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TypeKita, the newbie-friendly platform for Pinoy writers and readers

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TypeKita aims to bring creatives together for more dynamic and accessible storytelling

If there’s anything Filipinos love, it’s a good story—funny, drama-riddled, or romantic, we’re quick to sniff out a saga and follow it to its conclusion. Whether fact or fiction, there’s nothing quite like having oneself immersed in the twists and turns of finding out who said what, did what where, and who were they with?

Plots and characters have come to life on any number of platforms throughout the years, but one relatively recent emergence is quickly finding its legs: TypeKita is a newly launched app that aims to empower young Filipino storytellers by rewarding their creativity with accessible and self-determined monetization, while gifting readers with an interactive and visually stimulating reading experience. While the rest of the world criticizes Millennial and especially Gen Z readers for choosing shorter, digital formats, TypeKita promises to inspire and encourage the diversity already present in reading material available today.

At TypeKita’s official launch on August 16, Head of Growth Ysabel Yuzon, Vice President of Strategic Management Dana de la Vega, and Creator Manager Erich Valdevioso took questions from attending members of the press and detailed the ins and outs of the app, as well as its growing potential to “open doors even for those who may not have considered writing before,” according to Yuzon. Live readings of current TypeKita favorites Babalik Sa’yo (Rej Martinez), The Day I Said Goodbye (Miyuki Jeishi), and Hush Lucas (Arki Aaron) were then performed by rising stars Nour Hooshmand, Ian Pangilinan, and Benedix Ramos, bringing to life all the ups and downs of romance in fiction. Finally, singing champion and Silver Badger Featured Live Kumu Streamer Kathleen Anne wrapped up the program with some contemporary classic love songs, as well as her own single, Nagkulang.

Launch of TypeKita hosted by Ayie Tinsay and Julie Ann Macalagay

Ysabel Yuzon, Kumu Multi-app Head of Growth

(L-R) Dana Dela Vega, Kumu Multi-app Strategy and Innovations Lead,
 Ysabel Yuzon, Kumu Multi-app Head of Growth and Erich Valdevioso, TypeKita Creator Manager

Live Novel Reading of Miyuki Jeishi’s “Chrysanthemum” by actors Nour Hooshmand and Ian Pangilinan

Live Novel Reading of Rej Martinez’s “Babalik Sa’yo” by actors Nour Hooshmand, Benedix Ramos, and Ian Pangilinan (L-R)

Live Novel Reading of Arki Aaron’s “Hush, Lucas” by actors Benedix Ramos and Ian Pangilinan

Performance by Kumu campaign winner Kathleen Anne

The app is a localized version of from the Thai original Joylada, and is further powered by homegrown social entertainment platform Kumu—a partnership that speaks to the growing online fiction community. “We have always been on the lookout for talent of all kinds, and TypeKita is the space we’re dedicating to the written word,” says Rexy Dorado, Kumu President and Co-founder. “We believe creative people always find their way to each other, but this is where we can also help people find the creativity within themselves, bolstered by a safe community. Both Kumu and TypeKita share a similar moderator system to keep things appropriate and any hate out of the picture.”

But that safety doesn’t mean stifled storytelling; if anything, the shorter bursts of creativity that TypeKita champions through the chat-fiction format effectively refashion the digital novel experience, making both creation and consumption that much more accessible—providing a gateway to long-form in the future if creators are so inclined. This is further enriched by the wide range of genres at the readers’ disposal on the app, but the top categories so far are reflective of its current audience and what is meaningful to them. They gravitate not only to romance, but to diversity within romance via LGBTQ+ themes; to young adult, coming-of-age stories; and to fantasy and mystery, indulging imagination and curiosity. And yet, TypeKita serves as a new content platform that fits our modern habits—just like getting a friend’s whole story from a single screenshot of a private chat.

Prior to its launch, TypeKita has seen a steady growth in terms of users, showing potential for genres such as romance (including sub-genres in BL and GL), coming-of-age, mystery, and fantasy. TypeKita showcases the best of Filipino storytelling with a majority of its featured stories written by talented Filipino writers. It also boasts an intuitive and user-friendly chat editor that makes creating that much easier for writers, an immersive reading experience that allows readers to be part of the conversation, and shareable stories that lets you instantly connect and share your experience via social media, email, or messaging apps.

While many of its best features are free, the app also has the makings of the ultimate side hustle for writers of all kinds, as seen in their monetization feature for creators. This is where everyone can read or write what they love, directly support the creators they believe in, and gather around the digital campfire, as it were, for a good story—because one of the best things about online fiction communities is the connections they’ve made organically throughout the years, and TypeKita will be no different.

Ready to find your audience, or your next favorite source of kilig? Download TypeKita today via App Store and Google Play and discover more how you can be part of a growing community of digital creatives.

Powered by Kumu and Ookbee Thailand, TypeKita is a newly launched chat-style novel app that puts the power back to authors and readers to enjoy compelling and exciting stories, complete with engaging characters, twists and turns, and unforgettable moments, their way! Whether you're into romance, drama, comedy, or mystery, there's a story waiting for you in TypeKita. To learn more about TypeKita, visit their website. You can also follow them on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok to get the latest updates.

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ArenaPlus Welcomes Jordan Clarkson as its Official Endorser

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ArenaPlus, a 24/7 online sports betting platform in the Philippines and the official sports entertainment gateway of the Philippine Basketball Association (PBA) proudly announced that NBA star Jordan Clarkson is their newest official endorser.

The momentous deal follows the brand’s recent partnership pacts with the International Basketball Federation (FIBA) and GILAS Pilipinas.

ArenaPlus is also the official gaming partner of the Philippine Volleyball League (PVL) and the STL.

Total Gamezone Xtreme Inc. President Rafael Jasper Vicencio warmly welcomed Jordan Clarkson into the brand and said his endorsement shows ArenaPlus’ growing venture in providing excellent and top-tier sports entertainment, along with its commitment to bring more fun to the Filipino people. “With Jordan’s presence, the brand ensures a more accessible world class basketball entertainment, anytime and anywhere. ArenaPlus supports Jordan Clarkson as he joins the national basketball team in competing in the highly-anticipated FIBA tournament,” Mr. Vicencio said.

The signed partnership promises an exciting experience for basketball fans and enthusiasts in the upcoming FIBA Basketball World Cup 2023. The event will take place in the country from August 25 to September 10.

Support your favorite teams and keep yourself updated with the current scores and results of numerous games worldwide with ArenaPlus. The app can be downloaded via Google Play and the App Store.

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Tañon Strait dolphins declining and in peril

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Researchers from the University of the Philippines - Diliman College of Science (UPD-CS) are warning that unchecked ecotourism and overfishing are threatening the cetacean biodiversity of the famous and richly diverse Tañon Strait.

A lone spinner dolphin (Stenella longirostris) plies the waters of Tañon Strait. Whereas in previous years one might spot as many as 100 individuals in a single day, only no more than 90 were spotted over a recent four-day survey. (Photo credit: UPD-CS MMRCL)


A narrow passage of water between Cebu and Negros islands, Tañon Strait is renowned worldwide for its rich marine life. It is home to numerous cetaceans, including 15 species of dolphins and whales. However, recent findings suggest that the populations of these marine creatures are on a fast decline.

“We encountered only between 80 and 90 individual spinner dolphins throughout our four-day survey. This is in stark contrast to surveys in previous years, where we might spot as many as 100 individuals in just one day,” said Dr. Lemnuel Aragones, head of the UPD-CS Marine Mammal Research and Conservation Laboratory (MMRCL).

Tañon Strait, designated as a protected seascape in 1998 under Presidential Proclamation No. 1234, has been a sanctuary for a diverse array of marine species. A popular destination for ecotourism, particularly dolphin and whale watching, the strait has attracted numerous visitors eager to witness these remarkable animals in their natural habitat.

Dr. Aragones spearheaded the survey from July 20 to 23, focusing on dolphin populations within the southern part of Tañon Strait. The initiative revealed deeply concerning trends, such as a decrease in dolphin numbers, a reduction in species diversity, and evasive behavior possibly linked to increasing human activity in the area.

In the past, these surveys witnessed vibrant gatherings of diverse species of cetaceans—including numerous kinds of dolphins and species of whales, with groups of as many as 100 individuals spotted in a single day. However, the recent survey was starkly different, showcasing only three species: spinner dolphins, common bottlenose dolphins, and dwarf sperm whales.

Of particular concern was the notably evasive behavior of the dolphins, a possible sign of stress or disturbance due to the persistent presence of aggressive dolphin watching boats. Dr. Aragones and his team, who have been monitoring the region since 1997, noted a significant increase in the number of dolphin watching boats, even notwithstanding the destruction caused by Super Typhoon Odette in 2021.

The area now hosts around 60 boats, down from the original 260. Nevertheless, Dr. Aragones fears that this may still be too much: “Too many dolphin watching boats in the area disrupts the cetaceans’ habits,” he said.

Dr. Aragones also warned against the overutilization of the area’s resources. “There should also be a comprehensive assessment of fisheries resources in the entire Strait as there is clearly less food now for these creatures,” he explained.

UPD-CS MMRCL head Dr. Lemnuel Aragones (foreground) surveying Tañon Strait with his PhD advisee, Apple Amor (center) and intern Cheska Espiritu. (Photo credit: UPD-CS MMRCL)

To preserve the delicate ecosystem and to safeguard the remarkable marine mammals in Tañon Strait, the scientists have proposed several measures. First, they recommend a moratorium on adding more boats to the already existing fleet. Second, a comprehensive assessment of fisheries resources including fishing activities in Tañon Strait is essential, as a decline in food availability may be exacerbating the dolphins' struggles. Furthermore, strict monitoring and regulation of illegal unreported and unregulated (IUU) fishing practices in the area are necessary.

Dr. Aragones emphasized the importance of educating boat operators on responsible dolphin watching protocols. A certification process that trains operators to navigate around dolphins without causing stress could play a pivotal role in protecting these charismatic animals. Research also suggests that previous ecotourism activities negatively impacted dolphin behavior, reinforcing the need for responsible and sustainable tourism practices.

The findings from this survey underscore the critical situation facing dolphins in Tañon Strait. Urgent action is imperative to ensure the survival of these magnificent creatures and to maintain the delicate balance of the marine ecosystem they inhabit.

Tips To Get You Through A Long-Haul Flight With A Baby

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Traveling can be exciting and difficult at the same time, especially if you're bringing a young child along. Particularly long-haul flights can be intimidating for parents as they get ready for a trip that requires keeping their young child comfortable, amused, and content in a small place for a considerable amount of time.

However, you can make a long-haul flight with a baby a smooth and enjoyable experience with some careful planning and a few shrewd tricks. If you need help making all that happen, here are five crucial suggestions that will help you and your child survive a lengthy trip, reducing anxiety and improving the experience for everyone.
Plan in Advance and Pack Smart

When it comes to taking a baby on a long-haul flight, preparation is essential. Start preparing far in advance by creating a thorough checklist of all the necessities your infant might require while traveling. It's important to carry extra diapers, wipes, formula, bottles, and outfits for babies because they need continual care and attention. Even amid unanticipated delays or turbulence, having these supplies close at hand in your carry-on bag can guarantee that you can cater to your baby's needs right away.

Also think about bringing your infant's travel documentation, such as a passport and any necessary visas, while flying internationally. A first-aid kit and any essential prescriptions must also be carried on board in case a small medical emergency occurs during the journey. Consider packing a thin blanket or swaddle for warmth and familiarity to keep your infant cozy during the travel because the cabin temperature may change.
Choose the Right Time to Fly

The time of day you choose for a long-distance flight might have a big impact on how your baby behaves during the flight. Choose flights that, if possible, coincide with your child's nap or bedtime. Babies are more likely to sleep when they normally do, which might make the travel more relaxing for you both. Daytime travel, on the other hand, can be ideal if your child is more animated and aware in the mornings to take advantage of their fun and avoid attempting to put them to sleep during the flight.

Booking midnight flights can also be beneficial because the cabin is likely to be quieter and the lights will be lower, which will make it easier to fall asleep. But bear in mind that some infants might not sleep as soundly on a flight, particularly if they are sensitive to noise or changes in their environment. Prioritize making children comfortable and occupied with toys and activities in these situations so they are happy and content the entire flight.
Keep Your Baby Entertained

To keep your kid happy and interested during the lengthy travel, entertainment is essential. Adults could take pleasure in watching a movie or reading a book, but babies need various kinds of stimulation. Bring along a range of toys and books that are suitable for your child's age to keep them occupied. For instance, durable Montessori toys for babies are intended to arouse their senses and encourage learning via play. These toys often promote individual inquiry and creativity and are created from natural materials without the use of hazardous chemicals.

A simple collection of Montessori toys, such as plush sensory balls, wooden rattles, or textured books, can go a long way toward keeping your baby entertained and satisfied during the journey. In addition to toys, think about exposing children to fresh sights and sounds by displaying images or videos of vibrant animals and the outdoors. Soft puppets and toys with buttons and levers are examples of interactive toys that can amuse and occupy your child during travel.
Be Mindful of Fellow Passengers

Prioritizing your baby's needs during the journey is key, but it's also critical to show consideration for other passengers. Everyone can find long flights tedious, and having a baby nearby who is crying can make things even more difficult. However, as many other passengers have gone through similar experiences or have children, the majority of them would understand and sympathize with your predicament. If your infant starts to cry, apologize politely to the other passengers to let them know you're thinking about their comfort as well.

Engage with your fellow travelers courteously and be open to any friendly talks that may occur to create a positive atmosphere. Passengers can build a sense of camaraderie and ease the tension by just smiling or saying "Thank you." To minimize disruptions to other passengers, if at all possible, choose seats close to the bulkhead or in a less congested section of the aircraft. Additionally, if your stopover is unusually lengthy, look for a play area or family-friendly lounge where your child may play and burn off some energy until the next flight.
Stay Calm and Relaxed

Your energy and feelings as a parent can have a significant impact on how your infant feels throughout a lengthy journey. It's normal to experience anxiety, particularly if it's your infant's first flight or if you're concerned about how they'll react to unfamiliar surroundings. However, keep in mind that newborns can sense your emotions, so try to maintain as much calm and peace as you can. Your kid is more likely to feel secure and safe if you maintain your composure, which will lessen the stress of the flight for both of you.

Every time you feel stressed, practice deep breathing to keep yourself calm. Keep in mind that infants are perceptive to their environment and may sense tension or stress from other passengers. If your infant screams or fusses during the flight, be understanding and give them the attention they need. A light touch or humming sound can occasionally be comforting enough to quiet them down. Additionally, keep in mind that babies are unpredictable and that it's common for them to experience fussiness. If things don't go as planned, don't be too hard on yourself, and try to find humor in any unforeseen circumstances that may occur.

Long-haul flight travel with a baby may seem daunting, but with the right planning and a good outlook, it can become a memorable and pleasurable experience. Maintain your composure and relaxation, and don't forget to take care of yourself when traveling. Keep a cheerful outlook and be mindful of other passengers, knowing that you are forming a lifetime bond with your child and making priceless memories. Happy travels!

Immerse in Bacolod’s “Colors and Flavors,” an Art Display at JT’s Manukan Grille BGC

Wazzup Pilipinas!? and JT’s Manukan Grille, BGC Branch on 32nd Avenue, present the vivid colors and the delectable flavors of Bacolod City via the art display “Colors and Flavors of Bacolod,” running now until October 15, 2023. (From L-R) Yuri Stegeman, founder; Carlos Chuidian, JT’s Manukan Grille BGC owner; and Joel Torre, JT’s Manukan Grille founder), an online art gallery supporting Filipino artists, collaborates with JT’s Manukan Grille, a chicken inasal restaurant chain, via the art display titled “Colors and Flavors of Bacolod.’’ Ongoing until Oct. 15, 2023, the art display features acrylic paintings of local artists Roselle Manalastas and Jason Ray Zabat at JT’s Manukan Grille in 32nd Ave. cor. Bonifacio Blvd. BGC. 

“Colors and Flavors of Bacolod” portrays Bacolod City’s cultural heritage, seizing its essence through vibrant colors and vivid emotions that showcase the city’s annual celebration of the Masskara Festival. The artists’ creations draw deep inspiration from the world-renowned street festival, which stands as a symbol of the Negrenses’ resilience, born during the sugar crisis of the 1980s. Joel Torre, the owner of JT’s Manukan Grille, wants to use his chains of restaurants as a safe, creative space for Filipino artists. 

“Our original al-fresco setup wasn’t ideal for displaying traditional visual art due to dust. Nonetheless, we hosted performances and showcased films, aiming to turn the place into an arts hub. We are also transforming our branch in Boracay into an arts community, initiating storytelling, music, painting, and filmmaking workshops. This is our way of giving back to the community.” 

The art display’s setup: the artworks at the top are Roselle Manalastas,” while the
paintings hung on the wall are Jason Ray Zabat’s.

Artist Jason Ray Zabat and Joel Torre pose with the former’s artworks: (L) “Mr. Juan
Tilaok,” inspired by Mr. Torre, and (R) “Mutya ng Masskara.”

Jason Ray Zabat explains the creation process of “Mr. Juan Tilaok"

Jason Ray Zabat, artist, shared his creation process of “Mr. Juan Tilaok,” an intricately layered acrylic painting inspired by Mr. Torre. Zabat said, “The chicken, embodying the restaurant and Mr. Torre, was vital in shaping the artwork. The attire reflects Mr. Torre’s artistic identity, enhanced by cultural elements like the Sarimanok-inspired tail and natural motifs of flowers and vines on the coat.” 

Zabat’s artwork has also incorporated Bacolod’s famous delicacies, such as inasal, piaya, and kansi, adding depth to the artwork’s narrative. Before this art display, also partnered with other local establishments to promote artists and expand its reach. Its initial collaboration was with Brewed Specialty Coffee, a third-wave coffee shop in Pasig City. As part of the coffee shop’s second-anniversary celebrations, hosted an art display titled “Sining at Kape,” featuring the works by Pasigueño artists. 

About, an online art gallery from the Philippines, connects art lovers with diverse Filipino artworks. Since its launch in October 2019, it has supported local artists by showcasing and marketing their works. It features independent and established visual artists, regularly adding new pieces like paintings, drawings, digital art, sculptures, and mixed media weekly. 

Representing 460+ artists, the gallery offers a curated collection of 1,700+ art pieces spanning various styles. The UK-based Corporate Vision-Small Business Awards named the “Best Online Art Gallery in the Philippines” in 2022. The digital platform was developed and is maintained by Chanz Global, which is also behind and

About JT’s Manukan Grille 

JT’s Manukan Grille has delighted diners with delicious Bacolod-style grilled chicken for over two decades. Created by actor Joel Torre and his wife, Cristy, their passion for crafting flavorful grilled chicken from cherished family recipes led to its start in 2003. The first restaurant opened in Bacolod, focusing on the famous chicken inasal. 

Recognized by as the “Top Chicken Inasal Restaurant” since 2015, it’s a must-visit in Mr. Torre’s hometown, with a special place in his heart due to his family’s food catering history. With an unwavering commitment to flavorful cuisine, JT’s Manukan Grille has won patrons’ hearts across multi-locations (about 35 branches so far), fulfilling their dream of sharing delectable creations globally. 

Cover photo caption: 

Group photo of and JT’s Manukan Grille standing before the art display. (From left) Yuri Stegeman, founder; Carlos Chuidian, JT’s Manukan Grille BGC owner; and Joel Torre, JT’s Manukan Grille founder.

MPTC, SMC officially inks deal to build CBEX and NBEX

Wazzup Pilipinas!?

MPTC Chairman Manuel V. Pangilinan (right), signs a Memorandum of Agreement with
SMC Chief Executive Officer Ramon S. Ang (left) to design, build, and operate CBEX and NBEX.

Metro Pacific Tollways Corporation (“MPTC”), the tollways infrastructure unit of Metro Pacific Investments Corporation and San Miguel Corporation (“SMC”) announced the signing of a Memorandum of Agreement (“MOA”) to design, build and operate the 87.96-kilometer Cavite-Batangas Expressway (“CBEX”) and Nasugbu-Bauan Expressway (“NBEX”). The project aims to connect MPTC's Cavite-Laguna Expressway (“CALAX”) to Bauan, Batangas, making travel easier and more convenient for motorists.

The signing ceremony, led by MPTC Chairman Manuel V. Pangilinan and SMC Chief Executive Officer Ramon S. Ang, along with Chaye Cabal Revilla and SMC SVP, Infrastructure Business Head Lorenzo Formoso III, marks a significant milestone in the development of the P72 billion CBEX and NBEX project.

The MOA signing underscores the commitment of both toll road companies to deliver world-class expressways that will serve the needs of millions of motorists and commuters in the CALABARZON region. Throughout the project, MPTC and SMC will work closely with the Philippine government, local communities, and stakeholders to ensure a sustainable and responsible development that aligns with the country's infrastructure goals.

“Our shared commitment to nation-building has led us to this historic collaboration. Together, we aim to deliver world-class road networks that will serve as arteries of progress, growth and development for our country and the Filipino people. This collaboration stands as a testament to what we can achieve when we are united in purpose,” SMC President and CEO Ramon S. Ang said.

"Together with SMC, we envisage a future where our CBEX and NBEX can help pave the way for connectivity and economic growth in the CALABARZON region. We look forward to leveraging on our respective strengths for the realization of this vital infrastructure project.” said MPTC Chairman Manuel V. Pangilinan

Under the agreement, MPTC and SMC will jointly undertake the construction, operation and maintenance of the 88-kilometer-long toll road projects. This will encompass two vital expressways: one is the 27.06-kilometer CBEX that will establish a crucial link connecting CALAX’ Silang (Aguinaldo) Interchange to Nasugbu, Batangas, while the 60.90-kilometer NBEX will provide seamless connectivity from Nasugbu to Bauan, Batangas. The groundbreaking is scheduled for 2024 and CBEX and NBEX are expected to be completed and open to the public in 2027.

The route will traverse the townships of Silang, Amadeo, Tagaytay, Indang, Mendez, and Alfonso in Cavite before crossing into Nasugbu and finally reaching Bauan, Batangas.

In 2018, MPTC presented a proposal for the 50.4-kilometer Cavite-Tagaytay-Batangas Expressway (CTBEX) project to the Department of Public Works and Highways and was granted the original proponent status. Similarly, SMC's unsolicited proposal for the CBEX and NBEX was approved by the Cavite and Batangas government. Both projects share the common goal of connecting the provinces of Cavite and Batangas through Tagaytay City and MPTC and SMC have come together as partners in this significant venture.

Both MPTC and SMC share a common goal of contributing to the development of road infrastructure and enhancing the transportation sector in the country. Aside from CALAX, MPTC currently holds the concession for several vital expressways, including the Manila-Cavite Expressway (CAVITEX), its C5 Link Segment, the North Luzon Expressway (NLEX), the Subic-Clark Tarlac Expressway (SCTEX), the NLEX Connector Road, and the Cebu-Cordova Link Expressway (CCLEX) in Cebu. Whilst SMC holds the concession for crucial toll roads such as the South Luzon Expressway (SLEX), Skyway, NAIA Expressway (NAIAX), Star Tollway, Tarlac-Pangasinan-La Union Expressway (TPLEX), and the Muntinlupa-Cavite Expressway (MCX).

The implementation of the transaction is subject to completion of certain conditions, including the execution procurement relevant approvals and execution of definitive agreements.

******* ********

About Metro Pacific Tollways Corporation (“MPTC”)

MPTC is the leading toll road concessionaire and operator in the Philippines. It manages and operates a network of expressways , contributing to the improvement of transportation infrastructure and connectivity in the country.

About San Miguel Corporation (“SMC”)

SMC is one of the largest and most diversified conglomerates in the Philippines. It operates businesses in various industries, including food and beverage, packaging, infrastructure and energy. The company is committed to nation building and contributing to the country’s progress through various infrastructure projects.

Easy Indoor Workout Routines: Stay Fit at Home Regardless of Weather Conditions

Wazzup Pilipinas!?

Santé lists activities you can do at home when you don’t want to hit the gym

With the changing weather conditions, maintaining good health and fitness has become increasingly important. Unpredictable weather patterns can often hinder individuals from visiting the gym or engaging in outdoor activities, especially now that the rainy season is here.

Recognizing this challenge, Santé, a premier natural health and wellness product and service provider, introduces a range of indoor workout routines, ensuring individuals can stay fit and healthy regardless of the weather. These exercises are easy, convenient, and require minimal equipment since they can be performed in the comfort of your home, allowing individuals to maintain their fitness goals.

Here are five easy indoor exercises recommended by Santé:

Stationary walking. This exercise serves as an excellent alternative to outdoor walks, requiring only a pair of shoes and some uplifting music. It is a perfect starting point for individuals looking to incorporate regular exercise into their routine, even during monsoon season. Stationary walking is also a safe exercise option for pregnant women.

On-spot jogging. This fun activity allows individuals to burn calories like normal jogging, without leaving their homes. All that is needed is a pair of running shoes and comfortable clothing for unrestricted movement. Whether enjoying a favorite sports match or listening to music, on-spot jogging provides a convenient way to engage in cardio exercise.

Planking, squats, pull-ups. Strength training exercises using body weight can be performed at home and offer benefits such as improved bone density, increased muscle mass, and effective weight management. Exercises like planking, squats, chest press, pull-ups, and lunges provide an opportunity to strengthen muscles without the need for special equipment. For those seeking additional resistance, affordable exercise equipment such as exercise balls, resistance bands, or weights can be incorporated.

Mat Pilates. This activity is a holistic exercise form that focuses on concentration, precise movement patterns, and controlled breathing. By engaging abdominal and lower back muscles, Pilates helps strengthen the core, improves flexibility and posture, and promotes relaxation. All that is required is a mat and comfortable clothing to fully enjoy the benefits of this exercise.

Yoga. This is an excellent exercise that enhances flexibility, promotes inner peace, and aids in weight loss. Practicing yoga indoors on a yoga mat, wearing comfortable clothing, allows individuals to experience various poses and breathing exercises that contribute to overall well-being.

Aside from engaging in indoor exercises, it is important to fuel the body with healthy drinks. Santé emphasizes the significance of consuming nutritious beverages, such as Santé's Fit N' Trim. This 3-in-1 fat burner and energy booster serves as your reliable fitness partner.

Santé's Fit N' Trim contains key ingredients, such as L-Carnitine, which facilitates the transportation of fats into cells for energy, green tea that stimulates calorie burning and reduces body fat, and organic young barley grass that aids in weight loss.

"At Santé, we are dedicated to helping individuals live healthier lives by providing natural health and wellness products. So, if you want to take control of your diet and physical activity, Santé's Fit N' Trim is an excellent choice," says Joey Marcelo, CEO of Santé. "With organic barley grass providing fiber to keep you feeling fuller for longer, and the combined benefits of green tea, L-Carnitine, and lemon, Fit N' Trim supports weight loss and enhances physical performance."

Headquartered in the Philippines and with a presence in New Zealand and seven other countries, Santé has been a prime mover in the health and wellness industry for 15 years. The company is engaged in the direct selling and retailing of premier natural health and wellness products and services. Santé also offers additional facilities, including a fitness and rehabilitation center and leisure and recreational facilities, staying true to its thrust of promoting a healthy lifestyle.

To experience the benefits of Santé's Fit N' Trim and explore the wide range of Santé health and wellness offerings, visit mySanté.com

About Santé

Santé is one of the leading global manufacturers of certified organic barley grass grown and harvested from New Zealand. With its 15 years of expertise, the company has been a prime mover in the health and wellness industry as it continues its mission to help people live better lives. Santé is engaged in the direct selling and retailing of premier natural health and wellness products and services. The company also has other offerings, including a fitness and rehabilitation center and leisure and recreational facilities, staying true to its thrust of promoting a healthy lifestyle.

Headquartered in the Philippines, Santé is in New Zealand and 7 other countries.

Monday, August 14, 2023

CAVITEX to implement new toll rates effective August 21

Wazzup Pilipinas!?

The Toll Regulatory Board (TRB), the government agency that regulates all toll roads in the Philippines has recently approved the 2017 periodic toll petition of joint venture partners Cavitex Infrastructure Corporation (CIC) and Philippine Reclamation Authority (PRA), for the toll rate adjustments in the 14-kilometer Manila-Cavite Expressway (CAVITEX).

Under the Toll Operation Agreement between the TRB, CIC, and PRA, the CAVITEX toll rates are allowed to be periodically adjusted every three (3) years. Exercising their right, CIC and PRA filed their Petition for Approval of Periodic Toll Rate Adjustment for R-1 Expressway (Seaside to Zapote) and R-1 Expressway Extension, Segment 4 (Zapote to Kawit) before the TRB in 2017.

Upon careful consideration and diligent review of the submissions, the TRB issued its Resolution granting the Petition and allowing the implementation of the provisionally approved toll rates.


With this, starting midnight on August 21, 2023, CAVITEX motorists traveling from MIAA Exit to Longos, Bacoor (and vice versa) would be charged the following VAT-inclusive rates per vehicle class at the Parañaque Toll Plaza: Php 35.00 for Class 1, Php 70.00 for Class 2, and Php 104.00 for Class 3. Meanwhile, motorists traversing Longos, Bacoor to Kawit (and vice versa) would be charged at the Kawit Toll Plaza with Php 73.00 for Class 1, Php 146.00 for Class 2, and Php 219.00 for Class 3.

Through the years, CIC and PRA remain dedicated to enhancing and maintaining the CAVITEX, continuously striving to provide a seamless and safe travel experience for all motorists. They have jointly undertaken various enhancements, including a full asphalt overlay across the entire stretch of the expressway, the construction of the Pacific fly-over and Marina left turning facility, the widening of Las Pinas, Wawa, and Paranaque bridges, and regular heavy maintenance works, to ensure optimal road quality. To enhance the efficiency of its toll collection system, the toll road operator has implemented Automatic License Plate Recognition (ALPR) technology. This advanced system utilizes smart cameras to instantly recognize and capture vehicle license plates at all toll booths, enabling seamless and fast-track cashless transactions. These improvements have greatly contributed to the safety and convenience of the 160,000 average daily motorists who rely on CAVITEX.

Mindful of the effect of the toll rate adjustment, CIC will be reactivating the Abante Card program. CIC has initiated the program specifically to support public utility vehicle (PUV) operators and drivers who ply the CAVITEX thoroughfare, including jeepneys, UV Express, and buses. Through the program, PUV operators and drivers can enjoy the old toll rates, helping them sustain their businesses and facilitate affordable transportation options for commuters.

"We recognize the impact of the toll increase on Class 1 and Class 2 PUV drivers. That's why we're reactivating our Abante Card program to provide some relief during this transition. With the Abante Card, PUV drivers will have the opportunity to adjust and enjoy the old toll rates for a period of about three months. We believe this program will help alleviate the financial burden on our valued PUV drivers and provide them with a smoother transition during this time. We remain committed to supporting the PUV community and ensuring their continued success on the road," said MPTC President and CEO Rogelio Singson.

The toll reprieve program has been designed to be user-friendly and convenient for PUV operators and drivers. Through a simple RFID enrollment process, operators can easily register their accounts in coordination with their respective transport organizations. Once enrolled, the program will automatically apply the reprieve for a duration of 90 days, starting from the first day of the implementation of the new toll rates.

Cavitex Infrastructure Corporation is a concessionaire of the Metro Pacific Tollways Corporation, the leading tollway and mobility service provider in the country. Aside from CAVITEX, MPTC also holds concession rights for Cavite-Laguna Expressway (CALAX), North Luzon Expressway (NLEX), Subic-Clark Expressway (SCTEX), NLEX Connector, and Cebu-Cordova Link Expressway (CCLEX)

Additional Information:

The Toll Regulatory Board (TRB) is the government agency that regulates all toll roads in the Philippines. It was established through Presidential Decree No. 1112. It is governed by the Board composed of the following: Secretary of Department of Transportation (DOTr) as Chairman; Secretaries and heads of the following agencies as Members: Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH); Department of Finance (DOF); National Economic and Development Authority (NEDA); and A representative from the private sector to be appointed by the President.

7 Best Vape Juice Flavors That Are Gaining Attention Lately

Wazzup Pilipinas!?

From fruity blends to classic tobacco flavors, a wide variety of vape juice is available on the market today. Some have been around for years, and others are relatively new, but all give vapers an exciting flavor experience. If you're looking for something unique bound to leave your taste buds tingling, these seven best vape juice flavors are gaining lots of attention lately! With distinct tastes and clouds of vapor, they offer something special whether you're just starting out or already an experienced user. Take note and discover what all the buzz is about these top-notch choices!

Here Are The Vape Juice Flavors That Are Gaining Attention Lately

1. Mango tango

Vaping enthusiasts are focusing on a new flavor that has been making waves lately – the Mango Tango. This distinct vape juice offers a sweet, fruity taste that can be quite addictive. The Mango Tango flavor is often characterized by its rich mango essence, hinting at tropical fruits such as passion and pineapple.

Vapers seeking a delightful and refreshing experience may find the Mango Tango a perfect choice. As the popularity of this exciting flavor continues to grow, many manufacturers are sure to come up with their unique twist on it. For those looking for a tropical feel in their vaping, the Mango Tango may be worth a try.

2. Watermelon lemonade

Vaping has been around for quite some time, and it continues evolving with new flavors and formulations. Recently, a flavor that has been gaining attention is the Watermelon Lemonade vape juice. This flavor packs a punch with its refreshing combination of juicy watermelon and tart lemonade.

You'll be transported on a sensory journey filled with summer flavors as soon as you take a hit. This vape juice flavor is perfect for anyone who wants a break from the monotony of regular vaping flavors and craves a fruitier, more adventurous option. So, if you're curious, try Watermelon Lemonade and see why it's becoming a crowd favorite.

3. Raspberry ice

Over the years, vaping has been innovating to meet ever-changing consumer preferences. One of the latest flavors attracting vapers' attention is Raspberry Ice. It is a perfect blend of natural raspberry flavor and a cool burst of menthol you cannot resist.

The raspberry, which originated from Europe, is known for its sweet and tangy flavor, and its combination with ice brings out a refreshing taste that vapers have been after for some time now. The mixture is suitable for experienced vapers and ideal for beginners looking to explore new flavors. Raspberry Ice vape juice is becoming more popular and can be found in many vaping shops. If you're looking for a new flavor, Raspberry Ice is worth a go.

4. Blueberry cheesecake

One of the recent flavor trends in the vaping world is the exquisite Blueberry Cheesecake. This juice flavor has captured the attention of many vapers searching for a delightful and unique vaping experience.

Blueberry Cheesecake is known for its sweet, creamy taste, with just the right amount of tangy blueberry goodness. This juice's exquisite balance of flavors creates a vaping sensation that is unmatched by any other flavor. Whether you're a dessert lover or just enjoy something fruity and sweet, Blueberry Cheesecake is worth a try.

5. Vanilla custard

Vanilla Custard is an e-liquid flavor that has recently become quite popular. The blend is characterized by notes of rich vanilla and a creamy custard base, both sweet and savory. Vapers looking for a versatile yet irresistibly smooth smoke have been turning to Vanilla Custard in droves.

The popularity of this vape juice flavor stems from its ability to provide a unique, decadent taste experience, something that most vape juice flavors lack. The aroma of Vanilla Custard itself is quite delicious, and the vapor's flavor is delicious too. While vanilla custard is not the only vape juice flavor, it is quickly gaining popularity among vapers for an excellent reason.

6. Caramel latte

Caramel Latte is a vape juice flavor that has recently garnered attention in the vaping community. This delicious flavor perfectly combines sweet caramel and rich espresso, giving vapers a satisfying and enjoyable taste experience.

With its smooth and creamy texture, the Caramel Latte vape juice can be enjoyed any time of day, whether starting your morning with a cup of coffee or relaxing in the evening. This flavor is perfect for those who prefer a sweeter taste profile without being too overpowering. Overall, Caramel Latte is a flavor that will leave a lasting impression on vapers seeking a new and unique taste.

7. Strawberry kiwi blast

Vaping enthusiasts are always looking for unique flavors to satisfy their taste buds. One such flavor that has been generating much buzz lately is the Strawberry Kiwi Blast. As the name suggests, this flavor blends sweet strawberry and tangy kiwi, creating a refreshing taste for those hot summer days.

This vape juice's flavor profile is satisfying and long-lasting, making it a popular choice among vapers. Whether you are a newbie or an experienced vaper, the Strawberry Kiwi Blast offers a delightful vaping experience worth trying.

How To Choose The Suitable Vape Juice Flavor For Yourself?

Choosing the right vape juice flavor can be overwhelming, especially if you are new to vaping. With countless options available, it can be challenging to determine which one will suit your preference.

The key is to start with something basic and tangy, like mint or lemon. If you like fruity flavors, strawberry, watermelon, and grape are popular options. On the other hand, if you prefer something with a bit of a kick, cinnamon, and menthol might be the way to go. It's essential to try a few different flavors to see which one you prefer and to explore the different brands.

Wrapping Up

If you are looking for something a little extra special regarding vape juice, these seven flavors are options to consider. Not only are they all gaining a reputation among many vapers due to their unique flavors and diverse take on traditional ones, but they also provide fantastic throat hits and taste great. Such qualities make them ideal for a variety of different vaping styles and preferences, so no matter what you’re looking for, one of these should have what you seek. It’s also worth pointing out that these juices come in a range of nicotine levels, so if you prefer low or high concentrations, there will surely be something suitable for your needs.

"Kasari-sarian” champions gender equality in its four-day celebration at the PUP College of Communication

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The vibrant spirit of gender equality and empowerment reigned the halls of the College of Communication at the Polytechnic University of the Philippines - Sta. Mesa as the four-day celebration, the first festival of its kind in PUP, "Kasari-sarian: Gender Equality Creativity Fest," took place from July 25 to July 28, 2023.

A brainchild of Prof. Krupskaya Valila with the help of student volunteers from the PUP College of Communication and PUP Open University, the groundbreaking celebration arose to inspire students to strive for a community that is free from gender-based discrimination, allowing everyone to express themselves in their brightest hues.

Advocates from different walks of life were invited to share their insights and hold impactful panel and room discussions that delved deep into issues surrounding gender equality and sexuality in the Philippines. Also taking center stage was the power of storytelling with the premiere of student-made films, centered around themes of gender and sexuality, which were showcased in the COC Audiovisual Room.

Meanwhile, the COC Lobby transformed into a hub of creativity with student-led booths, artworks, and campaigns that cater to promotion of gender equality. These exhibits provided a platform for students to express their perspectives and encouraged attendees to contemplate their roles in achieving a more equitable society.

The festival also collaborated with HASH - HIV & AIDS Support House, Inc. to offer free HIV testing throughout the celebration, promoting health awareness among the participants.

To end the four-day celebration with the most vibrant hue, "Sari-bration: A Night of Equality and Protest," was conducted on July 28, 2023, at the COC Lobby, which included illuminating drag performances and song numbers from guest performers, celebrating the resilience of the LGBTQ+ community and their allies. During her closing remarks, Prof. Krupskaya Valila reminded everyone of their responsibility to “magmulat, maglingkod, at makibaka."

The event was also made possible with the generous support of sponsors who believed in the celebration’s cause namely: Midoko, Lauvette, Jack n’ Jill Chocolate Pretzels, Jack n’ Jill Hello!, and Munchy’s Lexus.

Kasari-sarian has already concluded, but its colors prove to not dull. It has inspired the future generation of PUPians to become advocates committed to breaking barriers regarding gender stereotypes and embracing diversity. The event's legacy serves as a beacon of hope, illuminating the path towards a more inclusive and equal future for all.

SKC Comes Back Stronger and Triumphs at 10th Year - Enjoining the Youth to Unifying Actions Towards Nation Building

Wazzup Pilipinas!?

The Sigaw ng Kabataan Coalition (SKC) is poised to celebrate a significant milestone as it marks its 10th Founding Anniversary on August 18, 2023.

In its 10th year, SKC endeavors to revive and strengthen its efforts to empower communities by activating and increasing the engagement of its local leaders and organizing grassroots-level activities anchored on the organizational development priorities: Quality and Accessible Education for all, Climate, and Environmental Action, Poverty Reduction & Access to Adequate Food, Decent Jobs and Sustainable Livelihood, Health and Social Welfare, and Peace in Diversity..

SKC, since its foundation on August 18, 2013, has been a driving force of youth empowerment, creating significant influences on the Philippines' developmental landscape. A non-government organization and national coalition of youth and youth-serving organizations, SKC represents more than 55,000 young people across the Philippines.

SKC’s mission is to amplify the voices of Filipino youth – empowering each young individual to become an active catalyst of change and prime movers of advancements in our country as the younger generation holds boundless potential and optimal ideals. A decade of existence, SKC has been consistent in its actions to empower young people through three major classifications of activities: capacity building, policy intervention, and humanitarian efforts. SKC has been proactive player in campaigning significant national legislations and policies, including the Bangsamoro Organic Law, Republic Act No. 11346 - Increase excise taxes on alcohol and e-cigarettes, RA 10643 Graphic Health Warnings Law, RA 11036 Mental Health Act, and the RA 11223 Universal Health Care Act.

SKC also strived in driving meaningful impact through targeted initiatives aligned with the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (UN-SDGs), bearing the vision for a stronger and more resilient Philippines, particularly Goal 17 - Partnership for the Goals, which the organization exemplified by collaborating with various youth and non-profit organizations and government agencies both at the local and international level to contribute to the achievement of multiple SDGs.

Over the years, SKC's efforts centered on empowering young people through training, education, and civic engagements – molding them into becoming leaders and agents of change in their communities. SKC has partnered with Action for Economic Reforms (AER), Public Services Labor Independent Confederation (PSLINK), Right to Know, Right Now! Coalition, FOI Youth Initiative, Youth for Sin Tax Coalition, Junior Chamber International - Philippines, Rotary and Rotaract Clubs in the Philippines, and SK Councils and Federations. And today, SKC boasts its members with various representations – public officials, indigenous peoples, young professionals, student leaders, and out-of-school youth.

Ellirie Nicolas Aviles, Founder and Chairman of Sigaw ng Kabataan Coalition, expresses his enthusiasm for the anniversary, stating, “Working with all SKC leaders, members, and allies in the past ten years made every moment of our youth meaningful and enjoyable. By working together, we became better, exceeded our limits, and made the impossible possible. Despite the challenges the COVID-19 pandemic has brought to our organization, we made it through. And today, as we welcome the post-pandemic era, we also embrace a more resilient SKC - gleaming with hope and passion.”

We call on our fellow youth to join us in our cry “Makialam, makiisa, makibahagi! Sama-sama nating palakasin ang sigaw ng kabataan. (Engage! Unite! Participate! Together, let’s amplify youth voices!)” Mr. Aviles added.

As SKC embarks on the next phase of its journey, the organization invites the younger generations to join in celebrating SKC’s foundation and to take an active part in its advocacies. For partnerships, send an email to

Music Export 101: Filipino artists go international this August

Wazzup Pilipinas!?

Sonik Session brings together music experts and Filipino creators for a boutique conference and artist showcase

This 18 August, 22 Tango Music Group, the British Council in the Philippines, and Sonik Philippines are hosting Sonik Sessions: Music Export 101, a boutique conference and artist showcase bringing international music experts, Filipino artists and creators to talk about music and how we can bring Filipino talents to the forefront of the global market. The event will be held at Making Space in Cebu City, the first Sonik event outside Metro Manila.

In this 2nd installment of Sonik Sessions, Filipino creators will learn how artists and the music industry can benefit from increased recognition, access to new markets, revenue streams, and cultural exchange. The conference will dive deep into 'music export': the process of promoting and distributing music to foreign markets, showcasing and marketing artists to audiences outside their home country.

The theme was inspired by Filipino music mavens and the organisers' personal experiences as British Council delegates to the recently concluded Great Escape Music Festival in Brighton, England.

Sonik Sessions: Music Export 101 is led by the talented singer-songwriter and founder of 22 Tango Music Group, Cattski Espina, alongside musician-entrepreneur and founder of Homonym, Mike Constantino. Upon their return after the Great Escape delegation, Cattski and Mike organised the event in hopes of sharing their experiences and knowledge with Filipino artist communities.

"I came home re-energized by what I saw and the people I met. After not being able to attend live conferences due to the pandemic, it reminded us that we can do so much more with the EU, especially the UK. We are excited to finally take Sonik outside of Manila and are raring to share what we've learned [in the Great Escape] through Sonik Sessions in Cebu," Mike shares.

Cattski adds, "I’m on a mission to learn more about Music Export to pivot my vision towards learning from other cultures and eventually becoming an ambassador in bringing Filipino music to the UK and the world. I am thrilled to have Sonik Session as an opportunity to kick off our work in music export and bring more Filipino artists to the global stage."

The British Council's Head of Arts, Mich Dulce, elaborates on how the organisation advocates collaborative growth and art between the UK and the Philippines. "There is so much talent and potential in the Philippines that deserves to be shared with the entire world. We look forward to the exciting future of Filipino artists as we continue to work together and share what the UK has to offer and vice versa," she says.

Sonik Sessions will serve as a venue for experienced and up-and-coming musicians, artists, and creators to share their different inspirations and innovations. The event will feature four global and notable artists in their field, sharing industry trends and global practices:

· Fil-Brit publicist, consultant and international music marketeer from EMPIRE Cat Lazarra will elaborate on what music export is;

· Another Fil-Brit – singer and producer RJ Belo of State is Flow London will share his experiences and dreams of bridging UK Asian artists with other cultures

· Founder of SRM Booking and Services and co-founder of AXEAN Music Showcase Festival Satria Ramadhan will share how to grow music and fanbase in foreign markets;

· FOCUS Wales' co-founder and music programmer Andy Jones will talk about applying and participating in music festivals and conferences; and

· Primavera Pro's head of partnerships and programming Camila Anino will discuss how government support fuels the exploration of Filipino music.

The event will conclude with a singer-songwriter and artist showcase, featuring some of the best Cebu-based artists.

Sonik Session: Music Export 101 is a free event and will be simultaneously streamed on the official Facebook pages of 22 Tango Music Group, Sonik Philippines, and Homonym.

About 22 Tango Music Group

22 Tango Music Group is a Music Marketing Agency designed for companies and artists. Using the power of music, we help brands on their mission to build and activate audiences. We develop artists using a holistic approach to strengthen identity and talent with a goal

to breakthrough in the industry by building a fanbase.

About Sonik Philippines

Launched in 2019, Sonik Philippines is the country's official Music Conference & Showcase Festival. Presented by Homonym and co-founded by the National Commission for Culture & The Arts (NCCA), Sonik seeks to educate both the business and artist sides of our music eco-system to elevate the entire industry, shaping the future of Philippine Music. Sonik has featured over a hundred of the top music experts from the Philippines and the world and tackled topics like Sonic Branding, Music Licensing, Music Export, Festivals/Live Events, Artist Management, Music PR/Marketing, Audio Platforms, Music Production, Music Distribution, A&R, Label Services, Music Influencers, among many others. In 2023, Sonik launched Sonik Sessions, focusing on Music Export.

About the British Council

The British Council is the UK’s international organisation for cultural relations and educational opportunities. We support peace and prosperity by building connections, understanding and trust between people in the UK and countries worldwide. We do this through our work in arts and culture, education and the English language. We work with people in over 200 countries and territories and are on the ground in more than 100 countries. In 2021–22 we reached 650 million people.

In 2023, the British Council in the Philippines is marking our 45th anniversary, celebrating our commitment to building connections between the UK and the Philippines through our work in education, arts, English, and exams.

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