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Why is a Licensed and Professional Real Estate Broker Necessary?

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Brokers are negotiators in real estate transactions. They serve as a liaison to help smoothen and seal out a deal between parties.

And with the Real Estate Service Act (RESA) Law being passed in 2009, real estate brokers are now recognized as licensed professionals here in the country.

But why should clients hire a real estate broker if they want to get the best out of a realty deal?

First, the Code of Ethics bounds licensed brokers, so the clients can ensure that they will be in safe hands with a professional who can handle the transaction safely and securely.

And since clients will deal with a registered professional, they can also have an assurance that everything will go according to both parties’ best interests.

Brokers also help avoid the common challenges associated with real estate transactions, so that legal problems such as lawsuits can be kept on a minimal level.

In a nutshell, brokers are the professionals that clients can rely on to help in guiding them along in every step of the way with a real estate transaction.

Want to know more about the best real estate brokers in town? Check out this awesome infographic created and designed by Premium Properties PH.

Here are Some of the Best Gaming Phones That You Can Pick up Right Now

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If you want to buy a gaming phone that will serve you for years then you have come to the right place. Here you can find out everything you need to know about the phones that are currently on the market as well as giving yourself the chance to really make a good decision.

OnePlus 7 Pro

There really aren’t many phones out there that are truly focused. This one on the other hand is absolutely perfect for gaming and it’s got a very aggressive PC focus. It works by overclocking in the same way that a PC does, so when you are playing a game you won’t have to worry about your resources being sucked up by other things. Another feature that you should look into when you buy this phone is the fact that its speed is unlike anything else. This is easily one of the fastest phones on the market and it all comes down to the 90HZ refresh rate. The quad HD display has a resolution of over 3120 and this alone makes it well worth the money.

Apple iPhone 11 Pro

This phone has an amazing display and the battery life is fantastic. If you like to play games on NetBet or any other gaming site for that matter then this is certainly something that you will appreciate because you can game on the go without having to worry about charge. The biggest improvement here is actually the camera as well, so if you want a high-quality phone that won’t let you down then you will soon find that this is one of the best phones out there.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

This Galaxy phone is a major step up from the previous model in nearly every way. It comes with a Snapdragon processor and it’s even got some horsepower to spare too. The display is something to be marvelled at and when you load it up, you will soon find that you are able to take advantage of stunning visuals as well as seeing blacks that are quite unlike anything else. All of this comes down to the display, and the bigger screen means that you will have way more fun playing too.

Honor 20 Pro

This phone is a beast when it comes to gaming. It has a well and truly incredible Kirin chipset and it even comes with 8GB of RAM too. This means that it is able to chew through some of the most demanding of games. It’s even optimised for gaming on the go so if this is something that you love to do then you certainly won’t be disappointed. The 256GB of storage means that you will be able to download a ton of games without having to worry about a thing, so you can spend more time enjoying yourself.

Of course, if you have never even thought about picking up a gaming phone before then now is certainly the time for you to think about it. After all, there are some great models on the market for a very affordable price.

Discover Some Of The Most Modern And Appealing Bedroom Styles

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A chic bedroom design plan will always impress. Its simple and sleek look creates a soothing setup that gives you the rest and repose you need. But, pulling of a modern polished aesthetic that’s not boring is the real challenge.

To begin with, can you fill your interiors with cozy, warm accents that include pillows and bedding to really fit a modern design?

  • Hamptons living is a clear example. It relies on a slender white backdrop. A radiant rug can punctuate it.
  • If it has artwork and vintage feels and sconces, all the better. This bed features terrific Fretted linens.
  • Beach escape is another style. It’s a Miami Beach pathway, fusing pop and modern sensibilities.
  • It contains a headboard, in a quality Chapas Textiles material. You also have custom-made textured benches and Atelier nightstands.
  • It also has vintage Max pendant.
  • Modernist accents are also popular. When it comes to designing an apartment in some skyscraper, you aim for some dose of adventure.
  • From rich textures to stimulating colors/hues, there’s enough visual interest and material throughout the room, especially in the main master bedroom.
  • Its design scheme features a master bed (customized) and sofa, both in premium Maharam Mohair.
  • The monochromatic look is always fantastic. Downtown Manhattan has some all-white, spacious master bedrooms that highlight modern designs’ beauty.
  • With minimalist touches and interiors, it gives enough warmth.

Exploring many other styles

The Modern Farmhouse isn’t that 1990s cutesy county look. It’s not the rough and uneven farmhouse. It’s still a modern farmhouse that works well for your kitchen and bedroom.

  • It exudes traditional components of classic county, which include distressed word, metal beds, and wooden walls (painted).
  • It also integrates contemporary style touches that have paucity of clutter, a subtle color scheme, and industrial and modern accessories.
  • It’s not easy to define the Rustic style because it’s also a feeling. Essentially, it’s all about natural materials or elements in an unprocessed condition, or materials making a comeback to their natural fold through use and age.
  • Overall, it’s a casual style and its main properties include a palette of neutral and natural tones, stone or fur touches, and primitive accessories and textured fabrics.
  • Mid-century modern has returned in dining and living rooms, and it’s perfect for your bedroom.
  • If you have grill or BBQ equipment in your space, you can place them in the corner and put grill covers on top.
  • You have low, long furniture with clean lines, thin legs, and a streamlined and neat appearance.
  • Hallmarks of this style include chrome, molded plastic, and geometric patters and pops of radiant shades.

Getting master bedroom

Golden Nightstand is a master bedroom style that never goes out of trends. It always provides a more sophisticated ambience and air to your space.
  • A careful and neat mess is another conspicuous style. It may look like a mess, but it isn’t so.
  • You can arrange it as a beautiful mess and achieve a superb feeling or emotion for the master bedroom.
  • You can choose radiant art over threadbare white. It has been one of the best bedroom trends. You can pick some clear and colorful art, making the white tones livelier. 
  • Concrete walls and clean, uncluttered mid-century designs are also popular bedroom ideas.

Why Many Could Not Truly Accept the LGBTQIA+ Community

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I am not a religious person, but some other people will accept members of the LGBTQIA+, but with all honesty, some will not.

There's a qoute that "God never been wrong" tapos sasabihin ninyo na babae/lalake ako nagkamali lang Diyos at nailagay ako sa ganitong katawan.. Ano na Earth?

Give respect to people who respect you, and for those who don't respect you, just don't mind them. Accept the fact that you cannot please all the people around you. Adaptto your surroundings.

Ikaw dapat mag-a-adjust at hindi mag-a-adjust ung lipunan para sa inyo.

You are clearly not "biologically" a woman or a man, as the case depends. Huwag ipipilit pa ang sarili. Nauunawaan naman ng lipunan ang mga LGBTQIA+. Pero mayroon naman appropriate behavior for LGBTQIA+ and what not. It may be discriminatory pero respect yourself din by not stooping to their level. Hindi mo dapat ipagpilitan ang sarili mo na unawain at tanggapin ka nila. Carry on, makakatagpo ka rin ng taong tanggap ka for who you are.

If you want others to accept you. Dont force them. If they see you like that is because that is their opinion. You dont need to tell them to accept you for who you want to be. Because in the first place you did not accept what you are. The world is a cruel place for people who wants these changes. Just be happy.

Ang hirap nung I identify myself as a woman therefore I am a woman, or I identify myself as a man, therefore I am a man. Our gender identity is determined not by our whimsical, ridiculous personal beliefs but by our biological make up. While we respect people’s choices, their choice shouldn't be imposed to the rest of the world. Pag may titi ka, lalake ka, pag may kiki ka, babae ka.

SHE is never an appropriate pronoun to refer to what truly is a HE.

Pinoy Short Film “Balai” Competes in Australia, Nepal

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An outstanding capstone project from De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde will vie for awards at the Melbourne Short Film Festival and Nepal International Film Festival next month.

“Balai” (Home), a thesis film by DLS-CSB Digital Filmmaking alumna Klarisse Purugganan and Selene Almeron, is nominated for Best Experimental Short at the 2020 MSFF in Melbourne, Australia on February 10. It is also one of 80 entries from 40 countries selected to contend at the NFF in Kathmandu, Nepal from February 13 to 17.

The short film, which bagged the grand jury prize at the 67th Filipino Academy of Movie Arts and Sciences (FAMAS) Awards last year, tells the story of an orphan boy, plagued with alienation and loneliness, who finds inspiration in a sick roommate as they find a real home.

The young filmmakers got the idea for their short film from an unborn child. “He was supposed to be named Karlo. A woman I know had a miscarriage several years ago. She had a dream of Karlo playing along with her other children. Their connection was bonded in a subconscious thought,” Purugganan, who wrote and directed the short film, revealed.

Purugganan added that throughout the entire filmmaking process, the understanding of spirituality has always been in their minds. “People always say what you see is what you get, but only because we live in this physical world where material things matter. We still don’t know what’s beyond this lifetime and not all people are going to believe in it. But it has opened the possibilities of unexplained spiritual connection to human beings and how it guided us along our film’s journey,” she said.

Meanwhile, Almeron, the film’s producer and director of photography, is delighted that “Balai” got selected in the two film festivals. “We were just celebrating how a year ago, we presented and defended our film as our thesis in Benilde. And now these blessings have suddenly appeared.”

“We are honored to be a part of such a wonderful and diverse collection of films to be shown at both film festivals. We are and will forever be grateful for them that they chose our film and to be a part of it all,” Almeron shared.

Almeron and Purugganan dedicate “Balai” to Karlo, “who did not get the chance to be known in this world, and to other children who are too young to be taken away from this physical world.”

“They may not be present in this lifetime, but they may be alive and well in a world beyond our lifetime,” Purugganan concluded.

MSFF, which aims to promote and provide exposure to independent short films from around the world and organize a fun and culturally diverse night of indie cinema for filmmakers and cinephiles alike, is run in association with Close:Up, a collection of international film festivals supporting indie filmmaking.

NIFF, on the other hand, was initiated to conduct exchanges in film and culture between Nepal and the rest of the world, and to create a conscious, responsible and appreciative film culture and atmosphere in the country.

Exploring China’s Ancient Tea Horse Road The LUX Resorts Way

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One of a growing number of LUX Resorts properties along the historic Tea Horse Road in China’s Yunnan Province, LUX Tea Horse Road Benzilan promises authentic experiences that get to the heart of what makes this region of southwestern China truly unique. This luxury boutique hotel located in the mountain town of Shangrila is the perfect base for exploring the many glaciers nearby or venturing off the beaten path to hidden mountain trails. LUX* Tea Horse Road Benzilan’s ‘curated experiences’ are the perfect way to discover the surrounding areas. These are guided excursions tailor-made for the adventurous and culturally curious. Whether it is a temple tour and tea talk with a monk or a sumptuous picnic alongside a stunningly beautiful mountain lake, these bespoke experiences promise to create enduring memories.

A Day Trek to Niding Village

Niding is one of several charming Tibetan villages in the area surrounding LUX* Tea Horse Road Benzilan, and it’s the perfect destination for a half-day outing. With the help of a local guide, guests can go on a hike through some of the most beautiful natural scenery in Western China. The hike passes through pristine Tibetan forests and along cool, clear snowmelt fed creeks.

Guests will learn about the wide variety of flora and fauna that they will encounter along the trail. Once in Niding, a delicious lunch spread of local produce are prepared by the team in an authentic wooden hut. and getting to know the local villagers. They will share their unique way of life with all of its rich traditions and customs. Traditional attire is also available for guests to try on for unique photo opportunities. Guests may even hear a few fascinating stories about the days when the tea caravans passed through, carrying tea and other goods along this once vital trade route.

Picnic Lunch at Napa Lake

Napa Lake is another stunning example of the dynamic and breathtaking scenery of Shangri-La. In the summer months, the snow from the surrounding mountains melts and fills the basin, forming a vast lake. In September, the area becomes a haven for migratory birds, such as bar-headed geese, several species of wild ducks, and the black-necked crane, which is one of the 12 rarest bird species in the world. In the dry season, Napa Lake becomes a sprawling meadow known as the Yila Prairie and is an ideal grazing spot for yaks, sheep, and horses.

Regardless of the season, it’s a gorgeous backdrop for a picnic, and LUX* can take care of all the essentials, packing a delicious meal and providing comfortable transport to the lake. All guests have to do is enjoy the fresh air, the amazing wildlife and the picturesque scenery. Guests can explore the ruins of Gunyin Temple, believed to have been built during the Yuan Dynasty. The area is also home to several small Tibetan villages.

Tour and Tea Session at Songtsam Monastery

Buddhism is an enduring institution along the Tea Horse Road. Its cultural influence runs far and wide in the region and is manifested in the customs, artwork and architecture. LUX Tea Horse Road Benzilan is situated near one of its most spectacular temples, Songtsam Monastery. It is the largest temple in Yunnan Province and is often referred to as the “Little Potala Palace” in reference to the famed monastery in Lhasa, Tibet.

LUX offers a unique way to experience Songtsam Monastery, driving guests directly to the site, circumventing the long stair climb (the monastery is perched at a high elevation of 3200m) and the queues. Once there, guests will get to learn about the temple’s colorful history and marvel at its striking architectural flourishes on a private guided tour. After that, they will have an opportunity to chat with a resident monk over a piping hot cup of yak butter tea and learn about the true nature of existence.

These are just a few of the many unforgettable experiences that LUX* Tea Horse Road can curate for its guests. The opportunities for exploration and discovery in Benzilan and the surrounding areas are endless.

The enchanting scenery of Napa Lake

The distinctive Tibetan architectural flourishes of Songtsam Monastery

Lunch is served in Niding Village


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Reasons Men Date Trans Women

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Why do men date trans women? For people who are not attracted to trans women, this can be a mystery.

Cis men often face a lot of stigma against dating trans women. In fact, in some cases, the cis men get more criticism than the trans women they date. Some people think these men are sexual deviants who fetishize trans women. 

Others even go as far as to say that cis men who date trans women are gay because trans women will always be men. This stigma persists because of a lack of insight into why men want to date trans women.

Below are a few reasons men choose to date trans women. Hopefully, these reasons will help people understand both the men and the trans women they’re dating.

They don’t care about the stigma.

Ideally, when a man and a trans woman are attracted to each other and form a loving relationship, that’s all that matters. However, there’s more to a healthy relationship than just genuinely loving each other. 

Outside of the two of them, other people will also be involved. The men know all too well that his friends and family might not be as accepting of their girlfriend as he is.

However, thankfully, there are men who simply don’t care. They know who they love and they are willing to defend her. They don’t care what other people think as long as they know that their love is real and that they’re not hurting anyone.

Dating a trans person comes with quite a lot of downsides. But trans women can find men who will accept and love them through all the challenges they’ll face.

They fetishize trans women.

We all have our little kinks and fetishes. Usually, it’s something relatively vanilla like spanking or bondage. However, there are some men who seek out transgender women simply to experience a different type of sexual encounter. They see trans women not as women but as sex objects that they can enjoy. They want to know what it’s like to sleep with a trans woman, so they enter into a relationship for the purpose of finding out what it’s like.

This behavior is disgusting and dehumanizing to trans women. Thankfully, a lot of trans women are aware of this and they know which men to avoid. 

However, young or naïve trans women can’t tell the difference between a man who’s attracted to them as a person or a man who’s only in it for the “experience.” One big glaring sign that a man is looking to fetishize a trans woman is when he doesn’t engage with them as people—it’s always just about sex.

They date trans women as a trophy.

On the opposite side of the argument are men who see trans women as some sort of “badge of pride.” They are attracted to trans women, but when they date trans women, they do so to show off. 

These men want to showcase the fact that they are progressive and open-minded. So what better way to show how accepting they are than by having a trophy trans girlfriend?

These men (often called “trans amorous”)are not genuinely attracted to the trans woman they’re dating. Instead, they’re attracted to the prestige of dating their token trans woman. They want compliments about how progressive they are and how strong they are to date trans women when they know all about the stigma associated with it.

However, some trans women prefer to date an open-minded man as opposed to one who sees them as a sexual fetish. They believe that it’s better than being hidden away and kept as a “dirty secret.”

They are attracted to a specific trans woman.

You can’t help who you love, as they say. In many cases, men simply meet a trans woman they find attractive. They get to know her and realize that they can create a wonderful relationship. So the logical thing to do would be to date.

For these men, they don’t focus too much about the fact that they are with a trans woman. They still identify as straight and they see their girlfriend as a woman. To them, this is all that matters—that two people are into one another and being transgender is just one small part of the picture.

Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Philippine Online Gaming Boom To End In 2020

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If you've been involved in the online gaming world in the Philippines for the past two or three years, chances are you've made a lot of money and had a great time. The online casino industry has been expanding faster within our home region than almost anywhere else in the world, but when an industry grows rapidly, regulation is never far behind. As we start 2020, the message from the Government and President couldn't be any more explicit - the casino industry is welcome, but it has to pay its fair share.

Online casinos have been springing up everywhere in the world that casino gambling is allowed ever since the dawn of the internet. The prolific number of online slots websites currently operating in and around the Philippines is comparable to the range of similar sites available in gambling hotspots like Europe, Las Vegas, and India. With hundreds of online slots available at the best websites such as Dove Casino, gamers have a better range of games available at home than they would encounter if they visited their local town or city center casino. That's excellent news for players, and should be good news for the Government too - with so much money being spent on playing online slots, there should be a significant tax windfall. The problem with the whole scenario - from the Government's point of view at least - is that the windfall has failed to appear. President Rodrigo Duterte has now drawn a line in the sand and warned that the state is prepared to tolerate the situation no longer.

As of the end of December 2019, if the President’s words are to be taken literally, companies that operate online slots or other online gambling websites within the Philippines had only three options to take before the end of the month - they could either pay what they’ve been deemed to owe, get ‘slapped’ with regulatory action, or ‘get shot like birds.’ Duterte has always been known for his colorful phrasing and dramatic choice of language, and so there generally isn’t a fear that the opening weeks of 2020 will see online slots website operators lined up and shot in the streets, but there can be little doubt that he is serious about recouping Philippine money that he believes is unlawfully being funneled abroad.

No figures have been released that might indicate precisely how much money Duterte believes is being illegally withheld from the public purse, but a raid on the Great Empire Gaming and Amusement Corporation may provide a clue. The raid, which happened in September, resulted in $25m in backdated taxes being paid after the company's license to operate within the Philippines was withdrawn pending payment of the sum. If the situation with that company proves to be typical of the sector at large - a sector which has grown quickly and mostly free of scrutiny up until this point - there could be hundreds of millions of dollars on the table. Sums of that size would make enormous differences to potential public service provisions, and so targeting the sector is likely to prove to be a popular policy among the President's supporters.

Unfortunately for the online slots and online gambling industry, the bad news for 2020 doesn’t stop there. Makati City, which has been the epicenter of the emergent industry, has announced that it is to temporarily stop issuing licenses to online slots and online gambling websites, without exception. The suspension is indefinite, and could even prove to be permanent. While on the surface the move may seem illogical because of the amount of money the industry has brought into Makati City, there's a local fear that the rise of businesses of this kind has contributed to an unsustainable real estate bubble which is already approaching the point of collapse. The mayor of Makati, Abby Binay, also feels that the presence of so many gambling companies within the city is contributing to a number of social problems including prostitution.

Until December 2019, Makati City's local Government had met every planning or licensing application for online gaming companies within the region with letters of 'no objection.' As of the start of 2020, that will no longer be the case, and any new online gaming company wanting to gain a license to operate within the region will have to make their case in court. As going to court on the issue is likely to be an expensive exercise with little prospect of success, it's more likely that companies will now back away from Makati City and seek somewhere else to establish their operations. Companies that already have licensed to operate within Makati are not believed to be under threat, although they may encounter difficulties when their existing licenses fall due for renewal.

At the time of writing, the effective ban within Makati City isn't likely to have much impact on a national level. Quezon City, Mandaluyong, Pasay, Las Pinas, Paranaque, and Muntinlupa all currently issue letters of no objection as standard policy at present and aren't believed to be considering a change of procedure in that respect. If any of them were to follow the example of Makati, though, it would put pressure on the remaining cities to consider their stance on the issue.

Given the multi-billion-dollar value of the global online casino industry, the Philippines should be careful not to throw the baby out with the bathwater. If regulated and taxed correctly, the presence of online gambling companies within the region could be of great benefit both in terms of revenue and jobs, with no upper limit on both. At the same time, it's vital that companies coming to conduct business within the region play by the rules and contribute their fair share toward the society they operate within. The lawless days of the Philippine online casino industry may have ended in 2019, but there's still plenty of money on offer for those who want to conduct business fairly and play by the rules. 2020 is likely to be a harder time for online casino operators than 2019 was, but those who are fair and ethical appear to have nothing to fear.

Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Catriona Gray to Unveil Her Wax Figure in Manila

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Catriona Gray, Miss Universe 2018 have her image immortalized in Madame Tussauds Singapore. Catriona's wax figure will wear a replica of the iconic lava gown, inspired by Albay's Mayon Volcano, specially designed by Mak Tumang, which she wore when she won the 2018 Miss Universe tile.

"I am so excited to see the final figure and be a part of this special event! To unveil the figure in my home country with my fans watching is another dream come true." said Catriona on her Instagram.

"The Philippines market continues to be one of our strongest markets and has been very important to our attractions in Asia and we had seen an increase of travellers to Madame Tussauds in Bangkok, Hong Kong and Singapore. We believe that by having Catriona's wax figure, it will definitely be a huge draw and create the platform for her fans to get up-close with her in 2020. Her figure will be in Madame Tussauds Singapore for a limited period of time. Thereafter, her figure will be going to Madame Tussauds Bangkok and Hong Kong" said Susan Ang, Regional General Manager, Asia (excluding China).

"We are constantly bringing in more fun to cater to various markets and we look forward to welcome Catriona who will be the first Filipino wax figure in Madame Tussauds Singapore. Besides her figure Catriona also filmed something special for Madame Tussauds" said Alex Ward, General Manager of Madame Tussauds Singapore.

More information will be released on Madame Tussauds Singapore's social media pages, so be sure to stay tune for more information!

Echo Resorts Pledge 30% of Bookings to WIRES for Wildlife Bush Fire Efforts

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In view of the catastrophic bush fires happening across Australia, Echo Resorts in Sabah has pledged to donate 30% of their hotel booking proceeds booked online to the Wildlife Rescue Australia (WIRES).

Echo Resorts comprises Gayana Marine Resort and Bunga Raya Island Resort on Gaya Island and the newly opened Borneo Eagle Resort on Pulau Tiga in Sabah, East Malaysia. 30% of proceeds from all new bookings for Echo Resorts coming in from 7-31 January 2020 will be donated to WIRES. This is valid for stays booked till 30 June 2020 and applies only to bookings made through the official website: . All proceeds from the online Echo Store selling made-in-Borneo products at the Resorts will also go towards WIRES.

WIRES is an organisation dedicated to actively rehabilitate and preserve Australian wildlife and inspire others to do the same. It has been estimated that half a billion animals have been killed in New South Wales alone with many more injured and homeless.

Gillian Tan, Echo Resorts Owner Representative, remarked, “We, at Echo Resorts, like everyone else around the world, are absolutely devastated at the loss of lives and animals caused by the raging fires in Australia. We hope that our proceeds will help in some way to contribute to the wildlife rescue efforts. Our hearts go out to Australia and we urge our guests to join us in this spirit of solidarity.”

Monday, January 6, 2020

So That The Public May Know About Accusations Involving Angkas MC Taxi

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Here is the official statement of the Department of Transportation (DOTr) about the Inter-Agency Motorcycle Taxi TWG

This refers to the statement made by the Lawyers for Commuter Safety and Protection (LCSP) in their press conference held on 3 January 2020.

We cite in particular the threat of this commuter advocacy group to take legal action against the members of the Technical Working Group (TWG) alleging irregularities in the conduct of the Motorcycle Taxi Service Pilot Implementation Run.

LCSP has also made serious allegations against Senator Koko Pimentel III for supposedly influencing the TWG and interceding on behalf of one of the service providers in the Pilot Run, which is Joyride.

While we are most confident that Senator Pimentel can very well address the accusations thrown at him, we at the TWG nevertheless, would like to respond to the baseless and reckless imputations against us.

Firstly, the endorsement of Senator Pimentel on behalf of Joyride is a matter of public record, and as clearly proven in the sequence of events and timeline, HAS NO BEARING on the TWG’s decision-making process and development of the MC Taxi Service Pilot Implementation Run.

In a press statement, Senator Pimentel admitted that the initial run of the pilot study ended in December 2019 without the participation of JoyRide.

In the same press statement, Senator Pimentel added that what had prompted him to send his endorsement letter to the DOTr was the realization that should motorcycle taxis become legal, the pilot run must not only involve Angkas as the single service provider.

Senator Pimentel stressed that the pilot run on motorcycle taxis must reflect “real life situations” that would involve a competition and not a monopoly.

Let it be clear that with or without any endorsement letter, the TWG has been fairly dealing with how best to make the MC Taxi Service Pilot Run reflective of the needs of the commuter, and how it can be a transformational public transportation alternative.

In line with these, the TWG has exerted efforts to determine the capacity of motorcycle taxi transport network companies (TNCs) which expressed interest in joining the extended pilot study after the initial run ended last December 26.

The TWG subjected all interested motorcycle taxi TNCs to a strict inspection and deliberation process. The interested TNCs were evaluated based on their level of preparation to join the study, the readiness of their respective apps, the competency of their riders, the safety standards of their equipment and riding system, and their respective training facilities, among others.

We, therefore, find it deplorable that the LCSP would resort to a politically-motivated deflection of the real issue confronting the program, and will even drag a senator into the fray.

But, it also behoves Angkas to explain why there are certain senators who are taking up the cudgels for them. Should they be imputed with influence-peddling and favoring Angkas as well?

The press conference actually begs the question - which entity is the LCSP actually representing? Is it speaking on behalf of the commuter?

Why then is the LCSP zeroing in on the entry of Joyride, and raising the very same arguments against the TWG guidelines that were vociferously protested by the original pilot run partner, Angkas?

Is it merely a striking coincidence that the LCSP is earnestly trying to project that it is taking the cudgels for the other TNCs, which, according to them, had been deliberately excluded by the TWG, even as their sudden appearance in the press conference was arranged by Geiser-Maclang, which happens to be the PR agency also of Angkas?

One really wonders why the LCSP is raising questions on the guidelines of the TWG which clearly establishes its mandate - determine to the fullest extent the viability and safety of the MC Taxi Service, and to foster competition to promote and uphold public interest.

Curiously, why didn’t the LCSP take up the issue of Angkas and its serious violations and transgressions in the press conference, which reveals how it is has been treating the MC Taxi Service Pilot Run as its own business feasibility study?

Consider the following:

1. Angkas has been conducting its business even outside of the designated Pilot Run areas, which is considered illegal under existing laws.
2. Angkas has been cited with various safety breach like non-wearing of helmets and vests by its passengers, plus allowing the use of unauthorized safety gear. These are all well-documented and even publicized in social media platforms.
3. Angkas continues to adopt and collect surge fees which were already disallowed under the new guidelines.
4. And in a blatant display of defiance and arrogance, note how Angkas or DBDOYC (its registered corporate name) did not disclose to the riding public that it is a 99% foreign-owned corporation, and is operating contrary to existing Philippine laws that common carriers should be at least 60% owned by Filipinos. Records from the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) would show that Angkas is 99.996% owned by Angeline Xiwen Tham, a Singaporean, with P9.8 million in subscribed shares. Tham is also listed at the SEC as the president of the corporation.

It bears repeating, and emphasizing, that Angkas is merely operating on the basis of the motorcycle taxi pilot study, a privilege being accorded by the TWG, notwithstanding the legal issues hounding Angkas and its attempt to circumvent existing transport laws, to carry out its business.

Angkas, using the LSCP, is trying to paint a picture that the TWG is involved in corruption in the conduct of the extended study on the viability and safety of motorcycle as taxis, citing vague allegations of “serious irregularities” in the selection of new participants.

It is therefore unfortunate, but necessary, that we, at the TWG, are compelled to confront this brazen attempt by Angkas to distort the narrative, using the LCSP as deflection to destroy the credibility of the TWG, and sway public opinion.

There is nothing irregular in the way the TWG is doing its business as far as the extended study is concerned.

In fact, the TWG has the full weight of authority granted by the government, for it to oversee the MC Taxi Service Pilot Implementation Run, under a Special Order issued last December 19, 2019 duly signed by DOTr Secretary Arthur Tugade.

The issuance of this SO is clear proof which debunks the unfounded accusation of LCSP that members of the TWG are acting without the necessary authority. The said SO has the pertinent provisions containing the designation of point persons in the TWG, its mandate to run the Pilot Implementation of the MC Taxi Service, the authority to introduce/revise guidelines, and even hire a consultant as may be required.

As for the TWG itself, we have unwavering faith and confidence in retired Police Major General Antonio Gardiola, Jr., as chairman of the TWG given his extensive experience and background with motorcycles, and in the enforcement of laws as previous head of the PNP Highway Patrol Group (HPG), the Inter-Agency Council for Traffic (I-ACT), and as board member of the LTFRB.

And, the TWG will not be deterred by threats of lawsuits and charges of corruption. It will continue to discharge its function as mandated by the government, and ensure that the only interest it will uphold and serve is PUBLIC INTEREST.

So that the public may know.

Mr. and Ms. Mapúa University SHS 2019 Grand Coronation Day

Wazzup Pilipinas!

The Senior High School students of Mapúa University were once again granted the opportunity to showcase their beauty, brains, and talents for the Mr. and Ms. Mapúa University Senior High School 2019 pageant.

The 4th Mr. and Ms. Mapúa University Senior High School Grand Coronation Day will be held this coming January 10, 2020 (Friday) inside the Mapúa University (Intramuros) Gymnasium. Don’t miss out on the most anticipated pageant of the year where 26 candidates showcase the 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

Visit the Mapúa University Senior High School Student Council booth and buy your tickets to the most grandiose and sophisticated event! See you as we discover who will be the next MR. AND MS. MAPÚA UNIVERSITY SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL 2019!

The ticket price is at Php 250.00.


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