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CIM Technologies at the Forefront of 3D Printing Technologies

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3D printing has been here for years already but it has not yet penetrated deeply into your friendly neighborhood everyday lifestyle. Why? Because it's still too expensive and quite a bit inconvenient for non-techies who cannot produce 3d designs of objects created from high-end computer-aided design software like AutoCAD.

However, there's this company that has bravely tapped into the market making them somewhat like a pioneer to address the demands for 3D printing. They have an equipment as low as P 90,000 for consumers to try their hand on an emerging technology now slowly making its presence known to many aside from just the industrial sector who can buy those more expensive high-end models.

At a mini-bloggers event, CIM Technologies and their partner establishments, introduced us to 3D Printing while one of their 3D Printers was amazingly reproducing a neon green rook chess piece right infront of us.

Bloggers listen attentively to 3D Printing technologies
CIM Technologies, known as a total solutions partner in the design automation and  management technology, gave us quite a lot of information on many technical aspects of 3D Printing. I am a techie so it was easier for me, but I guess it was probably a nosebleed experience for some of the other attendees.

I took photos and videos of it while in the process of completing the object which took around 1 hour and 30 minutes to complete.

The equipment was small enough to carry around unlike what I previously imagined before that it would probably require huge sophisticated machines to produce 3D objects. It seems like the future is really coming in surprisingly fast that the 3D printing technology can now be brought inside our homes.

With an investment as low as P 90,000 for their basic consumer model, it's good enough to be used productively especially by designers who want to create replicas or scaled models of their products.

Mr. Victoriano Yap, President of CIM Technologies

Ms. Liesel Ubalde, Marketing Manager of CIM Technologies

3D Systems was the brand of their 3D Printing machines with models now available for consumers

A CIM Technologies staff shows us a sample multi-colored object created with a 3D Printer

Impressive colorful object created using a 3D printer

3D Printer models were on display. The bigger one was also operational and creating a 3D Android model as the event was ongoing

The neon green Android 3D symbol was being reproduced in white color inside the 3D Printer

A closer view of the 3D printer in action

Top view of the 3D printer in action

A CIM Technologies staff shows off another object made up of assembled several parts created using a 3D Printer

Mr. Mike Munoz, Business Development Officer of CIM Technologies talks about Cube, Cubex and Project 3D Printer
3D Printers  are now available to produce objects using a considerable number of materials, like plastic or powder plaster, depending on the 3D Printer model used. It can also produce outputs in monochrome or several colors. There seems to be a 3D Printer that will fit your needs, and possibly more coming out soon.

ProJet Professional 3D Printer is used by multinational companies to print designs in full color using powder plaster composites or plastic materials with fine details.

There's also Cube or CubeX that you can use to print objects up to a maximum of 16 colors and using a plastic filament.

Ms. Fil Martinez, Corporate Sales Manager of CIM Technologies discusses AutoDesk and Siemens products
Autodesk AutoCAD Design Suite is more than just a design software. It can help you create stunning designs, connect easily with stakeholders, and streamline entire workflows.

For designing buildings and other construction requirements, there's Autodesk Building Design Suite which provides comprehensive tools to aid you.

Siemens Solid Edge ST 6 is a PLM software will enable you to market your products faster with innovative visual management of complex design data.

Ms. Bernadette Bantay, Training Center Manager of Stanford IT Learning Center shares information about the training division of CIM Technologies
Staford IT Learning aims to equip engineers, architects, professionals and students with the necessary skills to maximize the use of CAD and Project Management software. They have both basic and advance courses suitable to beginners and advance users who wants to take their learning into the next level.

Their highly-experienced industry certified instructors guarantees you of quality 100% hands-on training that will provide you with enough knowledge to implement your design goals.

Sample scaled model of a city created using 3D printers

The entire event was an interesting learning experience as I never really realized that 3D printing can now be at arms reach by consumers. If many people will start embracing this technology for many potential projects and even business opportunities, it will be sooner than expected that this technology will become more affordable and eventually used by all.

The number of objects that can be created by the 3D printers are only limited to what your mind cannot conceive (which are very little - perhaps only the huge sized objects that cannot possibly fit, but give it more time and I know they'll be able to come out with bigger machines to do bigger objects - and what your budget cannot afford - which may be an important factor worth looking into as not all people can afford a five digit equipment. It will eventually become more affordable in the near future especially when demands grow higher.

You can also imagine the increase of creativity among designers and craftsmen who will be able to reproduce what was previously just in their head. A little investment shared with fellow enthusiasts and they can bring home a 3D printer.

A skull and other objects created using 3D printers

3d Printers can produce almost anything your mind can conceive and design in 3D

Assembled and interlocking parts can be produced from the 3D printers as models of teh actual object

Precision 3D printers can produce amazing outputs

3D printers can even create a 3D representation of an actual person

I used to teach computer-aided design so it will be easier to work my way around a software for me to design on 3D, and thank goodness the people who are marketing the 3D printers also has a training arm and software distributor who can help potential buyers to maximize their opportunities to make something big of this growing technology.

It would also be great if I can finally create at home my ideas using a consumer 3D printer that I can buy from a company that is know to be partners with world-leading IT companies like Autodesk, Siemens, and other reputable brands. We are assured they are reliable in providing technology solutions for design and innovation together with the leaders of the 3D Printing industry.



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