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Oakwood Raised 28.7 Tonnes of Rice and Essentials for over 62,900 Beneficiaries in Asia Pacific and the USA with Give with Oakwood Campaign

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The second year of Oakwood’s global community outreach was a collaborative effort from guests and 2,187 associates at participating properties across Asia Pacific and the USA

28,689kg of rice and essentials for 62,920 beneficiaries was raised through every direct reservation

Oakwood, the pioneer of serviced apartments with over 50 years of hospitality expertise, today announced the results of Give with Oakwood, the second edition of its global community outreach. Created to alleviate hunger and economic distress caused by the pandemic, Give with Oakwood is a collaborative effort between guests, associates and local community partners to drive positive social impact at destinations where Oakwood properties operate in. Continuing the success of last year’s campaign, every direct reservation received over the period 19 July to 30 September across 59 participating Oakwood properties, funded the donation of rice and essentials to impoverished members of society. A total of 28,689 kilogrammes of rice and essentials were contributed to 62,920 beneficiaries across Asia Pacific and the USA.

“A reflection of Oakwood’s commitment to caring for our guests, associates and the local communities, Give with Oakwood is our annual global outreach to make each destination a better place to live, work and play in. We are heartened by the overwhelming support from our guests in localising our contributions to impoverished families in a meaningful and impactful way. This year’s resounding success bears testament to our guests’ confidence in Oakwood’s corporate responsibility strategy and continuous effort in delivering sustainable travel experiences. Together with our associates and community partners, we remain steadfast in our resolve to spread kindness and compassion to vulnerable members in the communities where Oakwood operates in,” said Dean Schreiber, chief executive officer, Oakwood.

Recognising that hunger and poverty exist even in the most affluent cities, Give with Oakwood aims to contribute rice and essentials to a local community, charity organisation or food bank, with every direct reservation made at its properties. Within two and a half months from 19 July to 30 September 2021, the global campaign achieved astonishing results more than doubling last year’s donation to 28,689 kilogrammes of rice and essentials.

In Asia Pacific, where rice is a staple diet for most societies, Oakwood’s associates packed and delivered rice and essentials to the privileged families through community partners like Second Harvest in Japan, the Habitat for Humanity in Indonesia and The Fineland Foundation in China, just to name a few. The Oakwood team in Singapore collaborated with A Packet of Rice, a self-funded local project group, to deliver 238 care packages to destitute senior citizens.

Over in the United States, USD10 was raised for every direct reservation made, which resulted in 16,640 meals, for the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank’s distribution network.

32nd edition of Singapore International Film Festival is now open until 5th of December

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The 32nd Singapore International Film Festival officially opened last night, with leading names in independent cinema gracing the red carpet at Shaw Theatres Lido, including award-winning Indonesian director Edwin whose critically acclaimed film ‘Vengeance Is Mine, All Others Pay Cash’ made its Southeast Asian premiere. This was screened alongside the world premiere of the Festival’s commissioned short film ‘Dreaming’ by Singaporean director, Nelson Yeo. 

“It is a tremendous feeling to be back at SGIFF alongside so many members of the film community,” shares Edwin, who goes by one name. “The Festival is a key marker on my annual calendar, and it is my honour to have Vengeance Is Mine, All Others Pay Cash make its regional debut here — the same Festival where I showed my first short film almost two decades ago. To witness the growth of Southeast Asian cinema throughout this time has been heartening and I thank SGIFF for being a champion of regional storytelling.” 

Adds Yeo, “Dreaming is a very special short film and it is my honor to be able to open the Festival alongside Edwin. I’m grateful to SGIFF for the opportunity and the freedom to make this film the way I envisioned it from the start. I look forward to presenting Dreaming and watching many more films back on the big screen through the course of the Festival.”

In addition to filmmakers Edwin and Nelson Yeo, Thursday night’s celebration also saw the likes of Malaysian director Tan Chui Mui (‘Barbarian Invasion’), Thai director Taiki Sakpisit (‘The Edge of Daybreak’), and American director Jake Wachtal (‘Karmalink’) traveling into Singapore for the occasion. In the spirit of community and conversation, 

Tan, Sakpisit and Wachtal will also be present for live Q&A sessions after their films are screened in cinemas, alongside local filmmakers Roystan Tan (‘24’), Panuksmi Hardjowirogo (‘Scene UnSeen’) and Quen Wong (‘Some Women’). 

“Tonight was a wonderful celebration of the Southeast Asian film community and we are extremely thankful that hundreds of guests took the time out to join us. It gives us great joy to see the return to cinema for SGIFF 32 and we are excited to continue the conversations through our FORUM banner this year, with leaders of the film community participating in panel discussions and live Q&A sessions over the next 10 days,” concludes Emily J. Hoe, Executive Director, Singapore International Film Festival. 

The 32nd SGIFF is happening now until 5 December 2021. The Festival will screen over 100 titles from more than 40 countries, hosted across multiple festival venues; screenings are held at Filmgarde Bugis+, Carnival Cinema at Golden Mile Tower, Golden Village Grand, Oldham Theatre, National Museum of Singapore, and Shaw Lido. FORUM sessions will be held at The Arts House and The Projector; and Film Academy sessions at LASALLE College of the Arts, Nanyang Technological University and WILD RICE. 

SGIFF is an event of the Singapore Media Festival (SMF), hosted by Infocomm Media Development Authority of Singapore (IMDA). 

Tickets to the Singapore International Film Festival are available for purchase on SISTIC. 

Photo caption (L: Edwin, Director of Opening Film ‘Vengeance is Mine, All Others Pay Cash’ giving his opening address, R: Boo Junfeng, Chairperson, SGIFF; Edwin Tong, Minister for Culture, Community and Youth; Emily J. Hoe, Executive Director, SGIFF; and Thong Kay Wee, Programme Director, SGIFF

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How To Get Great Sleep: 5 Hacks You Should Know

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Sleep is a crucial aspect of our lives. Our body transitions into a state of healing and rejuvenation when we sleep. It cumulates all the energy produced in the system and dedicates it to repairing muscles, tissues, and cells and balancing the hormone levels.

And that is why lack of sleep can be a burden on both your physical and mental wellbeing. When your body lacks the appropriate rest it requires, it causes the entire system to go haywire. When you frequently put your body through this trauma, it can mess up your sleep cycle and induce ailments such as insomnia.


But sometimes, it just feels challenging to fall asleep. Like no matter how long you choose to lie down and keep your eyes closed, you just can't fall asleep. If you face such a challenge, here we present five effective quick sleep hacks that work amazingly well.

1. Try CBD

CBD is a popular and powerful sleep aids in today's times. And why so? Well, let us start with the many ways in which CBD may ensure sound sleep.

Cannabidiol, hailing from hemp, influences several body neurotransmitters that have direct and indirect implications for sleep. It eases the effects of cortisol on the hypothalamus region of the brain that calms the body from staying in a state of chronic stress. It also interacts with serotonin and dopamine to ensure the person feels euphoric and relaxed. Further, CBD may also trigger the pain and inflammation network of the body to relax, which offers instant relief from chronic pain and swelling. Collectively, the cannabinoid transforms the body and mind into a more calm and comfortable state that ensures you easily transcend into sleep when you go to bed.


A fantastic way to tap into these extraordinary benefits of CBD would be to enjoy it sublingually through Sunday Scaries CBD sleep tincture or in edibles like candies and gummies right before bed. They offer perfect dosages and powerful benefits to give you the best sleep of your life every day.

2. Bid Adieu To Your Electronics

Although falling asleep during an amazing TV series binge feels dreamy, it is not the best way to go to bed. Our body requires some time to prepare for sleep. And by that, we mean it needs to experience low light that indicates the body to fall asleep. But bright blue lights emitted from your phones or laptops right before going to bed can interfere with your sleep cycle. Your body will acknowledge these lights and turn to a state of alertness that can mess up your sleep.

One simple step would be to bid adieu to your electronics at least half an hour before you plan to sleep. Spend the time right before bed meditating or reading a book to ensure you fall asleep.

3. Watch What You Eat

While the advice to eat consciously applies to every scenario as it can have an intense positive impact on your physical and mental health, your gut has a deep relationship with your sleep. The type of foods you consume can either ensure good sleep or disrupt your sleep cycle. Therefore, beware of what you eat to enjoy rest at night.


Starting with stimulants such as caffeine and sugar brimming sodas, it is best to avoid foods that energize your body or make you more focussed or conscious closer to your bedtime. Next, be careful while having spicy food at night, as they tend to trigger indigestion and acid reflux problems that could disrupt your sleep. Even heavy meals that require a lot of time to digest should be consumed at least 2 hours before your set bedtime for the best benefits. Alcohol before bed is not a good idea. It can cause severe dehydration and interrupt your sleep. Plan a healthy and balanced meal before bed to have a happy sleep time.

4. Build A Comfortable Environment

Your bedroom needs to ooze comfort and relaxation for you to enjoy the best sleep. Therefore, put additional efforts into creating a calm sanctum in the room. Start with your bedding. Make sure to invest in a high-quality mattress that is appropriately supportive for your back without being too harsh on it. Use clean sheets and pillow covers, and make sure to wash them once every week to create a new sleep space.

Have soft lights in the room and use them especially before you go to sleep. Sleeping in complete darkness could be great for your body, but make sure it is mild if you prefer some light. Invest in an aroma diffuser and use it with soothing herbs like chamomile and lavender. The scents can work wonders on your mind and body and help you fall asleep quickly. Adjust the room temperature to feel cozy and warm as it ensures uninterrupted sleep all night.

5. Stick To A Schedule

Getting the right amount of sleep every day is crucial. So make sure you sleep at least 7 - 9 hours each night without fail. Plan your day such that you go to bed and rise at the same time each day. The importance of sticking to the same time is that your body automatically knows when to relax and fall asleep and when to get energized and wake up without any external trigger. This way, you can ensure good quality sleep.


It is common to experience deviation in sleep schedules, especially during travel or change in time zones or when you are forced to pull an overnight work day or study plan. A simple way to cope with this change would be to try and get back to the same schedule as soon as possible.


Good sleep is the best way to heal your body and energize it for the following day. If you are having trouble falling asleep, try these five simple hacks that can help you relax and enjoy fantastic sleep.

New Holiday Video Captures ChristmaSaya at SM

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There is nothing quite like the joy that the Christmas season brings! And SM is spreading even more good vibes and Christmas cheer as it unveils its newest holiday video, Ngayong Pasko, ChristmaSaya sa SM, which you can watch here

The 45-second heartwarming video, which aptly plays a re-arranged rendition of the Boyfriends’ iconic Sumayaw, Sumunod, shows split screens of families and friends happily celebrating, dining, or shopping from home via the SM Malls Online app or at SM malls, signaling that we now have many safe options to enjoy the holidays this year.

As quarantine restrictions have eased, SM malls are ready to welcome us back with safety measures in place to ensure everyone’s safety and well-being. As one of the first establishments to acquire the Safety Seal in all its malls nationwide, SM ensures that all its malls are regularly cleaned and sanitized. All SM employees are fully vaccinated and all health protocols of the IATF and the LGUs are strictly implemented for everyone’s safety.

For many of us who missed the incomparable taste of piping hot specialty dishes such as ramen or paella when dining out, SM’s new video shows us that, with social distancing measures in place, one can safely dine at one’s favorite restaurants, indoor or al fresco This is also the perfect time to Christmas shop for those high value gifts that are best bought in mall, such as gadgets and phones at Cyberzone where a salesperson can explain the latest hi-tech features to you, smart appliances that require a personal tutorial and – last but not least- shoes! One is never sure what shoes chosen online will look like when they are delivered, while a trip to an SM Mall offers an endless variety of choices you can try on for that perfect comfort fit.

If you opt to stay at home this season, SM’s ChristmaSaya video shows you can complete our gift list from home through the SM Store Gift Registry and the SM Malls Online app. It’s easy! Just ask family and friends to register via The SM Store Gift Registry ( and come up with their wishlists which can be shared through SMS, Viber, Facebook, or email. Plus, it comes with exclusive perks such as free delivery and free wrapping of gifts. You can take the kids with you to pick the gifts up at the curbside, too.

So, whether you’re celebrating Christmas from home or getting into the festive spirit by marveling at the dazzling decor at the malls, joyfully embrace the season and have a festive celebration with your loved ones, as SM’s new video happily sings: Sumayaw, sumunod ka sa indak ng panahon, makisama, mag enjoy ka ngayon!

SM implements strict #SafeMallingAtSM protocols nationwide and offers an equally convenient online shopping option with the SM Malls Online app on Google Play or App Store. To know more, visit and follow @smsupermalls on all social media accounts.

A delightful and techy Holiday experience at SM ChristmaSaya Village

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The season of joy is near! With the number of COVID cases going down, we can all look forward to Christmas with newfound excitement and giddy anticipation! Of course, we should still celebrate with caution, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have a great time with our loved ones. With fun tech like augmented reality, we can rediscover our favorite SM mall, meet friends, shop to our heart’s delight, and play games with loved ones without leaving our homes!

How? SM Supermalls has come up with the awesome virtual ChristmaSaya Village to bring everyone together. Read on and find out all the fun things you can enjoy in this delightful tech experience.

Reimagined Christmas shopping and dining. Imagine that you can shop and visualize products in real-time from the comfort of your own home. Sounds awesome, right? You can do just that with SM ChristmaSaya Village! First, register online at to join this awesome augmented reality shopping experience from November 22 – December 25. You can create your own avatar, e-meet fellow shoppers and SM ambassadors, and enjoy bonding time with your family and friends while playing fun games. SM’s ChristmaSaya Village lets you immerse in virtual Christmas zones — from dining to shopping!

Festive Christmas centerpieces and a fun play area. Even when you’re staying at home, you can still enjoy SM Supermalls’ merry and bright Christmas centerpieces at the virtual ChristmaSaya Village. But of course, nothing beats seeing the real thing -- the sparkle, the colorful lights, and the dazzling size of these centerpieces! So, if you’re going to be shopping at SM, be sure to stop by and see them in person and take photos with family and friends to capture the joyous moment. Be enthralled by the 32-feet Christmas tree centerpiece at SM City Clark Pampanga, be giddy with excitement over SM Aura’s romance-themed centerpiece featuring regal swans and gorgeous red trees and be spellbound by the magical Christmas garden with a 45-foot Christmas tree surrounded by multi-colored butterflies at SM Megamall.

Exciting prizes, deals, and discounts. While exploring key areas, shoppers can find and collect coins in random gift boxes, which they can use to redeem vouchers based on the equivalent value of your coins. Use these vouchers for your Christmas shopping, have fun, and win more – the sky’s the limit!

The pandemic may have changed the way we traditionally celebrate Christmas but with innovations like ChristmaSaya Village from SM, there are now so many fun things we can do with friends and families even we’re not physically together! We may be apart, but let’s find ways to come together and bask in hope, joy, and love during this most wonderful time of the year!

SM implements strict #SafeMallingAtSM protocols nationwide and offers an equally convenient online shopping option with the SM Malls Online app on Google Play or App Store. For more information, visit and follow @smsupermalls on all social media accounts.

The Grand Opening of SM City Grand Central

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In the thriving center of Caloocan City, a grand mall has found a new beginning. SM City Grand Central, once a defining shopping destination in the city, is opening its doors this November 26, 2022, Friday at 2pm to a new shopping generation.

The brand-new SM City Grand Central is nothing short of spectacular. The sprawling SM Store and SM Supermarket, speak of the grandness the mall takes pride on. It has 6 levels of top-notch stores, trendy shops and multi-cuisine restaurants that signal the rising demand for global tastes.

Connecting the mall with the rest of the city is the LRT Monumento Station. A central station that welcomes a booming influx of commuters, office workers and families passing through. Grab-to-go shops of fast food, cafés, bakeries and pasalubong stores line the station, offering commuters a quick refreshing break in between train rides.

Level 4 is a wonderland for gamers and techies with Cyberzone offering a myriad of gadget and computer shops. The cinema is also featured on this level alongside a food court that boasts of innumerable flavor choices. 

Top off a day of shopping at Level 5 where a sprawling outdoor terrace of greens offers a space of calm. Lush greeneries intersect with cafés, restaurants, and yes, a chapel for anyone seeking a spiritual retreat.

Come and experience the renewed pride and grandness of SM City Grand Central. Holding its reign once again as the grand shopping destination in Caloocan City and the rest of Camanava.



FDCP, DFA to Hold Film Festival Tribute to National Artist Kidlat Tahimik

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To honor the invaluable contributions of National Artist for Film and Broadcast Arts Kidlat Tahimik to the development of independent Philippine Cinema, the Film Development Council of the Philippines (FDCP) and the Department of Foreign Affairs’ (DFA) Public and Cultural Diplomacy arms will hold free screenings and a talkback session on November 28 to December 8.


The National Artist, born Eric de Guia, is known for his films that often critique neocolonialism, and his bamboo camera which symbolizes his exceptional local storytelling. The “Tribute to Kidlat Tahimik: Lolo of Filipino Indie Cinema” aims to boost the creative industry and showcase Philippine culture by featuring his award-winning and internationally-acclaimed films.


Kidlat Tahimik has received accolades from local and international award-giving bodies such as Cinemalaya, Gawad Urian, Prince Claus Fund, Amiens International Film Festival, and Berlin International Film Festival through decades of his career.


Five notable works from the National Artist will be screened for free on the Vimeo Channel including the following: Perfumed Nightmares (1977), Sino Lumikha ng Yoyo? Sino ang Lumikha ng Moon Buggy? (1979), Turumba (1981), Bakit Dilaw ang Gitna ng Bahaghari? (1994), and Balikbayan #1: Memories of Overdevelopment Redux III (2015).


Additionally, the “Talkback with Kidlat Tahimik” will be moderated by professor, writer, and producer Jag Garcia that will take place on November 30, 4 PM via Zoom.


“Through this retrospective and talkback session with National Artist and Father of Philippine Independent Cinema Kidlat Tahimik, made possible by a partnership with DFA, audiences, especially our local independent filmmakers will hear from the National Artist himself. As we shine the spotlight on his films, we hope to see more independent films influenced by local stories and our culture on the silver screen in the near future,” said FDCP Chairperson and CEO Diño.


The event is also in line with FDCP’s marking of the first Philippine Film Industry Month last September, as mandated by Presidential Proclamation 1085, with the theme "Ngayon Ang Bagong Sinemula," which celebrates the heritage, significance, and legacy of Philippine Cinema.


To view the films, register through this link: To join the talkback session, register at


Festival Schedule and Program of “Tribute to Kidlat Tahimik: Lolo of Filipino Indie Cinema” from November 28 to December 8:


November 28 - 29


Screening on Vimeo


               Perfumed Nightmares (1977)

               Sino Lumikha ng Yoyo? Sino ang Lumikha ng Moon Buggy? (1979)

               Turumba (1981)


November 30


      Talkback with Kidlat Tahimik

4:00 PM - 5:00 PM via Zoom and FDCP FB page


December 1 - 2

Screening on Vimeo


               Turumba (1981)

               Bakit Dilaw ang Gitna ng Bahaghari? (1994)

               Balikbayan #1: Memories of Overdevelopment Redux III (2015)


December 3 - 4


Screening on Vimeo


               Balikbayan #1: Memories of Overdevelopment Redux III (2015)

               Bakit Dilaw ang Gitna ng Bahaghari? (1994)

               Sino Lumikha ng Yoyo? Sino ang Lumikha ng Moon Buggy? (1979)


December 5 - 6


Screening on Vimeo


               Perfumed Nightmares (1977)

               Bakit Dilaw ang Gitna ng Bahaghari? (1994)

               Sino Lumikha ng Yoyo? Sino ang Lumikha ng Moon Buggy? (1979)


December 7 - 8


Screening on Vimeo


               Perfumed Nightmares (1977)

               Turumba (1981)

               Balikbayan #1: Memories of Overdevelopment Redux III (2015)

Goldwins Comida Corporation upholds unbreakable commitment to serve customers, community amid crises

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The restaurant industry was among the sectors that suffered the worst from the crises brought by the COVID-19 pandemic.

With the limitations on dine-in services and branches operating at reduced capacity, it easily became one of the hardest hit sectors, incurring millions of deficits, massive layoffs, and even permanent business closures.

“The previous year, 2020, has been the most challenging year for all of us. Being in a restaurant business where casual dine-in has been the norm, placing the entire country under ECQ was a big blow,” said Pauline Bondad, Vice President of Silver Peak Group of Companies (SPGC).

Over a year and a half passed into the pandemic, SPGC’s restaurants and fast food brands found ways to reinvent their businesses to keep up with the shift due to the series of lockdowns enforced all over the country.

Goldwins Comida Corporation is one of the SPGC companies that challenged themselves to quickly shift gears and confront these difficulties positively.

With all the changes presented to the company, they realized the need to re-center the business and uphold its unbreakable commitment to maintain its core of keeping the best interest of its stakeholders in their operations.

“Amid the test of our times, we gave more importance to living out with our core values. Our core values of selflessness, integrity, loyalty, versatility, excellence, and respect,” Bondad noted.

Having the renewed thrust to serve their community amid the crises, they launched campaigns within the company to provide financial stability and regard the welfare of its employees, while still providing a memorable dining experience to their customers.

“I always believe that the true growth of a company is not only measured by profit but also by the number of employees whose lives it has improved. When times get rough, it is an opportunity to give more significance to our local community,” the SPGC executive said.

Likewise, the company explored more creative and innovative ways to generate income to keep the business afloat and extend service to their customers more efficiently. They strengthened their delivery services to allow patrons to enjoy their favorite dishes even in the comforts of their homes.

The company tapped PLDT Enterprise for connectivity solutions that empower the business with strong and reliable internet to support its store operations.

“PLDT Enterprise has been filling the gap in providing solutions that our company alone cannot provide. Our restaurants need help in reaching out to people and at the same time people reaching to us whenever they order,” Bondad said.

“We at PLDT Enterprise have been assisting companies as they navigate the challenges of the new normal. Through our reliable enterprise solutions, we aim to enable businesses to overcome the difficulties they face with the help of technology. We thank Goldwins Comida Corporation for their continued trust in our capability and we assure them of our commitment to being their reliable partner in solving their modern-day business challenges,” said Jojo Gendrano, FVP and Head for PLDT and Smart Enterprise.

PLDT Enterprise recently introduced its Unbreakable Commitment campaign to highlight its partnerships with different organizations in the country to exhibit how collaborations helped companies to thrive amid difficult circumstances and in turn, contribute to the lives of Filipinos.

The campaign also reinforces PLDT Enterprise’s unbreakable commitment to boost the efficiency and productivity of organizations with the use of technology.

The country’s largest fully integrated telecommunications provider has been a constant support to companies such as Goldwins Comida Corporation as it embraces digital transformation to adapt to the evolving business environment.

“PLDT Enterprise’s vision is aligned with our vision. Always prioritizing the guest and employees. Our restaurant needs to be present and preferred by the market to generate sales. We need to market our brand through the help of your technology,” said Bondad.

The restaurant company believes that a successful business needs not only to be efficient and resilient but also responsive to the needs of its employees, customers, and the community it serves. With the help of the right partner, the company is bound to take off to reach new heights and emerge victorious despite the hindrances it may encounter.

“I encourage all of those who are just starting to have their business just to keep on going and pursue; always to make your business sustainable, and for my fellow entrepreneurs, remember to always live your lives with purpose. From the darkness of the pandemic comes the realization that we need to strive harder and move forward to our road of excellence,” Bondad added.

Watch Goldwins Comida Corporation’s interview here:

To learn more, visit #

Some Of The American Vacation Destinations For Those Who Love Nature

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Scientists say that time spent in nature could make us happier and kinder, which sounds precisely how I want my children to be during a family vacation. If you are hoping for a while to reconnect with cherished ones and Mother Nature, book a flight or take a drive to these-clearly lovely destinations.

Some Of The Great Nature Destinations


The Lake Mead National Recreation Area is just a few miles outside of Boulder City, Nevada, and backs up to the well-known Hoover Dam. Bring your RV or a tent and revel in fishing, boating, and trekking across the lake man-made when they dammed the raging waters of the Colorado River. While you are withinside the neighborhood, make an effort to discover Black Canyon on the other facet of the dam.

      MOAB, UTAH

A few hours south of Salt Lake City, you will discover a sandy haven for outside adventurers. Nearby Arches National Park is a famous playground for hikers and rock climbers. You also can hire a jeep for a few extra-rugged exploring of paths seldom taken. After an extended day withinside the sun, prevented by The Moab Brewery for domestic brewed root beer.


What makes Santa Rosa this kind of deal for nature enthusiasts in the form of surroundings available. You can spend an afternoon lounging at the white seashores alongside the Gulf of Mexico, or head inland for canoeing and kayaking down the Blackwater River, one of the purest sand backside rivers withinside the world.


Skidaway Island State Park is a super location for a cheaper family excursion. Spend your days strolling underneath the stay very well and your nights gathered across the campfire. You also can head over to Tybee Island for swimming or into Savannah right for a deep-fried flavor of civilization.


This is the grandmother of nature-loving excursion destinations. As such, anticipate to must book months earlier to camp with inside the park and to share the great exterior with plenty of different enthusiasts, specifically at some point of the summertime season months. Still, planning and company are a small charge to pay for the surprise of Old Faithful.


If crowds are not your thing, find out about this small metropolis the seashore lines of the Lake Dillon Reservoir. Hike via White River National Forest and seize a glimpse of the wildflowers, or strap on an existing vest and cross white water rafting withinside the mountains. Be certain to pack your camera to make your photographic memories; the exceptional part of Dillon is the view.


This Tennessee metropolis has been named one of all America's prettiest cities and one of the most famous locations to get married. Need extra convincing? The Great Smoky Mountains, to which there are 3 entrances from Gatlinburg, is the most famous countrywide park withinside the country - beating out both the Grand Canyon and Yellowstone!


The vicinity usually referred to as the Catskills is truly made from4 counties in upstate (well, east-central) New York. Here you will discover rivers, rolling mountains, and the simplest New York state park devoted to horseback riding. Just about every outdoor activity you could enjoy can be beloved someplace withinside the Catskills, which includes a calming ground of golf.


Another choice for finance vacations, Somerset is a lovely vicinity for an easy getaway. Pitch a tent and lease a tube for drifting down the Apple River. ensure you are booking with a campground that caters to families and not one which advertises reductions for bachelor and bachelorette parties.


Malibu won't be the primary location that involves thoughts while you think about roughing it, however, there's no extra lovely spot withinside the USA to be outside. Consider tenting at Malibu Creek State Park or the Malibu Beach RV Park. Both provide smooth access to excellent canyons, best for hiking, and the extensive seashores for which Southern California is famous. Be forewarned: the landscape is not the most effective element; it is shockingly quiet here. Prepare yourself for touch envy of the locals.


According to the Better Sleep Council, you need to update your mattress every 7 years. However, it's not a difficult and rapid rule. How often should you replace your mattress or how frequently should you get a brand-new mattress relies upon numerous different factors?

A bed is supposed to provide you with a very good night's sleep. So, in case your bed is disrupting your sleep or is worn out, it's time to bid goodbye to it. Replacing your bed will enhance your sleep quality. A 2009 study located that new mattresses and bedding decreased strain and caused higher sleep for many of the participants.

Millions of dirt debris and dirt mites gather on your antique mattress irrespective of how frequently you clean it. They can cause allergic reactions and respiration problems. Don't be amazed in case you awaken in the nighttime with your eyes itching and an uncontrollable urge to sneeze.


A Holistic and herbal way of healing matters isn't a brand-new idea. Many humans use herbs and alternative medicines to treat their chronic ailments. For some, using herbs as a treatment for sleeplessness is a superb idea. As a count of fact, a brief ride to the grocery keep will yield you a few natural teas and different dietary supplements for your insomnia. Using a herbal sleep resource that includes a bedtime tea that has herbs might also additionally assist to enhance melatonin production and assist in promoting restful sleep when most needed.


A warm cup of decaffeinated tea product of herbs is typically safe and okay as a bedtime ritual that could permit you to loosen up before you turn in for the night. Word remains out on how potent, and powerful herbs are for treating insomnia even though many human beings swear by it.


How Can You Manage Money While Travelling Abroad

Wazzup Pilipinas!?

Whether you're going on your first solo trip, a family vacation, or a honeymoon escapade, Money control whilst traveling overseas calls for a whole lot of preparation, on the way to spending your cash at some point of the trip. Here are some guidelines so that you can keep them in mind whilst visiting a specific country.

Tips For Money Management


Budgeting is the most essential part of the tour plan, after the finalization of the destination. Take a while to make a spending plan, so you will recognize wherein your cash is going. This will assist you to keep away from overspending. While doing all of your cash management whilst journeying, remember how long you may be traveling, and what sort of cash you will spend every day. Make certain that you segregate your cash in phrases of how much you're going to spend on stay, food, sightseeing, and shopping. This way you'll recognize whilst you are walking out of cash in a certain phase and could begin spending according to that.


You will want a little cash in local currency, as quickly as you land at the airport, in all likelihood for a cab fare, to pay for a meal. Having a little cash ahead saves you the problem of seeking out an ATM. Also, in this manner, you'll be able to avoid having to get your currency exchanged at the airport, in which the fees aren't as beneficial as those offered by the nearby banks.


If you have already got an International credit card, test the fine prints on it to discover if they charge an overseas foreign money transaction price. If yes, discover a card that doesn't. The transaction price eats up cash that you may spend on indulging in local delicacies. Make sure that you understand if there's a restriction on the worldwide transaction. Plan consequently you don't end up crossing that restriction.


International airways include numerous terms and conditions. Some airways provide free baggage however their price tag expenses are high, different have reasonably-priced air tickets, however, have extra baggage expenses. With accurately done cash management whilst traveling, you may make certain that you don't spend plenty on air travel.

The first-class way to clear up this confusion is that you pick out a price range airline, carry light, and most effectively choose luggage that you're going to hold on with you as opposed to depositing it at the airline baggage counter.


Avoid traveling in strange territory with all of your cash and all of your credit cards in your wallet, because a single pickpocket could make you lose all of your cash. A nice way to address that is to carry one credit card and enough amount of money at all times. Leave a second credit card in a secure area at your hotel.


When you're visiting, you'll nonetheless have payments to pay back at home. These payments consist of utilities, cable, credit card, telephone, and loans. A proper concept is to automate these bills to let you pay your payments on time and satisfy your monetary responsibilities even when you are visiting abroad.


When you're abroad, make certain that you take a look at all of the journey alternatives and pick one as per your plans of cash management even as traveling. A lot of nations have less expensive vehicle and motorcycle leases as compared to buses and trains, others have buses and trains inexpensively however they take a lot of time. With a sensible decision, you'll be capable of making the best out of your journey without spending a massive sum of money on your journey.


Major towns internationally have free leisure centers, they conduct free strolling excursions and a variety of museums are open to the public for free. When you're touring any such countries, ensure that you list down such centers and take full advantage of the free stuff.


Before you begin your trip, it's critical to tell your credit card agencies about where you'll be visiting and the dates during which you'll be away, so they don't freeze your cards after detecting uncommon activity. Also, don't hesitate to ask for the number that you can call and ask for help whilst you're traveling abroad.


There are numerous motives why parents are turning to weighted blankets for kids, especially for the ones who've been diagnosed with sensory processing disease or autism even. This is due to the deep contact pressure (DTP) that this blanket provides to their kids.

Weighted blankets, as the call suggests, are heavy blankets that might be weighed down by glass beads, and different kinds of fillers, to promote deep touch pressure. Deep strain can calm one's arousal levels through self-regulation. Deep strain stimulation is known to supply extra dopamine in addition to serotonin with inside the body, which assists humans to feel calm and extra relaxed.

Here are a few reasons why you should buy a weighted blanket for kids with needs.

Weighted blankets have been promoted to help reduce tension due to their deep contact pressure. For youngsters who're feeling disturbed at night, in a brand-new setting, or may within the classroom, having a weighted pad or blanket may also assist. Children who are recognized with autism may use weighted blankets to assist them to get a great night's sleep. Even kids who have insomnia may also benefit from this blanket because the weight makes them experience security.


There is little research showing that the load felt at the body, in addition to mild contact, can assist stimulate certain components of the limbic system that are liable for regulating worry and emotion. Also, the ones who've sensory processing problems have a tendency to be hypersensitive to contact, and plainly the use of weighted blankets can desensitize them


Launching of the DOTr Anti-Corruption Committee

Wazzup Pilipinas!?

As a manifestation of commitment to rid the government of corruption, the Department of Transportation, in partnership with the Presidential Anti-Corruption Commission (PACC), officially launched the DOTr Anti-Corruption Committee (DOTr-ACC) in a virtual ceremony today, 25 November 2021.
DOTr Undersecretary for Legal Affairs Reinier Paul Yebra said the creation of the committee is pursuant to the Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) with the PACC for the creation of the National Anti-Corruption Coordinating Council under the Project Kasangga: Aksyon Laban sa Korapsyon.

The DOTr-ACC, created on 03 August 2021 through Special Order 2021-112, signed by Secretary Art Tugade, was directed to formulate policies to foster the Department’s fight against corruption. The DOTr-ACC is tasked to monitor and validate corruption-related cases as well as implement and promote anti-corruption programs in the agency.

On behalf of DOTr Secretary Art Tugade, DOTr Undersecretary for Administrative Service Artemio Tuazon, Jr. said the occasion paves way for the promotion of anti-corruption measures within the agency. He emphasized Secretary Tugade’s stern implementation of anti-corruption measures within the DOTr's ranks.

“Maski po simoy lang ng korapsyon sa ating Kagawaran at sa ating mga ahensyang kalakip dito ay hindi po niya pinalulusot. Not even tolerance. This clearly highlights Secretary Art Tugade’s desire for continued and long-lasting change,” Usec. Tuazon said.

Under Secretary Tugade’s leadership, the DOTr has been enforcing anti-corruption measures, such as a "one-strike” policy against corruption, the livestreaming of bidding and procurement processes, a "no noon-break" policy, no “kamag-anak” system, no gift policy, and the digitization or the shifting to an online processing of applications for licenses, franchises, and other related services, Usec. Yebra added.

“Ngayong araw na ito nais po naming iparating na buong-buo ang suporta ng DOTr, kasama ang sectoral agencies at pati mga private stakeholder sa anumang pagsisikap ng gobyerno laban sa katiwalian. Sama-sama, tayo po ay magsisikap na magbigay ng malinis at mahusay na serbisyo para sa mga Pilipino,” Usec. Yebra said.

Meanwhile, coinciding with the launching of the DOTr ACC is the simultaneous signing of the Manifesto and Declaration of Oath of Honesty by officials and employees of the DOTr and its 18 attached agencies.

More than a thousand personnel of the DOTr and its four sectors – Aviation, Railways, Road Transport, and Maritime – sealed their commitment through the nationwide signing and oath-taking before PACC Commissioner Atty. Yvette Contacto.

To recall, a similar ceremony was spearheaded by the PACC on 28 April 2021 for the launching of the Project Kasangga, while DOTr personnel first signed the pledge of commitment and took their oaths to uphold ethical practice and good governance on 14 December 2016.

The Land Transportation Office (LTO) and the Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB), as service-oriented agencies directly dealing with stakeholders, will hold a similar event in the coming days.

In line with the anti-corruption drive, the public may call the DOTR Anti-Corruption Hotline 8790-8300 local 723, send an email to for corruption-related complaints, and access the DOTr website and social media accounts in Facebook and Twitter for the public information campaigns.
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