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Wazzup Pilipinas Original Short Stories Series: 12 Stars

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Is it true that you cannot trust anybody even if you were friends for a long time? They say it's because people are prone to jealousy and selfishness. Time will soon change their attitude and behavior especially when they feel they should get more of what they are having right now.

We should learn to read emotions and expressions of people and try to unlock the mystery behind those faces that may somehow show their real feelings towards you.

In a world full of "chameleons," nobody has permanent and real friends. Every one eventually changes in time depending on their needs and wants. Soon enough, their ultimate goals will surface and you'll soon discover their real intentions, or at least, their once hidden desires and longings.

Sometimes, we would suddenly realize that we too have changed, either for the better or for the worst. It's all about survival in a world where the strong, affluent and influential remains among those that stood a greater chance to succeed. Also, sometimes, we will realize that everything happens for a reason, perhaps to make room for something better in our lives.

Please read on below for our original short story for the day.

Bench: The Naked Truth (Photos from the Denim and Underwear Fashion Show)

Wazzup Pilipinas!

You asked for it, you got it. It blew everyone's minds into epic proportions...or am I saying it right. I believe I am still in a state of awe, if not shock, due to what I've seen at the Bench underwear and denim fashion show event entitled The Naked Truth.

True enough, we all saw several celebrities (hot athletes and showbiz personalities) in their bare essentials wearing almost nothing (of course, silly! it's an underwear showcase). While it is true that a few of them did not go full underwear, a lot were so daring in both outfit and actions. Naughty and almost freakishly frolicking like they're flirting with the audience (that's part of the script, silly!)

I may not have been there, but my timeline from all social media accounts where all trending with photos from the event. So I decided to have some posted here with due credits to all the owners (emphasized on: Not My Photos). I got so lost with the ownership already so please bear with me.

Some of the photos came from the celebrities own social media account like Instagram and Twitter, while some are from fans tweeting non-stop and almost endlessly especially during the event.

Below are some quality photos taken from social media. I will add more as soon as I find some more worth sharing.

Sugarleaf Bares New and Exciting Developments

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Sugarleaf Organic Market and Café Makati welcomes back, Ms. Gina Salting Yambot, dedicated health advocate, the original creator of the one-stop café-store concept of highlighting organic and natural ingredients in a simple but delicious menu enjoyed be people of all ages. The store showcases food and non-food items customers can purchase to continue a sustainable healthy lifestyle at home while scheduled talks, seminars and workshops complete the holistic concept.

Commenting on her return after over a year, Gina shares “Home is where your heart is, and I am glad I am home. In my brief absence, I did a lot of recipe development on gluten free, soy free, casein free, and paleo food among others. As much as I can, I source out locally, our bodies respond better when we take in food grown in our homeland. Being back in the kitchen of Sugarleaf, I will bring you to another level of enjoying organic & natural food. ”

Business partner Angelo Narciso Songco adds “Gina’s return is great timing to complement the exciting things in store for our loyal and new customers. Every visit promises new products which we and our partner merchants proudly source out or produce. We continue to thank our partners at MEDICard who continue to believe in our mission of bringing health to more Filipinos one person at a time. Watch out for them in the coming weeks and months through to 2015.”

Be Discovered for “Asia’s Got Talent” at the Philippines Open Audition

Wazzup Pilipinas!

The chance is here for anyone with any talent to audition to compete in “Asia’s Got Talent”!

Soon to be the biggest talent competition in the world, “Asia’s Got Talent” will open its doors for individual and group acts of all ages to showcase their amazing skills on Sunday, 28 September 2014 from 10am – 6pm at SMX Convention Center (Seashell Ln, Pasay City, 1300 Metro Manila, Philippines). Anyone who wishes to share their talent with the world is welcome to walk in and audition.

For those unable to make the open audition in the Philippines, additional events are scheduled in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and Singapore. Budding stars can also log on to for more details or to audition online.

Asia’s Got Talent” is co-owned by FremantleMedia and Simon Cowell’s Syco Entertainment and will premiere on AXN in early 2015 across 20 territories in Asia, including South Korea, Hong Kong and the Republic of China.

Earlier this year, “Got Talent” set the Guinness World Record as the world's ‘Most Successful Reality TV Format’ with 58 productions across Africa, the Americas, Europe, Asia Pacific, and the Middle-East. “Asia's Got Talent” now marks the 63rd version of this international ratings phenomenon.

Manny Pacquiao Leads Team Kia Sorento as Head Coach

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Attendees of the 5th Philippine International Motor Show (PIMS) got a taste of what Kia Motors will bring to the worlds of motoring and sports.

The PIMS is one of the grandest auto exhibitions in the country and wanting to make a unique mark in this year’s staging, Columbian Autocar Corporation (CAC) brings a knockout surprise for the media and the public to enjoy!

Following its historic bid to join the Philippine Basketball Association (PBA), the exclusive distributor of Kia Motors in the Philippines sets a unique primer for both its vehicle lineup and team roster.

On September 18 and 20, CAC and Kia  featured its impressive array of cars alongside the newly formed lineup of Team Kia Sorento.

Vehicle nameplates include the stylish compact, Kia Picanto; the cutting-edge All-New Kia Soul; the modern family car, Kia Carens; the performance SUV, Kia Sportage; the reveal of the K2700 Urban Passenger Vehicle (UPV); and the team namesake, Kia Sorento. The players, on the other hand, are a mix of college hoops standouts turned PBA pros like 2001 UAAP MVP Rich Alvarez, notable rookies like Kenneth Ighalo, and probably the most iconic draft pick of all, player-coach Manny Pacquiao.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Wazzup Pilipinas Original Short Stories Series: Deepest Regret

Wazzup Pilipinas!

"Rachel, I'm saying these things to you because I want you to learn from my mistake. From what I observe, you're still living in the past. You can't move on because your mind says so. That it was your father's fault. But, Rachel, it was an accident. You should not accuse your father because he can't do that. He loves his family so much. He loves your mother and you very much."

Rachel Evergreen is the main character of the story. She got in an accident two years ago with her parents. Because of the accident, her personality changed from a jolly and friendly person into a taciturn and close-minded person. Her feelings for her father also changed because she believes that it was her father’s fault why her mother died in the car accident. She acquired Herplex Boolemia from the accident, which means that the heart is not functioning normally and may stop beating because of extreme shock.

The theme of the story is about regrets. These are things that you have the chances to do it but you didn’t do it. This is the saddest thing you will realize in the result of your decisions.

An intriguing story that is worth reading by all. Please appreciate our short story for the day.

e-Blog Mo Na Yan! Episode Featured the State of the Nation's Entrepreneurs

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Last week's e-Blog Mo Na Yan! episode dated September 13, 2014 was all about the state of the nation's entrepreneurs. The segment is a part of the show being aired at Radyo Inquirer DZIQ 990 AM in partnership with Vigattin Radio and Wazzup Pilipinas where bloggers actively participate in the discussion.

We all had the honor of sharing the hour with Earl Martin Valencia, President of IdeaSpace Philippines,  Oliver Segovia, CEO of AVA, and Bryan Gallinger, Founder of Iron Sharpens Iron. Alvin Laurente, Business Blogger of and yours truly, Ross Flores Del Rosario, founder of Wazzup Pilipinas acted as blogcasters that conducted the interview along with radio host Den Macaranas, veteran broadcaster, and Elison Barcelo, founder of Vigattin Radio

From the discussion, we came up with the realization that many participate in the ever-increasing interest for entrepreneurship especially now that there are companies that provide some funding to help bright minds, especially start-ups, to establish their business and put their ideas up to the next level.
You can watch and listen to the show's recorded live broadcast uploaded regularly at

e-Blog Mo Na Yan! is a segment at Vigattin Radio held every Saturday, from 10 to11 AM. The program tackles relevant issues, news and updates about topics mostly concerning entrepreneurship, startups, technology, education, governance and the connection of IT with various sectors like government, health, environment, business, and economy. Bloggers join in on the discussion to participate in interviewing the guests and later on blog about the radio show. Ross Del Rosario of Wazzup Pilipinas is a regular and mainstay who is also in charge of inviting some of the guests and potential advertisers.

Head Turner: Kia Sorento and the Promise of Prestige

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Lifestyles differ and needs change but the prestige a Kia Sorento brings is consistent.

Prestige is something that Kia Sorento exudes from all angles, from inside or out. Whether you’re out with friends on a road trip, on a Saturday date night, or on a daily family trip to school, Kia Sorento is the face of prestige you’ll want to be seen in.

There is elegance, smooth surfacing, and stylish functionality– three key design elements that one can appreciate and enjoy.

This 7-seater performance SUV from the Korean auto giant is a stunning sight on the road.

Kia Sorento is first and foremost a capable off-roader, while combining a robust and modern profile with sophistication inside. Straight, clean lines outline its silhouette and once you look closer, elegant details are accentuated as well. LED positioning lamps, distinctive rear combination lamps, and newly designed alloy wheels make for its standout stature.

Adding a touch of fun, a panoramic sunroof gives off a fresher experience on your every ride. Sorento’s three-quarter length glass encased roof with tilt and slide sunroof lets cool breeze and sun rays in, giving both driver and passengers a unique taste of their driving environment (EX variant only).

Kia knows the importance of comfort and convenience and Kia Sorento takes this enjoyment a notch higher.

BMW Presents the X-ceptional BMW X Family at the 5th Philippine International Motor Show

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Asian Carmakers Corporation (ACC), the official importer and distributor of BMW in the Philippines, is set to make waves at the 5th Philippine International Motor Show (PIMS) with a world-class exhibition of its exceptional clan of Sport Activity Vehicles – the BMW X Series.

Held at the World Trade Center in Pasay City from September 18 to 21, 2014, the 5th PIMS is home to the BMW X Pavilion where guests can experience a journey of endless explorations with the complete model range of BMW X vehicles, composed of the new BMW X1 M Sport Edition, the new BMW X3, the all-new BMW X5 M Sport Edition, the BMW X6 Sport Activity Coupe and the latest addition to the lineup, the first ever BMW X4.

“ACC is proud to bring JOY at the 5th Philippine International Motor Show as we usher guests into a world of pure adventure coupled with luxury in its highest form. Furthermore, as testament to our undisputed market leadership, we are thrilled to unveil the latest additions to the BMW X family, making it an even stronger clan of BMW Sports Activity Vehicles characterized by unparalleled driving dynamics, premium ambience, and robust performance,” said Maricar Parco, ACC President.

The Beetle: An Automotive Icon of Volkswagen

Wazzup Pilipinas!

The Beetle is an icon. It has inspired countless stories all over the world, Hollywood included. It is a story by itself. The success story of the Volkswagen Beetle has played no small role in making it an icon of automotive history. The new generation now bridges the gap from old and familiar to new lifestyles. With a new design and the latest technologies, the Beetle reveals itself as a car of the 21st century – bolder, more dynamic and truly engineered to play.

“The Beetle has always been special to me. I first learned how to drive with a Beetle and will always have fond memories, as I’m sure many Filipinos do. And now, the new Beetle is made easier to own with the introduction of our newest variant; making the most iconic car more accessible to Filipinos”, said Mr. JP Orbeta, president of Automobile Central Enterprise, Inc. (ACEI), the official importer and distributor of Volkswagen cars in the country.

Volkswagen continues its intelligent downsizing and transfers new forward-looking TSI technology to even smaller displacements with the new 1.2 TSI. TSI engines are well-known to be highly efficient and low in emissions, the new Beetle’s 1.2 TSI variant provides suitable driving performance and economy.

Mitsubishi Motors Philippines Reveals its 5th PIMS Line-Up and Activities

Wazzup Pilipinas!

The country’s biggest international motor show will once again wow the public as it showcase the latest and the future models in the automotive scene. Organized by the Chamber of Automotive Manufacturers of the Philippines Inc. (CAMPI), the 5th Philippine International Motor Show (PIMS) with the theme “Progress in Motion” is sure to bring exciting displays of vehicles and an array of amazing shows and fun activities from September 18 to 21, 2014 at the World Trade Center in Pasay City.

Mitsubishi Motors Philippines Corporation (MMPC) will showcase a grand display of its newest models and concept vehicles at the 5th PIMS. Not only car fanatics but the whole family will definitely enjoy MMPC’s booth since they will have the chance to see Mitsubishi concept vehicles that made their debut at prestigious international motor shows such as the Geneva Motor Show and Tokyo Motor Show.

MMPC flew in these concept vehicles including the actual Pajero Dakar Rally car to give the public a true feel of attending an international motor show. Aside from the exciting displays MMPC will also be offering test drives of the 2015 ASX, Mirage, Mirage G4, Montero Sport and the world’s first plug-in hybrid electric vehicle SUV, the Outlander PHEV, in this 4-day event.

Exciting activities, freebies and exclusive discounts are also up for grab during the event. MMPC will launch the Mirage Eco Dash game wherein PIMS visitors will be given the chance to play on-site and win exciting prizes. A lot of cool raffle prizes will be at stake for those who will visit MMPC’s pavilion.

Prenup Photoshoot of Mark and Batch at Pico De Loro Cove of Hamilo Coast

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Many people tend to become more creative especially when they're in love. I remember creating my own customized love letters patiently decorated with a bunch of  my own differently shaped and colored cut-outs, aside from the highfalutin words that were written to impress.

I became more artistic and learned to appreciate everything around me. I never paid attention to the meaning of the lyrics of songs before but everything changed when I fell in love. Imagine how I would carefully dissect the words of a song to find out what would best match my intentions to the lady I was courting. I did all sorts of surprising things that I never realized I could do. I was obviously inspired. I was definitely always in a great mood. It seems love has a way to make us more intricately creative, socially aware and more intact with our deep personal thoughts and feelings.

As long as I have the means, I did everything I thought would make my courtship a lot more interesting. I aim to make my self look good, and that sometimes involves showing off more than what I normally would do.

We have to admit that we become more than the usual when we are truly in love, and we turn into selfless kindhearted individuals when we are around the lady or gentleman we desire to become a part of our life, now and for eternity.

Nissan Unveils the All-New X-Trail at The 5th Philippine International Motor Show

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Nissan Philippines, Inc. (NPI) is all set to launch the all-new Nissan X-Trail. The newly established national sales company, tasked to market all Nissan vehicles in the country, will showcase the all-new X-Trail along with other Nissan vehicles during the 5th Philippine International Motor Show (PIMS).

The all-new X-Trail is Nissan’s contender in the compact sport utility vehicle segment, which has seen much success in key markets including the US, Japan, China and Australia. It was first seen in the 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show and since then covered solid ground, and is eyeing to launch in 190 countries.

The Philippine launch is one of the first in the ASEAN region. The forerunners of the all-new X-Trail were introduced in the country back in 2003 and in 2008. After years of anticipation, Nissan will finally make the third generation X-Trail available in showrooms by November 2014.

Kaspersky Lab Unveils New Security Products for Filipino Multi-Platform Users

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Kaspersky Lab announces the official release in the Philippines of its newly updated security products aimed at bringing further enhanced protection to home users’ privacy, digital identity, money and data across different devices.

The flagship consumer products Kaspersky Internet Security for hardcore Internet users and Kaspersky Anti-Virus for occasional Internet users now both come in beefed up 2015 versions.

 Kaspersky Lab is also launching its newest product, the Kaspersky Internet Security – Multi-Device 2015, which will be currently available only in the Philippines in the entire Southeast Asian region.

All these solutions were developed to protect users of Windows, OS X and Android devices from existing and new threats – making their online lives easier and safer.

"Today, people rarely access the Internet from just one device so they need to be aware of the full variety of online threats and know how to deal with them. Kaspersky Lab has developed a multi-platform solution that enables the user to easily manage protection products on Windows, OS X and Android-based devices under a single license," said Nikita Shvetsov, acting CTO at Kaspersky Lab.

AXN Announces New Seasons of Popular Shows Plus More Surprises

Wazzup Pilipinas!

AXN has been a preferred cable TV channel since it started airing several years ago. The "action" channel is actually my favorite because of its shows that are really action-packed and thought provoking. I especially like the crime, mystery, and reality shows. I am hooked to the channel especially during weekends where I do an all-day non-stop viewing while I work on the computer.

AXN (short for AXioN) is a pay television, cable and satellite television channel owned by Sony Pictures Entertainment. There is simply no boring moments when watching the AXN shows.It is home to most of the worlds most high-adrenaline dramas. It is your destination for thrilling entertainment with the most popular & latest US programs.

Your friendly neighborhood pambansang blogger was invited to witness the announcement of new seasons of AXN shows a few days ago. The event was held last September 16, 2014 at the K-Pub BBQ Restaurant Meat All You Can located at Bonifacio Global City.

The launch basically presented AXN’s Top Ten (10) Fall shows that will air on the same day as the US airing.

Jason Godfrey, host of the show named TEN consisting of daring, exhilarating, fun and even wacky travel adventures in the Philippines, also hosted the event where he announced the second season of his show.

Pilipinas Shell Launches the 10 Most Exciting Drives in the Country Powered by Shell V-Power Nitro+

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Whether it’s a relaxing solo drive around the city or a thrilling off-road challenge in the province, Pilipinas Shell calls on each and every Filipino motorist to discover his own formula for an exciting drive. Shell, through its premium performance fuels, Shell V-Power Nitro+, is on a mission to uncover the different turns, terrains, and tracks that characterize the interesting sights and adventures only the Philippines can offer.

“We’ve searched far and wide across the country for the different elements that make up different formulas for an exciting drive” said Anthony Lawrence Yam, Pilipinas Shell Vice President for Retail. “When TEN airs on September 26 on AXN, Filipinos will get to see how Shell V-Power Nitro+, our fast acting performance range of fuels, gives Filipino motorists a unique and worthwhile experience on the road wherever they are in the country.”

To bring exciting drives to life, Pilipinas Shell partnered with Television Culture Shock Productions to create the second season of TEN, a travel show hosted by Filipino-Canadian host Jason Godfrey, which premiered on AXN in 2013. TEN Season 2 showcases ten exciting destinations in the country, and at the same time demonstrates performance that excites through the ten most exciting drives fueled by Shell V-Power Nitro+ Performance Fuels.

AXN to Air The Blacklist and The Voice Day-And-Date with the U.S.

Wazzup Pilipinas!

AXN, the number one general entertainment channel in Asia, today announced that hit crime thriller The Blacklist (S2) and the Emmy-winning singing talent search show The Voice (S7) will air this season day-and-date with the U.S.

“By airing The Blacklist and The Voice day-and-date with the U.S., we provide our viewers with quicker access to these highly popular series while at the same time leveraging the shows’ real-time buzz across social media,” said Hui Keng Ang, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Networks, Asia, Sony Pictures Television.

The two shows join popular adventure reality competition The Amazing Race (S25), which AXN has offered day-and-date since its second season.

AXN and ‘Asia’s Got Talent’ Set to Shine the Spotlight on a New Generation of Stars

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Have you got what it takes? AXN, the leading English general entertainment channel in Asia, is set to bring ‘Asia’s Got Talent’ to the region.

Kicking off the search for stars this month, AXN has commissioned the pan-regional version of the global hit ‘Got Talent’ format, which is co-owned by FremantleMedia and Simon Cowell’s Syco Entertainment. ‘Asia’s Got Talent’ will premiere on AXN in early 2015 across 20 territories including South East Asia, South Korea, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

Asia’s aspiring individual and group acts of all ages are invited to share their amazing skills on ‘Asia’s Got Talent’, for their chance-in-a-lifetime to make it big in front of millions of AXN viewers and take home the ultimate winning crown.

Budding stars can log on to for registration and audition details. The ‘Asia’s Got Talent’ team will be talent scouting in 13 countries across Asia.

“Talent has a thrilling new home on AXN and we’re excited to provide the ideal platform for contestants to showcase their skills in front of our huge regional fan base. Asia is an incredible melting pot of exceptional talent so we look forward to discovering the next generation of Asia-based stars on AXN,” said Ang Hui Keng, General Manager and Senior Vice President, Networks, Asia, Sony Pictures Television.

AXN on Target with 24: Live Another Day

Wazzup Pilipinas!

24: Live Another Day is the latest chapter in the thrilling life of Jack Bauer and those around him who are drawn into his tangled web of world-changing suspense and drama.

The high-octane saga reunites the Emmy Award-winning team of executive producer Howard Gordon; star and executive producer Kiefer Sutherland; co-creator Robert Cochran; executive producers Evan Katz, Manny Coto, David Fury, Brian Grazer; and director Jon Cassar.

Set in scenic and historic London, the series open with Jack as a fugitive. It has been four years since his last world-saving but soul-shattering mission. Now in exile, he is still willing to risk his life and freedom to avert yet another global disaster.

The story is set around US President JAMES HELLER (William Devane) who is negotiating a treaty in London. Heller is accompanied by his Chief of Staff MARK BOUDREAU (Tate Donovan), who also happens to be married to Heller's daughter – and Jack's former flame, AUDREY (Kim Raver). This scenario provides a dramatic and nostalgic flavor into an adrenaline-powered plot.

AXN Presents Hawaii Five-O Season 5

Wazzup Pilipinas!

The fifth and latest season of Hawaii Five-0 is set for a thrilling, action-packed premiere, opening with the episode ominously entitled "Nowhere to Hide." The island of O'ahu goes into lockdown when the Five-0 team hunts a terrorist who starts using weaponized drones on civilians for a pulsating return to the island paradise.

Fans will want to follow this season closely as executive producer Peter M. Lenkov promised answers to their burning questions about McGarrett's connection to Wo Fat which will be revealed in the show's milestone 100th episode - the seventh episode of the new season.

Speaking to US-based online media TVLine, Lenkov said, “If there are any lingering questions for people who have been loyally watching the show from the beginning, they're all going to be answered in the 100th episode. There really will be no more questions as to, 'Are [Steve and Wo Fat] related?' and 'What is Wo Fat's relationship with Steve's mother?' …That's all going to come to a head and be resolved.”

Ten Season 2: Ten Exciting Adventures. One Amazing Country

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Conceived from bright ideas translated into cool concepts, AXN’s original travel lifestyle show Ten is a creative factory of seemingly never-ending engaging themes applied to the most intriguing places around the Philippines.

The first season was a hit as Jason Godfrey, Ten’s host and designated guide, accomplished a mission with each of his trips. The six-part series opened with a road trip from Manila to Northern Luzon. It went on to explore the Queen City of the South, Cebu by cleverly taking the local dialect as its guide. Jason then made friends with the locals of Negros, relived the old charm of the country’s capital, gained new skills as souvenirs from his trip to Panay, and reveled at the breathtaking sights of Busuanga.

All good things of course lead to a new season so the show’s avid fans can look forward once again to ten more good doses of Jason’s must-do’s and must see’s. It is sure to gain new viewers as well with the contagious vibe that one cannot help but get into.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Yahoo Weather Comes Alive in iOS Update

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Yahoo today announced the latest iOS update by taking the award-winning experience on the Yahoo Weather App even further. By using technology typically only experienced in video games, we’re bringing weather to life on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch through animations that appear directly in the Yahoo Weather Today widget as well as in your app. It’s the same beautiful design and location-based weather photos from Flickr, now combined with amazing weather effects.

Now when you check the forecast during a hot summer day, you will actually see the haze come across your screen. You’ll also see the rain, snow, and fog –with even more effects coming soon.

These animated effects will make checking the forecast daily more delightful than ever. So take the opportunity to explore the weather in your favorite places around the world, and see for yourself. Update your app or download the latest version in the App Store today.

The BPO Choice Awards 2014: The Biggest BPO Event of the Year

Wazzup Pilipinas!

The Core Productions, Inc., represented by its Busines Development Director, Juan Paulo Galinato, together with ePM, a full service training and professional certification company with headquarters in Singapore and Malaysia, represented by its Managing Director and Founder, Mr. Allan Puyan, presented the first industry and awards night that revels the voice of the IT-BPO industry at the International Centre Information Technology (ICITE) Auditorium.

The BPO Choice Awards 2014 is the first awards night where IT and BPO professionals can nominate and vote for their peers, managers, companies, and celebrities in different award categories through the online voting platform, The core mission of this awards event is to celebrate and promote the workers and organizations in the industry who are responsible for the significant economic contribution to the country.

The BPO Industry is a huge economic driver that has completely changed the business landscape of the
Philippines. The continuous increase in the size of the industry, with a targeted 1.3 Million filipinos employed by 2016, the industry has paved the way for the establishment of Small and Medium sized enterprises, development of more real estate projects, and demand for retail products and services. In addition, the IT-BPO industry have provided jobs to over 900,000 Filipinos currently handling a multitude of processes outsourced from around the world. Through The BPO Choice Awards 2014, this growing market will be properly represented and will help dispel the negative publicity attached to the industry.

Epson Achieves Top Honors With 2014 Winter Pick Award for Outstanding A4 Mid-Size Workgroup Scanner

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Epson, a world leader in digital imaging and print solutions, has once again received top honors as it has been awarded Buyers Laboratory’s (BLI) 2014 Winter “Pick” award for “Outstanding A4 Mid-Size Workgroup Scanner.” Through a series of extensive product evaluations conducted by BLI, the Epson Workforce DS-510 scanner consistently outpaced the competition, earning better than average results for the majority of performance categories tested. The unit’s overall performance and “Highly Recommended” status helped it to win “Pick” recognition for the mid-size workgroup category.

“Our customers depend on us to provide reliability and high quality imaging, which is why we continue to push our innovations to provide only the very best,” says Koichi Endo, Managing Director of Epson Southeast Asia. “To be recognised by such a prestigious industry influencer truly underscores Epson’s commitment to innovation and dedications towards helping companies achieve their business goals.”

Aside from its faster than average speeds and a higher than average efficiency rate when measuring the unit’s hardware throughput, the WorkForce DS-510 has also been shown to maintain its hardware speeds even when increasing the resolution or changing image processing settings. The DS-510’s Automatic Document Feeder (ADF) handles a wider than average range of paper weights, while the additional features include the ability to scan to various cloud destinations, smaller than average file sizes in colour mode and a wider than average resolution range. With the bundled Epson Document Capture Pro Software, users can customize up to 30 profiles for frequently used scan operations.

Wazzup Pilipinas Original Short Stories Series: I Am Carter

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Learn to be contented on what you have and never seek for anything that is better than what is yours. God has given you things better than what you have, so appreciate all his blessings and be satisfied with it.

If you’re somehow losing hope, do not search for something that will make your situation worse. All you have to do is pray to God and he’ll be there for you through your bad times.

Never ever steal neither someone’s wife nor husband. Someone will come into your life and will love you more than you wished.

It is not your pointless pleasure that will complete who you are. But it is your family that will make you happier and better.

We are proud to present to you our short story for the day. Read and enjoy!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Wazzup Pilipinas Original Short Stories Series: A Place for Solitary

Wazzup Pilipinas!

“People are illogical, unreasonable, and self-centered. Love them anyway.
If you do good, people will accuse you of selfish ulterior motives. Do good anyway.
If you are successful, you will win false friends and true enemies. Succeed anyway.
The good you do today will be forgotten tomorrow. Do good anyway.
Honesty and frankness make you vulnerable. Be honest and frank anyway.
The biggest men and women with the biggest ideas can be shot down by the smallest men and women with the smallest minds. Think big anyway.
People favor underdogs but follow only top dogs. Fight for a few underdogs anyway.
What you spend years building may be destroyed overnight. Build anyway.
People really need help but may attack you if you do help them. Help people anyway.
Give the world the best you have and you'll get kicked in the teeth. Give the world the best you have anyway.” ― Kent M. Keith, The Silent Revolution: Dynamic Leadership in the Student Council

“A Place for Solitary” can be categorized as a story that follows the Existentialism theory because it teaches us how sinful people are in nature and how these sins affect their lives. It also shows the differences of people’s attitudes and beliefs and how people should take responsibility in their actions. The story also showed how people evaluate a certain situation as right or wrong or good or bad depending on his or her perspective.

The most evident characteristic of existentialism in the story is the author’s confusion about how the world goes, why does things keep on happening to him/her and why these people around him/her act that way towards him/her. It shows that people’s experiences and observations are in contrast on what’s constant in our world today.

Please read below and enjoy our short story for the day.

Manila's Funniest: Mike Unson is Stand-Up Comedy

Wazzup Pilipinas!

In Los Angeles (California), comedy bars are rampant and an easy place to visit any night of the week. On the other side of the world, Manila (Philippines), there are plenty bars with karaoke, live bands and party music to go to....but if one must need a comic relief, where would you go?

A sure hit funny guy is Mr. Mike Unson who has been in this craft for almost 12 years. He has performed to introduce Philippine' pride Rex Navarette and Hollywood's Rob Schneider. When asked what do you do before you perform, veteran comedian answers "I chill." He has done corporate shows, alumni events, bar scenes, reunions etc. He adjusts to his audience, a true sign of a professional showman.

How could serious be funny? Mr. Mike Unson does it professionally and interesting. His set of quips and jokes come from all over. He can deliver from current events, commercials, politics and everyday life. He is, indeed, updated with news affairs. He delivers appropriate jokes. It does not have to be a "low blow."

MRT-3 Upgrading and Buy-Out Happening in Parallel

Wazzup Pilipinas!

With a pipeline of much-needed improvement projects for the Metro Rail Transit III (MRT-3) system on the plate of the Department of Transportation and Communications (DOTC), the transport department is fast-tracking their implementation as it pursues the buy-out of the railway separately, so as not to delay any further the relief that riders deserve.

“The modernization and upgrading of MRT-3 is critical in order to improve our services to passengers in terms of both safety and convenience. Most of these projects will be completed in 2015 to 2016 under current timelines, which is why we are already pursuing them separately from the buy-out,” said DOTC Secretary Jun Abaya.

“We need to work together in the interest of MRT-3 riders. Government is still finalizing the details of its buy-out plan, but we will bring this to the private owner as soon as it is completed. The buy-out will pave the way for our long-term plans, which is intended to deliver not only a decent MRT-3 system to the public, but one that we can look forward to taking,” he added.

Misters of the Philippines 2014 Winners: Neil Perez Wins Mister International

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The Grand Theater of University of Makati was so jampack during the grand coronation night of the 2014 Misters of the Philippines competition. Out of the 26 candidates, 4 winners were chosen to represent our country to 3 different international pageants: Mister International, Mister Global and Mister Tourism. A runner-up was also chosen to take over in case any of the top three winners is not able to fulfill the duty being the title holder of any of these.

The last year's representatives did pretty good job in the entire history of the Misters of the Philippines pageant: Mister Tourism 2013 placed 9th, Mister Global placed 4th and Mister International placed 4th and bagged the People's Choice Award. I hope this serves as a challenge to the most recent winners to prove that they can do better in the coming competitions.

The event started with the hunk contestants parading in a warrior's attire, then on a swimwear and a formal wear. The rest of the minor awards were already presented in the previous weeks so they just announced who won that night. The Misters of the Philippines 2014 pageant aims to find the 4 winners that are on top when it comes to physical fitness, final look, personality and international appeal. Last but not the least is the Q&A portion to determine who are the men of handsomeness and attitude that they are looking for.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Medicard-Metafit launches Metafit Fitness Boot Camp Season IV

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Medicard Philippines, Inc., a leading HMO provider, caps the year with Season 4 of the Medicard-Metafit Fitness Boot Camp at the Centris Walk, Eton Centris in Quezon City, beginning September 30, 2014. This is part of Medicard’s mission of encouraging the public to live healthier lifestyles.

"It is our privilege and pleasure to the partnership with Medicard in this Fitness Boot Camp. It is a great opportunity for fitness enthusiasts to have this type of activity. Rest assured that Eton Centris will always be in support of all Medicard's future endeavors." Maria Victoria L. Santiago, AVP for Centris Operations.

Dr. Nicky Montoya, President of Medicard Philippines Inc. , welcomed Eton Centris as the new partner for the boot camp’s fourth season.

“With the success of our first three seasons, we feel that it has become our duty to continue the goal of promoting a healthy lifestyle,” he said.

Wazzup Pilipinas Original Short Stories Series: Mirror

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Pvt. Brier is a representation of Franklin Delano Roosevelt. They both died in the middle of the war, and both were eager to stop the German advance in Europe, and both sustained injuries that attacked their legs.

Winston Churchill is presented here as Pvt/Sgt. Jackie Lake, who knew about the impending death and horror this war would bring, but the people wouldn't listen to him, just like in the first scene, where most of the members of Foxtrot didn't care, and they died, also reflecting the resignation or death that befell the members of the American and British Government, most notably PM Chamberlain, who led Britain through WW1.

Adolf Hitler here is Herr Richter, a man fueled and driven by intense beliefs. Sgt. Henderson represents Woodrow Wilson, who wants to pull out of the war, and does not want to risk more lives.

The bronze mirror in this story showed the traits of the characters, and the people they represent.

This story takes place at the Omaha Beach invasion at Normandy, France, otherwise known as D-Day, or operation Overlord. Modern English was used, except in parts were the English of that time were needed. There were many imageries and few metaphors to emphasize the truth about the war.

Please read on and enjoy our short story for the day.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Wazzup Pilipinas Original Short Stories Series: The Dream Catcher

Wazzup Pilipinas!

"Dream catchers are one of the most fascinating traditions of Native Americans. They are ancient spiritual tools used to help assure good dreams to those that sleep under them. A dream catcher is usually placed over a place you would sleep where the morning light can hit it. As you sleep all dreams from the spirit world have to pass through the dream catcher.Only good dreams can pass through the hole in the center while the bad dreams are caught in the webbing and are destroyed by the morning light."

When dreamcatchers were originally made, the Ojibwe people used willow hoops and sinew or cordage made from plants. The shape of the dreamcatcher is a circle because it represents how giizis- the sun, moon, month- travel each day across the sky. There is meaning to every part of the dreamcatcher from the hoop to the beads embedded in the webbing.

It is shown in the story that Luna doesn’t believe in dream catchers. Just like the author, the characters kept their nightmares a secret to one another for they are afraid the others will think they are paranoid. It was also shown obviously that she too cares for the safety of her friends yet wasn’t able to save them because of the situation. In such scenes the author might have done the same thing. All in all, the author and the characters both fear supernatural things.

Please read on below and enjoy our short story for the day.

Philippines Gears Up for ASEAN SME Gathering This Year

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For the past years, the Philippines have emerged as one of the fastest growing economies in the world, impressively rivaling the growth rates of fellow Asian countries. From being referred to as the “sick man of Asia” in headlines, it has turned around to being referred to now as the “new breakout nation”.

Integral to the economic development and growth of the Philippines are the Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), as they largely outnumber large enterprises in both quantity of establishments and share of the labor force they employ. To provide industry market intelligence to boost the business of SMEs, MEDIACOM Solution Inc. is staging the 2nd Philippine Small & Medium Enterprise Business Expo 2014 (PhilSME) with the tagline “Boost Your Business”. PhilSME 2014 is the largest trade show dedicated to the ASEAN SME Community in the Philippines with 238 exhibiting businesses from 18 business sectors and 20,000 expected visitors. This is set to be the focal point in the business community this year as it happens in November 21-23, 2014 at the SMX Convention Center Manila, Pasay City, Philippines.

“We aim to put together under one roof SME business owners, senior level executives, professionals, government agencies, trade associations from the Philippines and the ASEAN region to synergize their efforts in order to boost their businesses and the Philippine economy at large. The ASEAN economic community will become the 7th largest economy in the world with a combined consumer market of over 600 million people,” said David Abrenilla, Founder and Managing Director of PhilSME 2014 and CEO of MEDIACOM Solutions, Inc.

David Blaine Performs Real or Magic at Smart Araneta Coliseum

Wazzup Pilipinas!

The street magician levels up with his world tour which ends in the Philippines at a shocking 10.29 minutes of staying underwater without any form of breathing equipment.

David Blaine proves he is no ordinary magician as he bewilders the crowd with his death-defying stunts that made everyone cringing and worried for his life. His magic are unexplainable even when it seems so easy for him. I even thought he was going to reveal the solution behind one of his tricks but he actually made it more complicated to unravel how he really did it.

The Smart Araneta Coliseum was filled with fans that got more than glimpses of his performances as some of the crowd were asked to participate in the actual magic tricks on stage. First to join him were three individuals, mostly kids (two of which are girls and one boy) who were baffled by the ingenious card tricks.

This was after David drank three gallons of water, which seemed so simple yet everyone should know that it is quite difficult for the body to drink that much amount of water. But what really impressed us was how he used the water he drank to turn off the fire he started.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

UAAP Cheerdance Competition 2014: NU Making Headlines, UP Making History

UAAP Cheerdance Competition 

Wazzup Pilipinas!
The UAAP Cheerdance Competition for 2014 was "makapanindig-balahibo" to the extreme as we find the National University (NU) depending its title while the University of the Philippines (UP) tried to reclaim.

Undoubtedly, there were several amazing moves and stunts! But we can't remove the fact that those skills were over-shined by the message UP was able to convey to the audience. "Pantay-pantay" or all equals, if translated roughly, but we all get the point especially when they passed around the "rainbow" among the crowd.

We all send our congratulations to every school that participated especially for the buwis-buhay stunts that they made, or failed to perfect for some. Many are saying that "while NU will make the headlines tomorrow, UP made a history."

My timeline feed was all about the event ongoing at the Smart Araneta Coliseum in Cubao Quezon City which is probably in terrible traffic right after the cheerdance competition not only because of the rains, but also because of the sudden number of fans going home.

The National University (NU) bagged the 1st place at the UAAP Cheerdance 2014 while the University of the Philippines (UP) places at 2nd and University of Santo Tomas (UST) finishes at 3rd. NU deserved the crown for great precision. Yet, UP earned our respect for their vision of equality. UST can be praised for their creativity. Also, the UAAP Cheerdance Competition would never be this exciting and entertaining without reading out-of-this-world memes & boneless tweets! Bashing at it's finest!

Champion: NU (677.5 pts) 1st Runner Up: UP (658 pts) 2nd Runner Up: UST (625 pts). Kudos to all teams! Congratulations to all the winners.

Wazzup Pilipinas Original Short Stories Series: Unity for Success

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Some of the problems that our society faces when in terms of being a student are bullying and pride. In the story, there are some aspects of bullying because one doesn’t like the personality of the other particularly when Ben does not allow Lovelle to be part of the project instead of giving her a chance to work with him.

Another one is pride. That is when Ben cannot accept the fact that there is someone who has been better than what he got. This leads to misunderstanding and sometimes students may end up fighting and some do destroys each others name.

It is not that we are the winners all the time. If we want to be successful, then we should strive hard and make the best happen. If we lose, then it is the time that we should accept the truth and aim better. It is also best if we need to be humid. That despite of all the success that we may have in life, we still need not to be more than our limitations and still be ready for new beginnings, new friends and new opportunities.

The theme for the story is the camaraderie and the unity that each one of us should have within ourselves because no matter how best we are, no matter how great we are, we can never live alone.

Please read on and enjoy our short story for the day.

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