a FREE weekend of its Global Fight Library. Fans can log on to the website and see not only this weekend’s bouts, but previous events including previous fights from WSOF-GC affiliates (United Kingdom’s ICE FC, Argentina’s ULLAMP, Italy’s SLAM FC, Costa Rica’s Calvo Promotions, Puerto Rico’s Royalty Combat, and Philippines’ Underground Battle MMA).

WSOF-GC will host WSOF-GC 3 Philippines at Smart Araneta Coliseum on July 30, 2016. Tickets start at PHP300 with ringside seats available for PHP4000. Tickets are now on sale at all Ticketnet Outlets or online at

World Series of Fighting Global’s ultimate mission is to bring together the best athletes from countries and organizations across the world to compete for a true, globally-recognized world champion. Media inquiries should be sent to Jason Lilly, Vice President of Operations of World Series of Fighting Global, at Follow them on Twitter @WSOFGlobal.

* Jessdan Dela Pena failed to reach his contracted weight of 155, coming in at 162. His opponent, Kelvin Ong, came in at 150, so he was given two hours to cut to 160 in order for both fighters to be within 10 pounds, but failed to do so. His opponent weighed back in at 156 and the fight was declared official. Jessdan and Kelvin agreed to a 50% of Jessdan’s total fight purse, which will be given to Kelvin.

** Yadwinder Singh failed to make weight on his first attempt (127.5) but managed to make the 125-lb mark within an hour.

Shark Sundays this August on Animal Planet

Wazzup Pilipinas!

This month, Animal Planet makes a big splash and brings you even more Sharktastic programmes!

Follow marine biologist and shark expert Barbara Block in SHARKTOPIA as she explores the Blue Serengeti – a vast, rich and hidden world, now more visible with breakthrough camera technology.

Philippe Cousteau explores Bikini Atoll to discover how sharks repopulated the once destroyed nuclear testing during the Cold War in NUCLEAR SHARKS.

With increasing shark encounters, SHALLOW WATER INVASION explores the recent increase in shark encounters in the shallows along coastlines.

To complete the lineup, Dr. Craig O’Connell explains a system he developed that will prove sharks and people can peacefully coexist and live in SHARKS AMONG US.

Don’t miss the fun and learning as Shark Month starts August 7, airing Sundays at 8:05pm on Animal Planet.

Aside from the sharktastic lineup is a discovery of beauty across varied environments. Premiering August 1 on Animal Planet is Life at the Extreme – a showcase of survival of the most extraordinary animals on the planet living in the most hostile environments.

Tech Buffs Set to Geek Out in Bohol

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It’s full steam ahead for the 2016 “Geeks on a Beach” (GOAB) technology and startup conference at the Bellevue Hotel in Panglao Island in Bohol on Aug. 25-26.

But as GOAB is fast approaching and getting more of the public’s attention, some people had become curious and wondered what are geeks, and what does the word “geek” mean.

Movies characterize them like nerds: skinny or chubby but oddly dressed, smart but socially inept or introvert, with sleek or unkempt hair, dental braces, oversized spectacles, and with the ever-present backpack worn on two shoulders.

However, contrary to the stereotype popularized by Hollywood, geeks look and act ordinarily just like the rest of the human race in mainstream society, and also have a normal social life.

People like Microsoft developer Bill Gates, Apple CEO Steve Jobs, and Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg are geeks and may have one or a combination of the above-mentioned attributes, but they appear outwardly ordinary and don’t have eccentric behaviors.

Milwaukee Bucks’ Michael Carter-Williams Headlines NBA 3X Philippines 2016 Presented By Panasonic

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The 3-on-3 competition returns to Manila this August with Panasonic as new Presenting Partner. The registration begins July 29 at

The National Basketball Association (NBA) announced today that 2013-14 Kia NBA Rookie of the Year Michael Carter-Williams of the Milwaukee Bucks will headline NBA 3X Philippines 2016 presented by Panasonic, which returns to Manila from Aug. 19-21 at the SM Mall of Asia Music Hall. Registration for NBA 3X Philippines 2016 begins July 29 at

Returning for the sixth consecutive year, NBA 3X Philippines 2016 will include a 3-on-3 tournament featuring 200 men’s and women’s teams from all over the country, as well as performances by local artists and DJs. The event will showcase authentic NBA entertainment and activities free for fans of all ages to experience throughout the weekend. Carter-Williams will be present throughout the event to inspire the athletes and interact with fans.

“I’m excited to visit the Philippines and experience Filipino fans’ passion for basketball during the NBA 3X,” said Carter-Williams. “Being a part of this event is a great opportunity to see the growth of the game internationally, and I look forward to working with these talented athletes.”

“We are proud to stage the sixth edition of NBA 3X in the Philippines, which continues to provide fans with a platform to interact with some of the league’s marquee talents,” said NBA Philippines Managing Director Carlo Singson. “In collaboration with our new presenting partner Panasonic, NBA 3X will once again bring out the players’ competitive spirit and showcase the NBA experience to thousands of Filipino fans through a weekend of fun and entertainment.”

Con-Ass Goes Against Democracy and Active Citizenship

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I believe that charter change is a fundamental and necessary component of any attempt to reform and overhaul our political system, such as the platform of my party, Akbayan, to shift to parliamentary & federal forms of government.

However, the plan of the House of Representatives to push for a constituent assembly (Con-ass) rather than a constitutional convention (Con-con) to amend the country's charter goes against the interest of democracy and active citizenship, especially with a House where the heavy hand of the Executive was so plain to see.

We cannot set aside democratic processes and dismiss people participation simply because the fiscal cost of such democratic endeavors are allegedly staggering and/or expensive. This is a dangerous thought. This is the seed of undemocratic politics. It assumes that democracy is a luxury rather than a right that developing countries like ours cannot fully enjoy. It assumes that democracy has a price tag and that it can only be enjoyed by the people,subject to the availability of funds.

The attempt for a "cheaper and faster" mode to amend the constitution also raises concerns that the shift to federalism is being done haphazardly. I urge the government to take the necessary time in fulfilling the important and difficult requirements in order for the shift to federalism to become successful. This includes breaking up political dynasties, dismantling private armies, and building financial sustainability, among others.

Likewise, I am extremely worried that some vested quarters are pushing for Con-ass as this is less prone to public scrutiny and more susceptible to the control of big business, political dynasts and traditional politicians. I am wary that this will renew desires to relax constitutional limits on foreign ownership of land and businesses. It can be recalled that during the campaign, President Duterte mentioned that he is open to lifting the Charter's restriction on foreign ownership of Philippine corporations. This is completely opposite to the principles of federalism. Federalism's goal is to equitably distribute development and resources to the regions. The government cannot effectively redistribute wealth by giving premium to foreign interests.

I urge the House of Representatives and President Duterte to reconsider their take on this matter. I am confident that the government has enough resources to fund the necessary costs of building the democratic infrastructure and processes for people to directly participate in progressively amending our constitution.

The process of revising the constitution must be participatory and democratic. There should be no shortcuts in democracy. The political and economic ambitions of a few cannot lord over the people's interests.

Contributed by by Senator Risa Hontiveros

Fil-Am International Artist JEFRЁ Reconnecting With His Filipino Roots

Wazzup Pilipinas!

JEFRЁ – a name that’s been steadily gaining recognition in the Manila creative scene. As the internationally acclaimed public artist and former landscape architect brings his considerable talents from his Florida studio to create even more thought-provoking pieces here at home, it won’t be long ‘til JEFRЁ becomes a Filipino household name.

Born and raised in Chicago to parents who were natives of Ilocos Sur and Laguna, Jefre Manuel Figueras studied at the Art Institute of Chicago before pursuing a degree in Landscape Architecture from Ohio State University.

“I went into the arts at the Art Institute of Chicago in the beginning 'cause I wanted to pursue my passions from high school into college. But then my parents were concerned about the struggles of a starving artist, saying, how am I gonna make money in art? So I went to Ohio State to study Urban Design and Landscape Architecture to be a city planner.”

His first decade out of college had him working for established firms like Skidmore Owings and Merril; and working for clients and involved in partnerships with some of the biggest industry names Santiago Calatrava, BIG Architect’s, Zaha Hadid and Philippe Starck – until a heart attack changed his view of the world and the legacy he wanted to leave. 

DOE to Ensure Continuous Power Supply in the Country

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The Department of Energy (DOE) is reinforcing efforts to ensure continuous power supply in the country by requesting the Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) to look into the recurring Yellow and Red Alert Statuses due to the lack of power supply for the period 25 to 29 July 2016.

Energy Secretary Alfonso G. Cusi specifically asked ERC to look into whether there is the existence of an anti-competitive behavior from industry players. He was pleased to learn that ERC is already looking into it.

The coordination between the DOE and the ERC was triggered following the National Grid Corporation of the Philippines’ declaration of the Yellow Alert status from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m., Red Alert status from 2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. and Yellow Alert by 5:00 p.m. today (29 July).

As an immediate response, Manila Electric Corporation (MERALCO) has already coordinated with its Interruptible Load Program (ILP) participants to augment supply. As of 8:45 a.m., there were about 156 ILP participants that had confirmed their availability equivalent to 311.22 megawatts (MW).

The DOE is likewise closely monitoring developments in the plants that have undergone Forced Outage accounting for a total of 1,451 MW.

The DOE earlier stated that it will create technical audit teams for generation companies and distribution utilities to assess the reliability of the entire power industry.

Social Protection Laws Vows to Protect Sectors from Inequality

Wazzup Pilipinas!

"In times of growing inequality, the duty of the government is to protect the people not neglect them."

This was the statement of Akbayan Senator Risa Hontiveros as she filed four (4) new bills that she said will help "reduce inequality and address the exclusion of the most marginalized and vulnerable sectors in the country."

Hontiveros described social inequality as the unequal distribution of wealth and power that alters rights and privileges, social status and access to important social services. Her proposed measures tackle the concerns of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community, informal settlers, small fisherfolks, and coconut farmers, groups that she said are some of the most vulnerable sectors of society.

Farmers and fisherfolks

Hontiveros said she is pushing for the passage of the Coco-Levy Trust Fund law to create a trust fund for the sole use of the coconut farmers from the PhP 73-billion coco-levy fund. "The Coco-Levy Trust Fund will ensure that the money is collectively owned by small and poor farmers to promote their welfare and help revitalize the coconut industry by developing global and domestic markets."

The Senator also planned to establish a separate agency for fisheries and fisherfolks’ concerns through the Department of Fisheries Act. Hontiveros said that the Filipino fisherfolks are one of the poorest sectors”, citing the Comprehensive National Fisheries Industry Development Plan 2016-2020 that reported that poverty incidence in the sector is at 39.2 % in 2014. “It’s time to develop our oceanic activities, especially in the light of our victory in the Permanent Court of Arbitration, to benefit our small fisherfolks without compromising ecological sustainability," she said.

Informal settlers and the LGBT

Meanwhile, Hontiveros filed the In-City Resettlement Act to protect informal settler communities who are in danger of violent and illegal demolitions by mandating the government to provide in-city or near-city resettlement.

The neopyhte Senator also pushed for the enactment of the Anti-Discrimination Bill, which seeks to penalize all forms of discrimination according to gender identity, ethnicity and religion in schools and workplaces. A similar bill has been filed by Dinagat Islands Representative Kaka Bag-ao and co-authored by Bataan 1st District and first transgender Congresswoman Geraldine Roman in the House of Representatives.

"Fight inequality"

"Through these bills, we will address inequality by protecting the people from its multiform effects such as poverty, violence, inhumane treatment and discrimination. We must fight inequality to promote a more sustainable approach to development. This will guarantee the rights of all people and safeguard democracy," Hontiveros concluded.

An exXhilarating Day for Suzuki Gixxer Riders

Wazzup Pilipinas!

 The Marikina Riverpark became the center of attention of Gixxer riders as the first ever Suzuki Gixxer Day commenced in the area with no less than 200 astig riders participating on July 23. 

Established in partnership with the Road Warriors Club (RWC) – a club of Gixxer riders and the city government of Marikina, Team Suzuki presented various activities that will certainly benefit the Gixxer riding community – a safety riding seminar, free service, spare parts selling and fun surprises. 

One of Suzuki’s most reputable clubs – the Thunder Riders Organization of the Philippines (TROOP) was also serving as event marshals. 

It was a one stop shop for all the Gixxer riders as Suzuki presented simultaneous activities for everyone. A free motorcycle check-up and tune-up were offered as well as selling of Suzuki Genuine Parts including Suzuki Genuine Oils. The beautiful Suzuki ladies also joined the festivity and gamely posed with the riders for photo ops. 

While their Gixxers are being checked up, the riders were given a Safety Riding Clinic by the Suzuki Safety Riding Authority composed of Mr. Noel Villapando, Mr. Sherwin Florendo and Mr Rey Abat. 

Systems Integration 2016 Highlights Business Solutions And Technologies

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Those who still view the Philippines as a technological laggard were surprised when the country jumped 17 places in the 2015 Global Innovation Index (GII), placing 83rd in worldwide rankings and 12th for Southeast Asia and Oceana. This August, one expo is treating tech enthusiasts to a showcase of innovations. Now on its 14th year, Systems Integration Philippines (SIP) will take place from August 11 to 13 at the SMX Convention Center Manila, SM Mall of Asia Complex.

“We want businesses to see what innovative solutions, products, and services are out there in the market,” shares Patrick-Lawrence Tan, CEO of Global-Link MP Events International, Inc. (GLMP), organizer of the event. “SIP is about emerging technologies and it is subdivided into different sections depending on industry. We have pro-AVL for events and film; entertainment technology; consumer electronics; advertising and media; IT; unified communications; education and office solutions. There will be more than 150 solution providers at the show so people really have a lot to look forward to.”

Aside from the expo, the organizers have conceptualized exciting opportunities for trade visitors, such as Technical Seminars; Business Matching Sessions; Zone sections for Innovation, Drones, Virtual Reality; and Digital Raffle Draws.

SIP 2016 will open its doors from 10:00 am to 6:30 pm daily. For hassle-free claiming of IDs during the event, pre-register online via Entrance is free. To inquire, call GLMP at (02) 893 7973 or check out them out on Facebook.

Taste the Hype with Taco Bell's Chalupa Supreme

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Taco Bell, the world's leading taco food chain, invited us to taste the hype about their returning Chalupa Supreme for ourselves on July 28, 2016 at Taco Bell Gateway in Cubao, Quezon City.

The Chalupa Supreme, available for a limited time only, transforms the everyday taco into an experience. It features a deep-fried crispy and chewy flatbread with seasoned beef, sour cream, shredded lettuce, diced tomatoes, and a three-cheese blend which results into the delightful mixture of textures and flavors that is distinctly Taco Bell.

The Chalupa Supreme costs P99 when ordered a la carte, and P149 when paired with nachos and soda.

I could compare it with the Taco Bell Gordita Supreme for which I also enjoyed when it was previously launched in the Philippines. But I must say even though both specialty offerings are great tasting, my vote goes more for the Gordita Supreme. It must be because of the deep-fried crispy and chewy flatbread that sort of changes the taste for the classic taco.

Aside from being the healthier alternatives that's great for meals at anytime of the day, both the Chalupa Supreme and the Gordita Supreme, as well as the other taco varieties of Taco Bell are highly recommended to fill you up satisfactorily without any regrets. One order is already a well treat that the entire family will enjoy.

Learn more about the new Taco Bell Chalupa Supreme from their Facebook page at

You may also visit their website at

A+E Networks Manila Makes History This August With First-Ever History Con

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Jacque Ruby, the head of A+E Networks Asia, personally shared the great new about the first-of-its-kind event - History ConA+E Networks’ HISTORY Asia’s very first-ever convention, will be opening in Manila on August 25 until August 28 - that's four days of interactive experiences, on-ground activities and exhibits. 

The media launch of History Con was held at Gerry's Grill located in Tomas Morato corner Eugenio Lopez St. in Quezon City.

We will get to see our favorite History stars at this can’t-miss event jam-packed with activities and displays that will bring the channel to life and immerse visitors in the HISTORY experience. 

Jacque shared with us some details of what to expect from  the 4-day epic event which idea is proudly initiated in the Philippines and conceptualized by him. Aside from the full coverage of his talk, we also personally interviewed him so watch out for it at our official YouTube channel at

This is an opportunity to meet some of the stars of History Channel namely ANCIENT ALIEN’s Giorgio Tsoukalos; STORAGE WARS’ Brandi and Jarrod; GANGLAND UNDERCOVER’S Damon Runyan; PHOTO FACE-OFF’s Justin Mott; and the cast of CELEBRITY CAR WARS, which includes several Filipino celebrities like KC Montero, Joey Mead King and Marc Nelson and professional car driver, Gaby Dela Merced. The latter is HISTORY Asia’s brand-new original production that follows celebrities as they compete in automotive challenges. 

Like the channel, History Con will be epic in scale and cover a broad range of genres and interests, with dedicated areas for the paranormal/sci-fi, survival and adventure, motoring, history and culture. The four-day ticketed event will be held at the World Trade Center and will be opened to the public. The convention passes are now available for sale at

“We are thrilled to make history with the conception of HISTORY Con, the biggest entertainment convention of its kind, in Manila. HISTORY Con reinvents the way we connect with our local audiences, as an on-ground extension of our brand that offers something for everyone, whether they’re our loyal fans who just can’t get enough of HISTORY, or they’re curious onlookers who are new to our brand. We’re creating an experience beyond the television screen to engage our visitors at a deeper level that allows them to feel, live and see history come alive in an entertaining way,” said Prem Kamath, Deputy Managing Director, A+E Networks Asia.

HISTORY Con will feature a star-studded lineup of popular HISTORY personalities who will make appearances, sign autographs, host talks and conduct workshops.

Each booth at HISTORY Con will have its own distinct theme that showcases HISTORY’s most popular series, including ANCIENT ALIENS, SWAMP PEOPLE, STORAGE WARS, ALONE, PAWN STARS, COUNTING CARS, LEEPU & PITBULL, RIDE N’ SEEK WITH JAIME DEMPSEY, PHOTO FACE-OFF and CELEBRITY CAR WARS. HISTORY Con will also include the large rally of automobiles from cars, motorcycles and boats, featuring restored classics and customized rides. For history buffs, there will be a section dedicated to historical characters, a Philippines Presidential limousines display, and World War II exhibits.

In addition, visitors can take a 3D experience into our Solar System at the virtual reality booth with Oculus Rift, flex their muscles and take on other strongmen and women at arm wrestling, or get a ringside seat at Muay Thai and boxing demonstrations. Visitors will also be eligible to participate in raffle draws to win fabulous prizes. For the first time, fans will also be able to catch exclusive screenings of premiering HISTORY shows.

Event-goers are also invited to make history by participating in three world-record-breaking attempts at HISTORY Con. One of the Guinness World Records that HISTORY aims to break at the Convention is the record for the longest TV-watching marathon – currently set at 94 hours!

In conjunction with HISTORY Con, local middle school and universities in Metro Manila have been invited to take part in the HISTORY Bee Inter-school Competition, where the winning school will be crowned HISTORY Bee School Champion in Manila. HISTORY will also launch a talent search for HISTORY’s next Digital Host. A separate announcement will be made with further information and entry requirements.

Tickets for HISTORY Con are priced from Php200 onwards and are now on sale online at More details and updates about celebrity appearances and other activities will also be available on the HISTORY Con website.

Watch World-Class Fights as Low as P300 at WSOF-GC on July 30 at Araneta Coliseum

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Get ready for a night of action this Saturday, July 30, as World Series of Fighting Global Championship (WSOF-GC) holds its inaugural MMA event at Smart Araneta Coliseum, with their WSOF GC 3: Philippines vs. The World event.

Action starts at 6 p.m. and its stacked card has 10 explosive fights. Three of the ten fights will see female fighters from different countries showcasing their wares. Five of the twenty fighters are also from the Philippines, and are more than ready to show their ‘kababayans’ what they’re made of.

Audience will get a chance to be part of a P1,000,000 raffle draw during the event itself. Even a P300 General Admission ticket will qualify you for the raffle. Ticket holders will also get free entrance at the after-party to be held at Palace Pool Club at Bonifacio Global City, there will also be an open bar for all ticket holders from 10 p.m.-12 m.n.

Sponsors for this event include Araneta Center, Smart Araneta Coliseum, Novotel Manila, Palace Pool Club, Lifestyle Salon by Louis Kee, Jam 88.3, Fox Sports and Ticketnet Online.

WSOF-GC will host WSOF-GC 3 Philippines at Smart Araneta Coliseum on July 30, 2016. Tickets start at PHP300 with ringside seats available for PHP4000. Tickets are now on sale at all Ticketnet Outlets or online at

A lucky member of the audience on July 30, 2016 at Smart Araneta Coliseum will win P1,000,000.00. for details. Promo period June 16 - July 30, 2016, DTI-NCR PERMIT #6130.

On Government Policy for 911 and 8888

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Atty. Froilan Castelo, Globe General Counsel. has said that Globe Telecom is ready to comply with the government directive to provide access to 911 and 8888 numbers for government emergency hotline and complaint hotline. All services will be for voice services only beginning August 1.

Globe has long used the 8888 number as its own customer hotline. However, the company will give way to the government request and will instead change to a new hotline number for its more than 57 million customers. The government allowed the company 30-45 days to transition to a new hotline which can be accessed by SMS and voice. Globe customers will be advised of its new hotline appropriately.

The government wants both 911 and 8888 to be executed similar to the 117 hotline maintaining a status quo where only the number changed.

Globe clarifies that it will be strictly complying with the directives of the government of implementing the hotlines to the public. This includes whether calls to 911 and 8888 will be free of charge or not.

"Globe Telecom is ready to transmit voice calls for emergency hotline 911 and complaint hotline 8888 on August 1, as directed by the government. We are also expediting migration of our system to immediately enable transmission of SMS or text messages thru 8888 and we are confident that we will be able to achieve this target within the timeframe of 30-45 days given to us by the government. As suggested by the government to discourage prank calls, we would also like to inform our customers that those calling the hotlines will incur regular voice charges plus an additional P5/call for those calling the 911 hotline. As a telecommunications provider, Globe recognizes the importance of such communication tool for the government to effectively carry out its initiatives for the benefit of the public." —Atty. Froilan Castelo, Globe General Counsel.

“Wings”: Ballet Philippines’ 47th Season Takes Flight with “Firebird and Other Ballets” This August 19-21

Wazzup Pilipinas!

The country’s flagship classical and contemporary dance company opens its 47th performance season with “FIREBIRD and other ballets”. A mixed bill of contemporary and neo-classical works, the show features pieces by David Campos, Dwight Rodrigazo, and Carlo Pacis, and an all-new “Firebird”, choreographed by George Birkadze.

Russian-born choreographer George Birkadze reimagines the Russian folk tale of “The Firebird” and brings it into a pre-Hispanic Philippine setting. The ballet’s costumes are designed by Mark Lewis Higgins, taking inspiration from historical documents such as the Boxer Codex, and using elements such as gold, spices, and porcelain.

Renowned Spanish choreographer David Campos draws from the company’s unique strengths as he reworks “Nenelehdej” for the cast. Originally performed by Ballet David Campos, the piece is a witty take on neo-classical ballet.

“Moving Two” by Dwight Rodrigazo is a contemporary pas de deux originally choreographed for Jean Marc Cordero and Candice Adea after their victory at the USA International Ballet Competition in 2011.

SM Men and SM Youth #DenimCitizens Series

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Denim has played a major role in fashion. Through its #DenimCitizens fashion show series, SM Men and SM Youth celebrated this undisputed fashion staple, known as one of the most quintessential fabrics, present in every era and surpassing every trend and that has come and go.

In every #DenimCitizens show, a variety of denim ensembles were featured including patched denim jackets and chambray long-sleeved tops, muted blazers and bomber jackets, basic shirts and striped tees, and denim pants. These pieces can be easily mixed and matched to create timeless yet updated denim looks. SM Youth Ambassadors Tommy Esguerra, LA Aguinaldo, Janna Tee, Richard Juan, Kyle Perry and Kaila Estrada, and seasoned model Joan Bitagcol also walked for SM Men’s featured brands. As looks came down the runway, SM Youth DJ Carlo Atendido spun his best beats to match the crowd’s energy. 

The #DenimCitizens fashion tour went to key SM Malls locations including SM Seaside City in Cebu, SM Manila, SM Megamall, SM Lanang Premier in Davao and SM City North EDSA.

SM Men and SM Youth are available at all The SM Stores nationwide.

To know more, follow @SM_Men and @SM_Youth on social media, visit and and check the hashtag #DenimCitizens.

Suzuki and Motorjoy Touching Lives in Padada, Davao Del Sur

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Suzuki in partnership with Motorjoy Depot – Motortrade’s arm in Mindanao worked hand in hand to help improve lives specifically the education of the students of Maria Cleta R. Delos Cientos National High School in Piape, Padada, Davao Del Sur. 

The turnover ceremony was held recently at the school grounds, which was attended by the school’s benefactors both from the private and public institutions. The journey in helping Piape began when Motorjoy’s Executive Vice President Mr. Romeo Noro passed by the area and his attention was caught by the makeshift rooms made of bamboo and nipa. His curiosity got him leading him in the discovery of the National High School which was an extension of the Maria Cleta R. De Los Cientos High School located in the more accessible part of Padada. 

Finding a new purpose, Mr. Noro opened the idea of extending help to Piape to his Motorjoy family of which their President, Mr. Paulino Ongtenco amicably committed to. Motorjoy’s initial plan was to donate two concrete buildings – one 21.56 m2 faculty room for teachers and the other – an 86.25m2 3-classroom establishment for the students. 

For the effort to be more holistic, they encouraged their trusted partners to lend a helping hand too. As one of Suzuki Philippines’ strongest partners, the brand immediately affirmed their participation by filling the rooms with supplies and extended an aid by also donating sports equipment. 

Through the Suzuki Philippines Foundation, the heart of the brand’s CSR programs in coordination with Suzuki Helps, Aids and Rebuilds (SHARE), the Japanese giant provided the school with classroom facilities comprising of students’ arm chairs, whiteboards, teacher’s tables and chairs, wall fans, computer sets, emergency lights, bookshelves and sets of sports equipment including basketball ring boards which can be found on the school’s open grounds. 

The turnover ceremonies seemed like a festival which opened with the very warm welcome of students and teachers followed by the blessing of the new buildings and items for donation officiated by Rev. Father Jupiter Canoy, DCD. Performances were also made by the students and teachers to the delight of the guests. 

It was well attended by the supporters of the school from both the private and public sectors - Motorjoy Depot President Mr. Paulino Ongtenco and EVP Mr. Romeo Noro were present, Suzuki Philippines President Mr. Hiroshi Suzuki also graced the event with his presence, Yamaha President Mr. Toru Osugi also came, the Rotary Club of North Davao was represented by Mr. Bong Cristobal, the local government office of Padada was also in attendance led by Mayor Pedro Caminero, Vice Mayor Francisco Guerrero Jr. and the municipal councilors. Along with them were the School Board of Maria Cleta R. Delos Cientos National High School led by Mr. Carmelo De Los Sientos IV. 

On behalf of the recipients, the school head Dr. Elizabeth Solano, Ed. D. expressed her gratitude to the donors and wished them more blessings as they continue to give back to the community. 

In his inspirational speech, Mr. Suzuki urged the students to study hard to be part of the development of the country and expressed his gratitude to all who became part of the activity. 

Suzuki’s help did not stop at the school as they also have programs in conjunction with the TODA community of Piape wherein the brand provided an AX4 with 6-seater capacity sidecar which will certainly be of great help for the locals in their transportation needs and to aid them in earning a living. 

To know more about Suzuki’s CSR activities and SHARE, visit their website or join our growing community at

AXN Reveals Two Pinoy Teams Included in The Amazing Race Asia Season 5

Wazzup Pilipinas!

AXN, the number one entertainment channel in Asia, today revealed the 11 fearless teams who will compete for USD$100,000 in The Amazing Race Asia Season 5. Pinoy power is strongly represented with two energetic teams: beauty queens, Parul and Maggie, and married couple Rona and Eric.

“We were overwhelmed by the response to our casting call for The Amazing Race Asia,” Mr. Ang Hui Keng, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Sony Pictures Television Networks, Asia, said at the official announcement today. “This season’s audition videos were creative, witty, clever and very surprising, so it was a tough selection process. We’re thrilled with the 11 teams – they embody AXN’s brand personality, which is passionate, determined, unexpected and high-octane. This is not just a show – it’s an adrenaline-fueled adventure for everyone involved, including our viewers.”

Slated to premiere in October, the fifth instalment of the popular reality adventure series will be hosted by Asian-American actor Allan Wu, who was the ‘face of the race’ for AXN’s first four seasons, and most recently the host of The Amazing Race China: Celebrity Edition.

“This season is going to be a huge adrenaline rush and a race like no other. The racers and AXN viewers can expect more thrills, more drama and more twists than ever before,” said Allan. “The teams will be transformed during the race, for better or worse – but one thing is for sure, it will be the ultimate adventure of a lifetime!”

NEC Philippines Showcases Innovative Technology and Solutions at 20th Anniversary Event

Wazzup Pilipinas!

NEC Philippines announced it successfully held an event to celebrate 20 years of presence and growth in the Philippines with a conference and exhibition themed “NECPH@20: Providing Breakthrough Technologies for a Breakout Economy” on 20 July 2016.

Held at the Makati Diamond Residences, 2F Legaspi Ballroom, Makati City, the event was opened by Mr. Tetsuro Akagi, Chief Executive Officer of NEC Asia Pacific and Senior Vice President of NEC Corporation, who delivered the welcome remarks. His Excellency Mr. Kazuhide Ishikawa, Ambassador of Japan to the Republic of the Philippines, then gave his congratulatory message to NEC Philippines on its contribution to the country’s technological advances in both the private and public sectors. This was followed by an insightful presentation by Mr. Jubert Alberto, Head of Operations, IDC Philippines, who spoke on the impact of disruptive technology on Philippine business and the economy.

The programme consisted of morning and afternoon conference sessions and an exhibition of NEC’s technology and solutions which ran concurrently. The conference sessions featured NEC’s thought leadership in topics such as big data, the Internet of Things (IoT), safer cities and social infrastructure solutions, as well as innovative offerings in enterprise solutions. The event attracted over 420 participants.

The exhibition featured solutions covering 8 industries: transportation, next generation retail, hospitality, telecommunications, smart enterprise, public safety, broadcast and healthcare. The range of breakthrough technologies demonstrated NEC’s contribution to the development of technology that improves the safety, security, equality and efficiency of society. In addition, participants also had a chance to have an in-depth look at utilizing NEC’s software-defined networking technology to create a robust and secure IT network.
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