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Sunday, March 11, 2018

WORLDBEX 2018 Leads at the Forefront of Global Expansion

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Now on its 23rd year, the Philippine World Building and Construction Expo (WORLDBEX) sustains its outstanding streak as it opens its doors to a record-breaking number of local and international exhibitors. Plus, an increase in its total exhibition space with the addition of the 2,500sqm wide Northwing hall of the World Trade Center which will house over 120 booths.

Happening on March 14 – 18 from 10am to 8pm, this year’s WORLDBEX is expected to be the show’s biggest installment yet as it is set to be held at the three mega venues of the World Trade Center Metro Manila, the Philippine Trade Training Center, and the SMX Convention Center Manila. With all three venues combined, this year’s WORLDBEX will encompass a total of 37,100sqm of show area as it showcases 1,500 booths by both domestic and foreign players of the construction sector.

In turn, WORLDBEX 2018 has noted a 25% increase in international exhibitors, a 12% increase in local exhibitors, and a 20% increase in total number of booths. Signifying something far beyond mere showmanship, the expansion being undergone by WORLDBEX is a brimming testament of the show’s thriving ascendancy as a global force. And the same could be said about its decision to adopt the theme of “Shaping Innovations Toward Sustainability” for its 2018 installment.

As revealed by Worldbex Services International’s Founding Chairman Joseph Ang, “Deliberately conceived to parallel the growing concern of the international community with regard to the need to develop ingenious yet mindful solutions, our theme for this year’s show deeply echoes WORLDBEX’s commitment to connect with the global pulse.”

It comes as no surprise that the reception of both the local and international community towards the upcoming show has been widely optimistic. Laying proof to this was the successful turnout of the WORLDBEX 2018 Exhibitors’ Orientation Program held last January 31 at the Hall B of the Philippine Trade Training Center; where over 700 attendees from 300 companies took part in the pre-show event.

As affirmed by Richmond Sy, President and General Manager of GRM Biowood, a first-time platinum sponsor for WORLDBEX, “Worldbex is the gold standard for construction expos and is well-known for showcasing the newest and most innovative products of the industry under one roof.” Moreover, Sy found this year’s theme highly relevant as it reflects what his company is all about.

On the other hand, 20 years later and Puyat Flooring Products Inc. remains to be one of the longest standing sponsors of WORLDBEX. Recalling their journey as one of the pioneer exhibitors of WORLDBEX, Missy Castro, Communications Manager for Puyat Flooring Products Inc. states, “Our participation has helped us a lot to reach out to our target customers and showcase the beauty and effectiveness of our products. Indeed, it is the most ideal venue to let our clients know about our company and our products!”

However, there seems to be no better exemplification of the burgeoning role of WORLDBEX as a key driver of economic growth on a global scale than the impressive number of international participants that will be taking part at this year’s show. Assuming the role of being the global construction industry’s gateway to Southeast Asia, among the new countries to participate at the much-anticipated event include Indonesia, Australia, Turkey, Germany, Iran, and Japan. These countries now join the roster of longtime international partners that support WORLDBEX, such as Korea, Malaysia, Denmark, Singapore, Spain, China, New Zealand, UAE, Thailand, the US, and Vietnam.

Particularly impressive is the enthusiasm expressed by Malaysian companies who are expected to occupy the most number of booths at this year’s International Pavilion. Leading the pack is Malaysian powerhouse MATRADE which has been allocated 30 booths. As remarked by MaTrade’s Trade Commissioner, Ms. Nyaee Ayup, “WORLDBEX has continuously showcased the emerging and innovative products in the industry. Indeed, it serves as an excellent platform for trade exchange and to learn best practises from other participating countries.

Without a doubt, this year’s WORLDBEX marks an incredible milestone not just for the show but for the country’s economic position as a whole. As remarked by Florian Gottein, Executive Director of the European Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines, “With the fast-changing Philippine business landscape and many developments across all industries, it is through events such as the WORLDBEX that the best in the Philippine building and construction industry can come together and showcase the many opportunities within the sector.”

Furthermore, Noel Toti Cariňo, National President of the Chamber of Real Estate & Builders’ Associations, Inc. cites WORLDBEX’s vast global network as an “affirmation of their bright prospects for the Philippine property and construction industry.”

Once again, WORLDBEX leads at the forefront of pushing forth the expansion of the Philippine construction industry to unprecedented heights. WORLDBEX 2018 will run from March 14 to 18 from 10am to 8pm at the three mega venues of World Trade Center Metro Manila, Philippine Trade Training Center, and the SMX Convention Center, Pasay. The show is organized by the Worldbex Services International, the country’s leading events and expo organizer. To pre-register, visit To know more, like the Worldbex Services International Facebook page and follow @worldbex on Instagram.

Thursday, January 4, 2018

Nine Mistakes That Online Shoppers Are Guilty Of

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Buy what you want with just a click. Online shopping has become a great convenience. You can search and shop for almost anything from anywhere around the world from the confines of your room. As convenient as shopping online is, it does not mean you should click “buy” before adequately educating yourself. Here are some mistakes to avoid to ensure a safe and satisfying online shopping experience:

1. Not Shopping Around

Once you see an item that you like, would you buy it straight away? Why not search further for a better price and save. In the current competitive market, online retailers tend to offer products at more attractive prices. By spending a fair amount of time looking through various online stores, you can, not only compare prices, but also gather more information like delivery time and shipping costs to help you make a more informed purchase decision.

2. Forgetting to Search for and Shop with a Coupon

Coupon codes are a great way to save money. Why pay full price when you can save a percent off your product? The majority of online stores offer these money-saving codes, which can be found with just a quick search. Some websites like iPrice, readily provide their coupons by highlighting it on their homepage so that consumers can easily find and use them.

3. Skipping Reviews

There is no greater fury than a customer scorned, either by a bad product or bad service experience. Many tend to make their displeasure known online. However, it is also the forum for those satisfied with their purchase to give praise to their favourite product. Bloggers and vloggers are readily available to provide useful information like how-to-use the product and their opinions after using the product. Always read reviews on the item that you intend to purchase. This can give you better insights on the product quality, what the product is used for and user experience.

As there are many opinions out there, one way to avoid being overwhelmed by it all, is to look out for the three-star reviews. These tend to offer more pros and cons, whereas five-star reviews could be inflated and those with one-star could just be from customers who are never happy.

4. Purchasing from Unknown or Insecure Sites

An important part of online shopping is to be able to trust the website. You can get clues about the security by entering the company’s website url in the browser. A good indication is if url begins with https rather than http, the added 's' shows that it is a secure site. Another clue to look for is 'padlock icon' before the website’s address indicating that the site uses encryption to ensure security. One more clue, you can get if website is secured with SSL certificate such as (Extended Validation) EV SSL of Comodo and that clue is you can also see business/company name in the browser. A good rule of thumb is not to purchase anything from suspicious looking or unknown websites – let alone linger on one. Such websites pose high potential in not only messing up your order but worse of all, compromising your credit card or debit card information.

5. Not Using Your Credit Card

Shopping online with a debit card will help limit your spending as you can only shop with the amount you have in your bank account. However, using a debit card runs a higher risk of identity theft and hackers being able to access your personal bank account and money. Should hackers gain access to your bank account, getting your money back will be difficult and in some cases, you may be forced to close your account.

Using credit cards to shop online is generally more secure than debit cards. With the rise in identity theft and fraud, credit cards offer better consumer protection against unauthorised transactions. Some avid online shoppers even use a separate credit card for all their online shopping. With this, any would-be hacker would have access to that one credit card and a call to the credit card provider would help remedy the situation.

A good habit to practice is to review your credit card statements regularly and keep a track of all your transactions. Should you spot anything that should not be on your bill, do contact the credit card provider immediately.

6. Making Online Purchases on Public Wi-Fi Connections
While shopping over public wi-fi at a café or other public areas may be a good way to pass the time, it is not recommended due to security reasons. Such public wi-fi access areas are often not properly secured and can be easily compromised by hackers. Your personal information and credit card details are at risk. So, it is best to do your online shopping when at home or on a secure private network.

7. Not Reading the Return Policy

Found the item that you were looking for, bought it with just one click and discovered that it was not the correct size. Only then to find out that it is stated in the terms and conditions that the item cannot be returned nor exchangeable once sold. A common mistake but a frustrating one.

When shopping for clothes and shoes, always be aware that different retailers, brand and model has the potential to be different. Checking size charts can give you a better idea of how different garments fit. Keep a reminder of your current measurements and typical sizes by your favourite retailer near your computer for quick reference while shopping online.

As good practice, do go through the return policy of each online retailer before you make your purchase.

8. Getting Caught in the Free Trial Trap

As retailers are always eager to keep you updated and informed of the latest promotion or trends, any online shopper regularly receives promotions and free trial offers. This makes signing up for membership or newsletters easy. If you do so, just ensure that the membership perks or the offers are genuine and they are benefits that you will actually use.

Be especially wary of free trials that require your credit card details. Some retailers may sign you up for a long-term subscription without your consent.

9. Falling for “Attractive” Deals and “Exciting” E-mail Links

A majority of consumers at some point of their shopping experience can admit to have fallen for the “attractive and exciting discounts” which one can enjoy by just signing up the retailers’ online form. However, this is followed by a daily influx of emails proclaiming a never-ending slew of offers and discounts. Such emails can tempt you to spend more, turning one purchase into several more.

If you really want to have updates on the latest sales and promotions, one suggestion is to use a separate email account so that you can check your inbox periodically and not have them be a distraction many times in a day.

Online shopping can mean a world of discounts, infinite number of products (and brands) and an easy purchase experience. But if it compromises your personal information, identity and budget, keep in mind these pitfalls mentioned to avoid long term repercussions. By all means, do search, compare prices and save with great deals in order to enjoy a good and safe shopping experience.


Azhann Rosmin

With a deep love of story-telling and literature, Azhann enjoys writing as much as a kid enjoys ice-cream. With a full and fluent grasp of the English language, he writes almost as good as he spins stories of gasps and awe.

Thursday, October 5, 2017

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Cosplay Mania 2017: Stressful Queues, Missed Meet and Greets, But Lots of Fun with Friends

First of all, Cosplay Mania has been a blast for me. Regardless of the hardships I encountered on both days of the event. It amazed me how star studded the event was. Inviting seiyuus we all love and cosplayers we go gaga all over. The Japanese singers are all fantastic. Even though I only knew a few of the songs they performed, I kept my head banging, my hand keep swaying and I keep on shouting cheers till my voice got hoarse. Even the creators of Yuri on Ice was a huge bomb to me, having them tell us the secret behind the success of the anime and we even got the chance to see something exclusive. In these part of the event I wish for them to keep up the good work. Having good relations to other countries especially Japan, the home of our beloved anime, should be maintained and nourished.

But because this has been a huge event, there have been problems that arise. Day 1 was hell. Yep, that was one way to describe it. I usually arrive early for events like this but I made sure that on day 1 I will arrive much earlier than my usual. I came around 7AM but the line was already long. At first I didn't mind that. It's the usual, I would say. But after they opened the door for entry and an hour already passed but my line didn't even budge a bit.
Most of the people lining up are already complaining because its really hot. I'm starting to get irritated too because a girl suddenly cut in between me and the group in front of me, thinking that it was the end of the line. Good thing she realized her mistake and looked for the end of the line. That made me ask why. Why is the line so messy and taking forever to move.
I've been attending cons for years and I even arrive late at some but the usual was 12 in the afternoon most of the line are already gone and most of congoers are already having a blast inside. But on day 1, the show already started but the attendees are still outside. I missed the first sched for the meet and greet.

At around 12 noon I am almost desperate because the Yuri on Ice panel will start at 1 and I'm still outside. 12:30 and I finally entered the SMX only to be shoved to another line for the tyvek. Then it dawned to me what is making the line move slower. It was this tyvek system that they changed. That instead of doing it in the entrance itself so that the congoers are directly entering the con area, they made another line for the tyvek booth. Its like we need to line up four times for the entrance itself. Other says that we shouldn't complain about the long line because its the usual on events like this. Yes its true. But will you complain if you fall in line at SM mega's staircase and SMX hallways with aircons and away from the glaring sun. Nope. Its the heat that they made us to endure that triggered our hot headedness.

All in all the staff was unprepared for the crowd. To think that they should have an estimate of attendees based on the pre-selling of ticket they made. We even bought the ticket earlier so it would spare us the line for the ticket buying but it all became meaningless.

After the hellish and chaotic line I finally got inside and started enjoying myself. Strolling from booth to booth, buying merchs. Watched the Yuri on Ice Panel, the only reason why I attended day 1 and then stroll again to get pics from cosplayers. When all of a sudden I encountered the best moment of my life, I turn around and there she is, my idol, Hikarin.
Starstruck and dumbfounded I didn't notice her anxiousness... She was stuck in the crowd on her way to the stage and even her assistants are clueless as to what to do. Another evidence of unpreparedness. Then I heard one of the fans says that Hikarin was sad because no one was buying for her meet and greet. Sorry to Hikarin and other guests but your fans are all trapped outside. And the most astonishing thing is Hikarin was the first to apologise to her fans that waited outside and didn't even get the chance to see her. Take note, not the Cosplay Mania organizers who first apologise but the guest themselves even though they have nothing to do in managing the event. How was that?

I gave another chance for day 2. I even arrived an hour earlier than yesterday. Luckily, my friends will all be attending so there is someone I could talk to while waiting. I hold a gold ticket and our line moved faster than yesterday so its a thumbs up for that improvement. They added another lane for the VIP and Gold which is good too because on day 1, silver moved faster than the VIP lane that made people more irritated. I also noticed the increase of police and security personnel.
On day 1 a friend of mine lost her iPhone and others among her line lost their phone too. The lack of security is alarming so I'm glad they added it up on day 2. I enjoyed taking pictures with my friend and waited for the guests meet and greet.
But alas we weren't able to attend because we don't have a stub that they did not explain how to get or where to get. I heard that you need to buy something for the meet and greet. We all thought that it was already part of the gold ticket since its one of the halls we could access. They did not explain that part thoroughly so our efforts in lining up are in vain. We even missed the Seiyuu's stage appearance for that. We even lined up an hour earlier for the Jam concert.

When we got inside, they imposed the rule of no photo and video recording, same as their other program. Me and my friends enjoyed the Jam. Singing, waving, dancing along with the guests singers. But what annoyed me is that, one of the organizer will walk in front of us every minute waving the signboard saying no photo and video recording. Its really disturbing how we are in the height of jam and they will appear in front of us. They could have make it every after song or the in between rest of the singers. I know they really want to be strict for the guests sake but they could have done it better. Its not only the guest that are important, the fans too waited for this moment for a long time not just to be pissed by their crappy management. In short if not for my friends sharing the same pain as me, I would have felt the same way as day 1.

Yes the Cosplay Mania is the best. What they offer, the guests they brought and how they presented them to us are the best. But how they treated the fans and congoers are the worst.

Written by Ailene Amihan (Hikari Kaze)

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Ready, Get Set, Let's Go to Komiket!

Wazzup Pilipinas!

The Filipino Komiks Art Market (KOMIKET) will launch its biggest event of the year from October 14 to 15 at Centris Elements, EDSA corner Quezon Avenue, Quezon City.

Over 450 komiks creators, illustrators and writers, ready to share their newest works, will be present during the event. Meet and greet Komiks Superstars Arnold Arre, Gerry Alanguilan, Pol Medina Jr., and Manix Abrera, social media heavyweights Hunghang Flashbacks, Sskait and Libreng Komiks, art market favorites Gwapings ng Komiks, Ilustrador ng Kabataan, Patay Kung Patay, first-time creators from the 3rd Comic Book Creator’s Workshop, among others.

The first 1,000 attendees will get a free copy of KOMMUNITY, a komiks collection from some of the creators of the local komiks community. Artists and readers will unite at the KOMIKET TALKS: Readers Meet Creators. At least ten book club communities will meet and discuss with the creators for the first time. Get first dibs on the latest releases and bring home stickers, postcards, prints, zines and books in this affordable art market. 

Tickets are priced at 100 pesos each. Check out the Komiket Facebook page for more details.

Viber Celebrates Two-Year Anniversary of its Deleted Messages Feature, with Over 5 Billion Times Users Were Saved from Embarrassment

Viber, one of the world’s leading messaging apps is celebrating the two-year anniversary of Deleted Messages, which officially launched in November 2015. As of today, Viber announces that users have deleted a total of five billion messages thus far.

Viber understands that everyone has those moments when you hit send but realize you’ve sent the message or photo to the wrong person, or that you should have used a different word! For the past two years, Viber has prided itself on being the app that forgives and forgets, so you never need to worry if you accidentally send your boss a “NSFW” photo.

Viber’s Deleted Messages feature allows users in both one-on-one conversations and group messages to delete a message sent by accident immediately. Viber’s unique functionality allows users to delete messages for up to two weeks, even if a message had previously been read. Viber keeps an in-chat trace to let users know on each side if a message was deleted. The company is planning to roll out advanced features in the near future pertaining to this function.

Since its inception, Viber’s innovative technology has created market standards for others. Viber most recently launched its Chat Extension feature at the end of 2016, which allows users to access a range of top tier content through services like YouTube, Spotify, Vice, and GIPHY from within the chat window to search, share and consume, eliminating the need for users to toggle between apps.

“Here at Viber, we are proud that users are enjoying the innovative features of our app, like our Delete Messages functionality,” says Djamel Agaoua, Viber CEO. “We love hearing personal anecdotes from users how this feature saved their reputation. We are very flattered to see other apps are following Viber’s path, and are introducing their takeoffs of Viber’s innovations that’s available for our users for a while. I’m certain the exciting features we have launched this year like our super popular chat extensions will continue to create an industry benchmark in the future.”

Culinaire 2017: Our Passport to a Flight of Flavors

Congratulations to Juan Carlo catering for winning three awards (Best Appetizer, Best Main Dish and Best Setup) at the Culinaire 2017 event held last night at SMX Convention Center Manila.

I believe Juan Carlo emerged as the crowd favorite as well last year. They have obviously been consistent with the quality and taste of their dishes even in small servings.

Juan Carlo was followed by Conrad Manila for winning two awards (Best Dessert and Best Service). There were 14 that night but the awards were all received by the said two caterers as voted by the attendees themselves.

Though the caterers had been designated to offer specialties coming from different countries (Germany, China, Japan, Korea, Italy, Turkey, France, USA, India, Mexico, Brazil, Thailand and the Philippines) to conform with the theme of the night "Flight of Flavors," where we had a boarding pass and passport accompanying us as we roam around our different culinary destinations.

But before all the tummy traveling treats, the management of SMX welcomed the attendees and presented the good news that happened, happening nd about to happen with their many venues from Megatrade Halls to SMX Conventions Centers here in Manila and other areas like Davao and Cebu.

Conrad Manila got Best Dessert and Best Service Awards

Juan Carlo Catering got three awards (Best Appetizer, Best Main Dish and Best Setup)

The caterers who participated were the same batch as last year but with the addition of three more (Kitchen City, M Catering and Fine Foods, and Manila Catering). The original batch are LJC Group Catering Service, Tamayo's Catering, TJIOE, Via Mare, Albergus, Bizu, Conrad Manila, Hizon's Catering, Josiah's Catering, Event Shaker Mobile Bar (the only bar) and Juan Carlo.

All caterers have given their best but still everyone was required to vote for their chosen ones to win five awards. It is also times like these that many would wish they have a bigger stomach. With 14 caterers (1 bar) offering delightful dishes, you could not really fit everything in one seating so I had to go through every dish offering half-way . Meaning, I had to eat only half or just a portion of everything so I would have room for everything. I felt I had this obligation to judge them well so skipping a caterer was not an option. My mission that night was to taste everything even if it means not being able to consume the entire portions of the dishes.

To be objective in my judgement, I had to sacrifice eating only half of that Churros, just a portion of that Slow Braised Beef Ribs and Roasted Leg of Ham, just a piece of that Azuki Pearls with Rose Jelly ..... you get the idea.

Juan Carlo's Beef Brasatto truly was tender and tasty deserving of the Best Main Dish win. Their Setup is equally superb since it attracts attention in just one look, while their Wrap a la Portofino appetizer is worth every praise.

Conrad Manila's dessert CO2 Soju Lime was quite unique for me and makes you want to return for more as your happy ending.

The organizers of the event know very well to offer finger foods and cocktails before the event started, and the final drink of coffee that was available for everyone at one side of the venue.

Culinaire is really an event I always look forward to. Being my third time at a Culinaire event has given me the opportunity to compare, and I could very well say that the event has been constantly improving every year. Congratulations to SMX for a very successful event.

Fashion Revolution: Sarah Geronimo and Jak Roberto Grace 12th Anniversary of Michaela

Aside from Sarah Geronimo, Michaela now has a male endorser, in the person of Jak Roberto, for their male products like belts, wallets, sling bags, etc., but it seems the ladies are more excited seeing him at the 12th Anniversary Fashion Revolution. They obviously want to attract more male customers but I've seen lots of young ladies swooning over the hunk during his time on stage performing at the 12th Anniversary celebration of Michaela dubbed as Fashion Revolution.

Michaela held their special event at Robinson's Mall Manila on September 30, 2017. The event had two parts of which the first was dedicated more in engaging with their avid customers by allowing them to join games and win Michaela merchandize as prizes.

While the second part was the main event and hosted by Mr. Steven Silva and Ms. Stephany Stefanowitz. This is when both brand ambassadors, Sarah Geronimo and Jak Roberto finally performed on stage and spent a few more minutes of interview with the hosts, and limited photo ops with fans who purchased Michaela products that was available at special prizes that day only.

But even before the two ambassadors set foot on stage to please the crowd, there were already several fashion segments, presentation of M Cares, and song and dance numbers to entertain and inform the crowd.

Monday, October 2, 2017

Get Your Palate Ready for CEFBEX 2017!

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Come and take part in the “Ultimate Foodventure” as Worldbex Services International – the country’s leading events management company – presents the 9th Cebu Food and Beverages Expo (CEFBEX)! Happening on October 12 to 15 at the SM City Cebu Trade Hall, the four-day expo will open from 10am until 8pm to satisfy your culinary curiosity. Best of all, admission is FREE!

From delectable food finds and scrumptious specialties to the latest innovation in kitchen equipment, this year’s CEFBEX guarantees its biggest showcase yet! Whether you’re looking to spice up your dishes or searching for new tastes and flavors, CEFBEX 2017 will surely impress the most enthusiastic foodie.

More than just your usual F&B expo, setting CEFBEX apart from the rest is its fun line-up of event highlights! Not to be missed is the Cebu Farmers Market, a pavilion which will showcase produce from organic farmers across Cebu. Also, headlining the show is this year’s CEFBEX Culinary Cup Interschool and Home Chef Edition.

For the Interschool edition, the categories which include the black box competition, napkin folding, fruit carving, cooking, etc. all aim to showcase and hone the skills of students. Presented with the support of Fly Ace, Jolly University, MR Metals, and H20, the participating schools include Benedicto College, University of Cebu, University of Cebu Lahug-Mandaue, University of San Carlos, University of Visayas, Cebu Technological University, Cebu Institute of Technology, University of Southern Philippines Foundation, Philippine School of Culinary Arts (PSCA), Cebu Roosevelt Memorial College.

From Marlou Arizala to Xander Ford: From Pinipig to Magnum

"I'm sorry, the old Marlou can't come to the phone right now. Why? Oh, 'cause he's dead!"

Fangirls everywhere: "Xander Ford, I want to have ten babies with you! I want them to look just like you!" Do they realize that good plastic surgery would not translate to good genes too?

Xander Ford is an example of "Everyone will adore you only if you're beautiful." See how hypocrites made him "kill" himself just to fit in. He is the best epitome of a person who wants to get rid of bullying and mockery. But still, some people just don't get the point. This just proves how much Filipinos only focuses on looks. This also proves how the Philippine Showbiz Industry values face value more than talent.

Don't say that you're sad or mad about Marlou changing into Xander Ford when you're one of the person who made him that way. In case you're not aware, Xander Ford is a product of cyber-bullying.

Sad to think why there's a need for someone like "Xander Ford" to exist just to suit up with the standards of you people.

I hope he finds real and sincere happiness by fitting in to the skin-deep standards this superficial society has set.

Sad that Marlou had to be Xander for social acceptance, but it doesn’t help to mock him. We wouldn’t know how liberating it probably felt.

Surprisingly, the people behind the surgery are the same people who were responsible for the death of a former patient who underwent boobs and butt surgery from them. So now they are using this publicity to bring back their lost credibility. Are they successful?

Saturday, September 30, 2017

Here’s How You Can Easily Earn 20,000 GetGo Points at!

Pack your bags and get ready to leave because at, you can explore different places and still earn big reward points!

This September, Cebu Pacific’s Lifestyle Rewards Program, GetGo, launches their biggest promo for this year, Points Everyday, Fun Getaway Promo.

As one of the partners of GetGo in this big and exciting promo, all successful bookings made by customers via within September 15 to October 31, 2017 will earn 15% more bonus points. Every point earned during the promo period, including the bonus, is equivalent to one (1) e-raffle entry. GetGo members just have to log in at
and book their desired hotel accommodation. Upon booking, the customer must input their GetGo Membership Card Number to make their promo entry valid.

Free trips going to popular Asian destinations like China, Taiwan, Korea, Japan or Hongkong will be given away to five (5) lucky winners. To add more prizes to this exciting promo, twenty (20) lucky GetGo members will be chosen to win 20,000 GetGo Points. All winners will be notified via email and phone call after the raffle draw on November 14,2017.

The more they book, the more they earn big and exciting reward points!

Call your friends and family and start planning your out-of-town trip right now! At, the more you travel, the more you get rewarded! To know more about this exciting promo, please visit

Global Shipments of FUJITSU Image Scanners Have Passed the 10 Million Mark

proud to announce that as of July 2017, global shipments of its FUJITSU image scanners have passed the 10 millio

PFU released its first image scanner, the U4301A flatbed scanner, back in 1983. Since then, PFU has continued to face customers’ needs one by one as well as expand its “fi-Series” scanner lineup with the addition of ADF equipped models and high-speed image scanners. Its original software bundled with the fi Series has also facilitated customer operation efficiency by taking user operations before and after scanning into consideration as well as offering optimal image data with its simple interface.

The “ScanSnap Series” enabling “One Touch” scanning and digitization released in 2001, then proceeded to open up a new era with PFU’s release of the Wi-Fi compatible iX Series and overhead scanning SV600. PFU has in this way, continued to evolve along with the diffusion of the Internet and technological developments in society as well as customer lifestyles.

34 years since PFU sold its first image scanner, not only has its image scanners been used in offices and homes in over 100 countries worldwide, but its fi Series has also received much acclaim to achieve Number 1 in the global scanner market share.

Here in the Philippines, small, medium and large businesses have learned to utilize the importance of digitizing their documents and they depend on Fujitsu scanners for these requirements.

PFU has launched a “10M Achievement” special website in honor of this 10 million scanner mark. Utilizing the slogan, “Good quality has 10 million reasons.” which contains messages of how the various reasons as to why our customers have purchased our scanners, this website will be sharing various types of campaign information held throughout the world as well as the underlying history of PFU’s scanners.

A website named “Our Scanner Story” has also been launched to share PFU’s stance in producing image scanners, definite quality and technology, and fascination that it has continued to deliver customers through its products.

Fujitsu Philippines, Inc., the official distributor of Fujitsu scanners in the country are very excited to share this milestone with the ever-loyal Fujitsu scanner users. The “10 million scanners” is just a testament how Fujitsu scanners have been the most trusted scanner in the world today.

For more information, please visit

Friday, September 29, 2017

Lenovo Unites the Philippines’ #CIitizensOfTMRW

Wazzup Pilipinas!

The Interactive pop-up store dubbed as Citizens of TMRW exhibit at the Fashion Hall of SM Megamall showcased the ideas and devices that will and are already shaping today and tomorrow’s world.

In an interview with Lenovo's Country General Manager, the most anticipated technology that would soon be the evolving trend is Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality. Armed with mobile devices like tablets and laptops that integrates with peripherals that makes the mentioned technologies possible, future computing would be something to look forward to.

With devices that transform to function a variety of tasks, we are very impressed of how Lenovo has allowed us to personally experience their technologies with the Citizens of TMRW exhibit. It makes you want to get one of them home as soon as possible. Why not? If we had the budget and the site actually sells, there's no stopping us from owning one of the units soon. Going to the nearest tech store to purchase one would be the next task after seeing their offers.

Hosted by Chico Garcia, the media launch was held on the first day at the actual exhibit area, and  was attended by selected members of the media together with Lenovo's industry partners.

It also presented some influencers who are actually using Lenovo products in their respective areas of expertise, like the lady who draws on a tablet, and the young man who controls a Star Wars droid using his Lenovo tablet.

We have several videos from the event coverage so please do check them out on our official YouTube and Facebook pages.

Benilde Film Alumna’s Short Film Competes in Iraq Film Fest

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Papa’s Shadows, a short film written and directed by De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde film alumna Shallah Montero, will vie for top awards at the Slemani International Film Festival in Iraq from October 1 to 7.

The film tells the story of seven-year old Mia (Pintig Santos) who has a lot of questions about death at her young age. She has always heard about death but never fully understood it. As the little girl experiences the loss of her own father, she struggles to see her mother (Roence Santos) becoming sadder each day. She seeks help instead from the shadow puppets her father left her, to cope and understand the meaning of life and death.

Montero revealed that she particularly made the film for her mentor, visual artist and shadow puppeteer on Salubayba, and her favorite TV cameraman and cinematographer Egay Navarro, both of whom have passed away.

“Don’s influence in shadow play and how he introduced the craft to me at a young age and a conversation with Egay’s little son on his concept of death has inspired me to write this story. Both of them left their children too early, grasping reality at such a young age,” she explained.

“I wanted to use the concept of how a child’s imagination can help them cope with such a heavy reality and how their innocence can help them emerge stronger through trying times,” the young filmmaker added.

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Playboy Founder Hugh Hefner Dies at 91

He peacefully passed away today from natural causes at his home, The Playboy Mansion.

I wanted him to die more like in a 19 person orgy where he was the only male. Dude busted a nut and his soul ascended. That would be a more appropriate way to go for the man who had the most beautiful women around him.

To a man who absolutely carpéd the heck out of the diem, Hugh Hefner built Playboy empire and embodied it. His death at 91 is so sad because the man is the magazine’s very public avatar. Hugh styled himself as an emblem of the sexual revolution. He lived a life by his standards. Many may not agree how he lived it but deep down wished they did.

He lived the life loving the most beautiful things in life - women! To honor his legacy, all erections will be at half-mast. Seriously, we owe him the success of our sexual fantasies. I'd like to thank Hugh Hefner for giving right arms around the world a solid workout for decades.

The man will be dearly missed. May his legacy inspire many to follow, not to create another Playboy empire, but to be a visionary just like him. He founded Playboy with $600 and another $1,000 borrowed from his mother. Iconic success from nothing.

They say when you die you go to a better place, but Hugh Hefner just downgraded significantly because I think he was already in the best place having built his empire satisfying all the sexual fantasies of every man, and making women wanting more to make themselves attractive and sexually pleasing to men.

What can I say? He taught me it was okay to be horny for half human/half rabbit hybrid creatures.

Thank you for the countless titties, asses and pussies you've provided throughout my youth. He dedicated his whole life to give us an unending supply of photos of naked women.

Rest in Peace, Hugh Hefner. You dirty man, you. You empowered so many women. Your legacy will live forever.

Hugh Hefner was on to something very unique at the time when he launched his magazine, Playboy. Has there been a man as similarly as brave as him to endure the controversies thrown at him?

We should all pay our respects to him tonight, and then avoid shaking hands at all costs with each other tomorrow.

"Life's too short to be living somebody else's dream." - Hugh Hefner

Ragnarok Online Philippines Unveils Chaos Server and New Job Classes

Ragnarok Online Philippines announced that the wildly popular and most anticipated server, Chaos, will be opened to the public on September 27, 2017.  The opening of Chaos Server also marks the arrival of additional exciting job classes.
Ragnarok Online Philippines, within a few months, was able to establish the Philippine Ragnarok community into one of the most active and passionate gaming community in the country. With the opening of the Chaos Server, new and old gamers will once be able to start or renew the adventures offered by world of Rune Midgard.

The opening Chaos Server also marks the introduction of new Job Classes to all servers. The arrival of  Crusaders, Monks, Sages, Alchemists and Rogues will heighten the excitement and expand the adventures when leveling up, going boss hunts, 1 on 1 PVP battles and War of Emperium Guild versus Guild Battles!

Chaos Server is calling out to everyone to relive the legendary adventures of Ragnarok Online!

More details and more exciting plans will be unleashed in the near future, to keep updated follow our official website at or our Facebook page at .

‘Maynila... The Musical’ Group Purchase Treats

Theater fans are in for a pre-holiday treat as Grand Leisure Corporation, producers of the upcoming “Maynila...Sa Mga Kuko Ng Liwanag” The Musical, offers discounted rates for “barkada buys” for their kick-off shows on Sept 30  and Oct 1 matinee (3pm) and gala shows (8pm) at Kia Theatre, Araneta Center.

Those who are planning to watch with their family or friends can enjoy 20% discount on purchases of 5 tickets or more. Ticket buyers don’t need to present promo codes; they can simply go to the Ticketnet Box Office at the Araneta Coliseum Circle or several SM malls, or buy their tickets online—any purchase of five tickets or more will be automatically discounted.

The talents behind “Manyila... Sa Mga Kuko Ng Liawanag” are really excited to share this original musical to local audiences. A musical adaptation of the movie directed by National Artist for Film, Lino Brocka, based on the timeless novel by Edgardo Reyes, “Maynila” tells the story of Julio Madriaga, a simple guy from a coastal town, and his search for his long-lost beloved, Liagaya Paraiso, who left for Manila.

Julio is played by the talented Arman Ferrer, while amazing singers Shiela Martinez and Lara Maigue alternate as Ligaya. Other members of the cast are the indomitable Dulce and the equally incredible singer Ima Castro, who alternate as Mrs. Cruz; Rita Daniela and Aicelle Santos who alternate as Perla; and many others.

The cast of over 40 astounding performers has been painstakingly rehearsing for weeks under the direction of the multi-awarded Joel Lamangan, DGPI. Original music was written for “Maynila... The Musical” by awarded composer Von De Guzman; with choreography by another multi-awarded artist, Douglas Nierras.

  With a story as timely and timeless as this, “Maynila...Sa Mga Kuko Ng Liwanag” is perfect not just for theater aficionados but for students as well. Support Filipino theater and original work by rallying behind a true collaborative effort of the best talents in the industry.  For more information on the show, visit For tickets, visit Ticketnet outlets, order online at , or call 911-5555. 

United ASEAN

In a show of unity, ASEAN Ministers together with development partners link hands during the 35th ASEAN Ministers on Energy Meeting (AMEM35) on 27 September held at Conrad Manila, Philippines. 

With the theme “One ASEAN Community to Resilient and Sustainable Energy,” this year’s AMEM35 focuses on ensuring accessibility to adequate supply of resilient and sustainable energy.

In photo along with the AMEM35 Chair and Philippine Department of Energy Secretary Alfonso G. Cusi (center) are, from left, Thongphat Inthavong (Lao People's Democratic Republic, Vice Minister), Maximus Johnity Ongkili (Malaysia, Cabinet Minister), U Win Khaing (Myanmar, Minister), Anantaporn Kanjanarat (Thailand, Minister), Fanrong Li (People’s Republic of China, Vice Administrator), Alfonso G. Cusi (Philippines, Chairman), S. Iswaran (Singapore, Minister), Pehin Yasmin Umar (Brunei Darussalam, Minister), Ith Praing (Cambodia, Undersecretary of State), Saleh Abdurrahman (Indonesia, Secretary General), AKP Mochtan (Indonesia, Deputy Secretary-General), Sanjayan Velautham (Indonesia, Minister), Hoang Quoc Vuong (Vietnam, Minister)  and Sung Kim (United States of America, Minister).

AMEM is an annual gathering of the Energy Ministers, development partners, international organizations, foreign and local investors to discuss and guide the development of energy-related initiatives, plans and programs, policies and cooperation efforts based on the directives of the heads of states/governments of ASEAN.

ASEAN Grid Milestone

Representatives from Lao, Thailand and Malaysia signed today the Energy Purchase And Wheeling Agreement (EWPA) which is the first multilateral electricity transaction in ASEAN that aims to advance multilateral electricity trade.

In photo from left are: Electricite Du Laos Managing Director Bounoum Syvanpheng, Vice Minister of Energy and Mines of LAO PDR Thongphat Inthavon, Electricite Du Laos Deputy Managing Director Bounma Manivong,  Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand Governor Kornrasit Pakchotanon, Minister of Energy Thailand General Anantaporn Kanjanarat, Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand Assistant Governor Abdul Pitakchartiwongse, Tenaga Nasional Berhad of Malaysia CEO-President Datuk Seri Ir. Azman Mohd, Minister of Energy, Green Technology and Water of Malaysia Datuk Seri Panglima Dr. Maximus Johnity Ongkili and Tenaga Nasional Berhad of Malaysia Company Secretary Ms. Nozarni Mohd Isa.

The Philippines highlights its role this week as host to the historic signing of an agreement integrating the power grids of Laos, Malaysia and Thailand.

The deal dubbed Energy Purchase Wheeling Agreement (EWPA) will be signed by the heads of the electric utilities of the three ASEAN member states during the 35th ASEAN Energy Ministers Meeting (AMEM35) on September 27 at the Conrad Hotel Manila.
They are Bounoum Syvanpheng of Electricite du Laos from Lao People's Democratic Republic, Kornsrasit Pakchotanon of Electricity Generating Authority Thailand and Datuk Seri Ir. Azman Mohd of Tenaga National Berhad from Malaysia. ASEAN energy ministers will witness the EPWA signing.

In welcoming this development, Philippine Department of Energy Secretary Alfonso G. Cusi emphasized that the ASEAN is indeed the place for the investors to invest. This agreement is among the endeavors of ASEAN Member States in continuously looking into policies and areas of cooperation that are open and transparent.

The EWPA is the first multilateral electricity transaction in ASEAN that aims to advance electricity trade in the ASEAN Power Grid (APG). It implements Phase 1 of the Lao-Thailand-Malaysia-Singapore Power Integration Project that involves the purchase by Malaysia of up to 100 megawatts from Laos via Thailand’s transmission grid.

The APG is one of the key initiatives under the ASEAN Plan of Action for Energy Cooperation (APAEC) ‎‎2016-2025, which serves as a blueprint for better cooperation towards enhancing energy security, accessibility, affordability and sustainability under the framework of the ASEAN Economic Community. 

As one of the physical energy infrastructure projects in the Master Plan of the ASEAN Connectivity, APG is expected to boost electricity trade across borders to meet the increasing electricity demand and improve access to energy services in the region. It is also envisioned to improve economic generation and transmission of electricity, enhance reliability and security of electricity supply and provide a platform for future energy trade. 

APG is also expected to provide opportunities to collectively utilize the energy resources within ASEAN to reduce the need and dependence on imported fuels from other regions.

The EPWA signing is part of the week-long AMEM35, where energy meetings and exhibits make the country as the destination of energy cooperation in the ASEAN.
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