Friday, May 1, 2020

Healthy Mind-Sexy Body Connection with Food Coach Nadine Tengco

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Staying home and staying safe may not be enough these days. Staying mindful is also a must. In a time of anxiety and uncertainty, mindfulness could be your best weapon against feelings of helplessness and instability. Now is the best time to bring the focus back to you.

Join Sexy at Any Age Guru and top celebrity food coach Nadine Tengco as she hosts an enlightening Facebook Live session to answer your questions about mindful eating, meditation, detox, fighting stress, and thriving during a pandemic. This is your chance to get essential advice from Nadine on how to nurture your mind, body, and soul through her Mindful Living programs.

Nadine will also share her guilt-free recipes that are perfect for your stay-at-home food adventures!

Let’s all have a Healthy Mind-Sexy Body connection! Tune in to her live session on Sunday, May 3, 5PM, at

Thursday, April 30, 2020

3 Philippine cities emerge as national finalists in WWF’s One Planet City Challenge

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The Philippine cities of Batangas, Muntinlupa, and Santa Rosa have been selected as national finalists in this year’s World Wide Fund for Nature’s (WWF) One Planet City Challenge (OPCC).

Over 250 cities from around the globe, including 13 from the Philippines, joined the OPCC’s 2020 leg.

Originally known as the Earth Hour Challenge, WWF kicked off the OPCC in 2011 as a friendly competition which allows participating cities to share best practices in climate mitigation and develop adaptation plans anchored in their crucial role towards building a sustainable and climate-safe future. 

With cities accounting for 70% of carbon emissions globally and generating 80% of the total GDP, their political and economic power are considered instrumental in the transition to a more stable climate.

With cities in 53 countries participating, approximately 66% of the global population is represented in this year’s run.

WWF-Philippines Executive Director Jose Angelito Palma expressed his appreciation for the Philippine cities that participated in this call for transformational governance.

“In these trying times, being business-as-usual in the way we do things is no more sufficient to secure a safe and sustainable future. I would like to acknowledge the cities who participated in this initiative for pursuing innovative ways towards sustainable and healthy cities for the current and future generations.”

Meanwhile, Atty. Angela Ibay, Head of the Climate and Energy Program of WWF-Philippines, noted the role of citizens in building a climate-safe future. “Even as cities around the world increasingly advance climate actions, we cannot underestimate how citizen engagement and participation play integral roles in the implementation of these actions, and their active participation help shape how sustainable and resilient cities can be in years to come.”

The three Philippine finalists, along with those from other countries, have also qualified to participate in the OPCC’s We Love Cities campaign, which aims to bridge better communication between city officials and the citizens they represent on climate and sustainability issues.

All finalists are set for evaluation by the OPCC jury - a jury composed of urban sustainability experts from across the globe. A national winner per country, as well as a global winner, will be recognized and awarded in a ceremony set to take place in mid-2020. For more information and updates, log on to

Monday, April 27, 2020

Coffee Plants and the Ways to Preserve Them

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Coffee is one of the most important and mostly used drink products nowadays because of the number of advantages; there are a lot of pros and health benefits of coffee plants. All of the coffee comes from the coffee plant, and there must be a need to preserve the coffee plant to grow in a better way. In this article, there are guidelines for the growth and keep the coffee plant.

Coffee Plants and Their Preservation

Coffee Plants are the types of plants that look very attractive; the color of the leaves is green. These are the evergreen perennial plants that are almost 6 feet tall and 3 feet wide, and they need the acidic soil to grow because they requires less than seven pH to grow in a better way. The scientific name of the coffee plant is Coffee arabica, and the following are the requirements for their better growth and keeping them fresh plus preserved:


Coffee plants need the sunlight but do not need at the higher rate and the rate of continuous, but they need this in a specific altitude of the sun; if these will be grown in direct sunlight, then their leaves will turn brown.


Coffee plants require a lot of water because these require a regular and constant amount of water. These are hydrophilic.

Temperature and Humidity

Coffee plants must need an optimal amount of the humidity, and the temperature range they require is about 64 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit.


Coffee plants grow better in acidic conditions, so they need acidic soil in nature to build.

Fertilizer and Pests

Coffee plants need fertilizer, but in just a minimum amount because the higher the compost, the more damage to the coffee plant will occur. There are even some pests to preserve and to grow for the coffee plants in a better way.

Freeze Coffee Beans

The way to keep the coffee preserved is to freeze the beans of the coffee; it will help in using the coffee for a long time. And according to your needs, you can use it at any time when demands arrived.

Store Ground Coffee in packets

You can easily store the ground coffee in the packets according to your needs and wishes. It is the best way that you can save even ground coffee in containers, jars, and other preservations instruments.

Coffee plants their verities.

There are many of the coffee plants and their verities. Almost 150 of the truths are found all over the world and most important are the Coffee arabica and Coffee robusta.

Final Views

The article is about the coffee plants and the ways to preserve them when they are growing and after this. These are all the best and the fabulous plus essential methods for keeping them. If you will follow these all, then you will get the progress and will able to save coffee for a long time. We recommend you to follow above all so. If you have any questions more, feel free to ask for any time.

Thanks but no thanks to COVID-19

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TRAFFIC has gone, coz everyone rarely can use their vehicles,
FUEL is affordable, coz supply is seemingly untouched,
BILLS have been extended, but will soon be as heaps as high as mountains,
KIDS are at home with their FAMILIES, all on their gadgets,
PARENTS are home taking care of their CHILDREN, while watching reruns over Netflix

FAST FOOD replaced by HOME COOKED MEALS, mostly sardines and noodles,

Hectic SCHEDULES replaced by NAPS, REST, and RELAXATION, and ultimate boredom as couch potatoes and nearly bedridden,

The AIR seems CLEANER, only full of tje covid-19 virus,
The WORLD is quieter, minds all mostly unused,

PEOPLE are conscious about HYGIENE and HEALTH, making all related products sky-rocketing prices,

MONEY doesn't make the WORLD GO ROUND anymore.... Coz many work and business stopped,

DESIGNER clothing is pointless as nobody ever really needed it!!!!!! No show off, but you still need to look swell on Zoom and Tiktok,

DOCTORS AND NURSES are being praised and recognized instead of athletes and celebrities, yet JANITORS AND DRIVERS are downplayed by the President,

......Every cloud has a silver lining ⛈
Some rough times may be ahead, but there are also a lot of positives that could come out of this also. However, due to this surmounting imbalance, not only has will the economy collapse but our sanity as well.

focus on the positives, even in a seemingly negative situation, eventhough we are all rooting to be negative of the corona veerus.

Stay optimistic, annoy the worried and paranoid :)

A Unique Hobby - Why Collect Model Airplanes

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Collecting airplane models can also be your hobby and passion. That is if you are awestruck by different kinds of aircraft. 

Besides, it’s enjoyable and not really expensive to be a collector of scale-model flying machines which are not meant to fly. Many airline companies actually allow their fleet of airplanes to be modeled as a PR and publicity tool.

This was a common practice even in the past as airlines ordered big models of their commercial carriers and gave them away as promotional freebies
Avid Collectors
Private individuals also collect plane models like the case of Michael Kelly, a resident of Farranshone, Limerick (Ireland), who has collected more than 1.500 diecast replicas and spend almost €25,000 every year on his prized collections. 

Would you believe that this amount of money is sufficient in paying for a posh manor or mansion for 10 years but he opted to splurge his fortune on airplane models?

Because of his enormous model collection, Michael’s airplanes have been on display at the Shannon Airport in County Clare, Ireland with an official opening scheduled last September 2018.

Before this public exhibition, Kelly kept his collections in a purpose-built display space of 65 feet in his renovated farmhouse at Limerick. All of Kelly’s airplanes were built on 1:200 scale. 

The young man recalled how his deceased father, a plumber, and fitter, bought 17 airplanes from a model aircraft store. However, his dad didn’t have enough money to buy more of these interesting models.

In the Philippines, Mark Lester Hao has been a hobbyist for over two decades. His dream is to remake Philippine aviation history using miniature plane models. Up to now, Mark has almost 1,000 units concentrating on commercial airlines in the country. 

Philippine Airlines aircraft dominate his office shelves. Before collecting model planes when he turned 17 years old, Mark accumulated coins, old batteries and bottle caps. 

He is a frustrated pilot not capable of pursuing an aviation course due to safety concerns. Instead, Mark studied architecture and learned how to make airplane models.

While Philippine aircraft comprise the majority of Hao’s collection, among his cherished small-scale units are foreign carriers such as a Cathay Pacific 747 (1:200 scale model) which he purchased for only US$100. 

He also owns a PSA Electra (1:200) sample that can be auctioned for thousands of dollars. His favorites are four diecast metal PAL aircraft (B737, B747, Fokker, and A300) which he got inflight in the 1980s. Mark keeps them at the vanguard of his collections despite the yellow discoloration.

Mark Lester Hao is now actively involved with the Diecast Aircraft Forum and after several years, they organized the Filipino Diecast Aircraft Collectors (FILDAC) in 2002. 

From only 12 members during the first few years, FILDAC membership has ballooned to 2,000 with some of them becoming popular personalities in the Philippine aviation industry. 

Their group has earned the support of diecast organizations across the world. FILDAC, the sole group of diecast collectors in the country, holds exhibitions of model airplanes in Manila contributing funds to their chosen charity.
.      .  

What does the Hobby bring to Collectors?
Collecting model planes is a guaranteed stress-reliever. It gives the hobbyists self-fulfillment as well as self-esteem. This kind of hobby will help you concentrate on selected goals and targets. 

It allows you to clear your mind of negative vibes. Moreover, you assimilate a sense of authority by choosing specific models that you either want to include or exclude in your collection. This kind of goal-setting produces a means of visualizing success and alleviating stress.

Of course, collectors of airplane models have a sense of accomplishment because this is not just an ordinary hobby.

You need to be patient and passionate about this pursuit. If you’re building the model aircraft, it would require exceptional craftsmanship, creativity and time for crafting replica units. 

At the same time, peers will start looking up to you and probably follow your footsteps as hobbyists and collectors.

How to Begin?
Do a lot of reading and research on the history of collecting airplane models. For example, you may want to know that this pastime goes back to the 1930s and through the years, models were made of wood, plastic and diecast. 

Most collectors marvel at the captivating moments in history and the progress of the aviation industry until the modern era.

When you shop around from model aircraft, it is important to find out the material each aircraft model is made from. 

Those fabricated from wood are typically hand-carved and sculpted before being assembled, painted and decorated. Plastic models call for lower maintenance while diecast models are a bit expensive. It’s all up to you to choose the material for your stately collection.

If you want some guidance in this hobby, visit the website of Modelworks Direct at

MODELWORKS DIRECT is owned and operated by Direct Model Fabricators with more than 20 years of experience in this trade. 

It is just a small enterprise but it can even surpass the top model builders in the world! Its business model and low overhead allow MODELWORKS DIRECT to provide the highest quality custom built model at a fraction of what larger corporations normally charge.

Sunday, April 26, 2020

Filipino Brides V/s Vietnamese Brides

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Numerous women in various parts of the world possess traits that might fascinate a certain group of men. Nationality is one of the many components which enable one to decide the set of women they want to woo.

It is so considered, as the upbringing and physique of women around the world are unique and exceptional in their own way.

We can consider the examples of Filipino and Vietnamese brides and compare them to find which would be the most ideal companion in the long run.

1. Physique

It is difficult to compare the physique of a Filipina bride to a Vietnamese bride and vice-versa as the Filipino as well as the Vietnamese brides are well known for their sharp features and have gained a record in winning many beauty competitions along with some hearts.

Filipino brides have a tendency to appear soft and graceful at a glance which makes them look like beautiful human puppets. On the other hand, the Vietnamese brides are traditionalists by nature which gives them the appearance of live dolls.

2. Attitude

Vietnamese women can be described as confident and attractive. They are alluring by nature and their confidence makes them appealing to many men all over the world. On the other hand, Filipino girls are mostly modest and closed off which captivates the mind of many gentlemen.

3. Upbringing

Vietnamese as well the Filipino women are raised by families who hold high values in their customs and beliefs. The families of the Philippines mainly focus on teaching their girls about the basics of life and how they should take care of their spouses once they are married into a different family.

Similarly, in Vietnam, the family traditions and cultures are taught to their girls which shapes her to be dedicated towards her other half. The upbringing of the girls from the Philippines and Vietnam easily makes them a preferred choice as a lifelong companion.

4. Approach towards life

Asian women are always considered to be full of life. Like every other woman, Filipino women also have accomplished almost everything in life. From receiving a proper education to having secured stable employment they are considered to be one of the ideal matches to be betrothed.

Vietnamese brides have a similar way of leading their life. With their culture at its peak, they learn about several aspects of world politics as well, they live their life with great enthusiasm. Life can be joyful by having them as one’s potential partner for eternity.


Thus we can establish that both Filipino and Vietnam women can be a perfect soulmate for any man all over the world. This is mostly because the traits harbored by a woman do not come from her nationality but from her own personal being.

Nationality plays a role in her personality development but it has no influence on her soul. Each woman is beautiful in her own way and as the saying goes,” beauty lies in the eye of the beholder”, the preference depends on the choices made by most men.

Jukebox Queen Imelda Papin: Insert Money, She Will Sing for the Love of China Iisang Dagat

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Napakinggan mo na ba ang awiting "Iisang Dagat" na isinulat ng ambassador ng China sa Pilipinas?

Nabatikos si Imelda Papin sa pagkanta niya nito. Dapat tittle ng kanya ay "Inangking Dagat"

"Bakit i-criticize ang participation ko" TANGA! Walang sensitivity/delicadeza sa kinakaharap na territorial issue ng bansa eh halal na opisyal ka pa naman ng gobyerno, nakakahiya ka. Hindi ka nga nag iisip. Ano ginagawa mo sa Chinese embassy? Iisang dagatin mo yang mukha mong siopao! Taksil sa bayan!

Kung para sa pagkakaisa, baka pwedeng unification song para sa mga Dilawan at DDS muna -  Iisang Kulto?

Kung liligaya ka sa piling ng China,
At kung ang langit mo ay ang virus niya,
Tututol ba ako... ha?

Bakit may Official MTV and isang killer virus, ha? Ano ito?

"Kung liligaya ka.
Sa piling ng Tsina
At kung ang dagat mo
Ay angkinin din nya
Tututol ba ako
Kung kagustuhan mo
Sapat na sa'kin ang
Ikaw at mga DDS ko.. "

Kung baga sa mga Bikolanos y Bikolanas, Manay Imelda, ano daw kaya kung MAGPA-SANTIGWAR KA NA  ta garu sinaniban ka na!

Total blunder ito political and geographical issues! Ms. Papin, dont include us on your unification efforts because the Philippines is a sovereign state. Dont be blinded.

You can't offer a helping hand while stabbing the person at his back at the same time.

That's very contradicting.

Iisang Dagat? But China has been harassing Filipino fishermen and our navy and preventing us from freely enjoying our rights in Scarborough Shoal and exclusive economic zone.

Hindi yan unity Madam Vice Governor.. Walang iisang dagat. Merong inangking dagat.

Kailangan bang magpasalamat sa mga Chinese sa pagbibigay nila ng mga face masks at PPE samantalang sila din ang nagbigay sa atin ng COVID19? Baka dapat magbayad pa sila ng damages?

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