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The World's Biggest Buddhist Shrine: Borobudur Temple, Java, Indonesia

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A visit to the huge Buddhist sanctuary of Borobudur is a fundamental must-check whether you're planning to spend some great time in Indonesia. In fact, even if you booked the best luxury hotel in Bali, a visit at this temple is something that should not be missed.

Borobudur, the gigantic Buddhist landmark close Yogyakarta, Indonesia, will be Indonesia's single most visited vacation spot and gazing toward this superbly mind boggling and definite structure it's anything but difficult to perceive any reason why. 

Other than the magnificence of the landmark itself, the perspectives on the encompassing wide open, and particularly Mount Merapi, it's not hard to acknowledge why this has been such a vital spot to Indonesians and Buddhists for as far back as 1200 years. 

Borobudur is a vital social and design site and ought to be on any explorers list while in the territory.

Borobudur was worked in the state of a goliath tantric Buddhist mandala, at the same time speaking to the Buddhist cosmology and the idea of psyche. 

The establishment is square and has nine dimensions; the lower six are square and the upper three are circles and all are brightened with a great many help boards and several statues of the Buddha. 

Amid a journey a great many help boards direct explorers through an arrangement of stairways and hallways and pursue a way circumambulating the landmark while climbing through the three dimensions of Buddhist cosmology: Kamadhatu (the universe of wants), Rupadhatu (the universe of structures), lastly Arupadhatu (the indistinct world.)

Found just 40km northwest of Yogyakarta, Borobudur is effectively visited from the city and can be joined with a trek to Mount Merapi, the Temples of Prambanan or all alone in a half day. 

Since it's so close, there are various distinctive approaches to get to Borobudur, each are simple and some can be modest. Open transports in Indonesia are generally utilized by local people and don't see such a large number of visitors, yet in the event that you are courageous, the Trans-Jogja transport administration keeps running from the Jombor transport terminal. 

In northern Yogyakarta where you can get a transport to Borobudur. It takes around an hour and a half and should cost around 10-15,000 Rupiah ($1-1.50USD) single direction.

There are likewise heap travel specialists in Yogyakarta that pitch way to-entryway visit bundles that begin around 75,000 Rupiah ($7.50USD), which is a decent arrangement and will be snappier and more agreeable than the open transports, however be careful that a few administrators may stop off at Batik and Silver processing plants in transit.

Another choice, since Borobudur is so close, is contracting a driver or leasing a motorbike. It's is a modest and simple approach to arrive and the course is totally cleared, with heaps of signs the entire way. 

Amid my visit, my mate enlisted a motorbike with driver (125,000 Rupiah ~ $14USD) and followed along on my leased motorbike (50,000 Rupiah ~ $5.50USD). It was a simple ride, that could have been managed without the driver, and took us around 75 minutes to arrive.

would like to note one thing about contracting a driver (as my mate did) or running with a visit organization (as different companions did) is that none of them may really go about as a guide for you inside Borobudur. 

Both my mate, and our companions, had thought we were paying for this administration too, however with both, the driver halted at the passageway and state that he wasn't permitted inside. Evidently, the nearby guide administration has a restraining infrastructure and in the event that you'd like a guide, you'll have to procure the guide administration once you enter the perplexing that charges 60,000 rupiah ($6USD) for around an hour's visit. 

We chose to employ a guide and he was educated, talked great English, and had even composed a book on the landmark complex. While absolutely a bit much, I'd suggest it, as it was decent to have him translate the boards and clarify the history and the procedure of the journey.

Another vital note is that many visit organizations will publicize a dawn visit that leaves in all respects promptly toward the beginning of the day to get your to Borobudur early. Some even charge more for this administration and discussion about the fact that it is so lovely to see the dawn from the landmark. 

The plain truth is, Borobudur doesn't open until 6am and it's hard to overcome and to the top before 6:30am which is around 45 minutes after dawn and keeping in mind that it's delightful (and cool) toward the beginning of the day, it's positively not equivalent to the impression you get while being sold the alternative.

Finally, I'll likewise make reference to that one thing I've found out about social destinations in Indonesia is outsiders pay an extensively more expensive rate than local people to visit. Shockingly, Borobudur is the same, with local people paying 15,000 Rupiah ($1.50USD) and outsiders paying 135,000 Rupiah ($15USD). 

It's a disgrace that explorers are approached to pay such a high cost, yet don't give it a chance to harsh your state of mind as you enter a standout amongst Buddhism's most essential and delightful destinations.

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Avengers Endgame Spoilers: You've Been Warned!

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Yup! Everyone died! Sadly everyone died of excitement as they queued for the much-awaited concluding part of the Avengers story. There were even reports of people coming early at movie tgeters and literally running towards the ticketing to be the first in line to watch the Avengers Endgame.

All-powerful Thanos is the one to defeat, and who among our heroes could manage to bring him one despite wearing the Infinity Gauntlet that with all the stones complete has made him invincible.

Who could have thought of a more epic ending or conclusion to the story that even spanned across several movies of different superheroes, not just starred by Earth's mightiest heroes.

Filipinos do love their superheroes, may it be one, a few, or all of the Avengers team lineup. One thing is sure, majority all wanted to know the ending to a devastating cliffhanger from the last movie when half of the Earth's population got dusted from the "snappening" of evil tyrant Thanos, the villain who was actually presented as seriously concerned of the planet's  current situation.

But everyone is also asking who needs a leader who is willing to sacrifice the lives of people just to cleanse the planet. We all want to live in bounty, but the thought of losing lives in a cleansing process seems unbearable.

If you came here for some spoilers, well you came to the wrong place as we never want to ruin the suspense for you. Experiencing for yourself is what you've paid for so unless you've seen the movie without knowing the nitty-gritty details, then you were cheated of your hard-earned movie theater payment.

People are even threatenong others not to spoil via otherwise they will not think twice in unfriending you. Lol! Sacrificing friendship in exchange of a virginal experience of watching how the story ends.

What we could give you:

There will be no post-credits scene in Endgame....No more need since it is supposed to be the final part of the long-running story. But I think you are the type of person who trust no one! You might be staying till the last credit roles.

Yes you'll stay through it. Yes you're dumb, but it's tradition damn it! Not even I can stop you from making a fool of yourself. But trust that you will indeed stay gasping "Was that it? It was a win for our team but it was also the saddest I've seen.

Watching Avengers: Endgame was simply the most incredible experience. Reminisced watching Iron Man back in 2008 and falling in love with the MCU. I never knew it would become my life. I already wish I could re-live the earlier days.

The movie, as expected, is incredible. It’s just an absolute treat for Marvel fans in every way and it’s the most emotional MCU movie by far. It’s also probably the best. Stay away from spoilers at all costs!

Monday, April 22, 2019

DOTr Aids Traveling Pinoys Amid Semana Santa 2019

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As Filipinos continue to embark on the festivities of the Lenten Season, the Department of Transportation (DOTr), together with its attached agencies, heightened all its efforts to ensure the safety, security, and comfort of the riding public throughout the Holy Week under Oplan Biyaheng Ayos: Semana Santa 2019.

DOTr Secretary Arthur Tugade has ordered its sectoral offices and attached agencies to exert full operations in all airports, seaports, and land terminals to ensure that the public gets immediate assistance at all times.

“Bago pa man mag-umpisa ang Semana Santa ay naghanda na nang mabuti ang DOTr at ang ating attached agencies para matulungang maging ligtas, maayos at komportable ang biyahe ng mga pasahero,” Secretary Tugade said.

Information Dissemination 24/7

For immediate awareness of the public, the DOTr constantly communicates status updates on the nation’s airports, seaports, and land terminals through all its social media channels to keep the public updated.

This includes necessary information such as cancelled trips, port operations, volume of passengers, weather data, sufficient number of public transport vehicles, and accident / incidents.

Bus augmentation, on-site special permit issuances

As the Metro Rail Transit 3 (MRT-3) undergoes maintenance work during the Holy Week, the DOTr, in coordination with I-ACT, intensified the Bus Augmentation Program to ensure the mobility of commuters traveling along EDSA during the Holy Week.

Under the Intensified EDSA Bus Augmentation Program, more than 300 bus units were granted special permits to ferry commuters to their destinations along the MRT-3 route.

Throughout the week, Secretary Tugade requested the aid of bus operators to assist in meeting the demand of commuters traveling nationwide.

Additionally, through Secretary Tugade’s directive, the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB) quickly issued special permits to provincial buses on-site at the ParaƱaque Integrated Terminal Exchange (PITX) for increased assistance as the influx of travelers continue to rise during the Holy Week. The same was also done in Davao City.

Secretary Tugade likewise stressed that special permits may also be issued in different regions if needed.

“Mahalagang maagap at mabilis tayo sa pangangailangan ng publiko. Ipinatupad natin itong on-site issuance of special permits dahil alam natin na dumarami ang nangangailangang bumiyahe. Kapag maraming nangangailangan ng masasakyan, dapat ay umisip din tayo ng paraan upang mapabilis ang proseso ng pagbibigay ng kaukulang permits. Hindi lng sa Metro Manila ‘yan. Dapat gawin din ‘yan sa ibang rehiyon,” Secretary Tugade said.

Railways maintenance

To further improve their operations and services, the MRT-3 and the Philippine National Railways (PNR) continue their maintenance and rehabilitation activities this Holy Week.

For the MRT-3, repair activities aim to improve the railway’s overall operations and its entire system in parallel with the comprehensive rehabilitation program, while the PNR maintenance works are initiated to ensure its tracks and stations are safe and secure.

Free food and medical assistance across all transport hubs

As passengers patiently wait in transport hubs, attached agencies continue to give free snacks and drinks to the riding pubic, especially the elderly and children.

Likewise, passengers suffering from illnesses and the effects of heatstroke were given immediate medical assistance.

Hands-on inspections

Secretary Tugade, along with respective officials, personally inspected the volume of passengers in major terminals to fully assess the situation of each facility and give immediate support to all travelers.

Along with fully-manned DOTr Malasakit Help Desks, officials made sure that all commuters are fully taken care of, while all public transport vehicles are inspected for roadworthiness before traveling.

On-Time Performance for zero delay

As travelers continue to flock the nation’s airports, Secretary Tugade has ordered the DOTr aviation sector, the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines (CAAP), and the Manila International Airport Authority (MIAA), to closely monitor the On-Time Performance (OTP) of flights so that passengers will not be stressed by numerous flight delays and cancellations.

“Push the carriers to have better On-Time Performance of flights. Push them to avoid delays. ‘Wag tayong magbigay ng inconvenience sa tao,” Secretary Tugade emphasized.

Secretary Tugade has also ordered that airline OTP’s be published daily in all channels for the information of the public.

The coverage of Oplan Biyaheng Ayos: Semana Santa runs from 8 April until 25 April 2019.

Phoenix: The UA&P Variety Show

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The Phoenix is ready to soar high!

Do you blast OPM songs while singing your heart out? How about watching dance videos and feeling those goosebumps? What about squealing over fashion and food? Well UA&P USG is bringing them all to you!

UA&P USG presents “Phoenix: The UA&P Variety Show”, a fashion show, concert, and bazaar fundraising event for the benefit of the Project Phoenix Scholars on April 27, 2019!

Catch Alex Gallegos, Jaime Kliatchko, Vince Dapiton, Evan Reyes, Nathan Domagas and Kevin Dela Cruz of Reverb Music Productions along with Squadra & your favorite OPM bands! 

Ticket prices:

Regular Ticket: P350
Regular Ticket for scholars: P335
Bundle of 5 tickets: P1,600
Bundle of 10 tickets: P3,300

Just click on the link to avail of your ticket(s)

Grab your tickets now!

See you all there! 

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