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PEMSEA marks 25th year with launch of 2018 East Asian Seas Congress

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From its humble beginnings as a marine pollution demonstration project in 1993 to its current status as a leading international organization promoting the sustainable development of the East Asian Seas region’s oceans and coasts, PEMSEA (Partnerships in Environmental Management for the Seas of East Asia) is celebrating its 25th year which will culminate at the 2018 East Asian Seas (EAS) Congress scheduled on November 27-30, in the Philippines.

In line with PEMSEA’s core principles, the EAS Congress 2018 is designed to showcase and celebrate collaborative and partnership initiatives at the local, national, regional and international level. In particular, the Congress seeks to mark 25 years of partnership, learning, innovation and transformational change, featuring initiatives from among PEMSEA Country and Non-Country partners and various collaborators, under whose collaborative efforts a wealth of knowledge and experience has contributed to delivering strategic solutions to the needs of the region, as well as in scaling up sustainable development and integrated coastal management (ICM) initiatives.

“The EAS Congress 2018 marks an important milestone for the entire East Asian countries and partners who make up PEMSEA. Building on our 25 years of experience and through the EAS Congress 2018, we aim to usher in concrete and impactful regional actions that are strategically aligned with the key principles and targets of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) particularly the global ocean agenda,” said Aimee Gonzales, PEMSEA Executive Director.

Wu Yuan Bay before
When PEMSEA’s first phase was launched in 1993, ICM pilot sites were set up in Xiamen, PR China and Batangas Bay, Philippines. The pilot project, covering around 286 kilometers of coastline, was primarily aimed at preventing and managing marine pollution. Twenty five years later, PEMSEA’s geographical and functional scope has expanded significantly covering coastal and ocean governance, and specialized issue areas such as habitat protection and restoration, climate change and disaster risk reduction, water use, pollution reduction, sustainable livelihoods, blue economy, etc. In terms of ICM coverage, PEMSEA now implements ICM initiatives in dozens of sites across East Asia, covering more than 40,000 kilometers of coastline and benefitting tens of millions of people living in coastal and watershed areas.

A number of these best practices, lessons learned, and innovations in coastal and ocean development is expected to be showcased at the EAS Congress 2018 through various partner-led sessions and keynote presentations from eminent experts from within and outside the East Asian seas region.

The 2018 EAS Congress is hosted by the Government of the Philippines, with support from the Global Environment Facility (GEF) and United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).

To register, convene sessions, or serve as Congress sponsor, contact the EAS Secretariat by or visit for more details.

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds Southeast Asia Championship

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ASUS Republic of Gamers and MET Join Forces for the Official PUBG Southeast Asia Championship Who will represent the region at the PUBG Global Invitational in Berlin? 

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG), the internationally acclaimed 100-man battle royale esport developed by PUBG Corporation, has set the challenge for aspiring Southeast Asian PUBG players. MET is on the search for the absolute best PUBG squads as they announce the PUBG Southeast Asia Championship presented by ROG. The competition is officially sanctioned by PUBG Corporation, and is part of the lead up to the recently announced PUBG Global Invitational (PGI 2018), to be held in Berlin on July. 

PUBG’s appeal has captured the attention of many players across the globe. The 100-man scavenging and survival battle royale game has players forming squads of up to four members in an attempt to eliminate the rest of the competition to come out on top and claim the top spot of each game. The naturally competitive nature of PUBG has spawned multiple games with similar mechanics and helps form the game itself into a fully-fledged esport. 

ASUS Republic of Gamers (ROG), the world’s #1 gaming brand, is choosing PUBG as their newest grounds for competitive gaming. With its full squad of professional gaming products, ranging from motherboards, graphics cards, monitors, notebooks, peripherals, and routers, ASUS ROG is set to deliver the best gaming experience in this year’s biggest competition in the region. 

The PUBG Southeast Asia Championship is MET’s latest regional tournament, a true testament to MET’s claim as the top esports organizer in Asia. MET continuously delivers optimal esports tournaments for both aspiring and professional gamers across the entirety of Asia. The PUBG tournament will run concurrently across five venues with six nationalities on the road to the SEA regional final. 

The grand PUBG tournament will seek the best squads across six different countries in five different qualifiers before advancing for the national qualifiers of each country. The best squads from each country's national qualifier will head on to the SEA Finals in Thailand on June 23-24, 2018 to crown the best SEA squad. 

Tournament Schedule National Qualifiers 
● PH: May 5 – June 3 
● ID: April 28 – May 13 
● MY/SG: May 5 – May 27 
● TH: May 7 – June 10 
● VN: May 12 – June 3 

National Finals 
● PH: June 9 – 10 
● ID: May 19 – 20 
● TH: June 22 
● VN: June 16 

Regional Finals 
● June 23-24, in Thailand 

Pride and glory are all on the line, as both the Thai National Champions, as well as the overall Regional Champions will be moving on to the PUBG Global Invitational in Berlin on July. The PUBG Southeast Asia Championship qualifiers will officially kick off on April 28, 2018 and is open to all PUBG squads who are willing to accept the challenge of becoming SEA’s top PUBG squad. 

For more updates and information, make sure to follow, and

BLAZE: Overcoming Obstacles for Cerebral Palsy Awareness

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Are you ready to test your strength and skills? Toughen up as the Mu Sigma Phi Sorority bringyou BLAZE: Overcoming Obstacles for Cerebral Palsy Awareness, an obstacle course race for the benefit of the Philippine Cerebral Palsy Incorporated, happening on May 1, Labor Day Tuesday at the Technological University of the Philippines Gymnasium, just acrossLuneta Park. 

Register in teams of 5  and battle the obstacle course with other teams from all over the metro for just P450.00 per person. You can choose from 4 time slots: 9 to 11 AM, 11 AM to 1 PM, 1 to 3 PM, or 3 to 5 PM. Not only that, you can also try out the activity booths featuring archery and bonus obstacles of higher difficulty if you dare! You also get to bring home an exclusive race kit containing a towel, drinks, snacks, and many more. You even have a chance to win exciting raffle prizes!

If you don't have enough people to form a team, you can register solo and we'll build a team for you! 

Plus, learn more about cerebral palsy with Carving Paths, a talk featuring persons living with CP, how they hurdled obstacles, and their road to success in their own field.

Hurry, limited slots are available! Register now at You can also contact Macqui Romero (0915 482 6340) or EJ Remoreras (0948 803 0088) for inquiries. For more details, you can visit our Facebook page: BLAZE for Cerebral Palsy, Instagram @blazeforcp, and Twitter @BLAZEforCP.

Run, jump, and conquer the challenge!

This event is co-presented by the Obstacle Sports Factory, Philippine Obstacle Sports Federation, M&J Gastropub, ClixLogic Inc., and Sysu International Inc. for the benefit of the Philippine Cerebral Palsy Incorporated. In cooperation with Trampoline Park and EastWest Bank. Also brought to you by More than Souvenirs, Inc., Hit The Road, Vantage One Financing Corporation, and Dr. Sergio Alcalde, Jr. Special thanks to Aling Tonang's Pancit Palabok, Mr. Arthur Ursua, and Coca-Cola FEMSA Philippines.

Top 10 Apps That Drive The Gig Economy

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If you have been considering starting up a side hustle to make extra money on the side, you should consider this collection of gig economy apps to offer your services to the world. No matter if you are great at moving things, driving, or creating furniture or clothing with your hands, you can turn that talent into cold, hard cash with these apps.

10. Feastly

Want to experience meals made by some of the best chefs in the world? Feastly works like an Airbnb of meals, as you can sign up for a dinner hosted by a vetted chef in a handful of cities across the United States. Chefs can have their talent recognized by hosting dinners and showing off their talents for the culinary-inclined.

9. Etsy

Selling hand-made items has been done for hundreds of years, but Etsy is the number one online marketplace to reach thousands of customers. Any item that has been hand-made is eligible to be sold at your online store, and you will need at least ten things to get started.

8. DogVacay

Want to find a reliable dog-sitter for your furry friend while you are on vacation or at work?DogVacay provides the best way to get into contact with local, vetted sitters who have a passion for animals and will look after your pet with love and affection. Dog-sitters using DogVacay get more bookings, so dog-sitting as a side hustle becomes more viable thanks to this app.

7. Zeel

A relaxing massage can be the best part of the day, but not if you have to drive to an out of the way massage parlor. Zeel puts you in contact with licensed massage therapists who will come to your home or hotel in as little as an hour's notice. You can also book a massage with your favorite therapist in advance.

6. Hubstaff Talent

Finding a freelancer in any industry can be hard, but Hubstaff Talent makes it a bit easier by connecting you to thousands of freelancers across the globe. The best part is it is an entirely free to use service, so freelancers get to keep all their money. The site features over 14,000 professional freelance profiles to choose.

5. Schlep

Need something moved and you are out of friends willing to help you? Schlep offers pre-defined prices for moving pieces of furniture, so you know exactly how much you will be charged before you hire. Check it out if you need anything moved from one location to another.

4. Handy

Need a handyman around the house to fix a few things that are broken? Handy can help with that by putting you into contact with local professionals with upfront pricing for the job before you even hire them. Everything from painting, wall hanging, assembly and more are covered.

3. Shipt

Hate spending hours at the grocery store every week selecting the same ingredients for your family's meals? Shiptis a service that allows you to provide a list of ingredients and they will be delivered to your home in as quickly as an hour. It takes the hassle out of shopping and only requires a $49 annual membership to participate.

2. Wimdu

Wimdu connects city apartment owners with short-term vacation rentals in more than 150 countries. It works similarly to Airbnb, but it focuses on connecting those who own apartments with those who would like to rent an apartment in their chosen city.

1. Lyft

The friendly pink mustache has made its impact on the gig economy apps landscape, asLyft has become a pretty big contender to Uber for the crown of best crowdsourced ride platform. With fare estimates and free ride credits, Lyft is a popular alternative to Uber.

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Qi Palawan: Redefining the Idea of Sustainability

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“It’s way beyond market positioning. It’s what anyone should do.”

—Bettina Rodarte and Ismael Delgado, Founders/owners of Qi Palawan, on reducing carbon footprint 

In a place as glorious as Palawan, it’s just quite imperative that establishments within the area conserve the beauty that houses one of the world’s most stunning pristine beaches and virgin rainforests. Located at the unexploited part of northeastern Palawan, Qi Palawan has become part of this undertaking to preserve the environment and its natural resources by seeking the help of the Zero Carbon Resorts (ZCR) project.

A boutique kite-dive-yoga resort, Qi Palawan currently has eight rooms, two large two-story villas, and six freestanding cottages. Located in San Fernando—a 55-minute drive from the town of El Nido, Philippines—Qi Palawan has opened their resort to tourists and travelers since 2014. The owners Ms. Bettina Rodarte and Mr. Ismael Delgado, though, have long since been members of the ZCR project in 2012, two years prior to their launching of their first and, currently, only branch.

Being the first and only establishment in the immediate area, Qi Palawan
is located 55 minutes from El Nido at the northeastern coast.

Beach view from Qi Palawan with hammocks hanging from the trees

Mr. Delgado and Ms. Rodarte’s reasons for joining ZCR have been highly diversified. Some of which are for economic reasons due to their resort’s predetermined initial budget, while some reasons are as it should be, environmental. The marketing aspect, or their market positioning as an eco-friendly resort, is something with which they are not quite preoccupied. For them, they were just doing what anyone should do. “For us, it was natural,” the owner said.

Villas at Qi Palawan with spacious and eco-friendly interior designs

Going Green Right Off the Bat

Sustainability has always been at the core of Qi Palawan’s ethos. However, going green for Qi Palawan both served as the challenge and the objective when it comes to the resort’s financial facet. In other words, it is both a roadblock and an entryway to making both ends meet. Investing in eco-friendly facilities and adopting green approaches can be very costly at the onset. But doable—and rewarding. In spite of everything, they believed, energy conservation should make economic sense in the long run.

Since the early stage of their operation was not the time for costly investment yet, in support of Qi Palawan’s movement toward a greener operation, they chose to adopt what cost less to implement. For one, based on recommendations during ZCR’s Architecture Training, Qi Palawan adjusted their infrastructure’s roofs to a positioning designed to provide more shading to the building and allow the rainwater to flow easily, protecting the cogon roof from degradation. A high-ceiling design was also adopted to allow for hot air to rise. Still in its objective to operate within its limited capital investment, the resort also built its staff houses based on geometries that allow natural airflow, which in turn promote cooling with less energy consumption, thus providing comfortable living spaces for them.

The initial phase was apparently not the time for solar panels—until their business opened and their financial standing improved. It was then that they knew it was time to reassess things.

nfrastructures have been designed to provide natural airflow to reduce energy consumption for cooling.

Reassessing the Use of Solar Energy

When the resort revisited their cashflow and saw adequate progress, they started reconsidering the concept of solar energy. That was when they reached out again to ZCR for recommendations on installations, making touch points with appropriate solar panel suppliers, and so on. Implementation was hard, but the resort knew it would be worth it.

Finally, solar installations were completed on September 25 this year 2017, and Qi Palawanhas been declared as a 100% solar-powered resort on the following day. Utilizing 40 kWh of solar panels with 128 kWh of batteries—which are sufficient in providing for the resort’s overall energy consumption even during peak occupancy periods—Qi Palawan became the first full-service, air-conditioned resort in the Philippines to use only solar power for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Qi Palawan’s solar panels can sufficiently provide for 24/7 electricity in the resort facilities.

This helps the resort to not only save more than Php33,000.00 a month or Php400,000.00 a year from more than 11,000 L of fuel that two 15-kVA and one 7.5-kVA generators used to consume, but also reduce carbon emission by exactly 29,650.23 kg of CO2. Now, the resort uses only a 25-kVA generator when needed. It is estimated that Qi Palawan’s conversion to solar is the equivalent of planting 996 carbon offset trees each year, helping preserve the currently untouched exquisiteness of northeastern Palawan.

Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle

Despite having their solar energy project materialized, Qi Palawan never dismisses the positive effects that simple but impactful measures can contribute to their sustainability efforts. This is why the resort strictly implements 3Rs: reduce, reuse, recycle.

he use of shampoo and soap dispensers and of eco-bags when resort staff transport things that guests need
To promote local products in the area, bamboo straws are locally made by Qi Palawan’s immediate community.
One of the key practices is to reduce the use of plastic, contamination of chemicals, and consumption of fuel. To do so, the resort management and staff do not serve food and drinks using any form of plastic, such as bottles, cups, plates, straws, and bags, to their guests.

Qi Palawan uses bamboo straws in all their drinks.

They have practically eliminated the use of plastic bags and, instead, promoted the use of locally sourced amenities. They encourage the use of crates and coolers and have implemented a 100% ban on single-use packaging.

Reusable belongings are available in Qi Palawan
Environment-friendly essentials are being promoted.
Since Palawan is a diving spot, the resort offers “reef-safe sunscreen” to their guests during their island hopping and dive trips. They also use natural, biodegradable cleaning supplies and detergent. These practices help prevent chemical contamination in the sea, and even on land.

Bamboo is not only good for creating furniture. Growing bamboo within
the vicinity helps in ventilation and does not require pesticides.
To reduce fuel consumption, the resort has been designed with fuel efficiency and sustainability in mind using bamboo—a fast-growing tree that does not require pesticides—and 100% local materials and labor.

Reuse and recycle go hand in hand within Qi Palawan’s premises. All kitchen wastes go through an anaerobic compost to become soil for the resort’s organic garden. A rainwater catchment system is deployed, and the harvested water is used for the garden, helping save clean water. Recycling of water from air conditioning also contributes to this effort. Old towels, kites, and other lost-and-found materials are being repurposed or donated.

Pail and PVC pipe is for catching the drip from the ACs and can get three or four pails per AC per day for watering decorative plants in the garden
The observation of 100% trash segregation and recycling enables the restaurant to use recycled paper sheets for the restaurant’s office administrative and management purposes, just as recyclable drink containers (except for single-use plastics) are being utilized for service.

Sustainability Is a Constant Undertaking

Infrastructure geometries that allow natural cooling, solar panels that reduce a great deal of carbon footprint, and 3R best practices that help conserve natural resources and prevent hazardous pollution—so, what’s next for Qi Palawan? There’s a lot more to it than meets the eye.

For the resort management, a true commitment to sustainability or zero carbon takes a constant struggle. The next big change for them is the implementation of a specialized tented window that reduces heating and provides privacy. This was also one of the recommendations from ZCR, which during the time of discussion, was still too costly for the resort to implement due to shipping expenses and import taxes. But the management is keeping the project concept in the pipeline, just as much as they constantly think of ways to improve their sustainability efforts.

Pieces of furniture found in the resort are crafted by local carpenters

Likewise, Qi Palawan extends the concept of sustainability to the economic aspect of doing business; that is, to implement the “buy local” idea. This includes the use of amenities and selling of goods that are made in the Philippines, specifically by the locals within the area. That said, the resort uses furniture made by local carpenters and employs locals and trains them as managers, cooks, kite instructors, and dive masters. They even serve vegetables homegrown by the immediate neighborhood, who get paid with prices equivalent to that offered by merchandisers in the far-off town market. This cancels out two round trips, or 160 kilometers, which locals who grow vegetables would have taken if they were to sell their goods in the market.

Constantly, Qi Palawan believes that sustainability is way beyond market positioning. It’s about the establishment. It’s about its people and their livelihood. It’s about economic sustainability. Most of all, sustainability is about everyone’s responsibility to the environment—and making contributions that can result in positive change. And Qi Palawantogether with the Zero Carbon Resorts project want to be certain that they remain part of these efforts, constantly.

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Treasures of SOX: Travel & Trade Expo

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The Treasures of SOX: Travel and Trade Expo is scheduled on May 4 - 6, 2018. SOX is short for SOCCSKSARGEN which refers to the provinces of South Cotabato, Cotabato, Sultan Kudarat and Sarangani and the cities of Cotabato, Kidapawan, Tacurong, Koronadal and General Santos which comprises Region 12.

The grand expo of SOCCSKSARGEN, organized by the Department of Tourism Region 12 and other partner agencies such as Department of Trade and Industry, Department of Agriculture, Department of Agriculture – Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources, Department of Agriculture – Agricultural Training Institute, Department of Labor and Employment, Philippine Information Agency, Department of Tourism – Tourism Promotions Board and with the Local Government Units of the region, will showcase the natural and cultural richness, the fresh and processed bounty of the seas and the land.

The event includes Trade Fair, Travel Fair and Sales Calls, Investment Forum and Matching, Daily Shows/Cultural Shows, Fashion Show, among others.

Treasures of SOX: Travel & Trade Expo which will be staged at Glorietta Activity Center.

The Importance of Talent Management and Why Companies Should Invest in it

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Talent management is not just a simple human resource key term one will come across.  It is also committed to hire, manage, develop, and retain the most talented and excellent employees in the industry. In fact, talent management plays an important role in the business strategy since it manages one of the important assets of the company—its people.

That is why companies should make the effort to effectively manage the employees to help them develop their skills and capabilities in order to retain them. Here are some reasons why companies should invest in talent management.

  1. Attract top talent
Having a strategic talent management gives organizations the opportunity to attract the most talented and skilled employees available. It creates an employer brand that could attract potential talents, and in turn, contributes to the improvement of the organizations’ business performance and results.

  1. Employee motivation
Having a strategic talent management helps organizations keep their employees motivated which creates more reasons for them to stay in the company and do their tasks. In fact, 91 percent of employees shared that they wanted more than just money to feel engaged and motivated, as revealed by Chandler and Macleod’s survey.

  1. Continuous coverage of critical roles
Talent management equips companies with the tasks that require critical skills to plan and address the important and highly specialized roles in the workforce to its employees. This means that the company will have a continuous flow of employees to fill critical roles to help companies run their operations smoothly and avoid extra workload for others, which could lead to exhaustion.

  1. Increase employee performance
The use of talent management will make it easier for the companies to identify which employees will be best suited for the job that can lead to less performance management issues and grievances. It will also guarantee that the top talent within the company stays longer.

  1. Engaged employees
Talent management allows companies to make systematic and consistent decisions about the development of staff, which guarantees the employees’ skills and development. Furthermore, employees will feel more engaged when there is a fair procedure for the development, which helps in increasing the retention rates that helps companies in meeting their operational requirements.

  1. Retain top talent
Well-structured on-boarding practices create higher levels of retention which saves the company on its recruitment and performance management cost in the long run.

  1. Improve business performance
Talent management helps employees feel engaged, skilled, and motivated, allowing them to work in the direction of the company’s business goals, which in turn, increases client satisfaction and business performance.

  1. Higher client satisfaction
A systematic approach to talent management means that there is an organizational-integration and a consistent approach to management. When systems are more integrated, client satisfaction rates are usually higher, since they are dealing with fewer people and their needs are met more rapidly.

Investing in talent management surely is a great help for the company, now the question is, how will companies implement it? Genie Technologies Inc., (GenieTech) will be glad to help companies with their needs regarding talent management and other HCM features.

GenieTech offers Ramco. A comprehensive hire to retire HCM software designed to facilitate a changing work environment. Ramco simplifies HR strategy for innovation-centric companies to automate traditional HR transactions and drive business benefits across functions. With Ramco, you can focus on your people and not spend time navigating around systems or worrying about future changes. Time to re-define Employee Experience onboard Ramco HCM with Global Payroll solution on ONE CONSOLE across the globe!

Interactive Earth Day Jam 2018 Returns to Quezon City Memorial Circle Venue

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The longest running music event for the environment Earth Day Jam 2018 returns to one of its original concert venues; the Quezon City Memorial Circle on April 28, 2018 starting at 5pm. It is a milestone for this annual live music event which continues to influence Filipinos through music and education to be responsible in caring more for planet Earth’s well-being.

“It is a historic period for Earth Day Jam fans who have followed this annual music event over many summer years for Mother Earth. Quezon Memorial Circle brings back insightful memories about the festival’s roots and itss expanding environmental advocacies,” recalls Earth Day Jam founder singer Lou Bonnevie.

This years adapted theme for Earth Day Jam emphasizes on key elements Water, Air and Trash (WAT). It is a running advocacy that has kept Earth Day Jam grounded with the youth, development organizations and government institutions working on environment welfare and protection.

“Everybody has a key role when it comes to conserving the environment. We can protect Mother Earth through simple things like conserving water, keeping the air we breathe clean and managing an almost zero trash environment,” said Bonnevie.

True to the festival’s defining environmental global theme, Earth Day Jam 2018 seeks to attract even more Filipinos this year, particularly the younger generation, to become sensibly pro-active on its overall campaign to save planet Earth. “It is not enough being able to simply like or post all your support for the Earth on-line. It does not work that way! We want everybody to really start participating, do their personal share through simple things like planting trees and reducing their personal carbon footprints.” 

More Jam Sessions

Known for its epic live pop music (open air) stagings, Earth Day Jam 2018 is set to feature over 100 musicians. “It is a grand combination between new and senior musicians in a single night of great music. It is something you look forward to in every Earth Day Jam event. Moreover, this event remains is open and free to the public,” says Bonnevie.

Featured artists for Earth Day Jam 2018 include Abra, Barbie Almalbis, Chicosi, Grace Note, Joey Ayala, Lou Bonnevie, Mayonnaise, Philia, Rouge, Sandwich, Sud, Tanya Markova, the Chongkeys and Wally Gonzalez joined by Wolfgang guitarist Manuel Legarda and introducing ace guitar protégé Gabriel Lazaro. Special guest artists shall include LA “grassroot” rapper Aw Day P. “He (AW Day P) will be specially flying in from LA for Earth Day Jam 2018. He is a very talented musician who agreed to jam with us for this Mother Earth celebration,” said Bonnevie. The Jam will be hosted by award winning actor Alvin Anson, award winning indie film actress Phoebe Walker, TV personality Pam Nieva and the Earthday Jam Foundation’s Corporate Secretary and youth spokesperson Midi Gentica.

Recognizing contributions to various environmental campaigns and artist’s musical legacy, Earth Day Jam 2018 will extend a special citation to Filipino singer and known environmentalist Joey Ayala, who does a rare Earth Day Jam stint with junior musicians.

Special guest resource speakers include experts and official from DENR, Earthday Jam Foundations’ partner in this endeavor with environmental luminaries supporting the event by short discussions on the most critical environmental issues.

More Interactive campaign

With support from the Local Government of QC, this year’s Earth Day Jam will have a more interactive campaign. Early participants can avail of Earth Day Jam 2018’s interactive booths showcasing art and drum sessions, a special puppet show dubbed “The River Warrior”, electric vehicle display, biking demo, organic stalls and other interesting exhibitions. “These exhibiting booths engage people to learn about Mother Earth through actual social participation with other guests.” There will also be a film showing featuring environmental documentaries before the concert.

The Earthday Jam Recyclable Trading will take place starting at 3 pm with the Quezon City Government spearheading the campaign on recycling with participants who will be bringing in paper, pet bottles and aluminum cans receiving concert VIP pass and freebies.

Anti-trash Experiment

A special waste garbage collection activity will be implemented throughout the concert. “It is an experimental activity wherein concert goers are encouraged to collect accumulated garbage during event and weigh them after so that they can see how much trash can be accumulated from throwing garbage,” said Bonnevie. Earth Day Jam regularly uses this anti-garbage exercise for actual public awareness.

GAIA Awards

The Foundation’s own “GAIA Awards” will be bestowing individuals and organizations who have successfully contributed to the welfare of the overall environmental campaign and advocacy efforts in the Philippines. This year’s awardees include green advocates Gina Lopez, Ipat Luna and the Environmental Science Institute of Miriam College along with Earthday Jam supporters Abra and Brownman Revival in the category of Earth friendly music artists. Special Citations will be given to the Peace and Equity Foundation and Lifebank Foundation.

Pre-Concert Contest
Raising awareness before actual concert, Earth Day Jam 2018 shall also launch “Future Green”. This special on-line initiative engages Filipinos to submit their best ideas concerning renewable energy on Earth Day Jam’s official social media page. The top ten ingenuities will be announced during the event. 

Earthday Jam 2018 is presented by the Earthday Jam Foundation in cooperation with the DENR and the Quezon City Government. Supporters include First Gen Corporation, Maynilad, PRRC, Tagbalay Foundation, Peace and Equity Foundation, Lifebank Foundation, EWND ,QC Parks and PIA. Also supporting are Ministop, Dickies, 888 Electric Vehicles, Cravings, Philippine Star, Business Mirror, Philippine Concerts, Manila Concert Scene, Rakista Radio, ABS CBN as our official network, and of course Wazzup Pilipinas.

For more info,log on to and like the earthday jam foundation page.

All Systems Go for 10th ASEAN Para Games in Manila

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Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) Secretary Alan Peter Cayetano, Chairman of the 10th ASEAN Para Games, starts preparations for the 10th ASEAN Para Games in Manila with the Philippine Paralympic Committee (PPC) and the support of the Philippine Sports Commission (PSC). 

The Games will be participated in by 11 countries competing in 20 sports composed of 400 events. The estimated attendance is around 2,000 para athletes, 1,000 team officials, 1,500 technical officials and 100 medical staff. A total of 4,000 local volunteers will be mobilized to assist in the staging of the games. 

Above, Secretary Cayetano shakes hands with PPC President Mike Barredo in the presence of (L-R) PPC Marketing Director Debbie Tolentino, Philippine Sports Commission (PSC) Commissioner Arnold Agustin and PPC Vice President Tom Carrasco Jr. This is the second time that the Philippines is hosting the biennial event after its 3rd edition in 2005.

PHILBEX & TLEX 2018: Elevating the Way We Build and Travel

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Recognizing the boundless prospects and world-class caliber of the region’s construction and design industry, Worldbex Services International (WSI) – the country’s leading events and expositions organizer – in a game changing move, introduced the first-ever Philippine Building and Construction Expo Davao in 2014 – a regional franchise of the company’s iconic WORLDBEX in Manila. More recently, WSI in its bid to empower the region’s travel and tourism sector, introduced the first-ever Travel and Leisure Expo Davao in 2017 with considerable acclaim from both consumers and industry professionals alike.

This year, WSI picks up exactly where it left off as it announces the return of its highly anticipated trade shows in the region. Happening back to back this May at the SMX Convention Center at the third floor of SM Lanang Premier is the 4th PHILBEX Davao and the excitable 2nd edition of TLEX Davao. Highly regarded for delivering no less than topnotch and all-inclusive trade events, WSI’s back-to-back shows are expected to stir up a flurry of promising B2B opportunities. Meanwhile, its diverse presentation promises consumers convenient and extensive access to a wide array of products and services.

Building for the future

Last year, incumbent Mayor Sara Duterte praised PHILBEX Davao for its timely contribution for the region’s rapidly expanding construction industry. In which she claims that “[PHILBEX Davao] will be a good opportunity for everyone in the industry to acquire new skills and be updated on the latest innovations and technologies in the field to help raise the standard of the city’s construction industry and find feasible, long-term solutions to design and construction challenges for a stronger, sturdier, and more progressive Philippines.”

Now on its fourth year, PHILBEX Davao aims to deliver a spectacular show and affirm its position as the region’s biggest and most comprehensive construction and design trade expo. In line with WSI’s overall direction for the sector this 2018, PHILBEX Davao will take after the theme of the recently-concluded WORLDBEX 2018.

In “Shaping Innovations Toward Sustainability”, this year’s PHILBEX Davao carries through the vision of encouraging the industry to examine the need to elevate the technological aspect of the region’s construction and design practice while also taking into account the need to incorporate environmental preservation strategies.It is this central element which will be addressed and tackled by close to 95 exhibitors from the region and all over the Philippines as well as countries such as China and Indonesia.

In numbers, PHILBEX Davao 2018 is poised to impress as it reports an increased exhibitor count of 219 booths and a total exhibit area which surpasses last year’s 4,480sqm estimate. Indeed, this year’s show is expected to be PHILBEX Davao’s most groundbreaking installment yet.

Apart from an comprehensive showcase of the latest and most innovative products and services, among the must-see event highlights at PHILBEX Davao 2018 include the Architect’s Gallery, the Interior Designer’s Gallery, the Worldbex Lab exhibit, the PHILBEX MiniCons, the Philippine Institute of Interior Designer’s Mini Talk Show, and the 2ndProjeto Davao Furniture Design Competition. 

Inspiring travels and beyond

Following its successfully debut last year, TLEX Davao returns to arouse the spirit of adventure among the people of Davao. Centering on the theme of “Excite. Explore. Experience”, the 2nd TLEX Davao seeks to inspire people to discover the world of travel as it brings within reach the widest array of top-rated and accredited travel and leisure brands.

Attesting to the high-demands of the region for quality tourism products and services, this year’s TLEX Davao reports a remarkable increase in its show statistics. From last year’s booth and exhibitor count of 68 and 50 respectively, TLEX Davao is set to house 90 booths as it welcomes more than 70 exhibitors – expanding its exhibit area from 1,263sqm to 1,500sqm in total.

From travel agencies, airlines, and hotels to resorts, couriers, cruise lines, and shipping companies, visitors may also expect a range of exclusive travel promos throughout the four-day travel show. Also not to be missed are the series of pocket events and activities that will be hosted by Visit Davao Summer Festival to engage visitors and promote Davao as a travel and leisure destination.

“TLEX Davao, on its first run, seeks to foster a strong sense of adventure by bringing within reach a wide range of travel and leisure products along with an exciting line-up of tourism-related events and programs. And we are optimistic that this is only the beginning of bigger things to come for the region’s tourism and hospitality industry,” enthuses WSI Founding Chairman Joseph Ang.

Though still in its infancy, TLEX Davao has come to assume a significant position in the region as a top-grade venue for all things travel and tourism. More than just about empowering the region’s reputation as a tourism hub, TLEX Davao ultimately aims to enhance the development of Davao’s economic sectors by way of improving its travel and transit logistics industry.

Hailed as one of the fastest growing cities in the world, Davao in all its robust potentiality has been demonstrating quite an unprecedented economic growth for the past few years. With the return of PHILBEX and TLEX Davao, two of the region’s most promising industry sectors can expect to benefit from the insights and networking opportunities that is in-store for visitors and exhibitors alike.

PHILBEX and TLEX Davao 2018 is happening on May 10 to 13, from 11am to 7pm at the SMX Convention Center Davao located at the third floor of the SM Lanang Premier. For more information, check out @worldbex and on facebook and instagram.

Be More Imaginative with the Sweet Promise of Toblerone this Mother’s Day!

Wazzup Pilipinas!

Moms. Where would we all be without them? These superwomen have been with us since day one and have taken on the roles of nurturer, cheerleader, disciplinarian, provider, educator, confidante, friend and more to show how much they love us. Mother’s Day is the perfect occasion to #BeMoreImaginative and give Mom your most thoughtful promise with Toblerone’s Mother’s Day Blank Packs.

We sure do love Moms and they love us. That’s why at some point in our lives, our moms may have kept asking us to do something. You’re probably familiar with the following lines: “Clean your room!” “Drive slowly” “Get a haircut.” There are so many reminders that are sure to ring a bell! You may find them repetitive but you know deep inside that your mom only wants what’s best for you.

This Mother’s Day, Toblerone gives you the opportunity to make your Mom happy and make a thoughtful promise while gifting her with Toblerone’s delicious Swiss milk chocolate with honey and almond nougat. Aside from gifting your mom with the rich, chocolatey goodness that she loves, each Toblerone pack has a blank panel where you can write your promises to your mom, in relation to the things she asks you about. It’s time to let your mom know that you listen to her. Make her feel loved by finally following her wishes and by giving her a thoughtful, heartfelt gift. 


A Promise to Kris
The Philippines’ Queen of All Media, Kris Aquino, is well-known and loved because of her humor, wit, and ability to share practical life advice. Her fans also love her for having a very close relationship with her sons, Josh and Bimby. More and more people follow her because of her fun life adventures on television and social media. 

360G Toblerone Mother’s Day Pack designed by Ms. Kris Aquino
200G Toblerone Mother’s Day Pack designed by Ms. Kris Aquino
This Mother’s Day, the supermom shares her creative side by designing two of her very own limited edition Toblerone Mother’s Day Blank Packs. Coupled a specially-designed Toblerone pack by none other than Kris herself and your handwritten promises, this imaginative gift will surely melt your mom’s heart!

In addition, Kris and her son Bimby give us a glimpse of what makes their relationship so close. With the help of the limited edition Toblerone Mother’s Day packs, Bimby will be revealing some of the promises he’ll be making to his mom on this special occasion! 

Promises are more thoughtful with chocolate

Aside from welcoming Ms. Kris Aquino into the fold of brand ambassadors, Toblerone has also teamed up with four of the country’s most promising young artists for this year’s limited edition Toblerone Mother’s Day Packs. 

Dark Chocolate 100G - Toblerone Mother’s Day Pack designed by Alessandra Lanot
Crunchy Almonds 100G - Toblerone Mother’s Day Pack designed by Anina Rubio
White Chocolate 100G - Toblerone Mother’s Day Pack designed by Louise Dimagmaliw

Milk Chocolate 100G - Toblerone Mother’s Day Pack designed by Googly Gooeys

Alessandra Lanot, a designer and watercolor teacher most known for her workshops, created delicate floral patterns for the brand’s iconic triangular peak packaging. Anina Rubio, a visual artist deeply inspired by nature, travel, and the great outdoors, came up with a heartwarming design that shows the sweetness of motherhood. Googly Gooey’s cute and whimsical take on the packaging design gives it a fun and youthful twist! Lastly, Toblerone Valentine’s Day Art Contest winner Louise Dimagmaliw made a feminine pattern that reflects the occasion’s high spirits.

This modern take on Toblerone’s famous packaging is an inventive way of making a promise to your mom. Who can resist smooth milk chocolate, yummy almond nougat and honey, combined with a heartfelt promise written on a beautifully designed Toblerone pack? 

These limited edition Toblerone Mother’s Day Art Packs are available nationwide in leading supermarkets, malls, and convenience stores this season. So make sure to give your mom this imaginative gift and make this Mother’s Day the best one yet! Make your mom a thoughtful promise with Toblerone! 

All Toblerone flavors are available in 100g (Php 106), 200g (Php 206) and 360g (Php 400)

To know more, like Toblerone on Facebook (

and follow @toblerone_ph on Twitter and Instagram.
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