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BB Gandanghari reveals he and Piolo Pascual had an intimate relationship

Wazzup Pilipinas!

BB Gandanghari, formerly Rustom Padilla, was born to politician Roy Padilla Sr. and Eva Carino. In 2016, she successfully petitioned the US courts for a change of name and gender.

Bb Gandanghari continues narrative of David and Jonathan in 'Who Killed Rustom Padilla? vlog.

My first showbiz crush was Carmina Villaroel, but when Rustom Padilla came in the picture, I was devastated.

Carmina Villaroel never said anything about Rustom Padilla (now BB Gandanghari)'s sexuality even after the marriage. Here came BB's vlog about "David and Jonathan" mentioning the name of a famous actor whom he had a relationship with and, intentionally or not, outed that person.

Does Carmina Villaroel have any regret marrying Rustom Padilla?: "I cannot delete those chapters in my life."

Bb Gandanghari reveals Rustom Padilla’s relationship with a famous male actor supposedly Piolo Pascual.

Si Piolo Pascual nga kaya ang ka-intimate moment sa pasabog ni Rustom Padilla nung mga panahon hindi pa sya nagpapalit ng pangalan?!

It is not new that Piolo has been tagged as gay and linked to other actors like Sam Milby and Mark Bautista kahit pa nagkaanak siya sa isang babae at yun nga ay si Inigo Pascual.

Ang daming abangers ngayon sa reaksyon ni Piolo Pascual matapos ang naging rebelasyon ni BB Gandanghari sa kanyang latest vlog sa YouTube channel niya na nu'ng taong 2001 ay may nangyaring halikan at yakapan kay Rustom Padilla at sa sikat na aktor na ngayon nga ay sinasabing si Papa Piolo.

Is Piolo Pascual really gay just like the rumors back then? Or is he just experimenting on his sexuality.

Or is BB Gandanghari just want to stir up his dead showbiz career to make himself relevant by being the talk of the town again?

We are waiting for more developments.

Alex and Toni Gonzaga Vlogs: If You Can't Stand My Light, Here Goes Some Shades

Wazzup Pilipinas!

‘It’s never too late to know who you really are. Embrace yourself and the world will embrace you. And if other’s can’t stand your light, hand them some shades’ - Toni Gonzaga

Nakaka-inspire ang latest vlog ni Miss Toni kasama si @Mscathygonzaga.

Napakaraming lessons.

1. Trust the Lord
2. Trust the process
3. Don't doubt the power of God.
4. Lord has always plans for you. You just have to wait.
5. Learn from all of your mistakes and experiences.

Embrace yourself and the world will embrace you. ~ Toni Gonzaga.

Trust the process - Alex Gonzaga

Sarap panoorin ng vlogs nyo. Given na sobrang funny ni Alex but we should all see her talking to Toni. She's a different person beside her ate. Their relationship as siblings is truly admirable.

This is a reminder for all of us from Toni Gonzaga's recent vlog, thou shall never forget to love yourself before you love other people.

Everyone needs a sister like Toni who motivates and listen.

Mulan the Live Movie Adaptation Deserves An Audience

Wazzup Pilipinas!

“You told me my journey was impossible. Yet here I stand, proof that there is a place for people like us."

Just finished the movie. Mulan the animation was the only Disney character I fell in love at a very young age. Growing up, I realized she was the only girl character that didn’t wait for a prince to rescue her. Mulan wasn’t rescued, she rescued them. She is the bravest soldier, and woman warrior, of them all.

"Mulan (2020) is a beautiful retelling of such a classic story. Fearlessly & vividly brought to life by Niki Caro’s superb direction & Yifei Liu’s stunning titular performance. Disney greatly succeeded by letting this “adaptation” live on its own terms. I am thankful for the escape! This movie took my mind away from this pandemic....even for just a short time. No talking dragon, a cricket and horse seemingly conversing with humans, no grandma, no ancestors spirits, and with the addition of a witch, and a symbolic phoenix but that's what makes it more relatable and interesting."

The movie was visually stunning and the story was beautiful. It is a masterpiece and completely worth the time. Empowering while staying true to many of the themes. I absolutely loved it and I highly recommend everyone watches it.

There’s a moment of 19 minutes into Disney’s 1998 film Mulan where the heroine takes a sword to her long black hair. Seeing this montage in the theaters, during my younger years, was the first moment I remembered feeling inspired by a film.

It’s definitely better then most of the other Disney remakes. I can say that I liked all the characters and they took creative liberties with the story so it wasn’t super predictable.

They added a Phoenix and a witch for no reason. Where is Muchu?Where is Shang? And Where is the grandma who added funny commentary?  I didn’t expect it to be exact, but c’mon, those were the fun parts...I understand that this is going to a more realistic version but when you take away the favorite characters, it doesn't feel the same.

I shouldn’t root for the bad guys but they look pretty bad ass on these horses and Bori Khan is on fire.

Let’s circle back to the fact that Chen Honghui shows hints of being attracted to Mulan way before she is revealed to be female. That’s pretty progressive for Disney.

“You told me my journey was impossible. Yet here I stand, proof that there is a place for people like us."

I also highly recommend to watch the one film that does stick to the Hua Mulan poem, and can live up to the dark themes.

A reminder that the 1998 Mulan is equally superior and also has the little dragon Mushu voiced by none other than Eddie Murphy. People complained about the lack of Mushu but the real crime was also cutting out the grandma, the cricket, her horse and the spirits of relatives.

Mushu was Mulan's guide because that’s how spirit guides work. It was more real life based on known cultures.

However, I have to say that Mulan, being a different film from the original, makes it so much better than the other live action Disney remakes. It’s a completely different experience and you’re not constantly comparing it to the original. It can stand as it’s own film.

.....and that's how you fight for your place in society.

"The flower that blooms in adversity is the most rare and beautiful of all" - Mulan

Should we call ourselves Filipinxs and Pinxys from now on?

Wazzup Pilipinas!

"Filipinx" and "Pinxys" are just some of the 650 new entries and revisions made by English online resource platform

What the f*ck is a Filipinx? A legendary Pokemon?

The amount of Filipinos threatening to beat up non-Filo moots or whoever uses “Filipinx” is growing and they are somehow furious. Who wouldn't be if some Fil-Am or conyo sort of rebrands us with unusual terms as if we are a new species.

My thoughts on the “Filipinx” debate:

Filipinx should be reserved for people whose gender is non-binary and for the diaspora

Filipinos in the Philippines should be aware that they appropriated the term “Pinoy” from the Filipino-Americans who coined it.

Diasporians, Conio kids and Neosporins can use Filipinx or Pinxy.

While we native pinoys can use Pinoy, Pinay, Filipino, Filipina, Mamser, and Loddycakes.

Easily identifies the disaporians and the locals.

Problem solved.

I don’t really want to talk about this topic but both sides of the argument are annoying. This topic is exhausting and comes up way too often. Fil-Ams should also stop referring to Filipinos in the Philippines as “mainlanders” or “mainland Filipinos,” it sounds very condescending.

I'm only saying this because it's come up again, but after nearly 400 years of colonisation and ongoing neo-colonialism from our government killing indigenous and minority languages, "Filipinx" is not going to be the thing that destroys our languages.

Y'all just hate diaspora and trans folks and don't think they have a say over their culture. This energy can really go somewhere else. Is there a debate that conyo or Taglish is "colonising"? (It isn't, obviously)

Fix your priorities.

Filipino is already gender neutral! Filipina and Filipinx were coined by Fil-Ams and it doesn't make sense because our language is already gender neutral in the first place. Calling us Filipinx pushes Western ideals and erases our culture! It's basically a racial slur!

Fil-Ams are trying to change our culture and words by claiming that we should change our already gender neutral Filipino and Pinoy into "Filipinx" and "pinxy."

If our ancestors heard about this Filipino vs Filipinx shit they’d be like, wait... what the f*ck!?

“Filipinx” originated in the trans community and was never meant to replace “Filipino” .... But why do we all fight so hard for a term like “Filipino” anyway? As if it’s not our colonizer’s literal name with an “-ino” attached to the end?

Filipinx is not only used by transgender and non binary, it is also used by binary cis gendered Pinoys too. So yes it's literally replacing Filipino. It's kinda offensive that Fil-Ams uses that word because they are ashamed of its culture.

I fully support our people who would like to identify themselves as Filipinx or Pinxy. But, please, help us who still identifies as Filipinos to not get erased by Western media. Some random site have already assumed that Filipinx is used for everyone who's from our country.

Which literally bastardizes everything our country and our people have fought for. That's harmful for everyone involved, imo. In our crusade to be recognized, be validated and be represented, please don't let the rest of us who identifies differently be forgotten.

Let's help each other be properly recognized. We will fight for our right to be seen and heard. In return, help us educate those who'd need educating. After all, we all came from the same land.

Just a reminder that our official demonym according to NHCP is "Pilipino."

We are never Filipinx.

Note that Filipino is anglicized of Pilipino and is valid; Filipinx is not.

It's perfectly okay to call us "Filipino." No self-respecting native of the Philippines will call him/herself a "Filipinx."

Friday, September 4, 2020

Kim Chiu's Not Shy Dance Cover Trends Online

Wazzup Pilipinas!

#KimChiuNotShy dance cover now up!

What can you say about her first dance cover?

This is Kimmy when she's not shy. Tweet your hearts out for Kim Chiu's newest dance cover!

Just watched @prinsesachinita's #NotShy dance cover. I've never listened to the original song, but I so loved Kimmy's video! Napasigaw ako when she danced with four other Kim Chius. She was in sync with herself. Hehe. Really good job, Kimmy! Susunod, Korean debut na!

World class talent! Ang galing! Congrats @prinsesachinita! Behind that pretty face is a good heart and a great talent. You rocked the dancing world again with your immensely powerful dance cover.

Kim Chiu is really out there serving us visual, talent, performance, body goals, production, and editing skills.100%!!! Can't wait for behind the scene. @prinsesachinita pinaganda mo ang gabi ko kimmyyyyy!

My 8 year old niece, who’s into KPop was enthralled seeing 5 Kim Chius on the screen.

Nope! Nah-uh! You are not allowed to dislike any of the look! She is Kim Chiu and SHE IS SERVING!

Dont be the last one to Watch, Like, Share and Subscribe newest uploaded YouTube video of @prinsesachinita Not Shy Dance cover.

This is a huge rebound from her booboo with the Classroom

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