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Tamaraw Society Aims to Raise Funds for Mindoro’s Tamaraw Rangers

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Frontliners come in all shapes and sizes.

If not for the dedicated rangers of the Tamaraw Conservation Programme (TCP) and Mounts Iglit-Baco Natural Park (MIBNP), the tamaraw might well be extinct. In 1969, the global population of this elusive forest buffalo was thought to have dropped below 100.

After decades of dedicated conservation work, tamaraw numbers rose to nearly 600 and are poised for recovery. Then COVID-19 happened.

The pandemic crippled businesses and operations globally. Since March 2020, most of the Philippines has been under general or enhanced community quarantine. The country’s national parks were closed to prevent the virus from spreading.

This left Mindoro’s Iglit-Baco Natural Park with little funding, cutting off the sole source of income for 32 wardens and one ranger, all members of Mindoro’s indigenous Taw’buid, Buid and Iraya tribes. Indigenous people are particularly hard-hit by the pandemic because they lack access to relief and medical services.

To cover a years’ worth of salaries for these tamaraw frontliners, the Philippine Parks & Biodiversity NGO is forming the Tamaraw Society. Comprised of an initial 20 organizations, the society’s members shall commit to donate or raise PHP20,000 each. The funds will be disbursed through the TCP under the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR).

“Our campaign is a COVID-19 emergency response to unite concerned groups by securing much-needed salaries and allowances for the retrenched frontliners who protect them,” says PH Parks & Biodiversity representatives Nella Lomotan and Ann Dumaliang.

Eight entities have already confirmed their commitments as of July 2020: WWF-Philippines, Masungi Georeserve, Eco Explorations, D’Aboville Foundation, Planet CORA, Fund the Forest, Ecoheroes Philippines and Mr. Oscar Lopez Jr.

This complements #TogetherforTamaraws, a campaign launched in July 2020 by the Biodiversity Finance Initiative (BIOFIN) project under the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the DENR’s Biodiversity Management Bureau and MIMAROPA Regional Office.

“Exotic places like the Iglit-Baco mountain range might seem distant to most people, but they must be conserved. Rangers and wardens need and deserve our support to keep doing good conservation work,” explains Onno van den Heuvel, BIOFIN global project manager.

The park’s wardens serve as guides and porters for tourism and research expeditions while both TCP and park rangers keep poachers at bay, in case the lockdown entices some to illegally enter the park and hunt animals.

Today, only 23 TCP rangers and three MIBNP wardens are patrolling a core area of 2500 hectares inside the 106,655-hectare MIBNP, which hosts at least 480 of the world’s last 600 tamaraw.

“This pandemic should bring forth empathy and not drive us to apathy,” says Occidental Mindoro Congresswoman Josephine Ramirez-Sato. “Let us all show the spirit of Bayanihan by helping our rangers and wardens in saving the tamaraw.”

A total of 20 organizations will comprise the 20 for 20 Campaign. Organizations can help through or by emailing

Tired of Relationships? Then better have a Slice of Yummy Cakes!!!

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From the outer side, it looks very pleased to be in a relationship and everything seems to be very cool and loving. But no wonder what is going on in between two people who are with each other. There are fights and arguments between couples. Ultimately there comes a point when they wish to end the things between each other. Sometimes you will realize that it is better to stay single than be in a relationship. It is because being in a relationship gives you a constant fear of being dumped or cheated. In such situations, being single is a blessing for sure.

There are plenty of things in a relationship that forces anyone to quit it. From fighting over petty issues to getting ignored from your partner; and many more reasons exist. This is why it is better than at such time you quit the relationship and rather do something that you love. So, what about eating cakes? Many of you might find it funny but hell yeah, it is better to invest your time in cakes rather than people. At least they will give you back the same pleasure that you must have out in getting them for you.

Let us have a look at how online cake delivery can loosen up your mood with ease. So, let us get started!!!

Satiate your Taste Buds

The best thing about these yum delicacies is their delectable taste which will put a period to your hunger pangs. It is very much possible that you must be having cakes for a long time. I have often seen people in a relationship always fighting and not eating at all. So, make sure that you get a cake immediately, once you are out of your relationship. This will help you rejoice the taste and enjoy it to the best without anyone stopping you.

Boosts Up All Your Occasions

Can you remember when the last time you celebrated in the relationship was? Don’t have an idea!!! If yes, then this is the right time for you. Order a birthday cake if it is your dear one’s birthday or an anniversary cake if it is your parent’s anniversary. Only remember that you now need not leave any stone unturned for making the best out of all celebrations.

Can share it with Others

When in a relationship we always avoid sharing each other with the third person. But the same is not the case with the cake, as you can surely share it with the people around you. They will be amazed to see how much you care about others, which you must have forgotten when in a relationship. Sharing a cake would, therefore, spread happiness around you while people could bless you for giving them the finest dessert in the world. Giving cakes on your major occasions or daily life, you just bring happiness and joy to everybody's life.

More you Know about Cake, the Better it Tastes

If you love cakes, then make sure that you learn about it. Since then you will come to know more about the cakes and their baking procedures. All of us need to learn about the things which we love and cakes are surely one of them.

So, make sure that you place an order for a delicious cake from the online cake shops. We bet that these delicacies will surely help you get out of the bad relationships. Also, eating sugary things will release happy hormones in your body. Hope that helps you to forget about the past!!!

Friday, July 31, 2020

Pinoys Lead Names Submission for Mars Journey

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Who wants to go to Mars?

The Philippines leads in the number of names submitted for a spacecraft bound for Mars which will carry the names.

Guess Filipinos are desperate to leave the country. The farther the better. Are they running away from the Covid-19 virus or the veerus president that announced at his 5th SONA that he is inutil against China?

NASA has launched its $2.7B nuclear-powered "perseverance" mars rover, carried by the United Launch Alliance Atlas 5 rocket, from Cape Canaveral in Florida. The rover will take 7 months for a 300 million miles journey to arrive on the planet.

It's the first step of NASA's newest effort to hunt for signs of ancient microbial life and collect samples that will eventually be returned to Earth.

If you are running away from the virus, please bear in mind that China may have already been there....and left you a big surprise.

But some Filipinos also believe thst Senator Cynthia Villar has already struck the flag of Camella there.

Thursday, July 30, 2020

Phl to compete in first ever online Int’l Math Olympiad

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With the pandemic affecting all sorts of gatherings and travels, the toughest mathematics competition in the world will soldier on via the online route.

The 61st International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO), originally slated this July in St. Petersburg, Russia, will push through instead with a first-ever online competition.

With this, the Mathematical Society of the Philippines (MSP) announced the roster of the national team. This year’s Philippine representatives will include:

1. Immanuel Josiah Balete from St. Stephen's High School

2. Sarji Elijah Bona from De La Salle University Integrated School Manila / Palawan Hope Christian School

3. Raphael Dylan Dalida from Philippine Science High School Main Campus

4. Vincent Dela Cruz from Valenzuela School of Mathematics and Science

5. Andres Rico Gonzales III from De La Salle University Integrated School Manila

6. Bryce Ainsley Sanchez from Grace Christian College

The online IMO will be held worldwide this coming September 19-28, 2020. Team Leader, Christian Paul Chan Shio from Ateneo de Manila University, and Deputy Team Leader, Carlo Francisco Adajar from the University of the Philippines Diliman will mentor the national bets.

The national team members were determined at the end of the Mathematical Olympiad Summer Camp (MOSC), which was also done online in the past months. The MOSC is a rigorous training program that serves as selection phase among the national finalists and winners of the Philippine Mathematical Olympiad (PMO).

Earlier this January, Sanchez, Balete and Dalida emerged atop of the PMO as Champion, 1st Runner-up, and 2nd Runner-up, respectively. They were then joined by fellow math veterans, Gonzales III, Dela Cruz, and Bona.

Just recently, all six emerged victorious in the first-ever Cyberspace Mathematical Competition (CMC), held online last July 13 and 14. Organized by the American Mathematics Competitions in partnership with Art of Problem Solving, the CMC also served as preparatory test for the team. Dalida, Dela Cruz, Gonzales III, and Sanchez nabbed bronze medals while Balete received an Honorable Mention.

Meanwhile, Sanchez, Balete, and Gonzales III each won bronze medals in last year’s IMO where the Philippines also ranked 31st out of 112 countries. The three now look to lead the team to an improved showing this year.

Department of Science and Technology - Science Education Institute (DOST-SEI) Director, Dr. Josette Biyo, congratulated the team and the MSP for “soldiering on” amid the challenges posed by the pandemic.

“We congratulate our national team for the 61st IMO. Although we’re living in very challenging times, your constant pursuit of excellence inspires us to do the same. We wish you all the best in the coming competition,” said Biyo.

The country's participation in the IMO is a project of MSP and DOST-SEI, with support from major sponsors Hyundai Asia Resources Inc. (HARI) Foundation, Manulife Business Processing Services, Foundation for Upgrading the Standard of Education, Inc. (FUSE), Sharp Philippines Corporation, and C&E Publishing.

Bringing the Philippines Safer from HIV

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The first-ever holding of the Philippine National HIV Prevention Month (NHPM) will kick-off on Friday, July 31, 2020, bringing Filipinos safer from the virus compared to previous years.

The Philippine NHPM is set every July of every year. This initiative supports the Presidential Proclamation No. 971, which was signed last June 23, declaring the second week of July as Infection Prevention and Control Week.

This year’s NHPM theme is “SaferNow,” following the new HIV combination prevention concept, which includes innovative and effective ways to prevent HIV: condoms and lubricants, pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP), post-exposure prophylaxis (PEP), and antiretroviral treatment as prevention (TasP).

Given the availability of these preventive measures, the Department of Health reported that between January-March of this year, 2,818 Filipinos have been newly diagnosed with HIV. Age group 25-34 year-olds has the highest with 1,359 and followed by 15-24 year-olds with 834.

In addressing the country’s growing HIV challenge, the Philippine NHPM aims to intensify the health promotions of the HIV combination prevention methods.

This month-long celebration will highlight the HIV combination prevention methods through the “SaferNow” campaign and a series of online activities scheduled in August:

July 31 – Kick-off and Launch of the NHPM 2020 and the “SaferNow” Campaign

August 8 – Condoms and Lube Day

August 15 – PrEP and PEP Day

August 22 – Undetectable = Untransmittable (U=U) Day

August 29 – Culmination Activity

The NHPM is spearheaded by the Sustainability of HIV Services for Key Populations in Asia Program and the Champion Community Centers network and is supported by UNAIDS Philippines, AIDS Healthcare Foundation, Pilipinas Shell Foundation, Australian Federation of AIDS Organisations, APCOM, and LoveYourself, Inc.

Also, community-based organizations around the country, catering to HIV-related services, will conduct parallel activities to support this national event.

For more details, follow the Philippine NHPM on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram at @HIVPrevMonthPH.

Show Your Affection to Your Siblings With Attractive Gifts

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Siblings give us the sweetest memories of our lifetime. They are the ones who have been and being with us since childhood. Siblings are the only relatives, who are the secret carries of our life. They are our teachers, friends, role models, and so on. Every role suits them the most. Such a special person deserves special gifts. Make your siblings' birthday memorable by ordering birthday cakes and gifts from online stores.

Attractive Gifts for Your Siblings

The most significant relationship you'll ever have is the sibling's bond. They stand by our side in every worst situation of our life. Such an amazing person is to be surprised by the color of joy and happiness on your siblings’ special day. Here, I have jotted out some attractive gifts to show your affection to your siblings.

1. Birthday cakes and chocolate

You are raised by your parents, you complete your life with your better half, but siblings are one who shaped you into the real you. Honor their relationship by gifting than the best gift that they deserve on their special day. Buy a birthday cake along with a chocolate box from online stores and share the sweetness of your bond on your sibling's birthday. Birthday cakes are trending nowadays, they are even personalized with photos. You get amazing benefits of using the cake delivery services like midnight delivery, speedy taste, nominal price, etc. Hence buy a special birthday cake online since they never go out of trend is always the best surprise.

2. Birthday card and a love note

Make your sibling's special day meaningful and memorable by sending birthday cards online with a love note stating your love for them. Birthday cards are simple but your feelings for them written in it make them sweet as sugar. This surprise card will surely make your loved one's day a memorable one. You can also add sweetness to it by giving chocolates and cakes along with it. Birthday cards are now available in a wide collection in every online gift store. Get the perfect one for your siblings through online shopping.

3. Personalized Novel

Shopping for the perfect gift for your sibling? Well, a personalized novel will be a good choice for your sibling who loves to read. Personalized novels are not really meant for couples but also for siblings who have endless love for one another. A personalized novel as a gift will fit every occasion whether it a birthday, anniversary, wedding, or Christmas gifts. Express your unbound love for your siblings on the special occasion by gifting novels and books which you brought from online stores.

4. Digital Portrait

Do you have a favorite picture of your siblings which you wanted to frame? Then turn the picture into a beautiful artwork by portraying it digitally by the artist. The picture which is portrait digitally is then framed using wooden frames to make it look amazing. Most of the online gift stores provide digital portraits at affordable prices. Purchase online and make use of all the offers and discounts they provide for your shopping. You can present it to your siblings on their birthdays along with happy birthday cake.
Final Thoughts

Thanks for the internet that opened up plenty of ways to reach products in a fraction of seconds. Surprise your loved one by on their special day with unique collections of gifts, chocolates, and cakes from online stores.

Top Universities in Sydney 2020

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The dream of every student is to study in the best institution; it does not matter wherever it is. And you have not mistaken if you have chosen Australia for your further study in one of the best universities in the world. Because Australia is not a home of one but many universities that have achieved the reputation to be in the list of world's best universities.

And in Australia, Sydney can be your first choice to go for higher study and to stay in. Why? We will be explaining it to you throughout the article. Because the purpose o today's article is to let you know about the top universities in Sydney as well as why choosing Sydney is a good decision to complete your study in.


Sydney, the heart of Australia, is the capital of New South Wales and the largest city of the country. There are many reasons behind my saying it the heart of Australia. It's the main point of entry for most people visiting or living in Australia as the international airport is located very close to the center of the city.

The capital of the nation, Canberra, is easily drivable from the city as it is only 300kms away, which is closer than any other city. The city has, no doubt, the most diverse and the largest economy in the world. It provides an incredible amount of varied work opportunities.

Compared to other cities, you will get to be in closer proximity to the natural wonders in Sydney. Such as beaches, national parks, ski slopes, rivers, lakes, mountains, harbors, etc. for various reasons, the city of Sydney is unique and instantly recognizable internationally.

You will be exposed to a very diverse culture while living in this city since people of 180 different nationalities reside in Sydney.

There are a lot more reasons for which you won't regret living in Sydney.

Study in Sydney

When you are choosing Sydney to continue your further study, you are actually choosing one of the most desired destinations for studying abroad. Many universities in this city are enlisted as the top universities in the world, along with some oldest universities in the world.

If you are an international student, you have a lot of advantages to take regarding very modern and advanced facilities and security in the way of pursuing your dream.

Top universities of Sydney

Sydney provides its students with a huge number of diverse areas to study spread over15 public universities, five private universities, 17 acting universities, nine medical universities, and many more.You can find universities easily on Cateight.

1. University of Sydney

Founded in 1851, the university that has made its place among the world's top 50 universities in the world is the University of Sydney. According to the QS World University Ranking 2020, this is the 42nd best university in the world, and it continues to be the 3rd best university in Australia with 45,000 students who represent around 134 nations. They have about 280 exchange programs in place with over 30 countries.

This is a place where widely recognized and valued credentials can be obtained by graduates. They make society leaders by equipping their students with leadership qualities. As a result, the students are more able to serve their communities at each level.

Five Australian prime ministers have been the students of these universities. One of them is Edmund Barton, who won the first federal election of Australia in 1901.

2. The University of New South Wales

Founded in 1949, the University of New South Wales, also known as UNSW Sydney, is one of the leading universities of research and teaching in the world. It stands 43rd as per QS World University Ranking. This university also ranks 27th in the world because of graduate employability.

Its huge population consists of over 60,000 current students from more than 130 countries. And the cohort of alumni has 300,000 alumni spread over the world.

The 8000 strong research community of the university leads the world in sustainable materials, solar powers, and quantum computing. They are also renowned internationally in many other fields.

Its 38-hectare main campus is in Kensington, which is seven kilometers away from the center point of Sydney. They empower their students so that they can discover opportunities, which will shape their future.

3. The University of Technology Sydney

The UTS or the University of Technology Sydney is an innovative and contemporary university. It offers practice-based learning with world-class facilities. They offer career-oriented education with updated courses that reflects the development of technology and research. It stands 133rd in QS World Ranking University.

The UTS is internationally recognized for its excellent performance in research, teaching quality and infrastructure, and graduate employability. UTS provides a wide variety of support programs to international students, which includes library assistance, English language support, career, and housing services. Also, the program of clubs and peer network promote current students through a number of social activities to connect with new students.

The UTS is in the center of Sydney, the lively and culturally diverse city. The City campus is situated near the Central Station, the transport hub of Sydney, which is also a reason to make it one of the best universities in the whole world.

Final Words

We hope this compilation of the information about Sydney's top universities has helped you at least a little bit. And you are now a step ahead in making decisions regarding your higher study in Sydney and pursue your dream. Now, all left to do is to prepare yourself to enter into one of these, as none of them is very easy to get into. And make your application easy with Cateight.

Coronavirus tracking website denies "resurrected" data

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The coronavirus tracking website denies any kind of information indicating that a certain individual indeed "resurrected" from COVID-19 in the Philippines.

A number of posts circulating in social media combines news reports with the logo, alongside with the Philippine coronavirus data, displaying a "1 Resurrected First World Record" at the lower rightmost portion. does not report people "resurrected" from the coronavirus disease. The tracking portal only reports the number of COVID-19 cases, recoveries, and deaths per country.

"Just like any other diseases, no one resurrects from the coronavirus disease. Always observe precautionary measures to avoid the risk of being infected," said Dr. Lau Cher Han, a data scientist and full stack developer who leads the project. is an open-source, community-based coronavirus tracking website portal keeping track of the latest news and developments about the coronavirus pandemic and gathers data for in-depth analysis (e.g. time series to monitor the growth, spread of the virus), including localized news (e.g. news related to Malaysia, or Kuala Lumpur only). Contents are handpicked, filtered, and curated by 460 volunteers across the globe, ranging from data scientists, medical professionals, UI/UX designers, and full stack developers ensuring these sources are reliable with minimal hoaxes and fake news. Natural language processing (NLP) helps analyze trending content and identify meaningful topics over various news sources and social media platforms prior to verification.

The website portal is also featured in the Bulletin of the World Health Organization.

Be updated about the coronavirus pandemic. Please visit the website at

Political Protests During Mass: Unethical or Wake-Up Call

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Not all who criticize the government are seen as doing good. There are some perceived as misguided elements that could only create further chaos leading to more divisiveness of this country.

There were these activists that were said to have gotten reprimanded by church workers who courteously asked them to stop what they were doing, but when they persisted, two cops accosted them....or is accosted such a strong and negative word to use?

But from some media outfits, they report that it was the church workers who asked help of the police. Please we need to be enlightened.

"Aktivistas" attended the Mass; two brought out protest placards marked with “Resist Anti Terror Law!” while a woman distributed leaflets during the Mass. The church staff remonstrated with them, but they would not be stopped.

According to Rev. Fr. Douglas Badong, Parochial Vicar of Quiapo Church, it is not appropriate to display placards and distribute flyers expressing opposition to the government within the Church and at the height of the holy celebration itself. The woman distributing leaflets appeared clueless. She asked police: "Why is this forbidden?"

Although the Church is united in opposing laws that may violate the human rights and freedoms of the people such as the controversial Anti-Terror Law, the manner in which opposition to the government was being expressed was not appropriate and acceptable.

"There is something wrong with … expressing opposition to the government … at the wrong time and wrong venue because it is a Mass… We are united in their expression of opposition to such a law -- but there is a right venue." ~ Fr. Douglas Badong.

If the church will not file charges on these activists, then it is double standard to what they did to Carlos Celdran.

But this is maybe because Celdran was attacking the church, and the activists were protesting against a recently-enactedg-enacted government bill.

Challenge Accepted: What it really means

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About that challenge accepted churva:

Don't you think we should only post when someone challenges us....hehehe...if not, no need to. Or is it a global/nationwide challenge for everyone?

So before posting I researched. The challenge is so much more than a selfie or old photographs from the aged family chest.

Over the past several days, many social media feeds have been overrun with black-and-white images of women both famous and not. But now, even men are joining the bandwagon, but not really understand what it was for.

I haven't done it yet, but tried to Google it. Though I came across a post that warns you about the illegal use of your photos for deepfakes or something similar.

If you're confused by the premise of the #WomenSupportingWomen #ChallengeAccepted challenge, don’t worry. Many people seem to be.

This challenge originally started to raise awareness for the current femicides occurring in Turkey, where women’s black an white photos are shown on news outlets after being murdered.

In July alone, 40 women have been murdered so far.

Then came #pınargültekin - a 27 year old student who after days of searching was found exhumed, beaten, strangled and buried in a barrel.

Her attacker was found and arrested due to social media coverage.

So whilst I am not all for the women empowering women movement (why do we need to be divisive, open the opportunity to help to men too), let’s also use this opportunity to shine a light on the issues Turkish women are facing.

I find it so telling that every publication that decided to do a story on this social media challenge, did it through the most critical lense.

From the most shallow perspective, it’s a challenge forcing women to look at themselves as beautiful (because B&W photos are the OG filters). You would be surprised how many women don’t post selfies because they don’t think of themselves as worthy of it.

There was so much weight on why the challenge mattered, that when it was finally traced back to violence against women in Turkey, it got essentially, one paragraph. The entire rest of the article is about criticizing women for being XYZ.

The fact that there have been more publications writing about this challenge than, for instance, AG Barr’s dad hiring Jeffrey Epstein to work at an elite all girls private school, which led to him becoming the most notorious child molester, is much more important and interesting for readers.

Still, as an IT, though inactive, the so called "naysayers" poking on security issues should be thanked for giving the warning. Not being paranoid but just being cautious. Let us not hate them for being party-poopers.

They are saying that you are just helping Facebook and other face recognition apps to perfect their AI in duplicating our features. The downside, they could successfully clone us and build clone profiles based on inputs we willingly give. Read more on face recognition, data mining, deep fakes, etc.

If it won't hurt you to follow, just like how many of us believe in Feng Shui, superstition, etc., let's appreciate their concern for us.

There maybe just a few who can't express themselves in a tone that suits you that you immediately reject and brand him with names.

By the way, the FaceApp could also be another way to gather similar data for illegal use....also Nametests, OMG, etc.

and why go far, Facebook seems to be the largest database of all sorts of information about us. We feed it with almost everything about us...well, I do.

Be afraid or not?

Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Getting a Vivo V19 Neo? Here's What You Should Know

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Vivo has been kicking the market lately with its V-series. After product launches were on hold because of COVID-19, they are now ready to release its two latest devices, the vivo V19 and V19 Neo. But today’s discussion will be the latter of which will less hurt the money in your bank.


In vivo’s standard blue and white colors, the vivo V19 Neo price Philippines retails for ₱17,999. But for those who are early birds who pre-ordered, it comes with ₱3,000 worth of freebies inclusive in this is a wireless noise-canceling earphones and an extension of warranty card coverage period.


Though it shares the same DNA with the vivo V19, this one is more affordable because of a few component differences. But cheaper does not mean it is less than powerful. The V19 Neo comes in a plastic back and frame with a glass front, which does an excellent job for hiding fingerprint marks. Also, it has triple card slots for two SIMs and one microSD card, microphone port, 3.5 mm audio jack, and of course, a fingerprint sensor.


Mobile phones come in full screen ratios nowadays and vivo is taking advantage of the trend. The V19 Neo has a 6.44-inch FHD+ Super AMOLED Ultra O Screen with 2,400 x 1,080 resolution. Moreover, it comes in unique features like relieves visual fatigue, eye protection, dark mode, and low brightness anti-flicker.


The V-series of vivo mainly boasts about their camera-centric devices, and the V19 Neo will not back down. It comes with an AI quad-camera setup comprising of a 48MP main camera, 8MP super-wide camera, 2MP macro-camera, 2MP bokeh camera, and a 32MP camera in front.

One thing that tops the V19 Neo to any other standard mobile phone is its night mode feature, and this is not just applicable to the rear camera but to the front too! This phone allows its user to shoot up to 4k videos at 30 frames per second (fps) but sometimes, it is shaky. Nevertheless, slo-mo is fun to explore too!


The difference between the V19 and the V19 Neo is with the software. This one comes in a Qualcomm Snapdragon 675 AIE octa-core processor, has a RAM of 8GB functions on Android 10, and has 128GB expandable storage. When tried and tested with different games, it did not falter but heat a little after several hours, which is acceptable since phones need rest time, too.

Battery life

You can do a lot of things with V19 Neo’s 4,500 mAh battery which runs a maximum time of 13 hours and 35 minutes from watching videos, listening to music, checking emails, and playing games. This is made possible because of the Dual Engine fast-charging tech, which can reach up to 30% of battery life in just 30 minutes of charging.

This phone might be cheaper than its twin product, but truth to be told, it gives the same reliable and midrange device everyone yearns for. With vivo, you can never be disappointed with their new smartphone releases as they always strive to make continuous smart innovations over the years. With the upcoming years to come, surely vivo will still wow its customers with their new designs and upgraded features.

Natikman mo na rin ba ang Anghang ng Toyo Ni Misis?

Wazzup Pilipinas!

"Huy nagviral yung ad niya, kaso parang nakakaoffend yung brand nya diba? Tara i-mass report natin"

It's the original caption daw that has caused some people to get angry. The spiciest flavor used to be called "Masarap Sapakin", and then the brand edited their post after all the ruckus online.

Witty or not, maraming naniniwala na hindi maganda na gawing joke at inormalize and pananakit ng babae o asawa. Imagine being a victim of domestic violence and seeing the ad.

Have you always thought na ang irksome ng terms na ""may sayad" , etc.? Do you agree that kind of language or jokes in that vein perpetuate that women just choose to be angry or act crazy for no reason?. Does it dismisses the possibility that the man- or other people for that matter, may have actually done something wrong to provoke that emotion? "Sayad" and "tinotopak" and similar terms make it out to be as if how women react or behave, bears no correlation to how she is treated.  Are you or not a fan of how those terms trivialize women's emotions?

Look at the stuff women have to go through everyday. Smh. Have we becomed so desensitized that we don't see what's wrong anymore?

Women are literally saying the brand plays on how men dismiss and gaslight women, and here now are men dismissing and gaslighting women. the trash is just taking itself out.

Others believed that sexism shouldn't be cool and tolerated in 2020. Kung sasabihin ng isang ad ng, for example, washing machine

"Para sa mga nanay na nakapangasawa ng mga tatay na alagain, pampadali ng trabaho ang aming washing machine", wouldn't you all think it's unfair to assume all men are full grown babies?

However, inedit na yung caption. But it's important to call out problematic posts.

I think it's also "ill advised" but I wouldn't go so far as to report them. The company isn't trying to sell domestic violence, they are trying to sell toyo. In which case I think this is playful enough not to be taken offense with. Maybe just remove the part where it says sarap sapakin and they'll be fine.

I honestly see nothing very little wong with this. In fact I find it clever and funny. I have “topak”, “sayad” or “tililing”, and so?! Toyomansi with chili garlic lang po ito. There's too much political correctness these days, I don't fully agree with the name choice but just "chill."

Distasteful but I can also accept that it's just a joke. It's not my cup of tea, but I did find it witty enough for the masa audience it caters to. In the first place, this seems to be a small business that just happened to gain some virality. Tipong benta-benta with friends and friends of friends pa lang ang aim nila, hindi naman target magbenta sa supermarkets nationwide.

Alam ng mga mag asawa itong mga ito.they will say such things pero they wont do it..parang Assunta at Paolo lang. Show this to a housewife, tatawanan lang ito. Makaka-relate pa. Minsan kasi ok pa rin yung experience compared sa advertising 101 books.

Mas egregious pa yung usage nila ng bitmoji, that terrible type choice and placement, packaging quality in general...

There's a difference between this branding's poking fun at PMS temper tantrums, at yung Pepe something shirt brand some time ago. I wouldn't call something like this Toyo "hate speech" or promoting domestic violence... but if we are on a witch hunt, why not also hate on this other brand from Cebu? Zu Boh Ti TEA

I think this was done in jest and for brand recall and I think sisikat ito. Marami lang lately ang balat sibuyas. Get a life and see the bright side of things.

I think the branding was brilliant to put PINOY marriage culture into products. Besides, the name itself is "Toyo ni Misis" isn't the wife is getting aggravated so the wife gets the upper hand? I really don't see where the violence, etc in here.. Kinda OA.

Well, sige violence should not be tolerated both men & women.. I didn't see that part of "Sarap tirisin at sapakin" they should OMIT that part but the rest of the brand idea is ok.

It's funny how some people here repeatedly comment the "receipt post" for their edited post about levels of toyo and yet did not bother to understand their post or even share their apology post.

Hindi ako connected sa Toyo ni Misis pero gusto ko lang ibahagi ang side nila because I find it unfair po calling people to block and report the page of a starting business.  Like uhmm, you can first message the page itself po for clarrifications or to tell your side (na I hope ginawa niyo po). Kasi I know how it's hard to start up a business (and to think na its not so big business. Chili oil business to be exact)  then we start calling people to block and report it.

How can that be violence against women when its “Toyo ni Misis”? Di ba mas “violence against the man” ito dapat? Of course violence against anyone is not acceptable but we do get the point of this branding. Its similar to Solenn and Nico’s #bulliedhusbandsclub. I haven’t heard anyone complain about it and in fact it is adored by many. So maybe this is just a light hearted creative approach to the occassional and infamous “flare ups” by the women at home.

I don't see the connect to violence vs women but I do know that violence vs men IS super trivialized here and everywhere else. And I also know that mental abuse is virtually unheard of despite the fact it exists.

This trivialises both domestic abuse by men against women and vise versa. Am I the only one that sees the angry woman with a clenched fist?

So why the hell are we offended about one and not the other? On top of that, this trivialises verbal abuse, which happens to men more often. It's trivialised as "toyo ni misis" and taken as normal, but we all know it isn't.

End of day, the verbally abusive partner is just as bad as the physically abusive one and if anyone believes otherwise, then I challenge them to have their spirit crushed day-in and day-out by the words of someone who supposedly loves them.

While I don’t agree with the “sarap sapakin” joke, not everyone comes from the same background. Some things are more normal to others and I don’t think they meant any harm.

It doesn’t justify what they did (read that line twice pls before you bash me hahaha)
but it’s better to educate than try to tear them down.

They seem to be receptive and open to learning naman. (They also removed it and apologized) So let’s not crucify them for it. Let’s all try our best to be kind and help each other  during this time.

It maybe offensive to some, it may not be to others. Gumanti na lang kayo at magbenta ng itlog na maalat at i-label nyo ng "Itlog ni Mister".

A lot of online businesses are popping up na rin since everyone is trying to find a source of income, pero yun nga not everyone is really knowledgable when it comes to proper marketing and whats ethical or what isn’t.

Is this the same as the saying that #AllLivesMatter? Isn’t this about flipping the coin? Is this about the REALITY that women are being gaslit into thinking they are unreasonable when moody/angry? Is it a trope that’s been ingrained in our culture? There is no saying “may toyo si mister.”

But it could also be never just a name or just chili. Name studies take time, and lazy names that draw on stereotypes, harassment, and other reasons that don’t draw from a place of good do not reflect the work of a copywriter. Plus, if you’re gunning for controversy, it’s going to be a forgettable name. The controversy will precede it.

BLM protests made this below happen:

In this day and age, everyone feels fucking opinionated. Lahat na lang offended. Lahat na lang may issue. Ibang snowflake levels na talaga ang naabot ng mga tao sa mundo na toh. Haha. Grow up and get a life.

Lesson we can learn from this is we should at least ask for opinions/comments outside our circle too when crafting and posting captions concerning our brand, be it a start-up or an established one. Think (and consult) before we click. What’s witty, funny, and ok for us may not be the case for others.

But on the other hand, this would've been an interesting discussion if the OP was with objectivity, like for example... pointing out the use of "bitmoji" for their logo, but instead she chose to ask people to do a witch hunt with her against someone who's just trying to make ends meet during this pandemic.. which is a big "yikes" for me. We have a different cultural humor from the U.S which is why I think the branding message is just light-hearted in nature, but if she spent so much time in adapting the "woke culture" in twitter and "americanizing" herself then she might find the message very offending.

This marketing didn't come off as hate speech or anything violent to me. If anything, it could've been just done in jest, a simple dig at his wife for being so loud and aggressive with full permission from her. I've seen his apology post and his wife was actually in cahoots with him. I think this may come back to hunt the OP herself as this may constitute as cyberlibel due to her accusations of hate and violence without any hint of doubt or any inquisition.

Maybe we can agree to disagree. But maybe we can also be better on how we respond to each other.

At the end of the day, there are people who really are victims of abuse/violence.

And at the end of the day, there are people who depend on small businesses - especially now during this pandemic and crisis.

I really hope we can minimize this “cancel culture”. But at the same time, I hope we take time to listen and empathize too.

Critical thinking is important. But most of all, an open mind for healthy discussions.

FYI: These are accumulated statements put together from comments of netizens.

Record temperatures and COVID-19 are symptoms of planetary fever, aid agency warns

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Analysis shows a dramatic decline in public online conversations about the climate in Asia

Record-breaking temperatures and COVID-19 are both warnings that humanity must reset its relationship with nature and address the climate crisis, or face potentially deadlier pandemics and disasters, warned Save the Children, climate scientists, and youth activists.

Meanwhile, the pandemic has largely buried public concern and discussions in Asia-Pacific and worldwide about the climate emergency, according to new analysis by Save the Children, even though global heating remains the number one threat to the region’s societies and their children, the aid agency said.

2020 is on course to be one of the top two warmest years in 141 years of temperature records. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration in the United States reports that the first half of 2020 was the second warmest January-June period on record. This was partly driven by record heat in Siberia in northern Asia, where average temperatures in June were more than 5°C above normal.

“The world has a fever. We need to apply the cure fast,” said Save the Children’s Asia Regional Director, Hassan Noor. “Otherwise, today’s children will inherit a planet on fire: a world in which pandemics are a constant threat and their lives are blighted by a climate crisis they did not create.”

Extreme weather disasters have started in the Philippines following the onset of typhoon season. Last May, typhoon VongFong (local name Ambo) hit the coastal towns of Eastern Samar province which affected close to 400,000 people, destroyed 3,000 homes, and resulted to US$ 30.8 Million worth of damage to agriculture (UNOCHA, May 2020

Sea level rise alone means that by 2050, many of Asia-Pacific’s coastal megacities and small island nations could suffer once-in-a-century extreme weather events every year, according to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).

“Asia-Pacific is already the world’s most disaster-prone region. Unless we act fast, the climate crisis will make catastrophe a way of life for hundreds of millions of people in the region,” said Professor Benjamin Horton, Director of the Earth Observatory of Singapore and a member of the IPCC.

Save the Children’s analysis of social media finds the number of public conversations about climate, which steadily rose during 2019, declined sharply in 2020 when COVID-19 spread across Asia-Pacific and beyond, dominating media coverage and causing many climate-related conferences and demonstrations – such as the school strikes that thousands of children in the region and elsewhere staged in 2019 – to be cancelled.

By July 2020, public online discussions about climate in Asia-Pacific had halved compared to the same time last year (based on an analysis of 17 countries). Globally, public online discussions about climate between April and June this year plummeted by a staggering 70 percent compared to the same period last year.

But governments should not assume climate crisis was no longer a public concern, said Save the Children. Marking World Nature Conservation Day, the world’s biggest independent child-focused agency vowed to support calls by young people to reverse decades of damage to the environment.

“Young climate activists have warned us that humanity was abusing nature beyond its limits. Now we’re paying the price for ignoring their warnings. But we want to say – ‘We hear you’. That’s why Save the Children is supporting a new campaign by young people in the Philippines and across Asia-Pacific to make sure their concerns are heard loud and clear,” added Hassan Noor.

Studies show that pandemics caused by viruses of animal origin are becoming more frequent, largely because of human activities, such as deforestation and pollution, that disrupt wildlife habitats and force animals and insects into contact with people. Climate change is increasing such disruptions.

“But COVID-19 recovery plans provide a huge opportunity to reduce the risks of both pandemics and climate disasters,” added Hassan Noor. “While supporting jobs and growth, COVID-19 recovery plans should accelerate the shift to less polluting low-carbon economies. Industries receiving public funds should make strong, enforceable pledges to green their operations. More investment is also needed to protect vulnerable communities from future crises.”

From New Normal To Better Normal: What's In It For Banks?

Wazzup Pilipinas!

The framework for a better normal, enabled by sustainable finance, has been laid down.

The World Wide Fund for Nature and the Bankers Association of the Philippines hosted a CEO Forum, “From New Normal to Better Normal: What’s in it for Banks?” with a focus on supervisory expectations and ways forward by the banking sector with the April 29 BSP issuance of the Sustainable Finance Framework, under Circular No. 1085.

Mr. Fabian Dee, BAP Second Vice President and Metropolitan Bank and Trust Company President, recounted the beginning of BAP's partnership with WWF-Philippines for the attending local banks during the forum.

The Association took its first foray into sustainable finance with WWF as early as 2018, beginning with a peer learning exchange with the Association of Banks in Singapore and the ASEAN Bankers Association (ABA), BAP Second Vice President and Metropolitan Bank and Trust Company President Fabian Dee said. The BAP is Permanent Chair of the ABA Education Committee. As part of its remit, the BAP has partnered with WWF to provide capacity building on sustainable finance for its member banks.

The Framework, issued during stringent lockdowns in Metro Manila in response to the public health crisis, is seen by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas as an important and timely contribution towards foresight and mitigation by the banking industry of future systemic risks - not unlike COVID-19 and climate change - that are detrimental to financial stability.

Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) Governor Benjamin Diokno presented the government's current operations and strategies in response to the pandemic. He was joined by BSP Deputy Governor Chuchi Fonacier in presenting their mandate as well.

Despite the economy’s forecasted contraction due to restrictions in movement and dampened consumer spending, BSP Governor Benjamin Diokno pointed to the country’s strong position before the pandemic hit. The 4-pillar response strategy of government also intersect with the UN Sustainable Development Agenda, showing consistency between recovery and building a green and sustainable economy.

Alongside the Circular, Mr. Diokno announced sustainable central banking as one of its strategic objectives, through improved internal capacity and assessment of climate and environmental risks to its regional operations. The financial regulator also signified its intent to apply as member to the Central Banks and Supervisors Network for Greening the Financial System, the aim of which is to enhance the role of the financial system to manage risks, and to mobilize capital towards sustainable development. He also counted innovative sustainable finance products that were launched by international and local banks to support health, labor, and MSMEs during the pandemic, and the rise of digital banking and payment, among the components of a toolbox to boost the Philippines’ recovery efforts.

BSP Deputy Governor Chuchi Fonacier reiterated the mandate of the BSP in maintaining price stability conducive to the economy’s sustainable growth that supports national commitments towards long-term ecological, social and economic balance. Building upon existing corporate and risk governance standards, Ms. Fonacier said the new framework subscribes to high-level sustainability principles and places accountability on the banks’ board and management in adopting effective environmental and social (E&S) risk management systems. Banks are also expected to disclose their banks’ sustainability strategic objectives and risk appetite, breakdown of E&S exposures, and existing and emerging E&S risks’ impact on the bank. She closed with the important role of banks in sending a powerful signal to the business community of their new strategic approach towards sustainability, and in inspiring their clients and stakeholders in making similar responsible business decisions.

BAP Risk Committee Chair and RCBC President and CEO Eugene Acevedo provided recommendations to optimize existing bank units and highlighted current bank practices to meet the Circular’s requirements. Further, global standards and opportunities in greening critical sectors such as energy provide means for banks to contribute in meeting the Sustainable Development Agenda and the Paris Agreement.

Climate change is both a source of financial risk and instability, and the BSP Circular reflects regional and global trends of jurisdictions developing regulatory frameworks to integrate sustainability into banks’ strategies and operations to protect against systemic environmental and social risks such as climate change, WWF Vice President Sylvain Augoyard said. He also mentioned the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision recently set up a high-level Task Force on Climate-related Financial Risks, one of whose objectives is to address climate-related financial risks through a set of supervisory practices.

Mr. Edgardo Tongson, WWF Sustainable Finance Chief of Party, emphasized the importance of WWF's framework in helping identify the areas of support needed by local banks to meet demands on sustainability.

WWF Engagement Manager Claine Avelino also pointed to WWF’s annual Sustainable Banking Assessment report, which helps local banks analyze strengths and gaps in their initiatives against international standards and the new Circular, and identifying areas of support for banks to readily comply.

Given the range of internationally accepted sustainability reporting frameworks, WWF Sustainable Finance Chief of Party Edgardo Tongson highlighted the need for alignment among standard-setters and report preparers, and the opportunity to meet increasingly sophisticated investor expectations on sustainability.

Philippine banks were also invited to join the Principles for Responsible Banking by UNEP Finance Initiative Yuki Yasui, which currently has 180 signatories collectively worth over $47T, roughly a third of global banking assets. The Principles were developed by banks, for banks, to ensure that the sector, which has become increasingly intertwined with the world’s finite natural resources, is resilient and sustainable through international cooperation. The Philippines’ own DBP is one of 30 founding member banks of the PRB.

WWF and BAP will work with stakeholders in the finance sector to integrate sustainability into banks’ strategies, products, and corporate governance and risk management frameworks. A series of webinars will be launched to support banks in meeting supervisory expectations while unlocking sustainable development opportunities for their clients and stakeholders in repairing the Philippine economy post COVID-19.

Tuesday, July 28, 2020

SONA 2020 Highlights and Reactions

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Hours before President Rodrigo Duterte delivers his #SONA2020, Bar 2019 topnotcher Atty. Mae Diane Azores aired her frustration on social media over the "worst" state of the nation where false promises and empty rhetoric have become the "new normal."

Is her statement true for all of us?

The 5th Sona highlights government's Covid-19 response; vows to help displaced OFWs; warns telcos to shape up; and urges Congress to revive death penalty via lethal injection, the vaccine being produced by China, the imposition of death penalty, and media giant ABS-CBN, etc.

Here is what people and media are saying:

President Duterte hits Senator Franklin Drilon in his #SONA2020 for taking advantage of the preoccupied government, saying that Drilon defended the Lopezes after the ABS-CBN was denied of its franchise renewal.

"In an interview, he arrogantly mentioned among others that oligarchs need not be rich. Then, he linked the anti-dynasty system with oligarchy and the topic was my daughter and son. This happened after the committee of franchise voted 70-11 to deny the grant of franchise to ABS-CBN. Obviously, he was defending the Lopezes that they are not oligarchs," Duterte said.

Preoccupied government? Yes, preoccupied with too much politics instead of solving the people's woes due to ravaging pandemic which seems to go forever with no good plan from this administration.

Respect others' opinion. You defended the Marcoses as well knowing he is a dictator and corrupt, so how about that?

President Rodrigo Duterte said he wants to bring back the death penalty by lethal injection, but questioned why not a lot of people in attendance applauded his statement.

Death penalty is the priority in this time of pandemic?

Ok lang basta unahin mga politiko at mga pulis na abusado sa posisyon. Huwag ang mga mahihirap at mga mahihina. Dahil wala silang kakayahang magbayad nang good lawyer na liar.

Journalist Karen Davila criticized President Rodrigo Duterte’s plan to revive the death penalty in the Philippines, which she says is a “deflection and distraction towards a post-COVID economic recovery.” 

Many that live deserve death. And some that die deserve life. Can you give it to them? Then do not be too eager to deal out death in judgement. -J.R.R. Tolkien Fellowship of The Ring

President Duterte said the government is eyeing to hire more than 20,000 healthcare professionals in 2021.

Hindi nga ninyo maswelduhan ng tama ang health workers ngayon sa susunod pa.

Tanggalin nyo muna si Duque at maghanap ng kapalit.

For my personal point of view, 20k plus is not enough to make sure that quality health care services will be given to the poorest among the poor individuals and families.. How can we deliver if our health care delivery system is one of the worst system in the world.

President Rodrigo Duterte said he will not allow face-face classes until a COVID-19 vaccine becomes available.

He clarified his earlier statement saying he approved DepEd’s proposal to resume in-person classes by January assuming a vaccine is already available by September.

Totally agreed with that. If we allow face to face classes in the midst of pandemic, not only the student, his whole family back home will be at risk of cross contamination.

Life that is lost is lost forever. Education that is delayed can be recovered.

Oh my f*****ng gosh, this is an edited version of a teaching in the Kartilya of the Katipunan written by Emilio Jacinto.

*Don’t fritter away time; lost riches maybe recovered; but time lost is lost forever.

Did they just f****ng use it?

Life is precious. It is better to be safe than sorry. We must secure the life of our children for a better future. Because someday they will lead our country.

The president said: "Certain sectors expressed concern when I declared martial law in Mindanao and its extension 3 times, but 2019 ended without my office requesting any further extension. Martial law in Mindanao ended without abuses by the civilian sector, by the police, by the military."

Duterte's statement is false, as thousands of human rights abuses were recorded during the years that Mindanao was under martial law.

According to Karapatan Alliance Philippines Inc, there were 815,734 victims of civil and political rights violations from the day martial law was declared on May 23, 2017 to May 23, 2019. Martial law in Mindanao was lifted on December 31, 2019.

The president also brought up the issue of ABS-CBN's closure during his fifth SONA by saying that he was "a casualty of the Lopezes during the 2016 elections."

If oligarchy is a big NO in the Philippines now, am wondering what will President Duterte replace it with? If he started with ABS CBN, can he assure he will do the same for other oligarchs in different industries?

Filipinos waited for the State of the Nation Address this year to hear the government's plans on fighting COVID-19. But the President spends much of his speech blasting oligarchs and drugs instead.

The SONA was supposed to discuss the circumstances in which the country is under and the roadmap to where the government wants to lead its citizen. It is not for discussing the emotional state or the corresponding implied psychological state of the head of state.

But the President starts and ends his 5th SONA against Senate Minority Leader Franklin Drilon.

Covid can’t seem to get the undivided attention from the government. It’s as if Covid’s devastations are not enough. Drilon and his so called oligarchs and his own feelings seems to be more important to him. The feelings of those affected by the virus seems unimportant to him.

Maybe the plan all along for this pandemic, is to make loans but rely on the private sector to do what they are expected to be doing? Ignore its severity by distraction??? If so, you’re on target!

Let's put it this way: If he mentions a name, it means he feels threatened.Really threatened. Next, examine what that person represents. Superior intellect? High moral compass? Spoken the truth?  Has he ever mentioned a name with vehemence and that person is proven to be linked to drugs? Remember he talks of the drug problem as the root of everything that ails the country. Where are the names? His enemies are of the political kind. When is he going to deliver to expectation?

The worst of all ...he allowed the Chinese to take in charge of our islands in the West Philippines sea without saying anything and he supports them! And look, so many dirty, corrupt and disrespectful Chinese all over the nation.

Why not discuss how the trillions are being spent? Or what plans does the government have to combat this pandemic? Or on what basis is he keeping Mocha Uson whose salary amounts to 100k plus? Explain how he is an effective and efficient president.

Our economy is on a ventilator and these are the ways for us to survive? In a longer process (but he can start it) He should  attempt to do the following in my humble opinion:

1. Reduce the bloated bureaucracy. Shut down unnecessary departments and government units that have no strategic contributions to growth.
2. Abolish 4 P's. This encourages mendicancy. A tool for political patriotism and loyalty.
3. Re allocate the "infamous intelligence funds". For whom? Tons of money - not subject to oversight and COA radar.
4. Privatize key infrastructure projects to ease our yoke by heavy borrowings.
5. Obligate departments to save 10% of budgets.

These bucket of savings should be allocated to a well thought out Payroll Protection Program for SME's. The sturdy  spine of any economy.

Art in the Time of Quarantine

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Communication students from Far Eastern University recently held an online exhibit to take on different pressing issues during the pandemic. The best creative media productions were also recognized in a virtual awards night last May and July 27.

As part of MULAT 2.0 and MULAT 2.1 exhibits (, FEU Communication majors contributed short films, movie posters, photo and video essays, and advocacy print ads which deal with the theme “Visual Expressions of Quarantine.”

Prof. Herwin Cabasal noted that the exhibits are in line with the program’s mantra “may alam, may pakialam.” The MULAT adviser added that the works urge viewers to think critically. “It is not enough that we just merely appreciate the aesthetics, but to perceive what it is really trying to convey. Most of the time, we must see these artworks outside the frame. It is by seeing outside the frame that we become critical and responsive to the diverse issues of society.”

Since MULAT’s inception last year, FEU DepComm program chair Prof. Anansa Dijan has backed the exhibit. “Now more than ever, we find it very important that our students are aware of what’s happening around them. MULAT is one way where our students can showcase their creativity and more importantly how they see the value of their voices in the society,” she said.

In the July 27 awarding ceremonies, sophomore student Sophie Casasola bagged the Best Cineminuto Short Film, Best Director, Best Cinematography, Best Screenplay, Audience Choice and Best Application of Theories in Cinema for her work “Ang Sigaw sa Hardin ng Digma.”

Jillian Marie V. Bolayog took second prize and Best Editing for “Salingin,” while Ericka Insigne and Paula Navarro placed third for “Papel.” Best Production Design was awarded to “Aking Liyag” by Gene Sayson and Silas Hope Obien, and Best Acting went to “Ikaw ay Ikaw” by Carl Saliente and Carl Digno.

The Best Video Essay and Best Application of Theories in Cinema went to “Marxismo at Aktibismo sa Pelikulang Pilipino” while “Structuralism in Philippine Cinema” was hailed second.

Last May, Nickey Zacate’s “Blue Zone” topped the Cineminuto category. Marc Andrew Baldo’s “Kapalaran” got second place and Best Editing, while Neil Juliano’s “Ayuda-Me” won third, Best Screenplay and Audience Choice awards.

Imran John Aquino was adjudged Best Director for “Hirap sa Harap, Harap sa Hirap.” Nina Gonzalez’s “Makabagong Darna” won Best Acting and Best Application of Art Movement, sharing the award with Prince Rodriguez’s “Ika-4 na Estado” and Karl Magboo’s “Contrast.”

Meanwhile, in the Movie Poster category, Rosie Cerdiña’s “Tikom” topped the field, with Matthew Zach Quinto’s “Panik” placing second and Keziah Natividad’s “Quarantingz” at third. Drink Rivera’s “Tatay, Gusto Kong Tinapay” won the Audience Choice prize.

In the Photo Essay category, Mark Bryan Seño got first place for “2020 Calendar,” with Joanna Marie De Guzman bagging second for “No Safe Spaces” and Trixie Catindig taking the Audience Choice award for “No Escape From Reality.”

Sofia San Diego’s “Ang Bala ay Hindi Gamot” won the top and Audience Choice prizes in the Advocacy Print Ad category. “Lunas, Hindi Dahas” by Jay Cenzon and “Bigas, Hindi Dahas” by Lovely Baylosis placed second and third, respectively.

Selected participants from MULAT also guested in online talks “Kwentuhang May Alam, May Pakialam Episode 1: Quarantine Stories,” which was organized by FEU DepComm, and “KwaranSINE: Mga Kwento sa Gitna ng Pandemya,” which it co-hosted with the Philippine Alliance of Human Rights Advocates and In Defense of Human Rights and Dignity Movement.

PAHRA Secretary General Rose Trajano moderated an online talkback with Cabasal and six student filmmakers after the screening of “Bantay” by Regina Atenas, “Ingay” by Melvin Rosetes, “555” by Edel Hembrador, “Ayuda-Me,” “Blue Zone,” and “Makabagong Darna.”

Cabasal believes that through the online visual arts page’s engagements, it has already attained its objective, “which is to serve as a platform for discourse and discussion about what matters in our society.” For him and MULAT artists, what Aldous Huxley wrote in “The Art of Seeing,” “the more you know, the more you see,” sums up their visual communication experience.

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