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How to Become More Feminine for Guys and Feel More Confident

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As women who are living in the fast rhythm of the modern world, we often tend to give ourselves less care and attention than we need. We try to do well in all spheres including learning and self-development, work and business, raising children and keeping the household, etc. But while doing all of these duties, it is vital that we feel loved, cherished, and seen.

If you are one of such women who wants to manage to do everything, you can’t neglect your own looks. Your body deserves as much attention as the things you give your priorities to. And, why should you sacrifice your energy for the sake of the routine? With this online boutique, you will learn to love yourself again despite the routine – the leather lingerie store MarieMur offers the best sets of underwear to match any taste. Whether you like simple underwear that does not limit your movements and allows to be active, or you seek something that would look spicy and make your body catch the eye of the loved one, this shop is for you. 

The Wide Choice of Lingerie to Adorn Your Body

Have you noticed how much impact the clothes you wear have on your mood? Every time you dress up, there is some kind of magic happening, and all of a sudden you start to feel more attractive, more confident, and even much more successful. For us, ladies, every detail has a huge meaning, – the color of mascara, the textures we wear, the perfumes we use. Everything adds up to the impression we make on people.

The lingerie that we wear every day under our clothing also plays a huge role. Even though nobody sees it (most of the time), the fact of having an exclusive set of lingerie buoys our mood and makes us feel special. So, stop shopping for cheap underwear and get yourself a set you deserve!

Whether it is a tempting set or a simple bra and panties, there is no reason for you to settle for lower quality. On MarieMur, there is a whole world full of stunning women’s lingerie. If there is any brand of lingerie worthy of everyday wearing, it’s MarieMur. It is designed for different women with different needs and tastes, but it’s always comfortable and attractive. If you want to look more gorgeous in the bedroom, it will not be a problem with custom erotic handmade lingerie plus an accessory set available in many various designs: lace, strappy, Italian leather, or made of simpler textiles.

Hundreds of ready looks will catch your eye on MarieMur. However, you can also turn on the imagination and complete every set with leg garters to shine brighter and spice up the intimate time you were planning on. The color palette will surprise even the most whimsical of you – the choice of underwear in black and white, red and blue, beige, and pink will be perfect to complete your personality and create the most charming looks. There are sets of lingerie that will be great for both everyday wearing and special occasions. So, if you are looking for a universal underwear set, MarieMur will meet your all expectations with its lingerie.

Women’s leather lingerie and accessories also include cuffs, chockers, costumes, bra harness sets, full body sets, and strap bodysuits. The leather harness lingerie on MarieMur is incomparable in its beauty and quality; besides, you can make numerous combinations from this leather lingerie sets that will emphasize your gorgeous curves, make you look bustier if you would like to, and let you feel like a goddess. Whether you choose alluring and kinky sets or go for simple and laconic ones, with MarieMur, you will never regret a dollar you paid.

To take good care of yourself, you don’t need to spend a fortune. It is just enough to be yourself, embrace your uniqueness, and shine with your beauty every day, no matter whether you are a busy lady in business or a housewife. In the end, wearing exclusive clothes (and underwear) is about much more than mere looks – it’s about the choice to cherish your body, mind, and soul and not being shy to shine. With exclusive lingerie by Marie Mur, it will be easier for you to celebrate your individuality, with your own preferences and lifestyle. Even doing everyday tasks, you will shine with happiness and others will see it.

Best Annual Mileage for Insurance – What’s the Perfect Number?

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As much as we like car insurance, it’s still a huge pain in the neck. It does save up a lot of money in case we have an accident, however, we do pay a lot to receive those services. Depending on the car you own, the insurance costs can add up to significant numbers. Not to mention that those numbers increase if you drive too much annually. 

That’s why it’s important to be proactive and know beforehand what’s the best annual mileage for insurance. Once you travel those extra miles, it will be too late to change anything. Let me introduce one of the mileage-related tools, namely a mileage blocker from Keep on reading to find out what it does and how it is connected to insurance issues.
Can a mileage blocker change the existing mileage?

The mileage blocker from doesn’t change the existing mileage. What I mean is that it can’t rewind or reset the odometer. It’s a tool that stops recording the miles once activated. Rolling back the odometer is the task for another device, such as the mileage programmer. It can reverse the miles i.e. reduce the numbers on the trip meter.

However, odometer correction tools are extremely unethical. Since they roll back the mileage, they are often considered to be fraudulent. People use them to reduce mileage and lie to their customers or reduce insurance costs. Either way, they are using deception to earn/save up some money. 

Can a mileage stopper reduce insurance costs? 

Before we answer this question, it’s important to know what’s the connection between the mileage and insurance costs. To put it simply, high annual mileage equals more chance of accidents. Therefore, insurance companies will essentially make your premium more expensive. The most optimal annual mileage is probably somewhere under 5000 miles if you want to get the best rates for insurance. 

Some people use the mileage stopper to stop recording the mileage and hinder it from increasing after it hits certain numbers. Since it offers the undetectable operation, they might use it to reduce insurance costs. However, this tool isn’t meant for that. It’s suitable for testing the performance of your vehicle, which makes it more ethical. It’s not advisable to use it for deception. 
Is it legal to use the odometer blocker to maintain the best annual mileage for insurance? 

As mentioned, deception can’t be legal and, consequently, using the odometer blocker to maintain the best annual mileage isn’t exactly the right thing to do. 

The odometer blocker from was designed for testing the performance of your car. It’s a great tool that you can use to check the functionalities of your vehicle. But this doesn’t mean that you should employ it unethically. 

What’s the purpose of the kilometer stopper then?

The main purpose of the kilometer stopper from is to test the performance of your car. If you’re not sure that every piece works perfectly, you can use this tool to check what’s going on. You should employ it for this reason if you want to remain ethical. 


Though it’s hard to determine the perfect mileage for insurance, we can still say that it’s a safer choice to remain under 5000 miles. That way, you’ll avoid additional charges. You shouldn’t use a mileage blocker to avoid insurance costs, as it’s only meant for testing purposes. After all, being ethical and proactive is the key to being an honest car-owner.

PH to mark 100 days to Lapulapu's 500 years

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On 17 January 2021, Sunday, the Filipino nation will begin its 100-day countdown to the 2021 Quincentennial Commemorations in the Philippines (2021 QCP). Central in these commemorations is the 500th anniversary of the Victory at Mactan on 27 April 2021 (the reckoning date of the countdown).

The Lapu-Lapu City Government will kick-off the countdown at 5:40 p.m. at the Lapulapu Monument, Liberty Shrine, Mactan, Lapu-Lapu City. Highlight of the event is the declaration of the shrine as a site of the permanent display of the Philippine flag through the NHCP Board Resolution No. 10, s. 2020. Confirmed guests are Office of the Presidential Adviser in the Visayas Secretary Michael Lloyd Dino, Philippine Information Agency Director-General Ramon Cualoping III, Lapu-Lapu City Lone District Representative Paz Radaza, Cebu Governor Gwendolyn Garcia, and Lapu-Lapu City Mayor Junard Chan.

It will be followed by a wreath laying at the Sentinel of Freedom (Lapulapu Monument), Rizal Park, Manila (7:00 p.m.). It will be led by NHCP Chairperson and National Quincentennial Committee (NQC) Executive Director Rene R. Escalante. Spectacle of the event is the unveiling of the quincentennial emblem at the Rizal Park—the fourth of the five solar light-powered projects (i.e., Philippine flag, Rizal profile, Holy Rosary, Lapulapu). It is a project of A Liter of Light Foundation. 

The National Historical Commission of the Philippines (NHCP), in partnership with the Lapu-Lapu City Government, National Museum of the Philippines, and National Parks Development Committee, leads the nation in this milestone.

All events of the NQC are closed to the general public owing to the pandemic. NQC Chairperson Salvador Medialdea instructed the NHCP and the Presidential Communications Operations Office, through the latter’s attached agencies Radio Television Malacañang, Philippine Information Agency, PTV, and other government media, to stream all the events live. The events are powered by PLDT and Smart Communications, Inc.

It was earlier announced by the NQC and NHCP that on April 27, there will be commemorative rites at the Liberty Shrine, to be followed by an evening show in the newly-restored Metropolitan Theater in Manila.

PLDT Enterprise, AF Payments partner for transport sector solution

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The initiative introduces a modernized fare and tracking system for commuter convenience

Under the country's largest integrated telecommunications company PLDT, PLDT Enterprise has entered into a strategic partnership with AF Payments, Inc. (AFPI) to enable a modernized fare and tracking system for the transport sector.

AFPI will bundle its Automatic Fare Collection System (AFCS) with PLDT Enterprise’s Smart Tracker solution—powered by Vectras—to provide a complete fleet management and fare collection solution to public transport operators. Public transport operators will now have the option to get fleet management and fare collection functionality from AFPI without the need to contract with multiple suppliers.

The strategic partnership’s goal is to make it easier for Public Transport Operators to meet the demand for effective fleet management and modern fare collection. As it becomes easier for Public Transport Operators to implement fleet management and fare collection systems, the riding public will benefit from more convenient fare payment options, better vehicle scheduling and passenger information systems.

“The Smart Tracker solution aims to simplify the management of fleets of public transport vehicles. With the service, Public Transport Operators can choose to provide locator links which commuters can access in order to better manage their commute and travel time,” says Jojo Gendrano, FVP & Head of PLDT Enterprise Core Business.

With the guidance of the Department of Transportation (DOTr), AF Payments, Inc. (AFPI) has been working with the Public Transport Operators of train, jeepney and bus fleets, including the three light rail systems of Manila and the EDSA bus consortiums, to help make public transport more convenient by introducing modern fare collection based on contact-less cards and QR codes.

“Through this strong partnership with PLDT Enterprise, we continue to build on the efforts of modernizing the public transport sector and making modern fare payment accessible to all,” says Sharon Fong, Chief Commercial Officer of AF Payments Inc.

Jovy Hernandez, ePLDT President & CEO and SVP & Head for PLDT and Smart Enterprise shares that “we at PLDT Enterprise are confident that this strategic partnership will enable a more modernized transportation management and cashless payment system to benefit Filipino commuters. Bus companies can manage their operations better and the public will be assured of a simpler and safer way to commute with contactless payments.”

To learn more, visit You can also visit to know more about beep™ products and solutions. #

#WandaVision: Super strange yet delightful

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#WandaVision is now the highest rated MCU project on Rotten Tomatoes! 

It'll probably get higher once the mystery fully unfolds and the people who are complaining about the sitcoms finally appreciate them.

But why? The first 2 episodes are cool but that's hardly enough to warrant such high praise. It has barely gotten started.

In the midst of #WandaVision hype, let's give it up for director Matt Shakman and creator Jac Schaeffer.

Give em some love. 

Wanda is so beautiful in every scene of #WandaVision, Elizabeth Olsen is just stunning.

Wanda really created a new reality where Vision is alive and they are happy together and said "my husband and his indestructible head" as vision died in the original reality because Thanos crushed his head.

We've never seen Wanda this happy and carefree before and it breaks my heart that it will all fall apart by the end of the season.

The twist being things aren't what they seem?

#WandaVision is super strange and also delightful. It's like watching an episode of Bewitched or I Dream Of Genie with a creeping sense of impending doom... perfect television. 

Dark, dark things are coming and I reckon it’ll impact the rest of the MCU in a big way.

Plus points when episode 1 of #WandaVision started and the opening Marvel intro now includes scenes from Endgame.

I just found out that these hands from #WandaVision episode one are hands of Evan Peters.

Searches several photos of his hands and compared it with hands from ep1. Figured out that it might be his hands. 

But nothing's clear until Marvel reveals what Peters really did on #WandaVision. This tweet is just guessing. And I just wanna hear what you guys thought about this scene.

We looked up some photos of Peters and found some similarities between those hands.

His little finger is bit tilted to the inner side, which is similar to 2nd pic. And to me and my friend, the back side of the hand seemed very alike. (In my opinion).

And, according to my friend- big fan of Peters-, whenever Peters acts with his hands, he always straightens his little finger. Just like the photo.

These are reasons why I thought those hands on the last scene of ep1 are Peters.

We will eventually know who it is when the time comes. I can't wait to see who's hands they are!!

I'm gonna be really happy whoever's hands they are.

I saw someone suggested maybe Darcy Louis from Thor. That would explain the similar lighting in militarized equipment from her in the show's trailer.

If she is related to SWORD, she might be the one holding the controller of the TV... It's really getting more and more interesting.

Selvig in a dated scene in Avengers works for sword now, so this makes perfect sense that he would have recruited Darcy.

The guy asking for Wanda on the radio kinda sounded like Peters too. I was thinking he may be playing Mephisto, but now I think he may be part of a group trying to retrieve Wanda (Sword or possibly Hydra if they’re involved).

After watching the first few episodes of #Wandavision, all I can say is I can’t wait to watch the rest of the upcoming shows.

I’m honestly so excited for the next phase of the MCU! 

If you have the ability read Vision(2015). The series is amazing. It is dark, disturbing, thought provoking, and wonderfully written. I decided to read it in anticipation for #WandaVision 

We just witnessed how glorious #WandaVision episode 1 and 2 wait until Sam Raimi uses Wanda in Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness.

I watched Evil Dead 2 for many times of which the latest was this past October. I remembered that he was directing Dr Strange, and I got so excited.

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More People Are Likely to Try Out Esports Betting During the Pandemic

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It may go against all believes and logic to say that any type of gambling would increase during times where a lot of people are suffering economically. I will, however, make the claim that what’s happening right now is actually beneficial for the eSports betting industry. 
Not everyone will gain from the pandemic though 

As you may or may not know, eSports betting in the Philippines is highly popular, though once the pandemic is over only a portion of the industry may be left, if any at all. The country’s online gambling industry has already faced concerns about tax increases and even threats about being banned completely. 

With lockdowns happening as a result of the covid-19 pandemic, several online gambling offices have been forced to shut their doors as the government have considered their businesses unessential. Reports have told us that many operators are gone for good and that expansion plans have been cancelled. 

What’s happening may even be the tipping point for the suggested ban to take place in the country. In other words, it’s not looking great for the Philippines. 
But other markets aren’t having the same issues 

Malta is widely known for its online gambling with hundreds of casino and sports betting companies having their headquarters on this tiny Island which is one of the world’s smallest countries. Here, the pandemic is yet to strike as hard as the country relies on its gambling businesses. People still go to work as usual, unless they work from home which has become quite a common thing. 

But just because businesses aren’t shutting down, how could this ever mean that eSports betting is increasing during the pandemic, which is what I am claiming? 
It all boils down to the fact that people will watch more eSports 

It is already known that more and more people are getting interested in eSports, which is due to increased media attention, Twitch streams and an overall increased interest in gaming. With the pandemic many people are either working less than they used to or working from home, which frees up a lot of time either way. This translates to time that can be spent on gaming and watching streams. 

Of course, not everyone will magically get into the world of eSports, but those who are already interested in gaming (which is a lot of people!) and are locked inside have limited things to do. This will naturally lead to an increasing number of people finding their way to competitive gaming and we already know that people love to bet on sports whether it’s soccer, basket or games. 

Adding one plus one together and we get the reasoning behind my thoughts of people being more likely to bet on eSports during the pandemic. 
But aren’t people less likely to spend money during these times? 

Those who have lost their jobs probably are. However, gambling is one of those things that actually do quite well during recessions. Research shows that casino gambling stagnates during economic crisis, while lottery gambling remains intact or even increases (which happened in Iceland in 2008 when three major banks went bankrupt). 

As eSports betting is quite a new phenomenon, we don’t know a lot about how it behaves during recessions. However, my belief is that it will increase due to the fact that people have more time to spend in the gaming vertical and the fact that eSport tournaments continue to be hosted as they do not have to be held live.

Cardinal Santos Medical Center partners with ASC Global Recruitment

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Cardinal Santos Medical Center (CSMC) opened the year with a milestone with its contract signing with ASC Global Recruitment (ASCGR), an agency engaged in the recruitment of skilled Filipino workers for placement overseas.

The partnership between the two organizations will create an opportunity for Filipino nurses to jumpstart their global careers through Cardinal Santos Medical Center, one of the country’s leading private tertiary hospital. For the hospital, the partnership is one way of fulfilling its vision to develop globally competitive nursing professionals whose career journey begin with Cardinal Santos Medical Center.

“Recognizing the aspiration of Filipino nurses to work overseas, we are collaborating with ASC Global Recruitment to link nurses to U.K. employers through safe, secure and quality placements,” says CSMC President and CEO Raul Pagdanganan. “As a training institution, we aim to provide them the basic training as prescribed by the employers. Our goal is for this initiative to eventually evolve into a career laddering program for our nurses.”

Creating opportunities for Filipino nurses. Cardinal Santos Medical Center partners with ASC Global Recruitment to provide word class training and create opportunities for Filipino nurses through safe, secure, and quality placements in the United Kingdom.

Career laddering program. With the training that CSMC will be providing the nurses, Pagdanganan foresees that this initiative will eventually solidify into a career laddering program.

The contract signing was led by Pagdanganan, Leona Paula Macalintal, Nursing Director, and Maria Louzel Diaz-Tiozon, Vice-President and Head of Human Resources.

ASCGR was represented by Krees Castaneda, President, Fred Sampang, Quality Management Head and Operations Director, Cha Pineda, Finance and Admin Head.

“For nurses, this profession is more than a job—it is a calling,” adds Pagdanganan. “And Cardinal Santos Medical Center is committed to helping them lay a solid foundation for their careers and become a conduit for realizing their dreams by providing world class training.” 

Save the Children Philippines trains teachers, parents to protect children from online sexual abuse

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Save the Children Philippines has raised concern on the online activity dubbed as “Christmas sale” where students allegedly posted sensual photos and videos of themselves and of their younger siblings in social media in exchange for money to buy digital gadgets for use in their online classes.

Atty. Alberto Muyot, Chief Executive Officer of Save the Children Philippines, said the government needs to address the impact of COVID-19 on the livelihood of many families to help prevent the rise of sexual abuse and exploitation of children and youth, and to intensify efforts to capture and prosecute online predators.

“Online sexual abuse and exploitation violate children’s rights to protection, physical integrity, and human dignity,” said Muyot. He added that protecting children from online predators call for a unified action of parents, guardians and leaders of schools and communities to protect children and youth from online predators.

The child rights organization, in partnership with the Department of Education, has rolled out a Cybersafe training program for teachers and school personnel to ensure children are safe from online sexual abuse and exploitation.

The Cybersafe training seeks to capacitate teachers, school personnel, and community leaders on children’s rights, online sexual abuse and exploitation, and how to access child protection services. Guidance counselors, principals, child protection representatives and DepEd regional staff in partner schools in Cagayan de Oro and Iligan also participated in the Cybersafe training.

The training is part of the activities of SaferKidsPH, a six-year initiative of the Australian government to reduce the online sexual abuse and exploitation of children in the Philippines. It is being implemented through the pioneering consortium of Save the Children Philippines, the Asia Foundation and UNICEF.

According to SaferKidsPH, children and youth can stay safe in using digital platforms through simple tips:
Do not accept friend requests or reply to messages from people you do not know.
Set your account to private.
Do not put personal information on your bio like your birthday, school, workplace, or address.
Do not share revealing photos, or use inappropriate screen names.
Do not overshare details about your life, like where you live.
Avoid joining groups that post nasty content.Save the Children Philippines will also conduct Cybersafe training to community leaders to ensure online sexual abuse and exploitation are prevented poor communities where the popular “Pisonet” machines are operating.

Wilma Banaga, Child Protection Advisor of Save the Children Philippines, said children and young people should also remember that there are people online who want to take advantage of them and they must be aware on how protect themselves.

“While we recognize that times are hard right now with many families suffering financially, parents should not forget their responsibility to protect their children from any kind of risk online or offline,” said Banaga.

Akbayan Youth: Don't force health workers to take questionable China vaccine

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Akbayan Youth chairperson Dr. RJ Naguit took a swipe at Presidential spokesperson Harry Roque's statement that healthcare workers who will take the first doses of the government's vaccination program will have to accept China's Sinovac or risk being deprioritized. "Di pwedeng tanggap nang tanggap na lang lalu na kung kalusugan ng mga frontliners natin ang usapin. Sabi ng gobyerno, ang health workers raw ang bayani ng pandemiya, pero bakit parang ang mga doktor, nars, at ibang frontliner ulit ang talo dito?" Dr. RJ Naguit said. "The government is making the questionable Sinovac vaccine a take-it-or-leave-it deal for frontline workers. It’s appalling how they threaten frontliners of being deprioritized and made to line up at the bottom of the list should they refuse to take China's vaccine," Dr. Naguit said. "The list is long for why the public is apprehensive in accepting China's Sinovac. It's touted to be only more than 50% effective in the Brazil clinical trials and it will cost the taxpayer more than double for other brands. The world is cautious in accepting Sinovac because it hasn't been transparent in the final stages of its trials, compared to other vaccines," Naguit said. "Our health workers deserve only the best option and it's the government's job to ensure they get that. Health workers should be allowed to choose their vaccine," Naguit said.

10 Dishes that Define the Philippines

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Contemporary Filipino cuisine is an original blend of various Asian culinary cultures, influenced by Spanish colonization and North-American culture. The Philippines is a country located on the islands, which has determined the main set of food for the local population. Meat, poultry, fish, vegetable, rice, and exotic fruit all comprise the cuisine of the Philippines. So what can the Philippines boast of and which of the dishes are a must-try for a capricious tourist? Here is the list of X dishes that define the Philippines.

Warning! This article contains mouthwatering pics. Make sure you’re not hungry,

#1 Tinolang Manok

Chicken tinola or Tinoland manok is a nourishing spicy chicken soup from the Philippines. The main ingredient is chicken, chicken cuts and internal organs are cooked in a broth alongside with malunggay leaves, scented papaya, and chili pepper. The broth itself is generously spiced with ginger, garlic, and pepper. A truly mouthwatering combination. Chicken manok is stable in every Filipina house that can be enjoyed as a starter or as a full-fledged lunch.


#2 Gulaman

Gulaman is the Filipino culinary use of agar extracted from processed algae. It’s often used to prepare jelly-like desserts. The name also refers to the wide range of traditional Filipina desserts made of this ingredient. Gulaman can be easily confused with gelatin for owning similar characteristics and being the primary product for making puddings and thick syrups. Gulaman is a perfect refreshing salvation in the hot and humid climate of the Philippines. Very often, they are based on cream, milk, and fruits anв are served in every house in numerous flavor combinations and forms.


#3 Proben

Proben or “chicken proben” is a nourishing typical Filipino snack and one of the most popular types of street foods in the country. Like most street foods, proben is not for healthy-buddies as it has a high caloric and fat value. It is prepared with an unusual chicken organ called proventriculus, a part of a chicken digestive system.

So, tiny pieces of the proventriculus, are dipped in flour or cornstarch, are deep-fried until the outside is golden brown and crispy. They can be fried separately and served in plastic bags, or skewers and fried on bamboo sticks. Cheap, fast, and nutritious, proben has become one of the most common varieties of street food in the Philippines, which is especially loved by young students. Accompanied with sour vinegar sauce or a sweet chili sauce, proben is worth trying.


#4 Buko Pie

Buko pie is a Filipino-style coconut pie made of fresh, tender young coconut meat combined with a creamy filling. Buko ( a coconut flesh) is cooked with plain or condensed milk, cream, and sugar until it becomes a thick and creamy custard.

A popular belief says Bulo Pie was invented by Soledad Pahud, a native Filipino who worked in the United States for some time and fell in love with a classic American apple pie. After she returned, she was looking to adopt an apple pie using local-grown ingredients. The rigorous attempts ended up with the invention of buko pie, a dessert that soon became a favorite dainty throughout the country and a top souvenir for foreigners.

Source: Pinterest

#5 Arroz Caldo

Arroz Caldo or commonly spelled as Aroskaldo is a thick rice porridge borrowed from the Asian culture and adapted to fit the taste of a wide Spanish community. Arroz Caldo literally means warm rice and closely resembles risotto has been a favorite Filipino snack.

It is also one of the many varieties of conge found in the Philippines. Cooked in a spicy broth generously seasoned with ginger, and garlic Arroz Caldo is all about a unique taste. It is usually served with fried garlic, chicken, pepper, calamansi, or fish sauce as a condiment, and also with a hard-boiled egg. The locals love to eat Arroz Caldo for breakfast or lunch.


#6 Sans Rival

The name speaks of itself. Sans rival (without rival) is a classic Filipino dessert of French origin. The most favorite dessert of all Filipinas, it takes a classic French recipe and perfects it by adding cashew. In general, Sans Rival can be best described as a cake made from layers of buttercream, meringue, and chopped cashews. It is believed that the recipe was made up somewhere between 1920-1930 when the Philippines citizens started to travel across Europe learning some cooking techniques and implementing them into their households.


#7 Pares

Pares is an adored Filipina dish cooked of beef slices which are slowly stewed in a flavored broth, seasoned with soy sauce, anise, sugar, and various other spices and compliments. Thick and rich sauce alongside tender beef make pares one of the country’s most loved and most popular dishes. Tourists can try pares in local cafes that all have their own signature recipes. As usual, pares is served with a fried or steamed portion of rice and a bowl of scented stock.


#8 Butsi

From first sight, butsi look like a usual bun that can be found in the boulangerie of every city. The reality is far from it, though. Butsi is prepared using glutinous rice flour as a basic ingredient and sweetened mung bean, creamy lotus, red bean paste, or shredded coconut as a stuffing. Even though they originated as a Chinese specialty, the Filipinos managed to make Butsi extremely popular. Round buns are fried until golden and coated in sesame seeds. What makes Butsi so incredibly loved by the Pinays? Crispy shell, lightly sweet stuffing, and satisfying taste that can be enjoyed as a quick snack or a nourishing dessert.


#9 Tocino

Pork tocino or burong babi is a typical Filipino dish for lovers of spicy caramelized pork. Although the most common ingredient is pork, Tocino is also occasionally cooked beef or chicken. No matter what meat one prefers, a traditional Tocino is always rich in taste and spices. Normally, meat seasonings include sugar, salt, rice wine vinegar, soy sauce, anise wine, and pineapple or orange juice. Tocino is typically served as Filipino breakfast.


#10 Kaldereta

Kaldereta is one more dish influenced by Spanish colonization. A staple in most Filipina kitchens, Kaldereta is a must-try for the guests of the country. The typical Kaldereta is prepared for any kind of meat (goat and beef are preferred) and served with a side of white rice. Vegetable sides can include tomatoes, potatoes, olives, bell peppers, and hot peppers. Kaldereta is also sometimes served with delicious fresh tomato sauce.


Author’ Bio

Carola Richter is a professional esports journalist who reviews esports events and trends in the industry. Recently, she's decided to create the blog where she could share her passion with the readers interested in the topic.

Radisson Hotel Group rises above challenges to add 84 new hotels across Asia Pacific in 2020

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Radisson Hotel Group overcame significant global challenges in 2020 to expand its portfolio of properties in Asia Pacific, with the addition of 84 exceptional new hotels and resorts, covering eight of its distinct brands.

This rapid growth forms part of the company’s ambitious five-year strategy to triple its portfolio in the midterm. This will be achieved through a blend of organic growth in key markets, such as China, India, South East Asia, Australia and New Zealand, and master brand development agreements with Jin Jiang International and its subsidiaries in China, the world’s largest travel market.

Radisson Hotel Group is one of India’s largest and most reputable international hotel chains, with a comprehensive nationwide portfolio of hotels. This position was strengthened in 2020 with the signing of eight new hotels, including the 125-key Park Inn by Radisson Mashobra Resort, 115-key Park Inn by Radisson Jabalpur, 100-key Park Inn by Radisson Prayagraj, 120-key Radisson Hotel Dehradun, 103-key Radisson Resort & Spa Lonavala, 180-key Radisson Blu Hotel Jaipur Malviya Nagar, 120-key Radisson Resort Pondicherry Bay and 196-key The White Hotel, Katra, which is also the first member of Radisson Individuals in India.

In South East Asia, the signing of the 84-key Radisson Resort Phan Thiet and 309-key Radisson Blu Resort & Spa Van Phong Bay reinforce Radisson Hotel Group’s strategy of introducing its world-leading brands to Vietnam’s emerging cities and idyllic resort destinations.

In China, two landmark hotels were signed in Nanjing, the capital of Jiangsu province. The 300-key Radisson Blu Hotel Nanjing South New Town and 151-key Radisson Collection Resort, Nanjing will serve the rising number of guests seeking international-standard upper-upscale accommodation in this important regional center.

Radisson Hotel Group’s master brand development agreements in China will play a pivotal role in accelerating its Asia Pacific expansion. In partnership with Jin Jiang International and its subsidiaries, 72 new hotels and resorts were added to the group’s Chinese portfolio in 2020, increasing its inventory by almost 9,000 keys. These included eight upscale select-service Radisson RED hotels with 1,108 keys; six contemporary upper upscale Park Plaza hotels with 1,020 keys; 21 upbeat upper midscale Park Inn by Radisson hotels with 2,969 keys; and 37 welcoming upper midscale Country Inns & Suites by Radisson hotels with 3,868 keys, located in a mix of major tier one cities, provincial capitals, urban centers, airports, railway stations, amusement parks, industrial zones and retail plazas all across China.

Moving into 2021, Radisson Hotel Group will continue to bring exceptional accommodation and elevated hospitality to more guests across Asia Pacific. Ideal for conversion projects, the upscale Radisson Individuals concept will attract experience-seeking travelers, and a fresh focus on serviced apartments will meet the rising global demand for extended-stay products.

“I am very proud of our achievements in 2020, as we remained focused on our long-term goals while responding to unprecedented global upheaval. We reached several major milestones, including the launch of Radisson Individuals, the introduction of Radisson Collection to China, and the signing of new hotels in many exciting new markets. With respected core brands, innovative new concepts, and a fresh focus on high-growth sectors such as serviced apartments, we are confident of a bright future,” commented Katerina Giannouka, President, Asia Pacific, Radisson Hotel Group.

“Our growth in 2020 is a wonderful reflection of the depth of our regional alliances, the underlying confidence in our company, and the power of our brands. Despite the unique challenges of 2020, the fundamentals of the travel and hospitality industry remain strong. As part of the world’s second largest hotel group, Radisson Hotel Group is perfectly positioned to accelerate its development and lead the recovery of the hospitality industry. We look forward to working with all our partners in 2021 and beyond,” said Ramzy Fenianos, Chief Development Officer, Asia Pacific, Radisson Hotel Group.

To learn more about working with Radisson Hotel Group, please visit and discover how we strive to make Every Moment Matter.

Cover image: Artist’s impression of Radisson Collection Resort, Nanjing’s lobby

CitySavings provides recovery assistance to schools

Wazzup Pilipinas!

2020 was indeed a challenging year and the education sector most especially was not spared from the massive pressure on distance learning and teaching brought about by the pandemic. The series of typhoons that hit different parts of the country caused immense destruction to school infrastructure and learning materials across Luzon areas.

School buildings and furniture were damaged, technology equipment and supplies, learning materials, and printed modules for remote distance learning were ruined and washed away due to massive flooding.

In response to the Department of Education’s (DepEd) call for help, City Savings Bank, Inc. (CitySavings) mobilized calamity related assistance through various relief distributions and education recovery support initiatives to the typhoon-affected areas in Regions 2, 3, NCR, 4A, 4B and 5. 

Over 1,800 relief goods (rice, canned goods, water, vitamins, coffee) and hygiene kits (bath soap, toothpaste, toothbrush) were distributed as immediate aid.

“Maraming-maraming salamat po sa CitySavings para sa grocery na relief goods na ibinigay sa aming pamilya. Napakalaking tulong po nito lalo na ngayon na nasalanta po kami, binaha gawa ng mga nagdaang bagyo. Sa pamunuan ng Calamba Bayside Integrated School at mga guro, isang taos-pusong pasasalamat at naging daan kayo para mabigyan kaming mga evacuees ng relief assistance mula sa CitySavings,” said Clemente Atesora, an evacuee from the said school.

The Bank also donated printers, inks, and bond papers to assist in the replacement and reproduction of self-learning modules (SLMs) to 75 schools and divisions in Luzon.

“The corporate social responsibility projects of City Savings Bank have always been felt by the SDO of Camarines Sur, from the printing of SLMs to the relief operations due to typhoons Rolly and Ulysses. Thank you very much for being our active partner,” said Loida N. Nidea CESO V, Schools Division Superintendent – Division of Camarines Sur.

CitySavings Reputation and Brand Management Head Paula Ruelan emphasized “As we usher in the new year, we are committed to supporting our education sector by providing resources the best way we can. We advocate equal access to quality education despite the adversities brought by these natural calamities during this time of global health crisis.

Guided by the Aboitiz Group’s purpose to drive change for a better world, CitySavings has pledged its support to DepEd under the government’s Basic Education - Learning Continuity Plan (BE-LCP) for the school year 2020 - 2021.


About City Savings Bank:

City Savings Bank, Inc. (CitySavings) is the thrift bank subsidiary of Union Bank of the Philippines (UnionBank) and a member of the Aboitiz Group. It is one of the largest thrift banks in the country and provides a range of mass market financial products and services such as salary loans to public and private school teachers, pension loans to GSIS and SSS pensioners, OFW loans, seafarer loans, motorcycle loans, and traditional deposit products. The bank now has more than 140 branches nationwide.
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