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Plastic Smart Cities bootcamp Sprints kick off after selecting participating impact enterprises


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After undergoing a 60-day challenge to achieve milestones, five enterprises presented their accomplishments, challenges, learnings, and next steps to a selection panel last May 31. Panelists from xchange, Villgro Philippines, World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) Philippines, The Incubation Network, and makesense assessed the entrepreneurs’ progress, learning agility, entrepreneurial mindset, and commitment to determine which of the entrepreneurs would go through to the Sprints stage of bootcamp.

We are proud to announce that all five enterprises Ato Ani Biopack, AUDEO, Cloop, Nanolabs, and Salin PH will continue on for the next three months until August 2021. Ato Ani Biopack is developing packaging made from agricultural waste to replace single-use plastic packaging. AUDEO is creating a trading ecosystem for sustainable community projects, anchored on an ecobrick that is earth-friendly and budget-friendly. Cloop transforms and upcycles plastic waste into high value home and garden items. Nanolabs is a nanotechnology enterprise that is developing various nanotechnology applications with the use of plastic waste. Salin PH aims to reduce packaging waste by offering accessible and fair-priced refills for everyday products and providing SMEs with an easy to adopt system to transition to sustainable packaging materials. The founders and entrepreneurs that will go through the Sprints stage of bootcamp are Maria Wilvenna Anora of Ato Ani Biopack, Danielle Ralleca and Michael Garcia of AUDEO, Ric Alendayu and Alexis Glenn Espina of Cloop. Ryan Corpuz of Nanolabs, and Krishia Ellis, Donna Formalejo, and JM Dumdum of Salin PH.

According to Danielle Ralleca about the 60 Day Challenge, “Being a part of the xchange bootcamp has been a game changer for us. In the past 60 days we laid out a set plan with them, which has allowed us to rethink our business model and identify key factors we were unable to see before.” And from Ric Alindayu about the Sprints phase “We at Cloop are very honored to be part of the Sprint stage of the bootcamp. It has been a very meaningful 60 days and we can’t wait to achieve more in the next 90 days.”

The Sprints consist of 9 modules on innovation, systems thinking, the entrepreneurial mindset, strategy, marketing and communications, stakeholder management, behavioral change, the circular economy, gender, diversity, and inclusivity, the basics of doing business in the Philippines, finance and accounting, and designing a pilot. In addition to the masterclasses and workshops, each Sprint will have an ecosystem event. The first one was held on 8 June 2021. It was a webinar on An Ecosystem Approach to Solving for Plastic Waste - Perspectives from government, NGO, funding, and corporate sectors. The webinar brought different stakeholders together to start a conversation on what it will take to end plastic pollution. The speakers highlighted the different levers to address the plastic waste problem to spark ideas, questions, and actions around collaborating with other sectors.

Seeing the difference between two kinds of leaders

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"VP Leni" and "Duterte" are both trending, but... 

One is trending in the Philippines, is given due respect & credit to her position attached to her name & has less but mostly positive tweets

While the other is trending in Politics w/ only his surname & has more negative tweets.

It's a carrot and stick approach to solving vaccine hesitancy. VP Leni's carrot - inducing tricycle drivers to get vaccinated with free gas - easily beats Duterte's stick - threatening to arrest them and forcibly inject them. 

The difference of two leaders. VP Leni implements better ways to encourage more people to get the vaccine. And the other who only knows violence and to threaten. 

The opposite of Duterte's order to arrest people who refuse to be vaccinated at "saksakan ng bakuna sa pwet" is this positive approach of VP Leni. Sana naman alam na ng mga Pilipino kung ano ang tama at mali!

Personally, VP Leni Robredo and Manila Mayor Isko Moreno's partnership shows what politicians can do if they unite for the people.

I love how VP Leni is using all these trapos as floor mats and stepping on them to actually be able to help people.

TBH, sana i-ditch na 'yung branding na "opposition"—antagonistic at divisive. Mas magandang branding 'yung unity for the people.

Strategies and innovative ideas are different from threat and force, these in facts shows how VP Leni is able to manage critics and the COVID situation.

VP Leni set the bar so high. Definitely going to be so hard for the next VP to surpass what she has done & still doing to help us. Her motivations, ideas are always on point. 

She is the only VP in history who does not believe that she's only a SPARE TIRE. Walk the Talk. LEADER! While the other one is all badmouthing and threatening the people with force. That is the opposite of a leader.

Reminder lang: VP Leni isnt required by the Constitution to do anything except take over the presidency in case of Du30’s death, disability or resignation

So essentially, everything she does outside this function is already above and beyond her mandate.

VP Leni’s strength is not in her words. She is not a weakling just because she doesn’t go low.

Cussing is not strength.

VP Leni’s strength lies in her spine of steel. She stays upright despite everything thrown at her. She consistently sticks to who she is: A LEADER THAT CARES.

People like me want her to run. Hell, I want her to tell us na nga if she’s up for another fight with the monsters so I can fight with her, too. Satru, andami dapat ayusin. Even pera. Hindi naman kase biro ang kalaban. Puro aswang eh.

But it’s her call and we have to respect it.

Para ba siyang si Trese?  Tahimik, monotonous magsalita pero pag lumaban patay ang mga aswang.

Andaming aswang na kakalabanin ng tapat na lider. Anlala ng kasamaang pinalaganap ng kasalukuyang pinuno eh.

Kaway kaway doon sa mga opposition na ayaw kay VP kasi she seems "too nice". Time to let go of your patriarchal views of toughness and primacy on machismo. VP Leni is one tough cookie who has not crumbled despite all the shit thrown at her by this admin and her own "allies".

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Your Favorite Superbook SuperGifts are Now Available on Shopee and Lazada!

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SuperNews for all Superbook fans!

Wondering where to get awesome Superbook merch? Your favorite Superbook goodies are now just a few clicks away on SuperGifts PH – the official distributor of Superbook items on Shopee and Lazada.

You can now get your hands on Superbook’s original DVD collection, coloring books, devotionals, bags, hoodies, and novelty items. You can also send them as gifts to your family and friends! Just visit SuperGifts PH on Shopee or Lazada and check out your desired goodies.

According to CBN Asia’s Chief Operating Officer John Valdes Tan, the faith-based organization has made SuperGifts available on the two e-commerce giants as they are now the “go-to” places for online shoppers. Likewise, the platforms open an opportunity for Superbook fans to support the ministry.

“It is now easier for Superbook fans to avail of merchandise and support the ministry. We are also excited to announce that we are producing exclusive Superbook merchandise that will only be available on the SuperGifts PH online store,” Tan said.

So whether you want to grow in faith, send encouraging gifts to your loved ones, or share God’s love to Filipino children by supporting Superbook, SuperGifts PH is your one-stop shop!

Visit SuperGifts PH on Shopee and Lazada and add your favorite Superbook items to your cart. For more information, contact (02) 8663-4700 or 0998-555-3577.

Inauguration of the upgraded Kalibo International Airport

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While comfort, improved mobility, and connectivity are expected as results of various development projects in Aklan, more employment and tourism opportunities will likewise flourish to boost economic activities in the province, Department of Transportation (DOTr) Secretary Art Tugade said during the formal inauguration of the upgraded Kalibo International Airport (KIA) today, 04 June 2021.

Taking cue from President Rodrigo Roa Duterte’s marching order to make the lives of Filipinos comfortable and convenient, Sec. Tugade took the order to heart and went on to deliver the promises made since taking office in 2016.

“Una, malakas ang loob ko na tapusin itong airport na ‘to. Pangalawa, kasama ko ‘yung buong Aviation sector, at kasama ang CAAP, kami po ay naniniwala na malaki ang maitutulong nng proyektong ito, hindi lang sa larangan ng turismo, kundi sa paglago ng ekonomiya dito sa lugar ng Kalibo, Aklan,” Tugade stressed during the inauguration of the newly-improved and renovated gateway.

Tugade said that at least 280 workers were employed during the renovation of the Kalibo International Airport, adding that it will further trigger more employment opportunities as the improved airport becomes operational.

“In other words, this airport will serve as a trigger for employment not only at a time when construction was being done and being made, but also at a time when construction will be completed because it will become an employment generator,” Sec. Tugade pointed out.

Tugade also explained that the improved Kalibo International Airport will promote tourism as it will not only serve local tourists but will also welcome international visitors.

“Ang isang karagdagan dito ay ang turismo. Mapapalaganap at mapapalago ang turismo. Pero hindi lang po 'yan sa kapaligiran ng Aklan, hindi lang ‘ho papuntang Boracay, o sa ibang lugar sa ka-Bisayaan. Ito ‘ho ay magiging international gateway ‘pagkat ang airport na ito ay of international standard,” Sec. Tugade said.

Completed on 15 September 2020 amid the raging COVID-19 pandemic, the airport’s expanded 2,633.40 square-meter International Passenger Terminal Building (PTB) can now accommodate 406 passengers from its previous 344 passenger volume. Prior to the upgrade, the airport grounds covered only 1,584 square meters.

With the airport terminal’s expansion, queuing passengers are provided with a 126-square meter covered section outside the International PTB for weather protection. Ample space for the operation of Customs, Immigration, and Pre-Screening personnel, has been provided to eliminate long passenger queues.

Airline check-in counters have also been extended to 468-square meters from the previous 216-square meters. Similarly, the passenger pre-departure waiting area now covers 608.40-square meters with the 284.40-square meters added space.

Also repaired during the airport’s renovation phase was the over 4,000 square meters of dilapidated pavement, removing unexpected hazards to parking aircraft.

Meanwhile, Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines (CAAP) Director General Captain Jim Sydiongco added that the airport's improvements and renovations also resolved issues such as extreme congestion, dilapidation, and lack of efficient facilities.

“Realizing that a long-term solution is needed to develop this aged structure, CAAP, with the staunch direction of DOTr, launched the project to rehabilitate KIA’s grandeur as a premier airport. Overall repair and restoration of KIA have improved and restored KIA’s look and facilities as a whole,” DG Sydiongco said.

Aklan Governor Florencio Miraflores and Kalibo Mayor Emerson Lachica thanked Sec. Tugade for his strong resolve in upgrading and renovating the airport, which they said were not done by previous administrations.

“The development of the Kalibo International Airport started in earnest. What you see now is the manifestation of the commitment of Secretary Tugade and the administration of President Rodrigo Duterte to really put Kalibo on the map of the country, as the prime gateway for Boracay and the tourism industry of Aklan,” Gov. Miraflores said.

“One may think at this moment is hard to achieve, but this significant project is one of the trademark services of the Duterte administration,” Mayor Lachica, for his part, said.

PLDT Enterprise powers hotline and connectivity of Bamban, Tarlac

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Being the southernmost town in the province of Tarlac, the municipality of Bamban has long yearned for a solid internet backbone that will connect the mountainous region and bridge the digital divide among its citizens and constituents.

In his ninth and final term as the highest-ranking official in the municipality, Mayor Jose Antonio T. Feliciano shares that Bamban's dream of becoming a connected and digitally transformed town has finally come true—thanks to its newest partnership with PLDT Enterprise.

"We would like to take this opportunity to thank PLDT for enabling our dream which has long been forgotten. It's my last term, my ninth year, and ngayon lang po natupad ang pangarap namin," Mayor Feliciano says.

As part of its ongoing efforts to equip local government units (LGU) with digital services especially during the global health crisis, PLDT Enterprise strengthens Bamban's communications and connectivity infrastructure that will allow the municipality to further improve its public services and governance.

Prior to the partnership, the LGU had to contend with stand-alone setups, with its different departments using various ISP providers without the help of an IT Department to manage and troubleshoot problems. As a result, inter-departmental communications and connectivity became difficult and unreliable, and LGU constituents had trouble accessing government offices and services.

"Before PLDT Enterprise and Smart, marami po kaming mga service provider pero hindi po ganun katatag ang binibigay na services. Now that we have changed the norm, that we have to digitize, I opted to have the framework and the backbone to be established in Bamban," Feliciano explains.

Today, PLDT Enterprise’s iGate Premium, SIP Trunks, and Cabling services are being installed to replace the old copper lines throughout the whole LGU communications network. And with a new IP PBX for voice communications, internal and external calls will be clearer and much easier. In addition, with PLDT Enterprise’s #myNumber service, a single public hotline number is expected to be announced soon to bring the LGU closer to the community. It can accept calls from both landline and cellular units without incurring additional costs for both the LGU and its constituents.

"With the fast and reliable services of PLDT and Smart, we could dream of things which are unprecedented. For example, with the dedicated phone number services could be given to our people 24/7. We would like to reach out all the individuals who would be needing our help and it will be very simple and easy for us to reach our countrymen," Feliciano adds.

PLDT’s fiber optic connection centralizes voice and data network through PLDT SIP Trunks and iGate Premium. The single hotline number assigned to Bamban, on the other hand, will benefit those in need of financial help or emergency assistance—even making reporting COVID-19 related cases much easier.

"With the health crisis we continue to face today, the role of the government becomes all the more significant for the citizens. And we're thankful for the trust given to us by the Municipality of Bamban, Tarlac mainly to serve their constituents better through a reliable internet connection and a centralized hotline number," says Vic Tria, PLDT FVP & Enterprise Revenue Group Head.

"Citizens who need financial help, emergency assistance, or those with health-related reports or inquiries can easily get in touch now with the municipality. These services are invaluable to the citizens right now. We are really thankful for the trust given to us by the Municipality of Bamban, Tarlac. We assure you of our unbreakable commitment to support your advocacies in order to be of service to your constituents," Tria adds.

With iGate Premium, Bamban’s network will have a dedicated high-speed internet connection that provides a high availability bandwidth to support their mission critical applications particularly in this time of the pandemic. It also enables them to properly manage and distribute their connection evenly per department to support their business needs, and leveraging the flexibility of an IP-based telephone system allows them to expand and use only what they need at a low cost.

Mayor Feliciano notes that with PLDT's digital backbone is in place, the municipality will be able to reach and help citizens especially those in the far flung areas of Tarlac. "We won't be stopping here. With the digital backbone here in the municipality, with the help of PLDT, we will be bringing the technology right to the doorsteps of my countrymen. We're glad that PLDT and Smart are always at our back." Feliciano concludes.

For more information on PLDT Enterprise, visit 

First Time Parents Nico Bolzico and Solenn Heusaff are teaching Tili to love water


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First-time Dad Nico Bolzico and first-time Mom Solenn Heusaff are teaching their one-year old daughter Tili, a very important health lesson this Father’s Day.


This is their second Father’s Day with Tili who may just grow up to be as active and as adventurous as her famous parents.


To keep her going, and to make sure she grows up healthy, they’re training her early to develop a water habit. Nico and Solenn both lead an active lifestyle and swear by water to keep themselves hydrated and detoxified.


Nico admits to being a water junkie who consumes about 5 liters of water a day, more than the average required amount of water per person per day.


“We can’t go without water. It flushes out waste from our bodies, regulates body temperature, helps brain function and gives us the energy we need throughout the day. What I do is drink 1 liter of water first thing every morning. And to make sure I don’t forget to drink, I always make sure to carry around a bottle of water all the time, even at home. Luckily Tili loooo-oves water, so I’m reminded to drink every time she does, confesses Solenn.


Nico is very determined to get their baby daughter to develop a water drinking habit, right here, right now. “Introducing your babies to love water is most important,” he says. “They are in the most important stage of their life where they are growing, and sometimes what you give them can get them sick very fast. So you have to make sure that they drink water often. And if they don’t wanna drink, you need to force them a little bit to take enough water -- because it’s one of the most important aspects of their growth. It’s not about the juice, It’s about the water.”


Adults need to make hydration a habit as well, according to Nico. “When you hydrate, your skin looks better, you feel better and you know, your whole body works better. You have more energy. I do a lot of sports and I work out every day, so if I’m not hydrated, I don’t have the energy to work out. The healthiest thing we can do is drink water. Look, if you’re sick, if you have the flu, you drink water so you flush the toxins out,” Nico explains.


Both Nico and Solenn have a water regimen that helps them to stay fit and active. “I drink water first thing in the morning because my metabolism shoots up if I drink water before I eat anything. So basically, I cannot imagine anyone not drinking enough water because that has so many negative implications for health, the way you look, the way you feel, the way you sleep. At the end of the day, water is life,” says Nico.


“Just make sure you trust the source of your water,” adds Solenn. “Know where that water is coming from — and that you trust the people behind the brand. We chose Nature Spring because they offer quality drinking products that are safe and affordable.


For Father’s Day, Nico and Solenn share some good news from Nature’s Spring Water: 

From June 18 to 20, 2021, use the promo code DADSDAY when you order at least P1,000 worth of Nature’s Spring products to get a discount of PhP100 from total purchase. Check out to learn more about Nature’s Spring products and promos.

Udine Film Fest in Italy Pays Tribute to Eddie Garcia as PH Cinema Icon

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Eight Filipino films, featuring five titles in the Eddie Garcia Retrospective section, are selected to participate in Italy’s Far East Film Festival (FEFF) in Udine from June 24 to July 2 in a hybrid form with both in-person and online showings.

FEFF is the largest festival in Europe specializing in Asian Cinema and a contributor to the commercial distribution of Asian films across European and Italian markets. Last year, Xeph Suarez’s project, “Dancing the Tides” and Khavn Dela Cruz’s “Skeleton River” were featured in the FEFF Industry section.

For its 23rd edition this year, the Competition section features the award-winning film “Fan Girl” directed by Antoinette Jadaone, which will have its international festival and online worldwide premiere, while multi-awarded director Joel Lamangan’s “Anak Ng Macho Dancer” will have its Italian and online worldwide premiere. “A is for Agustin,” the first feature-length documentary by Grace Simbulan, is under the Out of Competition section and will have its European and online worldwide premiere.

In honor of the late television and film legend Eddie Garcia for his invaluable contributions to the industry, the special tribute “Eddie Garcia: Life as a Film Epic” under the Retrospective section presents four feature films and one short film.

The restored version of Ishmael Bernal’s debut film “Pagdating sa Dulo” and Jun Robles Lana’s “Bwakaw” will both have their Italian premiere, online worldwide, and offline screenings. Lamangan’s “Rainbow’s Sunset,” Raymond Red’s Cannes Palme d’Or for Short Film recipient “Anino,” and “Sinasamba Kita” by Eddie Garcia will have their Italian and online only worldwide premiere.

For this year’s FEFF’s Industry section, Martika Ramirez Escobar’s project “Bird Eyes” will participate in Focus Asia’s program. Journalists Jason Tan Liwanag and Richard Olano will be part of the FEFF Campus training project.

Since 2017, through the Spotlight Philippines program, FEFF has screened 19 Filipino films, which includes Lana’s “Die Beautiful,” Loy Arcenas’ “Ang Larawan,” and Joyce Bernal’s “Miss Granny,” among others, to showcase the diverse and multifaceted Filipino stories. The festival has also been a platform for more Filipino filmmakers to be exposed on a global platform.

“We are grateful to the Far East Film Festival in Udine for propagating Asian films in Europe and supporting Philippine Cinema once more by featuring a total of eight films, selecting a project and two journalists, and mounting a heartwarming tribute to our eternal icon Eddie Garcia to further his artistry and legacy,” said FDCP Chairperson and CEO Liza Diño.

In 2018, FEFF selected the Philippines as its “Country of Focus” in celebration of the One Hundred Years of Philippine Cinema. Through the FDCP’s International Film Festival Assistance Program, the Agency provided support to the five selected Filipino films for their participation in FEFF 2019. Two Filipino projects were selected for the FEFF Industry section when it moved into online platforms in 2020.

The 23rd FEFF, organized by Centro Espressioni Cinematografiche, will screen 63 titles from South Korea, China, Hong Kong, Japan, Malaysia, Taiwan, Thailand, Indonesia, Macau, Myanmar, and the Philippines.

For more information on the participating films in the FEFF, visit


The Far East Film Festival 2021 lineup from June 24 to July 2:



     “Fan Girl” by Antoinette Jadaone

     “Anak Ng Macho Dancer” by Joel Lamangan


Out of Competition

     “A is for Agustin,” by Grace Simbulan



Eddie Garcia: Life as a Film Epic

     “Pagdating sa Dulo” by Ishmael Bernal

     “Bwakaw” by Jun Robles Lana

     “Rainbow’s Sunset” by Joel Lamangan

     “Anino” by Raymond Red

     “Sinasamba Kita” by Eddie Garcia

Scottie Thompson married a different girl and not his long-time girlfriend?


Wazzup Pilipinas!?

Last time nag trend ni Scottie on twitter was when he made that amazing 3 that carried Ginebra to the finals of the PBA bubble vs bolts. But now trending for all the sorry sad reason. Nag tweet pa ako few mos ago na loyal mga Ginebra players sa mga wife & girlfriends nila.

Just how fast the night changes. I can't believe Scottie is a cheater. 

Yung Scottie Thompson nyo walang balls. Nakipagbreak sa long time girlfriend at ex-fiancée thru phone call.

If there's one thing I really cannot take, it's cheating. I'm so disappointed, Scottie Thompson. 

and if it's true that he married this Jinky girl privately in Las Piñas then I can't imagine the pain Pau is going through right now. Hurts like hell.

Battle of the Cheetahs

Scottie "The Relationship Jumper" Thompson


Jio "The Tongue Twister" Jalalon

Game na, kampihan na!

Thank you Scottie Thompson for the great games you played for Ginebra and for us Ginebra fans, but no thanks for how you played with Pau Fajardo's heart.

I've been rooting for Scottie Thompson and Pau Fajardo ever since he got drafted sa PBA and I always felt na sobrang relationship goals nila but yes fvck cheaters talaga. so disappointed kay Scottie.

Pain.  I know it's their life and their decisions are not for me to oppose but I just feel so sorry for Pau. I want to hug her rin. Also, sorry ha but I can't even say congrats on their marriage. 

"Hindi ka pa Scottie Thompson ng Ginebra, si Pau na kasama mo."

What a realization in life. Always rember who's with you when you have nothing. 

Other women who have been wronged & cheated on would’ve made their pain & anger known, & no one can even blame them. But Pau Fajardo chose to deal w/ her pain & heartbreak in dignified silence when she could just as easily ruin Scottie Thompson even more. All the more reason to respect Pau. What a class act. 

I’ll be praying for your healing, Pau. I hope you’ll soon realize you dodged a bullet, & you deserve so much better.

YES SO CLASSY, Hindi niya kasi level sila. She's a Queen. 

Scottie is not a man of words. Paano nalang kaya if mag asawa na sila ni Pau, baka kawawa pa kasi hindi makastick sa words or promises yung lalaki. Better to break apart now than to have a broken family soon.

Yung mindset na "wala namag perpektong tao"

Is that even a fucking reason to defend someone who cheated when they actually have the option not to do such?

Defend Scottie Thompson all you want, fan pa rin ako pero I can't tolerate what he has done.

Being a diehard Ginebra fan is what’s making me so affected by all this. Scottie Thompson is the new era of Ginebra. He has become the soul of the team.

And this happened.

Sorry but I cannot stan someone who turned out to be so heartless. I wish he gets traded to another team.

Scottie cheated  Pau way back before the proposal. He said "salamat sa pagtanggap mo sa akin ulit kahit na nagkamali ako noon." Once is enough, twice is too much, thrice is poison. Thank you for giving Pau another chance to find a real man that she deserves.

Eto yung mahirap. Akala yata ng mga lalaki kapag sinaktan nila ang babae ganun ganun na lang yun. Isang sorry ok na. Di nila alam daming what ifs sa utak ng niloko.

Nakakababa din ng self confidence mo yung tipong umusad na ang lahat pero ikaw andun pa rin. Nasasaktan.

Grabe yung heartbreak na pinaranas nila ni Jinky kay Pau. jusko. Matagal tagal na din pala. Ang daming resibong naglabasan ng pagiging higad ni girl. Sayang lang ang ganda tapos walang utak at yung ginawang batayan ng desisyon sa buhay ay ang kepu.

Be the Gabe Norwood and Marcio Lassiter in this world full of Scottie Thompson and Jio Jalalon.

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