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Miss Tourism Philippines 2016 Candidates: Glamorous Wearing Their National Costumes

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The month of May has always been regarded as the merry month of blooms and foliages, when flowers and greeneries are profusely in full season. This is why there's a Flores De Mayo which means Flowers of May and highighted by a Santacruzan were beautiful ladies parade wearing their best and most flattering gowns.

The candidates recently wore Filipiñiana gowns or their national costumes showing the best creation of our fashion designers for the Flores de Mayo showcase at the 2nd Tourism, Lifestyle and Business Expo held on May 10, 2016 at the Glorietta Activity Center in Makati City.

Here are some more awesome group photos of the candidates that were all smiles and elegance during the event. I am truly proud of our Filipino designers for their magnificent Filifiniana gowns that indeed brought out the oozing appeal of every candidate. The Philippines is truly blessed to have so many beautiful women.

We witnessed the creativity in showcasing the Filipinos' ingenuity and flair for fashion. It would also be interesting for you to know whose creation reflected our value, culture and traditions that grabbed even the attention and nod of our judges during the national costume competition held at the Luxent Hotel in Quezon City before the 2nd Tourism Lifestyle Business and Expo event in Makati.

Stella Artois Draught Masters Philippines Sendoff Party at Draft Gastropub

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We are sending our good luck to Raniel Dy, from Draft The Fort; Eduardo Mayani II, of Draft Alabang; and Jordan Bernarte, from Draft Greenbelt—winners of the pioneer Stella Artois Draught Masters Philippines set to conquer Regional Draught Masters in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Stella Artois Draught Masters is a competition of both expert bartenders and Stella Artois fans to try their hand at Stella Artois’ time-honoured 9-step pouring ritual. Stella Artois launched the very first Stella Draught Masters Philippines on February 25, at the Draft Gastropub in Greenbelt 2. There were initially eight participants who exhibited their skills during the competition, but only three of them will represent the country.

A send-off party was held on May 13, that's a Friday night, it's Friday the 13th filled with music, food, Stella Artois beer, and friendly pouring competition among fans and the bartenders, held at Draft The Fort Bonifacio Global City in Taguig. Thank you to Stella Artois, Booze Online and Draft Gastropub for hosting a send off for the three - Raniel, Eduardo and Jordan, who are excited to represent the country in June 2016.

To make the event a lot more interesting, attendees of the party were given a chance to test the skills of the local Draught Masters by personally taking part in the 9-Step ritual. There were elimination rounds where fans must compete with each other in the 9-step pouring ritual. The Stella Artois Draught Masters will judge who between two contestants did well, and the emerging winner will then challenge any of the Draught Masters on the next round. I am proud to say that I was only a few seconds slow as compared to the time of the Draught Master.

Friday, May 13, 2016

Say G Day at SM as We Continue to Celebrate 70 Years of Philippine-Australian Friendship

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There was an overflow of Australian goodies that day at The Block Atrium of SM North EDSA as all of us got to try out a delightful array of Australian-inspired or branded delicacies starting with flat white coffee from Vitonna or Bundaberg cold brewed drinks. There were meat pies from @PieFacePH, lamingtons, Tim Tam chocolate cream sandwich, and a lot more including cupcakes designed with the Australian flag.
But that's not the highlight of the event where your Pambansang Blogger was invited to. I was acually late to the Say G Day at SM event, a social media networking day where the organizers, led by the Australian Embassy with Ambassador to the Philippines Amanda Gorely, who invited bloggers and online influencers to celebrate the last leg of the exhibition celebrating the 70th year of Philippine-Australian friendship.

Attendees were given sort of a passport containing some information about the Celebrate Australia 2016 festival. The Australian Embassy partnered with SM Supermalls to host the Say G Day at SM roadshow exhibition which features a historical photo exhibition showcasing the depth and breath between the two countries - Philippines and Australia, parallel to an exhibition showcasing Australian lifestyle and culture, and some on education opportunities. Guests can take selfies from large displays of Australian tourist spots.

FYI, the celebration was launched at SM Aura in Tagig last February, then to SM City Cebu last March, then SM City Davao, and finally at SM City North EDSA for the final leg which will last until May 19.

I regret being late because of my failure to properly estimate my travel time from Makati to North EDSA. Even riding the MRT was problematic since there were several times when the ride seems to be too slow than the usual and times when we had to wait for some stations to clear from existing trains before we can proceed to it. It is no longer like it was before when it was newly built.

Western Digital Completes Acquisition Of SanDisk, Creating A Global Leader In Storage Technology

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Western Digital Corporation announced that its wholly-owned subsidiary Western Digital Technologies, Inc. has completed the acquisition of SanDisk Corporation. The addition of SanDisk makes Western Digital Corporation a comprehensive storage solutions provider with global reach, and an extensive product and technology platform that includes deep expertise in both rotating magnetic storage and non-volatile memory (NVM).

The Company also indicated that the debt financing associated with this transaction has been consummated and that the previously obtained funds from this financing have been released from escrow to Western Digital Technologies, Inc.

"Today is a significant day in the history of Western Digital," said Steve Milligan, chief executive officer of Western Digital. "We are delighted to welcome SanDisk into the Western Digital family. This transformational combination creates a media-agnostic leader in storage technology with a robust portfolio of products and solutions that will address a wide range of applications in almost all of the world's computing and mobile devices. We are excited to now begin focusing on the many opportunities before us, from leading innovation to bringing the best of what we can offer as a combined company to our customers. In addition, we will begin the work to fully realize the value of this combination through executing on our synergies, generating significant cash flow, as well as rapidly deleveraging our balance sheet, and creating significant long-term value for our shareholders."

The integration process will begin immediately through the joint efforts of teams from both companies. As previously announced, Steve Milligan will continue to serve as chief executive officer of Western Digital, which will remain headquartered in Irvine, California. Sanjay Mehrotra, co-founder, president and chief executive officer of SanDisk, will serve as a member of the Western Digital Board of Directors, effective immediately.

"As a combined company, we will be best positioned to address the demands for data storage, which is growing exponentially every year," said Sanjay Mehrotra. "Growth and change go hand in hand, and we couldn't be happier to grow and change together with Western Digital. I look forward to contributing to realizing the potential of this combination as a member of the board."

Under the terms of the transaction, each outstanding share of SanDisk common stock was converted into the right to receive $67.50 per share in cash and 0.2387 shares of Western Digital common stock.

SanDisk shareholders looking for information with regard to the payment of the merger consideration should review the Public FAQ available in the Investor Relations section of our website at

Six Tips for Setting up a Home Office

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Freelancing is quickly becoming a new normal in the Philippine job market. What used to be common in the fields of publishing and graphic design is now becoming popular in other industries as well, such as computer programming, app development, animation, and even executive assistantship. Indeed, popular online freelancing marketplace Elance–oDesk said in a statement that in 2013 alone, 1 million Filipino freelancers earned a total of Php3.3 billion from online work through their platforms.

It comes as no surprise that Filipinos are quickly getting hooked up with freelancing. And who can blame them? Given Metro Manila’s horrendous traffic, people are opting to work from home instead. In addition, as the metropolis’ cost of living continues to rise, it becomes more economical for those based outside the capital to freelance instead.

But this does not mean that freelancing is all fun. Without a properly planned space at home to work from, you will find yourself distracted, uninspired, and eventually unproductive. In order to become a thoroughly productive freelancer, setting up a proper home office is a must. Global real estate website Lamudi Philippines lists down a few tips to create an inspiring and conducive home office.

Power Mac Center Pixelworx Awards Cinemansanas Short Film Challenge Winners

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Ypur Pambansang Blogger had the pleasure of attending the culmination event for the Power Mac Center Pixelworx short film challenge where six finalists were pre-selected to get the chance to be among the 3 grand winners.

The finalists at the event were all probably both nervous and excited while awaiting the decision of the judges.

Cinemansanas is the second installment of Pixelworx, Power Mac Center’s advocacy of recognizing artists who break the standards of the art scene. It is celebrated with a series of workshops, live demos, and an ultimate art challenge.

The name Cinemansanas is a play between two words, cine and mansanas, to mean film/movie and Apple since the competition required participants to submit 5 minute movies shot using any iOS device.

The awards ceremony was held at the Power Mac Center Spotlight in Circuit Makati. A special screening of all the films were also shown afterwards at the Black Box Theater where the awarding took place.

Miss Tourism Philippines 2016 Candidates Flaunt Filipiniana Gowns at Tourism Lifestyle and Business Expo

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The Santacruzan is the pageant on the last day of Flores de Mayo (Flowers of May), a festival held in the Philippines in the month of May. It is one of the May devotions to the Blessed Virgin Mary and lasts for the entire month. Thus the month of May is filled with many festivities involving lovely ladies adorned in their elegant and sophisticated Filipiniana attires.

The Tourism and Lifestyle Expo recognizes the tradition and incorporates the Santacruzan theme as among the attractions that you can find at the second run of the event which was very successful that it had to do another run just a few days after the first. 

We've seen the Miss Tourism Philippines 2016 candidates last time on a fashion show for the event, and this time they now flaunt again their beauty at the 2nd Tourism and Lifestyle Expo on May 10 at the Glorietta Activity Center.

Lot's of spectators were at awe with the magnificence of both the ladies and their outfits. They really stood out and truly deserve their spot as candidates for a prestigious beauty pageant, As everyone knows that the Santaruzan is considered to be the "Queen of Filipino Festivals," it seems very appropriate that one of these ladies will soon be crowned and become queen.

I would have been equally thrilled if I knew who the designers were so I can commend them for their wonderful creations. All I know is that these gowns were designed by fellow Filipinos that undoubtedly have world-class talent comparable to other foreign fashion designers. Kudos to all teh designers and we salute you all.

Boracay and Miss Global Philippines 2016 Candidates

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We all love seeing beautiful women flaunt their assets and this is very evident why many beauty pageants are prime hits during grand coronation nights and our women often win a title, if not the highest, or get a place among the top 10 or 5 chosen ones.

One way to see the women and all their splendor is by seeing them wear their swimsuit so we could see how flawless and well-sculpt their bodies are. A lot of women now are conscious in maintaining their physique because the world usually relates beautiful with being slim and sexy.

The Swimsuit Competition of Miss Global Philippines 2016 is just one of the many competitions that aims to discover who among the candidates are rightful to become the grand winner. The competition was held on May 6, 2016 in Boracay island of Aklan, specifically at the Wave Bar and Lounge, and out of the 23 candidates who all showcased their beauty and physique, three stood out among the rest for best in swimsuit this year.

Congratulations to #23 Perlyn Ocampo for being the Best in Swimsuit this year. Candidate #12 Anne Antonio got the 2nd runner up and #11 Kristine Cruz is the 1st runner up.

But this story is not just to announce the winners of the Swimsuit competition because we also took the opportunity to have some fun shots with the girls during some of the breaks aside from the reguar photo-shoots at the Puka Beach, at Crown Regency Resort and Convention Center, and at Boracay West Cove... We even had shots while onboard the boat of Montenegro lines. The beauty of these girls is just so alluring that photographers couldn't stop themselves from clicking their cameras. We all love to capture these beauties and make them among pour prized possessions.

Puka Beach located at Barangay Yapak is one of the most pristine beaches in Boracay. It's hardly a hidden gem anymore since we obviously have known of it and now used it as one of the beautiful site for our photo-shoot with the candidates. Aside from its powdery white sand, the different hues of blue, green, and cyan shows how clean the water is.

ArtBGC Festival Makes a Comeback!

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Most of us who frequent the Bonifacio Global City have seen the more than a dozen works of art spread all over the area surrounding all those business establishments and buildings. These include the murals that vibrantly fill an otherwise dull sight of certain areas especially the firewalls of buildings.

I love the astronaut mural which can be seen painted on the firewall of the Icon Plaza building somewhere at The Fort area, and very near is another masterpiece showing a lady comfortably chilling on a sofa with her cat and some other stuff that makes the mural a lot more interesting, and of course, they also have a huge mural of Andres Bonifacio himself done in a way that even Bonifacio will be proud of. There's a lot more smaller paintings all over BGC that will sure catch our attention, and I am glad that the people behind this project are at it again.

The artists who painted all those masterpieces or "obra" are indeed full of creative and imagination thus some of them will be coming back again to showcase once more their magnificent visions of various colors, shapes and sizes.

Splashes of color are ready to fill the walls of BGC as Bonifacio Art Foundation, Inc. (BAFI) celebrates ArtBGC Mural Festival 2016. A press briefing was held on May 10 at Seda Hotel BGC to officially introduce the festival.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Michelin PH Continues Fill Up with Air Campaign in 2016 in More Sites Nationwide

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Michelin Philippines accelerates its road safety campaign this summer with more Fill Up with Air (FUWA) activities nationwide. The campaigns started this month with a FUWA campaign for motorists at S&R Nuvali on April 15-16

More FUWA campaigns are scheduled nationwide in select branches of S&R Membership Tire Centers. Fill Up With Air activities will be held in Mandaluyong, Cebu, Cagayan de Oro, Pampanga and Davao from May to July 2016.

The Fill Up with Air Campaign is Michelin’s free offer to consumers to promote road safety and mobility. Motorists are invited to avail of free tire safety checks in strategic places where Michelin tire experts provide advice and guidelines on proper tire pressure and proper maintenance -- the essentials of road safety and fuel efficiency. Motorists who participate in FUWA get their vehicles inspected and their tires inflated to the correct air pressure, all under eight minutes.

Fill Up with Air is a Michelin global initiative to increase public consciousness for road and public safety.

For more information on Fill Up with Air and more road safety guidelines, visit

Risa Hontiveros: There Is Much to be Grateful for; There is Much to be Done

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Our long wait is over. After seven years of waiting and heartbreak, of hoping and then failing, of “almost-there but not quite”, we are finally there. We are in the Senate – borne on the shoulders of more than fifteen million Filipinos who believe that it is now time to open the Upper Chamber to ordinary people.

It has been a long wait, but it has not been a lonely one. I have had the good fortune of being surrounded by the foolhardy and the stubborn, you who had the audacity to believe that the Senate dream was within reach. To those who spent time knocking on doors, campaigning for me, raising funds, inviting me into your barangays and your homes, even sharing our social media posts, to those who stood by my side after the elections of 2010 and 2013 and who never gave up on the idea of an activist in the Senate, I thank you with all my heart.

Tayo ay nangahas, at tayo ay nagtagumpay.

But as this seven-year project comes to fruition, a new and bigger one begins. There is work to be done. We will bring the fight for universal health to a new platform, cognizant that the  uneven access to health care services are but reflective of larger structural inequities. We commit to do our part towards an independent and strong legislature, which is the best check against executive or judicial overreach. Most of all, we will be a voice for the sectors and a representative of the underserved – they for whom we push for reforms, they from whom I will constantly seek direction and inspiration.

There is much to be grateful for; there is much to be done. Our grand adventure begins. Sa Senado na ang larangan ng mga laban na hindi binibitiwan.

History Announces Cast and Contributors of Upcoming Global Docu-Drama ‘Barbarians Rising’

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Premiering 7 June on the same day as the U.S., the cast of Barbarians Rising includes Tom Hopper, Steven Waddington, Richard Brake, Kirsty Mitchell, Ben Batt, Gavin Drea, Emil Hostina and Nicholas Pinnock.

HISTORY, announced today the cast and contributors for the global eight-part docu-drama, “Barbarians Rising.” The cast portrays the legendary warriors as they’re engaged in one of mankind’s most timeless struggles – the fight for freedom.

“Barbarians Rising” features the true stories of nine of history’s greatest warriors, the cast includesNicholas Pinnock (Captain America: The First Avenger; Fortitude) as Hannibal, who vowed a blood oath at the age of nine to destroy Rome; Ben Batt (The Edge of Love; “Shameless(UK)”) as Spartacus, the slave-turned-rebel who led a barbarian revolt; Kirsty Mitchell (“The Royal Today;” “River City”) as Boudica, the avenging Celtic warrior Queen; Tom Hopper (“Black Sails;”“Merlin”) as Arminius, the son of Germany surrendered to Rome; Emil Hostina (Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Parts I andII) as Attila, scourge of the east; Gavin Drea (What Richard Did;“Love/Hate”) as Alaric, the king of the Goths; Steven Waddington (The Imitation Game) as Fritigern, the warrior who took down anEmperor; Richard Brake (Batman Begins;“Game of Thrones”) as Geiseric, the last barbarian standing; and Jefferson Hall (“Vikings;”“Game of Thrones”) as Viriathus, the shepherd-turned-rebel leader.

To reveal the fact-based history behind the legends, HISTORY and October Films amassed an eclectic group of experts and contributors that includes General Wesley Clark, U.S. Army (Ret.) and Former NATO Supreme Allied Commander; Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, one of the first female combat veterans’ in the U.S. Congress; Rev. Jesse Jackson, Civil Rights Leader; Dr. Clarence B. Jones, speechwriter and advisor to Martin Luther King Jr.; CSM Eric L. Haney, U.S. Army(Ret.); Dr. Darius Arya, American Institute for Roman Culture(U.S.); Professor Barry Strauss, Cornell University(U.S.); Dr. Virginia Campbell, University of Oxford(U.S.); Dr. Dan-El Padilla Peralta, Princeton University(U.S.); Dr. Steve Kershaw, University of Oxford(U.K.); Colonel Kevin W. Farrell, military historian(U.S.); Professor Noel Lenski, Yale University(U.S.); Professor Peter Heather, King’s College London(U.K.); Vanessa Collingridge, author(U.K.); Valerio Massimo Manfredi, archaeologist and writer(Italy);and Professor Walter Pohl, University of Vienna(Austria).

“Barbarians Rising” tells the story of the rise and fall of the Roman Empire from the perspective of the barbarian rebel leaders. It is a visceral journey into the heart of a wave of rebellions against absolute power. The Roman Empire called them “barbarians” – tribes the Romans viewed beyond the fringe of civilization that lived a brutish and violent existence. However, these were also men and women who launched epic struggles that shaped the world to come.

The eight-part docu-drama reveals the true story of the 700-year battleto bring down one of strongest empires the world has ever known, “Barbarians Rising” is a global co-production for HISTORY in the US and internationally. This limited event series is slated to premiere on 7 June 2016, Tuesdays 9pm.

“Barbarians Rising” is a global co-production for HISTORY channels worldwide produced by October Films. Executive producers for HISTORY are Kristen Burns, Russ McCarroll and Paul Cabana. Adam Bullmore is executive producer, Simon George (HISTORY’s "World War II From Space") is executive director, and Michael Waterhouse (HISTORY’s “The Bible”) is series producer for October Films.

A+E Networks handles worldwide distribution for “Barbarians Rising”.

HISTORY is available on SKYCable Ch 67; Cable Link Ch. 43; Dream Satellite Ch 30; Destiny Cable Ch 57; and Cignal Ch 125.

On Pages And Changes

Wazzup Pilipinas!

This weekend, I celebrated my birthday. Another fruitful year of my life has passed… a year of necessary endings and meaningful beginnings, meeting new friends and partners, traveling to new places, and motivating and empowering more of my fellow Filipinos. As I turn the page of a new chapter in my life, I am looking forward to new adventures to encounter and conquer.

This is also a crucial period for our country, because the National Elections that has been talk of the town for several months is finally happening. In a matter of weeks, our country will have a new set of leaders… leaders that have promised to bring about the “change” Filipinos have been yearning for.

CHANGE is such a funny thing. We want it so badly from other people but not for ourselves. We know it’s “the only constant thing in this world,” yet we resist it when it’s upon us. In a world where people got used to living out a routine, it’s quite understandable how change can be frightening and uncomfortable for most people.

Today, I’d like to challenge your perception on change. Instead of fighting change, why don’t you INITIATE change?

When I was 16 years old, I left my home in Mariveles, Bataan to study in the University of the Philippines, Diliman. It was also then when I began my voice acting career after winning a radio drama contest in DZMM. Since then, my life has taken twists and turns that I have never imagined for myself, and I mean that in a good way. Traveling the world as a youth advocate, building my own business, becoming a motivational speaker, creating the largest youth media organization in the country… none of those were part of the plan. But when life presented me with those opportunities, I knew it was my choice whether or not to take it. So I did.

Cycling App Wins Mobile App Design for Social Good

Wazzup Pilipinas!

In a country where traffic congestion is a perennial problem, a cycling app that aims to connect biking enthusiasts and provide bicycle-friendly neighborhoods caught the designing community’s fancy. Developed by Trisha Tobias, We are Here was chosen the winner of the Mobile App Design for Social Good category and recipient of the Lucille Tenazas Design Excellence Award at the recent adobo Design Awards.

Connecting friends and other bikers in the neighborhood who share the same route to places like office and school, the app establishes a common spot to meet up and creates a route to an area near their destinations, providing opportunity for people to establish bike groups or for people to simply undertake a lifestyle change together. Globe supported Mobile App Design for Social Good category to recognize entries in the mobile application format that presents creative solutions to social issues.

“Design is not just about making an artifact but it’s also about creating a strategy. It’s also about creating an impact. I think the idea of using bicycles as a mode of transportation is something that is being underused in our country. I think from the standpoint of design, this design solution enhances civic behavior. The designer in this case was able to present a solution that will impact society. It goes back to what I’ve always thought; design is not just about making things. It’s about making things happen.” said Lucille Tenazas, founder and principal of Tenazas Design, as she explained her choice for the award.

For her part, Globe Senior Vice President for Corporate Communications Yoly Crisanto stressed “the app fits the bill for a technological innovation that drives positive societal change. We hope this will further inspire development of technological concepts that will benefit our society as we all strive in creating a wonderful Philippines,” Crisanto said.

In her entry, Tobias emphasized that cycling is a good solution to reduce carbon footprint and cut back on costs. However, there is lack of awareness of bike rules and etiquette, which often leads to accidents and even death. Instead of seeing a road to progress, people see risks, so they choose not to bike. She said studies have shown that vehicular drivers are more cautious when there are more bikers and pedestrians in the vicinity. There is safety in numbers and encouraging people to bike together is the first step to changing mindsets.

Aside from connecting bikers living or working in the same community, the app also features weather forecast in a given location to provide bikers an insight on whether the day is optimal for riding as well as upcoming events where bikers will be able to respond to invitations from friends, or browse for a community bike rides in their area. Facebook page for the movement also aims to inform people of bike rules.

Photo caption: Globe Senior Vice President for Corporate Communications Yoly Crisanto (2nd from left) presents the Mobile App Design for Social Good category at the recent adobo Design Awards to Trisha Tobias (3rd from right), developer of We are here, a cycling app that gives cycling and biking communities the means to connect while driving positive societal change. Crisanto is joined by Angel Guerrero (2nd from right), President and Editor-in-Chief of adobo; Janelle Squires (3rd from left) adobo Vice President and Chief Operating Officer; and event hosts Rovilson Fernandez and Marc Nelson. 

Suicide at SM North EDSA

Wazzup Pilipinas!

We are here to bring you the news of another alleged suicide at one of the popular malls, if not the most, in the country.

It was not very long ago, sometime February of this year, that a person apparently jumped from a floor of SM Megamall where most have speculated to be suicide, but until now there was no confirmation about the incident. Sometime March, a foreigner, reportedly a German national, was also killed when he jumped from one of the floors, allegedly the 3rd floor, of SM Bacolod. We regret to inform you that it is another SM mall that's involved in another supposedly suicide, and this time, it's the SM North EDSA branch.

Yesterday at around 1:45 in the afternoon, there was a report of a suicide which immediately caught our attention and we can say that Wazzup Pilipinas was the first online media outfit to report the incident through our official Facebook fan page at The post garnered thousands of shares from our followers which made it one of our most shared posts.

We are yet to get a statement from the SM Manageent regarding the details of the incident, and to get to know more about the identity of the victim. Until now, there has been nobody coming forth to personally claim knowledge of the victim.

We are deeply saddened by these news as we are equally shocked and horrified to even think of what could have driven these people to end their lives, if they truly committed suicide. Of course, we understand SM why they never try to expound on these stories as they are indeed not really good for business.

Bongbong Marcos' Camp Claims COMELEC Hash Tags Altered

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Wilhansen Li, professional programmer, co-founder of a software development company, and part-time instructor at Ateneo who read through the source code of the Automated Election System on a pro-bono basis, explains why the accusations of the Bongbong Marcos camp, referring to poll cheating where they claim the votes have been altered during transmission, could not be possible.

The camp of Sen Bongbong Marcos alleged that a new computer command was introduced to the COMELEC Transparency Server that could have boosted the votes of Leni Robredo.  They are saying that the server hash codes were altered and suddenly Robredo overtook Marcos with the new incoming votes.

"We received an unsettling information that at past 7:30 pm on May 9, election day, a new script was introduced to the Transparency Server," the camp of Marcos said in a statement.

"Apparently, the execution of this computer command was able to alter the hash code of the packet," they added.

They pointed out that after this new script was introduced, Marcos' lead over Robredo started to "erode at a rather distinctive pattern."

Leni Robredo's spokesperson says "if there is basis for Bongbong Marcos' accusations, we ask that they be forwarded to formal channels."

Multi-Awarded Dance Talents Take The Spotlight In “The Winners’ Circle” On June 21

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Dance.MNL’s week of performances kick off with “The Winners’ Circle” on June 21, 8:00PM at the CCP Main Theater. This program brings together just some of the numerous Filipino dance artists who have won recognition and awards both locally and internationally.

Among the laureled dancers coming home for this event are Candice Adea of BalletMet, Christine Rocas of Joffrey Ballet, Jared Tan of Atlanta Ballet, and Nazer Salgado of Singapore Dance Theatre, and Jasmine Cruz of Westlake School of Performing Arts. “The Winners’ Circle” will also feature the world premiere of Martin Lawrance’s ‘Amid Shadows’, a work made especially for Christine Rocas and the Ballet Manila principals.

“The Winners’ Circle” also highlights the many locally based dancers who have garnered awards in major dance competitions. These include Ballet Philippines dancers Jean Marc Cordero, Garry Corpuz, Monica Amanda Gana, and Denise Parungao, Philippine Ballet Theatre dancers Matthew Davo, Regine Magbitang, Ian Ocampo, Lobreza Pimentel, and Veronica Ylagan, and Ballet Manila dancers Katherine Barkman, Rudolph Capongcol, Pia Dames, Anselmo Dictado, Gerardo Francisco, Elpidio Magat, Dawna Mangahas, Abigail Oliveiro, Romeo Peralta, and Joan Emery Sia.

These dancers have represented the Philippines in various ballet competitions such as the Asian Grand Prix, Beijing International Ballet and Choreography Competition, Boston International Ballet Competition, Helsinki International Ballet Competition, Japan International Ballet & Modern Dance Competition, New York International Ballet Competition, Rudolf Nureyev International Ballet Competition, Seoul International Dance Competition, USA International Ballet Competition, World Ballet Competition, and Youth America Grand Prix. They have also won local recognition in the CCP National Dance Competition and the National Music Competition for Young Artists.

Take A Class With Your Ballet Idol In The Dance.MNL Intensive Workshop On June 14-26

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Dance schools and companies from all over the metro are set to converge from June 14-26, 2016 at the first-ever Dance.MNL: The Philippine Dance Festival.

Presented by the Cultural Center of the Philippines and Ballet Philippines in cooperation with Philippine Ballet Theater and Ballet Manila, this inaugural festival will feature 11 performances, a 10-day dance intensive, and two-day conference, gathering more than 500 dance professionals in the metropolis. Dance.MNL is supported by the National Commision for Culture and the Arts and the Manila Broadcasting Company.

The Dance Intensive offers a rich lineup of teachers in 30 dance classes and 11 Master Classes throughout the festival.

Students can take classes in Classical Ballet, Modern, Contemporary Dance, Improvisation, Street Dance, Children’s Contemporary & Creative Movement, as well as Introduction to Ballet and Introduction to Modern.

Ballet Philippines’ Internationally Acclaimed “Master Pieces” Returns To Its Home Stage On June 23

Wazzup Pilipinas!

After being performed in the USA, Canada, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Qatar, Jordan, China, and most recently, Indonesia and Korea, Ballet Philippines brings its highly celebrated touring repertoire, “Master Pieces” to the CCP Main Theater as part of Dance.MNL: The Philippine Dance Festival.

BP will showcase “Master Pieces”, a mixed bill showcasing a collection of some of Ballet Philippines’ most acclaimed works. The repertoire has garnered glowing reviews and standing ovations since it was first toured, with raves such as “a stellar display of the diversity of our culture”, “extraordinary ballet worthy of world-class audiences”, and “The show has it all – atmosphere, romanticism, poetry and the indomitable Filipino spirit.”

As a testament to the company’s versatility, the works are an array of classical ballets, neo-classical works, modern & contemporary dances, and excerpts from full-length modern ballets.

The repertoire includes works by George Birkadze, William Carter, Augustus “Bam” Damian III, Tony Fabella, Alden Lugnasin, Paul Alexander Morales, Carlo Pacis, and National Artist for Dance Alice Reyes.

“Master Pieces has evolved since we last performed a preview of it during our Blue Moon Gala two years ago,” notes BP artistic director Paul Alexander Morales. “We are very excited to bring these landmark choreographic works back to our home stage to give our audiences here a chance to see what we’ve been bringing out to the rest of the world.”

TCL Philippines Takes a Quantum Leap with its Cityline C1 and TitanGold Air Conditioners

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TCL continues to revolutionize premium home entertainment with its innovative industry design and immersive picture quality. Through the years, it has gained universal praise as one of the world’s most respected TV brands, recently bagging the CES Innovation Award for its cutting edge design and engineering work on TCL 110’’ curved Ultra High-Definition (UHD) TV.

As a top-tier brand for consumer electronics products, TCL wants to pursue an innovation-driven growth by introducing QUHD in the Philippines. Equipped with a unique Quantum Dot Display Technology which far exceeds UHD TVs in terms of display effects, definition and color purity, QUHD TV Series attempts to bring the cinematic experience into the household while also offering functional and interactive features in the product. QUHD TV line also makes use of supreme home entertainment technologies and top hardware configurations to create the strongest high-end portfolio across the market.

In its efforts to expand the QUHD TV line, TCL introduces Cityline (C1)—one of the first-rate products of QUHD to be released in the Philippines on the first half of 2016. Available in both flat and curved designs, with sizes ranging from 50” and 55” to 65”, it redefines upscale watching experience with its stunning image quality, elegant design, powerful hardware and ultimate entertainment content. “The QUHD Product line carries TCL’s most advanced TV technology in terms of picture quality, features, and hardware,” CEO of TCL Philippines, Mr. Eason Cai, shares in an interview. “However, our main advantage over our competitor’s high end products is our ability to produce the same quality and innovative technology at low cost.” The product also takes pride of its elegant feel, equipped with a 9.9mm slim screen, metallic body and bezel design.

This year, TCL is taking steps in bringing The Creative Life to an entirely better place with its top-notch selection of TitanGold air conditioners. Unlike its contemporaries in the local market, TitanGold air conditioners aim to provide cooling solutions fit for the needs of every Filipino household. “We want the Filipino consumer to know that TCL is not only a TV brand but is a brand that will deliver quality appliances from home entertainment to home appliances,” Cai clears. “We want TCL to be a staple in the Filipino household and that we are a brand that they can trust and continue to rely on.” Aside from its reliable features, TitanGold Airconditioners are eco-friendly and packed with 5-in-1 Health Filters ─ Photocatalyst Filter, Silver Ion Filter, Active Carbon Filter, Catechin Filter and a Vitamin-enriching Filter, providing safe and healthy breathable indoor air for you and your family. It takes pride of its gold-plated aluminum louver fins, ideally built to prevent and withstand extreme rusting and corrosion through its unique hydrophilic properties.

TCL Product Launch

Both Cityline series C1 and TitanGold air conditioners were officially launched in the Philippines at the Grand Ballroom of Marriott Hotel, with the lovely Megan Young as host. With her stunning elegance and grace, the former Ms. World embodies the positive qualities that gave TCL a competitive edge as a leading brand in display technology and consumer electronics innovation.

Distinguished pool of dealers and media personalities were there to witness the unveiling of TCL’s latest line of consumer electronics products. A press conference was also held at the Grand Ballroom to accommodate questions from the press.

TCL OBC Marketing Director Mr. Ranjit Gopi, TCL Aircon Division Director Mr. Bill Cheng, Brand Marketing Consultant, Aircon Division, Mr. Byeong Woo Park and the newest TCL Philippines CEO, Mr. Eason Cai, addressed the questions of the press regarding the future plans of TCL as well as its efforts to strengthen its extensive line of home entertainment products with the release of Cityline series C1 and TitanGold air conditioners in the Philippines.

TCL’s wide selection of luxury TVs were also displayed at the exhibit area of the Grand Ballroom. The venue was filled to the brim with regal interiors and elegant design, perfectly exuding the vibe of TCL as a brand. Cityline C1 itself, considered to be the TCL crown jewel for 2016, was revealed in a non-conventional way, with princesses walking on the red carpet while the high-end TV is being elevated on stage.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

ePLDT Unit Reaffirms Quality Management System Excellence

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ABM Global Solutions (AGS), a wholly-owned subsidiary of ePLDT and a leading business IT consulting company, successfully renewed its ISO 9001:2008 certification following a series of positive surveillance audits conducted by the Philippine office of TÜV Rheinland, a global provider of technical, safety and certification services.

The renewal of ISO 9001 certification covers AGS’ provision of spend management services, particularly sourcing and procurement.

“AGS was first certified in 2008. Our continuous recertification says a lot about our commitment to continuously deliver quality software solutions and services at par with the world’s best,” said Luigi Lopa, AGS General Manager. “More than regulatory compliance, our ultimate goal with this recognition has always been customer satisfaction.”

AGS has been into business management solutions implementation and consulting since 1993. It has provided and continues to provide best-of-breed business applications and implementation and support services to more than a thousand companies not only in the Philippines but also in Indonesia and other Asia Pacific countries.

ISO 9001 is regarded as the global standard for quality management system excellence. Only companies that have demonstrated the ability to consistently provide products and services that meet both customer and regulatory requirements are being conferred with this certification.

#RP69fanpic: Brian, Paolo, Sandro, Baste, Luis, Jake and Junjun

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These fascination with the sons of the politicians who ran for government positions this #Election2016 have gone way too far to obsessions leading to obscenity.

There's a hashtag now trending on Twitter namely #RP69fanfic that fantasizes with the said individuals like Brian Poe, Paolo Roxas, Sandro Marcos, Baste Duterte, Jake Ejercito, and even Junjun Binay. They may want to add Luis Hontiveros.

But it seems the real target is Sandro Marcos most probably due to the recount issue he and his father Bongbong Marcos has been crying out against a possible cheating on the vote counting.

We've seen Vice Presidential candidate Leni Robredo now overtaking Bongbong Marcos with hundreds of thousands of votes starting early morning and the Marcos camp is seriously considering to file a protest against reported discrepancies especially on the errors made displaying some counts on another candidate Chiz Escudero who is also running for the same Vice Presidential position.

Conspiracy theories have been going around and those loyal to BBM can't help but voice out their concerns on social media.

But what sparked the #RP69fanfic thread on Twitter that motivated many others to follow? We can't say if these fan fiction stories are coming form the creative imaginations of the youth or of a particular sex among the LGBT community since the stories revolve around gay sexual relationships.

Alodia Gosiengfiao May Soon Have a TV Show at TV5

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Cosplay celebrity Alodia Gosiengfiao, together with her mom Mariglor Arraiza and sister Ashley, just had an awesome meeting earlier with TV5 executives namely Artist Center Head Director Bebong Munoz, Sports Head Coach Chot Reyes, VP and Head of D5 Studio Mr. Lloyd Manaloto, and asks her fans

"If for example.... We come up with a show... What kind of shows do you wanna see? (Fanta Serye? X-Men ish? Action? Drama? Comedy? Jap Gameshow ish? Gaming?)"

Of course, lots of suggestion from her fans came pouring in non-stop which focused mainly on her gaming and cosplay icon background. Below are just some of the hundreds of suggestions given by her numerous followers who were all hoping for a reply from the queen of cosplay.

"Gamer girl, that slips in and out reality by daydreaming about how to answer everyday problems with correlation with, anime, gaming world and game show like style. Para magamit cosplay and acting prowess of cosplayers." - Benedict Villanueva

"Maybe a magazine show focusing on all sorts of Gaming (board, esports, console) with the touch of anime and cosplay. That would SUGOIIIII" - Philip Mejorada

"Jap Gameshow-ish where contestants hav to wear anime/game costumes.. xD" - Julian Yu

"Horror/sci-fi/escapist anthology series ala The Twilight Zone. That would give a lot of cosplay possibilities and use it for good effect too." - Justine Dreco

"I wanna see you on drama shows.. cosplay and superhero games stuff is so common to you, so.. I wanna see diff side of Alodia Gosiengfiao smile emoticon and not speaking English pure Tagalog smile emoticon goodluck smile emoticon" - Se Yun

" I recommend a travel show. If you want, I can recommend "HKT48 no Odekake" or Jounetsu Tairiku na Pinoy version."- Vol Ventura

TV5 may not be the top mainstream network but they embrace concepts and ideas other station wouldn't even touch. As what another fan said, I believe they should bring back the Animega concept in primetime. That was one of their leverages back when they were starting the channel.

My kids are fans of anime and they can't get enough of it.

I've known Alodia ever since she was still cosplaying Ragnarok characters popularized by the Level Up games company which I was a part of as Systems Administrator back when it was starting to be a hit among Filipino online gamers specifically on the MMORPG. The role-playing games was a sensation back then and Alodia was the leading cosplayer whom male gamers adored and even dreamed of since she is a real beauty.

Now that Alodia is taken already by no other than Eric Ejercito, a grandson of Erap himself, and also involve din the world of gaming and cosplay, the fandom heat continues to burn.

*Photo credit to Alodia's FB account

First-ever #TwitterElection Showcases the People Power of the Philippines

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The people made over 35 million elections-related Tweets since the start of the year, with over 4 million Tweets sent on Election Day alone.

After three months of watching, hearing, and talking about the political candidates, the Filipino public has cast its vote and has elected a new set of government officials in the national and local levels. But what marked the difference for the election this year is the higher level of inclusiveness Filipinos enjoyed through the country’s first-ever #TwitterElection. Engaging the first-time voters who are heavy social media users, or one-third (17 million) of the country’s 50 million registered voters, is critically important for any candidate to win the election. And the people’s voices have been heard on Twitter with over 35 million elections-related Tweets sent since the start of the year, of which over 4 million Tweets came on Election Day (May 9th) alone.

There was global interest in the Philippines general election and this was reflected in the #TwitterElectionconversation, too. When you zoom out on the heatmap below, you can see the elections-related conversations on Twitter over the past 30 days from all over the world - from the US to UK to Europe to the Middle East to Asia Pacific - including Tweets from many Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs). For example, the three #PiliPinasDebates2016 Presidential TV debates generated Twitter conversations worldwide, nearly 5 million Tweets combined, with the last one on April 24, 2016 shown on the heatmap.

Congratulations to COMELEC for Fast Turnaround Time This Election

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"For more than 3 months, my boss Andy Bautista received a lot of flak from media, the politicians, and the general public. But he took the criticisms like a man.

Today, with his head held high, he can proudly report:

81% voter turnout--the highest in years;
94% transmission--the quickest in years; and
450,000 overseas voters--3x the size of 2013.

Great job, Chairman Andy!

Congratulations, sir!" - Kris Ablan of COMELEC

I hope you would agree that COMELEC has a very fast turnaround time. They have finally started coping up with technology. Kudos to the people responsible - to Comelec Chairman Andy Bautista, his team and to all the teachers or BEIs, poll watchers, volunteers, PPCRV, NAMFREL, and the rest of the unsung heroes in this election.

Hats off also to the debates which may not be 100% satisfying but at least gave everyone a glimpse of the candidates for President and Vice President. I know it would be very difficult for a senatorial debate since there are just too many candidates for the position.

In the above photo taken by COMELEC's Kris Ablan are COMELEC Chairman Andy Bautista, Commissioner Luie Tito Guia and NCR Director Temie Lambino.

I like how the COMELEC Chairman smiles after every interview , reassuring us that everything will be OK. I am in awe how he can be so chill amidst all the criticism. He has been so patient, explaining again and again. He will have to keep being patient as there are always people whining and complaining. I saw how gracious and dignified Mr. Andy Bautista was, during his pre-election interviews...and despite the criticisms, he remained straightforward in his answers. Thank you everyone for all your efforts and may you be blessed a hundredfold! Congratulations Chairman Bautista for your huge contribution towards nation building-we salute you on a job well done!

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Survival is the Name of the Game on Discovery Channel

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This month of May, Discovery Channel highlights two kinds of survival: getting through the most dangerous tests to secure a perilous job, and lasting in a tough environment with barely nothing to get by.

In Deadliest Job Interview, the spotlight is on eight of the most extreme and perilous professions in the world. Told from the perspective of the rookies, or "greenhorns," Deadliest Job Interview will follow these tough men and women as they enter the workforce of eight dangerous jobs, as they risk everything to secure a highly challenging - and dangerous - position.

This six-episode series follows arborists climbing 200 feet high in the Redwood Forest, volcanologists climbing to the top of the explosive Stromboli to wind turbine technicians in some of the windiest conditions on Earth.

With the threat of danger around every corner, there is no room for mistakes. These rookies must learn the ropes as the lowest person on the totem pole and prove their skills and determination to their mentors and peers. The stakes are higher than ever because it's not just their job on the line - but also their lives! Deadliest Job Interview premieres May 16, airing Mondays at 11PM on Discovery Channel.

DOE Readies Policy Recommendations for Next Administration

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The efforts and preparations of the Department of Energy (DOE) and the members of the Power Task Force Election (PTFE) have ensured adequate, stable and reliable electricity supply for the critical period this national and local elections.

“There was no major power problem that occurred before and during this election, and we are thankful for the Task Force members for ensuring the provision of adequate supply of electricity all throughout,” said Energy Secretary Zenaida Y. Monsada in a press briefing in Ortigas this afternoon. However, she emphasized that the PTFE shifts its focus on ensuring power supply to the canvassing centers and remaining voting precincts.

Sec. Monsada also extends her gratitude and appreciation for the collaborative efforts of the PTFE Members composed of the DOE, National Power Corporation (NPC), National Transmission Corporation (TRANSCO), National Electrification Administration (NEA), National Grid Corp. of the Philippines (NGCP) and its satellite centers, Power Sector Assets and Liabilities Management Corp. (PSALM), Philippine Electricity Market Corp. (PEMC), the Manila Electric Company (MERALCO) and other Distribution Utilities (DUs), Philippine Rural Electric Cooperative Association (PHILRECA), Philippine Federation of Electric Cooperatives (PHILFECO), Philippine Electric Plant Owners Association (PEPOA), Philippine Independent Power Producers Association (PIPPA), Retail Electricity Suppliers Association (RESA), and other supporting organizations in ensuring the delivery of power supply across the country.

Similar to yesterday, Sec. Monsada reported that all grids (Luzon, Visayas, & Mindanao) remained in normal state as of 2:00 p.m. today (May 10, 2016). The nation’s grid power situation stood at:

When Blogs Evolve Into Businesses

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Who was also busy writing about the campaign and election season? Were you also focusing on a specific candidate or party? Were you also highlighting their achievements and/or ranting against his or her opponent? Were you also receiving something in return for all that effort in your blog or social media?

Kaya ako naging blogger. I am too vocal and outspoken. It has its advantages and disadvantages. Well, I find it a big bonus to write about something that also interests me. It's like hitting two birds with one stone. You get to enjoy the experience while you earn a significant amount. But the number one question is: Am I doing the right thing?

A blog is supposed to be different from what we read in traditional print, or online media. It's supposed to be personal since it should be deeply rooted with the blogger's own point of views and experiences.

But nowadays, there seems to be a thin line distinguishing the difference between the two since some bloggers are trying to be journalists, and with the popularity of blogs, many journalists now have their own blogs too.

Many have found blogs to be in demand and equally profitable since companies are now focusing on their online presence and digital marketing and thus bloggers have made it into a business by employing paid or subsidized staff and correspondents so they can publish more stories and tap more entities. The tokens, freebies, raffle prizes, and other perks given to both media and bloggers have made both somehow expecting rewards from event organizers. Though there are times when I witness discrimination, it has become rare for those who understand now that online is the trend.

Election 2016: Voting for the Next Leaders of the Philippines

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Whew! It took us 1 hour to vote. I believe that's longer compared to the last election. But this time, we were allowed to sit in line at the next classroom while we wait for our turn. However, it took us roughly only around two minutes to completely accomplish our voting. We knew who to vote for so we were done with our obligation as citizens of the Philippines that fast.

We rightfully deserved some halo-halo afterwards but I was totally disappointed with the halo-halo since the only attractive things about it was the toppings. The inside was nothing but ice and very little ingredients. This is probably similar to what most politicians are. They are only appealing from the outside but inside is the same almost empty and cold promises that you'll get after they get seated as winners.

It was hot and very uncomfortable in the classroom. The wooden seats good fro two persons (something similar to the ones we use in churches but smaller) were just too small and hard to sit for an hour, which made me think how I once managed to endure the same predicament at longer hours during my elementary school days as a student in a public school for three years.

Yup! I spent half of my elementary days in public school before finally going to private school all the way. I spent the first half (Grades 1 to 3) in a private school, then the other half (Grades 4 to 6) in a public school for personal reasons involving family matters, but went back to private school for the entire high school years.

I was always belonging the top section of every year level so I could confidently say I was among the brightest. I was focused on my studies but due to family problems, I was not well motivated to reach the top levels. I'm just your average student and the introvert kind who was also bullied by some of my classmates who thought I was too shy and the silent type.

For college, I studied at Mapua Institute of Technology (MIT) and took an ECE course, and my means of commuting to MIT were using bus, jeepneys, and tricycles for more than 5 years. It took me that long because I had to work my way up to college as a service crew in three fast-food chains one after the other since these companies do not regularize or renew.

Going back to the voting, just like before, I decided on a vote that was not my original intention. There's a different feeling when you see yourself finally seating at the voting precinct and the ballot infront of you which led me to vote for what really is in my mind, minus the emotions which used to control.

Others think they are going to win by doing a protest vote against the previous administration so they would vote for the one who they think will fight for them. But sorry, with no concrete action plan in hand, they are just voting someone with the ideals of a mad man without the capacity to bring this country out of the rubble.

We all know that the previous administrations had their own corrupt and irregular ways, but who was ever faithful and honest to the Filipino. Every leader had something to hide and pocketed their own share of greed tat they got from being an authority in the Philippines. The VIP treatments and feeling of entitlement, the luxurious lifestyle and spending using the people's taxes, etc., However, they consider those as their perks and privileges in exchange of their expertise in building a nation. I do not approve of a public servant being treated as our superior, that is a practice we must remove from the government.

I believe using our common sense is the right thing to do since our emotions will prevent us from doing the right thing. Think of what will be good for our country on a global scale. Though I understand the plight of every Filipino, it is not enough to believe the promise of a politician without hearing the logical ways on how he plans to fulfill all those seemingly convenient promises.

With regards to national concerns, it is not justifiable to vote just because your candidate seems to represent the masses but without having any concrete action plans. It is so easy for them to promise the people everything but do they have the capacity and political will to accomplish such is always the big question.

I have never sided with any of the politicians but I would always side with those who could actually do what they offer based from his expertise and experience.

On a lighter side, my only wish is for the next president to get rid of all those teleserye junk which continues to dumb the masses. If you really want to "Ipanalo ang Pamilyang Pilipino," give them quality shows that will not just entertain but educate as well.

We should be able to discern well what is actually the best for them. ...and they will never be able to do that if our education system continues to be rotten because our leaders are afraid to turn the people to educated voters. We need voters who are well-informed and know how to properly research about their leaders, and not just rely on hearsay or what they read on social media.

BTW, this is just me so please do not hate me if this is what I believe in. If we have all the right to vote for who we want, we also have the right to share what we feel...unless the next President works on a way to suppress freedom of speech just like what happened during Martial law days then that will be a different and sad story for the Philippines.

Monday, May 9, 2016

Power Situation Remains Normal on Election Day

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As the entire country exercises the right to suffrage, the Power Task Force Election (PTFE), led by the Department of Energy (DOE), continues its 24-hour power monitoring to ensure adequate, stable and reliable electricity supply during the election period, while also employing quick response to address minor glitches in a few facilities.

In a press briefing held this afternoon in Quezon City, Energy Secretary Zenaida Y. Monsada announced that “power supply situation in the country is normal” despite occurrences of minor power incidents, which were immediately restored by technical personnel on standby. She also hoped that the power situation will remain stable until all votes have been canvassed.

During the briefing, National Power Corporation (NPC) President Gladys Cruz-Sta. Rita reported that very brief power interruptions experienced in some missionary electrification areas did not impede at all the conduct of elections in over 300 Small Power Utilities Group areas. Moreover, Pres. Sta. Rita noted that its Agus-Pulangi hydro power facilities are in normal operation and the deployment of 72 gensets for use in missionary areas further augmented the power supply across the country.

In addition, Pres. Sta. Rita refuted the malicious rumor that NPC employees were on mandatory leave stressing that they were in fact, vigilantly monitoring its power facilities on a 24-hour basis as mandated for this election.

For the grid facilities, NGCP reported that the system recorded sufficient power supply in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao as of today.

Sec. Monsada highlighted that the PTFE provides hourly updates with gross reserve in Luzon reaching as high as 4,000 MW considering the low demand during holiday. She added, however, that tomorrow (May 10), the PTFE expects power demand to shoot up to about 9,600 MW, but she is quick to note that power supply is still sufficient.

Power outlook for May 10, 2016:

System Capacity (MW)
Demand (MW)
9, 637
Gross Reserve (MW)
Peak Demand Time

On the distribution side, the National Electrification Administration Administrator Edita S. Bueno said that a 24-hour monitoring is also being conducted at the NEA headquarters and in 120 electric cooperatives around the country. Administrator Bueno emphasized that there was no major adverse power situation that occurred and minor ones were promptly responded to.

Head of Manila Electric Company (MERALCO) System Control Primo P. Alonzo Jr. said that the power situation in its franchise area remains stable except for an isolated case where there were two burnt poles due to grass fire affecting one voting precinct. A power generator set and new poles were then quickly installed at around 12:00 noon.

Sec. Monsada further averred that while the power situation today is normal due to the synchronization of measures from the entire energy family, the PTFE will continue to monitor developments in the sector to fully contribute to the holding a clean and credible national and local elections.

The PTFE also enjoins the public to report any power disruption or untoward incident to the following contact details:

SMART: 0998-381-6167
GLOBE: 0917-541-4917

Moreover, power supply updates on Election Day will be published through the DOE’s Twitter account (@DOE_PH), Facebook account ( and the DOE website (, as well as in various social networking sites of the Election Power Task Force members at a designated time in the morning, afternoon, and evening.

Even without elections, the DOE continues to encourage all energy consumers to practice efficient and judicious use of electricity in their day-to-day activities.

Photo caption: From L-R: Gil Listano - Deputy Asst. Chief Tech Officer (DACTO) Operations and Maintenance, NGCP; Sonny Dimaliwat - DACTO, System Operations, NGCP; Gladys C. Sta. Rita - President, NPC; Zenaida Y. Monsada - Sec., DOE; Edita S. Bueno - Administrator, NEA; and Primo Alonzo Jr. - Head, System Control, MERALCO
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