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The Lazada Big App Sale: A Shopping Treat for all those Shoppers On-The-Go!

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Lazada, the Philippines’ largest online shopping mall, is again rolling out five (5) days of non-stop shopping deals for all Filipinos to enjoy. Packed with deals, discounts, and games, the Lazada Big App Sale ( is Lazada Philippines’ way of making shopping more enviably effortless, enjoyable, and fun for Filipinos through the Lazada Mobile App.

With as much as 80% exclusive discounts on bestsellers and favorite brands, the Lazada Big App Sale boasts hundreds of thousands of products all housed in the Lazada Mobile App.

So save and shop now with the Lazada Mobile App and be part of the Lazada Big App Sale( this August 27-31.

Shop Anything, Anytime, Anywhere with the Lazada Mobile App!

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Lazada, the Philippines’ One-Stop Shopping and Selling destination continues to keep its commitment of effortless shopping to Filipinos with the Lazada Mobile App. Now, Filipinos have access to more than half a million products right at their fingertips. Giving Filipinos the power to shop anything, anytime, anywhere through the Lazada Mobile App.

With the Lazada Mobile App, everyone can conveniently shop while on the go; packed with eye-catching visuals, intuitive user interface, and true-to-form images, you can never go wrong shopping through the Lazada Mobile App. Now you don’t need to rush to the mall or brave through the bad weather or heavy traffic as shopping through the Lazada Mobile App is easy as 1-2-3! Simply download the Lazada Mobile App for FREE on iOSAppStore and Google Play Store.

Packed with daily promos and jaw-dropping discounts, the Lazada Mobile App also hosts exclusive App-Only sales for premium tech and lifestyle brands. With the same robust functionality as its web interface, the Lazada Mobile App offers the ease and convenience of shopping for those Filipinos on-the-go.

And to make every Filipino’s effortless shopping risk-free, the Lazada Mobile App also offers cash-on-delivery payment. So aside from the ease of being able to shop on-the-go through the Lazada Mobile App, everyone can pay via cash when their orders arrive on their doorsteps.

No More Sirs and Ma'ams, We Are A Nation of Equals

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"Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew, bless him, told us then we should rid ourselves of our colonial mentality of obeisance or servitude, or words to that effect, and address one another as Mr or Mrs. No more Sirs and Ma’ams. We are a nation of equals. No more kowtowing to the white men." - Rappler

I grew up thinking "Sir" and "Ma'am" were appropriate designations for people who are older or superior in position. But that thinking changed when I started working for the United Nations. Our Country Director, an American, arrived after a few weeks when all of us were already on board and working. The main office requirements were newly setup and almost complete, and we were all pioneers there working for the very first time with the new computers, while more equipment were just being ordered and regularly coming in from both local and international sources. Everything was new, top of the line and obviously expensive. We also had four other offices in different locations where our program operations is really implemented. I was in charge of ICT so I was very particular with the computers and all. I was tasked to plan, identify, purchase, install, maintain.,troubleshoot, etc., all ICT requirements of the offices.This required me to visit the other offices every now and then to setup their ICT infrastructure. Thus I was jumping on a plane almost every week.

I report directly to our Country Director so I frequently have to talk to her for many reasons. One time, after a few weeks of working with her, she finally had to say it, something that bothered her for the past weeks but she said she had to hold back as a sign of respect. She told me to just call her by first name after I've been calling her Ma'am for weeks, and explained to me that everyone in the office should be calling each other by their first name instead. She continues to say "We should treat each other as equals because we all have one common goal, and the designations are there to merely to describe our functions."

I told her that we usually say that to someone older than us. She said, "Now, you wouldn't want me to feel old every time you greet, right?"

Apparently, she had a point. 

Below are more sentiments of the public taken from the same thread where I got the statement above. I picked a few of those that I feel substantial enough to be shared. Let them help you decide if you'll feel the same towards using the "Sir" and "Ma'am" designation.

Friday, August 14, 2015

Amulets and Anting-Anting at Yuchengco Museum

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Before the arrival of Spanish colonizers to our shores, early Filipinos believed that wearing powerful, mystical amulets or talismans would protect them from harm or even give them special powers. Called agimat and anting-anting, these mysterious objects have survived for centuries, thanks to the later inclusion of Christian iconography. Shrouded in myth, meaning, and symbolism and long kept secret from the rest of society, the stories about agimat and anting-anting are revealed in a special exhibit at Yuchengco Museum entitled Pinoy Power Packs: Agimat, Anting-Anting , and the Stories They Tell, on view starting August 15.

Agimat and anting-anting illustrate our folk beliefs, spirituality, and view of the world: they are a fusion of a belief in nature and in a concept of God who is both animist and Christian. They can be seen as our way of seeking to approach God and hold the power of God within a medallion, handkerchief, or vest, creating a powerful divine connection that gives the wearer god-like qualities.

Pinoy Power Packs explores the animist symbols and icons found in agimat, from the all-encompassing Infinito Dios to the many forms the Infinito manifests. The exhibit also looks at how these iconsincorporate Christian imagery, such as the crucified Christ, the Virgin Mother, and the Santo Niño.

In addition, Pinoy Power Packs highlights our modern interest in our folk spirituality, as seen in nativist movements such as the Rizalistas and Lapiang Malaya (Freedom Society), and in films such as Nardong Putik. Visitors can watch videos of an artist shopping for agimat in the streets of Quiapo in Manila, or of a young healer and practitioner explaining the various motifs seen in agimat.

The AlDub Accidental Love Team Phenomenon of Eat Bulaga's Kalyeserye

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"The accidetal love team made up of TV personality Alden Richards and YouTube sensation Nicomaine Dei "Maine" Mendoza, widely known as "Yaya Dub" for her voice impersonations of local celebrities, has been trending lately pushing Richard's career into overdrive." - Philippine Daily Inquirer

That was one of the article in the front page of this morning's newspaper. The story was at the bottom page of the newspaper but had the iconic carabao mascot of PDI  saying something like " Ayayay! Ang Pogi! Na Coco - Loka naman!" in reference to a story angle about Alden Richards' visit to Lucena city where the Niyoyugan coconut festival beauty pageant was ongoing from August 10 to 19.

They also related the epic acceptance of the Lucena crowd, especially the young ladies, towards Alden Richard, as they scream, shrieked and some almost fainted after the young actor allowed everyone to get closer to him and even land some kisses.

It goes on to tell the story of the phenomenal and uncanny love team made possible by the Juan For All, All For One Kalye-serye segment at the GMA 7 noontime show Eat Bulaga which stars Wally Bayola, Jose Manalo and Paolo Ballesteros. Yaya Dub became famous for her impersonations of popular celebrities like Kris Aquino using the Dubsmash mobile app.

Apparently, the two have not even met in person yet but they have become an online sensation already because of how cute and different their romance is. This actually originated when Yaya Dub confessed that she has a crush on Alden Richards.

The two just celebrated their monthsary yesterday, August 13, and you might have guessed already how it was!

Condos Connected To MRT Train Stations Are More Expensive

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Choosing to live in an area that’s within striking distance of a train station is expensive, but how much more homebuyers are expected to pay is the more appropriate question.

Looking at the listed prices of condos close to MRT stations along EDSA, global property portal Lamudi Philippines ( found that an average condo located within 100 meters of an MRT station is at least Php16,645 more expensive per square meter than a similar, newly built condo situated more than 500 meters away. The price gap becomes even wider depending on the condo and its developer.

Lamudi picked two MRT stations (Boni and Magallanes) with a number of condo developments around them, and analyzed the price difference between the condos that are directly connected to the MRT station with similar ones that are situated more than 500 meters away. In addition, Lamudi chose only those condos with more than 15 for-sale properties listed in the platform.

In the case of Boni Station in Mandaluyong, there were two condo developments that are directly connected to the MRT station. If property buyers opt to choose any of these two properties, then they should pay Php31,572 and Php16,645 more per sqm compared to a similar, newly built condo in the same area but situated more than 500 meters away from the train station.

Soulmate-Searching Tips from the “Psychic Matchmaker”

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Finding true love isn’t easy. Despite the available means with today’s technology, many people still wonder if and when they’ll find their perfect match.

In her new Eve series, Psychic Matchmaker, Deborah Graham uses her special gift to help connect people psychically with their true soulmate. She has helped hundreds of people – both believers and skeptics - find the love of their lives and believe in love once more. While Deborah’s unconventional methods may not be for everyone, she has some tips that could make the soulmate-search much easier:

1. Acknowledge your positive and negative energy.

The “love myself first” movement has a point - finding true love involves more self-evaluation than simply finding a person that fits an ideal set of criteria. Knowing who you are – your strengths, weaknesses, faults, tendencies, your general well-being or energy as Deborah calls it, etc. – is one step ahead in finding someone who needs to get you. Moreover, know the difference of what you think you want and what is actually good for you. If you don’t know who you are and the things you need in life, then don’t bother finding someone to put up with your confused state of being at all.

2. Let go of your baggage.

Admit it. Everyone who might be looking for love must have had his or her piece when it comes to pain. Heartbreaks might not be in the same degree or intensity for everybody, but in order to find anyone at all, acknowledging this negative energy and then letting the baggage go is the best way to let someone in. Stop letting your tragic stories turn into issues that can prevent you from opening yourself up to another person.

A Never-Ending Cycle of Getting Even

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We keep complaining about the government cheating us out of our hard-earned money via the automatic tax deductions, E-VAT on consumer goods and services, implementing fees and strict guidelines on businesses, and other horrifying stories like the realities of corrupt politicians running away with our taxes using dummy programs, overpriced projects and ghost foundations, etc..

However, everyone else, may he be the small, big, average citizen to the multinationals or corporations, does the same ludicrous but serious offenses of going against the law or working around it by avoiding paying the right taxes or business fees, failing to follow basic traffic rules, polluting our air, rivers and streets (and our minds), false advertising of products and services (like the unlimited Internet by telcos) and a lot more absurdities that are circumvented by either connections, friends or relatives working for influential or authority figures, or powerful set of lawyers that can bend, delay or request for TROs, and plenty more magic tricks up our sleeves.

We keep on blaming the government when our next door neighbor is equally guilty of an offense but we accepted it as justifiable because we think the government doesn't deserve to "play" and "profit" with our taxes in the first place. So we commit our very own "cheats" in order to get even.

The world will continue to rot if we keep on thinking like this. It's a never-ending cycle of getting even, and all of us, and our children, will eventually suffer from the inequities we have brought upon ourselves.

It may be a bit frustrating when the world seems to be against you because you choose to be different. But it is a lot comforting knowing you can sleep soundly at night and that you fought for your personal beliefs.

It only takes one person to live a life that's just and fair, and hopefully the others will follow (even if it will take years and several lifetimes). I hope that person is you!

Public Opinions on Uber Versus LTFRB and DOTC

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Below are just some of the selected statements made by the public about the situation revolving around the legitimacy of UBER-type of services that have become so popular in the Philippines. Many are crying out loud why the government is trying to get rid of the new and innovative way of hailing public transport, while some understand why enforcing very strict guidelines is part of the standard regulations implemented for obedience of the law and security of the riding public. But still many are caught in-between since both parties do have certain agreeable and disagreeable points that we could all ponder.

I still believe this confusion and thoughts of conspiracy is all because of the failure for information dissemination and how some media release has tried to exaggerate the issue into just one perspective. I would have wanted to post everything said here but that will be too lengthy so I selected only a few which seems to say everything in balance.

"And now the truth comes out. No wonder the LTFRB and DOTC are so unreasonably hard on Uber. They are starting their own service called premium taxi, which is just another racket and another inept way of reinventing the wheel! What the hell?? This is appalling!!! And the only ones allowed to operate will be those who buy 20 brand new 2.0-litre cars at a time. Way to go, guys. Way to go...
P.S. No need to ask permission to share. We need all the help we can get because this needs national (if not international) attention." - James Deakin

"Isn't this the consultation for TNVs? It doesn't say that the government is engaging in this business, even so, I do not think the government can engage in business ventures when it is not in their mandate. I think you are all exaggerating." - Norman Culateros

"No, they may not directly engage in the business, but look at the requirements. Only someone with money can get into the business. Which means they have their hands in the pockets of operators. Also local poor Juan can no longer drive for Uber or GrabSedan kasi they can't afford the 20 car fleet and franchising fee. Sino talo dito? Consumer saka poor Juan." - Ethan Mallari

To be a Premium Taxi (TNV) driver/partner you need to be a part of a TNV (Uber, GrabTaxi, EasyTaxi, etc) Because you need to use their app to do it. Unless you develop your own app, that's the only time you can engage in this business. So a regular Juan can still drive, but with the assumption that they have to be part of Uber, GrabTaxi, etc. This call is not for individual drivers but for operators. Just like in any mode of transportation, you would need an operator, a franchise and of course the vehicle. So all your fears are uncalled for and maybe you should've asked first before you reacted violently." - Norman Cualteros

"They want to regulate the business to favour their own operators and drive legitimate, consumer friendly (and loved) services out so that they create a monopoly. No exaggeration here, bro. In fact, I'm surprised at how calm everyone is." - James Deakin

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Yahoo Launches Livetext in the Philippines

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Yahoo announced the global roll out of Livetext and is bringing this new way to communicate to the Philippines. Yahoo Livetext blends the immediacy and simplicity of texting with the expressiveness of video without the audio, and it is now available around the world in every major language.

Hundreds of millions of us are addicted to our phones, most of us (71%) even sleep with them; yet, the way we use these devices to communicate doesn’t fit seamlessly into our daily lives. While texting is quick and easy, you often miss the meaning of a message, have to explain your reaction (“LOL”), or wait hours before getting a response. And to actually talk on the phone, you not only have to be available, but you also have to be in a place where you can speak.

Connecting with your friends should be spontaneous, easy but also fleeting - just like a real-life conversation. Yahoo Livetext combines video to make your conversations more authentic, and text to bring you a quick and non-intrusive way to connect.

Teens with Mysterious Eye Powers Fight Evil in Newest Anime Series from Animax

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A 12-episode anime series, Mekakucity Actors is produced by Shaft in collaboration with Aniplex of America and 1st PLACE. Based on Jin’s Kagerou Project, the series is directed by Akiyuki Shinbo.

After living in solitude for years, a NEET named Shintaro is led back into the outside world by a mysterious female character who infiltrates his computer and causes a breakdown. Desperate to fix his beloved computer, he heads to a department store and in one fateful moment he is thrown into a life of action and crime-fighting adventure.

A group of criminals break in and hold shoppers hostage. Among the crowd happens to be a group of teenagers who call themselves “Mekakushi Dan” (or the Blindfold Gang). Wielding powers using their eyes, they are able to stop the criminals from carrying out their evil plans and force Shintaro to join them.

Witness how this young man adjusts and flourishes in his new life this August in Animax.

Mekakucity Actors premieres August 18 at 10pm, Mon – Tues, two episodes back to back, first and exclusively on Animax Asia.

Animax is seen on SKYCable Channel 46, Cignal Digital TV Channel 34 and Dream Channel 7.

New Ekogadgets from Ekotek

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Meet the newest additions to Ekotek's growing line up...

First up is the Ekopack Slim 6000mAh. It comes in the same slim and sleek design you’ve come to know and love. Only this time, it has more juice to power up your gadgets whenever, wherever. Best part is… it's compatible with most phones, tablets and other USB devices and comes in 4 eye catching colors: Lime, Orange, Black and White.

And of course, the Ekotab you’ve all been waiting for. You wanted 3G, we’re giving you the Encore 3G!

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, the Encore is back and this time it’s equipped with 3G functionality! Not only does this 7” Quad-Core beauty come with the Kitkat OS, the Encore 3G is now armed with an enhanced camera as well as an upgraded memory and storage system. You can now take more pictures, update your Facebook, Instagram and so much more without having to look for WiFi!

Hurry up and get your Ekotab Encore 3G for an introductory price of only P4,799 until August 31, 2015.*

The Ekopack Slim 6000mAh and Ekotab Encore 3G are available in all 10 of our kiosks and online: The Ekopack Slim 600mAh is also available in selected Office Warehouse Branches.**

Shaina Magdayao and Matteo Guidicelli Stars in Cinema One and Phil Star Project Single/Single Mini-Series

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Your friendly neighborhood Pambansang Blogger was invited by Cinema One and the Philippine Star to the media launch of their first ever mini-series on wealth management and millennial life entitled "Single\Single" top-billed by Shaina Magdayao and Matteo Guidicelli. The presscon was held on Thursday August 13, 2015 at 11 am at Resto 9501 located at the 14th floor of ABS-CBN ELJ Building .

Single\Single stars Shaina Magdayao and Matteo Guidicelli plays the roles of Joee and Joey respectively. An odd couple forced to share an apartment for practical reasons. Will sharing the rent be disaster or a happy ever after?

I'm guessing that the similarity of their names play a vital function in the story. Maybe they got into the predicament of living in the same apartment because of it. I hope I was not able to predict it since that would mean it's a bit predictable. But the director told us they are already on the 8th episode so we just have to wait until the pilot episode comes out on August 29 at 8 pm in Cinema One.

The questions from media were mostly about Matteo's boxer shorts and how we was uncomfortable wearing it in the presence of Shaina Magdayao. It will be the first time they will be working together even though they are both at ASAP during weekends. Since Shaina is a dancer and Matteo is a singer, they have not yet been on the same performance in the noontime show. I asked about Matteo's abs since he probably went into regular workouts to have or maintain them for the show so he will look good on TV, and I also asked if Shaina, who was wearing a gorgeous backless outfit that day, if she will be wearing something daring and as sexy like a swimsuit or bikini since Direk Pepediokno did say they are able to become more daring in the cable channel since it is less strict in censorship. Shaina said as for now, she was only asked to wear short shorts. Hhhmmm, but if she was asked to wear something a little more revealing, will she do it?

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Publications Use Sexual Innuendos on Maria Ozawa and Robin Padilla Cancelled Movie Project

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"Japanese actress Maria Ozawa expressed disappointment at Robin Padilla after his premature withdrawal from the tightly scheduled shooting of their film to be entered in time for this year's Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF) Official." -

Entered. Premature withdrawal. Tightly. Japanese. Maria ozawa. I could write millions of puns on this article. I believe the pun was obviously intended. I see what Inquirer did here. I'm sure a lot more publications did the same, or are about to do the same. The temptation to use sexual innuendos was just too hard to resist.

Thus, netizens react with all their might. It was naturally expected. This was not the first time the publication resorted to word play. I'm sure it was what Inquirer intended. For everyone to cum ... I mean come ... out and react. It was an intentional bait to lure everyone to engage with the article. This issue will be going viral and trending soon on social media.

"You must be so proud of yourself Inquirer, for that funny, funny wordplay laced with sexual innuendo because, hey, she's a porn star. And why stop with one phrase, why not go overboard funny utilizing her apparently rich background in the porn industry. And you, you clever reader, you got it. You must be very proud of yourself too aren't you. All for a few laughs and some ego boost right." - Camille Tosca

"I agree. Got nothing against porn industry etc. but this writer thinks too highly of his "wit". And everyone's all "biro mo early withdrawal at tight schedule daw! Laugh out loud!". Its a newspaper thats read by people of all ages, including children. You gonna explain to your kids what this means? Nah, more likely you'll back off like this "writer" and look incredulous "huh? Wala naman, baka ikaw madumi and iniisip" <heehee tight schedule heehee>" - Alfie Wee Sit

IRR Signing: RA 10175 Cybercrime Prevention Act

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High-ranking officials from the Department of Justice, Department of Interior and Local Government, and the Department of Science and Technology, signed the Implementing Rules and Regulations of the country’s Cybercrime Prevention Act at the New World Manila Bay Hotel last August 12, 2015. Among the signees were DOJ Secretary Leila de Lima, DOST Secretary Mario G. Montejo, and DILG Undersecretary for Operations Edwin Enrile.

Also known as RA 10175, the Cybercrime Prevention Act aims to extend the reach of the law in the digital space. “The imperative of having a legal framework that penalizes cybercrime and its many evolving forms provides for strong international cooperation, given the transnational nature of cybercrime, and lays out an effective implementation strategy anchored on the regime of electronic evidence,” said Secretary Leila M. de Lima. “It is our mandate to ensure that all crimes ought not to go unpunished; that wherever cyber-criminals may be found, the full force of the law must apply.” she added.

Representing the outgoing DILG Secretary Mar Roxas was Atty. Edwin Enrile, Undersecretary for Operations who acknowledged the hard work of the composite Technical Working Group that conducted 4 public consultations involving more than 40 organizations and entities. He also assured netizens that their welfare is top priority in the creation of the IRR, “We would like to protect everyone against cybercrime offenses such as illegal access, computer-related forgery, identity theft and fraud, cybersex and online libel.” Undersecretary also expressed the DILG and PNP’s commitment and effective enforcement of the provisions of the Cybercrime Law and its Implementing Rules and Regulations.

LPG Philippines Forum 2015: Unlocking LPG Demand in the Philippines

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Indoor and outdoor pollution caused by the burning of traditional fuels and diesel are causing the premature deaths of over 10 million people in Asia every year. LPG, as a modern, clean burning fuel, is a cost effective solution to pollution, energy poverty and distributed energy for the Philippines and the industry should be further developed to reach its full potential.

In line with this, there will be an upcoming LPG Philippines Forum 2015 on August 24 and 25, 2015 at SMX Aura, Manila, Philippines with delegations of over 200 of the top energy and environmental leaders in the country participating at the LPG Philippines Forum 2015.

The Asian LP Gas Summit has been successfully conducted in Manila, Philippines in 2011, and Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam in 2013. There was a hiatus in 2012 as the World LP Gas Forum was conducted in Bali, Indonesia. Another one was held last March 10-12, 2014 at the Manila Hotel.

The LPGas Summit was established in 2011 to organize the Asian LP Gas Summit. The event seeks to encourage the growth of the LPG industry and to promote discussion and industry networking for the sustainable growth of the LPG industry with a focus on technology adoption, safety and consumer education. 

MAPFRE Insular Optimistic for Growth in 2015

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Starting strong in 2015 with 37.9% growth in total production for all lines and channels on the first quarter of the year compared to the same period of 2014, MAPFRE Insular is optimistic on projection of growth of its business for the year.

The company’s growth in Q1 is attributed in the Fire Insurance line which alone doubled versus its performance in 2014 delivering over 299 million in premiums for the Company. Following Fire Insurance, Casualty and Marine Cargo insurance are the second and third respectively in terms of growth.

2015 is a year of consumer-centric innovation for MAPFRE Insular. Along with continuous brand building and awareness efforts, the Company is focused on becoming the trusted insurance company of choice for the Filipinos by delivering superior and efficient insurance solutions for their different needs.

“We at MAPFRE Insular are continuously strengthening our geographical presence to make our services easily available and affordable to more Filipinos nationwide through our various distribution networks,” says, Tirso Abad, President and CEO of MAPFRE Insular. “Our multi-channel offices and sales offices have grown in total production by 37.6% and 146.9% respectively in the first quarter. These channels have been driving growth in the Accident, Fire and Motor business through an active agents’ network focused on selling retail products,” Abad adds.

Epson Rips Technology Wins BLI Outstanding Achievement In Innovation Award

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Epson recently announced that its Replaceable Ink Pack System (RIPS) technology had been recognized by Buyers Laboratory LLC (BLI), a leading provider of independent information to the imaging industry, with the Outstanding Achievement in Innovation Award for the summer 2015 test season. The awards are made to companies that provide something new to the market and set new standards and goals to which others can aspire.

Used with Epson’s acclaimed series of WorkForce Pro Replaceable Ink Pack Printers, RIPS technology solves many of the issues associated with office printing by using super-high-yield ink supply units for printing up to 75,000* pages between ink changes. The result of this is less wasted time and resources, and predictable print costs.

In its citation, BLI noted that printers using the technology achieved:
Phenomenally high tested yields for all colors. 

Ultra-long-life consumables, which help maintain office productivity and reduce pain points for IT administration. 

User-friendly replacement and maintenance procedures.
Compact and low waste packaging advantage, which will suit space-constrained office environments.

Misagh Bahadoran of Azkals Eager to Make Impact Versus Uzbeks on September 8

Wazzup Pilipinas!

With the crucial Azkals game against a strong Uzbekistan squad less than a month away, one Azkals player who is feeling the pressure is Filipino-Iranian midfielder Misagh Bahadoran.

Although nobody is putting the pressure on him, Bahadoran feels he has to bring his game one notch higher than his outstanding performances in the last two Azkals games where he nailed the team’s first goal against Bahrain and five days later against Yemen in the ongoing 2018 World Cup qualifiers.

The two wins gave the Philippines six points, second after North Korea in Group H. North Korea is leading the group having scored one more goal (5-4) than the Philippines in two matches.

“The expectation (on me) is high. The pressure is there. It’s harder being in that position now,” Bahadoran said in an interview after a morning training session at the Emperador Stadium in Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City. His goal against previous Azkals tormentor Bahrain last June 11 was doubly significant for him as it was his first international goal in football.

But being no stranger to pressure in the past, Bahadoran appears ready for the demands building up around him presently. He acknowledges that the ongoing games are tougher being part of the qualifiers for the 2018 World Cup, the most widely viewed and followed sporting event in the world.

“I have to be prepared, physically and mentally. I have to be disciplined,” he stressed.

Short+Sweet Theater Manila 2015 Tickets Available at All SM Ticketing Outlets

Wazzup Pilipinas!

We are proud to announce that we are an official media partner of the biggest festival of 10-minute plays in the Philippines - Short+Sweet Theater Manila 2015!

Last time we attended their press briefing held at the Samsung Hall of SM Aura, and we were so excited about the many possibilities for coverage that we expressed our support to be one of their media partners to help out in the information dissemination, as well as to proudly boats of the talents that will be competing in the event.

What make Short+Sweet Theater Manila 2015 more interesting is that they are offering  Master classes facilitated by local and international experts are also available. For only P 500, you'll get to listen to knowledgeable professionals that can help you become the next popular film maker. Now that would surely be a blast. To learn from experts in the film industry will definitely boost the morale of newbies and aspiring movie-makers, and lead them to a brighter future in the movie-making industry.

It is undoubtedly quite more challenging to create a 10 minute performance since you only have very little time to impress your audience with content that should be able to catch their attention but at the same time provide them with valuable entertainment.

September is just a few days away so we all encourage you to get tickets as soon as possible.

Tickets are available at all SM Tickets 60+ locations nationwide: SM Cinema outlets, SM Tickets Online, and SM Business Centers. They are also available at Lucky Chinatown Concierge and Eastwood Mall Concierge.
Tickets are priced as below:

VIP: PHP 1060

Don't you dare miss this.

Below is their official press release and the Master Classes Schedule and other details.

The Complexities and Simplicities of LIfe

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Do not let other people decide on your stance on controversial issues. You have a mind of your own and deserve more self-respect. Following blindly your leaders or the majority is a definite suicide of your integrity.

There are several times when it takes only one passionate and determined individual to break standards and protocols, disrupt the complacent and threaten the established, initiate world-changing ideas or take part in abrupt movements. We all want to make a huge difference in this world where most people have been brainwashed into obedience and succumbed into acceptance of a lowly existence. Never realizing there are better options out there that many have made every effort to become unreachable.

The so called resiliency was never a compliment that we can be proud of. It only means we are too weak to stand up, voice out our concerns, and demand for what we rightfully deserve. Making sacrifices was never necessary if only everyone was fair and just.

Everyone has their own agenda, may it be hidden or out in the open, that's biased, one-sided and self-serving. Who doesn't think of himself? Who wouldn't want to flourish and live comfortably? Who doesn't want to earn more profits? Who doesn't want to pack his bags and leave the country for greener pastures? Who doesn't want to get involved when they see an investment or business opportunity? No matter how you look at it, everyone uses each other to gain and give out something.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Here Comes Sembreak with the G-Force Dance Company!

Wazzup Pilipinas!

The students' much-awaited season all school year has finally arrived

Put on your dancing shoes and welcome this year's school break with G-Force Project Sembreak!

Now on its fourth year, Sembreak is one of the baby projects of G-Force Dance Company's artistic director Georcelle Dapat-Sy, more popularly known as Teacher Georcelle. Sembreak is an offshoot of the annual G-Force Project Summer Dance Workshop that began in 2008.

"We call on all dance enthusiasts, students and professionals alike, to be part of G-Force Project Sembreak. We guarantee, not only will you get to learn how to move and groove like G-force, you will definitely have fun and enjoy spending your break with us," says Teacher Georcelle.

G-Force managing director Angel Sy couldn't agree more. "We pride ourselves with G-Force Project Sembreak now more than ever. We now have a different venue for our recital and that should give off a different feel and a different experience to our students."

Divided into two batches, Sembreak Batch 1 is happening all Saturdays of September and October (September 5, 12, 19, 26 & October 3, 10, 17, 24); Batch 2 is set all Fridays and Saturdays of October (October 2, 3, 9, 10, 16, 17, 23, 24). And just like G-Force Summer Dance Workshop that culminates into a showcase of talents, Sembreak will also have its own recital to be held at Trinoma Activity Center on October 30.

The Lotus Cars Manila Grand Launch

Wazzup Pilipinas!

The iconic Lotus Cars has finally reached the local shores and made a successful arrival in Manila just recently. The launch event, which happened at the newly opened Lotus showroom located in Greenhills, San Juan City last August 6, 2015, became a significant meeting of car aficionados who have all anticipated for the coming of this prestigious automobile brand. It was a whole night of partying that eventually kicked off the grandest sports car event of the year.

The Lotus showroom was transformed into a mini club highlighting the hottest sports cars in town. Mr. Willy Tee Ten President of the Autohub Group welcomed the guests with a short speech on their recent milestones and some forthcoming plans.

“We’re pleased to announce this newest and another milestone for Autohub Group, and it is with great pleasure that we’re given the chance to be part of this revolution to keep pace with the increasing customer demand and deliver the unique Lotus Pure Driving Experience here in the Philippines. So expect more bigger things to happen in the near future,” Mr. Tee Ten shares.

The unveiling of four of the Lotus cars, Elise S Club Racer, Elise 220 Cup, Exige S Roadster, and Evora S Sport Racer, was the main highlight of the night. Sen. JV Ejercito, San Juan City Mayor Guia Gomez, Mr. Willy Tee Ten, Autohub Group Chairwoman Benita Tee Ten, Lotus Cars Manila Board of Directors Mr. Jessie Tan and Mr. Eric Yap, and Lotus Cars Manila General Manager Mr. Miguelito Jose have graced this momentous event.

G is For Google, That's Good Enough for Me

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It looks like somebody, or a very popular Internet corporation everyone knows, is about to take over all the letters of the Alphabet. Well, they are starting with the letter G, and who knows if it's the first one, but surely there are more to come.

The company that was founded in 1998 but went public in 2004 now has a new operating structure. The company that used to be called Google is going to become a new holding company called Alphabet.

"Alphabet is mostly a collection of companies. The largest of which, of course, is Google. This newer Google is a bit slimmed down, with the companies that are pretty far afield of our main Internet products contained in Alphabet instead."

"Alphabet will operate as the parent company for a number of smaller companies, including Google, which will continue to focus on Internet products. Android, YouTube, search and ads will remain part of Google Inc."

The corporate restructuring announcement came just this Monday where they announced the formation of an umbrella company called Alphabet and naming a new CEO to the core business of Google. Sundar Pichai, who has been with Google since 2004, is taking over as CEO of Google while Google co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin will run Alphabet - Page as CEO and Brin as President. 

“See you in Boracay!” 500 Startups’ Dave McClure to Speak in 3rd Geeks on a Beach


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“See you in Boracay!” were the words of Silicon Valley startup guru Dave McClure who will speak during the Geeks on a Beach (GOAB) international tech confab. GOAB will be making its third comeback on August 20-21, this time in world-famous Boracay Island where it all began 3 years ago.

McClure also​graced last year’s GOAB held at the Moevenpick Beach Resort Hotel in Cebu. He is prominent in the tech world as the founder of the 500 Startups, a global accelerator and seed fund investing firm that has set its eyes on Asia as one of the fastest growing tech communities in the world.

Before founding 500 Startups in 2010, McClure was already an angel investor frequently investing and advising in startups. He was also a consultant of several high-tech companies like Microsoft and Intel and worked for companies such as PayPal and Facebook.

“The Philippines is a country full of smart and creative people — it’s a perfect place for entrepreneurship to flourish and grow,” said McClure. He added that 500 Startups is interested in a number of startups in the country, though nothing has been finalized yet.

500 Startups has invested in over 500 startups or innovation-driven enterprises related to web search, social media, and mobile app platforms. It now has local partners in Malaysia (500 Durians fund), South Korea (500 Kimchi), and Thailand (500 Tuktuks). It is gearing for even stronger penetration in the Southeast Asian region.

Time for Bloggers to Shape Up or Suffer the Consequence

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Thanks to Vigattin Radio of Radyo Inquirer, we are no longer just getting invites as a blog site or online media but as an accredited media practitioner too.

Vigattin is short for Victory in Governance and Technology Information Network which primarily guests technopreneurs and startups who would like some exposure. It also highlights both government and private initiatives and projects dwelling in science and technology. We would also sometimes have guests from other industries that we welcome with open arms.

We were at a press conference a few days ago and we noticed that there were no bloggers invited for that particular media briefing of what I believe is a very important news scoop that needs to be shared to as many as possible. There were several people from print, TV and radio but no bloggers. Then we realized that we've been to their other media briefings and no bloggers were there too.

You know what we did? After we asked our question during the Q&A, we also suggested that the organizers consider inviting bloggers to help them disseminate the information to a wider audience. There was also this media practitioner who raised a question on why it was very rare to hear news about one of the agencies and it was probably only because their activities and projects are not getting enough media exposure.

We know that may be the only reason because one of our relatives works for a government agency, and they have so many activities that are not known to the public. They do not practice the habit of distributing press releases or photo ops at every activity that they do, unlike politicians who would always share even their littlest feeding programs or charity donating activities.

We recommended to the organizers that they include bloggers in their event invites so we can help them in social media presence.

But why were bloggers not invited to the said press conference in the first place?

10 Lessons to Starting-up From YouthHack Manila’s Startup Challenge 2015

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Ushering in a new generation of empowered youth, YouthHack is an organization that educates students on the world of startup, technology, and entrepreneurship through holding various events that allow participants to pitch their own ideas, and have a go at creating their own business.

Started only one year ago by incoming University of Pennsylvania Sophomore and Xavier School graduate David Ongchoco, YouthHack has already generated much clout and is on its way to disrupt how the youth think of entrepreneurship and technology. What started out as a two-day event in Manila back in July 2014 has now become a global community with events and programs held in the US, Singapore and later this month, Hong Kong.

For this year’s YouthHack Manila Startup Challenge 2015, Kalibrr CEO Paul Rivera, ABS-CBN Chief Digital Officer Donald Lim, CEO Pinky Natividad and Chikka Founder Dennis Mendiola all came in as keynote speakers to share their story and gives pieces of advice. YouthHack also brought in workshop speakers from fast-growing startups and incubators like Kalibrr, Uber, and IdeaSpace to talk about topics like ideation, marketing, product development, growth hacking and more.

Here are a few lessons we took away straight from the event held last July 25-26, where over 200 student participants came together in Xavier School. 

YouthHack Manila 2015 Startup Challenge - “Where Will You Go That You’re Not Supposed To Be?”

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Last July 25-26, 2015 at Xavier School Greenhills, aspiring technopreneurs from both high school and university were faced up to this question. The YouthHack Manila Startup Challenge offered two days worth of activities to help these students think, create and innovate as they learn to assemble their very own startups. Through keynote speeches, workshops, a startup fair, and a startup competition for the participants, eyes and minds were opened and participants slowly began to find their answers to the proposed question.

To kick off the first day, YouthHack Founder David Ongchoco delivered his welcome address by sharing his origin story. “It felt surreal for the 18-year-old who just graduated high school,” he says. YouthHack sprouted from David’s realization that the youth of today can play a vital role in revolutionizing “technopreneurship”—the blend of technology and entrepreneurship—in the startup world. The organization is living proof of this belief, as aside from the Manila Startup Challenge (considered “the biggest and baddest YouthHack event” to date), YouthHack is currently growing and making its away outside our nation’s borders to places such as Philadephia and Singapore.

In the first keynote speech, we learn some of the startup industry’s secrets from Kalibrr CEO Paul Rivera. When it comes to the core of your startup, he advises them to be inspired by something more than profit. Though sometimes this would mean pursuing a riskier path, Paul persuades the participants that “[t]his is the time to be experimenting. This is not the time to play it safe.” Failure is inevitable in the startup world, and Paul reassures everyone that this is part of the process and something entrepreneurs learn to move on from. “Entrepreneurs take calculated risks and tolerate uncertainty,” he says.

“Your network becomes your net worth.” He stresses the importance of finding the right people who will help you take your startup to greatness, teaching the crowd that “[l]ife networks matter” and they must “[p]lug into the right ones.”

Monday, August 10, 2015

Boracay Beach Resort Deal Secures Mövenpick Hotels & Resorts a Piece of Philippines Paradise

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Mövenpick Hotels & Resorts has secured its own piece of paradise in one of Asia’s most exclusive holiday destinations, having signed a deal to manage the Sol Marina Resort, which will soon be renamed Mövenpick Resort Boracay, in the Philippines.

Located in the north west of the island on idyllic Punta Bunga Beach, famed for its white powdery sand and aquamarine waters and considered one of Asia’s luxury resort hotspots, the upscale 333-key property will start welcoming guests in December 2015.

The property will not only shore up Mövenpick’s presence in the Philippines, where it already manages Mövenpick Hotel Mactan Island Cebu, but also bolster the hospitality firm’s portfolio of resort properties in top Asian locations. In Thailand the company operates two resorts in Phuket and one on Koh Samui, while construction is underway on properties in leisure destinations such as Pattaya, Thailand, Quy Nhon, Vietnam and Bali, Indonesia.

“Signing a property in Boracay is a significant development for Mövenpick, as it cements our presence in one of Asia’s most established resort destinations,” explains Andreas Mattmüller, Chief Operating Officer, Mövenpick Hotels & Resorts, Middle East and Asia.

“Punta Bunga Beach, with its crystal-clear waters and soft white sand, is unspoiled and truly idyllic, attracting discerning travellers from all over the world from both the upscale leisure and corporate meetings segments.”

Foundation for a Sustainable Society Holds Several Activities to Celebrate 20th Anniversary

Wazzup Pilipinas!

We were recently invited last August 9, 2015 to attend a media briefing announcing the 20th anniversary of the Foundation for a Sustainable Society (FSSI). The gathering was held at the Gloria Maris Banquet Hall located at the 4th level of Gateway Mall Araneta Center Cubao Quezon City.

The organizers were having a two-day activity-filled celebration which includes open forums on many topics ranging from the challenges to development of debt, tax and fiscal issues, good governance as electoral agenda for poverty reduction or for enabling environment, climate change effects and disaster preparation, enabling cooperatives, and empowering the rural poor through Social Entrepreneurship.

There was also a Social Entrepreneurship product and photo exhibit happening simultaneously at the ground level of the same mall while the talks were being held at the Gloria Maris Banquet Hall.

At the press conference, Mr. Jay Lacsamana, Executive Director of FSSI, showed the impact of FSSI's 20 years of work in helping poor communities get out of poverty through social enterprises.

Mr. Laurence Padilla, Executive Director, of the Palawan Center for Appropriate Rural Technology (PCARRT) and Mr. Ernesto Lactao, General Manager of Malaya Development Cooperative, were also there to give testimonials of how FSSI has helped them.

Also present were Mr. Joel Saracho of PETA, Ms. Aurora Luz Villaviray, Ex Officio Member of Board of FSSI,  Ms. June Rodriguez, Corporate Secretary of the FSSI Board, Mr. Jerome Ignacio, Assistant Director of FSSI, and Ms. Kathleen Lungub, Advocacy and Communications Officer of FSSI.

AirAsia Celebrates 300 Millionth Guest Milestone

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AirAsia, the world’s best low cost airline for seven consecutive years, today reached another milestone with 300 million guests flown. The milestone was commemorated with a string of celebrations starting from Terminal 3, Soekarno-Hatta International Airport, to TheRitz-Carlton Jakarta, Pacific Place.

Jodie Lazuardie, a 30-year-old Art Director based in Jakarta was the lucky guest who booked the 300 millionth AirAsia seat. Jodie's flight booking from Kuala Lumpur to Jakarta earned him a once-in-a-lifetime experience and a hefty 3 million BIG Points from AirAsia’s loyalty programme, also known as AirAsia BIG.

Upon landing in Jakarta, Jodie was treated to a Red Carpet experience which included a private pick up from the plane, fast-track immigration clearance and priority baggage handling, all the while being escorted by a group of AirAsia cabin crew.

Jodie was also driven from the airport to TheRitz-Carlton Jakarta, Pacific Place by a private chauffeur, where he was warmly welcomed by AirAsia Group’s management team. Among those present to welcome the 300 millionth guest were Co-Founder and Group CEO of AirAsia Tony Fernandes, Co-Founder and Group CEO of AirAsia X Datuk KamarudinMeranun, CEO of AirAsia Indonesia Sunu Widyatmoko, CEO of Indonesia AirAsia X Dendy Kurniawan, CEO of Malaysia AirAsia Aireen Omar, Acting CEO of AirAsia X Benyamin Ismail, CEO of Thai AirAsia TassaponBijleveld, CEO of Thai AirAsia X NaddaBuranasiri, Chairman of Philippines AirAsia MaanHontiverosand Alice Goh, CEO of AirAsia BIG.

MMA Superstar Brandon Vera Urges Fans to Watch Azkals Versus Uzbekistan Match on September 8

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Mixed martial arts (MMA) superstar Brandon Vera has called on followers and football fans to support the upcoming match between the Philippine Azkals and Uzbekistan on Sept. 8 at the Philippine Sports Stadium in Bocaue, Bulacan.

Vera, who has more than 221,000 followers on Facebook alone, posted: “Azkals vs Uzbekistan on Sept. 8 at the Philippine Arena (referring to Philippine Sports Stadium). Watch it live!!! Ousss!!!!!” He accompanied it with the hashtags #WorldCupQualifier #pinoypride.

Vera has made a successful ONE Championship (ONE FC) debut last December when he stopped Ukrainian Igor Subora at the Mall of Asia (MOA) Arena. He used to fight under the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) roster.

The Sept. 8 match is crucial as it could determine Azkals’ standing in Group H and its chances in the ongoing qualifiers for the 2018 World Cup in Russia.

The Philippines, with two wins, is currently in second place in Group H with six points behind North Korea, which is leading on account of having scored one more goal (5-4) than the Azkals in two matches.

Tickets for the Azkals vs. Uzbekistan game to be held at the Philippine Sports Stadium on September 8, 2015 are now available at Tickets are at P531.80 for Price Zone 1, P331.14 for Price Zone 2 and P125.40 for Price Zone 3.

Fr. Harold Rentoria and Augustinian Fathers Announce Kaplag in Celebration of the 450th Founding of Sto. Nino in PH

Wazzup Pilipinas!

We just came from a press conference led by Father Harold Rentoria and the Augustinian Fathers. It was held at the San Agustin Church in Manila earlier this morning, August 10, 2015.

In celebration of the 450th Anniversary of the finding of the sacred image of the Sto Nino by soldiers under Miguel Lopez de Legazpi, friars of the Order of St Augustine, who administer the Basilica Minore del Sto Nino de Cebu, will be bringing the pilgrim image of the historic relic to Manila and Laguna from August 14 to 18 under the aegis of Kaplag, a year-long commemorative programme that takes its name from the Visayan term for "discovery" or "finding."

Upon arrival on the 14th, there will be a motorcade to Quirino Grandstand followed by a foot procession for the image to teh San Agustin Church, and His Eminence Luis Antonio Cardinal Tagle will preside over the Mia De Pueblo at 12 noon.

On the 15th, there will be a mass in the morning at Manila Cathedral, a trip to the Baseco compound for the veneration of the faithful, and Sinulog rites in the afternoon, before bringing back the image to the Manila Cathedral. Simultaneously, there will also be the 450 Kaplag Heritage Conference at the auditorium of the National Commission for the Culture and the Arts beginning at 1:30 pm with Father Czar Emmanuel Alvarez OSA, Professor Regalado Jose Jr., and Attorney Lucille Karen Malilong-Isberto as resource speakers.

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Sugarleaf Makati Celebrates 4th Anniversary with #RawFoodIsTheNewHot

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Sugarleaf Makati continues its 4th anniversary celebrations with #RawFoodIsTheNewHot: a five-part workshop series with UP-cum laude graduate and Bali-certified raw chef Sonia Astudillo. “We are thrilled to be doing what we do best – organise a series of raw classes which our customers, loyal and new appreciate will surely learn a lot from.” Sugarleafer Angelo Narciso Songco shares.

#RawFoodIsTheNewHot will guide students to raw food whether they are in it for the long haul or a quickie adventure," said Chef Sonia, who's been teaching raw food classes in Manila since June 2013. Attendees learn a lot from each class and builds up one’s knowledge about raw food, benefits of ingredients, going organic, superfoods and more.

At the end of the day, we decide what is best for us and how committed we are to a certain lifestyle. In my classes, students are introduced to the perks of a healthy raw vegan lifestyle and an array of dishes–most of which are considered the healthier alternatives to the real but not so healthy thing. Classes are held in a very relaxed, home visit like style that welcomes people from all walks of life. Home is the place where you are accepted as you are - whether you're vegan, vegetarian, raw foodist, meat eater, or an optionarian. In my classes, it's all about how you feel and how your body reacts to raw food," said Chef Sonia.

#RawFoodIsTheNewHot will discuss the benefits of raw vegan lifestyle and why it is gaining popularity among the healthy community. "Years ago, we wanted fancy, elaborate dishes. Now we're moving back to basic, unprocessed food," observed Chef Sonia.

Direct Grocery Remittances Made Possible By BeamAndGo and I-Remit

Wazzup Pilipinas!
BeamAndGo Pte Ltd, an alternative remittance service that guards against misspent funds through digital gift certificates, has forged a partnership with I-Remit to offer over-the-counter payment services for OFWs to provide for their families’ grocery shopping in the Philippines.

BeamAndGo CEO, Jonathan E. Chua said, "We understand that many of I-Remit’s customers have apportioned a specific budget from their remittances to their families’ monthly grocery spending. Instead of sending cash, OFWs can now purchase our convenient digital gift certificates which can be redeemed by their loved ones at our participating supermarkets.”

The insight on the behavior of I-Remit customers is further supported by a Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) study on OFWs which revealed that 82% of overseas remittances are allocated for their families’ basic needs such as food, supplies, medicine, healthcare, and utilities.

The partnership with I-Remit, which owns 12% of OFW remittance market, will expand BeamAndGo’s distribution network to over 1,400 payment centers. At present, BeamAndGo actively promotes its digital gift certificates in 9 markets: Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, UK, UAE, Japan, Australia, Taiwan and the Philippines.

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