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Karma Works and We Have Real Life Experiences to Prove It

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Do you remember the lady who ranted against me for accusations she couldn't even prove with any evidence? While I posted several e-mail and SMS screenshots showing my conversations with those involved to prove my innocence, the only thing she could do was to further rant and call for other online misfits to join the bully bandwagon.

She now bids goodbye to the agency she worked for, as seen from a screenshot of her Facebook post that a PR and fellow blogger sent me. This is most probably the result of her squabble with another member of the media connected with a reputable print publication.

The lifestyle editor from Philippine Star was not afraid to expose this PR on social media which also led to the revelation of this PR's moonlighting activities that were obviously a conflict of interest to her current job. Who knows who else was a victim of her terrible PR - something she does not know the true meaning of.

During this highly emotional social media rant, none of the bloggers who allies with the PR Director posted anything on her defense. How could anyone defend her when they all know she really deserves some spanking. All we saw was a plea for both of them to reconcile. They may have sent PMs or private messages to the PhilStar editor, but that is in contrary to their usual public display of aggression. Now that a member of the media complained, none of them had the courage to speak out in public.

As they say, karma eventually hits hard those who unfairly judge or treat others without getting the other side of the story. We should all be getting our unbiased facts from even the accused. We should consider this as a learning opportunity for all of us who are too trigger-happy. We should always look out for the guy whom we're pointing a gun to. He may not deserve to have a bullet in his head.

Pia Wurtzbach as a Revenger? A Disastrous Face-Palm Career Move?

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"Star Cinema's "The Revengers" starring Box Office King Daniel Padilla, Phenomenal Box Office Star Vice Ganda and Miss Universe Pia Wurtzbach make it to the list!"

The headline may be a bit distracting especially for those who appreciate quality films. Now that the Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF) has announced a partial list of the participating movies that made it to the initial cut, many netizens can't help but frown with the revelation.

When everyone thought change has come to the MMFF when it introduced us to quality indie films last year, now it seems the "Reel Revolution" is gone as the likes of Vice Ganda and Vic Sottor are back among the list of actors featured in the movie.

What was most disappointing for us was the inclusion of our confidently beautiful with a heart Miss Universe Pia Wurtzbach as among the celebrities included in a movie called The Revengers - an obvious comical spoof of The Avengers superhero movie from Marvel.

Many are saying that it is a wrong move for the beauty queen as it will surely degrade her status from an international icon to a low-class "pang-masa" title-holder. Just as how Manny "Pacman" has lost his credibility as a boxer when he joined politics, Pia may also become a laughing stock, not because the movie she joined is a comedy, but because he settled for poor quality appearances starting with the Vice Ganda and Daniel Padilla movie. 

Everyone knows the two mentioned actors are not really outstanding both in singing and acting. They are merely capitalizing on the stupidity of the masses who patronize below standard commercial and mainstream category shows with less intellectually challenging content.

But who knows, maybe Pia does really wants to stoop down to the level of the majority who do not know the difference between quality and money-making craps.

It is sad to say that many of us will never get to see the movie The Revengers because knowing the antics of the celebrities from their past movies, we know it will be nothing more but a joke. There has never been any good Vice Ganda movie where you'll consider it internationally competitive. They may have be great in the box office, but that is only because not too many of our fellow Filipinos know better as to which movie, or even TV show, will benefit them. Being a country plagued by entertainment features as top demands for content is not helping anybody in reality.

They may argue that these type of movies were meant for the kids during the Christmas season, but they keep forgetting that their continuous dumbing down of the masses will never lead to a progressive Philippines. The children are our future and if we continue to feed them with junk, their outputs will most probably turn into junk as well.

It is about time we appeal to the movie industry to stop allowing films, or songs, made by these sorry excuses for artists, to proliferate in the country. We should not replace our high standard requirements with blockbusters that do not contribute to real art.

Comedy Clips Highlight New Reality Series “Rude(ish) Tube” on AXN this July

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Family-friendly clip show premieres July 11, Mondays-Thursdays at 8:50pm

Viral videos are the entire craze in the new reality series Rude(ish) Tube, which entertains your weeknights starting this July on AXN.
The half-hour show features a compilation of the funniest, wildest, and most unbelievable clips that have ever been uploaded online.
With a theme in each episode, every subject matter imaginable that started trending on the World Wide Web is presented in a smorgasbord of amusing internet videos that will surely whet the appetite of viewers.
From epic fails to utter pranks, from extreme rides to badass stunts – not to mention lots of animals and cute kids – there’s everything weird and wonderful for everybody. And don’t forget plenty of action!

Rude(ish) Tube premieres on July 11 and airs from Monday to Thursday at 8:50pm with 2 episodes back to back first and exclusive on AXN.

AXN is available on SKYCable Channel 49, Destiny Cable Channel 61, Cignal Channel 121, Dream Satellite TV Channel 20, G Sat Channel 51, and Cablelink Channel 38. AXN HD is available on SKYCable Channel 247.

Sister Act the Musical: Reminiscing the Movie with a Very Glittery Broadway Version

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Sister Act the Musical is a "hilarious, feel-good musical straight from Broadway, New York playing right now since June 27 up to July 9, 2017 at the Theatre at Solaire.

The limited two-week run of the musical based from the hit movie of the 1990s featuring Whoopi Goldberg as the lead star promises the audience to groove to the original score with music by 8-time Oscar Academy, Grammy and Golden Globe Award-winning composer Alan Menken (Disney’s Alladin, Beauty and the Beast, Newsies, The Little Mermaid, Enchanted, Little Shop of Horrors), with its vast inspiration of musical styles from Motown, soul and funk to great big disco anthems.

Though we won't be hearing the iconic songs like "I will Follow Him" from the actual movie, the new somngs from Alan Menken would equally delight teh audience because of their very meaningful lyrics and outstanding beats that could offer Last Song Syndrome (LSS) effect that would make you go sing some of the memorable songs again even after the show.

As media, we were given the opportunity to watch three (3) musical numbers including the festive and glittery finale song when even the giant statue of Mother Mary was all shiny and splendid to the eyes. Aside from the backstage tour, the interview with the lead cast was the ultimate highlight of the media event. You would notice that I may be a bit shaky or nervous in my video selfie interviews, and honestly my lips were all drying up from the nerve-wracking experience to be up close and personal with Broadway stars.

Pista ng Pelikulang Pilipino Announces List of Movies for August 16 to 22

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Narito na ang sandosenang piling-piling Pelikula na gawa ng Pilipino para sa Pilipino para sa Pista Ng Pelikulang Pilipino 2017! Mapapanuod na ngayong Agosto 16-22, 2017 sa lahat ng sinehan sa buong bansa!

Translated in English (for our international audience), Here's the 12 selected movies made by Filipinos for the Pista ng Pelikulang Pilipino 2017! They can be watched on August 16 to 22, 2017 at (60) cinemas or movie houses all over the country!

The week-long event, organized by the Film Development Council of the Philippines (FDCP) is aligned with the celebration of Buwan ng Wika happening every August.

We would like to commend the efforts given by the people behind Pista ng Pelikulang Pilipino? Thank you for promoting indie films.

The above photo from @FDCPH shows the cast, directors and producers of the films that made it to the list of Pista ng Pelikulang Pilipino. This was taken during the press conference or media launch held recently.

But even before this movie line-up there are other movie festival events to happen earlier

The Tofarm Film Festival is scheduled on July 12 to 18 while Cinemalaya is on August 5 to 13.

Also, the now controversial Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF) has also revelaed a partial list of their movies line-up, and many are already sending out their frustration. You can read more about it on our separate article.

Integrity: Learning About Ethical Standards in Journalism (and Blogging)

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"....Philippine journalism is being challenged by many Filipinos to be true to its vow of being truthful, balanced and fair in our reportage and has become even more difficult to ferret truth from lies, spins and fakery" - National Union of Journalists of the Philippines (NUJP)

Media persons and outfits have a far greater responsibility than ordinary citizens to ensure proper standards. Is the level of profanity in media, blogs and social media included, ruining free wheeling dialogue that is necessary to a democracy?

Some of us would never include profanity, curses, and our own special rants and bashing on our published literary works, but our social media pages are filled with fuming and rage towards the people, companies or organizations we hate. If not, we bad-mouth others to our friends and acquaintances.

"....newsmen, and even radio commentators, are not supposed to use foul language no matter how much they disagree with opinions. (Then again, this has been happening for some time) This much is clear in the KBP (Kapisanan ng mga Broadcasters ng Pilipinas) code of ethics." - Ed Lingao in reaction to "a long radio and FB live rampage against a senator that involved quite a lot of colorful cussing and swearing (he begins warming up at around 32:30, continuing with his cussing on FB live while the radio program went into a commercial gap). The rampage involved a lot of putang ina, sonafabitch, punyeta, lintik, what the fuck, etc."

"According to the Philippine Broadcast Code of 2011, we should observe the following:

1. To broadcast (and publish) commentaries only by persons who have thorough knowledge of and practice of broadcast (and journalism) ethics, present opposing or contrasting views fairly, and not allow our personal bias or prejudice to distort the facts (Article 2. ANALYSIS AND COMMENTARIES);

2. To prohibit personal attacks and unfair criticism (Article 4. PERSONAL ATTACKS)

3. To acknowledge and rectify mistakes as soon as possible (Article 5. CORRECTING MISTAKES);

4. To prohibit offensive, obscene, profane and vulgar words and phrases as well as name-calling and personal insult (Article 25. SEX, OBSCENITY AND PORNOGRAPHY and Article 27. ON-AIR LANGUAGE);

5. To adhere to the basic principles, as well as code of conduct for broadcast media (Article 29. QUALIFICATION OF ON-AIR/PROGRAM PERSONS and Article 33. UNIVERSAL ETHICAL STANDARDS).

Admittedly, some colleagues have forgotten these ethical standards that should govern our work as broadcasters and journalists." - NUJP

Just because the top media outfits ad personalities have a large base of listeners and supporters, it should not mean their statements are considered authentic and credible. There are many cases when news were blocked or modified to suit the preference of others that will be greatly affected, and it was only on online media (especially the bloggers) that offered the real news. This was mainly because some media outfits would not dare hurt their sponsors or advertisers, so they opted to ignore the damaging news in favor of their clients.

To this we form another headline asking a question "Who Are the Real Peddlers of Fake News?" 

We consider news that were intentionally withholding complete information as fake news too. Real news should report everything that could be significant and substantial. News should not be modified to deliberately keep other parties safe from possible downfall or humiliation - whether its a business, personality, the government or the entire country itself.

On the other hand, there are also media outfits that sensationalize their news to gain more audience. Some news are being hyped or exaggerated to gain more interest from the gullible public. They even connive with some individuals, groups or entities to satisfy whims, sponsors' requests, or politically motivated and vested interests. When you start seeing envelopes getting passed among members of the media, you start to question if integrity still exist among us. 

Whether we would admit it or not, when we accept and bring home all of those complimentary gifts, perks and freebies given during press conferences and media coverage affects our reporting of the news. Unless you were given a product or service to review, media outfits should not be receiving "tokens" of any form. Now some would say, bloggers are excused since unlike media, they do not have regular salaries from their mother media outfits. Still, we believe media and bloggers should only receive ex-deals or freebies if they were pre-arranged deals agreed by both parties, or when they are to review certain products (new dishes, equipment, etc), services (spa, clinic, travel, etc) or establishments (hotels, restaurants, resorts, etc). 

Whether on television, radio, print or online, our journalists, commentators, news anchors, or bloggers, should abide by high standards of ethics and strive to adhere to stringent standards of journalistic integrity. We expect our reporters, producers and writers to be fair and honest and to confirm the facts before print or online articles, TV or radio segments,  are released for public consumption.

Let us all do our part to cleanse our print, online and broadcast of gross made even grosser by biased partisanship. Let us protect the journalism or blogging profession from further "erosion of the people’s trust and respect."

"It will only be a matter of time before one of us prosecuted, judged and persecuted an innocent person"...or has it happened already?

"..... restate our firm promise to a high sense of responsibility and honesty in the practice of our chosen profession.....

Pipo Short Film Wins Viewer's Choice Award in Jamaica

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A short film about a boy who wants to have his family picture taken by an old and grumpy photographer for his school assignment won the viewer's choice award during the Asian and Middle Eastern Film Night of the fifth Gatffest Film Festival in Kingston, Jamaica last June 24.

"Pipo," which stars Maliksi Morales in the title role, bested films from Afghanistan, Iran, Israel, Malaysia, Singapore and Taiwan, in the said category of the festival. Chanel Latorre, Ramon Palencia, and Katherine Carel provide support as members of Pipo's family while award-winning actor Lou Veloso plays the role of the photographer.

Director Richard Legaspi was among the filmmakers from 28 countries who showcased their works during the festival and also vied for awards in 14 other categories including best directing, most original screenplay and best international film. Other films which competed in the 10-day event came from Canada, Columbia, Germany, India, Japan, the Netherlands, Spain, Tanzania, United States and United Kingdom, among others.

Gatffest, initially introduced in 2013 as the Greater August Town Film Festival and hailed as "the Carribean's premier film festival," was organized by the University of the West Indies (UWI) Centre for Tourism and Policy Research.

444th Araw ng Pasig: Writing for the Mayor of Pasig City

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In celebration of the 444th Araw ng Pasig, the City Government of Pasig has arranged for several activities to commemorate the festive event.

Among those events is the Search for Dangal ng Pasig - an annual undertaking of the City Government which seeks to give recognition to men and women whose achievements in their chosen profession or vocation have contributed invaluably to the development of Pasig. The awardees would serve as inspiration to the future generations of Pasigueños.

I line with this, my daughter, Hannah Krystelle Del Rosario, was commissioned to write the Inspirational Message of the honorable Mayor Robert "Bobby" Eusebio for the  3rd Dangal Ng Pasig Gawad Parangal 2017 event. She was also asked to write the message of the Mayor for the Araw ng Pasig souvenir program.

We are not sure if there would be some changes after submission to the office of the Mayor, but I am proud of her for having this opportunity. She may not be formally credited for its creation, but knowing she did write it is already a recognition. After all, it is not everyday that you get to be trusted to write a speech for the highest government official of the city.

Hannah Krystelle is also the Editor-in-Chief of their college publication, the Lundayan of the Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Pasig (PLP). She is graduating this year with a course of Education. Apparently, she favors the career of her mother who was a teacher but now works for the Department of Education (DepEd) specifically at the Pasig City Division Office. However, she took on the interest of her father (yours truly) who is also the Editor-in-Chief of, and also a radio show host for DZRJ 810 AM and 8Trimedia Network. 

Congratulations to our daughter for her so many achievements. We are truly proud of her excellent academic records, including her extra-curricular activities. We know this is just the start of a promising future for her. I would say to keep up the good work, but she's the kind of girl that already knows which to prioritize and excel in. You'll definitely learn a lot from her too.

Below are Hannah Krystelle's works:

3rd Dangal Ng Pasig Gawad Parangal 2017

Inspirational Message 

"Truly, we Pasigueños are delighted to see that the denizens of our abode, each being passionate aspirants with their sights beyond the distance, had accomplished such notable milestones in their own respective fields. It is ever so easy to admire and put those in front of us in the spotlight, for it is evident that they are blessed with their own abilities and have reached exemplary heights.

What we may not notice, however, is a fact that is easily overlooked – the fact that whatever profession they may hold, they are being recognized at this very moment not only because they are flourishing with innate skills but because they have proven themselves worthy due to their serious commitment and genuine love for what they do. Before we give them praise for their talents, let us not forget to account the gargantuan amount of time and effort they have dedicated to their craft and their fortitude in the midst of failure and adversity. Let us be proud of the fact that despite the changes brought about by nature and the impact of technology, which paved the way towards modernization – we Pasigueños do not forget to retain our culture and spirituality. We may acknowledge the company but what really matters or what constitutes the heart of them all is the amazing people.

Let us not be afraid to be ambitious and believe that we, too, can excel and be the best versions of ourselves. Before we convince ourselves that we can only do so much and such capacity is out of our league, let us note that we are capable of leading ourselves to something magnificent, for it was neither the earthly desire for fame nor fortune but rather the unwavering passion for what they do which had made us grace them with the spotlight.

Let us hope for our fellow Pasigueños to consider this acknowledgement not as a finale but an inspiration to further their achievements and to continue aspiring for the best, for as Arthur Ashe had said, “Success is a journey, not a destination. The doing is often more important than the outcome.” “God gifted us with talents. What we do with those talents is our gift back to God.”

444th Araw ng Pasig, 3rd Dangal ng Pasig Gawad Parangal 2017

Souvenir Message

"People should not be afraid to be passionate for what they do, for it is passion which ignites the flame of commitment and nurtures one’s fortitude amidst challenges as they aim for their dreams and aspirations.

Let it be known that a person’s power to believe that he is capable of the extraordinary can make a great difference. This power to believe is the main catalyst towards determination and the willingness to exert effort into what they do.

It is with a proud spirit that we congratulate the awardees of this jovial occasion. On this 444th celebration of our city, let us once again celebrate in favor of one of its greatest features which is its people. We are surrounded by people who continue to accomplish marvelous things, evoke the inspiration of their fellowmen and continue to reinvent the name of the Pasigueno. We are also surrounded with people who embrace the challenge which is to improve themselves in their respective fields. They have been courageous and steadfast in their own paths in life. They have granted themselves the power to create the life that they have in front of them at this very moment.

To everyone who continues to work towards their goals and towards a reality which they can be proud of, we thank you and salute you. Congratulations!"

Friday, June 30, 2017

Instituto Cervantes commemorates 80th year of Picasso’s Guernica

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Instituto Cervantes, the cultural center of the Embassy of Spain, in collaboration with the Film Development Council of the Philippines and Ayala Museum, has programmed a film series and an art lecture associated with Picasso‘s famous painting Guernica and the historical period when it was created. This is to celebrate the 80th year the masterpiece was first unveiled to the public July 12, 1937 to be exact. On April 26, 1937, the German aviation bombarded the Basque town of Guernica. Moved by the tragic event that caused many civilian casualties, Picasso, who had been commissioned by the government of the Republic to produce a painting for the Spanish Pavilion at the 1937 Paris International Exposition, decided to name his work after the Basque town. The film series Spain in the times of Picasso’s Guernica aims to offer a cinematic vision of the turbulent history of that decade. The cycle will be held every Saturday of July at 6 p.m. at FDCP’s Cinematheque Centre Manila. The cycle will kick off on July 1 with the feature film El viaje de Carol (Carol’s Journey). Carol is a twelve-year-old Spanish-American girl from New York who travels to Spain with her mother in the spring of 1938. Carol arrives in her mother’s home village and transforms the secretive family environment. Her innocence and rebellious nature make her reject a war-stricken world that is new to her. The film series will continue on July 8, 6 p.m., with the screening of La lengua de las mariposas (Butterfly’s Tongue), directed by José Luis Cuerda in 1999. The film, based on several short stories written by the Galician author Manuel Rivas, is set in Spain in 1936. It explores the relationship between a young boy and his incredibly compassionate teacher, who teaches the kid to find his way in a world that is increasingly frightening. La lengua de las mariposas bagged more than 20 international awards and nominations – among them, the Goya Award to the Best Screenplay.

Butterfly's Tongue

Carol's Journey

Land Without Bread

Las Maestras de la Republica
The following Saturday, July 15, 6 p.m., the documentary Raza, el espíritu de Franco (Race, the Spirit of Franco) will be featured. Directed by Gonzalo Herralde in 1977, this documentary produced after the dictator Francisco Franco‘s death, includes interviews with the dictator’s sister and the actor who played the leading role in the Franco-inspired film Raza. On July 22, 6 p.m., the audience will have the opportunity to see a short documentary that has become a classic – Luis Buñuel’s Tierra sin pan (Land Without Bread). Produced in 1933, the film recounts Buñuel’s journey to Las Hurdes, a remote region in Extremadura, which was connected to the outside world only in 1922 with the completion of a road. The residents of the area – spread across several villages – had to endure miserable lives in poverty and isolation from the outside world. The program for the day will be completed by the feature film Alsasua 1936, directed by Helena Taberna in 1994. Directed by Pilar Pérez in 2013, the documentary Las maestras de la República will conclude the movie series on July 29 at 6 p.m. This film, awarded with the Goya for Best Documentary in 2014, reflects the role of several female teachers, their effort to establish democracy in the country, and how they were key in the years between 1931 and 1936.

All films will be shown in their original versions in Spanish with subtitles in English. The screenings will take place at the FDCP’s Cinematheque Centre Manila, 855 T.M. Kalaw, Ermita, Manila. Entrance is free on a first-come, first-served basis. Meanwhile, on July 8, 3 p.m., Instituto Cervantes in collaboration with the Ayala Museum, will be presenting an Art Appreciation lecture on Pablo Ruiz Picasso entitled Cubism and the Long Path to Picasso’s Guernica. In this lecture, art-historian Juan Ignacio Pita will discuss some details of the historical and artistic journey that led to one of the 20th century’s masterpieces. For reservations or further inquiries about this lecture, please call Ayala Museum at 759-8288, local 8272 / 8267, or email For further information on the film series and the lecture please log on to: Instituto Cervantes’ website or, or call 526-1482.

Experience the Taste of Japanese Food with Buddha-Bar Manila's Corporate Chef Shigeki Iimura

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Buddha-Bar Manila, a world-class resto-bar-lounge that offers fine dining and entertainment experience, is bringing the best of contemporary Japanese cuisine as Chef Shigeki IimuraBuddha-Bar’s Japanese Corporate Chef, visits Manila this July 7 for a meet-and-greet with lovers of good food and entertainment.

A night of gastronomical delight will follow on July 8 as the renowned executive chef showcases his culinary skills as he prepares choice Japanese dishes through a live kitchen demo.

The said event on July 8, dubbed as “Japanese Serenade,” features Chef Shigeki’s signature Japanese dishes that will be prepared right before a live crowd while a violinist plays a beautiful ensemble.

“We are glad to invite everyone who loves Japanese food for this once-in-a-year event. I know that they will get to enjoy and learn a lot from this spectacular night as Buddha-Bar Japanese Head Chef Shigeki Iimura  comes over to showcase his one-of-a-kind dishes,” said Bernadette Castillo, Sales and Marketing head of Buddha-Bar Manila.

For almost 35 years, Chef Shigeki was able to learn the different styles of Authentic Japanese cuisine from Kyoto-style to Kaga and Robata-style. With this, he achieved a reputation in the culinary world in Japan as he established a career in a top restaurant in Tokyo. After traveling and working in different parts of the world, he developed a passion for Western cuisine and its flavours.

“Beyond the passion for Continental and Japanese cuisine, Chef Shigeki is admired most because he is an artist whose talent gives people emotions displayed from the fusion of his different cooking styles,” added Castillo.

First 4 Official MMFF 2017 Entries Revealed

Wazzup Pilipinas!

The 2016 Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF) was commendable for being bold enough to take risks - for understanding the true essence of quality filmmaking.

Last year's MMFF, even though there were some issues, was finally a time where films with good substance were being shown nationwide.

But are we back to mainstream and nonsense movies? If so, please rename the Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF) to Money-Making Film Festival.

After a wonderful festival last year, looks like MMFF's on its way to major regression.
I'd rather have the 2016 MMFF entries again than this year. Pieces of shit again basically.

I thought that last year was the start of change in the cinema industry - ika nga bringing everyone's A game. Now, back to the usual na naman tayo. Money talks, money moves!

MMFF - you shouldn't have succumbed to the producers' threats. They can make quality films. Profits are their priority that's why they don't make it. Supplying low-class entertainment for mediocre minds.

The 4 mentioned movie entries are Ang Panday, Almost is Not Enough, Love Traps, and The Revengers

Ang Panday naturally stars Coco Martin

Almost is Not Enough stars Jennylyn Mercado and Jerico Rosales

Love Traps stars Vic Sotto and Dawn Zulueta

The Revengers stars Daniel Padilla, Vice Ganda & Pia Wurtzbach

Anyare na? Bakit we're back to dati? Do we start vomiting again? Where's the quality?

Can you blame them? The MMFF took a risk last year, but sad to say many Filipinos did not care to watch.

Last year, half of the MMFF entries ang napanood ko. Pero this year mukha yatang wala akong mapapanood. Hays!

I agree naman na many mainstream movies are trashy pero don't generalize them kasi may mga movies din naman sa MMFF na worth watching.

Shameful that Pia Wurtzbach agreed to be part of a trashy film like "The Revengers." She definitely made a mistake here. Not to bash or ridicule, but being opposite the likes of Vice Ganda, though she or he is a blockbuster star among the masses, made her a class below her reigning status as a beauty queen of the Universe.

It's just like she degraded herself from being a confidently beautiful with a heart Miss Universe to a stupidly clueless without a brain Mis-take Universe.

So ginoogle ko sino si Rodel Nacianceno na direktor ng Panday na kasali sa MMFF. Lo and behold, si Coco Martin pala. Totoo ba to?

Si MMFF ung jowang mong nangakong magbabago patawarin mo lang pero dirin nag tagal bumalik na ulit sa dati. Change is Coming kuno! Pwe!

Many now think Pista ng Pelikulang Pilipino (PPP) is the real and legit Film Festival.

Just take a look at the MMFF criteria: 

40% artistic excellence 
10% promotion of Filipino cultural and historical values 
10% global appeal.

How much did the MMFF council get from the lobbyists of commercial movies?

Rolando Tolentino the chair of Rules Committee and member of 2017 MMFF Execomm just resigned this morning.

Mic drop.

" I love how the current cover photo/banner of theMMFF Facebook fan page reminds us of the joy and hope that was last year's lineup. "Maraming Magandang Filipino Films." Truly, you showed us that last year, MMFF. Thank you for proving all of us wrong when we thought of the festival as a mere commercial grab, and inspiring us to seek out these films, to discuss them, and to look forward to the future. True, not all of the films in last year's lineup were great films, but I daresay they were all important films, because they showed us the potential and capability of our filmmakers, our storytellers, and yes, even our government and decision-makers when it comes to selecting the quality we show at such an important time of the movie-going year. Last year wasn't perfect - but it was a great and heartening step forward for the local industry.

Right below that banner--this announcement. It seems we're back to the old ways again. Try as I might I can't muster any excitement for the same retread of the same themes, stories, stars. Maybe one, or two, or all of these films are actually great. But at an opportunity for originality, for change, to inspire again and to push the envelope, this is unfortunately feels like a wasted one. This is not to belittle the efforts and accomplishments of those who've worked/who are working on these projects--it's just, there are many times for these to shine during the year. They are almost assured of success.

Thanks again, certain lawmakers and lobbyists. Thanks again for the vote of confidence for the moviegoing public. Thanks again for choosing to fill your coffers for this Christmas, with little regard for the future of our industry and generations of MMFFs to come." - Wacky Narciso

Below is the official press release:

The Metro Manila Film Festival Executive Committee (MMFF Execom) , upon the recommendation of its Selection Committee, hereby announces the first 4 official entries to the MMFF 2017 based on the script submission.
The MMFF Execom said the following entries have been thoroughly evaluated by the body's selection panel.

Director: Rodel Nacianceno
Lead Actor: Coco Martin

Director: Dan Villegas
Lead Actors: Jennylyn Mercado & Jericho Rosales

Director: Joyce A. Bernal
Lead Actors: Vice Ganda, Daniel Padilla & Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach

LOVE TRAPS #Family Goals
Director: Antonio Y. Reyes
Lead Actors: Vic Sotto & Dawn Zulueta

With the push for artistic excellence that began in 2016, the MMFF this year under the helm of the Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA) Chairman Danilo Lim received a very encouraging and diverse roster of 26 film-entries that already crossed the so-called commercial-indie divide.

"Our selection committee had a difficult time choosing given the quality of films. We have to thank them for their exhaustive and thorough deliberations," MMFF Executive Committee Chairman Tim Orbos said.

"We also have to give credit to this year's Rules Committee which devised the two-part selection process that gave a greater latitude to interested participants for this year," Orbos said, referring to the new vetting scheme that was initially applied this year to assure that no discrimination will arise amongst commercial and the so-called "indie" films.

The film entries this year were evaluated based on the following criteria: 40% artistic excellence; 40% commercial appeal; 10% promotion of Filipino cultural and historical values & 10% global appeal.

The next phase for the FULL LENGTH FEATURE category will be the finished film submission. The films with the duly accomplished application forms and complete requirements can be submitted to the MMFF Secretariat until October 2 for early birds, and until October 30 for the regular submission.

The remaining 4 slots as official entries shall be selected from all the submitted finished films to complete the eight (8) official entries to the 2017 MMFF which will be announced on November 17.

The deadline for the SHORT FILM category, on the other hand, will be on September 1, while the announcement for the eight official Short Film entries is on September 29.

Waze Navigational Mobile App Will Speak in Tagalog Voice Soon

Wazzup Pilipinas!

To comply with Anti-Distracted Driving Act (ADDA), Waze navigational mobile app will have voice commands in Tagalog soon.

Waze will soon have voice direction language in Tagalog. Who would you like to be used as its voice? Kris Aquino, Ruffa Mae Quinto, Rey Langit, Gus Abelgas, Korina Sanchez, Kuya Cesar, Mike Enriquez, etc?

This will be starting on July 6, 2017 Tagalog Waze voice be like:

"Ikaw ay nakarating na sa iyong destinasyon" 

"Sa labing-limang kilometro, umikot pa-kanan" 

Sana magkaroon rin ng Bekinese language option sa Waze.

"Pagdating sa kanto, ikaliwa mo gurl! Dyan dali! Ayan! Pak! Pak! Kembot!


"Beshie, sa ika-300 na metro, bahay na ni ex yan. Move on move on din."

If Grace Poe voice was on Waze: "Sa may stoplight, mag U-turn po. Ako po ay Pilipino, hindi ko lang po alam ang Tagalog ng stoplight at U-turn."

How I wish somebody would invent a Tagalog , Visayan or Ilokano Waze which will give more animated instructions like: " Hoy, tanga! Sabi ko na sa iyo left turn! At, hindi 10 feet kung hindi 3.048 meters na, kasi metric na lahat except sa USA!"

But Magiting Street is still Ma-jiay-ting. It may still take time for Waze to pronounce Tagalog words correctly.

DOE Backs E-Vehicles Development

Wazzup Piipinas!

Electric vehicles (EV) are the future of motoring and the Department of Energy (DOE) under Secretary Alfonso Cusi has assured industry stakeholders of its full support for the continued development of EVs or e-vehicles in the country.

With Assistant Secretary Leonido Pulido III speaking on behalf of Cusi, the DOE made the assurance during the ASEAN Electric and Hybrid Vehicle Summit at the World Trade Center in Pasay City.

“Through a concerted effort, we have to develop a conducive, open-access and non-discriminatory environment for EVs to thrive and settle into the mainstream,” said Pulido.

The DOE official stressed that the industry must ensure the operation of adequate recharging stations and after sales support if e-vehicles are to take the place of vehicles running on fossil fuels like gasoline and diesel

“The industry should be bent on continuing to improve the performance, mileage and durability of EVs, so that these vehicles develop over time both in capacity and reputation that will match and stand toe-to-toe — or wheel-to-wheel — with their petroleum-powered counterparts,”
Pulido pointed out.

Pulido underlined the government’s efforts to incentivize the industry, including the programs being implemented of the Bureau of Investments for nascent industries such as EVs.

The DOE has drawn up an Alternative Fuel Roadmap, which embodies the country’s immediate and long-term strategies concerning the said industry, the DOE official said.

Last May, the DOE in partnership with the Japan Government turned over the “next-generation vehicles” to selected government agencies, especially in the Yolanda-stricken areas, for practical testing and operation, research and development, and technical familiarization.

It also formulated with the help of various stakeholders the Philippine Energy Standards and Labeling Program, which aims to ensure that all energy-consuming products, including light vehicles, will meet the set energy performance requirements for consumer benefit.

Pulido asked EV stakeholders to spread positive awareness of the benefits of using e-vehicles.

MSAP ICE Awards 2017 is Now Open for Entries

Wazzup Pilipinas!

The Media Specialists Association of the Philippines (MSAP) continues to recognize excellent and exemplary work in media thinking and communications with the 2nd ICE Awards.

Now open for entries for campaigns that ran from May 2015 until June 2017 that fall under the following ten categories: Best in insight, Best in Creative Use of Media, Multi-media, Single Medium, Activation, Branded Content, Digital, Data, Not-for-Profit Campaign, and Effectiveness Award.

All qualified participants can submit their entries starting July 15 to 22 for early bird submission at P5,000 per entry or P20,000 for 5 entries; and regular submission dates from July 23 to 30 at P7,000 per entry or P25,000 for 5 entries. All MSAP members, creative agencies of the MSAP members, and members of KBP/GM7, UPMG, OAAP, OMAG, IMMAP can join the ICE Awards.

All campaign entries will go through strict screening processes and will be judged based on three standards: Insights, Creativity, and Effectiveness. The entries that will garner the highest scores will be qualified to vie for ICE Awards two major prizes: Media Agency of the Year and Advertiser of the Year.

Announcement of winners will be on September 9, 2017 at the final night of the 2017 Media Congress in Baguio City. To learn more about ICE Awards and the entry submission process, please visit

MAD Volunteers Brave Martial Law in Mindanao; Bring School Treats for Kids

Wazzup Pilipinas!

In spite of the crossfire gripping Marawi City and the declaration of martial law in Mindanao, no fear had ceased the passion, determination and courage of 17 millennial volunteers from across the country to hold its 34th outreach program called “I am M.A.D. (Making A Difference) Camp” in Zamboanga City, recently.

I am MAD volunteers spearheaded the distribution of “Bag of Dreams” gift packs of school supplies for 73 school children of Muruk Elementary School in Brgy. Upper Pasonanca, about 13 kilometers from the city proper.

The three-day camp gave both the volunteers and kids a time to interact through educational and entertaining activities which included the ‘share your dream’ getting-to-know-you session, team-building, storytelling, games, arts and crafts that promote the organization’s four key advocacies anchored on the Department of Education’s core values—love of God (maka-Diyos), love for others (makatao), love of environment (makakalikasan), and love of country (makabayan). All these are integrated in the “10 I am MAD Commitments”.

To support the program, I am MAD Zamboanga chapter led by Meryl Hilda Jalani, raised P60,000 by selling school supplies and holding a mini-art exhibit months before the actual camp. A portion of the proceeds was also shared to evacuees from Marawi City.

Maureen Wroblewitz is Asia's Next Top Model for Season 5

Wazzup Pilipinas!

That girl you once called a pretty face but with no skills just got the title of Asia's Next Top Model (ANTM) for 2017. The girl who didn't let bullying get the best of her.

The youngest, shortest and least experienced contender wins the competition. The first Ever Filipina Winner of ANTM is Maureen Wroblewitz!

Maureen broke the curse of the filipinas being runner-ups for the past 4 seasons of ANTM

How to be you po? Grabeeeeee.

With her surname, I know what you guys are thinking - We have another half-Filipina who is making our country proud. But true enough, Filipinos become a lot more attractive when mixed with another race, or is it the case for this particular lady who seemingly bears the last name of a foreigner.

Just as Pia Wurtzbach is of half-blood due to a foreigner as a father, is Maureen also of foreign blood?

Yup! He has a German father to thank for that beauty...or is it the other way around. Filipinas are known to become more beautiful when positively "infected" with another race. No matter what nationality, the fusion always has beautiful results. Lol!

Moments after she was announced as the winner of Asia's Next Top Model, "Nylon Singapore" unveiled its cover starring the Pinay-German teen. Wow! That's two achievements in succession. ..or did the magazine tried to take advantage of her win since we all know that the ANTM show is not live, and so the magazine had plenty of time to release the magazine cover at the right timing after the announcement of her win.

Regardless, we are proud of our "kababayan" for another win to put the Philippines back in the map again. Yeah, we commend all those of Filipino blood every time they are recognized for an international achievement.

"Do you know why Mauren won? Because her two competitors were so dying to win the title and so overconfident that they both overdid their performance. Tu overdid her runway walk as what the judges had commented, but did fantastic on the photoshoot. Shikin overdid the photoshoot that she turned out very edgy, but managed to slay the runway. While Maureen stayed in the middle, both of her performances have enough class, sass and elegance that were needed to be the Asia's Next Top Model. And most of all she got the best ATTITUDE. So to all the haters and bashers we wish you well. " - Ai Za

"Pinoys, please be humble. It's a victory for our country but please don't take this win as an opportunity for revenge or just to be petty, even if others started it. Naturally, fans from other countries would be disappointed or pissed and we cannot control how they react because frankly that's their prerogative. But we can control how we react and be the bigger person. Let's try to change this perception of Pinoy fans being petty and vindictive. It is possible to support Maureen without rubbing her victory in other's faces. Let us be inspired by Maureen herself, who stayed humble through all the highs and lows. Congrats, Maureen. You're living proof that humility coupled with hardwork is a winning formula." - Wyb Lumpias

Let the Sun Shine Brighter Every Early Sunday Morning with Wazzup Pilipinas Radio

Wazzup Pilipinas!

We consider it a great achievement to have a radio show named after our own blog - Wazzup Pilipinas!

Wazzup Pilipinas is not just a blog anymore but a network of media (website, social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, etc,) and now radio aired over DZRJ 810 AM and with livestreaming at 8Trimedia Network's site and social media pages.

We nearly made it to television but had to delay that opportunity since it would mean a lot of work, and defeat the ultimate purpose to have fun while sharing our thoughts, opinions, learning and creativity. Since television has a lot of limitations in promoting brands, that option would not be considered at the moment, unless they finally let us do anything we want.

We, including co-hosts Master Pogi David D'Angelo, Millennial Momshie Sarah Muyco, and Ate ng Bayan Ayla de Joya, are grateful to the one and only Voicemaster of the Philippines, Pocholo De Leon Gonzales, for the trust he has given us.

Thank you to all who have continued to support and believe in us.

Wazzup Pilipinas is for you, from you, and about you!

We will forever yell out the iconic shout-out and greeting of "Wazzup Pilipinas!!!"

Tutok na po sa Wazzup Pilipinas Radio every Sunday morning from 6am to 7am. Kami po ang gigising at magbibigay sigla sa inyo tuwing linggo ng umaga.

Organisations and Computer Users Must Take Immediate Action to Protect against Petya Ransomware

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Fortinet, a global leader in high-performance cyber security solutions, today advised organisations and computer users to brace and take immediate action against a new ransomware variant called Petya that is sweeping across the world. The ransomware is currently having an impact on a wide range of industries and organizations, including critical infrastructure such as energy, banking, and transportation systems.

This is part of a new wave of multi-vector ransomware attacks that we are calling “ransomworm”, which takes advantage of timely exploits. The ransomworm is designed to move across multiple systems automatically, rather than stay in one place.  It appears that the Petra ransomworm is using similar current vulnerabilities that were exploited during the recent Wannacry attack.

Unlike WannaCry which encrypts a computer’s files, however, the Petya ransomware encrypts a segment of the hard drive that renders the entire computer inoperable. Older legacy systems and critical infrastructure are particularly vulnerable to this attack.

The patch for this vulnerability was issued by Microsoft earlier this year. We advise organizations to update their systems immediately.

How to Understand that She Is Seducing You

Wazzup Pilipinas!

When a woman likes a man, she will try to show it in every way. And all her intentions will certainly be shown by the language of gestures. You should pay attention to her gestures for understanding how a woman treats you. We will tell only small part of those gestures, but they will obviously show that a woman is seducing you.

Long eye contact

The eyes of a woman can tell you about many things, including her sexual desire. This is an unmistakable signal. Her look is filled with sexual desire and you, of course, will notice it even in the crowd. A look of some women can be intimate and playful, of others - languid. In any case, woman's eyes will always give you a signal.


If you see that a girl is gently caressing her legs or hips, then be sure she likes you! She dreams of having sex with you. While you are telling something, drinking your coffee or answering a phone call, she is mentally in bed with you. If she casually touches her knee and makes any other manipulations with her legs, then her only message is: look at me and have sex with me. She wants to seem sexy to you, and how paradoxically it may sound but at the moment she wants you, you want her as well. Show your desire, show that you want the same, relax and have fun!

Naked shoulders

One or two - it is not important. Have you ever pay attention to how Marilyn Monroe posed? That's it - she shows the shoulders and looks coquettishly at the men. This drives minds of all men! This is a kind of secret weapon.

Praise and compliments

Women also tend to give compliments to men. Most often this happens spontaneously and completely sincerely. Compliments about your appearance, success, sharing and approval of your interests is a sure sign that she doesn’t mind to have a more private conversation and intimate atmosphere.


Lips are probably the most sensual part of our body. They attract all the attention during a conversation between a man and a woman. A woman may lick and bite her lips, demonstrate her tongue, drink a cocktail with a straw - is that still not clear?

She is relaxed with you

This is a very important nuance that allows you to determine the approximation of the moment of intimacy. She should feel comfort and relaxation with you. A girl may openly and cheerfully laugh, don’t hesitate to joke and tell nonsense. You're almost in bed with her in this case. But if the dialogue becomes uninteresting and you hear only “Probably” or “Okay” on all your efforts to keep it, then leave this losing battle. You probably didn’t attract her interest.

Mirror effect

People say that if you want to please your companion, then just copy some of her/his movements. Yes, it works sometimes. But if it's about girls, then they want to tell you something entirely different - they don’t mind to have sex with you. Watch her facial expressions and movements: if you see that she tilts her head, strokes it with a hand, or does any other movement identical to yours, then she quite clearly lets you know that you shouldn’t be shy, but you need to act!


If you want to understand a girl, then watch how she touches herself or she can even touch your arm or shoulder when you are talking about something. This is one of the most distinct and obvious signs that she wants you. She will touch you only in two cases - if she considers you as a friend and these touches don’t mean anything to her or the second option - she wants you and doesn’t hesitate to show it with her touch. So first of all, make sure that she really treats you like a man and you don’t become her next friend with whom she discusses all sorts of nonsense and cries because of her broken heart. Only then you can safely answer her touches the way you want.

Thanks to our friends from Maria Dating for providing this article.

Launching the New YZF-R15 at Yamaha R-Day

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Yamaha Motor Philippines Inc. continues to share global racing excellence in the local circuits of the Philippines. The latest offering to the country is the arrival of the all new YZF-R15; a re-mastered version of its predecessor made more efficient in speed and style.

In true racing fashion the launch was done at the Carmona Racing Circuit for an exciting event called the R-Day. Only the 2nd edition of its kind, the occasion offered exclusive opportunities for those in attendance. A special racing clinic was held by Yamaha Riding Academy Executive Instructor, Yoshiaki Kato for a group of 45 riders who used the all new YZF-R15. That batch also included Media Guests that had their turn on the track as well. After the test ride, there was a fun race for the Clinic participants and the Media.

The official launch happened right on the start/finish line where Yamaha Ambassador Gab Valenciano rode the all new YZF-R15 alongside racing stalwarts Masato Fernando and Kyle Paz. After taking the machine for a spin in its debut, Gab talked about the reliability and quality of the new motorcycle.

Then it was time for a true test of the all new YZF-R15 in exhibition match that was composed of all star riders. Aside from Fernando and Paz they were joined by James Mendez,Romer Corbe,Vrei Ar Suba,Herbert Lopez,J.E Inguito,Aljon Valencia,Rizaldy Canare,Tracy Soyangco,McDon Sande,Niel Jan Centeno ,R.R Espiritu, Jacq Buncio, and Bethany Tolentino. A thrilling match was witnessed between the best riders in the country as they excelled beyond their usual limits with the upgrades that made the all new YZF-R15 more aerodynamic, quicker, and technologically advanced. It was a tight race between “The Chairman” Masato Fernando and 15 year old sensation Kyle Paz but the latter had to retire from the race after an unfortunate spill he took on the back end of the race that yielded the victory to the younger Paz.

This arrival re-ignites the dominance of the R-Series and is a statement to why Blu is Fast; a testament that is worn by Yamaha’s MotoGP riders Valentino Rossi and Maverick Vinales. The all new YZF-R15 has an SRP of 164,000 and comes in Race Blu, Raven Black, and Matter Red. Available in all Yamaha 3S Shops and Multi-brand stores Nationwide.


Clinic Fun Race Winners 
1st - Angelo Portal - (total time) 7:36.387
2nd - Emmanuel Balmes - (total time) 7:40.261
3rd - Laude Cabahug - (total time) 7:53.180

Media Fun Race Winners 
1st - Michael Segui (Motorcycle Magazine) - 4:56.366
2nd - Emman Balmes (Motorsiklo News) - 4:58.045
3rd - Philip Bonza (Inside Racing) - 5:11.689

All Star Race (Set A) 
1st - Kyle Paz - 10:21.674
2nd - Tracy Soyangco - 10:28.053
3rd - J.E. Inguito - 10:28.559

All Star Race (Set B ) 
1st - RR Espiritu - 10:42.090
2nd - Neil Jan Centeno - 10:46.887
3rd - Justinne Bethany Tolentino - 10:55.806
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