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ABS-CBN’s “Quezon’s Game” to Premiere in Cinemas

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The multi-awarded period film “Quezon’s Game” directed by Matthew E. Rosen is set to hit Philippine cinemas this May 29, 2019.

Inspired by true events, “Quezon’s Game” pays tribute to former Philippine president Manuel Quezon’s heroism of rescuing around 1,200 Jews seeking refuge from the Holocaust. The film is a joint venture production of Star Cinema, ABS-CBN’s streaming service iWant, and Kinetek Productions, and it stars Raymond Bagatsing, Rachel Alejandro, and Kate Alejandrino.

ABS-CBN held a VIP Screening last May 7, 2019 at Power Plant Mall in Makati City attended by ABS-CBN President and CEO Carlo Katigbak, ABS-CBN Chairman Martin Lopez, and Head of ABS-CBN Films Olivia Lamasan. Manolo Quezon III represented the Quezon family. Some government officials were also present during the event, namely Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG) Undersecretary Martin Diño and Chief Presidential Legal Counsel and Presidential Spokesperson Salvador Panelo.

“Very few of us wouldn’t have the chance to live under the era of President Quezon, but his presence is immortalized in the lives of and descendants of more than a thousand people that he saved. President Quezon’s shining legacy is not just to the Philippines but to humanity,” said ABS-CBN President and CEO Carlo Katigbak.

Meanwhile, “Quezon’s Game” director Matthew Rosen emphasized about the compassion Filipinos have, which is reflected in the film. He stated, “This movie isn’t really about politics at all. In fact, this movie isn’t really about the life of Quezon. What this movie to me is really about is that culture that we as Filipinos have in this time where we shone a light of humanity when the rest of the world was drowning in the pity of their war.”

ABS-CBN also presented a video interview of Holocaust survivors Margot Pins Kestenbaum and Max Weissler who received help from Manuel Quezon and are currently living in Israel.

The film is supported by the Film Development Council of the Philippines (FDCP) and is part of Sandaan, the celebration of the One Hundred Years of Philippine Cinema. "We are honored that Quezon's Game premieres in the Philippines just in time for our celebration of Sandaan where we recognize our legacy, our heritage, and the people and talents that have led us to the milestone. With films such as ‘Quezon's Game’ which not just educates, but enlightens a meaningful moment in our history, it makes Sandaan all the more significant," said Liza Diño, Chairperson and CEO of FDCP.

“Quezon’s Game” bagged more than 20 awards all over the world, including major prizes from Cinema WorldFest Awards in Canada, IndieFEST Film Awards in California, USA, and WorldFest-Houston International Film Festival in Texas, USA.

Discover the secret in Philippine history as “Quezon’s Game” screens in cinemas this month.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Southeast Asia Cup is coming to the Philippines this 19 to 23 June 2019

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Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Southeast Asia Cup (MSC), the region’s elite Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) tournament, is coming to Manila this June 19 to 23, 2019. Happening at the SMART Araneta Coliseum, MSC 2019 is going to be the biggest and most exciting MLBB esports event to take place in the Philippines.

“MLBB fans here in the Philippines have shown great love for the game and the level of MLBB esports talent here is outstanding. In fact, MSC 2018’s 1st and 2nd place winners were both Filipino teams. It is only fitting for us to have MSC, the region’s most prestigious MLBB esports tournament, right here in Manila. At Moonton, we are proud to have created a game that has resonated well in the SEA region. Much of that success is thanks to the passion shown by our community here, so this one's for you,” said JJ Lin, Esports Manager, Moonton.

MSC 2019: Invited teams and format

MSC will see a total of 12 invited teams from nine different Southeast Asian countries compete for the prestigious title of MSC Champion. Countries with their respective Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional Leagues (MPL) such as the Philippines, Indonesia and Myanmar will each send two teams, with the exception of Malaysia and Singapore which will send one team each. Thailand, Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia are hosting local qualifiers with the winning team from each country qualifying for MSC.

To date, the confirmed teams invited to MSC 2019 are Onic Esports and Louvre Esports from Indonesia (1st and 2nd place winners at MPL-ID Season 3), as well as Malaysia’s Geek Fam and Singapore’s EVOS Esports SG (1st and 2nd place winners at MPL-MY/SG Season 3).

MSC 2019 will kick off with a group stage draw on 4 June 2019 where all participating teams will be drawn into four groups. Fans can catch this draw live on MLBB’s Facebook page. On 19 and 20 June, the group stage will take place to determine which teams get a spot in the upper bracket of the playoffs. The remaining teams will then face off in a play-in round to fight for the last four spots in the lower bracket of the playoffs. Both the play-in round and playoffs will happen on the big stage from June 21 to 23, 2019 at SMART Araneta Coliseum.

“Besides being the main venue of the Philippines Basketball Association, The Big Dome has provided a stage for some truly historic events, such as the ‘Thrilla in Manila’ where boxing legend Muhammad Ali fought Joe Frazier in 1975. From sports to esports, we’re excited to bring the very first esports event to the iconic SMART Araneta Coliseum,” added Lin.   

The entire tournament including the group stages will be streamed live on Facebook at the official Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Facebook page. More information and details will be released there, so be sure to follow the page at

Know The Process And The Risks Of Debt Settlement Beforehand

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If you want to make your debt settlement process a success, you will need to know the risks that you may face apart from the working process of it. In simple terms, debt settlement is one of the most popular strategies of finance industry wherein a negotiation is initiated between the creditor and the borrower finding it difficult to pay off the debt to that particular creditor.

As a result of this negotiation, an agreement is arrived in which the creditor accepts a lower amount than the actual debt balance as full payment and the debt is cancelled. Simple! Well, it is not that simple at all.

Why? Because:

A debt settlement negotiation may or may not be initiated by the creditor especially when there is a third party negotiator involved

The amount that you or your debt settlement company offer to the creditor may not be accepted

When you stop making payments to your creditor in this process it will damage your credit score which is why most people having a good credit avoids this process

Debt collectors may still continue to hound you for asking to make your payments that you have stopped

The creditors may still sue you for not paying and if they win they may even garnish your wage to recover their money for unsecured loans and confiscate the collateral for secured loans

The escrow account created by the debt settlement company needs to be managed well and the company will charge you a monthly fee for that matter along with their original service fees making the debt settlement process costly

There is a fair enough chance of being duped by scam debt settlement companies if you are not careful with your selection and do not compare the debt settlement ratings for that matter

It can take a long time, anything between two to four years to reach to a settlement and accomplish it and

It can take years after a successful debt settlement just to discover that you owe some tax on your forgiven debt as per the Internal Revenue Service clause.

Therefore, with all such risks involved, debt settlement should be your last resort, in spite of its benefits.

Limits of debt settlement

There is no way in which you can opt for debt settlement right away. There are a few limitations for this process to come into play.

Typically, debt settlement process is not possible unless there are not any skipped or late payments and unless it is a potential collection account. However, deliberate failures will not facilitate debt settlement.

The creditor has to believe that you really are in a state of financial crisis and it is better to accept what you can afford and offer rather than lose the entire sum if you file for bankruptcy down the road. If they believe that you can pay the full amount that you agreed to originally, they will not settle your account.

Debt settlement is the most suitable option for unsecured debt such as credit cards. You will not be able to settle a few specific types of debts such as federal student loans or a secured loan on a house that can be foreclosed on or even a car loan as it can be repossessed.

Add to that, debt settlement offers will only work when you open a separate savings account and stop making payments to your creditor and instead pay a monthly sum in to this specific savings account to build a substantial amount of money which the debt settlement company can offer to your creditor as a lump sum offer for a reduced debt amount.

This means, when debt settlement does not work you will need to look for other available options to repay your debt. These options includes taking on a debt management plan as an income based repayment plan or taking on a debt consolidation loan.

No guarantees for success

When you opt for debt settlement you take on a lot of risks because there is no guarantee for the success of this process. Moreover, even if the creditor allows settling your debt for a lower amount, there is no clear cut process for its success. Often scam companies will advertise that they will reduce your debts by as much as 50% and make you debt free within three years but the fact can be far from it.

Considering the facts and statements of two of the largest debt settlement companies namely, National Debt Relief and Freedom Debt Relief it is found that no more than $8 billion in debt has been settled by the for about 450,000 clients since 2002. This figure may be substantial but they still do not guarantee success for debt settlement considering the fact that a few of the creditors do not even negotiate with them.

Another research conducted by a nonprofit research and policy group The Center for Responsible Lending it is found that at least four of the loan accounts of most the consumers needed to be settled to gain the net benefit. In addition to that there is always the risk of the debt total rising due to fees accrued and therefore aggressive collection attempts still continued in most of the cases even after the loans were under consideration for settlement.

If you are already a delinquent customer you will be badly hit if you opt for debt settlement. This is because the reports of delinquent accounts stay on the credit reports for several years when the lenders report that the debt has been charged off.

Therefore, you must consult a reputed credit counselor before you take on debt settlement as your option to prevent the risks. However, every debt relief option may come with its significant amount of risk. It is for this reason you are advised to take on as much debt as you can afford to repay back on time and not fall behind. Following a proper household budget is the most prudent way to manage your finance, debt and your mental peace.

PHLPost Participates in 2019 Brigada Eskwela

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The Philippine Postal Corporation (PHLPost) together with Government and Private Partners joined the National Brigada Eskwela Kick-off ceremony which marked the start of the Nationwide School Maintenance Week held at the Alfonso Central School in Alfonso, Cavite.

With the theme “Matatag na Bayan para sa Maunlad na Paaralan,” the 2019 Brigada Eskwela is in preparation for the nationwide school opening in June. Through the participation of personnel from different agencies, the true meaning of bayanihan and the power of unity is being showcased in this activity spearheaded by the Department of Education (DepEd).

PHLPost held the Nationwide “Salamat Po Teacher” Grand Raffle draw and announced the winners in the presence of representatives from the Department of Education. Three winners from Luzon namely; Mary June Bantoc of Quezon, Joren Allorde of Albay, and Julia Andrea Vera no of Tarmac won P10,000 each while Jasmine Disso of Iloilo City and Maria Alexi Gahuman of Surgeon Del Norte also won P10,000 in the Visayas and Mindanao respectively.

Aside from disseminating the program’s information and mission, PHLPost donated pencils and Salamat Po Cards to the teachers and other guests. The activity also conducted orientations and advocacy campaigns such as Anti-Illegal Drug Campaign, Wash in Schools Campaign, Disaster Resiliency Campaign, and Laki sa Tibay Nutrition Educational Campaign.

Alfonso, Cavite Mayor Virgilio Varias attended the event and thanked all Government and Private Partners who helped and participated the Brigada Eskwela.

Debt Consolidation – Know Your Options

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If you have ever got into debt, you know how frustrating it is till the time you do not come out of it. Your financial stability is at stake and you eventually, you lose your peace of mind. However, there are many solutions you can opt for, debt consolidation being one of them.

In this write-up, let us discuss more about the same that will cover the following topics-

What is debt consolidation?

Self-evaluation of your debt status

Mistakes related to a debt you must avoid

Best options to deal with debt

Role of credit score

Let us take a look at each of these topics one by one so that you can get out of debt by adopting a few reasonable and realistic steps.

What is debt consolidation?

Debt consolidation is the process in which you consolidate or “collate” all your financial liabilities as one and pay off your debt by taking out a loan that will be equal to the amount of all loans taken together.

In other words, you make it easier for you to handle your debts and pay off one creditor instead of dealing with multiple creditors at terms that will benefit you. The favorable terms usually include a lower rate of interest and provision to pay off your debt every month so that you can tackle the debt payment better.

However, just make sure that debt consolidation will be a good option in your case. Only then it makes sense. 

Self-evaluation of your debt status

Before taking any major step towards becoming debt free, evaluate your debts and their status. Generally speaking, you can be in debt for the following-

Credit card debt

Plastic card debt is one of the fastest piling debt that can go out of your hand. Even if you promise not to keep any balance on your credit card debt, most of the time, you fail to pay off in full, and it piles up.

Student loans

Not everyone is lucky enough to land themselves a job with a great salary right in the beginning. And this is when the trouble starts, when you have to pay off your student loan and also make ends meet.

Unsecured loans

You will come across many people that will look for quick fixes to solve their unexpected financial problems. For instance, payday loans are a classic example where you can get one easily without collateral, and you can avail them promptly.

Try to assess such loans that can prevent you from becoming debt free.

Utility bills, cellphone loans, medical bills

Paying off utility bills and medical bills out taking out loans makes sense. But if you have to be in debt for paying your cell phone bills, it indicates that you require better financial planning.

Planning your finances is of utmost importance as you can avoid taking out loans for expenses that you can curb or defer.

Mistakes related to debt settlement/consolidation you must avoid

Debt consolidation or debt settlement is always a good option provided they are meant for you. Also, if you are not confident about settling your debts on your own, you can seek the assistance of expert professionals that offer help as in

Do not try to consolidate your debts with the help of these options-

Hard Money Loan

You will come across many types of loans that will attract high rates of interest but will bail you out of debt. Also, you will not require any credit check. These are again traps and will draw you into a vicious cycle of debt. You are already in debt, and due to these high-interest rate loans, if you fall behind on a payment, you will lose your financial stability to juggle the payment of this loan.

Avoid credit card transfers

If you have many credit cards and you have been paying off your bills on time, many credit card companies will prefer working with you. And if you fall behind on payment once, these companies will offer you plastic cards offering you zero percent interest rate for transferring the outstanding balance.

However, chances of escalating rates are high that usually takes place over a period of time and quite quickly. So, avoid transferring your existing credit card debts to a fresh card.

Best options to deal with debt

Check out the best debt consolidation options that you can opt for-


One of the tapping into your home’s equity is to pay off debt is by refinancing. It is basically a new mortgage altogether. The amount you will be able to avail against refinancing depends on how much equity is in your home.

It is a good option if the rates of interest you are getting suits your repayment requirement.


Home equity line of credit (HELOC), is an arrangement in which you use your house as collateral for taking out a loan. The difference between refinancing and HELOC is that in the case of the former, you pay a lower rate of interest as compared to HELOC that attracts a higher interest rate. The best part about HELOC is that you can enjoy tax deductibles on it of fees associated with this loan.

Role of credit score

Regardless of the type of loan you are planning to avail, if you have a good credit score to boast about, you can enjoy better terms on your loan. Check out the following-

You can call a score between 750 and 850 excellent

You can call your score good if it is between 700 and 750

The range between 650 and 700 is fair

If it is between 560 and 650, it is bad

You can call it Very bad if it between 560 and 300.

You can maintain a good credit score by being regular with your debt payments. Your financial behavior shows in the credit report that also helps lenders assess whether you are responsible enough to make repayments of any loan that you avail.

Philippine Pageantry Welcomes A New Mover

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Now officially joining the ranks of pageant organizers in the Philippines is the husband and wife team of Carlo and Irene Montemayor of ICSM Infinity Pageants, a new organization consisting of professionals from the posh pageant industry and other businesses. Irene will hold the position of National Director for Operations and Corporate Development, while her husband Carlos takes the role of Managing Director.

At an intimate gathering on May 24. 2019 with members of the media at one of the luxurious pavilion rooms of Shangri-La at the Fort in Bonifacio Global City of Taguig, Irene and her husband formally announced the newest organization to now belong among the groups handling beauty pageants in the country, and sending their winners to compete in corresponding international counterparts.

The other members of the organizations are Ton Lao as Director for Creative Affairs, Jace Chiong as Director for Corporate Communication and Norman Tinio as Director for Media Relations and Publicity.

Everyone was also treated to a Peruvian cuisine lunch personally attended to by resident head Chef Carlo Huerta of Samba, one of the restaurants that are part of the Shangri-La the Fort. It was an amazing array of specialty dishes of the restaurant which also included their various cocktails creatively presented in eye-catching containers.

Philippine Global Queens, the title of the new pageant was formally launched last May 24 at the same venue where six US-based international titles were revealed namely, Miss Cosmos International, Miss Regency International, Miss Global United, Miss Continents and Miss United International. Aside from the six titles, there will be two runners-up. Fabulous prizes and opportunities will await the winners.

The nationwide search is said to begin on the latter part of June, while the pre-pageant events will start sometime August. The grand coronation will be happening on October at the Grand Ballroom of Shangri-La The Fort, also announced as among the brands who are partnering with ICSM Infinity Pageants. For the inaugural year, the organization is expecting fifty (50) qualified applicants to be named as official candidates.

ICSM is also holding a pageant for bonafide college and university students, the Mr. and Miss College University. If initial plan will push thru, the pageant will be held in the last quarter of the year or early next year.

The Montemayors acquired franchises from Cosmos and Regency International Pageants, a US based firms producing and organizing pageants for Miss, Teens, Pre-Teens and Married Women. But for their initial venture, ICSM is focusing on pageants for single women. The eventual winners of the inaugural search will be competing next year in their respective international pageants.

Congratulations and Best of luck to the endeavors of Irene and Carlo!

Photography by Collin Yap

Friday, May 24, 2019

MARINA Urges Stakeholders to Cooperate in Enhancing MET System

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The Maritime Industry Authority (MARINA) has urged stakeholders to cooperate in enhancing the country’s maritime education and training (MET) system at the Usapang STCW held Monday, 20 May 2019.

“Keeping the position of the Philippines as a major source of quality and highly-competent maritime workforce is our national mission. The MARINA is totally focused on achieving substantial transformation to uplift the standard of our maritime industry, especially our MET system. On behalf of the Philippine government, I am urging you to do your big part as well,” MARINA OIC Vice Admiral Narciso Vingson Jr said.

Moreover, The MARINA OIC emphasized that the upgrading of MET standards is essential in sustaining the Philippines’ stance as the top country of choice in the seafaring industry amidst the increasing competition in the international maritime community.

Finally, Vice Admiral Vingson assured stakeholders that the agency is always open for constructive dialogues to come up with progressive policies for the welfare of the Filipino seafarers and other maritime partners, as envisioned in the 10-year maritime industry development plan (MIDP).

The Usapang STCW is a regular activity of the MARINA intended to update stakeholders and to discuss recommendations to improve the country’s MET system.

In this particular session of the Usapang STCW, the MARINA discussed the enhancement of the qualification of maritime training instructors and assessors to ensure quality and productive learning experience for Filipino seafarers, as well as the obligation of maritime training institutions in the delivery of training programs, as mandated by the Standards of Training, Certification, and Watchkeeping for Seafarers (STCW) Convention 1978, as amended.

The MARINA tackled the prescription of minimum training standards on mandatory courses which is one of the major actions taken by the Philippines to address the European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA) audit report. This measure is implemented to ensure that the country’s MET are structured in accordance with written programs, methods, as well as media of delivery, procedures, and course materials necessary for the achievement of the prescribed standards of competence under the STCW Convention 1978, as amended.

The regular forum on STCW issues concluded with the discussion of the processes of the MARINA Integrated Seafarers Management Online (MISMO) System.

Top 8 Tips To Become Infamous in the Blogging Community

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How can you earn the title of being "infamous" in the blogging community?

1. Be yourself, and not what others prefer you to be. We should all be genuinely unique and not carbon copies. We shoukd not be coming from a single mold, but one of a kind.

2. Disrupt the common, traditional and boring practices by "exerting extra effort" not expected from a blogger. There is no single definition of what a blogger is. We must stand out, and not be just like everyohe else.

3. Stop ass-kissing or butt-licking brands, event organizers, PRs or fellow bloggers. We do not deserve those who would ban us just because we truthfully speak of what's in our our heart and mind.

4. Talk back! Only the fakers would not have the guts to insist on their beliefs. Kapag may katwiran, ipaglaban mo! You'll sleep better knowing you fought for what yoy believe is right than forever be silence by your cowardice.

5. Hang out with those controversial and much-talked about bloggers, and get to know them personally and not just based on hearsays. Who knows, you may be of the same feather, and get to collab and fly off to more thrilling adventures together.

6. Do not let yourself be part of a gangbang. Do your own research, and write from the heart. Friendship could clutter your mind with false and biased facts that will make you lose your genuine trust of your own perception of reality and personal beliefs.

7. Be inconsistent. New information could lead to a change of mind. It is alright to eat your own words. The only thing constant is change, and we are not an exemption.

8. Always be the best version of yourself. Your detractors are keeping an eye on you so you must be doing something right to get their attention. That is the game we play as bloggers, or now more properly known as influencers. Getting noticed is our top priority because no matter how good your content is, it's nothing if it is invisible to an audience thirsting for knowledge.

Whether you take this seriousky or not, it will remain a forever true guide on how to become part of history.

Best Press Release Distribution: 9 Factors to Ponder Before Making a Decision

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Choosing the best press release distribution service is a lot tricky given that there is a lot of options to choose from. Many PR agencies offer competitive price and quality distribution.

When you say distribution service, they don’t just offer distribution. Today, companies offer integrated solutions that boost a brand’s awareness, growth, credibility, and establishing themselves as industry experts.

If you are in the middle of making a decision, you may find it tough to decide with lots of options available. Here are important factors that you need to consider:

The PR Team

You need to weigh the team who will be handling your PR campaign. Sometimes, the person who will be talking to you is not the one who will be pitching your story. There is also a different person who will handle your account.

You need to be certain with the people you’re working with. It’s important to search for a team who can have a good relationship with you. Look for rapport.

It’s important that you are able to express your ideas or suggestions and not only one way. Communication must be open. They must be ready to accept your recommendations or what you want for your campaign.

Ask them who will be your point of contact or who will handle your campaign. Meet with them in person to discuss the nature of your business and goals. You may invite them to your office to discuss important matters about your business.

If you want to have social media integration, show your social media account. You may also show them your past successful campaigns if you chose a different PR agency in the past.


Sometimes, we tend to think that big ideas and big companies always work best. While this may be the case sometimes, this is not true at all times.

There are cases that big companies pursue the services of popular press release distribution sites because they are well known in this field. However, they ended up disappointed for several reasons.

Several large companies shifted to small and medium-sized press release services after they had unsatisfied results. The results were caused by changes in staff restructuring by older PR companies. The transition from traditional to modern strategy affected how these agencies work.

They suffered due to the digital transformation trends happening in the PR market in the recent decade. In fact, it is more challenging for these PR giants to adjust to the new modern PR tactics than the smaller ones.

When picking a press release service, don’t judge it based on its size. Sometimes, it’s the small and medium-sized agencies that can help grow your business.

Track records.

Before you book your press release distribution with any distribution platform, make sure that you know how they performed in recent years or decades. Can they prove to you how they worked?

Can they show you links to their published releases? Do they have positive reviews from review sites? Checking these things is important before you agree with their service.

It’s really important to choose a platform that already has experience and caliber in their field. Although it’s not bad to choose a new one, there are certain criteria that only the experienced services can offer.

Be it in other areas, choosing something that has proven track of records always produce better results. It’s because they know what it takes. If they have experience, they can apply their expertise in your own campaign.

Just imagine choosing a new agency over an expert PR company. Although track record is not the only basis, it’s different when you choose a PR service that is expert in your industry.

You no longer have to worry. You can sleep and wake up knowing that your campaign is in good hands.


Another important factor worth considering is the service’s capabilities. What can a service do aside from distribution of releases?

Take for instance Newswire. It is a press release service that has several offerings under its hood. Apart from distribution, they offer media database, media monitoring, media outreach, newsroom, and PR Strategy.

When you hire a PR agency that can do a number of services, you can save a huge amount of money in the long run. Let’s say you need writing service and distribution, instead of getting it from different agencies, Newswire can provide it as a package.

You can save more when you get a package of writing and distribution rather than paying for it separately. Moreover, if you need other services, you don’t have to book another PR service.

You can save not only money but a significant amount of time. The best PR firm is the one that can offer traditional marketing, social media, and digital media.

Usually, new agencies are more aggressive in providing this kind of service. They tend to provide more offerings than older firms.


Yes, right. Choose a PR service that offers specialization. Although the majority of press release platforms target almost all types of industries, it’s different if you hire a platform that specializes in your area.

If you are in the technology industry, get a PR agency that has worked with several technology companies. When you choose a PR firm that specialization, it’s very likely that they’ll deliver excellent results.

If you’re in doubt, don’t hesitate to ask for recommendations. Third-party recommendations weigh more.


Choose a company that concentrates on delivering PR results. Don’t rush them. Allow time for your campaign to gain momentum.

Set your target goal and set the key performance indicators (KPIs). Try to discuss it with the PR company, so they know your expectations. It also helps them to work harder and strive to reach your goals.

If you paid for annual distribution, meet with them on a monthly basis to review the results of the present month. It will serve as a basis for your next campaign. You can identify the strong and weak points.

For the next company activities, ensure to discuss it fully so that they have the idea on how they will craft the release and distribute it. Communication must be open during this stage.

If a PR agency volunteers to do the discussion with you regularly, don’t hesitate. It just means that they are a result-oriented agency. This type of PR company appreciates suggestions and recommendations and would consider it as an opportunity to grow their business too.

Your sales and marketing targets must be aligned. Your goal must be clear with them so they know how they will execute your campaign.


When shopping for the best PR platform to hire, compare first. Know which among your options can provide the most flexibility.

Are they willing to bend over their standards just to serve you? Or are they firm with their rules and can’t accept recommendations coming from you?

Test the flexibility of these PR companies. For instance, if their pricing is too high for you, are you walking out because they don’t have a lower plan that you can afford? Is there a PR agency that offers a customized plan?

Work with a company that can offer flexibility in order to serve their clients. There are some PR platforms that can do that. They can customize a plan based on their client’s budget.

Give them an opportunity to provide your requests. They must be able to compromise with you.

Again, communication is the key. Talk with them to discuss your company’s information, goals, and the results that you want to achieve.

Long-term relationship potential.

Although it is quite impossible to tell early on, you can sense which PR agency has the potential to develop a long-term relationship with you. The basis would be common grounds.

Do you see or feel a rapport with them? Can they understand what you’re saying or not? Do they care about your business?

Give and take is essential for a relationship to grow. If you just decided to choose an agency without considering this factor, you may end up working together for two years and just left because they changed their rules. The relationship suffered.

Choose a company that continues to grow with you. It can be a company that keeps on improving to offer more quality features and services to its clients.

The best PR provider is the one that can help you grow your network. They must be able to introduce you to other potential businesses and media.


While pricing must not be the top priority when considering a PR service, it is still significant. Of course, you need to choose a company that provides cost-effective pricing.

What if you want their service but you can’t afford their plans? Aside from the services they offer, consider the time they spent to conduct your campaign, their people, resources, strategies, etc.

Price comes with quality most of the time. The reason why they are more expensive is that they offer more quality results.

Whenever you make a decision and considering the cost, find out what quality they offer that you will not find in other PR companies? Although you’re going to pay more, the results are all worth it.

Blogging About the Real Versus the Entitled Version

Wazzup Pilipinas!

It’s a joy to be a portal of information of mostly Philippine news, products, events and opinions. If you have stories you want to share with the world, let's collaborate. Let’s have a collective advocacy campaign, to ensure that our voices are heard and the knowledge gained through our partnerships be forever ingrained in our minds and practiced in our everyday lives.

However, we are often torn between two powerful longings – to be the most in-demand by keeping positive and ignoring or setting aside shortcomings and faults of the brand (or anything comprising it including management, marketing and PR, and/or event organizers), or to be as frank and honest in your features and reviews because there should be no room for cover-ups.

Bloggers are kings and queens, knights and renegades, liars and honest men – playing a deadly game for control of the Kingdoms of blogging community, and just like in GOT, to sit atop the Iron Throne ...but still longing to be proclaimed most benevolent among fellow bloggers.

That moment when factions rise is when we  lose credibility. It doesn't have to be a single voice since we were all called upon to offer our individual judgement. Enough with the mob mentality. Talk or forever be silenced as just an expendable knight without his horse. That horse may be inferior compared to you, but it helps take you faster and more conveniently to your destination. But you wanted more and seek a carriage, forgetting it still needs a horse to make it move.

Overwhelmed, underwhelmed or just pasang-awa right smacked in the middle!

When we blog or vlog about events or brands, it's either of the three. Pwede rin ba percentage? Like ..."compared to other milk tea brands, this one has 100% of my preference for packaging and design, and 40% when it comes to taste, 0% when it comes to customer service... ang suplada ng order taker eh ang taba-taba at mukhang butanding"

So kapag nabitin o hindi satisfied ang blogger/vlogger sa isang event o collab, magrereklamo ba dapat tayo? o ok labg ba maglabas na lang ng blibd items tutal safe naman yata against cyber libel dahil walang nababggit na names?

Mas bilib ako sa mga nag rereview about a brand (product, service, personality, etc) without announcing that they are bloggers/vloggers.

Because brands tend to pamper and become the best version of themselves thus could be giving too much of what the actual is.

Our readers need to know the real score and not the "entitled" version.

Palibhasa our decisions are being influenced by the loots, tokens, perks, freebies, etc., that most of us are getting so brands would tend to over compensate in exchange of positive reviews.

As a blogger, I will support only good brands (even without any kind of sponsorship) and remain issue-based.

But no matter how busy I am, I would always find time to extend a helping hand towards those in need of my assistance.

Walang personalan? Meron syempre kasi nga blogger. That's how it was meant to be. That is why blogs are more credible than trad media because bloggers are supposed to be experiential, and thus critical and truthful about everything.

Let us not fear being ganged up by misguided entities. Because at the end of the day, ang blogging ay parang voting privilege natin. Sana nga na may katapat na indelible ink ang inilalagay na palatandaan sa atin para makita rin ng iba na we are responsible for whatever we have written or talked about.

Thursday, May 23, 2019

PH Films Win Big at ASEAN Int’l Film Festival & Awards

Wazzup Pilipinas!

The Philippine delegation for the fourth ASEAN International Film Festival & Awards (AIFFA) bagged three (3) major awards during AIFFA’s Red Carpet Gala Night held last April 27, 2019 at the Pullman Hotel in Kuching, Sarawak in Malaysia.

This year, eight (8) Filipino films were shortlisted, and among these, the multi-awarded film “Signal Rock” directed by Chito Roño produced by Regal Entertainment took home the Best Film. “Signal Rock” was also featured in Pista ng Pelikulang Pilipino 2018 and won the Critics’ Choice Award.

Filipinos’ acting prowess was also recognized during the film festival as Kapuso child star Barbara Miguel received the Best Supporting Actress for her performance in Carlo Obispo’s “1 2 3 (Wan-Tu-Tri)” from TBA Studios and late indie actor Kristoffer King won the posthumous Best Actor for his role in HF Yambao’s “Kristo” from Eichef Films. Meanwhile, Gawad Urian nominee Timothy Castillo is featured in Malaysian film “Crossroads: One Two Jaga,” which garnered accolades at AIFFA.

Filipino delegates also participated in the Philippine Cinema Night sponsored by the Film Development Council of the Philippines (FDCP), the country’s film agency.

“We are very proud of our winners who continue to promote Philippine cinema on a global level. AIFFA showcases the different voices that are truly distinct in the region, and we are pleased that they continue to give recognition to our talents and stories,” said FDCP Chairperson and CEO Mary Liza Diño.

The biennial film festival AIFFA celebrates Southeast Asian films from ten (10) ASEAN countries, including the Philippines, Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam.

AIFFA took place from April 25 to 27, 2019 in Kuching, Sarawak.

Last Call for Entries to the 69th Palanca Awards

Wazzup Pilipinas!

The Carlos Palanca Foundation, Inc., the sponsor and organizer of the 69th Carlos Palanca Memorial Awards for Literature, is reminding aspiring authors to submit entries before the deadline of 6pm on 31 May 2019.

This year’s edition of the country’s longest-running and most prestigious literary contest is accepting entries in all of its 22 categories:

· Novel and Nobela categories

· English Division – Short Story, Short Story for Children, Essay, Poetry, Poetry Written for Children, One-act Play, and Full-length Play;

· Filipino Division – Maikling Kuwento, Maikling Kuwentong Pambata, Sanaysay, Tula, Tulang Para sa mga Bata, Dulang May Isang Yugto, Dulang Ganap ang Haba, and Dulang Pampelikula;

· Regional Languages Division – Short Story-Cebuano, Short Story-Hiligaynon, and Short Story-Ilokano.

· Kabataan Division – Kabataan Essay and Kabataan Sanaysay

o Kabataan Essay: “At a time when spreading of misinformation is getting common, what can you do to help people, especially the youth, search for the truth?”

o Kabataan Sanaysay: “Sa panahon na laganap ang pagkalat ng maling impormasyon, paano mo matutulungan ang mga tao, lalo na ang kabataan, na hanapin ang katotohanan?”

Participants may submit only one entry per category. Published/produced works which were first published or first produced between 1 June 2018 to 31 May 2019 and/or unpublished/unproduced works may be entered in the contest. For the Novel and Nobela categories, published works which were first published within a period of two (2) years prior to 31 May 2019 and unpublished works may be submitted. Only unproduced works may be entered in the Dulang Pampelikula category. A work which has been awarded a prize in another contest before 6pm of 31 May 2019 is not qualified.

Contest rules and official entry forms are available at Palanca Awards’ official website,

Entries may be submitted personally or via courier at the Palanca Foundation office at Ground Floor, Greenbelt Excelsior Bldg., 105 C. Palanca Street, Legaspi Village, Makati City. All submissions must be printed copies. The Carlos Palanca Foundation will NOT accept online or email submissions for all categories.

All winners will be honored in a special ceremony later this year. Contact the CPMA office at or at (632) 843-8277 for further inquiries and other concerns. Ask for Leslie B. Layoso or Ester Alfaro.

Free Admission to the 11th Gawad Buhay Awards on May 28

Wazzup Pilipinas!

The 11th Philstage Gawad Buhay Awards is all set on May 28, Tuesday at 8 p.m. at Onstage Theater, Greenbelt 1, Makati City.

It will be open to the public on a first-come, first-serve basis.

The awards show, with the theme “Generations,” will be hosted by Carlo Orosa and Kakai Bautista, and will feature an original song aptly titled “Buhay na Buhay,” jointly composed by veteran writer-director Freddie Santos and musical director Ejay Yatco.

Philstage President Audie Gemora, who is directing the event, says, “The dream of the founding members of Philstage companies — the likes of Zeneida Amador—was to build a thriving performing arts industry. That dream is now a reality, with several theater companies having been established in the last decade. Workshops are teeming with youngsters while theaters in the campuses are vibrant. 

The influx of Broadway touring companies in Manila has not put a dampener on the local theater scene. 

And in 2018, we saw groups that usually stage Western musicals take a stab at staging original Filipino musicals, which is a positive trend.”

Presenters of the 23 competitive and two lifetime achievement awards will include past Gawad Buhay winners namely Lisa Macuja-Elizalde, Menchu Lauchengco Yulo, Michael Williams, Dennis Marasigan, Jaime del Mundo, and National Artist for Dance Alice Reyes; Tanghalang Pilipino artistic director Fernando “Tata Nanding” Josef; Peta President CB Garrucho; newly minted “Miss Saigon” alumni Gerald Santos and Aicelle Santos; and Joanna Ampil, who will headline the touring production of “Cats” in November. The trophies will be designed by sculptor and longtime Gawad Buhay collaborator Reg Yuson.

The awards show will feature performances by the original casts of the nominated musicals of 2018—“Ang Huling El Bimbo,” “Eto Na! Musikal nAPO!,” “Himala, Isang Musikal,” and “Balag at Angud” — as well as tribute performances by Ballet Manila and PETA for this year’s Natatanging Gawad Buhay awardees, dance icon and teacher Felicitas 'Tita' Radaic and Lutgardo Labad, Head National Drama Committee Philippine National Commission for Culture and the Arts.

Capping off the evening, and in keeping with the theme, will be a special performance by the “future of Philippine theater” — children of theater practitioners who are now taking to the stage, members of the Ateneo Blue Repertory, students of Trumpets Playshop and Don Bosco Tulay Performing Arts Group, and scholars of Philippine Opera Company to be coached by Sweet Plantado-Tiongson. Joseph Matheu will be the show’s lighting designer.

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

What is Openload Pairing for Better Streaming and Free VPNs for Netflix?

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Unlike any other streaming service providers as Chromcast, Plex, or Amazon Firestick, Kodi is operated by XBMC Foundation, which is a non-profile organization. This platform is consistently upgraded and enhanced through the support of a huge number of coders from everywhere.

Kodi was introduced in 2003, from when it has constantly been evolving till date and getting shaped by about 500+ developers and 200+ translators. You can also try and customize Kodi for your needs. There are plenty of add-ons and builds available for Kodi to enhance its functionality too.  Most importantly, all these open-source resources come for free.


For any Kodi user, Openload host is the place where all the media gets saved. Openload is a file repository which is similar to Dropbox. The users may upload all their files to this folder and then share the links of it to be accessed by others. We cannot find any such indexing, but the users need to know what they have to look for and how to locate it. For this, developers had created some software which can scrape the Openload and find media content to watch openload streams.

Openload pair

As we saw, Openload is free, and the primary source of revenue for any such free service is publicity like banner ads.  While accessing content through Kodi, many users are unaware of the fact that Openload works based on advertising. When you are trying to access content through Openload, you may end up seeing the message as to pair your device. Each Openload source is requested to be paired for gaining access. There are also many smart hacks for this, but the ideal approach is to do openload pair to access Kodi streams.

Pairing can be done very easily.

Open the browser to access
Check the box "I'm not a robot."

Scroll down to choose the Pair option.
You will receive pairing confirmation, and the videos will start to play.

Choosing the top Netflix VPNs for 2019

A Virtual Private Network will allow you to access the Netflix content from anywhere without any geographic restrictions. Here, we will check out some best options in Netflix VPN free access to Netflix content.

1. ExpressVPN

It is called the best all-round Netflix VPN which has about 3000 servers at 160 locations. Supporting up to three devices, it can carry 30,000 different IP addresses. The major features of Express VPN are high speed, Netflix support; however, it is not a free provider apart from the money back trial it offers.

2. IPVanish

It is a fast VPN with powerful features. Offering a 30-day free trial, IPVanish gives access through 1200 servers at 60 locations. It has 40,000+ IP addresses, and 10 devices are simultaneously supported.

3. VyprVPN

This user-friendly VPN offers a fine mix of security and speed. There are 700+ servers at 70 locations. With access to over 200,000+ IP addresses, you can connect up to five devices at a time.

In fact, there are many other choices also to make in Netflix VPNs, but the above three are found to offer steady access whereas many others tend to drop off in between.

What Are The Benefits Of Residential Treatment For Eating Disorders

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Eating disorder is one of the serious illness that mostly everyone is facing today. There are some of the fatal consequences if this illness is not treated on time. There are many options for treatment for eating disorders. There is therapy, group support, the counseling for nutrition and what not. But one of the most effective treatment for is residential treatment. The residential treatment for eating disorder combines with many of the treatments which are listed above. This treatments that are applied are in a very controlled as well as a supportive environment. Here we will be going to discuss six advantages of the residential treatment for the eating disorders.

Here are the benefits of residential treatment for an eating disorder:

The environment is controlled:

When people have an eating disorder, they develop compulsive behavior which is very hard to break, if you do not have any assistance. A residential treatment facility is a type of facility which operates in a controlled environment. It is going to help the patients to break their habits. These habits are not just any normal habit which can be changed easily. These are like rituals which they are going to follow over time. In this environment, the patients won’t be able to lie about what they are eating in their routine. They won’t be able to lie about their weights. In this treatment, they are tried and are forced to leave their negative impulses. They are given a period in which they can learn about more healthy behaviors.

A supportive environment:

In this treatment, the patients will be surrounded by the people who are going through the same situations somehow or another. This environment makes it possible that they will be able to share how they feel and all their experiences. They can get various suggestions from the people who are fighting the same battles. The other people can also encourage them in trying to break their habits, and sometimes these things work more than anything. With peer support, the patients are also going to receive support from trained therapists and counselors. These people can help the patients in navigating their emotional behavior to the recovery.

Monitored Treatments:

When the therapists are monitoring a patient for weeks, this is going to allow all the therapists to identify the weaker issues in the patients. This will help them make better judgments about the treatment. It will become easy for them to tell whether which medications are going to work on the patients and what approach that one must follow. The therapists are also going to come with more effective medication strategies.

It is Most effective: 

When a patient is following residential treatment, the patients will be in the regular touch of the therapists and the counselors. They are going to meet them on a daily basis. These things are going to allow them to have a trusted relationship and it is very beneficial if someone wants to heal from this disorder.

Time for patients to heal:

Sometimes, life becomes very hectic, and it becomes impossible to keep the stress out. The residential treatment is going to remove the patient from all the worries and will give them a time to think about themselves. They will be able to focus on their recovery which will help them to heal from inside out.

This is why the residential treatment for eating disorders is the best treatment among all the other options. If you want to know more about this treatment or want to follow it, then you can get in touch with the Crossroads as we are the best centers for treating any type of addiction or disorders.

What are the Benefits of Consuming a Small Amount of Wine?

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Wine is an extremely prominent and celebrated beverage, and it is for the most part served in huge corporate parties, wedding functions, unique occasions, social affairs, and so forth. In any case, it isn't that you can't drink wine on the off chance that you are not finding the opportunity to go to a gathering. You can without much of a stretch purchase a container of wine from the reputed fine wines merchants at a decent value or price range.

In this way, if you need to buy a container of a couple of wines, you can contact a presumed and settled wine trader. There you will get the world's best wines and that too at a decent cost. There are various types and kinds of wine which are sold in the market. Numerous individuals additionally drink wine at a corporate gathering or some gathering. In any case, there not many individuals who feel that drinking wine isn't useful for wellbeing and this is the reason that a large number of them don't drink wine at all.

Understanding the benefits of consuming fine wines

Some people think that consumption of a lot of liquor isn't useful for wellbeing and numerous individuals do get confounded among wine and liquor. Yes, it is true that too much consumption of liquor is not good for health. Consuming wine and in the entire sum and of a presumed brand can truly greatly affect wellbeing. It has been seen that moderate utilization of win advances life span. Studies have additionally demonstrated that wine likewise lessens the danger of stroke. As you realize that wine helps in controlling the glucose level and it too helps in diminishing the dimension of pressure, uneasiness, and misery, and so forth there is no problem in consuming a moderate amount of wine.

Procyanidins in Margaux wine help in doing as such and in the event that you are experiencing an awful dimension of cholesterol then you should begin drinking a glass of wine in the night. Moderate wine consumers have less opportunity to experience the ill effects of the danger of Type 2 diabetes than the individuals who don't expend wine by any means. You can also consult with your doctor and physicians and take their advice on this matter. They will also tell you what the medical benefits are of consuming one or two glass of wine and when you should consume so that it doesn’t have any bad effect on your health.

Those individuals who are suffering from bad cholesterol and searching for an effective approach to bringing down it at that point drinking moderate dimension or measure of wine can help them in doing as such.

Presently, a standout amongst the best thing is you can set out a glass of wine and raise a toast with your loved ones. Let the others additionally recognize what the advantage of wine is and the amount they ought to be devoured.

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

The Other Side of the Coin: What Really Happened to the "Bloggers" at Camaya Coast

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Kapag nakakaangat, it doesn't give us the right to step on others. Kung may pagkukulang, walang siraan dahil lahat tayo ay imperpekto. Kaya nga may matangkad, vertically-challenged, sobrang busog, anorexic-looking, alanganin kung lalaki o babae dahil may bigote o balbon, etc. Lahat may shortcomings, kakulangan, kasobrahan, you can't satisfy or please everyone.

So bakit may expectations sa isang grupo ng bloggers na na-invite sa isang resort. Kung fail eh di FAIL. "Next event please" na lang dapat ang dialogue natin. Hindi po lahat papasa sa ating taste. Not all resorts were created equal.

Ibato ko lahat sa inyo pati na yung kitchen sink. loko eh.

"hi just want to apologize if we did not meet your expectation. upon arrival, snbi ko na po na optional icover to. hndi ko snbi na x deal po sha or kailngan nyo po I promote. we actually handled bloggers before na frnds ni Aldous like Eva and Ms Alek of by the way, but I guess wala kasi ng problem sa weather nun kaya walang aberya and they were very thankful for the trip. I assisted them the way I assisted u and my clients. it was not in any way sponsored by the company. it was merely an invitation for a day tour.

 the tickets for aqua Fun and the towels, I had to go out of my way to get those for you kasi ang may access lang dun actually is property owners and payees. those were not included in the day tour. we can only give what our marketing budget allows us and that's 1899 per head which includes the entrance, use of amenities, ferry ride and dtt meal.

 sorry po if na disappoint kayo I know that already because some of u tinarayan ako but pero nkta  nyo nmn po na I was apolegetic and never ko kayo binastos even though na hurt ang feelngs ko the way u treated me. pero I still tried my best to assist you guys, kaso hndi ko nmn po controlado ang weather, para sa safety dn ng clients un kaya hndi inallow and water activities such as the inflateable island and kayak. for your safety po un we don't want any casualties po right. also ung walang tubig sa shower room, that rarely happens, so hndi ko dn nmn po controlado un.  I guess malas dn tlga ung araw na un and there are things that are beyond my control.

also, just to clarify, naka indicate po sa ticket na 4:30 ang departure. it was 2 way. I sent the ticket to Aldous binulugan ko pa ung departure time . what happened was accd sa boarding dept, hndi po kayo dumaan sa booth para kumuha ng boarding pass. may process po kasi un bago sumakay ng ferry. hndi ko n nsabi ko cos u already left without saying goodbye. I think na overlook lang n Aldous ung departure time and he already admitted to that mistake. I have screenshots of the booking code which I sent to aldous and nakabook po kayo pati pauwi. hndi nmn po pwedeng hndi.
sa totoo lang ako po ang npagalitan kasi bakt dw tuloy2 ang clients ko ang snbi ko nlng sobra pagod na po sgro kaya na overlook nla. ako po ung nakausap and ngareglo sa boarding pass pra mapa upo napo kayo asap.

actually ayaw ko na po sana palakihin, cnclarfy ko lng what really went down on our side. bottomline is alam ko disappointed kayo sa trip and I apologize for that. minalas dn lang dn po tlga tayo and I think misunderstanding na din kasi hndi na clarify ung intentions prior sa visit."

Bakit ba ako nakikisawsaw sa problema ng iba?

Ayoko kasing manahimik laban sa mga mapang-api.

Nadadamay tuloy ako. Mananahimik na lang ba ako at pababayaan ang kaibigan kong alipustain?

Hindi syempre. Kahit may fault pa siya, he doesn't deserve to be treated that way.

Sino-sino ba itong mga nakakabangga ko ngayon? Ay hindi ko mga kilala...ako lang kasi ang "infamous"....hehehe

Seriously, a discussion should not be replaced with character or reputation assassination...It only makes your points weak. If you really have something significant to say, you don't need to go down low.

Matagal na po akong may mga death threaths. I eat them for breakfast. Lol!

So bash away. I expected them to do that kasi meron talagang walang alam kundi manlait ng personality kaysa maglabas ng significant reasoning to justify their concerns. When they can't reason out, their last resort is to attack the person below the waist. Palibhasa walang mga bayag to directly mention their target.

Ako lang yata ang nakapag file ng kaso against those who scammed at an event.

While the rest would rather settle para lang walang conflict. Ako lang yata tumanggi sa offer nila kapalit ng pananahimik ko. Ako lang yata matapang na maglabas ng baho ng blogging community kaya maraming nagagalit sa akin...pero marami rin ang naniniwala sa akin dahil I am not afraid to reveal the truth kahit awayin ko pa lahat ng may pagkukulang.

Ibato pa nila sa akin mga past issues, kahit paulit-ulit na ang explanation to my defense. Siguradong susuwertehin na naman uli ako kapag nilalait at inaapi.

Basta di ako matatakot labanan ang mga sindikatong pilit gustong mangibabaw para lang ipagpilitan ang kanilang entitlement. Kung talagang matibay ang ipinaglalaban nila, hindi na nila kailangang manira ng pagkatao. Answer the issues. Do not divert from the discussion.

"hi. this will be the last time I would ever address this issue. I've already stated my side on the yt channel. kasi ngdedelete dn nmn kayo ng comments na hndi favorable po sainyo so non sense na mgcomment pa. last nlng po just to clarify things lng.
ayoko po ng argument, pero unfair nmn kng one sided lang to. and again sabi ko nga when I first met you, it's your prerogative kung ilalagay nyo po sa content nyo or hndi. alam nyo po lahat yan narinig nyo sa snbi ko po yun. that's what I also said sa unang set of bloggers na ininvite nmn, u can ask ms Eva, via nd Alek of BTW. I treated them the way I treated u. nung sa camaya palang I kept telling Aldous na kht wag na ilagay number ko. gawin lng nla gsto nla mgrelax sla take pictures lalo na ngktaon na pangit ang weather at cancelled lht ng water activities which were actually included sa day tour.
and again, it was merely an invitation for a day tour hndi PR event. yes ksalanan nmn ni Aldous ksi hndi properly coordinated, gusto lng sgro ako tulungan ng tao. on the other hand, gusto ko lng nmn na makpg enjoy kayo kaso sobrang dami dn aberya that day including the weather and ung shortage ng tubig. which by the way is out of my control nadn.
also sa inclusions, I can only give what our marketing budget allows us, which is ung 1899 day tour package. free entrance free use of amenities free transpo and dtt meal.
regarding the tour, before that nsabi n ksi n Aldous na may mga reklamo kayo so I decided na wag na I tuloy ung residential tour kasi baka ma bore lang kayo since most of u are young pa. I decided to get u tickets for aqua Fun (which by the way were not included in the package tlga, I had to ask my director pra makakuha ng mga un to pacify ung disappointment nyo). I've been trying to call Aldous 2:00pm plng, 2:30 no response so umikot ikot nako ng Camaya. hanggang makita ko kayo ng 3pm sa pool. mdami po ako missed calls if u want screenshots. 2pm to 430 was enough time pra sana makapag Waterpark sana kayo kaso nga hndi ko kayo macontact. 430 po ang boarding time it was clearly stated in the ticket. never po ako mgbook ng one way for day tour. again, pano ko kayo maeendorse sa ferry when u left without saying goodbye. I was on the other side of the garden, some of u saw me pero hndi ako pnansin. nbgla nlng ako tnwagan ako n Aldous na hndi dw kayo maka board, turns out tuloy2 daw kayo sa boat without getting your boarding pass. may process po kasi un bago mag board. ako pa po ang npgltan sa boarding dept and ako dn po ang nag ayos at ng present ng booking code para mapaupo na kayo. and did I mention ilan beses nyo po ako tinarayan, pero I kept mum about it because hndi po ako marunong mambastos ng tao. again, you're entitled to your opinion so kng after ng lahat ng explanation ko, ganun prn po ang perception nyo. I tried to offer u day tour passes and ng agree ako to reimburse ung food and grab nyo kaso galit padn
kayo. I consulted with my superiors and sabi skn I shouldnt pay for that ksi ggwa pdn kayo ng reviews nyo. everything I stated here is also 100% true. kng galit pa rin po kayo, sorry pero wala na po ako mgagawa. kng idedelete nyo dn okay lng dn po I won't be viewing your replies ndn kasi mukhang kht anong sbhn ko or explain ko walang bearing. sana lang po next bawasan nyo nlng po pagtataray nakakasakit dn po kasi ng loob I also felt maltreated or nabastos tbh. thank you and god bless."

Former Ombudsman Morales Opens Heritage Month Stamps Exhibit

Wazzup Pilipinas!

In celebration of National Heritage Month, former Ombudsman Conchita Carpio Morales, Chairperson of Akademiang Pilipino, a group of notable personalities in the field of Arts, Culture and the Academe delivered the keynote address to formally open the Heritage Stamp Exhibit entitled Mga Selyong Pamana, Imaging the Imagining Womanhood in Stamps held at the historic lobby of the Manila Central Post Office held recently.
A protector of Philippine sovereign rights in the West Philippine Sea and known cultural heritage proponent, Morales presented the commemorative 2019 Heritage stamps featuring Women as Heritage Keepers.
Guests from private and government sector, diplomatic corps attended the opening and ribbon cutting ceremony.
Aside from the 2019 Heritage Stamps, the Philippine Postal Corporation (PHLPost), in coordination with the National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA), Filipino Heritage Festival and Fantastic Philippines, a group of amateur and professional photographers has also displayed heritage stamp collections from notable philatelic collectors.
The exhibit showcases 22 frames featuring Philippine stamps depicting Filipino women.
It will be open to the public from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm and will run until May 30, 2019.
We support the effort of the government to preserve and protect these cultural heritage featured in stamps for the appreciation of the public. PHLPost Chairman Norman Fulgencio said.
PHLPost announced that next year will be the start of the restoration project of the iconic Post Office Building spearheaded by the National Historical Commission of the Philippines (NHCP).
A  Postal Museum shall be established as an added attraction to both local and foreign tourists.
PHLPost has printed 50,000 copies of the eight (8) designs commemorative stamps designed by PHLPost In-house graphic designer Victorino Z. Serevo, sold for P12.00 each.

Stamps and Official First Day Covers are now available at the Philatelic Counter, Manila Central Post Office, Liwasang Bonifacio 1000, Manila and in all postal areas of PHLPost.

Stamps Exhibit para sa National Heritage Month Idinaos

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Sa pagdiriwang ng National Heritage Month, ang dating Ombudsman Conchita Carpio Morales, Tagapangulo ng Akademiang Pilipino, isang grupo ng mga kilalang personalidad sa larangan ng Sining, Kultura at Academya, ay nagbigay ng talumpati upang pormal na buksan ang Heritage Stamp Exhibit na pinamagatang "Mga Selyong Pamana, Imaging the Imagining Womanhood in Stamps" na ginanap sa makasaysayang lobby ng Manila Central Post Office kamakailan.

Bilang isa sa tagapagtanggol sa karapatan ng Pilipinas sa karagatan sa kanlurang bahagi ng bansa at kilalang tagapagtaguyod ng mga kultural na pamana, iprinesenta ni Morales ang mga selyong tampok sa paggunita ng buwan ng pamana ngayong 2019 na may temang "Women as Heritage Keepers"

Bukod sa mga selyong pamana  ngayong 2019, ang Korporasyong Pangkoreo ng Pilipinas (PHLPost), sa pakikipagtulungan sa National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA), Filipino Heritage Festival at Fantastic Philippines, isang grupo ng mga amateur at propesyunal na photographers ay nagpakita ng mga koleksyon ng selyo mula sa mga tanyag na kolektor ng pilateliko.

Makikita sa eksibit ang 22 frames na nagtatampok sa mga selyo na naglalarawan ng mga kababaihang Pilipino. Bukas ito sa publiko mula alas 8:00 ng umaga hanggang alas 5:00 ng hapon na matatapos sa Mayo 30, 2019.

We support the effort of the government to preserve and protect these cultural heritage featured in stamps for the appreciation of the public, ayon kay PHLPost Chairman Norman Fulgencio.

Inanunsyo rin ng PHLPost na sa susunod na taon ay ang simula ng pagpapanumbalik ng kagandahan ng gusali ng Post Office na itinayo bago pa ang World War II. Magkakaroon na rin dito ng museo bilang isang karagdagang atraksyon sa mga lokal at dayuhang turista..

Nag-imprinta ang PHLPost ng Limampong libong (50, 000) kopya ng walong (8) disenyo ng selyo na mabibili sa halagang 12 pesos kada isa. Ang layout ng selyo ay ginawa ni PHLPost In-house graphic designer Victorino Z. Serevo.

Ang selyo at official first day covers  ay maaari ng mabili sa Philatelic Counter, Central Post Office, Liwasang Bonifacio 1000, Manila at area post offices sa buong bansa. Para sa karagdagang impormasyon, maaaring tumawag sa 527-0132.

The Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Expo (STEM EXPO 2019)

Wazzup Pilipinas!

The Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Expo (STEM EXPO 2019) is happening this coming May 26-27, 2019, at SMX Convention Center Aura!

Proudly presented by the Philippine Society of Youth Science Clubs, SMX Convention Center Aura, Science Education Institute - Department of Science and Technology, Unilab Foundation, and STEM+PH, the event is a two-day innovations expo aiming to provide scientific solutions to problems of society in the 21st century.

Together with our official innovation partner, PCI Tech Center, in cooperation with Haraya Learning Innovations and Emerson Philippines, in special partnership with DIWA, DENR-Biodiversity Management Bureau through DENR Agos in celebration of the Month of the Ocean, QBO Philippines, Goethe-Institut Philippinen, and 3M Philippines: Science. Applied to Life.


Experience ideas, innovation, exhibits, robotics, talks, and film shows and get exclusive one-day access to the expo for as low as P120 ONLY! 🎟🎫🎟

Buy your tickets online today via our website or via our Eventbrite page For ticket inquiries and reservations, please call (02) 332 8151.


This cool event is also brought to us by our many partner exhibitors! See and check out their booths for cool, cool freebies and prizes!

With special thanks to Felta MultiMedia and Mogu Mogu Manila and our official media partners, SparkUp, Wazzup Pilipinas, Tomasian Media Circle and Talents, DZUP, DOSTv, and Knowledge Channel, we're going to bring the spotlight to our innate #FilipinoIngenuity!

Like us on Facebook at for more updates! Visit our website at for more information. :)

#STEMEX2019 #GawangPinoyTatakPinoy

Artiat Playground Stages Floy Quintos' Laro Thos Pride Month

Wazzup Pilipinas!

“LARO,” written by Floy Quintos with additional material by Miguel Castro, is an adaptation of Arthur Schnitzler’s “La Ronde” for 10 male actors. The play, consisting of 10 interlocking encounters between pairs of characters, tells the story of 10 characters from different walks of life. It explores their never-ending search for happiness and true love within Manila’s gay community.

The play was first produced by Theater Now!, the now defunct experimental arm of Bulwagang Gantimpala, in November 2004. There were six performances at the Gantimpala venue in Luneta and additional six performances at the Tanghalang Huseng Batute of the Cultural Center of the Philippines. Some cast members of the original production are Andoy Ranay, Peter Serrano, Juliene Mendoza, JoMari Jose, Miguel Castro, Neil Ryan Sese, and Roli Inocencio.

This year, it will be staged by Artist Playground and it will be directed by John Mark Yap, with movement design by Jm Cabling, set design by Io Balanon, costume design by Nicolo Perez, lighting design by Miggy Panganiban, sound design by Arvy Dimaculangan, and graphics design by Gian Nicdao.

André Miguel plays the role of the Call Boy, Paul Jake Paule plays the role of the Pulis, and Phi Palmos plays the role of the Drag Queen. Gio Gahol and Mike Liwag alternate the role of the Manggagamit, while MC Dela Cruz portrays the role of the Kalaguyo. Al Gatmaitan and Victor Sy alternate the role of the Ideal, Ross Pesigan plays the role of the Estudyante, while Jon Abella and Vincent Pajara alternate the role of the Manunulat. Jonathan Ivan Rivera and Jay Gonzaga alternate the role of the Modelo, and Vincent A. DeJesus portrays the role of the Pilantropo. The cast will also feature the Players of Artist Playground: Aaron Dioquino, Dan Sheneill Solis, Robert Macaraeg, and Christian Silang.

“LARO” will run on the first two weekends of the Pride Month for 8 shows only: June 1, 2, 8, and 9, with 3pm and 7pm on all show dates. It will be staged at Arts Above, Penthouse of West Venue Building (BIR), West Avenue, Quezon City.

Tickets can purchased at For more inquiries, contact Ira at 0915-832-9579.
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