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Dagubdob: Tinig ng Pagtindig

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Speech Cup is an annual speech competition to all high schools within the country. As the University of the Philippine’s Speech Communication Association’s (UP SPECA) flagship event, Speech Cup endeavors to raise awareness among the youth relevant issues of today. Speech Cup serves as a platform for the youth to creatively express themselves through art, namely recitation and individual oral interpretation.

The event aims to (1) promote the significance and power of speech communication, (2) foster youth involvement in the creative and equally challenging pursuits of performance art and rhetoric, (3) provide an avenue for self-expression and social responsiveness, and (4) propel the Filipinization of Speech Communication.

Monday, February 11, 2019

I Love You, LC! Movie to Tackle Alarming Obesity Problem

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I'm one of those that couldn't really control my body eeight merely becsuse my job involves eating a lot. Food and restaurant reviews are often one of the features we provide on our blog and social media accounts, and that is one of the reasons why my shirt size of Medium turned into an XL when I became a blogger, aside from the fact that our metabolism slows down when we grow older.

It is then so interesting to learn of ways to manage our diet, but we don't really want to be preached upon or hear sermons or listen all day to weight management seminars. This goes the same with fitness or workouts that requires a lot out of our busy schedules. We simply couldn't afford to waste tine due to our many priorities.

It is exhilarating to know that there's a movie to entertain while awakening awareness about a way to be fit and healthy, naturally.

I Love You, LC! Presscon was held last February 9 at the Hogs & Cattle restaurant at Mall of Asia in Pasy city.

We have a livestreaming coverage on our official Facebook page, including an 8-part video series of the entire presscon,if you are interested to watch what happened and the interesting dicussion with the panelists.

Also more photos to be uploaded soon.

To tackle the very alarming rate of obesity issues in the country, the movie aims to spread awareness.

Featuring Jef Gaitan, Tommy Penaflor, and Marlon Marcia doing the lead characters. But we only had Jef and Marlon, together with Direk Dave Cecilio and producer/co-Director Dave Aguila, joining the presscon.

The Question and Answer portion with the members of the blogging community, revealed a lot of facts and premises contained within the movie, plus a lot more unanswered questions awaiting answers if we watch the movie, that further arises our curiousity to really excite and encourage us  to watch the movie starting February 27 at all cinemas nationwide.

As mentioned, the movie was written and directed by Dave Cecilio, and co- directed and produced by Dave Aguila, founder of Low Carb and Intermittent Fasting Philippines online community that spreads awareness that obesity can be reversed without taking any supplement, surgery, exercise ...and without ever feeling hungry.

Below is the official press release given during the press conference:

“I Love You, LC!” is a story about an obese Filipina (Patty Sandoval) who is in love with a hot guy (Lloyd Corpuz). Accidentally, an incident revealed that Lloyd is not interested with Patty because she is too fat.

Hurt, Patty embarked on a journey of losing weight through an unconventional weight loss method, that does not require any supplement, surgery nor exercise and without ever feeling hungry, called the low carb and intermittent fasting. This unconventional method helped her transition from “yucky” to “yummy” in a matter of few months. All her friends, including Lloyd, are shocked with her transformation!

Now armed with a sexy body, Patty is more determined than ever to win Lloyd’s heart! Will Lloyd now finally be interested with the new and yummy Patty? Or is there a deeper reason why Lloyd isn’t interested with Patty? Will Patty now have him happily ever after? Find out soon in Philippine cinemas starting February 27, 2019!

“I Love You, LC!” (ILYLC) is a full-length Filipino independent romantic comedy movie by Alma D. Roxas-Aguila of Aguila Media Productions and Services.
It is a movie conceptualized by Dave Aguila, founder of Low Carb and Intermittent Fasting Philippines (, the largest, most interactive and fastest growing online low carb community in the country today. This group aims to spread awareness that obesity can be reversed without any supplement, surgery nor exercise and without feeling hungry. 

ILYLC is a result of Dave Aguila’s realization about the need to step up in spreading awareness about the dangers of obesity and how it can be reversed or prevented via low carb and intermittent fasting when the membership of his online low carb community grew phenomenally from January 07, 2018 to more than 350,000 members after a year!

Globally, we are now at the highest rate of obesity. In the Philippines alone, there are about 18 million Filipinos who are suffering from being overweight or obese. Obesity is a very serious subject as this is a precursor to a lot of serious illnesses such as diabetes, hypertension, cancer, etc. which is why Dave Aguila, with his wife Alma Roxas-Aguila, decided to produce a movie that will help spread awareness of LCIF. 

ILYLC is written by Dave Cecilio and directed by Dave Aguila and Dave Cecilio.
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